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Kanun No. 5473


Acceptable Date: 21.3.2006      


ARTICLE 1- Additional items in the Code Rule 27/6/1989 and 375 are added to the Ordinance.

" SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 3-Constitutional Court, Judge, Chief, Supreme Court, Supreme Election Board, Justice Minister, People Minister (including Bail Sandal), the Ministry of National Affairs, the Ministry of Public Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Ministry of Environment and Tourism Undersecretary, General Secretary of the European Union, Religious Affairs Turkish President of Culture, Language and History High Council, Turkish Patent Institute President, GAP Regional Development, Special Environmental Protection Agency, National Defence Minister ' s Office of Oversight, National Defence Minister Akarınıt İnkmal and NATO POL, the Turkish Patent Institute said. The Board of Directors, the General Directorate of State Water and the General Directorate of State Water, Tappu and Kadastral General Directorate, Forestry, General Directorate, Tarism, and the General Directorate of Forest Service. The General Directorate of Reform, General Directorate of Petroleum, Social Services and General Directorate of Child Welfare and Information, General Directorate of Youth and Sports, General Directorate of Foundations, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet, General Directorate of State Theaters, General Directorate, General Directorate of State. The General Directorate of Electrical People, General Directorate of Human Banks, General Directorate of Turkey and Middle-Doðu Amme Institute of Turkey, Maden Teffık and Search General Directorate, provincial private administrations and municipalities, and their installation, state private and private organizations. Atatürk Forest, with the local government and administrative units of the municipalities and the municipalities If the central and central government of the farmer's office is present, the revolving capital is 657, with officers employed by the State Officers Act 2802 and the Law of the Prosecutors and the Law of the Prosecutors and the 2914. In accordance with Personnel Law, officers, verbal officer, petty officer, verbal petty officer, specialist gendarmerie and specialist officers, 950 indicator numbers in between 1/1/2006-30/2006 and 1850 indicator numbers as of 1/7/2006. additional payment per month in the amount that will result in multiplication by the factor applied to the rarity It will be done.

To personnel who are involved in the first fund; each degree and type of coverage and publication is served in the Additional 2 nci items of the decree, 19/6/1979, dated 19/6/1979, to those who benefit from the additional lesson fee, which is not de facto, except for those who serve in social services with managers and teachers, and other than the other. Article 4 of the Law dated 16/4/2003 and 32 of the number 4848 of the Law The third of the article, dated 1/5/2003 and the third of the Code 35 of the number 4856, dated 22/2/2005 and the 63rd of the Law No. 5302, dated 10/11/2005 and was predicted in the final phase of Article 25 of the Law No. 5431. For those who benefit from the payments, the paper has been appointed to those who benefit from high-control, representation or duty compensation, who are employed as a cadre, open to a cadre, from within the institution or the institution of the institution. The task is not paid according to the first receipt. Failure to pay for administrative or periodical due to provisions in the relevant legislation of such payments does not result in the payment of payment by the first receipt at these times.

The previous year of personnel counted in the first fund (including 2005); dated 3/6/1938 and the number 3423 is 1 The second piece of the pearl material, dated 21/12/1967 and the last of the Third Amendment of the Code 969, dated 4/11/1981 and the 58th of the Code 2547, dated 4/2/1983 and fifth of the Article 2797 of the Code, was the fifth piece of the Law No. 27/1983, 24/1983. Of the 19th amendment of the Law of 2828, dated to the first of the 19th, Beneficiaries of the payment of 8/5/1991 dated 8/5/1991 and beneficiaries of the payments foreseen in the last forking of Article 29 of the Code 4652 and the 2 nci of the number 3717 are from the amounts that were provided to the public banks in accordance with the final receipt. The payment is not paid to those who are paid, Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Vakıf Gureba Hospital, the return capital income, and the first fund to those who are paid. However, the previous year, with those who took advantage of such payments, the staff who did not enter the first phase, dated 14/4/1982 and the 30th of the Code 2659, were paid by and the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the United States. a total net amount of payments made available to the first receipt, with respect to the total net amount of the payments, dated 4/1/1961, excluding the personnel, dated 4/1/1961 and the 5th of the number 209, the total net amount of the payments made in the previous year amount to be paid according to the first receipt after the amount. In the same year, the payment will be made on December 15 for the next year, which will not include January 1-14, the next year in the month of the payment. The payments in this way are made from capital budgets to the personnel who are in the staff of the Department of Education and the staff of the Ministry of the Sabre.

The payment to be made according to the first fund is withheld prior to the effective date of this item. For those who are held, the case does not count for rights, nor does it result in increasing the charge of the staff or position prior to the maintenance of the staff, who have taken advantage of the applicable legislation to apply the difference compensation. This payment is applied to personnel who benefit from the difference compensation application by taking into account the difference in the compensation account in determining the financial rights of the new cadre of interest based on the above provisions.

