Period: 21 Legislative Year: 2 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Telegraph And Telephone Law, The Organization And G Ministry Of Transport

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 2 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TELGRAF VE TELEFON KANUNU, ULAŞTIRMA BAKANLIĞININ TEŞKİLAT VE G

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Law No. 4502 Date of Admission: 27/01/2000

Article 1 - dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 Telegraph and Telephone Law "SECTION: 1 Monopoly is" shaped section heading "CHAPTER 1: Basic Principles, Guidelines and Definitions" as amended, repealed the third and fourth paragraphs of the amended Article 1 and the following paragraph is added to the end of the matter. The provision of telecommunication services and telecommunications infrastructure and operation of the facility is subject to this law.
Turk Telekom, the execution of all kinds of telecommunication services under this Law and is authorized to operate telecommunication infrastructure.
rights to question authority and obligations of Turk Telekom signed contracts with the Ministry of duty and / or duty is determined by contracts. Turk Telekom is obliged to provide services specified in the task agreement.
Turk Telekom is a joint stock company subject to this law and private law. establishment of state economic enterprises, organizations and activities related legislation does not apply to Turk Telekom. Only the Grand National Assembly of Turkey dated 2.4.1987 and numbered 3346 Law on the auditing of Article 9 shall apply.
Turkish Armed Forces to all kinds of telecommunication and command and control systems, vehicles, equipment and networks with the cost of the Turkish Armed established by paying operators by force and to telecommunication and command and control facilities and services of this Law shall not apply. In this Law:
Ministry: Ministry of Transport,
Authority: The Radio Act of 2813, dated 05.05.1983 established by the amended Article 5 of the Telecommunications Authority,
Turk Telekom: Turk Telecom INC,
Operator: including Turk Telekom, an authorization agreement with the Ministry, the concession agreement and / or a telecommunications license from the Ministry or a general authorization in accordance with carrying out telecommunication services and / or telecommunications infrastructure operated by a capital company, Capital company: the conditions to be met by the Ministry which it was established in Turkey or to be a capital company,
Subscribe: Telecommunications service contracts relating to natural or legal persons who benefit from the service with an operator, offering
Telecommunications Network: is carried out through the open public use telephone service, certain points of the transmission infrastructure which provides telecommunications and switching equipment, transmission systems, including network,
Minimum service: the Authority by the Ministry and operates the views received to be to be determined, subject and scope, independent of their geographic location can be accessed by everyone in the Republic of Turkey, the level of quality of possessing and which will be presented in the way for a reasonable price can meet everyone and payphones, emergency telecommunication services and telephone directory services also containing minimum universal service types,
General permits: for the execution of a telecommunications service operators by the Ministry of certain general conditions and the overall regulatory process for authorizing, subject to register with the Ministry, Task agreement: between the Ministry and Turkish Telecom, added, including valuable services, execution of all types of telecommunications services and the operation of telecommunications infrastructures related rights, powers and obligations to regulate the conditions of the contract concluded for a period of time will appreciate in the framework of the Ministry,
GSM authorization agreement: between the Ministry and the Turkish Telekom, GSM 1800 execution of mobile telecommunication services and rights related to the operation of the necessary telecommunications infrastructure, and is a contract entered into to regulate the obligations of the concession contract: execution of the telecommunications services in question concession agreement to by the operator and / or the agreement between the Ministry and the operators for the operation of infrastructure,
Value-added telecommunications services: Subscribers transmitted between voice and data, including any messages in form, content, code, protocol or with computer operations on similar issues or otherwise make transactions, subscriptions or additional users, transmits a message has been different or restructured or incurred, recorded messages and data interactivity between subscribers with providing telecommunications services, personal telecommunication facilities: Article 2 (a) telecommunications facilities referred to in paragraph

User: natural or legal persons who use telecommunication services regardless of whether the subscription,
Mobile telecommunications services: land mobile stations by satellite and terrestrial stations or between land mobile stations of telecommunications services they perform themselves,
Roaming: An operation of services of technical compatibility requirements Without prejudice to other customers of equipment that allows an operator to run or to another system interconnect via intersystem roaming,
Network: to provide telecommunications between one or more connection points between these points constituting switching equipment and lines including all kinds of network transmission systems,
Telecommunications: Any sign, symbol, sound and image, and all kinds of data that can be converted into an electrical signal cable, wireless, optical, electrical, magnetic, electro-magnetic, electro-chemical, transmitted through the electro-mechanical and other transmission systems, sending and receiving the telecommunications infrastructure: Telecommunications, over or through switching equipment that allows the realization of hardware and software, terminals and network units, including all kinds of lines,
Telecommunications infrastructure operation: the establishment of necessary telecommunications facilities for the relevant infrastructure, kurdurulmuş, lease or any procure in with the other operators of the facility or requesting other real and be made available to legal persons, telecommunications service: a part of the activities falling within the definition of telecommunication or all of the service provided that,
Telecommunications licenses: Operators concerned by the execution of the telecommunications services in the telecommunications license and / or permit issued by the Ministry for the operation of infrastructure,
Interconnect: Two separate telecommunications network and enable the implementation of telecommunication traffic between the two networks connected to each other,
Interconnections the incumbent's network to provide interconnection private / legal entity,
It refers.
Article 2 - No. 406 dated 4.2.1924 and Article 2 of the Telegraph and Telephone Act has been amended as follows. Article 2 - a) No person under an authorization, a telecommunications license by the Ministry of concession agreements or general authorization, unless made or given, telecommunication services can not perform and / or establish infrastructure and can not operate. However, the following activities of a concession agreement, telecommunication license or is not subject to general authorization: 1) a natural or legal person within the real estate in its use and extend outside of each property in the border used for personal or business needs as exclusive and to third parties any personal telecommunication facilities used in providing telecommunications services.
2) telecommunication facilities established pursuant to special laws regarding their services exclusively to public institutions and organizations.
Institutions such facilities to determine the procedures and principles to be applied if requested compliance and interconnection with the principles of this Article, to audit the compliance to the standard equipment used and is authorized to cause the removal of non-compliant.

