Period: 21 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Between The Republic Of Turkey Republic Of Macedonia Legal Assistance In Civil And Criminal Matters

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ İLE MAKEDONYA CUMHURİYETİ ARASINDA HUKUKÎ VE CEZAÎ KONULARDA ADLÎ YARDIM

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Period: 21

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Kanun # 4547


Accepted Date: 7.3.2000


MADDE 1. - "The Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia, which was signed on 24 February 1997 in Ankara, must approve the Agreement on Legal and Criminal Justice."

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.





The Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia (hereinafter it will be known as the Realized Parties), and the extradition and restitution of criminals and criminal matters with legal and criminal matters. Sovereignty, national sovereignty, national sovereignty, national security, and the national security of the country. With the desire to edit,

, based on the principles of not being involved in the rights and policies of the rights,karar The purpose of this purpose is to They are mutabas:




Article 1

1. The citizens of one of the lovers have the same rights as the State Patriots in the country's country and the legal and legal protection of the people, property and interests in the country.

2. The citizens of one of the Parties, in the country of the other, are the same people who are authorized by the authorities to follow and protect the rights and interests of the United States and to the competent authorities and competent authorities of this Article. They will be free of the formalities.

3. They may take advantage of the provisions of this entity, which is central to one of the Convenience Parties.

Article 2

1. The Justice Ministers of both countries will be written to the Justice Ministers of both countries.

2. The first bent provision does not interfere with the diplomatic route.

3. Emergency services are also available via the International Police Department (INTERPOL).

4. For the Republic of Turkey, it will use Macedonian languages for the Republic of Macedonia.

Article 3

The Justice of the Parties, upon request, are subject to the issue of the subject of the They will inform each other about the laws and practices in their country.




Article 4

1. The authorities have committed to the competent authority of the competent authorities.

2. Adyllial assistance, in particular, involves the submission of documents, the expert review, the rest of the parties, the people, and the experts.

Article 5

1. The following claims will include the following:

-Names found and requested by the requested authorities;

-Ownership of the claimed event;

-The names of the parties and the last names, permanent and temporary addresses (replacements or occupations), nationality and occupations;

-names and addresses of the names of the members of the parties;

-Required for the subject and execution of the request information.

2. The official claim and the attached documents must be signed and the official seal of the claim has been signed.

Article 6

1. The claimants apply the provisions of the law in effect in their own state during the fulfillment of the request for the judicial assistance. However, upon request of the claim, the request of the request shall apply the provisions of the Competent Party to the request of the Competent Party.

2. If the claim is not authorized to fulfill the claim, the claim will forward the claim to the competent authority and notify the requesting authorities.

3. After the claim of the claim claim is met with the claim, or if the claim cannot be satisfied, it will notify the cause of the situation.

Article 7

1. The Dividend is in accordance with the provisions governing the subject in its own State, in accordance with the requested Party language, or in the case of a havi, if they have a valid translation of this Party's conformity to the language of the Party. If not, the requested authority can only do so if it agrees to receive the call.

2. A full address and a document to be provided must be specified for the Tbligat claim.

3. If the documents are not addressed to the address specified in the Tbligat claim, the requested authority will take the full address of the muhabate to the tesbit. If it is impossible to find this address, the claim will inform the requesting article and return the document to this article.

Article 8

The current request for the property It is defined by its laws. The default will be the date and location of the notice.

Article 9

The requested Party will assume all expenses due to help on its territory and will claim to be paid for this expense no.

Article 10

Rejecting a claim of help may be denied if the requested Benefit party is detrimental to its sovereignty, trust or public order.

Article 11

1. Additional, ad-ative requests and documents requested to the attached documents will be added in the 13th clause of this statement.

2. The term of the interpreter may be made by a sworn translator, a sworn translator, a notary, or a diplomatic or consular officer.

3. Documents relating to the invention of the Adlical assistance requests will be held in the requested Party language.

Article 12

1. No matter what nationality, we may not be able to get out of the country in the country where it is known or not to be fired by a criminal offence before the country's entry into the country, or to prevent it from entering the country. It cannot be punished before it can be arrested.

The information or information is not required by the person who made the invitation, as of the date of the notice that they were not required. In the 15 consecutive days, he requested that he would not leave the country, but he would not leave his country. The impunity is over. The amount of time that the tank or its expert claims to be its own imperfection will be kept within the scope of the term forecasted from this paragraph.

