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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ORMAN MÜHENDİSLİĞİ, ORMAN ENDÜSTRİ MÜHENDİSLİĞİ VE AĞAÇ İŞLERİ E

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Kanun No. 5531


Accepted Date: 29/6/2006      




Purpose, Scope, and Tantas


ARTICLE 1- The purpose of this Law is; the forest faculties and the people in Turkey in at least four year-level high education institutions or denkair-level institutions of higher education, graduate school education institutions, and those of us who have been certified as an engineer, with the activities specified in the 4th article for related issues related to relevant legislation, And to provide a reliable and reliable operation, to supervise, to control the results of the activity within the framework of the relevant legislation, to present the real situation in a way that is concerned with the resignation of interested parties and official mergers, The forest, forestry and forest products industries are to be established in order to realistiate the occupational standards of the forestry and forest products, the rights and rights of the engineering professional activities in accordance with the fields of expertise and expertise. authorization, responsibility, and work-based guidelines.


ARTICLE 2- This law is real and true with forestry, forest, and the open industry. Covers the engineering profession with the people who are working in legal entities, and those who are free of service and are free of any kind of work with the service flow and to their own.


MADDE 3- This is passed in the Law;

a) Ministry: Ministry of Environment and Forests,

b) Room: Turkish Engineer and Mimar Chambers of Forest Engineers Room,

c) Engineer: At least four years of undergraduate education, forest engineer, forest higher engineer, forest industry engineer, and industry engineer of the aunc.

ç) Profits: Haiz is the title of the engineer and forested in the framework of this Law authorized by 5th article to set up forest products bureau,

d) Danayman: The real and the person who wants the information and experience in the business of the business Service servers that are using for the benefit of legal entities, which do not have any benefit for any organic, non-organic service, or service servers that are not in any organic service, are service servers,

e) Technical: On the subject of professional matters, science and technique service servers that are involved in the idea of doing so,

f) Express: Required for professional, neighborhood, or file service servers that make report recognition, price detection, and so on, by doing the inspection,

g) Forestry and forest products offices: Engineers have the title of the engineer, Free-forest and forest products, free forestry and forest products offices, where they can freely perform their own lives and accounts for their own nam and accounts without an idyllic substitute for an idyllic service. products offices,

Directorate): Department of Forestry and forestry products, technical and administrative The license for the license, which is the responsibility of the bureau personnel to be responsible for doing so in accordance with the legislation,

refers to.


General Provisions

Professional subject

MADDE 4- The profession is based on areas of expertise shows:

a) The activity of the forest engineers is:

1) In the state forests, Treasury land, public institutions and its setups In the land, in the land of real and legal entities, open forests and establish them artifical.

2) The balance and recovery of forests, including the existing forests, are broken Making forests and making forests.

3) To build and look at energy forests.

4) Forest-hungry, aortic, and fluorescent seed production activity.

5) To carry out the seed and the agrarian activities of the forest and the people of the forest.

6) How to install, manage, engage, forest fidlets, and plant transplants, to execute the activities that are standardization and certilation.

7) Acıklandrma, erosion of erosion, flood and output control, basin amanager, integrated Making plans to plan, project, and implement the basin, and to remove the application.

8) Identification of the intra-forest, edge, and forest upper-water merrarial, Making them want to protect, protect, and plan.

9) The ethno, analysis, order, and bonitet detection of forest soil, ability to grow to conduct business analysis, inventory, and work on existing maps.

10) hunting and wild animals in forest areas, inventory, inventory. To do the hunting, conservation and reserve area inspection, plan, facility, management of the wild animals with forest ecosystems or the natural habitat, or indirect habitat.

11) Development of intra-forest water resources, etrite, inventory, plan and To project projects.

12) In-forest recreation with national parks, intra-forest rest and messire places Areas to identify, identify, inventory, and regulate the areas of recreation, recreation management and operation, long-term development plan, and to make plans and plans for a long term.

13) To make applications suitable for landscaping plans.

14) The forest resources plan, deforestation, the interpretation of the land and the Making property, interpreting satellite images and aerial photographs in woodland purposes, and pushing on existing maps.

15) Forest fire and damage, forest fire and forest fire To do the safety of the roads and the things, and to do it, to do it, to do it, to look at it, and to control it.

16) Forest ecosystems, forest gene and biosphere reserves, and biosphere fields. to plan, install, and manage the gene protection areas of the forest, open and forest, and to manage the installation.

17) City forest landscaping, forest landscaping, forest areas environmental impact deification activities.

18) To do business and work related to the flora and fauna of forest ecosystems.

19) Similar services and services related to forest and forestry to

b) Forest industry engineers are involved in:

1) The raw material of the Odun raw material, cutting, peeling, mowing, pedification of things. to

2) Chip the raw material or break it into fibers and do construction materials. By using or using physical and chemical methods, using or without using them, such as prepping, vaporing, drying and emirate, using or without using.

3) Kereste, which produces fine-coating plate, paper, cellulose, and so on. And using them, forest products factories, furniture, furniture, furniture, stationary and moving furniture, doings, doors, windows, floor tiles, aurages, and labor production activities.

