The Government's Proposed Text Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. For The Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Law Annexed Budget Administrations

Original Language Title: HÜKÜMETİN TEKLİF ETTİĞİ METİN Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. KATMA BÜTÇELİ İDARELER 2000 MALÎ YILI BÜTÇE KANUNU

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Kanun #4496


Accepted Date: 28.12.1999



General Providetions">Genel

Allowings, Self-revenues, TreasuryYardýmý

MADDE 1.- a) (3 320 801 822 000 000 000 000 000) for the services to be done in 2000 of the budget administrations.

b) The 2000 year revenues (125 000 000 000 000 000 000) of the Katma budget administration are (2 435 608 000 000). 822 000 000) Lirası Treasury help, (760 193 000 000 000 000 000 000) to the current service expenses of the institutions of the lira. Total (3 320 801 822 000 000) is estimated to be the State contribution to be made.

Installed Files

MADDE 2. - Approx budget management,

a) Approx "A",

b) Revenues, attached to the budget of each administration, "B" attached to the budget,

c) The basis of the Revenue attached "C", with the "C" Israeli,

d) Existing lojman, social facility, telephone, fax and dial count "L" is the "R" ixt,formül

e) Expenses with formula attached to expenses,taþýtlar

f) Concessions and the 2000 Act of the Dignity the kind of service that the credits are used to, and what services they will use. The maximum purchase costs are shown in



Special Provitions for PeopleÝliþkin

Relevant Cases with Relevant Cases

MADDE 3. - Sleep and litigation regarding the soil and agriculture reform implementation of the General Manager of the Style Reform are also followed by Treasury attorneys on the grounds of this General Directorate.

People of Private Approves

MADDE 4. -A) General Directorates of Roads, Village Services and State Water, and other public institutions and organizations, except General and VAD, are real and legal persons will have their service requests in their own facilities, the meanings to be made They are subject to the merits and the price of the price. For this purpose, the money to be laid will come from a side of their budgets (B) to the current roster, where the (A) current or re-opening schedules are registered with the Finance Minister. Only 20 nci items, dated 11.2.1950 and dated 1737 of the number 5539, were subject to the toll, but only Anatolian Highway (İzmir Gerişi) and Aliasa-Çiðli-Cumaovasi (İzmir Kent Pass) to the car and express from the tunnel, which is the subject of the past. Each of the revenues from its roads, including the construction, maintenance, repair and construction of bridges and tunnels, will be used in the direction of the General Directorate budget (B) of the General Directorate of Roads (B) on the one hand, from the Ministry of Finance. income from a tertibe, from the other side (A) to the relevant tertibe that will be opened on the rec roster The payment will be registered.

The revenue and payment of non-spent parts prior to the benefits of these special tertials are revenue and payable authority.

In terms of need, and the price to be done If the count is in respect of the count accounts, and without waiting for the payment of payment, "A" will be required to spend any of the relevant project allowements.

The amount of the expense amount is pre-paid by the special type. The Minister of Finance is authorized to transfer to the expense of the expense.

b) In relation to the drinking water facilities conducted by the General Directorate of State Water People dated 3.7.1968 and numbered 1053, the cost of the costs associated with the drinking water facilities in accordance with the relevant municipalities If not paid in the time of payment, the payments are paid to the General Manager of Government Water Business by cutting payments from payments to municipalities dated 2.2.1981 and to municipalities under the number 2380.

The General Manager of Karaways Maintenance of Path Next

to Temporary Uploads Entryismesi

MADDE 5. -After the General Manager of the roads, temporary downloads may be entered with the relevant Minister approval to not exceed the benefits of the benefits budgets for the maintenance of the road maintenance.

The General Manager of Youth and Sports Budget with BudgetÝþlemler

MADDE 6. -a) The Youth and Sports General Directorate 's budget (A) on the projects of Youth and Sports General Directorate' s budget (A), with the aim of bringing sports fields and facilities to the body when the 4th Act of the Law is dated 29.4.1959 and 7258. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer the funds for the remainder of the United States and the Ministry of Israel for the same purpose as the provisions of the Ministry of Law.

b) the General Directorate for major repair projects on the boards of additional yachts in the program The relevant yacht will be paid to the provincial directorates of the national Directorate of Youth and Sports General's budget, which is eligible to be made out of escuse by the Turkish Directorates.

