Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. European Meteorological Satellites, The Guam Business Immunities

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. AVRUPA METEOROLOJİ UYDULARI İŞLETME TEŞKİLÂTI DOKUNULMAZLIKLAR

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Law No. 4523:1.2.2000 article 1. – Turkey signed on May 25, 1987 by the European Meteorological Satellites Business Organisation (EUMETSAT) Immunities and approval with reservations that are attached to the Bağışıklıklar Protocol. Article 2. – This law enters into force the date of promulgation. Article 3. – This law the provisions of the Council of Ministers. EUROPEAN METEOROLOGICAL SATELLITES, the GUAM BUSINESS IMMUNITIES and BAĞIŞIKLIKLAR Teşkilâtının a European Meteorological Satellites Business PROTOCOL (EUMETSAT) establishment Agreement the Governments put this contract signature in May 24, 1983 (hereinafter referred to as "agreement".)
In accordance with article 12 of the agreement Item touched and set forth in this Protocol the request and determine the bağışıklıkları inviolable and immune from implied intention, EUMETSAT's official to perform their work effectively to ensure that agreed on the following items to.
With regard to the objectives of this Protocol article 1 USE of CONCEPTS;
a) "Member States" means that the State put a signature to the agreement.
b) "archive", correspondence, documents, texts, photos, films, optical and magnetic tapes, all records containing data tapes and EUMETSAT belonging to or held by EUMETSAT means computer programs.
c) "official studies", as mentioned in the item Mukavelenin 2 of EUMETSAT's all work is performed in order to accomplish the objectives and the scope of administrative activities.
d) "Property" rights from the contract, as well as the right of ownership of the topic could be anything that might be.
e) Member States "representatives" means representatives and consultants.
f) "Staff members", Director, EUMETSAT employed by continuing the task of permanent contacts, services and staff are subject to the laws.
g) "experts" to benefit the EUMETSAT summer is about to perform a task assigned to anyone else, including spending means a person is satisfied by the EUMETSAT. Article 2 LEGAL PERSONALITY in accordance with clause Mukavelenin of EUMETSAT's no. 1 has a lawful personality. In particular, the movable and immovable property, making a contract to supply and distribute the goods and has the capacity to participate in legal treatment.
Article 3 right to the ARCHIVE are subject to EUMETSAT archives IMMUNITY immunity.
Article 4 LEGAL and İCRAÎ IMMUNITY 1. Except for the following official activities in the framework of EUMETSAT, takes advantage of the icraî and legal bağışıklıktan;
a decision of a special case this right Council), not to;
The Council, to prevent the execution of Justice, and the availability of benefits of EUMETSAT will not haleldâr situations, this has the duty of impunity;
b) belongs to a vehicle running on his account or EUMETSAT caused a third party for damages resulting from an accident lawsuit or violate traffic rules such a vehicle;
Article 14 of the Convention, or Protocol c) 21, 22, 23 article in the implementation of the fulfillment of the arbitration decision;
d) EUMETSAT by another Member of staff or an old staff, including a pension, wage and other payments on the judicial and administrative authorities in the case of a lien held by the decision;
e) belongs to a case opened by the EUMETSAT re-negotiation demand;
f) EUMETSAT's initiative will be in commercial activity; 2. EUMETSAT goods, regardless of where they occur;
a purchase or any seizure, difficult) expropriation;
b) any trustee-I predicted in the previous paragraph, the administrative process or ensure that, except for a trial shall be exempt from the measure.
Article 5 the CUSTOMS and TAX PROVISIONS 1. Within the framework of official activities, EUMETSAT goods and revenues exempt from direct taxes.
2. EUMETSAT is required for official activities of holding large sums in fulfillment of shopping and service rates to be included in the tax or picture this tax or if Member States who have official charged, this picture and taxes appropriate measures about immune or refund.
3. the official import and export activities required by the EUMETSAT products exempt from the import and export of all kinds of tax and import, export restrictions of what nor import export is affected by the law.
4. the provisions of this article, the rate of pay for services which do not apply to taxes, duties and stamp image. 5. in accordance with the provisions of this article, as imported, or tax-free goods imported, but return and immunity granted by the Member States and the conditions can be sold under the name free or for a fee or can be rented, loaned, or grant. Article 6 IDENTIFICATION of MONEY FUNDS, currency and EUMETSAT all kinds of Fund, Exchange, can throw money and valuable goods in circulation and can contain in his hand. The commitments to fulfill any required amount of currency accounts and can use free for official activities.
