Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. For Oil Pollution Liability Of Loss For An International

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. PETROL KİRLİLİĞİ ZARARININ TAZMİNİ İÇİN BİR ULUSLARARASI F

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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun # 4508


Accepted Date: 27.1.2000

MADDE 1. - It is appropriate not to contribute to the 1992 Protocol as if the "Hazardous Damages for Oil Pollution Damages" is attached to the Relevant International Commitment.

MADPLACE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.




Attachment-Glossary (2)




(1969 Oil Pollution) Damages Legal Liabilityile

Attachment to the Glossary)

General provisions

Article 1

For purposes of this Word:

1. The 1992 Liability Glossary refers to the Harmful International Commitment to the Legal Responsibility of the 1992 Oil Pollution.

1. Bis. The 1971 Fund Mention made a sense of the International Glossary of the 1971 Oil Pollution Damage to the Establishment Of An International Fund. For the 1976 Protocol, a reference to the 1976 Protocol shall be considered to include the 1971 Fund Promise, which is the country's protocol.

2. Ship, Violence, Donatan, Oil, Pollux Damage, Protection Measures, Hadise, and Organization will be in the same meanings as specified in the 1992 Accountability Promise.

3. Raw oil and fuel defined in sub-paragraph (a) and (b) will be significant:

(a) crude oil is not suitable for shipping, or otherwise known in the world that is not being processed, or otherwise. Hydrocarbon is the result of my decision. It also contains raw oil (sometimes called "branded raw oil"), or if certain pieces of self are added (sometimes "folded" or "regenerated" crude oil) as well).

(b) Fuel by the end of the year, the return of the raw oil, or the purpose of the use of the United States Test and Material Unit Four Number of Fuels Oil (TİM D 396-69) for the production of power or power generation, were the product of these substances or more. meanings.

4. The account unit will be in the sense specified in Article V, paragraph 9 of the 1992 Accountability Dictionary.

5. The ship tonnage shall be in accordance with Article V, paragraph 10 of the 1992 Accountability Dictionary.

6. Ton refers to the metric tone for the oil.

7. The guarantor makes sense that the 1992 Accountability Promise Item VII, paragraph 1, uses insurance or other financial guarantees issued to date the responsibility of a donor.

8. The terminal facility means any location used for bulk oil storage with the ability to receive oil from water shipments, this location will also include any facilities that are located in and out of this place.

9. Where an incident contains serial event sightseeing, this event will be received at the earliest occurrence of the event.

Article 2

1. With the document, the International Fund for the Indemnity of oil is established under the "Compensation Fund of the 1992 International Petroleum Pollutor" (after which the "Fund" will be referred to as the "Fund"):

(a) 1992 To ensure the indemnities of oil pollution that can be met by the Glossary of Liability;

(b) for the related purposes specified in this Glossary.

2. The Fund shall, in each of the individual States, shall be deemed to be a tannum of the State's ability to accept rights and obligations under the laws of this State and to be a party to the legal proceedings in front of the courts of this State. Each of the Azoys will accept the Fund Manager (hereinafter as an "Administrator") as the legal representative of the Fund.

Article 3


(a) (i) including territorial waters, in the country of a Nation; and

(ii) The exclusive economic zone of a State, or in accordance with the international law, is the State of the State, if not such a region is the state of the Beyond and beyond the territorial waters identified by the a region that extends from the base line to more than 200 nautical miles from the base line, caused by the damage caused;

(b) For as long as it is taken to prevent or minimize this damage, protection measures.




Article 4

1. The Fund does not comply with the 1992 Accountability of Responsibility (s) in accordance with the 1992 Accountability Promise of a company that is damaged by contamination, in order to fulfill its duty under paragraph 1 (a) of Article 2.


(b) does not have the capability to address the damages owed to the part of the damages under the 1992 Accountability Dictionary, and the VII clause of the named Glossary is not available to you Do not cover or compensation for damages related to the damages for the property Due to insufficient access to their demands; the amount of compensation required under the 1992 Accountability Promise is complete after the 1992 Accountability Promise is issued to implement all legal solutions that have been caused by the damage. If it does not receive, it is considered to be unsatisfactory as the underpants and the financial collateral are deemed unsatisfactory;

(c) the 1st paragraph of the V pearl clause of the 1992 Accountability Dictionary, or the case of the business Any of the products that are in effect or are in effect on the date, approval, or review will pay compensation ifbir

is not fully and adequately compensated for damages caused by the frozen disclaimer under the mentioned name of an International Glossary. Voluntary Exposure or sacrifices will be treated as collateral damage for the purposes of this item.


2. Eener

(a) The Fund is caused by contamination, war status, cracks, civil war or rebellion, or whether a war vessel or a state owned or was pushed or pushed and the state of the event is non-commercialized. If they are proven to cause the oil that is currently being used or caused by a different ship that is being used in the service; or

(b) if the damage fails to prove that the damage was caused by one or more of the ship's people,

The Fund will not be exposed to any debt under the previous paragraph.