c) Youth and The sports General Directorate's budget (B) is the "Proceeds From Betting Against Betting" on the "Proceeds From Betting to BET Awards", the construction of sporting services and sports facilities, maintenance and large. on the one hand to the General Directorate budget for Youth and Sports to be used in repairs private income, on the other hand, to register a special term allowance,

The transfer of sports federations with sports federations and sports federations to the General Directorate of Youth and Sports with the help of the General Directorate of Youth and Sport. from its own services and services, the revenues of the Federation and its revenues, the youth and sportive services of the federation and agencies, and the General Directorate budget for use in goods and services, on the one hand, on the other hand, Genel

Youth and Sports General, to register for special tertitypes to be opened. For the property of the principal and the non-sporting goods, the property, the property's real estate, and the proceeds from leasing, sporting services and sports facilities, at the expense of maintenance, maintenance and large repair costs. on the General Directorate budget to be used, private income, on the other hand, to register a special term,

is the Finance Minister's authority. The revenue and payable on the relevant tertists of the following year's budget, which cannot be consumable, are enrolling.

Related People with Telless General Manager Budget

MADDE 7. - a) The revenue from the source of the "Charge Revenues" in the "Charge Revenues", which is attached to the Telless General Directorate's budget (B), which is based on the execution of wireless and monitor services in the 2813 numbered Radio-free Law, is A special tertibe comes from one side to open in the 2000 Property Budget of Radio General, the Ministry of Finance is authorized to register for special tertials to be opened from the other side.

The unserviceable part of these allows The next year's budget is transferred and the grant is registered.

b) The "on contribution" clause in the first paragraph of the 27 nci clause of the same Law until 2813 is required in the Telless Law.

c) 2813 is the number of Teleless The wireless charges, which are determined by the General Directorate of Telsiz to be made possible by the General Directorate of Teleless, on the wireless charges and the delay penalties that are due to the charges of the law, are not available until 3,500,000 liras ($500,000). The Minister is authorized by the Minister of State for the promotion of their fees and their fees.

Human and Savile General Manager BudgetÝlgili

MADDE 8. - The Ministry of Finance is authorized to record special income, on the one hand, special income, on the other hand, on the one hand, on the one hand, which may occur within the year of the Budget attached to the General Directorate Budget (B).

Expense expenses are associated with the application of the 2000 Program in accordance with the provisions of the Decision, Coordination and Decision of 2000.

The unserviceable part of these grants will be The income and grant of the year's budget is transferred to the relevant tertithousand.

Relevant Provisions with Ascendency Institutions

MADDE 9. -a) The number of textbooks and monopoities sold in previous years are redetected by institutions of higher education, according to the State Institute of Public Affairs ' s wholesale estates index.

b) The amounts that are signed up to be paid special due to the 46 ncis of the Law of Higher Education, 2547, are considered to be opened in one of the university's behalf of T. C. Ziraat Bank, and expenditures are made from this account.

c) 2547 count of the number 46 of the Law, as per the time of the section Other provisions are not applicable, except for the provisions of the 1475-number of the British Law and the provisions of the state of the Code of Social Insurances, and the provisions of the 506 Social Insurances Act, and the insurance for the insurance of the Code of Social Insurances and the insurance of the Social Insurances.

d) 2547 of the number of people who are registered in the institutions of higher education in the institutions of higher education than those of the institutions of the institutions of the higher education in their budgets are to be used in the budgets of these institutions. In the framework of the basis and the procedures to be determined by the Board of Higher to be used in one of the institutions, T. C. Ziraat Bank, to be used.

e) 2547 is the number 46 of the number of My Higher Education Law; the resulting revenues are private income and the appropriations the description of up to 10% of the amounts found in the university board determined, the income level is used by scholarships, books, and disbursities and feeding aid payments.

f) 2547 Count Higher Education According to Article 58 of the Law, at the university or institutes of higher technology; Only one revolving capital construction can be established with the recommendation of the board of directors and the approval of the Board of Directors. Existing revolving capital imps in the university or high-technology institutes are returnable to become a single revolving capital execution within the six months from the date of this Law.