Article 7 COMMUNICATION 1. All documents of the official communication and similar international organizations to send the EUMETSAT, each Member State will take advantage of the convenience provided by.
2. within the framework of the official activities of the data to be transmitted, EUMETSAT each Member State soil, this State by the State's international engagement in the field of telecommunications by considering national weather service recognized facilities in the same way.
Article 8 PUBLICATIONS EUMETSAT by EUMETSAT training materials sent to or and is not subject to any limitation due to the distribution of the publication.
Article 9 REPRESENTATIVES 1. The representatives of the Member States, while the official duties, instead of meeting going and from there following arrival at the benefit of immunity and immunity;
except for a heavy criminal caught red-handed or a), arrest, imprisonment and forced the personal baggage of the receipt of the exemption;
even at the end, b) Tasks in the expression of official tasks by a written and verbal behavior immune immune Member State representative is a tool used by or for himself, by traffic rule does not apply in the case of damage occurring and violation of; c) all official documents and documents for immunity;
d all measures that restrict Immigration and foreign) for the entire registration of exemption;
e) temporary official mission with representatives of foreign Governments, money, foreign exchange transactions, the same treatment;
f) Customs official temporary duty, foreign government representatives concerning the treatment of personal luggage the same;
2. Immunities and imposition, not for personal advantages of Member States representatives, to enable them to complete their tasks independently of EUMETSAT. As a result, the availability of a Member State, to prevent the law functions and sağlanış can be removed without damaging the purpose, a delegate has the immunity removal task.
3. No Member State does not give its own representative privileges and immunity.
Article 10 the following EUMETSAT STAFF personnel benefit from immunity and immunity: a) EUMETSAT even after the end of the services in the performance of their duties during their written and verbal behaviors made by immune; It's immune to violations of traffic rules by one of the staff or used by itself, or bring a vehicle that belongs to it in the case of damage do not qualify.
b) military service included, national service or any kind of necessity exemption;
c) all official documents and documents for immunity;
d) to drain Themselves and limiting families living in the same House and provisions governing the exemption of registration of aliens;
e) International teşkilâtların which, countries of the same convenience of devolved;
f) International teşkilâtların personnel generally recognized the same convenience in money and foreign exchange control;
g) EUMETSAT's own account from the date on which the holding subject to taxation, pensions and other similar allowances paid by the EUMETSAT salary and wages, excluding all national taxes exemption;
Member States, they come from other sources will be over the tax amount account involved in salary and fees take into account the rights reserved.
h) member of a State task if, personal belongings, furniture, import cars duty-free and to anticipate the legislation of the Member State in question, on condition that, at the end of their mission the right to export. According to the provisions of this paragraph are exempt from customs business as goods imported, detected by the Member States to recognise only the exemption conditions, may be transferred free of charge, through a donation or can be rented, loaned, or can be sold.
Article 11 the DIRECTOR

The Manager recognized the immunity of personnel in article 10 and following other than immunity from immunity and immunity takes advantage of.
except for the arrest and imprisonment red-handed a) immunity, b) uses his own or his own except in the case of damage caused by a car, recognized in accordance with the administrative and mission icraî to diplomats and legal imposition;
c) Above (a) without prejudice to the provisions of its own due to a tool that is used by itself or traffic except in the case of violating the rules, the exemption of discernment is programmed with;
d the personal luggage of customs control) diplomats made the same treatment;
Article 12 SOCIAL INSURANCE 19. Member States in accordance with the provisions of article made agreements or similar measures of the Member States or Member States, without prejudice to the provisions in force are important, or subject to a special social security regime of the staff in the staff at the national social security systems of forced relocation and EUMETSAT all sorts are exempt from premium payments. Article 13 EXPERTS from personnel who perform tasks or running EUMETSAT separately account experts the following benefit from immunity and immunity; even after the end of a) services, made by them during the performance of their duties written and verbal behavior due to the immunity; This is in violation of traffic rules by the immune expert or used by itself, or bring a vehicle that belongs to it in the case of damage do not qualify.
All official papers and documents b) immunity to all kinds of measures limiting Immigration, c) and foreigners of all sorts of formalities governing the registration of exemption; d) temporary official duty the foreign government representatives recognized the same treatment in respect of the money exchange operations;
Article 14 GAVE UP 1. And immunity provided for in this Protocol work imposition, staff and experts has been recognized for personal gain, only full and function of EUMETSAT's contacts to ensure smooth operation.