3. If the Fund is fully or completely responsible for the damage to the damage caused by the damage, the Fund is liable to pay compensation if it is responsible for any action or action that has not been done or caused by the negligence of this business. You can get rid of it all or the other way. In each case, the Fund shall be exempted from the extent to which the equipment shall be exempted from under paragraph 3, paragraph 3 of the 1992 Accountability Promise. However, the Fund will have no exemption for preemptive measures.

4 (a) If the subparagraph (b) and (c) are specified otherwise in subparagraphs, the Fund will be repaid by the Fund under the exception of the condition total amount, including the sum of this sum and the amount paid by the 1992 Accountability Agreement, not to exceed 135 million account units, of which the total was implemented in clause 3, is the result of each incident. will be in the subparagraph ofalt

(b) the total amount of $135 million in compensation to be paid by the Fund will not exceed the total amount payable by the Fund for the damages for the contamination caused by an exceptional, non-run and non-concitable nature, except if it is specified.

(c) (c) (a) and (b) will be 200 million account units with respect to each occurrence seen. In the event that this event has three Parties to the end of the Glossary, the relevant business must be seen in the prior calendar year period of 600 million tons or over a factor of oil.

(d) 1992 The V pearl of the Promise of Liability section shall not be counted for the calculation of the maximum compensation payable by the Fund under this Article 3, paragraph 3.

(e) in the Business agreed to the Fund 's compensation for the first settlement date of the Fund Board' s compensation The Special Pick applied on the date will be returned to the national currency on a national currency basis.

5. If the amount of claims determined against the Fund exceeds the total amount of compensation that may be paid to the paragraph 4, the amount that will be charged is the rate between any identified claim and the amount of compensation under which the claim is based on the actual Promise of the time will be the same for all demand owners.

6. The Fund Board may decide that, in exceptional cases, compensation according to the company, the V pearl clause of the ship owner's 1992 Liability Dictionary, even if it does not establish a Fund according to the 3rd paragraph, may be paid. In this case, the paragraph 4 (e) of the job is applied.

7. At the request of the Fund, the Fund may be required to ensure that this State is able to take measures to prevent or reduce damages for contamination caused by an incident which may be required to pay the Fund's compensation under the company's Glossary. will use the necessary offices to be the assistant to be able to immediately provide materials and services.

8. The Fund may provide credit offerings in the internal regulations with the exception of a special event that may require payment of indemnification by the Fund, which may require credit for internal regulations.

Article 5


Article 6

The rights to indemnify under Article 7 are not prosecuted in three years from the date of the article 7, paragraph under which the Or if you don't give it to me, it will end. However, in no event will the case be filed after the date of the incident which caused the damage.

Article 7

1. Subject to subsequent provisions of the article, each case against the Fund for indemnification under article 4 is liable for damages for contamination caused by the incident, in accordance with the provisions of the article III, subject to the provisions of the 2nd paragraph. In accordance with the Section IX of the 1992 Accountability Dictionary, the owner of the 1992 Accountability Agreement will be opened in a court of law.

2. Each State Party shall ensure that its courts have the necessary legal proceedings to see the cases filed against the Fund, as specified in paragraph 1.

3. Where a defendant, a donator or guarantor for the damages for contamination damages, was opened in a court of law under the Section IX of the 1992 Accountability Agreement, the court heard that under the provisions of Article 4 of this statement, will have exclusive legal proceedings against each case filed against the Fund for compensation. However, it is the 4th article of the case regarding damages for contamination damages under the 1992 Accountability Agreement, in a court in a state that is not part of the Glossary but is a State of Responsibility for the 1992 Accountability Party. The case against the Fund is made in any court by the State of the Fund, which is the recipient of the request holder, the State of the Fund headquarters, the State of the Fund, or a State of the Promise, which is the owner of the 1992 Accountability Promise. open.

4. Assure that the Fund will have the right to intervene as a party of any legal entity, which is either frozen or guarantor against the guarantor of this State in the court of law of this State, according to the IX-Section IX clause. will be.

5. Except as specified in paragraph 6, the Fund will not be related to a resolution or decision or party in the legal entities that are not parties.

6. In addition to the 1992 Accountability Promise for damages of contamination, without halal to paragraph 4 provisions, the case is a party to a state that is a party to the guarantor or is a party to the guarantor. The entity will have the right to inform the Fund under the national laws of this State. The statement issued according to court formats seen by the case and the fact that the Fund should be able to intervene in the case as a party to the case, has been issued by the court in relation to this case. When the Fund is committed and implemented in the country where it is being implemented, the Fund will be the subject of the incident and its findings in this court will not be subject to the dispute by the Fund, even if the de facto execution did not interfere. Article 8

4th article in 5th paragraph subject to any decision regarding the specified number of issues, in article 7, any provision issued against the Fund by a court of law on 1st and 3rd paragraph shall be enforced in the State of origin, and in this State of the Republic, Subject to each of the normal forms of review, each in the same period as specified in the 10th item of the 1992 Accountability Agreement will be recognized and implemented in the same way.