b) rights relating to the operation of the Turk Telekom's telecommunications services executive and telecommunications infrastructure, powers and obligations governing the authorization agreement and / or duty contracts, sent to the Council of State to be thinking, concluded after waiting until the time specified in the Constitution. These contracts, at the end of the period, renewable in the same conditions as the concession agreements on similar issues. Turk Telekom; After the expiry of that period proprietary rights mission contract with the telecommunications network continues. Turk Telekom, which telecommunications services, will establish or companies will participate in the mission held his hand and the conditions under which the contract will be executed. c) Turk Telekom; telecommunication networks provided through national and international voice telephony services containing up to 31.12.2003 as a monopoly within the framework of this Law and the authorization agreement. concession agreement related to telecommunications services or private telecommunication facilities provided for the establishment of a telecommunication license or general permit by the relevant operator, except in the telecommunications infrastructure, the establishment and operation of the entire telecommunications infrastructure is included in the scope of the monopoly. Other private telecommunication operators and benefit from the use of telecommunications network to interconnect individual demands and needs of telecommunications infrastructure shall be borne primarily by Turk Telekom monopoly over the period mentioned above. Turk Telekom, an operator or a private telecommunication facility owner failed to meet the demand benefiting from infrastructure, such operator or private telecommunication facility with the necessary infrastructure to the concession agreement or telecommunication license provisions apartment can build their own facilities or privileges with respect to the Ministry of the establishment of the infrastructure or It could telecommunication license. d) upon the termination of the monopoly of Turk Telekom, capital companies outside Turk Telekom also deemed appropriate by the Authority record above subparagraph (c) the execution of telecommunications services in the scope and authorized in the framework of Article 3 provisions for infrastructure operation. Turk Telekom's mission contract provisions continue to be in effect after the end of the monopoly period. Unless otherwise specified in the authorization agreement and unless GSM authorization agreement, authorization agreement and GSM authorization agreement is subject to the provisions set for concession agreements. As regards the implementation of a new generation of telecommunications services with other operators to distinguish between Turk Telekom shall not have. e) Turk Telekom task contract to be signed with the Ministry and other capital companies in the concession contract to be signed with the Ministry and it needed a license issued by the Ministry if deemed and general authorizations, as well as other matters, reasonable and in the framework of non-discriminatory terms and conditions shall include the provisions on the following issues: 1) a clear definition of telecommunications services and infrastructure, qualitative and geographical scope,
2) the rights and obligations under the concession contract duration and renewal procedures,
3) Plan and will be made in accordance with the investment program and if the targets to be achieved through this investment,
4) subscribers, users, using personal telecommunications facilities and be applied to other operators, including the general terms and conditions of interconnection, the principles to be observed in dealing with them,
5) The basis for the calculation of the fee to be charged for telecommunication works and services and principles for them to be redefined,
6) conditions relating to quality of service,
7) Concession contracts, licenses and permits will be paid in general in exchange for a fee and the amount paid if so,
8) by the Ministry of the issues that have not been foreseen in the concession agreements and obligations of the infrastructure investments will be required in what way,
9) Article 4 of telecommunications services and infrastructure type of determined policy on the matter for the implementation of the principles, 10) allocated to the Republic of Turkey limited orbital positions and frequencies, including public property and immovables owned by third parties and transactions to be made by the Ministry in this regard,
11) The preparation of financial accounts and the conditions for granting any kind of information to the Authority,

12) provisions relating to numbering and number portability,
13) Force Majeure and the rights and obligations of the parties in the event of unforeseen circumstances, 14), sanctions can be imposed for breaches of the concession agreement,
15) service providing for more extensive and efficient marketing, partnership, service distribution and application guidelines for granting of such outsourced services.
f) Authority; Ministry of Turk Telekom, including the signing of a contract with operators and provide it to take the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of telecommunication licenses, regulations and concession contracts of the activities, telecommunication license or general to be conducted in compliance with permit conditions monitoring and checking the operator concerned in case of breach of the 3% of the turnover in the previous calendar year it is entitled to an administrative fine of up to practice. the ministry of national security, public order or to take the necessary measures with the aim of carrying out as required by the public service concession contract if acquisitions or gross negligence in exchange for compensation of necessary facilities, is authorized telecommunication license or to cancel the general authorization.
g) The above provisions, penalties and regulations Article 4 is removed to show the basis of the principles applied.
Article 3 - No. 406 dated 4.2.1924 and Article 3 of the Telegraph and Telephone Act has been amended as follows. Article 3 - a) Value-added telecommunications services, addition of Article 18 under the listed services and Article 2 (c) of telecommunications services under monopoly, including from the end of the monopoly period specified in paragraph all telecommunications services, including, depending on the type of the service, but a task agreement, concession agreement, can be performed through a telecommunication license or a general authorization. Additional Services within the scope of Article 18, however, can be carried out with a concession agreement or telecommunication license. b) Ministry; authorization of the concession agreement, separately for each type of service it deems necessary, telecommunication license or general authorization which, how and under which condition, considering the opinions rules and procedures of the Authority on the application and authorization specifies under this Law.
Operators who wish to be determined or a particular telecommunications services in cases where the above-mentioned conditions relating to this service, they can request the Ministry to determine the conditions in question. Ministry; this request, decide whether you need such a determination based on the nature of the service. If it considers that the determination is necessary, within four months of the conditions, determine additional regulations to be issued by the opinion of the consultation of the Authority. Institution; It prepares a report signed concession contracts with the telecommunications licenses in the framework of the information provided each year by the Ministry stating that lists the types of services they are associated with global permissions.
c) The frequency, satellite position and containing the allocation of scarce resources such as numbering, each operator specific, special rights and telecommunications services or infrastructure to be carried out by requiring or limited number of operators to be given the responsibility but with a concession contract to be signed with the Ministry. This item (d) Without prejudice to paragraph, value-added telecommunications services may be offered by telecommunication license or a general authorization granted by the Ministry of capital companies. d) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Article, limited capital company authorized the and in cases where pre-determined make it any payments other than payments envisaged by a particular telecommunications service regarding concession agreements or telecommunication licenses, additional 19th and the relevant provisions of additional Article 21 applied.
e) conditions and procedures for the implementation of this Article, the conditions will be required from the operators and the concession agreement concluded to be for a particular telecommunications service, the terms and conditions of their granting telecommunication licenses or general permits removal of the matters in accordance with this Law, the Ministry taking the opinion of the Authority determined by regulations to be issued.

Article 4 - Telegraph and Telephone Law dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 of 9.6. No. 1937 and 3222 removed Article 4 of the Law in force is amended as follows. Article 4 - the provision of telecommunication services and / or operation of telecommunications infrastructure and regulations to be made on these matters are taken into account by the following principles of quality and quantity effect:
a) Everyone, from telecommunications services for a reasonable fee and the promotion of applications that will enable to benefit from the infrastructure.
b) unless there are objective reasons to the contrary, subscribers on equal terms, users and operators of separation is accessible on equal terms by all persons in a similar position of Failure to observe and services.
c) Unless otherwise specified in this Act or unless justified by objective reasons, quantitative and qualitative continuity, reliability, efficiency, openness, transparency and observance of the principle of efficient use of resources. d) certain technical and reasonable means of providing a cost that can be covered in the economic conditions of minimum services.
e) be compatible with each other in accordance with the international norms of telecommunication systems. f) Taking into account the goals of their development plans and programs.
g) implementation of technological innovation and research / development to support the investment.
h) ensuring compliance with the service quality standards be set to On.
i) unless this law otherwise stated, the telecommunications services and / or authorization to be done through concession agreements or telecommunication licenses relating to infrastructure and generally in all telecommunication fields, 12.07.1994 dated and 4054 numbered Law on the Protection of Competition and Turk Telekom set out in this Act Without prejudice monopoly rights, to ensure free competition and protection.
i) the requirements of national security and public order and to give priority to emergency needs.
j) disabled, taking into account the special needs of the elderly and other vulnerable groups in terms of social and principles determined by the Authority, in accordance with the terms and conditions specific to the user containing the programs offered economic advantages.
k) relevant legislation, except as expressly set out in the concession agreement or telecommunication license, interconnection fees and line rentals and circuits, including telecommunications services fees will be for the investment and the relevant share of operating costs and overheads, depreciation and reasonable profit to reflect as much as possible .
Article 5 - Telegraph and Telephone Law dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 is located in Article 6 "and phone" will be removed from the text and the article is included in the following paragraphs. Telecommunications operators or natural and legal persons, in the industry, domestic, foreign or international companies, including cross-border telecommunications services, with all kinds of records to comply with laws and regulations in the telecommunications sector may conclude commercial agreements.
regulating the membership to international telecommunication organization or absence of these organizations before the Republic of Turkey or the Turkish telecommunications sector party to international treaties that require the representation or the right of these contracts, mainly related to utilization of the powers and responsibilities of Ministers, considered by the Board. These qualities may be party to an international agreement related to telecommunications operators or natural or legal person located in the sector, the Ministry will consult with information about the contract in question. Ministry; in the shortest possible time, taking the opinion of the relevant Ministries and Institutions Ministers decide on the application within the principles determined by the Board. Ministry; Interested parties may request the information concerning such agreements and may take the measures it deems necessary.