2. to prevent the execution of Justice, and the availability of the principal, EUMETSAT will not be removed in cases where the interests of haleldâr, an expert or a staff member immunity removal task. The Council has the authority to remove the immunity from the Manager's Office.
Article 15 NOTIFICATION of PERSONNEL and PROFESSIONALS Director of EUMETSAT Member States personnel at least once and the names of the experts, their nationality.
Article 16 ENTRY, RESIDENCE and DEPARTURE Member States, representatives of Member States, staff and professionals an introduction to their land, and living there out all necessary measures to facilitate.
The provisions of This Protocol article 17, SECURITY issues concerning the security of each Member State to take all necessary measures without prejudice to the right.
Article 18 the EUMETSAT MEMBER STATES COOPERATION, to handle a good legal laws and regulations of the Member State to comply with the Protocol and the abuse of prescribed immunity and immune to any moment use shall cooperate with the competent authorities of the Member States.
Article 19 ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS with one or more Member States, EUMETSAT, in respect of the implementation of the provisions of this Protocol shall be the State or States in the matter and EUMETSAT's good work in terms of other arrangements can ensure.
Article 20 HAVE ALWAYS PUT THINGS into PERSPECTIVE and to THEIR NATIONALS LIVING PRIVILEGE and BAĞIŞIKLIKLAR no Member States have their own citizens and those who are 9, 10 sustainable housing b), d), e), f), h), 11, and 13 c) and d) immunities and expressed in bağışıklıkları is not responsible for knowing.
Article 21 in accordance with staff regulation ÂKİTLERDE WRITING EUMETSAT, the REFEREE made other than in writing to refer to the issue of the referee can predict during âkidler. This end item, or a private agreement envisaged by the referee, will be applied to the law and procedure of the Court's composition, format, and the court appointed arbitrator determines the location of the. Execution of the decision decision referees will apply to are subject to the provisions of the applicable legislation of the State.
Article 22 NON-LIABILITY or DAMAGES, CONTRACTUAL DISPUTES RELATED to the Agreement with the EXPERTS and STAFF 2. According to the method prescribed in article each Member State may take the referee the following points: a) EUMETSAT caused the damage;
b all other non-contractual responsibilities of EUMETSAT) matters;
c) If immunity is to get up, an expert or a staff request for judicial hususda that bound itself immune;
Article 23 DISPUTES REGARDING the IMPLEMENTATION of the PROTOCOL with Member States EUMETSAT or between two or more Member States, the implementation of this Protocol, or in the matter of the interpretation of the resulting through interviews or any unsolved dispute resolution through the Council granted by one party at the request of the contract 2. in accordance with the procedure prescribed in article arbitration.
ENTERING into FORCE article 24 DURATION and TERMINATION 1. This Protocol, States parties to the present Convention is open to signature and endorsement.
2. Such States this Protocol:-approve, certify or accept without reserve with signature,-If the Protocol to approve, accept, or certified reserve is signed with a certificate of ratification, acceptance or approval with the Confederation of Switzerland Government upon the introduction of side-accession.
Switzerland Government acceded and the principal of all States and EUMETSAT signed signatures, each check, and the entry into force of the Protocol required to certify the document on this Protocol shall not apply the provisions of the Protocol as a result of giving up date. If you do not enter the Protocol enters into force, the United Nations requirement of 102. the Government of Switzerland in accordance with clause the United Nations Secretary-General registers the Protocol.
3. This Protocol shall be without the requirement of ratification or accession six State are to sign or approve, within 30 days of the acceptance documents exchange.
4. After the entry into force of the confirmation, acceptance, approval, approve, accept, without reserve, the signer or giving the State in terms of the signature date of the accession, and these documents will take effect 30 days from being deposited.
5. this Protocol shall remain in force until the end of the contract.
6. Entire Agreement 18. a Government contract in accordance with clause to give up, give up this State automatically in terms of the Protocol. Style apartment the undersigned authorized full officials sign this Protocol.
Posted on December 1, 1986 in Darmstadt this Protocol, French and English, and both the text as the only valid version is edited as copies are stored in the archive and the Confederation of Switzerland Government certified that a copy of the Protocol that the signature and then sent by the Government of the participating States of the Confederation of Switzerland.
The GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY HIS COLLABORATORS was the Government of the Republic of Turkey EUMETSAT privileges and Bağışıklıklar Protocol 11. the provisions of article, used by itself, or from the Director owns a tool or a transport vehicle, causing damage of statement only, except with limited Direction.