Article 9

1. Article 4 According to paragraph 1, in relation to the amount of compensation paid by the Fund for pollution damages, the Fund has the right to have a compensation paid in this way, which is frozen or may be used against the guarantor, in accordance with the 1992 Accountability Promise. method.

2. Nothing in this Word will cause any damage to the Fund's rights or rights to the people in the previous paragraph against the people in the previous paragraph. In any case, the Fund will not be less than the rights to the insurer's rights, paid for by indemnization against an individual in this way.

3. In the event of a State or agency, a State or agency that pays for the damages to be contaminated by national law provisions, without any harm to any other rights to the Fund or to any other rights which may be infeted by the property, are the compensation of a State or agency under the United States will get the right to the right of the right to the right to visit.



Article 10

1. The annual contributions to the Fund will be made for each of the following parties with respect to each of the following:

(a) of total oil, which exceeds 150 000 tons in the calendar year specified in clause 12, paragraph 2 (a), or (b). in port or terminal facilities that contribute oil to the ports or terminal facilities in these State territorial waters; and

(b) a port or terminal facility of a State that is not a Responsible Party. Any facilities found in the territorial waters of the Skit Party; the oil is the first To consider this sub-paragraph rule if it is disregarded in the non-Encyte State after the Service is taken from the United States.

2. (a) 1. For paragraph purposes, the amount of tar oil received by the party in a calendar year in the territorial waters of the State Party was 150 000, including the amount of oil that was received by any other party in the same state this year, or by the other. When it is over a ton, it will pay the contribution of the actual amount received by itself, regardless of the amount of 150 000 tons that it does not exceed.

(b) "balance works", any help, or overall control. the institution that is in the bottom of it is meaningful. The national law of the respective State will be identified by national law

Article 11

Article 12

1. With regard to the consideration of the need to be paid, if any, and sufficient supply funds should be considered, the Board will do a budget for each calendar year, at the forecast:

(i) Expensealýgn="JUSTIFY

(a) The expense and expenses of the corresponding Fund Withdrawal, and the previous year's account;

(b) Back of previously received credit for the handling of claims including the payment of claims against the Fund in the 4th article, including the payment of the article The payments due by the Fund in relation to the relevant year may not exceed the total amount of four million accounts of these claims related to each event;

(c) have previously been used by the Fund for the execution of claims. Payments required by the Fund to fund the charges against the Fund, including the repayment of the received loans, including the repayment of the charges against the Fund under the 4th article, are the total amount of the four million account units of those claims related to each event. on-scale;

(ii) Revenue

(a) including any interest, any excess funds from previous years;

(b) if necessary for the balance of the budget, the years are multiplies;

(c) any revenue.

2. The Board will decide the total amount of the contribution to be weighed. Based on this decision, the Administrator will calculate the annual contribution for each of the following companies with respect to the State:

(a) of the payment specified in paragraph 1 (i) (a) and (b). for example, in a total basis of each tone of tar oil in the calendar year prior to the following in the related State, and

(b), as defined in paragraph 1 (i) (c) of this material In order to avoid payments, this is the calendar year prior to the event that was the subject of the In the event's history of the event, the state will have a fixed total of each tone of the oil.

3. The totals that are specified in paragraph 2 above will be divided by the sum of the total amount of the total amount of the total amount required by the total amount of oil in the entire States.

4. The annual share maturity date will be the date to be determined in the Fund's Ric Arrangement. The board may decide on a different payment date.

5. The Board may decide to make transfers between the funds received according to Article 12.2 (a) and the funds received according to Article 12.2 (a).

Article 13

1, according to Article 12.2 (a). A coefficient amount payable under Article 12 will be subject to interest in an interest rate subject to be determined by the Fund ' s Ric Arrangement, with the record of determining the variance of different interest rates for different states.

2. Each State, which is in charge of this State territory, will ensure that each of the debt it has to be given to the Fund, which has been issued under this State territory, will be met, and to bring in the necessary criminal penalties that are necessary. will take all appropriate measures, including the effective disclosure of such vecies, to the effective disclosure of the law; however, these measures will be pushed against any debt under a debt that is solely in debt to the Fund.

3. According to Article 10 and 12, the Fund, which is obligated to contribute to the Fund, does not replace or replace any of its related guardians, and in cases where it does not pay its debt and does not pay its debt, the Manager will not be able to collect. In order to recover the required amount, the Fund will take all appropriate measures against this person. However, if the default is in the future of the default or otherwise, the Board may decide that no action will be made or resumed against this taxpayer, at the recommendation of the Administrator.