The 375 th article 58 of the Code of Higher Education, 375% of the Law and the decree of the 4th section of the law, or the unit's return of capital income to be spent on tools, appliances, research and other needs. at least 30% of the allocated projects in which these needs continue to will be spent for all maintenance and repair with completion of completion.

g) 2547 of the respect of the number 55 of the Code of Higher Education, to lease, sell, and sell to the institutions of the institutions And the revenues will be obtained by the introduction of the Treasury, and not to make any kind of development on goods that are allocated to institutions of higher education, and not to be subject to the right to the right to the right to be subject to the issue of iris, education, social and social. complete revenue by leasing and leasing The institution of higher education is intended to be used in the expense of all employees (excluding personnel) and at-time expenditures (at the expense of the expense of the expense of the expense of the institution, and the expense of the expense of the expense of the expense of the institution. Special income, on the other hand, is the Finance Minister's authority to register a special allowance for the current or new term. Sleep expenditures are associated with the Yacht Program according to the implementation, Coordination, and Resolution of the 2000 Program. The amount of money that is not spent in the year of these grants is transferred to the budget of the following year, and the payment will be registered.

The property is registered to the Treasury, and is the property of the property's illegitimate rights to be made available to the institution of higher education and to make it available for the future of the country. .

h) University or high-tech institute rectors, 247 of the number of revolving capital inductees in university or high technology institutes, and the 58 pearls of the Law. They'll get a share of the material.

" The payment of the budget of the Board of Directors 111-01-3-352-900 (excluding the Member of the Expenditure Member) is to be used in current expenditures (excluding the personnel), and the higher education in this project scope of graduate education Transfers to the budget of the Board of Finance by taking into account the budgets of the institutions, the numbers of the assigned students and the areas of education.

j) in Universities and high technology institutes economics, business, law, international relations, information technologies and advanced Graduate programs to be carried out in the scope of second education in the areas of teaching with technologies, tuition fees from others, additional lesson charges to be paid to members of my education, who are taught in these programs, are is determined by the Board of Directors on the proposal of the university or high technology institute board of directors to be used to comply with the specified essales, and one example of these decisions is to the Ministry of Finance, the Chairman of the Board of Directors. is sent.

The budget of the relevant institutions that are collected for the collected fees is saved in the budget. The relevant university or high technology institute, which is not less than 30% of the special paid part of the registration, is transferred to the research fund to be determined by the board. The remainder, in consideration of the provisions of Article 11 of the 2914-numbered Personnel Code (except for the latest feking) and the 10th of the Code of 3843, were considered as of the academic titles in the fourth financial section of Article 11 of the Law No. 2914. to the basis of the additional lesson fee stipulated in the supplemental course and to not exceed the three times the minimum wage fee stipulated in the same item, as additional courses and s' s fee to the members of the education; as well as the principles specified in article 12 of the Code 3843. According to this program, the administrative staff assigned to the program are paid as much as a charge fee. . The agency budget, revolving capital, research fund, foundation, association and sair may not be charged or paid by the institution budget, citing insufficient private payment.

This is the edit made in this self The provisions of the Law, dated 19.11.1992 and numbered 3843, dated 19,11.1992 and dated to the laws of 2914.

The provisions of the above are either short or completely forward. to be executed in the scope of my second education by using technologies as applicable to the license programs.

Finance of the collection and special appropriations of payment fees, and the importance of the Business and Practices Board of the Union. It is determined by the Minister.

Budgeting with General Manager Budget

MADDE 10. -The Finance Minister is authorized to register a special term for special income, on the other hand, on the one hand, on the one hand that can occur within the year of the budget of the General Directorate budget (B).

The expenses of the Yatınüm are based on the implementation of the 2000 Subsidy Program, Coordination, and Decision by Decision provisions.

The unspent part of these grants will be the following year. The income and grant of the budget will be transferred to the relevant term.


Dietary Provisions

Implementation of the General Budget Law

MADDE 11. - The provisions of this Code are intended to remain withheld, and the provisions of the General Budget Code apply to the added budget administrations.


MADDE 12. - enters this Law at 1.1.2000.


MADDE 13. -

a) General Directorate of Foundations, General Directorate of Youth and Sports, General Directorate of Social Services and Child Welfare and General Directorate of Village Services, Başaminister and Finance Minister,

b) Finance and National Information Ministers,

c) Their provisions concerning the General Directorate of Finance and the Republic of Universities,

c) alisn="JUSTIFY "> d) The provisions of the General Directorate of Hudut and Savills are in the Finance and The Ministry of Finance,Tarým

e) provisions of the General Directorate of Tarim Reform, and the Ministers of Finance and Rural Affairs,

f) the provisions of the General Directorate of Forestry, Ministry of Finance and Forestry,

g) Finance and Energy and Natural Resources Ministers,

h) Finance and related provisions of the General Directorate of State Water Affairs,

h) Ministers,