Provisions for the eligibility and payment of additional payment are applied and this additional payment stamp tax will be are not subject to any taxes and cuts except for the exception. An additional payment to be made under this matter will not be considered in the account of any similar payments made under payment, compensation, appropriations, revolving capital, bonus, fee, and whatever name is paid in the subject of the relevant legislation.

From the date of the effective date of this Article, 4/1/1961 to the personnel of the Ministry of the Center of the Saber The fifth article, dated 2/9/1971 and the third of the Law No. 1479, was dated 10/10/1984 and the second sentence of Article 31 of the Law No. 3056, dated 9/1/1985, dated 9/1/1985 and numbered 3146, the second sentence of the 1st paragraph of the Law No. 3056. The last of the 39th article of the law, dated 8/1/1986 dated and 3254 Article 32 /D of the number of Law, dated 24/6/1994 and of the receipt of Article 56 of the number 4009, additional 1 of the Law dated 9/12/1994 and of the Code 4059, dated 23/2/1995 and the 29th of the Code 4077, dated 27/10/1999 dated and 4458. Article 222 of the number of Law, dated 2/5/2001 and number 17 of article 17 of the Law 4668, third of Article 32 of the Law 16/4/2003 and the third of the Code 4848, dated 1/5/2003 and third of the Code 35 of the Code 4856. feking, dated 25/6/2003 and the final feking of article 15 of the Code 4904, dated 29/7/2003 And the payments for the payment of Article 17 of the 17-point Law of the Law of 4958 and Article 5 of the Law on 3/3/2004 and the 5th of the Law of 5102 cannot be made without the proper view of the Minister of Finance. Such approvals do not apply realtionalities to the date of 1/1/2006, in which the personnel are increasing, with a date of 1/1/2006, and the date on which this material is effective.

hariçStaff-based non-commitment personnel, except for non-stop staff, are engaged in a dedicated staff to not address the amount specified in the first phase, and in the framework of the provisions of this clause, to determine the additional payment amount to be made without regard to the status and institutions, to determine the amount of additional payment to be made without the notice of the charges, For those determined by the Planning Board, this Board, The Council of Ministers is authorized for their diaries. Any taxes and cuts are not subject to the additional payment amount, except for the stamp tax.

The Finance Minister is authorized to resolve any doubts that may arise as the application of this matter. "

" Public servants dated 4-25/6/2001, and under the provisions of the 4688 civil servants ' unions Act, public The workers are a member of the union, and the public officials who are paid for membership are given a union grant of 5 YTL for each month of the time that the final is done.

This payment is not subject to any tax and non-stamp duty, except for the stamp tax, and is payable under the applicable legislation The increase is not considered in the account of any such payments, regardless of compensation, appropriations, revolving capital, bonus, fee, and whatever name. "

ve" Additional Article 5-14/7/1965 and of the Law No. 657, additional 8 and additional 9, dated 13/11/1996 and numbered 4208, dated 4/11/1981, and numbered 2547 and numbered 38, 40, and 41. In accordance with relevant legislation, except for the personnel deployed in security officers and social service installations dated 13/10/1983 and numbered 17/8/1983 with respect to the Law of 2879 and other personnel deployed in the social service installations. In other institutions, acting or temporarily assigned staff and staff members. any of the compensation specified by the officers or public officials from their institution or organization, or any compensation, including the benefit of the attorney or the temporary staff of the agency staff, and the relevant legislation to be paid to the personnel in question They cannot benefit from the cost of stealing and other payments. "

MADDE 2- 375 is the addition of a temporary clause in the provision of a Code Rule.

" INVALIDATE ARTICLE 9-Until a new regulation is made, the Center for the Performing and Deployment Center is about to execute the service/preference services in the central system area. The staff appointed by the Ministry of Education and institutions of the Ministry of National Services are subject to any tax and cuts, half of the cost of the applicant/preference service to the candidates for each barehead. The retention is paid. The other half of the following were taken into account at the school's emergency needs, which are considered to be the school's primary school district. The payment will be made to the personnel with the allocation of the price of the service/preference service, and is determined by the protocol to be signed between the Ministry of National Innovation and the Employee and the Center for Placer and the Center for Placating and Placating. "

ARTICLE 3- dated 14/7/1965 and 657 of State Civil Servants Law;

a) to come after the third party (B) of the third party is "translators." " The clause is added to the fact that you will not be able to shut down the staff in order to learn the part of the norm as a result of the norm in the Ministry of the Ministry.

b) to come after the third party "cadres" of the 86 ncu clause " permission of the Ministry of Finance to come. "with no search warrant for local authorities".

c) "Law regulars" to come before the phrase "6000 gauge numbers" in the third case of 146 ncis. and 10000 for lawyers, "allowances" for the other, and "allowances" included in the fourth case are "payments".

d) use the "II-Tazminates" section of the 152-nci clause;

1-"A) Special Service Compensation" section (c) of "145%" in the lower self of the name "%" It is added to 168 ", and the following is added to the end of the same self.