These kits are also due to their definitions or their information. They can't be fired or arrested.

2. The claimants will notify the person who is being invited to the tank or the expert, to pay for the payment of road and residence expenses in his/her apartment as envisioned in the demanding and reparations in the responsible apartment. At the request of this winter, an advance will be paid by the authorities who have been promised to meet the road and residence expenses.



Article 13

From the Neutral At the request of either the courts or the other competent authorities, the other parties, who made the request, are not interpretable and free of charge of documents, other documents and interests of the residents of the occipient, send.

Article 14

1. The authorities have been identified by authorities in the country of one of the parties, issued or approved, and the official seal of seal documents and the sanctioned examples of which are legally valid in the territory of the country are legally valid. no need.

2. The official documents held in the country of one of the lovers have the same level of official documents as the official documents held in the territory of the other.



Article 15

The citizens of one of the Convenience Parties are collateral for the fact that they are not, or are not, or do not report in the country. They cannot be held responsible for giving (judicatum solvi).

Article 16

1. The citizens of one of the Lovers Parties benefit from the cost and cost of free adherium and exemption from fees and expenses, such as the citizens of this area, in front of the courts of the other side.

2. This administration and the adharial musiaheret, including its executive actions, apply to the case in the process.

3. Citizens who benefit from tuition and expenses under the legal provisions of one of the Parties will also benefit from the exemption of the same case as in the country of the other party.

Article 17

1. The document, which is required to benefit from the 16 ncu clause, must be provided by the competent authorities in the country where the residence or the residence is located in the country of the acquis or in the country of the acquis.

2. If the Client has no residence or liability in one or more of the members of the acquis, the document may give the diplomatic mission or consulate to the State of the State of the State.

3. By following the method stipulated in article 2 of the policy, the adhp may request completion of this document.

Article 18

If the court of any of the Parties may have a time to complete a specific procedural completion of a residence in the country of the country in the country of the Turkish company, then this period will be the result of the date from the date of the release of the document go to processing.




Article 19

1. Any of the Parties will recognize and will }

-decisions on legal matters;

-decisions on legal matters in the country where they are offered in the country of the other aling="JUSTIFY ">-Decide decisions on criminal matters;

-referrals to legal matters;

2. It is considered as a decision to make decisions on legal matters in legal matters which are given after the fact that the President has been taken to the effective state. Decisions on the legal issues specified in the first paragraph will only take place if any of the legal rights of the law do not follow the current law.

3. The following decisions will be made even if they are given prior to the effective entry.

Article 20

The decisions set forth in the 19th Amendment are in the country of the " Identifies and tentations:

-The decision is to be finalised and executed according to the laws in the country of the Party.

-The court that has made a decision to According to the laws of the Neutral Side, where tenfism or recognition is requested. iddialarýnýn

-Invited the case to be invited to the court in accordance with the laws of the party that lost the case.

-The sides of the Davit claim They have not been deprived of the right to defend and have been invited to the court in accordance with their claims, and they have been given the possibility of further representation and representation of their claims.

-Decide In the country where the recognition or tenfism is requested, the same In the framework of judgment and the same, there is no prior court decision.

-The same in the country where the decision is requested or tenfism is the same as the judicial authorities. will not make an open case between the same parties for the same purpose as it is based on events.

-Based on the legislation in the country of the decision that requires the implementation of the laws of the party In cases, the decision only applies if the laws in question are applied. Or, the laws of the Aware Party, which are requested by the recognition and tendon, are identified and tentased if they are different from the laws of the Nation.

-The decision, in the country, is the law that is intended to be defined or tentased. and compliance with the basic principles of public order.

Article 21

The judges of the hakem court will only increase the number of 20 items to the state, except for the exception of the article in question, but from:

-The tenfism of the decision is requested According to the Law of Love, if the arbitration will be resolved in order to resolve a similar sleep;

-The decision is made as a result of a arbitration agreement between the parties or a non-arbitration that is foreseeing. verilmiþ

-If the Arbitration Court is subject to arbitration, arbitration or arbitration is in accordance with the legislation of the State;

-Parties, arbitrators or referee They were properly informed of the way they were doing the shooting. ;

-If the Hakem decision is committed on the given State.