Article 6 - No. 406 dated 4.2.1924 and of Article 10 of the Telegraph and Telephone Act has been amended as follows. Article 10 - interconnecting all the demands of the users and operators of private telecommunication facilities, without prejudice to the cases specified in the relevant legislation, is borne by the operators that the obligation to provide interconnection. Obligations to interconnect with operators is determined by the Authority in accordance with regulations to be issued pursuant to this Article. However, Turk Telekom is subject to the duties and obligations of each state to provide interconnection. The obligation to provide interconnection by the Authority and the operator Turk Telekom "interconnection obligation" is referred to as. Interconnection obligation, interconnection related demands within the framework of equality and provisions of this Article, non-discrimination, transparency, openness, cost and reasonable land based is founded on the principles and interconnection obligation of, or their partners, affiliates or subsidiaries, the same conditions and with that they provide for their own services they are obliged to meet the quality. Interconnections within the possibilities that are technically feasible and does not include disproportionate costs as demand is accepted without prejudice to reasonable and just cause. operators in order to ensure interconnection between networks are to be made between agreements signed between the parties in accordance with this Law and other relevant legislation and technical provisions, it also contains conditions and wages. A certified copy of their annexes and amendments to all agreements submitted to the Authority. All interconnection agreements signed and maintained in the Authority is made public. So far, take the necessary measures to protect commercial secrets of the parties. Interconnection agreement if not concluded within a maximum of three months from the first request, the Authority, upon application of the party seeking interconnection, settlement procedures between the parties in accordance with the principles established by considering the public interest and may take such other measures as it deems reasonable and necessary in the public interest. Since starting this procedure, the Authority fail to reach an agreement by the parties in the six-week period which can be extended for an additional four weeks by the Authority, the Authority shall be deemed appropriate for this interconnection agreement, it is authorized to determine the terms and fees. Such terms, conditions and fees, the parties would be in effect until otherwise agreed by or kararlaştırılınca. within the provisions of this Article, mobile telecommunications, data, or other services or infrastructure operators, the Authority will determine the other operators in the same area of ​​the equipment belonging to the customer to be made for issuing permits to operate via its own telecommunications are reasonable, but welcomed roaming demands within the possibilities in terms of economic rate and technical are required. Institution; providing that, they can incorporate in their standard terms and conditions, as appropriate, publishes the standard reference interconnection tariffs and amend them. Institution; The implementation of this Article principles and standard reference tariffs, search brings connection and regulations, showing details as the subject of roaming agreements and standard reference tariffs, grid interconnection, and the execution of telecommunications services agreement relating to roaming and operation of infrastructure free competition to take measures that will lead to blocking results needed 7:12 Within the framework of the provisions of Law No. 4054, dated .1994 may apply to the Competition Authority. Article 7 - Telegram and Telephone Law dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 of the Article 12 is included in the following paragraphs. Pursuant to the rules determined by the Authority of the provisions of this Article is also applicable to other operators. Turk Telekom and other operators of the provisions of this Article forms and procedures are determined by regulations to be issued by the Authority.
The relevant official authorities, based on the powers granted to them in law and asks the court to stop the use referred to in the presence of justified reasons.

Article 8 - and No. 406 dated 4.2.1924 Article 18 of the Telegraph and Telephone Act has been amended as follows. Article 18 - Article 2 (a) contrary to paragraph concession agreement or authorization agreement without telecommunications facilities established and operating those facilities are closed administrative The authorities concerned at the request of the Authority and an end to the business. In addition to thirty billion pounds from two billion pounds perpetrators are sentenced to heavy fines. The perpetrators in recurrence six months to two years imprisonment and heavy fines sixty billion pounds over four billion pounds is given. Article 2 (a) general permits or licenses without the facilities of telecommunications services in contravention of paragraph closing administrative The authorities about the request of the Authority terminated its services. Up to three billion pounds to two hundred million liras in recurrence shall be subject to fines.
Telecommunications services for the services they receive and as a requirement of legal entities engaged in activities of a subscription agreement with an operator could offer free or paid to third parties. Subscribers benefit from their services to any third party for commercial purposes. Contrary to cancel the subscription contract of acting. Article 9 - Telegraph and Telephone Law dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 of "CHAPTER 4 Ücurat" -shaped section title, "CHAPTER 4 Principles of Telecommunication Services Fee" as amended and 18.5 of the same Act. 1935 and Law No. 2722 repealed Article 29 is amended as follows. Article 29 - Operators conducting telecommunication services and / or infrastructure operation in exchange for receivables fees related legislation, the task they are subject or concession agreement, telecommunication license or a general authorization to be contrary to the regulations of the Authority may determine freely. The Authority is empowered, line rentals and circuits, including wage calculation methods and upper limits, with the same rules regardless reasonable and non-discriminatory, regulations to be issued under the general principles set out in Article 30, notification and other administrative arrangements, concession agreements and telecommunication licenses, the terms and conditions of the it is authorized to appoint and determined by considering: a) Turk Telekom or other operators, including minimum services required to be provided within the framework of public services, states the cost of certain services that you have to meet the costs of other services,
b) The related telecommunications services, the operator's legal or de facto monopoly was or service or geographic market circumstances as determined by the Authority in a dominant position,
c) Fees are determined by regulations of the Authority has been established that the circumstances and actions contrary,
d) other conditions to be determined in the regulations will benefit the institution.
Article 10 - 4.2. No. 406, 1924 and Article 30 of the Telegraph and Telephone Act has been amended as follows. Article 30 - Authority to carry out telecommunications services and / or infrastructure regulations for fees to be received in exchange for the operation, which makes keeping in mind the issue of achieving the following general principles:
a) Fees to be indiscriminate reasons must be fair and not right between persons in similar situations. These general principles, specific scope and needy sections of the society clearly defined and limited facilities does not preclude the provision,
b) cases falling within the scope of Article 29; wages, Article 4 of the (k) investment in the manner prescribed in paragraph including operating costs, balancing the tariff determined to reflect the costs as much as possible about the service is mainly for supporting the cost of a service through the wages of other services should be avoided,
c) Fees; It installs itself on a cost item and each service separately, which indicates the scope of the aforementioned charges,
d) wages, to the extent appropriate, be approximated to the technological requirements of international standards and scale in the context of
e) wages for different service types and categories, technological developments and to be at a level to encourage new investments is observed,
f) the determination of tariffs, international treaties and the recommendations of international organizations of which Turkey is a party are taken into account to the extent appropriate,