" The people who are involved in technical services, including Technical Services, have worked at the scene of the operation. Additional special services compensation for each day of the day, including the basis of 60 points, with a total of 60 points per day, based on the list of cadres that they have been based on, and the total number of times that are played. "

2-"C)" In the "Religion Services Compensation" section (a) and (b), "140%", "55%", "53%", and "To 165%", "165%", "80%", "78%", and "74%" are added to the section, and the following (c) is added to the section.

" c) Diyanet People's office and staff are included in the General Staff of the General Staff Service to 25% of the number of people who have been counted, (a) and (b), to the remaining staff, in their Bentons, "

3-"D) Security Services Compensation" section (a) has been numbered for (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9), and (10) Compensation rates in their subbents were increased by 25 points, and (b) the "% 52%" of the self is said to be "72%".

4-The phrase "(except for those that are counted in G bendi (c))") " (C and G sections (c) Except for the ones in their Bentles) ".

e) is the first and second fiends of 176 ncis.

" According to this Law's 89th, the course task for them is for the teaching of day and day to teach. 140, the amount of 150 gauge numbers multiplicity by this Kanuna for the activities of the competition after 18.00 on Saturdays and Sundays, on Saturdays and Sundays, and on Saturdays and Sundays. will be charged for additional courses.

These fees are incumbent and administrators of the institutions in which I need to be specific and I am required to see For those who are dedicated to these other people, they are paid by 25 percent to the special people who are assigned to those who are assigned to the prisons. "

f) "250" number "1500", "50", "50", "5 times", and "3" in the second phase of the 202 nci clause. "on the other side of the floor."

G) Additional (II) Additional Indicator Cetvelat "I-Department" section of "I-Department and Ministers" Director (Ankara, Istanbul, Israel), Defterdar, Bayondünülük and the Director of Israel (Ankara, Istanbul, Israel) "are the members of the Turkish and Turkish Ministry of Turkey", in Ankara, Istanbul and Turkish provinces in Ankara, Istanbul and Turkey. It is currently being started.

h) The count of the attached (IV) is added to the 8th time (d) of the Makam Redemptiary Rule.

   " d) The faculty or higher education that gave me at least four years of higher education, entering into the profession with special assistance after a period of time in a special competence period, they were assigned to the first-ranked cadre, and the metropolitan or general manager, the metropolitan municipalities with audit and inspection authority, were involved in the special competence period. general directorate of directors and metropolitan municipalities County municipal government's 1,000 "                                                                                                      

ARTICLE 4- 31/12/1960 and the first fund of the 193-count Income Tax Code. (4) "According to the provisions of the Law of Unions," the "according to the provisions of the Law of the Union of Unions", "according to the applicable laws of the United States."

MADDE 5- ) 27/7/1967 and 926 additional 17 nci of the Turkish Republic of Turkey's Silaths "200%" of the "100%" clause in the first paragraph of paragraph (C) of the item (C), "100 kishis" in the second paragraph, "200 people", and "half" of the "half" of the final paragraph are said to be "2/3" of "."

b) on 24/2/1983, and 2802, and the Law of the Prosecutors and Prosecutors;

"1000" number "1500", "500" number "750",

in the final section of article 1-54,

2-The "5800" additional indicator digit "6400" in the number of the attached (i) Supplemental Indicator Ruler (c) is "6400",

It is being installed as

. "

c) "1750", dated 23/7/2003, and 44954 in the third party of Article 37 of the Law of Justice of the Turkish Justice Academy, is "1750", which is the "2000".

ARTICLE 6-  5/3/1964, and 439 High and Medium Schools in the National Ministry of National Dignity To the Law of Supplemental Course Fees and Tuition Fees and Tuition Fees of the British and Tuition Fees;

a) The "atelye and professional course" clause in the section 3 (B) is also known as "course".

b) "In middle-grade schools", in the second phase of article 6, " Implicit and propagate "," up to "under" 6 hours "is the time of" 6 hours ".

c) The final ingredient of the Attachment 1 item "Treasury and plans are to be played, 3 hours a week" not exceed 1 hour additional lesson fee for each 10 hours, with the registration of not passing. " The following is added to the end of the following and the same item is added to the end of the item.