Article 14

1. On the date of or after the date of or after the date of each State, approval document or entry document, the statement added to the Fund under paragraph 1, paragraph 1, of which the State of this State has issued a statement of the Article It may declare that they accept the mandatory guardiantes of a dependant. This statement will be printed, and will determine which vicies are to be received.

2. A statement under paragraph 1 will be given to the Secretary-General of the Organization, the Secretary-General will forward the document to the Administrator after the end of the Glossary, before the article is entered in accordance with the article 40.

3. A statement under paragraph 1 after the effective entry of the statement will be submitted to the Administrator.

4. According to the article, the statement may be withdrawn from the relevant State by the Director's written notice. This notice will take effect three months after the Administrator received notification.

5. In a statement issued by the article, a State of the United States shall waive any exemption in any case related to this State in a court of law with respect to any or any other or any other or any other person.

Article 15

1. Each individual in the amount of country that receives the obligation to contribute to the Fund will ensure that each of the people who receive the contribution in their country will be retained and updated by the Administrator according to the next provisions of this article.

2. For the purposes set forth in Paragraph 1, the State of each Party, the date and manada specified in the Ric Assemblies are the name and address of each party responsible for contributing to the Fund by clause 10 in relation to this State, as well as the previous calendar year. will notify the Administrator of the Administrator's information about the related quantities of the contribution of the contribution of the exponence of this party.

3. Article 10 is the result of the specified facts in order to determine who is responsible for contributing to the Fund according to paragraph 1 and to determine the amount of oil that will be considered in determining the amount of contributions of these kits. They will have valid evidence until proven.

4. The value does not include the reporting of a State to the Administrator as specified in paragraph 2, which would result in a property damage to the Fund, and the Fund will be liable for damages for the damages. On the recommendation of the Administrator, the Board will decide whether to pay for this compensation to the Government.

Organization and administration

Article 16

A Board and Administrator of the Fund It will be the current secretary.


Article 17

The board will be comprised of all Party States that are part of the entity.

Article 18

The tasks of the board will be of the following:

1. Selecting the President and the two Badgans to task at the next session, until the next session,

2. To determine the rules of your own, determine the rules of the Glossary

3. Accepting the required Ric Arrangements for the appropriate execution of the Fund

4. To assign the administrator and to prepare provisions for the appointment of additional personnel that may be required, and to determine the service duration and services of the manager and other personnel;

5. To accept the annual budget and identify the annual contribution;

6. Assign auditors and approve fund accounts;

7. To approve (expense) of claims against the Fund (expense), article 4, paragraph 5, the compensation of claims of indemnities between the claimants and the temporary payments related to the claims are possible to avoid contamination damage. belirlemek

8 to ensure that they are indemnify as well as they are as they are. (STOLEN)

9. To establish a temporary or permanent sub-unit that may be necessary, to give the authority that this subunit needs to identify the reference records and perform the tasks given to this unit, the Board members are required to In relation to the fact that the highest contribution is to be represented by the State of the Union, the Board has said that it is properly represented by the Board of the Board of the United States. Rules can be applied;

10. To determine which non-commitment states and which governments and non-government organizations can take place in the meetings of the board and subunits without the right to vote;

11. To give instructions to the Administrator and subunits in relation to the Fund

12. (STOLEN)

13. To control how to implement and implement their own decisions,

14. To perform any other tasks that have been allocated to it by the word or for the proper administration of the Fund.

Article 19

1. The installed meetings will happen once every calendar year at the invitation of the administrator.

2. The board members will be invited to the Administrator's invitation with the request of at least one-third of the members of the Board, and after meeting with the Board of Directors, the administration can take on its own initiative. The administrator will give a meeting notice at least thirty days prior to the members.

Article 20

The number of members of the board will have enough of the meeting.

Article 21-27



Article 28

1. The secretarial will be available from the Administrator and the Fund Manager will request personnel.

2. The administrator will be the official representative of the Fund.

Article 29

1. The fund's chief executive officer will be the Executive Director. Subject to the instructions given to it by the Board, the Administrator will perform the tasks given to the office, the Fund's Office of the Word, and the tasks given to it.

2. Administrator, in particular:

(a) will appoint the necessary personnel for Fund management;

(b) will take all appropriate measures with the way the Fund's assets are handled properly;

(c) in particular article 13 will collect the contributions to be collected in the case of the President, while viewing paragraph 3 provisions;

(d) the demands to be held against the Fund and to the extent that the Fund is required to perform other duties, will employ law, finance, and other experts;

(e) In order to address the claims against the Fund, the Board has approved all appropriate measures for the period and time specified in the Ric Regulations, including these nihhair solutions, before the Board of Ric Regulations approve the resolution of the demands for the right to comply with the requests for the Regulatory Affairs. The

(f) will prepare and install the financial statements and budget estimates for each calendar year;

(g) Reviewed with the Board of the Board, the Fund that was actualized in the previous calendar year will prepare and disseminate a report on its activities;

(h) The board and subunits that may be required to play, will prepare, collect, and impose the documentation, agenda, agenda, and information.