g) if there are justifiable reasons, the cost of mandatory fees and a reasonable profit can be substantially limit the record to reflect.
Article 11 - the Telegram and Telephone Law dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406, was added by Law No. 4107 dated 3.5.1995 and the following paragraph has been added to the end of various additional Article 17. The above-mentioned Ministers in accordance with the principles stated in the decision of the Council in all types of sales transactions, agreements on the transfer of ownership of the shares will be sold and other agreements and to sign the necessary documents, the representatives of which gave the Minister or authority to which the Treasury is authorized.
Article 12 - No. 406 dated 4.2.1924 and the following sentence is added to the end of the addition of Article 18 of the Telegraph and Telephone Act. fees received in return for a job and services; subscription fee, fixed fee, call charges, line rental and so on rent, fees and charges of the various items, such as one or a few of them can be identified.
ARTICLE 13 dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 is added to the Telegram and Telephone Law following additional ingredients. Additional Article 22 - the status of Turk Telekom employees, salary regime and retirement are as follows:
a) Employee's status: in primary and telecommunications ongoing tasks that require telecommunications services has eight years of experience and at least four years of staff with a general manager who has higher education, title, grade and number of Management on a proposal from the Board's recommendation and the Ministry from the date of entry into force of this Act one hundred and eighty days in Cabinet who are employed in staff designated by the Council staff assisted executed. The staff, without prejudice to the provisions of the Decree Law No. 399 on this law shall be applied. They are employed in accordance with the rest of the staff labor legislation. records of those who are employed by the business regulations and conditions shall be determined by the Board. security investigation, according to current legislation in the employment of Turk Telekom personnel.
Turk Telekom, a contract with the Board's decision may employ local and foreign managers and experts. b) Charge regime: a monthly wage of employees in principal and permanent tasks in accordance with this Law, the net monthly amount shall be determined by the General Assembly not to exceed twice the included payment of all kinds of the most senior civil servant. This is mainly determined by the Board staff, in proportion to their working days in March, the procedures and criteria, June, September and bonuses payable in the amount of monthly fee in December. In addition, work efficiency and similar matters, provided the Board of Directors decided by taking into account two additional bonuses payable. The amount of each bonus can not exceed the monthly salary being paid to the appropriate personnel. The Council of Ministers except for personnel working in the staff identified in accordance with this Law and other monthly wages of Turk Telekom employees who are subject to labor legislation will be determined by the Board of Directors authorized to appoint them. The principles and procedures for the payment of subsistence allowances to employees of Turk Telekom Turk Telekom Board determined by the Council.
c) Employee retirement: the date of entry into force of this Act if they choose TC those who want to be employed according to the working staff of the Labour Code, subject to the Pension Fund of the Republic of Turkey will continue contacts with the Pension Fund. In this case the evaluation of the relevant service period, the Civil Servants Law No. 657 of 5434 with the Republic of Turkey is made according to the Pension Fund Law. in this staff's retirement process, the General Administration Services class to pass the supplementary index figure set for general managers who work, the tasks they have performed as No. 657 on Civil Servants same cadre of similar tasks in the classroom can enter Under the Act, designated for titles and degrees of additional indicators and authorities compensation is applied . Additional Article 23 - Turk Telekom's board of directors appointed in terms of the framework will be Turk Telekom employees and their sequel of the current Health Fund to deal with the treatment of the family a "Turk Telekom Health Fund" is established. The resources of this fund:
a) Turk Telekom's annual budget to staff-month 0% of the amount of allowances to be paid in return for the money to be given until 1,

b) The staff of the monthly deductions to be no more than 1%, c) the Fund arising from the operation of capital and interest and other operating income,
d) Donations, e) Other income,
It occurs.
The organization of the Fund, duties, powers and procedures and principles for the implementation of obligations, the liquidation of the Fund, a private health converting the insurance system or other necessary arrangements be made of the matters to be observed until 31.12.2003 Turkey organized by the Telecom Board of Directors.
Additional Article 24 - Law No. 6145, dated 07.13.1953 established in accordance with Article 17 and expected to remain in effect until a new arrangement PTT Members Joint Bail Fund was terminated with this Act. all kinds of existing officials of PTT Bail Fund assets, property, debts and liabilities, will be liquidated by partitioning between a protocol and Telegraph Organization, the General Directorate of Turkish Telecom. Such protocol signed this Act within three months from the entry into force. And Telegraph Organization, which will be distributed by the liquidation of the General Directorate of Turkish Telecom PTT Members to ensure the continuation of the rights and obligations of the Joint Bail Fund, "PTT Personnel Joint Bail Fund" and "Turk Telekom Employees Joint Bail Fund" is established two separate polls by name. PTT Personnel Joint Bail Fund is subject to the provisions of the Bail Act No. 2489 dated 2.6.1934. Turk Telekom Personnel Joint Bail Fund, operated Turk Telekom's Board of Directors in the framework of the principles to be determined, organized and it will be subject to Fund staff are determined in accordance with principles to be determined by the Board of Turk Telekom Management. The liquidation of the Fund to make arrangements it deems necessary and Turk Telekom Board of Directors is authorized.
currently working with staff officials of PTT Bail Fund; mAsIndAki divided according to the proportion of the Fund's assets and as agreed in the protocol agreement regarding the current status and the personal rights and Telegraph Organization Headquarters and are transferred to Turk Telekom.
Article 4 of the temporary personnel transferred to Turk Telekom provisions apply. Liquidation and transfer of the personnel shall be finalized within one month after the signing of the relevant protocol.
Additional Article 25 - reserved for subscribers and users of telecommunications services relating to the number and use of usufruct and rights to use such lines in no way be seized. Additional Article 26 - Administrative and judicial authorities and Turk Telekom against third parties, without prejudice to the arrangements to be made about the represented and bound by the Board, represents the general manager. The general manager may transfer such authority if necessary.
ARTICLE 14. - dated 5.4.1983 and amended Article 5 of the 2813 Act has been amended as follows. Article 5 - Article 4 of the State powers and responsibilities to implement the framework of general principles and to carry out other duties assigned by law; Communications High Board is established. This is in general conformity mentioned in dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 Telegram and Telephone Law with the Law, the authority prescribed by law and enforce the responsibilities and the public entity to carry out other duties given administrative and financial autonomy and has special budget has been established the Telecommunications Authority. Authority is independent in fulfilling their duties. ministry is relative to the organization is the Ministry of Transport.
Article 4 (g) of for the performance of the services specified in paragraph; being operated in accordance with the technical and procedures of the radio system control, detection and elimination of interference, Government and people carried out by the cooperation with the state security authorities within the applicable legislation in the security interests wireless activity and domestic and international technical monitoring services and activities of the Authority.
decision-making organ of the Authority is the Telecommunications Board consists of a chairman and four members.
Chairman of the Board is the highest authority is responsible for the general management and representation of the Authority. The Council shall elect one of its members on the proposal of the president as the vice-president, vice-president of vacation, illness, domestic and overseas assignments, which shall represent the President in other cases no dismissal and dismissal.

