Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. International Telecommunications Organisation (Int Via Satellites

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. UYDULAR ARACILIĞI İLE TELEKOMÜNİKASYON ULUSLARARASI ÖRGÜTÜNE (INT

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Law No. 4472:4.11.1999 Article 1.-via Telecommunications Satellites International Organisation (INTELSAT) article 17 of the Agreement in paragraph (f), 25-28 October 1994, held in Venezuela in INTELSAT confirming change made at a meeting of the Board of the parties. Article 2. -Enters into force the date of promulgation of this law. Article 3. -The provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers. INTELSAT CHANGED PARAGRAPH (F) CANCEL THE EXPRESSION WITHIN THE PARENTHESES. Article 17 (Amendment)) any Party, this agreement may propose amendments. Change bids as soon as all sides and İmzacılara will be sent to the executive organ to be forwarded. at least ninety days before the opening of the session b) executive organ by distributed provided that any changes to the proposal, the proposal following the first regular meeting of the Board or the parties distributing previously will be called in accordance with the provisions of article VII of the agreement, the extraordinary session. The Board of Directors Of the Board meeting of the parties or by yourself all about views and change bid submitted recommendations. c All Parties in the Committee propose amendments, Agreement) VII article in accordance with the prescribed quorum and voting rules. The parties Committee this item (b) of subsection can be changed and all the deployed change proposals in accordance with the aforementioned paragraph dağıtılmayıp, such a change has nothing to do directly with the offer changes may decide on the bids. d any change to approve by the Board of the parties), the adoption by States of the auditor's report, which provides the following conditions change, approval, adoption or Müstevdi by news received this item (e) shall come into force according to the provisions in paragraph: I) the parties agree that the States Parties at the date of the Board confirmed the change outnumbered constitutes two-thirds of the sum of the investment shares two-thirds holding Parties or signatories to that sum and it provides States Parties that has appointed; II) the parties regardless of total İmzacıların shares, taking into consideration that they appointed or, the parties agree that the States Parties at the date of the Board confirmed the change of the total number of seksenbeşi or more percent of the States. in order for the change to take effect) This item (d) as specified in the approval, acceptance or approvals jokes as soon as Müstevdi By. After ninety days from this report, inclined to agree to the change, inclined to approve or approve INTELSAT do not come from the parties, including all changes will take effect for parties. f) above This item (d) and (e) the provisions of paragraph shall be settled by the parties that no changes will be approved regardless of eight months from the date (or eighteen months) cannot enter into force.