Article 30

Staff and experts appointed by the Administrator and the Administrator will not expect or receive instructions from the mergers under any Government or Fund. In such cases, they will avoid any action that may be used as an international officer. Each of the individual States Parties undertake to ensure that the personnel and experts appointed by the Administrator and Administrator are to respect the exclusive international qualification and do not seek to influence their duties. .


Article 31

1. Each of the individual Parties shall receive the Maasar, travel, and other expenses of their delegation and their representatives in the Board.

2. Any expenses related to the execution of the Fund will be made available by the Fund.

Voting usage

Article 32

About voting in the Board the provisions will be applied:

(a) Each member shall have a vote of one;

(b) Except for the otherwise stated in Article 33, the Board decisions will be received with the majority of the members who have been prepared and contributed to the vote;

(c) Decide three or two thirds of the number of things, Three-quarters of the total or two-thirds of their votes are due to vote;

(d) For the purpose of the business, the phrase "folded members" means members who are present in the meeting at the time of the vote, and "the members who have been found and contributed to the vote". statement that would make sense of "the members who are present and who are voting positive or negative." Members who have been marked by voting will be accepted to vote.

Article 33

The decisions of the board will require two-thirds of the following:

(a) Article 13, paragraph 3, one Decision not to start or maintain an action against the contributor;

(b) Item 18, paragraph 4 appointment of the Administrator;

(c) install subunits based on paragraph 9, paragraph 9, and this Considerations for installing

Article 34

1. The Fund will benefit from all direct taxation of the Fund's assets, including revenues, contributions and other goods, and all direct taxation in the All States States.

2. The Member State Governments, where the fund has made substantial securities or cost of implementing the Fund's official activities, and the cost of this business includes tax and selling taxes, For the process, they will take appropriate measures for the amnesty or refunds of this levy and tax.

3. There will be no exemption in the case of tuition, taxes or payments that include payments related to public use services.

4. The Fund will benefit from an exemption from all customs duties and other taxes on imported or exported goods for official use of the Fund or on behalf of the Fund. The goods imported in this way will not be mutabled with the imported country Government. This country will not be able to transfer money to its territory, except its status.

5. The funds that contribute to the Fund plus compensation from the Fund and the ship owners are subject to the tax, and are subject to the state's financial laws, and no special exemption or other benefits are given to them.

6. Information relating to taxpayers for the purpose of the Business will not be slanted except in the Fund, except for the Fund's ability to open legal cases and execute the Fund's tasks, including its defence.

7. In addition to any existing or future arrangements related to currency or transfers, the Fuel Parties are to transfer and pay all kinds of contributions to the Fund and the compensation paid by the Fund will not be a result of any damages. transfer and grant payment.

Provisional provisions

Article 35

The compensation of under article 4 of the events seen after the effective date of the transaction. the requests to be held against the relevant Fund, after this date the hundred twenty days before

Article 36

The first meeting of the board will be made with the invitation of the Secretary-General of the Organization. This session will not enter into the current state, and will be done at the latest 30 days after the effective date of entry.

Article 36 bis

The effective date of the transaction The provisional provisions of the termination of the termination of the termination of the termination of the dissolution of the 1992 Protocol on the 31st article of the 1992 Protocol, which were described by the 1971 Fund Glossary, will apply:

(a) in the implementation of paragraph 1 (a) of the United States, 1992 The Attifs, in its original version, or the version of the 1976 Protocol and the version of the 1976 Protocol, have been called the International Glossary of Legal Responsibility (after this one "1969"). It will include "commitment".) and 1971 Fund Glossary.

(b) When an incident is caused by contamination within the scope of the Agreement, the Fund is suffering from contamination damage but is not 1969 Accountability Commitment, 1971 Fund Glossary and 1992 Accountability Speech where there is no full and adequate compensation for the damage, and the extent of compensation for the extent of the indemnity, with a Party that is not a party to the Promise of the 1971 Fund Agreement, which is the extent of the damage to the statement. For that matter, the Fund may not receive full and adequate compensation in each of the commitments made above the state of the State that suffered from the harm of contamination, and to the extent that it does not receive full and adequate compensation, and to the extent that it is not able to recover, the will be paid compensation.

(c) the 4th article of the United States The sum of the amount paid under consideration of the total compensation amount payable by the Fund, the amount of compensation paid under the 1969 Accountability Act, if any, and the payment paid or paid by the 1971 Fund Promise. will also include the amount of compensation.

(d) the 1st Paragraph of the Agreement will also apply to the rights that are used in accordance with the 1969 Accountability Promise.