Article 22

1. For identification or tenfism, the contact is made available to the authorized office of the competent authority of the country, in the country of the decision, or to the competent authority of the Turkish authorities.

2. The following information should be added:

-The decision of the decision has been agreed upon, leaving the decision to be final, unless the decision is made clear of the decision itself. document;

-The party is being represented in front of the court with his deputy, due to the fact that the party was not involved in the case and was not involved in the case, and that he was not able to contribute to the case. A document that is a private document;

-specified in the above documents, description of the country in the country of the decision, or their translation into the language of the Fuel Neutral.

Article 23

1. The identification and tenfism of the decisions will be applied to the legislation or to the legislation of the Desirable Party.

2. The application of this statement will examine the idea or tentaposition of the intended article, which will only examine whether the other information is fulfilled.

Article 24

The provisions of this statement and provisions of the tenfizi are halal to national regulations regarding the country's transfer to a foreign country or to a foreign country as a result of an ad-term executive action. does not return.




Article 25

1. In the penalty area, the Contracting Parties undertake to call each other on behalf of each other.

2. Judicial assistance in the field of punishment, in particular, may be used to communicate the transmission, search, evidence, and confistion of documents, information, and information, such as to examine the information, to question the polls, to listen to and to listen to and to listen to, and to do so, and to make a good deal.

Article 26

1. The penalty area will conflict with the following claim:

-The name of the claim and the authorities requested by the request,

-the subject of the question or the subject,

-Sandarn or The names of convicts, nationality and occupation, and to the extent they reside, and to the extent possible, the names of the fathers and mothers of them with the right places and dates,

-The names of the legal representatives of the current and addresses,

-the purpose of the name of the Adlvil help and The verb of the offence and the nature of the crime, which is complicit with the information required for the fulfillment of the claim.

2. Claims and attached documents shall be of the issuing authority, signature and official seal.

Article 27

1. The authority of the public will fulfill the request for the official assistance in accordance with the legislation currently in place in his home country. However, the desired authority may impose procedural provisions at the request of the requesting authorities, to the extent that the Israeli party is not subject to the legislation.

2. If the authority is not authorized to fulfill the claim, the requested authority will forward its request to the competent authority of the Authorized Party and notify the requesting office of the request.

3. At the request of the Office of the President, the requested authority will announce the date and location for which the request for behalf of the administration is to be fulfilled. The appointed authorities may allow the requesting authorities and the people to ensure that they are ready for the fulfillment of the official request.

4. If the requested authority will return the claim to the office requesting the replacement of the claim after the fulfillment of the claim, or if the claim cannot be fulfilled, it will inform you of the reasons.

Article 28

1. If the administration's office requires that a witness or an expert be present in the presence of a witness, this issue will indicate the invitation to the invitation.

2. The invitation, mentioned in the preceding paragraph, will not conflict with any fines or other items if the invitation is not included in the invitation.

3. Charges to be paid to the tanks and to the information will be provided by the employee and employee expenses.

4. No matter which nationality, the witness or expert witness, who will stand before the Israeli side of his own desire, cannot be fired, arrested, punished, and in any way, in this country's country, before entering the country. Their freedom can't be lost. They also benefit from impunity, regardless of whether they will be asked to be asked separately or by looking at the actual verbs on the case.

5. The immunity stipulates in the 4th paragraph of this Article shall cease to leave the country in the 4th day following the date of the history of which he is not required to be present, the witness or the expert said. The period in this paragraph is not included in the term specified in this paragraph for the period of time that the witness or its expert does not leave the country of the United States for reasons that are not in its own hands.

Article 29

1. The provided party will be subject to its own language, and the requested documentation, which is provided with its officially sanctioned translations, will be provided in the event of the legislation being avoided. Otherwise, the Israeli Party may only be able to contact these documents if the failure is to show the failure.

2. You will specify the correct address and the nature of the documents to be issued for the Tbligat request.

3. If the documents cannot be unlisted at the address specified in the tebligat claim, the requested Party will take the necessary measures for the registration of the correct address of the muhablin. If this is not possible, the Israeli Party will notify the Israeli side of it and return the requested documents.

Article 30

The document of the subject is subject to the provisions stipulated in the subject of the subject It will be arranged. This document will replace the date and location of the document.