" The course tasks during the summer and summer holidays are face to face with the way the course task is done. Additional lesson fees are not paid to those who do not fill in the course of the class and publication education, except for the additional lesson tasks in the course of the course tasks. "

ARTICLE 7- dated 14/4/1982 and the 30th of the Code 2659, in accordance with Article 30 of the Code It is currently being started.

" ARTICLE 30-At least 35% of the revolving capital income generated by the staff is the Formal Tip Institution and The materials, tools, equipment, research and rotary capital personnel are allocated to the personnel expenses. The remaining part of the proceeds will be taken into consideration by the Minister of Finance, under consideration of staff and staff at the agency and its units, taking into account service qualifications, service qualifications, service qualifications, performance, and similar considerations. It can be paid according to the guidelines.

Payment is a monthly (including an additional indicator) of related personnel, side payment, and any compensation (except for the article, representation, and duty compensation);

a) 500% for the Department of Adoption Authority,

b) 475% for the country's help,

c) For people with Israeli installed, 450% of them,

d) with members of the Board of Israel, 400% of the group's for their own,

e) The people of the Department of Israel, the expert, according to the provisions of this Charter in the branches identified in the Tüpta Specialist Tüzlüğük 350% of the specialists and experts who are expert.

f) of nature, of course, of course, and 300% for the general nature of the subject.

for engineers, psychologists, biologists, chemists and pharmacists who have received a PhD in the field, and 250% of the total number of pharmacists.

h) With respect to the quality of the service, the challenge and risk of the task are with the installed decision. 200% for the designated personnel and post-mortem officers,

i) 150% for Didier personnel,

cannot pass.

Free-ring personnel are applied to the rates specified in the second fright.

The number of people who are stolen by the task allocation cannot benefit from this payment. "

MADDE 8- dated 8/6/1949 and 5434 of the Republic of Turkey Pensioner Sandman Code tentative 139 the first receipt of the item is (a) in the same way that it has occurred.

"a)" 21/4/2005 due to retired, financial, or duty-related people who have been retired and are taking part in privacy coverage and program installations. "

and the 30-tenth Act of 5335, cut out of retireates,"

MADDE 9- The additional item in the state is added to the port number 5434.

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 81-United States Department of National Intelligence Services and Security Services Department, and the neighborhood and those who are eligible for office compensation based on the title of the caretaker staff, are paid separately for the amount of $100 per month, along with retired monthly refunds.

By paying a social security support premium after retiring according to the provisions of this Law These are not paid to people who are being subject to any social security institutions, including those who have been stolen. Those who lost their benefits from this payment are obliged to report the situation to the T.C. Retired Sandman General Manager within a month of the latest. This situation is due from the beginning of the date to pay off from the beginning of the month. Payments to those who do not notify the time of notice are returned along with the legal interest.

The number of people who died in the first part of the world, 68, are eligible for the widow and orphans of the month. the rates in the item are paid.

These payments are collected from the Treasury in two months following payment from the TC Pension Sandman. . "

MADDE 10- dated 4/7/2001 and at least three in the 15th Amendment of the Law Rule 631. The term "clause" is not paid for at least two years ", to the end of the understood matter, for those who are retired from two years of higher education, for periods prior to the date of 15/4/2006, for the period of the job. Those who have been appointed prior to 31/12/2005 with the assigned duties of the 8th time (d) of the Anilan ruler, are not sought after the appointment of those who are retired, according to this, the appointment of the foreman in question. " Additional material is added to the Ordinance Decree 14 /A after the Act is added and the sentence is added to the Act.

" MADDE 14 /B-As a haiz, public legal entity, board, upper board, institute, office, fund and one month of the service of the personnel who have the right to represent the representation and the rights of representation to be made in public institutions and installations, such as in public institutions and installations, as opposed to the provisions of its own special legislation, even if there are provisions in the case of the law. cannot exceed two times the average net fee. The title and number of the personnel who are authorized to represent are determined not to exceed two per cent of the total number of personnel, including members in the decision bodies. "

ARTICLE 11- 375 is the number 1 (B) of the decree in the provision of the rule, except for the number (3) of the decree, It's still in effect.

MADDE 12- This Law;

A) The additional 3rd clause in the Rule of Law of 375 and 375 is valid from 1/1/2006 on the release date,

In accordance with Article 1, the additional 4th article, which was added to the Decree in the Rule of Law of 375, was the third (f) of the third amendment. 5 of the pearl clause (a) and (c) on the release date, effective 15/1/2006,

c) the 3rd item (e) and the 7th and 9th of the items on 1/4/2006,

d) 6 ncu clause 1/7/2006,

e) that the 3rd item (d), (g), (h), 4th article, 5th article b (b) following the publication of the On the other hand,

f) on the release of the provisions of the Dianer,

enters the current process.

MADDE 13- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.