monthly wages of Chairman and Board members, designated by the Council of Ministers, the highest civil servant of the Minister on the recommendation not to exceed two times the monthly salary, including any payments.
Provision for staff of the institution personnel to be employed as contract staff title, number, qualifications, fees, and other financial and social rights, contractual basis of the Law on the proposal of the Board for changes in the accompanying staff titles and ranks, and the State Personnel Presidency is determined by the Council of Ministers upon the opinion. Agency officials in staff to 657, the highest civil servant Servants of the pension specified in the Act (including additional indicator), a) 15 to 11 th grade to 20% of monthly field,
b) 10 to the 7th grade of 25% on monthly field
c) 6 months to 4 from the field for 30% of third degree,
d) 3 to 35% of the monthly area of ​​1st degree, to be determined by the Board within the framework of the methods and principles to pass without being subject to income tax with salaried overtime pay is paid every month.
Board chairman and members of the response team will be run on a contractual basis in proportion to their working days of contract staff in March, June, September and bonuses payable in the amount of monthly fee in December. In addition, two more bonuses payable considering work efficiency and similar matters.
Agency staff, without prejudice to the provisions contained in this Act, is subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 657. Board members and staff of the Authority, supervisory and confidential information learned during the investigation of related and third parties, shall not disclose trade secrets to anyone other than authorized by law and not use their advantage in this regard. This obligation continues after leaving office. The organization's money, documents, files and all kinds of goods are considered State Property. Board members and staff of the Authority during the task or tasks or because they committed the crimes committed against them in terms of a civil servant are counted. In this Act and other regulations Radio Radio Works General Directorate and all references made to the Directorate General of Telecommunications Authority, Radio Works General Manager and General Manager of Wireless All references made to the Chairperson deemed to be made.
Institutions, dated 9/8/1983 and the State Tender Law No. 2886, dated 10.02.1954 and Allowance Law 6245 in terms of visa and registration No: 1050 dated 26/5/1927 by the General Accounting-i dated 21.02.1967 No. 832 Law and the provisions of the Law Court it is not subject. The institution is supervised by the Court. any organization's income taxes and is exempt from.
Institutions can establish local offices in accordance with regulations. The revenues of the Authority are as follows:
a) Article 27 shall be taken according to the charges,
b) dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 00% 5 of the Telegraph and Telephone Act within the framework of signing the concession agreement or telecommunication license area to be taken in the additional Article 19 of the same Code, the operator charges (five in ten thousand) and the concession contract or be shown on telecommunication licenses provided that the other charges to be taken in order to contribute to the expenses of the operators, and c) the organization, CB certificate and the operator will be taken from participants in Amasa to give license exam examination fees,
d) all kinds of printed materials, income obtained forms and publications,
e) revenues derived from consultancy services,
f) courses, meetings, seminars and training activities to be provided from income,
g) assistance will be needed from the General Budget,
h) Corporate and distribution in favor of the appreciated portion subjected outside the attorneys' fees,
i) administrative penalties to be applied by the Authority
j) any donations made to aid and other income.
The Authority is governed by a regulation principles and procedures relating to revenue and expenditure.
Article 15 - dated 5.4.1983 and the first and fifth paragraphs of Article 6 of the 2813 Act has been amended as follows. Communication High Council, chaired by the Prime Minister or a Minister of State to be appointed by the Transport Ministers of the Interior and National Security Council Secretary General, National Intelligence Organization Undersecretary and Chief of General Staff Communication Electronics is a top panel of the President.

High Council of Communication task is to advise the Ministry in the field of wireless communications and to follow up on these issues. Communications High Council secretariat works carried out by the Ministry of Communications General Directorate of State.
Article 16 - 5.4.1983 dated 2813 Act of different Article 7 of the "Establishment and Duties of the radio Secvice" The title of "Duties of the Telecommunications Authority" (a), (f), (g) and (h ) they have been amended as follows and paragraph has been added following subsections and paragraphs. a) In accordance with the general principles set out in this dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 Telegram and Telephone Law and the Law, wireless communications, and to prepare the necessary plans in the telecommunications area and present them to the Ministry of Transport and related supervision to other institutions and organizations with real and legal activities in this issue of the legal person to,
f) carry out the duties set out in this Act, maintain all records and make the necessary technical and administrative procedures regarding the existing provisions do not comply,
g) telecommunications services will be conducted by the board of a capital company in Turkey and / or related infrastructure will be signed by the Ministry of Transport concession contract and will be given to express an opinion regarding the telecommunications license, to make proposals to the Ministry regarding the general permit preparation of the provisions of the said concession agreements and telecommunication licenses and conditions implementing and supervising compliance with the general permit, take the necessary measures in this regard, h) application method general criteria and other matters within the jurisdiction relating to telecommunications services from and to the tariff charges will apply to other operators in terms of interconnection between users and telecommunications networks will benefit from the infrastructure and contract provisions and technical issues and to determine the principles, examining tariffs, evaluate, and approve necessary and to monitor their implementation, i) Telecommunications services and operators regarding infrastructure and are located in commercial activities in accordance with the law in this area, the implementation of services, the operation of the engine and producing a variety of telecommunications equipment and devices or ensure the full realization of those sold in a competitive environment, these services and activities within Turkey, encouraging taking measures
i) radio communication will be used in the telecommunications sector by domestic cooperation in and with the relevant entities abroad for all kinds of systems and devices, and taking into account the latest developments, manufacturing and identify essential performance standards to use, apply them, j) radio communication and telecommunication services, and to remove the regulations on matters within the jurisdiction relating to infrastructure operation, or perform other administrative operations, operators, subscribers, users and Turkish affecting the telecommunications sector all the facts and to monitor the compliance with the relevant legislation, the legal persons to the extent that the relevant authorities to mobilize and where appropriate in law implement the proposed sanctions
k) radio and television, including the supply of all kinds made from the specified emission points publications to determine the procedures and principles regarding the establishment of common antenna systems and facilities, l) Article 27 of the specified fee, set to exceed the revaluation rate determined by Ministry of Finance every year, change , charged to or to the left and to regulate procedures and principles related to them, the organization's annual budget and final accounts of income and expenditure, to her annual program of work, make transfers between necessary accounts in the budget or decide to transfer to the general budget if demand more income, m) other provided in the Act to fulfill the duties.

