The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Electricity Market Law Amendment Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ELEKTRİK PİYASASI KANUNUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASINA DAİR KANUN

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Kanun No. 5496


Accepted Date: 10/5/2006      


ARTICLE 1- dated 20/2/2001 and third of the 1st item of the Electrical-Market Law 4628. (31) the number has been reported in the province of bendi.

" 31. Alletim facility: The facilities of the production facilities, including the mid-tension seedlings, from the 36 kV strain levels, including the facilities of the transmission facilities to the point of view of the facilities, including the "

ARTICLE 2- 4628 is the third of the Code 2, and the fourth fikraine (a) and (g) "authorization" to come after the phrase "control" in the last paragraph of the end of the final paragraph of the fourth section (c) is included in the second paragraph of the third (c) subbeni of the third "In the private sector", the phrase "Private sector" is said to be "private sector".

" Legal entity, 6762, Turkish Commercial Code, which may operate in the market. According to the provisions of the corporation or limited company, and the capital market legislation of anonymous companies, the company's shares in the stock market have been printing. It is regulated by regulations that must be found in the main commitments of these companies. "

" a) Legal entities that can demonstrate production activity: Private sector production companies, Electricity Generation Anonymous, With the restructuring of the Electricity Production Corporation, it is a group of autoproductors and autoproductors with public production companies. Private sector and public production companies sell electrical energy and/or capacity to real and legal entities in warning of licenses. "

" g) Organized Industrial Zones: 4562 organized industrial zones established according to the Law of Organized Industrial Zones In order to meet the needs of the entities, their legal entities, the legal entities, including the provisions of 6762 Turkish Commercial Code (Turkish Commercial Code), under the approval of the establishment of a license from the Agency and/or production of the company activities.

Organized industrial zones legal entities are consumed with the aim of meeting the electricity needs of the participants. the number of free consumers looking at the amount.

tüketicilerConsumers with free consumer limit from organized industrial zones are taking part in the organized industrial zone. It has the right to choose the supplier with the record of paying for the price.

The electrical energy of organized industrial zones, produced or provided with free consumer water; Based on the use of the tiers, the activities of the organized industrial zones to be determined by this part of the Agency and the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce, to the extent of the activities that will be made available to the members of the organization. is determined by the regulation to be prepared.

Organized industrial zones are in the water, without a price, or delegated by symbolic price to TEDAaç The facilities ownership and construction rights are transferred to the organized industrial zone for the same price within three months. "

ARTICLE 3- 4628 is the first of the number 11 of the Code (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f) It has been reported in the second storm, with its entendings.

" a) in requesting or on-site inspection by the Board; to determine if the requested information is provided, incomplete or otherwise, or not provided or on-site inspection. If not, the information will be given within the fifteen days of information and/or the opportunity to review it. To those who continue to report a written report, the two dissented New Turkish Lirasas are given a penalty of money. "

" b) The provisions of this Law and the identified regulations, instructions, and regulations are not determined to be acted upon. "New Turkish Liras (new Turkish lira) will be fined for continuing the status of the monthly service and to those who continue to report the written notice."

" c) The license general basis and any of its obligations are determined not to be met, thirty-three in the day it will be corrected. To those who continue to report a written report, the three-thousand New Turkish Liras will be paid for administrative fines. "

" d) In the license order or in the license-to-license terms, the real world is the real deal for the the license to be notified of the license to be notified of, or to be notified of, the license is revoked. However, it is reported to be corrected within thirty days when the actual current document or response is made possible to correct the information or the information on the license. Four thousand New Turkish Liramen will be fined for continuing the month of the month of the written notice. "

" e) In thirty days, during the license period, as a result of a violation of the policy, It's a matter of fixing the business. To those who continue to report the written notice, the four-thousand-year-old New Turkish Liras will be paid for administrative fines. "

" f) The scope of coverage during the fifteen days is reported to stop the activity or be stopped during a period of time, as determined by the license scope of the market. To those who continue to report the written statement, the new Turkish lira is fined for the new Turkish Liras. "

" For verbs requiring the fines above, the Board is aware of the terms of the verb. can apply. Following the implementation of such fines, the fines are applied to the fines; for failure to be fixed or repeated during the period of notice, the fines are increased by the amount of two times the previous amount of the previous one. Previous sentences would not be based on a repeat of the same terms that require administrative fines in two years from the date of the date of these sentences. However, the amount of money penalty to be applied by increasing the same figure in two years will not be able to increase the amount of gross income in the balance sheet of the previous fiscal year of the criminal code. The Board may revoke the license if the penalties are to be taken to this level. "

MADDE 4- 4628 is about to arrive after the first phase of the 14th Amendment. is added.

" On the execution of the operating area of TEDaşaat, and on the execution and the assets required for the activities of the development, Transfer of ownership between the registry and the EDAME and the power supply companies set up to operate in the areas specified by the TEDAaAT can be edited. "

ARTICLE 5- 4628 is the number 15 (c) and (d) of the Code 15 and (d), and (d) are not (e) is added to the item in the item.

" c) Public Public:

Licensee's licensee private legal entities engaged in production and/or development in the electrical market Public requests are made by the Institution and are publicly available, within the guidelines specified in the Public Law of 2942, which is deemed to be appropriate. The public benefit decision will be made to the public benefit decision, which will be given to the Council on this issue. In this case, the expropriations are paid by the licensee's legal entity, which requires public access to the expropriations required by the public.

