Period: 21 Legislative Year: 2 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Social Security-Related Amendments To Some Laws V

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 2 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. SOSYAL GÜVENLİKLE İLGİLİ BAZI KANUNLARDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASI V

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Law No. 4505:27.1.2000 article 1. – 24.5.1983, dated and subject to social security Institutions No. 2829 Combining the services the Last law on article 8, second paragraph of ex officio the "retire" after the phrase "almost time prescribed by law should not be assigned to or selected the taskbar" and following provisional article has been added to the law. TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 5. – This Act in force before the date of their provision of the first paragraph of article 8 of this law shall be applied to any social security kuruluşunca the monthly death toll of these widows and orphans of or connected to the requests, from the beginning of the months following the application date of the second paragraph of the same item shall be applied for the last time is subject to the provision of premises that are paid monthly according to the legislation and institutions. Other social security establishments have the same month from the date of the connected is disconnected.
Article 2. – within the framework of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey no. 3671 26.10.1990 Members Allowance, following the law Of traveling expenses and item has been added. TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 8. – The date this law comes into force from members of the legislature before and appointed ministers from sixty years of age with a variety of their widows and orphans, according to the provisions contained in the law tied in relation to the monthly and other compensation of any transaction made and taxes are tied to vested interests is keeping retired, widow-orphan pensions and miscellaneous compensation shall continue to be paid by the Republic of Turkey Sandığınca Retired.
In addition, according to section 5 of this Act Turkey Grand National Council while receiving compensation, this article is the result of reparations and resuming the removal repealed Turkey Republic Retired more than you know the employee's unpaid compensation for members of the legislature represents the externally appointed ministers themselves, their widows and orphans 5434 envisaged in article 68 additional principles, shall be paid from the budget of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey represents compensation. This compensation bill for the U.S. Treasury in return for ödendikçe to become charged.
Article 3. – Act No. 5434 Turkey Republic to acquire the additional of the Ka Thought 68 "in the first paragraph of the article in allmy ' authority or on their way after the" high and by the end of the same paragraph the phrase "and represents" A Bola that compensation payment to the widows and orphans of the dead of the two-year requirement shall not be required. "he added, after the item has been added to the following joke to come the third paragraph. Represents the compensation; management and supervisory board memberships including public part whatsoever, regardless of whether the task areas monthly or fees get drafted as long as these States are not paid. Tazminattan taking advantage of conditions while enjoying losers within one month inform the General Directorate of Republic of Turkey retirement fund status. This situation emerged from the beginning of the months following the date of the last payment of compensation. At the time, along with interest paid compensation legal bulunmayanlara statement is rolled back. Article 4. – Republic of Turkey Retirement Fund Act No. 5434 annex 48 provisions mentioned in the last paragraph of the "highest number" of additional indicators to come after "retirement is to make the most of the associates in the highest compensation figures represented" the phrase has been added, with the following additional and temporary items. ADDITIONAL ITEM 74. – Time determined by law assigned to tasks or selected tasks from the Chest that ended their interest as well as the date of the Polls established successive aybaşından continued from. Shakeel retired them dismiss the EXEs is based on monthly retired in keseneğine degrees, and other items based on additional indicators to be over keseneğe is calculated with regard in and by paid to the polls within months to which it belongs.
In this way, the amount of time each year, one every three years as law No. 657 of the learning situation and upsizing the civil servants Act, as set out in article 36 last yükselebilecekleri as and provided that the adjustment level is based on degrees and levels exceed keseneğine retired boosts and additional indicators according to this degree the provisions of article 48 shall be applied to the addition. One of these is the Social insurance institution or social insurance Act No. 506 temporary employees in institutions subject to the provisions of article 20, Nisa themselves, is charged from the corresponding employers.
Shakeel and representation not deposited within the time specified in this article are not that monthly services.
After a period of time of interest to the chest or those who gave up his interest in before the establishment of the request to do a one-time may requests ilgilendirilme the chest again.
In this way time, vested interests in the old account monthly will be ignored. However, if the employee status of Act No. 1475 Which employees rights reserved.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 207. – Members of the legislature and appointed ministers and their date of retirement or widows and orphans from 1.7.1990 till date that this law comes into force according to the provisions of the laws in effect in the relevant borrowing operations and the accrued arrears being paid with this borrowing of adaptation and additional indicators are considered valid. TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 208. – This Act in force before the date of the task for those who Act over the additional compensation that is in question in article 68, in allmy compensation payment compensation represented by high two-year task duration filling requirement shall not be required. However, they fall within the scope of article 92 this provision as not applicable. TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 209. – Time determined by law assigned to tasks or selected tasks from the date this law comes into force ended in their wishes before 5434 according to the provisions in article 74 of the additional reference with the history of social security organizations and interest for the period between the Chest ceased ilgilendirilirler. In this way the task of the established interests of separated stages of starting, the degree and we owe the progress each year of their a level for each of the three shall be applied to a degree for the year will rise as the amount in the history of the stage, and additional indicators to be calculated over a reference sum of corresponding names and debited NISA. These are the debt within thirty days from the date of notification of their own time really must pay.
Pam and Jim are separated based on their date of retirement keseneğine identified others as premium payment times are to be determined according to their status and education degree, shall be based on the level and additional indicators will be applied to the provisions mentioned above. One of them is Sandıkça tied to pensions, cut or cancelled for any reason is about cashing in from pensions paid by the time according to the above paragraph. Article 5. the civil servants Law No. 657 Aylıklarını – a), Turkish armed forces Personnel Act No. 926, judges and prosecutors with law No. 2802 2914 numbered higher education Personnel in allmy compensation prescribed under authority or high positions to be determined by the decision of the Council of Ministers of 30 000 indicator the number multiplied by the coefficient applied to civil servants as a result of the monthly amount of the compensation is paid to represent to not to be found. Compensation indicators represent staff and duty title as different as of the Council of Ministers is authorized to determine.
b) except for the stamp duty compensation Represents any taxable gain and this indemnification payments are not maintained and compensation provisions relating to compensation in allmy high with. c) Agency or private law according to the provisions contained in the contract, contract or out of scope against cast status for employees not paid compensation represents. This indemnification laws the agency or other personnel to the winners or legal regulation are being paid, regardless of the source of working capital with the postings, non de facto lesson in return for an additional course fee payments, funds, payment of an additional payment, incentives and other payments are monthly amounts that represent the amount of compensation shall be deducted on the net. With the scope of application of payments similar to the procedures and principles for the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Ministry of finance. This compensation each in whatever way in the calculation of the payment of bonuses or other are ignored. d) compensation to be paid compensation for the duties that require high in allmy with total two years after retiring to represent compensation paid on the basis of the highest duty where they are located.
Article 6. – within the framework of the various law numbered 3671 26.10.1990 2 of the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs of article 5 with the change temporary article of 3, 6, and 7 is repealed. Article 7. – This law enters into force the date of promulgation. Article 8. – This law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.