Corporate telecommunications services implementation and infrastructure of the operation related issues, as well as anti-competitive behavior, both in the service and in general in the telecommunications sector, plans and practices are authorized to request the provision of its own motion or upon complaint investigation and involved entering the issues of information and documents. Institutions, telecommunication services and take the necessary measures to allow the reporting parties' views can comment on the parties concerned and on which will be disclosed to the public about prior to the publication of the regulations related to infrastructure and other general administrative procedure. Institutions also take the necessary measures to protect the interests of consumers. The Competition Board in all decision regarding the telecommunication sector in the examination and tests will be done in relation to, and mergers and telecommunications, including the decision to be given in relation to the acquisitions sector, primarily takes into account the overall regulatory process is done and the Agency's opinion Authority.
Article 17 - dated 5.4.1983 and Article 8 of the 2813 Act has been amended as follows. Article 8 - The president and members shall be appointed for five years by the Council of Ministers. The president and members of the task of ending the possible re-elected. The president and members but serious disease or illness caused by an inability task of Ministers can be dismissed by the Board before the expiration of the event Does not bound by abuse or infamous crimes.
law will be appointed as Board members, economics, finance, engineering, telecommunications, business or in the country in the finance branch, or unless they have at least four years of higher education, and professional point of view as well as to have sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of telecommunications and the public or private sector, at least having worked for ten years, the general qualifications to be appointed as a civil servant and a political party management, auditing or another parent was not involved in the installation or conditions have departed from this task is required. Chairman, members representing member representing wireless services and telecommunications services, appointed from among two candidates nominated by the Transport Minister.
member representing the telecommunications sector, this Act telecommunication devices and systems are manufactured in Turkey, which is operating at or infrastructure to carry out the telecommunications and related telecommunications services throughout Turkey in the market to show the operators that have at least 10% market share is appointed from candidates. This is the substance of the application in terms of services and market operators identified by the Authority relating to market share and ultimately made. Each operator regardless of market share can only nominate one candidate. The member representing consumers with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Turkey Chambers and appointed two nominees of the Exchange Association.
If there is any reason to discharge the Board members, selection and appointment shall be made within three months from the above-mentioned principles to the place vacant. In this way they complete their assigned mandate of the people who have been appointed instead. In case of prevention of the decision of the Assembly because members who attend the meetings, instead of the board members who attend the meeting shall represent the Committee Chairperson. the vice-president shall act in place of the president is unable to attend the meeting of the Board. somehow excuse fails to attend four meetings the Committee members about the work of the Committee members repeatedly establishment, be deemed to have resigned from the membership and new member assignment process is started immediately. Board members, unless based on a special law can not take any other public or private office, not engage in trade, can be found in self-employed activities and especially to be a shareholder or director of any telecommunications company. member representing the telecommunications sector, he cut off all relationships throughout the duration of the task with the candidate showing operating companies and also from the departure from office referred for at least two years, operators work with the company, it can not establish a relationship in the form of counseling or shareholding.

The Board meets with the presence of at least four members and shall take decisions with at least three votes in the same direction. Board members itself or No. 1086 Civil Procedure Law 245 paragraph (3) subparagraph in with people with relationship in writing degree or shareholders of these people, managers or senior employees that any telecommunications company board members about the election held on issues related to not abstain from voting .
5434 Republic of Turkey with respect to retirement in the implementation of the Pension Fund Act, State Secretary to the Board Chairman, deputy Board members, general manager of the ministry of the Corporation vice president, deputy director general of the ministry to individual departments and the regional director of the Authority within the additional indicator and authorities compensation apply. time spent on these tasks, considered in the past tasks that require the payment of compensation. Other rank positions, 657 staff officers apply additional indicators on the equivalent positions in the Act. Chairman of the Board and appointed to the Board at the time they served in the membership cut relations with former duties. However, the Civil Servants Law No. 657 are assigned to appropriate staff or acquired by the Minister about the case after the application of special legislation, which is subject to regulated staff regime ended tasks in the Assembly. ARTICLE 18. - dated 5.4.1983, and in the second paragraph of Article 12 of the 2813 Act "minors and" phrase is repealed. ARTICLE 19. - 09.04.1987 dated and 3348 the Ministry of Transport Organization and Duties of the Law Article 2 of subparagraph (a) of "pursuing the implementation and control" to come before the phrase, "the Telecommunications Authority duties and powers of prejudice and" phrase the same material (g) and (h) bend to the "communication" to come before the phrase "the Telecommunications authority of the duties and powers of prejudice" phrase and a new same item (j) shall be added to the existing paragraph (j) (k) of changed as item It has moved. j) natural disasters and during emergencies, and formed after the excessive communication preventing outages of power plants due to the traffic, the streamlining of communications traffic and to ensure priority is given to emergency communications, operators to determine the procedures and principles regarding the arrangements needed to do their own communication systems,
ARTICLE 20. - 09.04.1987 dated and 3348 the Ministry of Transport Organization and Duties of the amended Article 13 of the Act, (c) the beginning of paragraph "Telecommunications Authority outside the authority and duties assigned by law" will be added, paragraph (e) s "and telecommunications "will be removed from the text and paragraph (g) is amended as follows. g) establish telecommunication network or telecommunication facilities with general communication purposes and to determine the operating permit granted service areas and types, their establishment and to determine the procedures and principles regarding the operation will be concluded between the parties on the telecommunications services and infrastructure by the Ministry of the concession agreement, and given that telecommunications licenses and general to permit the preparation process and dated 4.2.1924 the Ministry of Transport on these issues and the Law No. 406 and the fulfillment of duties given by other laws and Telecommunications to ensure coordination with the Authority, Article 21. - 04.09.1987 dated and 3348 the Ministry of Transport of the Law on the Organization and duties 14 of Article (b) as stated in paragraph "after the Transport and" expression "of the duties and powers of the Telecommunications authority prejudice" has been added. ARTICLE 22 - The Ministry of Law No. 3348, dated 04.09.1987 on the Organization and Duties of the following additional items are added. APPENDIX Article 1 - The Ministry may establish new transport and communication services from the Ministry with the determination of strategies to be developed regarding the experienced and temporary advisory committees with the participation of representatives of adult individuals and organizations brought by technology. other operating expenses and accommodation expenses in conjunction with the installation of these board members are paid from the budget of the Ministry of Transport.