Article 31

The provisions of the 3rd paragraph of article 28 are reserved for expenses made in his own country as the official part of the official administration. will be claimed and will not claim to be paid for.

Article 32

1. The claims may be rejected in the following jurisdictions.

-If the requested Party is to replace the claim, if it is detrimental to its sovereignty, security or public order;

- If the side is referred to as part of the help fulfillment of the prompt;

2. The justification of this will be reported if the request for administration is rejected by this item.

Article 33

1. Except for the forethought in paragraph 1 and 68 of the 29th clause of the President, the requests for assistance and the documents in the appendix will be added to the approved party language translation.

2. The term of the term shall be made by the diplomatic representative or consular officer of the Israeli Party, notary, notary, notary, or Consular.

3. The documentation for the fulfillment of the claims shall be held in the license of the requested Party.



Article 34

1. Within the framework of the provisions of the entity, the Parties are committed to the right to prepare or end the right to question or end the rights of a conviction or to the execution of a prisoner's decision.

2. The return for the hazard or final question will only be made for crimes that require more than twelve months imprisonment or a further sentence, according to the laws of both Sites.

3. For the execution of a pocket, the return will only be done if convicted for crimes that require jail time by both the Parties, and if they have been sentenced to more than six months in prison or to a further sentence.

4. The claim is that each of the two countries involved in each of the laws requiring jail time, although some of them did not comply with the results stipulated in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of this Article, the Israeli Party said. may also decide the return for crimes.

Article 35

1. It will not be returned in the following state:

-if the request has been requested,

-If no extradition is available according to the internal legislation, or if the penalty is either time or blood. demand is not available for any reason;

-if the request for a request is a court decision, or a court decision that is committed by the same crime, in the country of Israel;

-If the crime was started in the Israeli country.

2. If the requested Party does not return it because of its claim, it will issue a criminal accounting of the right of the Israeli Party upon request. The files, information, and other evidence will be communicated to the Israeli side. The Employed Party will be notified of the outcome of the aforementioned reasoning.

Article 36

1. In an attempt to make the case or the final question, the promise of an arrest decision on the promise of return to return is a clear statement, a statement detailing the work of the crime, and the laws of the crime and the law that states the penalty and the punishment to be applied. The text will be added. If a material damage has occurred to the crime, the actual amount of damage will be shown at the extent of the offerings.

2. The full text of the crime, which specifies the attitude of the crime and the laws of the crime, will be added to the return request for the execution of a cezan, and the full text of the laws of the court shall be added to the court. This will be specified if a part of the cell is executed.

3. Information about the citizen's request, the citizen status of the desired winter, the location of the offerings, the location, where it is located, the information about the personal status, the photo and fingerprint verbs will be added.

4. The supervisor Party is required to add documents that belong to the claim that the request for a return to the request is due.

Article 37

If the operation does not require all necessary information, then the requested Party is may want to complete this. For this purpose, the intended party may transfer it for a period of time not to exceed two months with the registration of possible due to required reasons.

Article 38

The request of the IAde request is to be passed without delay, to request it will take all necessary measures, including the temporary arrest of the person who is making the issue. This provision does not apply to events that do not have a return requirement in accordance with the provisions of the policy.

Article 39

In the emergency, they may request the interim arrest of the requested authority of the returning Party of authority. The competent authorities of the public will decide on their own legislation in this request.

In the provisional arrest prompt, the presence of Bahsolan documents in paragraph 1 or 2 of 36 items will be reissued and requested a return. will be specified for the purpose of being made. In step, you will be able to return the refund for what crimes are requested, when and where and where and when the crime is committed.

The temporary arrest prompt is to the competent authorities of the People. It can be transmitted through the diplomatic channel, by mail or telegraph, or through the International Conference of Criminal Police (BRITISH), or in any way that can be returned to the author.

will be notified of the outcome of the request without delay.

The temporary arrest can be ended if the request is not forwarded to the person in the 45 days following the temporary arrest and the documents specified in the 36 ncu clause are not forwarded. This period will not exceed 60 days from the date of arrest at any of the ocureties. Any time temporary release is possible, however, the requested Party will take all necessary measures to prevent the desired return of the requested return.

Free return is a subsequent return of the return request does not interfere with the arrest and extradition.