Article 36 ter

1. Subject to the 4th paragraph of the article, the total amount of the annual contribution of the annual contribution of the State of the State in a calendar year is the total amount associated with the calendar year, the 1971 Fund's Promise. By the 1992 Protocol, the combined percentage of the combined contribution will not exceed 27.5% of the total amount.

2. For a particular calendar year for the implementation of the provisions of paragraph 2 and 3 of Article 12, the contribution of the total amount of the total amount paid by the contribution of the contribution of the contribution of the contribution to the state of the State of the Parties shall exceed 27.5% of the total amount of the total in the case, the total contribution will be paid to 27.5% of the total contribution of the total contribution to the Fund in relation to this year.

3. If the share of the business in a State of the United States is lowered according to paragraph 2 of this article, all of the other countries in the entire Republic of akit are obliged to pay contributions to the Fund in relation to the calendar year. They will increase their contributions to the total amount agreed by the General Assembly.

4. The provisions of paragraphs 1 to 3 of the article are a five-year period from the date of the 1992 Protocol until a total of 750 million tons of the total amount of oil in all of the countries in the Republic of Turkey in a calendar year is reached. Until it passes, whichever is earlier, it will be started.

Article 36 guater

The provisions of the Business Glossary, both the 1971 Fund Glossary and the period of time that the word was in effect. The following provisions apply to the Fund's administration:

(a) The Fund Secretariat, Secretariat, and Fund Manager, which is based on the 1971 Fund Glossary (after which it will be known as "1971 Fund"), may also see the function as a Secretariat and Fund Manager.

(b) (a) subparagraph The Fund will be represented by the Board of Directors of the Fund's 1971 Fund and the Fund if the Fund is not cracking down in the Fund's 1971 Fund.

(c) Administrator and staff, if the Fund is not the secretary of the Fund and the Fund is not the director of the Fund.personel

(c) and Administrator side tasks under the 1971 Fund Glossary. The experts assigned to perform their duties according to the business will not be in breach of the provisions of article 30 of the company.

(d) The Fund Board has been established with decisions made by the 1971 Fund. will make an effort not to make decisions that are not compatible. If there are visible differences in common administrative issues, the Fund Board will be able to reach an idea with the 1971 Fund Board, considering the common goals of both organisations.

(e) If the Fund was decided by the 1971 Fund Board in this direction, Article 44 of the 1971 Fund's Proposition may be a successor to the 1971 Fund for the rights, vehcibe and assets of the 1971 Fund.

(f) The Fund's behalf was fulfilled by the 1971 Fund. All costs and expenses arising from administrative services are indempated by the Fund for the 1971 Fund

Article 36 guingues


Items of the 1992 Protocol will have between 28 and 39 of the 1992 Protocols that were the 1971 Fund's commitment. Any references in the Word to Party States will be considered to be made to the States by this Protocol.


(28 to 39 of the 1992 Protocol that brought the 1971 Fund Promise) Items in theuncuarasýndaki

Article 28

Israeli, approval, acceptance, approval, and entering

1. The protocol will be signed by the states that signed the 1992 Accountability Agreement in London between January 15, 1993 and January 14, 1994.

2. Subject to paragraph 4, the protocol will be approved, accepted, or liquidated by the States that have signed this protocol.

3. Subject to paragraph 4, this Protocol will open this Protocol to the entry of the signed Protocol.

4. This Protocol may only be approved, accepted, liquidated, or entered by the States who approved, accepted, approve, or entered the 1992 Accountability Promise.

5. Approval, acceptance, approval or entering will be performed with the issuance of the document for this action to the Organizational Secretary of the Organization.

6. A State of the Protocol, but not a Party in the 1971 Fund Agreement, will refer to the provisions of the 1971 Fund of the Fund, in connection with the protocol of the entity, but the 1971 Fund Glossary of the Parties to the Fund. Fund Promise provisions will not be subject to.

7. The approval, acceptance, approval, or entering document, which is granted after the effective entry of a host to the 1971 Fund Glossary of this Protocol, will be considered to be applied to the following statement.

Article 29

Information about the oil found in the contribution

1. This State is relevant to the Secretary General of the Organization, in order to make a document that is specified in article 28, paragraph 5, and to be determined for the aftermath of the Organization's Secretary General before it enters a State of the Protocol. In accordance with the 10th article of the 1971 Fund's Promise of the Agreement, the company said that it would be obligated to contribute to the Fund and its address and address, as well as at the same time in the calendar year prior to this state. It will give you information about the related quantities of the oil found.

2. During the transition period, Israel, for the Parties, has information about the amounts of oil found in the area of the city, which is responsible for contributing to the Fund under the 10th article of the country's Protocol, by the protocol of the United Protocol, and to the Fund's Secretary General.