ARTICLE 23. - 12.6.1936 numbered 3054 and dated Istanbul Law on Telephone Installations of Receiving and Property Transactions, 24.06.1938 dated and 3488 numbered Izmir Telephone Installations of Receiving and Property Transactions to the Law and 7 Kânunisani 1929 and 1379 Informal City from No. Ankara and the Law on the phones in town, 29 Rebiülevvel 1331 dated Exchange of Correspondence to Let private Electric Hutut Law on the Temporary and their annexes and amendments to have been repealed provisions for benefit with free or reduced tariffs of telecommunication services contained in the special laws of public institutions. ARTICLE 24 - dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 Telegram and Telephone Law mentioned in amendments and other legislation "TC Postal Administration General Directorate (PI)" phrases "and Telegraph Agency General Directorate (PTT)" as amended. Article 25 - No. 4157 dated 22.12.1941 and the Post, Telegraph and Telephone Administration of Endowment Fund and the Law on Article 1 (A) has been amended as follows. A) Turkish General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization and the Turkish Telecommunication Joint Stock Company who participate in the fund, according to the Regulations of the workers dues will be subject to the Pension Fund or labor legislation.
ARTICLE 26. - dated 4.2.1924 and numbered 406 to the Telegraph and Telephone Act, 10/06/1994 dated and 4000 numbered Law added various additional Article 18, applied in a way that does not contradict with this Law and Law No. 406 brought provisions and the additional Article 18 " license "means, depending on the situation, authorization agreement means that the concession agreement or telecommunication license. Located in the sixth paragraph of Article 18 of the additional "capital company", the term "operator" as understood and sought in the seventh paragraph "suggestion Turk Telekom" is not sought from the date of entry into force of this Act. Turk Telekom and other operators are entitled to carry out telephone directory printing services to their subscribers. Provisional Article 1 - attached to the Directorate General of Radio (1) staff shown in the Decree Law No. 190 on the list of attachment (1) is removed from the relevant section of the schedule. Telecommunications attached to the Authority (2) indicated in the list of staff that have been established.
new arrangements made in the Radio Law in accordance with this Act and authorized staff of the Council of Ministers with the arrangements and titles are not changed at the same titled deemed assigned to new positions.
Cadres and titles are changed or removed may be employed in accordance with their situation until the appointment of a new team. They will take on new staff, they appointed months, additional indicators, all raises the total amount of compensation per month is to take the old staff, if it is less than the time and pay the additional indicators, in this case the difference until it is repaired paid as compensation without any deduction. No. 2813 dated 5.4.1983 and references made to the Radio Law in the Ministry of Transport Ministry as service areas or deemed to be made to the Authority.
Provisional Article 2 - before the entry into force of this Act, 5.4.1983, dated 2813 Act of the second sentence of the third paragraph of Article 8 and the Council of Ministers determined which contract staff, to the appropriate staff to be appointed to regardless exam requirement. This period of service within the staff worked on a contractual basis, 657 Civil Servants are assessed to exceed a degree and given a grade for each year and learning conditions as precedents for every three years on the Law of Article 36 according to the education level of as recruitment degrees and levels. Provisional Article 3 - "Turk Telekom" in the Decree Law No. 233 annexed "B- Public Economic Organizations (GCC)" section is excluded from the list of organizations.

Provisional Article 4 - the date of entry into force of this Act, the provisions of Law No. 399 of Turk Telekom in any of those working in permanent or contracted staff, subject to the decree passed to staff subject to the status of labor legislation. the current status of those who did not switch to the status of personnel subject to labor legislation, shall continue to be employed with social and personal rights. The staff and may be modified within the framework of the provisions of Decree Law No. 399 in position. with their requests with the status of personnel subject to labor legislation, retirement, resignation, death and similar reasons vacant positions and positions without any further procedure is deemed to have been canceled.
The staff and if found requests in position dated 24.11.1994 and numbered 4046, the Regulation of Privatization Applications and Certain Laws and within the framework of Article 22 of the Law Amending the Decree transferred to other public institutions. payments in accordance with the Privatization Law No. 4046 on Article 22 should be made by the Administration is done by Turk Telekom in terms of staff under this Article. Provisional Article 5 - mission agreement referred to in this Act as of the date of entry into force of this Act shall be prepared within five months. These agreements until the signing of Turk Telekom will continue to implement the investments and services provided for in the budget without any changes.
Provisional Article 6 - The first members of the Board of the Telecommunications Authority is determined as follows. Transport Minister to nominate two members of the Board and president. The president and members will be appointed as the party of the 2813 Act must carry the qualification requirements specified in Article 8. The Council of Ministers and President of the Board member from the date of entry into force of this Act assigns the latest within two months. As regards the transition to the Corporation's activities, it published a notice in the Official Gazette within three months after the formation of the Council. All of the Chairperson and members of the Cabinet appointed by the Council, has begun operations of the Telecommunications Authority until the date it is published in the Official Gazette General Directorate of Radio continues to fulfill the tasks and activities within the 2813 Act.
However, the first appointed Board members will be determined by a draw of two years from the date of appointment of the term of office of two members, while the other two members of the mandate of four years from the date of appointment.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 7 - necessary arrangements required by this Act shall continue until the date konulunca implementation of the provisions of this Act are not contrary to existing legislation. Provisional Article 8 - haczedilip before the entry into force of this Act, no sales made by telephone or other lien on usufruct rights allowed to subscribe to all kinds of telecommunication services, concerned by the removal of one month from the date of entry into force of this Act if it is allocated to those as contracts terminated.
Following the sale in execution will be empty in the central area to which they are attached are allocated to the first circuit and the number of recipients.
Article 27 - This Law shall enter into force on the date of publication. Article 28 - This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.
Appendix - Law (2)

Institution: General Directorate of Radio
Organization: Central
Institutions Code:
Title Class Roster Number
Grade 1
General Manager GPP 1 Executive Vice President GPP 3 Head of Internal Audit GPP 1 Systems Department Head of GPP 1 Head of Operations Department GPP 1 GPP President Frequency Apartment 1 Monitor Head of GPP 1 Standards Department Head of GPP 1 EB I Head of GPP 1 Chairman Plan Coordination Department GPP 1 personnel and Training Department Head of GPP 1 Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs GPP 1 Chief Inspector GPP 1 I. Legal Counsel GPP 1 Counsel GPP 1 Branch Manager GPP 28 Expert GPP 4 Architects THS 1 Engineer THS 2 Technician THS 1 53 2 Rank

Investigators GPP GPP 2 2 Branch Manager Security Expert Expert GPP GPP 1 1 1 PIH Press and Public Relations Consultant Engineer Technician THS THS 2 1 10 Title Grade Number of Staff
Grade 3
2 Chief Inspector GPP GPP GPP 9 Interpretation Department Doctor SHS 1 19 1 Engineer THS 6 Grade 4
Nurse SHS 1 Chief Engineer THS 6 1 GPP GPP GPP 13 Analyzer Computer Operator Grade 5 1 22
Investigators GPP 2 Lawyers AH 1 Engineer THS 15 technicians THS 6 Chief GPP 11 Vice Analyzer GPP 1 Fixed Asset Accountant GPP 1 Officer GPP 22 Central Officer GPP 1 GPP Computer Operator GPP 3 Data Preparation and Control Business 2 driver GPP 1 guard YHS 2 68 6. Rank
Lawyer AHS 2 Engineer THS 17 THS 1 Technician Chief Officer 1 GPP GPP GPP 4 Interpretation 4 Warehouse Clerk Typist 1 GPP GPP GPP 1 Central Officer Staff Grade 3 Title Number
Data Preparation and Control Business Driver GPP GPP 1 1 1 37 7 Degree Guard YHS
Deputy Inspector Officer 3 GPP GPP GPP Computer Operator 11 16 8 1 1 PIH Driver Rating
Graphic THS 1 1 PIH Assistant Inspector Clerk Typist 1 GPP GPP GPP 7 Trustee 6 1 GPP GPP Computer Operator Data Preparation and Control of Business 1 1 23 9 degree driver GPP 4 Cook YHS
THS 2 3 Typist Clerk Technician GPP GPP 2 and GPP Computer Operator Control Operating Data Preparation 1 driver GPP GPP 8 3 1 Kaloriferc the Cook YHS YHS YHS 1 22 10 Grade 1 guard
Clerk Typist 1 GPP GPP GPP 4 Central Officer driver GPP 6 4 15
Title Class Roster Number
11 Degrees
Officer Driver GPP GPP 3 6 1 10 12 Degree Kaloriferc the YHS
Driver GPP 1 1 TOTAL 296