4) Quality control, cost, at the facilities that are in place of the Odun calculating, inventory control, and design activities.

c) Industry engineers are involved in the activity of the industry:

1) Industrial industry with the aahs and its derivatives in the network of the Ageygans Using materials, to make production activities of stable and moving furniture, doings, marine vehicles, sauna, prefabricated house, parquet, trailer, construction of the houses of the ahfahp.

2) The design and design of the emirate and drying facilities and similar products products To do the activities of the world.

Rights, entitlement, and responsibilities

MADDE 5- The members of the business are subject to the activities specified in the 4th In order to be used, to conduct research, to conduct environmental accounting, to make a business, to do business, to damage waste, to calculate cost, to prepare a feasibility report, to do design activities, to prepare plans and projects and to prepare projects. to implement standardization, to implement standardization, We need to get certified, have quality control, do inventory control, audit, examine, arbitrate, express, technical counsel, consult, consult, sworn advisors and know-do, reports. to open offices, to open offices in forestry and forest products, to open offices, to open labs, to engage in private and private services, to manage them, and to make them the director responsible for the operation, to conduct forestry quarantine and guidance services, all kinds of firewood and the services related to the export and import services of all kinds of forests, including wood and wood forest products, and export and import services of all kinds of forestry products, in common areas, in common areas of operation He is authorized to perform and execute with authorized professional members. The rights and entitlements specified in this plug will be used in the room record by members.

Private law with real people operating in the areas specified in the

4th item The basis for which legal entities have to comply with the engineering of the engineers is determined by the regulation that will be prepared by the Chamber by taking the appropriate view.

This is the business of the profession and The name

MADDE 6- If you are a professional, they are:

a) Overall:

1) Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

2) To have a license to use the rights of a client.

3) Not to be deprived of public rights.

4) More than three months in prison or State, except for criminal offences security, criminal, criminal, criminal, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, Abuse of trust, fraudulent insolvence, trafficking, or a tender. Not to be convicted of the crimes of the government.

5) Not to have any status that does not comply with the business of honor and dignity.

b) Special plans to search for a free trade:

1) Forest engineer, forest industry engineer and network industry engineer to graduate and graduate from higher education institutions, and to have an engineer or a high engineer title.

2) Free trade in accordance with areas of their own expertise in order to gain a professional experience To be a part of the mensubu or the free-under oath of office.

3) To earn a free trade-in-person.

4) To receive the registration of a free trade.

c) Special issues to look for in a free-to-sworn profession:

1) To be at least ten years of free trade as a result.

2) To earn a free exchange of sworn members.

3) To receive a free-to-sworn professional license.

In public institutions and installations related to the forest, forestry, and the open industry As an engineer, he said that the public works of the public are not to be counted from the professional experience, nor do they want to win the title of the free profession for those involved, and which tasks have been passed. times are in the free trade The appropriate view of the Ministry of migration is shown in the regulations that will be taken by the Chamber.

The free-trade and free-sworn office from the side of the server. The Sighnav commission is a seven-member state. Two of the members are elected by the Ministry, one by the General Directorate of Forestry, two by the Board of Higher Education, and two by the Chamber.

Members of the Sirnav commission graduate from higher education institutions with the title of an industrial engineer from the faculties of forest or at the undergraduate level, are public or public, in relation to their profession. in the private sector, at least ten years or so, as long as they have been registered as a member. The construction of the Sannav commissions is determined by the appropriate regulation of the Ministry of the free trade and the regulations to be made available by the Chamber. Members of a free trade in a free oath are given a license by the Chamber to the free-party.

Free woodland and forest products bureaus

MADDE 7- The room is registered and registered as a member of the 4th item, And other areas of activity identified by the regulations include the office of forestry and forest products, where they can freely make their own nam and accounts, without an example of any of the other issues of ecology, consulting, technical regularity and similar activity. free to separate operating topics They can set up free forest products offices with forestry offices.

Room registration and registration of registered professionals, woodland and forest products They may be able to contact their office, the partner office, or the company. The activities that are done in the offices are not commercial. If it is played out in the company, the criminal responsibility will be responsible for the work that will be done.

The installation and operation of the forestry and forest products offices are determined by the regulations to be prepared by the Chamber.

Free-swear woodland and forest products bureaus

MADDE 8- Public institutions in the offices of free-sworn forestry and forest products and the liquidate documents given to their installs are considered to be a document under the scope of the scope of the bill, as authorized officers of the public administration when it is legally required. However, the use of administrative, audit, and inspection authorities of the public administration with the laws of the country is withheld.

members of the free-sworn profession are responsible for the way they are certified.

members of the free-sworn profession do not have the right to do what they do, They are liable for any damages and other damages, including the scope of the bill, along with the owners of all kinds of damages and losses and the legal consequences of the law.

According to the provisions of this Law, those who perform the profession are responsible for the laws of the other It is saved.