Article 40

1. Upon returning the request for a return request, the requested party may delay delivery of the requested suit for its return in its own country due to a crime in which it is subject to the extradition request or the sentence found in its own country.

2. The requested Party may temporarily deliver the desired application to the Israeli site, rather than delay delivery. In this way, the temporarily delivered kit will be sent back after completion of the usul process, which is based on its submission, and will not exceed 3 months from the date of delivery.


Article 41

If the return of the same person is requested by more than one State, the party will decide which request will be fulfilled.


Article 42

1. Crimes before the extradition date, such as whether or not they will be able to be fired for a criminal act before the extradition, will not be able to be fired for a crime that is based on extradition, and may not be executed by the extradition of the country, the official said. are not delivered to a third State.

2. No need for the desired side of the following public:

-The country of Israel has not abandoned its country within 15 days following the fulfillment of its reasoning or the replacement of the sentence if convicted. .

The scope of the period for which the Employed Party has the opportunity to leave the country for reasons beyond its own will.

-The Israeli part of the province of Israel is If it is returned to this country after abandoning it.


Article 43

1. The provided Party will forward the decision on the return to the Client.

2. If the Iade client is rejected entirely or completely, the reasons for the denial will be communicated to the person.

3. If the eade request is accepted, the Israeli Party will notify the person of the delivery site and date. If the employed party does not receive the requested contact within 15 days of the return day of the return, it will be released.

Article 44

The following is an escaped state and is a country of the people of the People If the return is requested, there is no need to forward any documents stipulate in the article 36 clause.


Article 45

1. At the request of the other party, each of the Asylum Parties will allow the transit of the people who have been returned to this entity by a third State as transit from their country. In accordance with the provisions of the agreement, the Parties shall not be obligated to allow transit for the crimes they see in the return scope.

2. In each event, the authorities will agree on each incident, transit, route, and other things.


The will forward the results of the criminal reasoning on the return of the returned match to the person who is in the process of being executed. In addition to this obligation, the Israeli Party will send the final decision of the decision to the Israeli party.

Article 47

The subject and temporary arrest warrants are subject to the individual party legislation. will be done.

Article 48

The documentation for the IAde request will be included in the translated, Party language, or English-language translation translations.




Article 49

1. In the event of penalties, the citizens of any of the Convicted Parties, which has been ruled out of respect for a final court decision in the country of Turkey, have been sentenced to death by a court of law against a court ruling. He will be transferred to his country.

2. Upon request of the Sovereign State, the transfer of the monarch shall be actualized with the acceptance of the Sovereign State (the State of the Sovereign State) upon the request of the Sovereign State.

3. The suspect is a citizen and may be able to contact the other in order to review the transfer.

Article 50

The government, representative, or members of the family procedure for the 49th. In order to get started, they can report to the competent authorities of one of the Atrium Parties. The competent authorities of the Convicted State will inform the ruler of what is to be found.

Article 51

The transfer of the government, but the subject of its conviction, is the subject of the United States of Israel. It is also done if a crime is made from the legislation.

Article 52

1. The transplant of the monarch, but it is done with the rüngür.

2. If he is not in a position to proclaim the condemned rites, his legal representative will receive the invoice.

Article 53

The phase state of the monarch is the most recent of its acceptance of the transfer of the monarch. Notify the State of the State.

Article 54

1. If the parties remain mutable on the transfer, the competent authority of the Government of Israel shall be determined by the nature and duration of the resolution and duration of the resolution.

2. If the nature or term of the Cezus is not under the legislation of the United States or requires the legislation of this state, the competent authority of the United States of Israel will be able to return to the sentence stipulate in its legislation for the same crimes as the same. The sentence shall be, to the extent possible, to the sentence in the decision issued in the State of the Sovereign State. Applied in the Inphase State, it should not exceed the amount of minority that is envisioned for the crimes of the same nature in the issue of the State of the United States, as it may not be more likely to be given in the State of the Sovereign State.

3. The competent authority of the Phase State will remain with the subustness of the events and will not be able to complain to any other, rather than its reverence.

Article 55

The execution of the United States of Israel The authorities will identify the transfer location, date, and data of the monarch within the time of the most possible time, if authorized by the authorities. The submission of the monarch shall be made in the country of the reigning state.