Institution: General Directorate of Radio
Organization: Provincial
Institutions Code:
Title Class Roster Number
Grade 1
7 Assistant Regional Director Regional Director of GPP GPP GPP Branch Manager 12 3 1 23 2 Degree Engineer THS
Branch Manager Engineer THS GPP 4 2 6 3 Rating
THS 1 Technician Chief Engineer THS 3 GPP GPP 6 1 11 Data Preparation and Control Business Grade 4
3 GPP Chief Engineer Technician THS 5 THS THS 1 Technician Grade 5 1 10
Assistant Analyst Officer GPP GPP 1 5 1 Computer Operator Warehouse Clerk GPP GPP GPP 1 3 Data Preparation and Control Operator Technician Engineer THS 4 THS 3 18
Title Class Roster Number
Rank 6
2 3 GPP GPP Chief Fiduciary Officer Typist 1 GPP GPP GPP 1 1 PIH Computer Operator Data Preparation and Control Business 1 Engineer THS 4 THS 1 Technician Driver GPP 3 17 7 Rating
Trustee GPP 1 Typist 1 Driver GPP GPP GPP Programmer 2 2 7 8 THS 1 Technician Degree
Vice Analyzer 4 Trustee GPP GPP GPP Officer 1 2 1 Computer Operator Typist GPP GPP GPP 2 1 11 9 degree driver
Trustee Typist GPP GPP 2 1 1 PIH Computer Operator Technician Technician THS THS 2 3 9 10 Degrees
1 Data Processing and Control Operator Officer GPP GPP GPP 3 of 5 Title 1 Driver Class Roster Number
11 Degrees
Typist 3 GPP GPP GPP 1 Computer Operator Data Preparation and Control Business Driver GPP 2 3 9 12 Degrees

Administrators YHS driver GPP 4 1 5 TOTAL 131 II ANNOUNCEMENT LIST
Allocation of cadres and
Authority: Telecommunications Authority
Organization: Central
Institutions Code:
Title Class Roster Number
Grade 1
Chairman of the Board GPP 1 Board Member GPP 4 President Corporate Vice President of GPP 4 Supervisory Board GPP 1 I. Legal Counsel GPP 1 Counsel GPP 1 Standard Office of the President of GPP 1 Service and Quality Control Head of GPP 1 System Department Head of GPP 1 Frequency Planning, Allocation Registration and Dai. Mgr. Monitors Head of GPP GPP 1 1 1 PIH Head of the Department of International Relations Head of Licensing and Tariffs GPP 1 Plan, Investment, Research and Coord. Dai. Mgr. GPP 1 Title Class Roster Number
Personnel and Administrative Affairs, President of GPP 1 Budget and Accounting Head of GPP 1 EB I Head of GPP 1 Press and Public Relations Counsel GPP 1 Defense Expert GPP 1 Chief Inspector GPP 2 Chief of GPP 1 Branch Manager GPP 28 Expert GPP 9 Technician THS 1 Engineer Mathematicians THS THS 3 1 70 2 Rank
Branch Manager 4 Inspector GPP GPP GPP 1 2 Expert Technician Engineer THS THS 3 1 1 12 3 Rank physicist THS
2 Chief Inspector GPP GPP GPP Branch Manager 7 8 10 Interpretation Department Doctor SHS 1 Engineer THS THS Mathematicians GPP 1 2 3 Technician Technician THS THS 2 36 Grade 4
13 GPP Chief Engineer Physicist THS 14 THS Class 2 Title Number of Staff
GPP Analyzer Technician THS 4 1 1 PIH Computer Operator Grade 5 36 Nurses SHS 1
Investigators GPP 2 Lawyers AHS 1 Chief GPP 11 Engineer THS 17 Technician THS 2 Mathematicians THS 1 Vice Analyzer GPP 1 technician THS 9 Fixed Asset Accountant GPP 1 Officer GPP 18 Data Processing and Control Operator GPP 2 Computer Operator GPP 2 Central Officer GPP 1 guard YHS 2 driver GPP 1 Rank 71 6
Chief GPP 4 Engineer THS 18 Statistician THS 1 Technician THS 1 Technician THS 5 Officer GPP 5 Typist GPP 2 Data Processing and Control Operator GPP 1 Central Officer GPP 1 Lawyer AHS 2 Interpretation GPP 1 Warehouse Officer GPP 1 driver GPP 1 guard YHS 1 44 Title class Roster Number
7. Degree
Engineer Technician THS 4 THS 3 GPP to GPP 15 Officer Computer Operator 24 8 1 1 PIH Driver Rating
THS 12 THS 1 Technician Engineer Officer GPP 8 Physicists Statistician THS THS 1 1 1 Trustee GPP GPP GPP Computer Operator 2 Data Preparation and Control Business Kaloriferc the YHS 1 1 4 32 9 degree driver GPP
GPP GPP 8 Data Preparation and Control of Computer Operator 10 Operating Officer THS 1 Technician Driver GPP GPP 5 3 1 28 10 Degree YHS guard
Computer Operator Officer GPP GPP 5 3 Central Clerk Typist 1 GPP GPP GPP 4 14 11 1 Driver Rating
5 5 TOTAL 372 driver GPP allocation of cadres and
Authority: Telecommunications Authority
Organization: Provincial
Institutions Code:
Title Class Roster Number
Grade 1
7 Assistant Regional Director Regional Director of GPP GPP GPP Branch Manager 14 6 2 29 2 Degree Engineer THS
Branch Manager GPP 8 Engineer Technician THS THS 2 1 11 3 Rank
Chief Engineer GPP 6 THS 5 THS 1 Technician Data Processing and Control Operator GPP 1 13 Grade 4
3 GPP Chief Engineer Physicist 7 THS THS 1 Technician 2 THS THS 1 Technician 5th Grade 14
Engineer Technician THS THS 6 1 1 PIH Analyzer Deputy Clerk Warehouse Clerk GPP GPP 5 1
Title Number of Class Roster Data Preparation and Control Business Computer Operator 3 GPP GPP THS 1 Technician Grade 3 21 6
GPP 2 Chief Engineer Technician THS THS 8 1 1 Physicists THS THS 1 Technician Officer Trustee GPP GPP 3 1 1 PIH Computer Operator Typist GPP GPP GPP 1 Data Processing and Control Business Driver 3 23 7 1 Rating

THS THS 1 Technician Technician 1 3 GPP Programmer Trustee driver GPP GPP 1 1 7 8 Degrees
THS 8 Analyzer Engineer Assistant Officer GPP GPP 1 2 4 Fiduciary GPP GPP GPP Computer Operator 2 1 18 9 degree driver
THS 2 2 Computer Operator Technician Trustee GPP GPP THS 1 Technician Class 20 25 Title Number of Staff
10 Degrees
GPP to GPP 5 Data Processing and Computer Operator Control Operating Officer 1 1 PIH THS 1 Technician Driver GPP 3 11 11 Degree
Typing 1 GPP GPP GPP 3 Computer Operator Data Preparation and Control Business Driver GPP 2 3 9 12 Degrees
Driver GPP 4 4 TOTAL 185