Public or public institutions owned by the public, production or premises of the publicly owned premises, or If you don't have any of this, you'll have the Treasury. In favour of the private legal entity, the licensee who paid for the public opinion on behalf of the Treasury, will be charged with no charge of private law legal entities. The validity of the license validity period is expired. The number of legal entities that are licensed by the current entity are repurchased through tariffs, with the cost of public expropriation costs associated with the new facilities. Termination or cancellation of the license does not return the charges of expropriation that are paid by the licensees of the license. However, payment costs that are not returned through tariffs are returned at the end of the term ' s license period.

For the production, development, or transmission activities of the public legal entity as a legal entity. the public works by these legal entities are provided by these legal entities and are registered in the name of these legal entities. However, after 3/3/2001, production, management, or transmission license is in favor of public legal entities and the non-public legal entities are transferred out of the Treasury name until the effective date of this Law is transferred to the public legal entities.

In the area of operation of the legal entity, which is specialized in the framework of the Law on the Privatisation Practices 4046, is available in the areas of private The expropriation costs and other expenses for the management of the information facilities are paid by the legal entity as well. After the documentation of these expenses is made available, within thirty days at the latest, the budget license holder is paid to the legal entity.

They do not belong to the Treasury that is required for production or development activities that are carried out by private legal entities. They do not belong to the public institutions or their installations, which are provided by the implementation of the 30th of the Code of Public Opinion, 2942 of the State. They belong to the relevant public institution or installation, which owns the ownership of production or development facilities, and the Treasury is not available to them.

d) Reaction, Use, and Lease:

In the production or development of the market, the licensee's private legal entities related to their activities A request from the Agency to be able to use, use, or lease an iris over the provisions of the Treasury or the State of the State under the provision and savings of the State. In accordance with the Board of this request, the issue of the irraition facility, use permit or lease is regulated, with the exception of the Ministry of Finance under the relevant legislation and the license term between the licensee and private legal entities. These remarks include a provision that may be left by the validity of the license that the commitment is valid for. The right to pay the right, permit or lease of the facility, which is established in this way, belongs to the private legal entity of the licensee.

Production, development, or transmission of public legal entities as a legal entity. For the activities of the Treasury or the provision of the State of the State, which is necessary for its activities, the provision of the right to use the right to use or use of the right to use the right to use the right to use the right to use the right of the Treasury. A non-payment of a fee-free installation in favor of legal entities Or allowed to use.

e) The institution is in the form of the provisions of the 5236 Code of Kabuhare Code. "

MADDE 6- The temporary materials that are in place of the $4628 Code are added.

" TEMPORARY ARTICLE 9-Electrical energy purchases over tariffs imposed by consumers, regions of the region A temporary "Price Implementing Mechanism" is implemented in the facility to protect or completely protect existing price differences due to cost differences between the two. The duties and obligations of the Turkish Electricity Trade and Commitment Corporation and the retail licensing of the retail and retail licensing of the Turkish Electricity Trade and Contracting Mechanism and the Treasury Department are the Undersecretary of the Treasury and the Treasury Department. It is regulated by the board of the board of the Board of Visions, to be taken within the sixty days. The period of transition to which the Price Absorption Mechanism is implemented ends on December 31, 2010. For the first application period ending on this date, the tariff offers made by TEDDA; are based on the requirements of the national tariff and are approved by the Board. During this period, cross-subsidy is applied between subscriber groups. This includes the cross-subsidy to be applied for subscriber groups in a tariff that is set up to cover the first application period from TEDAKA. The board approved the cross-subsidy with these tariffs, but the proposal would be made within the framework of the Council of Ministers decision. During the course of the transition period, all accounts are kept in accordance with the Law and related legislation of 4628.

 " SUPERSEDE MADDE 10-Turkey Electrical Trade and Commitment Anonymous Company, Electricity Production Anonymide, retail The company's licensing of licensed licenses calls for a period of time for the energy-to-sale period of energy-to-sell, between groups or public production companies that are redoing the Electricity Generation Anonim Corporation. signed. The rights and obligations of those terms are owned by the license holders in parallel with the production and the specification of the assets. These meanings are undertakings of stamp tax. "

" TEMPORARY TEXT 11-3096 INSTALLATION OF ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION, OPERATION, DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICITY And, according to the provisions of the Law on the Provision Of Trade with the Ministry, the company has made a deal with the Electricity Market Law of 4628, which has made a commitment to the transfer, but will terminate or terminate its commitments without entering the process. To continue their activities by obtaining a license Do it under the word-deal-the Treasury lands on which to install the power-to-transfer facilities are sold from the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Finance over the cost of consideration of the number of the informants on the property. "

" PASTUS ARTICLE 12-Transfer of electricity production facilities and/or construction of electricity production facilities and/or companies by 31/12/2010 shall be done by 31/12/2010, period, division, The emerging gains in relation to the division of civil divisions are undersecretary of the institutions tax. This damage is not taken into consideration in the identification of the institution, if the damage is caused by the construction of the matter. These divisions are considered to be a division of the Corporations Tax Act.

Delivery and services to be covered by this item are undersecretaries of value added tax. Taxes charged with respect to such delivery and service statements are reduced from the value added tax, which is calculated due to tax-to-tax push-ins. The value-added tax, which cannot be resolved through an application, is not returned. The relevant provisions of the 6762 Turkish Commercial Code are not applied in the process that is covered by this article. "

ARTICLE 7- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

ARTICLE 8- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.