The scope of the actions of the free-sworn profession according to the 5th Amendment, the subject, the principles and principles of the work, the mandate and the basis of the oath of office, and the transfer of the authority to the power of the As of the date of entry of the law, it is determined by the statute that will be played by the Council of Ministers within the next six months.


ARTICLE 9- Members of the free-sworn occupation are without charge of their duties. First, in a court of law, he said, " I have taken care of my profession to comply with the Constitution, to the law, to the law, to the rules of profession, to fulfill my profession with integrity and integrity, knowing that my profession is a public service. Take care of things and do it with care, and I'll take care of it. I swear to God. "



Jails And Penalties


ARTICLE 10- Members of a free-sworn profession, even if they are in business, are part of a superior And they cannot look at the extent of the blood and loss conditions or the companies that they partner with, from the subline to the third degree to the third degree. Members of a free-sworn profession do not approve of the near-service members of the free-party business.

The service is a member of the board of directors of the liquidator of the liquidators, and the public and the tasks are not counted from those that do not work with the profession.

Task-related offenses

MADDE 11-Crimes of the occupation due to their duties According to the nature of the verbs, the Turkish Penal Code will be punished in accordance with the provisions of the public servants.

Disciplinary penalties

MADDE 12- In personal offices or in partnership offices or companies, The people who have been banned from doing the job, who are involved in their profession, who are involved in their profession, who are involved in the profession and in honour of their profession, who do their duty, do not do their job, or who do it as imperfect, Or the kind of trust that his mission requires. The following disciplinary penalties are given by the Chamber Board of Directors, according to the preliminary examination of the Chamber's Board of Directors.

a) The penalties are:

1) Adapt: Treat the profession more carefully in the profession of the profession it is reported by the article that it is required to do.

2) Kannuma: With the author of a flawed count on the occupation and behavior of the profession is reported.

3) temporarily unable to engage in peer-to-peer activity: to hide the profession less than six months, more than a year, from peer-to-peer activity.

4) Do not remove the authority: sworn end of the free-to-sworn profession Removed.

5) Colleague Withdrawal: This is another way to undo the registration of the profession. It is not allowed to perform the profession.

b) What are the terms of which they will be punished:

1) In the verb and honour of the profession, the profession and dignity of the profession Initial warning is applied to the notice, which is the first warning about the members of the professional who are in the transaction with which they are required by the task.

2) The task is not doing, either by objective/honesty or imperfect. Or, temporarily, the sentence of peer-to-peer activity for the members of the profession who are in the act of the general principles of the profession that is involved in this Law.

3) The first time the Ministry has used its authority as a month to date. In the event that the free-sworn occupation of the profession, which was published in the report, is temporarily suspended, it is also ordered to remove the oath of oath if it is determined by the court decision.

4) intentionally set up against law enforcement with other owners In terms of damage to the State, public institutions and installations, deforestation is given to the state of the profession, which is committed by a court decision, which has caused the collapse of the forests, the court's decision, and the state of the country.

5) requiring two or more disciplinary penalties within a three-year period For each new crime, the punishment can be applied more than the previous one.

6) For two time period in a five-year period, with a sentence of conduct from a professional After the detention, a peer-to-peer penalty is applied to the actual business members who require this sentence.

The Board of Honor has a degree or a degree of mild disciplinary action Takibat and the ruling facility prevent disciplinary action and disciplinary action to prevent them from being imposed. No disciplinary action can be taken before you can defend your profession. Those who do not defend during the time of the Board of Honor for less than ten days, have given up on the right to defend. Disciplinary penalties are effective from the date of commitment.

Warning and undue penalties are final. In the period of thirty days, the Council of Turkish Engineers and Architects can be appealed to the High Honor Board of Turkish Engineers and Architects in a 30-day period to receive temporary detentions, detentions, and discontinue from the profession. The Board of Directors of the Supreme Board of Honor may refer to the Board of Directors or related professional management.

The implementation and disciplinary provisions of theOnurBoard of Honor have been implemented by the Chamber is set in the regulation to be prepared.

Non-sworn free trade members, 6235 Turkish Engineers and Mimar In accordance with the Law of the Union, disciplinary action is given.



Convictions and Recent Provitions


MADDE 13- Charge is the amount of money involved in the services of the members of the profession. statements. The minimum amount of the fee is determined by the tariff. Under the minimum amount of the tariffs, there is a ban on business acceptance, and disciplinary action is imposed on those who act.

Tariff is organized and implemented by the Chamber.


MADDE 14- Eligible for a free profession and is entitled to a profession The winning, professional rights, licenses, members of the professional who will be able to hold a free exchange of sworn professions with notebooks and records and principles and principles for giving them the number of jobs, jobs, and registration numbers. To be prepared and published in the Official Gazette. from the

The regulations stipulate in this Code are below the effective date of the Act. It will be held within the month.

Rights of the environment

SUPERSEDE 1- Forest Engineer or Forest High Engineer title Prior to 31/12/1989, the rights and entitlements of the graduates are to be landscaped and implemented.


MADDE 15- enters this Channel's release date.


MADDE 16- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.