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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun #4530    Date of Admission: 16.2.2000 


MADE 1. - "The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Government of the Republic of Poland on July 19, 1994, to confirm the" Technical and Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Poland ".

MADRID 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Law.

ARTICLE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.



The Government of the Republic of Turkey

with the Government of the

Republic of Turkey


the Government of the Republic of Poland,

the development, production, procurement, and logistics support areas and technical areas of the Republic of Turkey). kalmýþlardýrremain mutable on the provisions set out in this Expression, which is being prepared with an effective

desire to strengthen the defense capabilities of both countries.


Parties to reallocation the intended purpose of the above;


To research;

b. for development and production in the technology and industrial sectors related to the Defence Industry materials. Both are required to develop and produce materials for the needs of the Silaths of the Parties and if possible (in which case the Parties need to have a special

understand). to take advantage of the scientific,

technical, and financial resources of the part of the.c. In the field of defense industry; to provide assistance, technical knowledge, and more ease with each other;

d. Each item of material is to be supplied within the framework of the construction of the itemAnlaþma, with the understanding of

, as well as to facilitate the supply of defence materials, as well as to the right of the company. Further development and co-production of defence materials and subfeatures of the two countries will be reconcilable.


Previewed in this Understanding The business program will cover the following activities as a rule:

a. The response to the preliminary reconciliation of the third countries ' projects is the development and production of defence materials that the two agreedbirlikteto agree to be real;

b. The power of the material that is manufactured or developed within the framework of the joint production or joint project;

c. The major products manufactured by joint production have been sold to third countries.


For the implementation of the provisions of the Republic of Poland, the parties to the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of National Defence, and the Defence

The Director of the Republic of Turkey and the Undersecretary of the Republic of Turkey will not be able to address the number of members of each party in the Karma Commission, which will be started

by the Director of the Undersecretary of National Defense and the Director of the National Security Council. However,

the commission will be able to include additional specialist staff.


In both countries, the Karma Commission, which will meet once in a year, will perform the tasks described in the event.

a. Identify and define the reallocation fields that can be actually;

b. To search for and select projects that can be realistiled, and to determine the procedures to follow;

c. Present to the national authorities about the understanding of the Common Projects;

d. To identify the best suited to common programs in each country and to identify the necessary principlesizlenmesito identify the common programs in each project

e. Facilitate the following business between companies, official, and other installations;

f. To submit proposals and recommendations for the contribution of countries in joint projects to the national authorities.


All security concerns of the implementation of the United States are authorized by the competent national security authorities. .will be done.

Parties shall be subject to the discretion of the information, material, project, or any document to be confidential, and

on the terms and basis of the safety of the security of them,; the party ' s point of view of the party that provides the technical information.

will act in accordance with the degree.

The Submitter country

has to submit any information to the country during the time required by the detions in the information that the information is being deleted..


The information that is being made between the parties within the framework of the agreement is only 1. and 2. will be used in accordance with the materials.


The activities of the Business in the United States will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the required funds and in accordance with the regulations of both countries.


Parties rights ownership, reproduction rights, granting of production licenses, rights and obligations to protect patents from within the framework of common projects

and the protection of patents from each other; every single one of them has been sold to each other. the country ' s copyright

is a project that takes into account the legislation The application will be determined by the application's meanings.


a. Any other non-disclosure information, material, and equipment to be provided in the framework of the Disclosure,

a pre-signed and two-sided Attachment for sending, delegating, temporarily or persistously loaning the material and equipment.

It is mandatory to make a statement.

b. The parties will review and receive the decisions regarding the third countries ' invitation to contribute to the Polish-Turkish Common Production projectssuretiyleby staying mutabled.


Guest staff and relatives, host will be subject to the country's



a..a. The parties willçözümleyeceklerdirresolve to understand, interpret, comment on, or add to, the understanding of the entity

. The statement of one of the parties will be viewed within 30 (30) days of the statement of the statement. If there is no result in these visions, either of the Parties will be able to terminate this statement bybulunmakbeing found in 90 days ' notice.

b. If one of the parties concludes that it does not comply with the provisions of the other, the 90 (90) days might end the date with ayazýlýwritten notice.

c. The current time period has been expired, but one of the Parties will remain in effect with a period of time

unless 90 (90) days prior to the end of this term are not included.


Any project that will be made to the end of the agreement in accordance with the principles previously set by the parties will not affect the completion of theprogramprogram or commitment.


The location, plan, and other information of each party. to prevent the use of or to prevent the use of them, if any of the

parties are not involved in these matters or if the process has ended, it will continue.


People say each party has completed their approval ratings according to their own legal procedures. .MADDE-15

This statement is signed in two copies of Turkish, Polish, and English languages on 19 July 1994 in Ankara, as two copies.

English text will be valid if it is not understood.

national defense minister Defence Minister Yrd.
UndersecretaryVekili Jerzy MILLEWSKID 
Major General