Article 30


1. The following protocol will take place within twelve months of the date of the following:

(a) giving the General Secretary to at least eight Devices, approval, acceptance, approval, or entry documents, and

(b) " According to the 29th article of the General Secretary's Proposition, it is information about the country in which it is liable to contribute at least 450 million tonnes of coefficient oil during the previous calendar year, in accordance with Article 10 of the Word.

2. However, this protocol will not be effective before the 1992 Accountability Agreement will be effective.

3. For each State that certify, accepts, approve, or enters the Protocol, the Human Protocol will take effect in twelve months after the date that this State has given the relevant document.

4. Each State may declare that this document does not take effect until the end of the minimum period specified in article 31 for the purpose of this article, on the date of acceptance, approval, acceptance, or entry of the protocol.

5. Each State, which issued a proclamation according to the previous paragraph, may withdraw this statement by giving a notice to the Secretary General of the Organization. In this way, any State that makes a withdrawal notice will be effective at the time of the notice, and will be granted the consent, approve, acceptance, or enter document for this Protocol on the date of this date.

6. The 13th Article of the 1992 Protocol, which brought a declaration of responsibility for the 1969 Accountability Office, will also be considered as a representation of the State, the 4th paragraph of the article, in a statement according to the paragraph 2 of the article. Article 13, the withdrawal of an affidavit in accordance with paragraph 2 shall also be considered as a withdrawal under paragraph 5 of this article.


Article 31

1969 dissolution of the 1969 and 1971 commitments

Subject to 30, subject to article 30, at least eight of the following:

(a) at least eight of the state's Protocols Entity or clause 30, subject to or without paragraph 4, approval, acceptance, cervix or to the General Secretary, and

(b) General Secretary's article 29 According to Article 29 of the previous calendar year, this is the 10th item in the Word of the Word. information about contributing to the alert.

Every State and clause in this Protocol, subject to 30, paragraph 4, or without consent, acceptance, approval, or entry, each State, above, or will be effective in twelve months from the date specified for the specified period of time It may terminate the 1971 Fund Glossary and 1969 Disclaimer.

Article 32

Revention and deafness

1. A conference call may be made by the organisation for the purpose of revising or revising the 1992 Glossary.

2. The organization will convene a conference on the request of a minimum of one-third of all the Competence Parties.

Article 33

Indemnity Limitsdeðiþtirilmesi

1. Upon request of at least a quarter of the Asylum Parties, the proposal for the settlement of the indemnity amount specified in Article 4, paragraph 4 of the 1971 Fund Proposition, which was described by the entity Protocol, was made available to all members of the organization and the It will be sent to all the All Parties.

2. Any deportations recommended and submitted in the above will be submitted to the Organizational Law Committee to be deposed at least six months after the submission date.

3. All parties, whether or not members of the organization, are entitled to the 1971 Fund Glossary, which is otherwise known by the protocol, will have the right to contribute to the execution of the Law Committee on deorientaging and acceptance of the deities.

4. Delics will be accepted with two-thirds of the Rules Committee, which is set up in the Law Committee, as well as two-thirds of the Convicted Parties, as the 3rd paragraph does not vote.

5, as the 3rd paragraph does not exist. In the process of proposing to the deemments, the Legal Committee will consider the occurrence of events and especially the amount of damage caused by these events, and the changes in their money. In addition, the 4th article of the company's Protocol provides the limitations of the limits for the International Glossary of the International Glossary of the International Glossary of the International Agreement on the Legal Responsibility of the International Agreement on the Legal Responsibility of the Harmful Legal Liability.

6. (a) none of the limits under the article may be seen less than five years before the current date of January 15, 1998 or prior to the effective date of the previous version of the item under the item. Nothing under this clause will be considered prior to the effective entry of this Protocol.

(b) No limit is 6 percent year-on-year, calculated from January 15, 1993 on a single base basis. No limit on the amount of the limit specified in the statement that is specified with this protocol will not be increased.

(c) No limit is 3 times the amount that is met at the limit specified in the statement that is being referred to by the city. It will not be increased.

7. According to paragraph 4, the deity will be reported by the organization to all of the Akit Parties. The deity will be considered accepted at the end of the eighteen month period after the notification date. Fewer than a quarter of the states that have spoken by the Law Committee on the date of their adoption are expected to report that they do not agree, in which case the deities are denied and they are not valid. is not available.

8. An accepted deity, accepted according to Paragraph 7, will take effect within eighteen months of the date of acceptance.

9. According to the statement, clause 34, paragraph 1, and 2, all other countries will be concerned unless they terminate the protocol at least six months prior to the effective date of the deity. An annuities that are made in this way will be effective at the current entry.

10. The current deity will see a State that is in Love with the Party, even if it is not yet full of eighteen months of acceptance when it is adopted by the Law Committee. At the end of this period, the State, the State, will be subject to the acceptance of paragraph 7. In the event that is specified in the paragraph, a condition is effective, or if the protocol is to be used for this State, whichever is later, this will be the case.

Article 34


1. This Protocol may be annulled on any date after the current date of entry for a subject.

2. The annulment shall be actuaried with the granting of an annulment document to the Secretary General of the Organization.

3. After the issuance of the annulment document to the Secretary-General of the Organization, the annulment shall be effective at a longer period of time specified in twelve months or annulment documents.

4. The termination of the 1992 Accountability of Responsibility shall be considered the annulment of the protocol. A termination of the 1992 Protocol, which brings the termination of the 1992 Protocol to the Accountability of 1969 Protocol, will take effect on the date of the 16th of the Protocol.

5. In accordance with Article 31, the 1971 Fund's Promise and the United Protocol, which does not dissolve the 1969 Accountability Act, will take effect until twelve months after the expiration of the following protocol, the following protocol, which is specified in this Article. It will be considered an annuirium. As of the date of the effective date of the annulable date of Article 31, the 1969 Accountability Promise is a business that gives approval, approval, approval, or entering, and the protocol is effective immediately upon the effective date of the publication of the document. It will be considered to terminate the protocol.

6. Among the Parties that are party to this Protocol, any of these parties will not be construed as the annuification of the 1971 Fund Dictionary, according to the Article 41 of this Glossary.

7. In accordance with the 10th article of the United Protocol, the 10th Article of the 1971 Fund of the Fund, which is described in accordance with the article, is the 12th Article of the Protocol, which is described in paragraph 2 (b), and the termination of the protocol is effective. all the provisions of this Protocol will continue to be enforced on a case with a case seen prior to the date of the entry.

Article 35

Probable Assembly Meetings

1. In ninety-days after the annulment of the annulment of the annulment notice, the annulment of the annulment notice of annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the annulment of the may request that the meeting will be found in the meeting. The administrator will run to the installed meeting at the latest under-sixty days after receiving such a request.

2. If an annulment is likely to cause a significant increase in the remaining Akite Sides, an annulment will be due to the Board of National Assembly meetings within the sixty-day period, the administrator said, as part of its initiative. can be found.

3. If the General Assembly decides that this festival will result in a significant increase in the contribution levels of the Rest of the Union (s) in the event of a meeting that is collected according to paragraph 1 or 2, the State is the youngest of twenty days from the date this festival will be effective. will be able to terminate the Glossary before it is effective at the same time.

Article 36


1. The following Protocol will terminate at the bottom of three of the Fuel Parties.

2. In the history of the preceding day, the United States will continue to implement the tasks specified in article 37 of this protocol, and will continue to be solely for that purpose.

Article 37

Fund liquidation

1. If this Protocol ends, the Fund will,buna

(a) will report to the events seen prior to the end of the Agreement;

(b) Contributions, subparagraph (a) The extent required to be met will have the right to apply the rights to the contributions, including expenses for the Fund's management, for this purpose.

2. The General Assembly will take all necessary measures to complete the Fund's liquidate, including the fact that the remaining entities involved in the Fund are required to complete the liquidate of the Fund.

3. For the purposes of this article, the Fund will remain the legal entity.


Article 38

Exporting documents

1. This Protocol and clause 33 will be given to the General Secretary of the Organization of all manner which is accepted.

2. Organization Secretary:

(a) (i) to sign a new signature or document, including:

(ii) The withdrawal actions agreed to under Article 30 will be made under the same clause each statement and statement;

(iii) the effective date of the Agreement;

(iv) the date required by the annulment of the annulment of 31;

(v) Article 33, paragraph 1 any offers to address the compensation limits being made;

(vi) Any current accepted by Article 33, paragraph 4;

(vii) is accepted according to paragraph 7, paragraph 7, with effective dates according to paragraph 8 and 9 of the article any given);

(viii) Export of this Protocol annuities with the date and effective entry date;

(ix) Article 34, paragraph 5, is considered to have been made. feshi;

(x) in accordance with any article of the Business Protocol will report any requested communications to all the states that have signed or entered the Protocol.

(b) All of the United Protocol (s) of the Israeli Protocol to all the States and to all the States that enter the Protocol send.

3. As soon as this Protocol is effective, the text will be submitted to the United Nations Secretariat for the registration and publication of the Organization's Secretary-General, according to Article 102 of the United Nations Office of Nations.

Article 39


The following protocol is one original, one in Arabic, Chinese, British, French, Russian, and Spanish, each with a status of intrinsic.

Twenty-seven hundred nineteen hundred and ninety-ninety-two in London edited.

Resigning with respect to the location of the above, the relevant Governments for this purpose are signed by their respective Governments.


Place in the 3/a (ii) clause of the word "... or if the region does not specify such a region, it is beyond the territorial waters identified by this State by international law, and the basis on which the territorial waters are measured." in a region that extends to more than 200 nautical miles from the line of ... " The expression is not from the Turkish side. Because such an expression is being laid out in international law norms, Turkey will open such areas as the sea.