Article 56

1. The execution of the capital, including evacuation, will be subject to the issue of the State of Israel.

2. The Transplanted Monarch will benefit both the State of the Sovereign State and the general amnesty of the United States.

3. The transplanted monarch can only benefit from a special affe in the Republic of Israel.

4. After the transfer, you are only authorized to decide the Sovereign State court for the reexamination of the prisoner's decision.

Article 57

1. In particular, the general amnesty will inform each other of all of the loopholes that may affect the execution of a general amnesty, special amnesty and resolution, including the reexamination of the decision.

2. The execution of the government will inform the Government of the Sovereign State.

Article 58

The delivery of the government to the phase of the Republic of Turkey is the procedure stipulate in the 3rd paragraph of the 43rd clause in the measure of the offerings It will be real.

Article 59

1. The transfer of the monarch will be written as written.

2. The following documents will be added to the request:

-The decision that includes the commitment to be committed;

-Law item text that identifies the crime and the penalty;

-Possible information about the person's identity, citizen, resident, or residence as well;

-the document showing the amount of penalties executed in the Government State;

-A statement containing the transfer of the government of the government;

-Will be able to care for a review of the claim Other documents.

Article 60

If the phase State is deemed to be inadequate, it may request completion information and may be extended for acceptable reasons to forward it. It can be determined by the record, in order to be. If a complete failure is not submitted, the State of Israel will decide based on pre-provisioned information and documentation.

Article 61

Documents in attachment with transfer requests are a formal task It does not require the action. They will be added to translations in the State of Israel.

Article 62

About the transplant of the government, the expenses for those made in the country of Sovereign State state are by the State of the United States. RELATED:



Article 63

In the case of the citizens who committed the crime in the country of the other Party, this side is at his request, he did not make criminal reasoning in accordance with the provisions of his own legislation. They commit.

Article 64

1. In order to be able to submit to the stipulated criminal pursuit in the 63rd Amendment, the following will be the amount of time in which they will be sent to each other:

-The name of the government;

-The date and documents related to the crime, including the location of the include;

-the identity of the person who resides or sits on the measure of the citizen and offerings;

2. The following documents will be included in the request:

-The order of the Treasury or the role of party language, and examples of fidelity;

-evidence in a criminal reasoning All documents and documents that may be able to apply will apply the provisions of this article to the article 67.

-Articles of law to apply according to the legislation in effect at the time of the crime;

-Required and, if possible, the photo and finger of the chest traces,

3. The public will provide an example of the decision, which will inform the other, and will provide an example of the final decision.

Article 65

1. If there is a need to rest in the country of a person who is imprisoned in the country of one of the countries, then the Israeli Party, the prisoner of imprisonment, is due to be sent back to the most part after the rest and the maximum period of time. the IBM will not be able to send the person to the country.

2. In case the arrest of the prisoner in a third State country is needed to rest on the tank, the Akite Parties will allow the transit of this person from their own country.

3. In the case of 1 and 2 above, the provisions of the 28th clause shall be applied to the measure of the offerings.

Article 66

1. The return of the offender will be delivered to the Israeli, even if the person who is responsible for the crime and the criminal reasoning behind the criminal reasoning may not be refunded by the death of the requested person or the return for reasons for the extradition.

2. If Licensee considers it necessary for a criminal accounting, it may temporarily delay delivery of the following.

3. The rights of third-party people on the issues to be delivered are withheld. These items will be returned to the sender to receive their respective relevance.

Article 67

Regarding the return and delivery of crimes, in the country of the individual who is in the country of Israel, expenses will be made by the Human Side.

Article 68

1. The Lovers Parties will transmit information about non-convicted and committed citizens to each other at least once in the year.

2. Upon request, the parties involved in their official record of criminal records in the country's country, which had previously been subject to a conviction in the country of Israel and subject to criminal accounting in the history of the request.

3. The Relevant Parties will send fingerprint fibers to each other in the measure of offerings, in the case of the above 1 and 2 paragraphs.

Article 69

The provisions of the 3rd section, It will also apply to requests for events that have occurred prior to the effective entry.

Article 70

Any problems that may be caused by the implementation of the Business will be resolved diplomatically.

Article 71

are subject to approval.

The agreement will be effective 30 days after the confirmation of the approval documents.

Article 72

The agreement will remain in effect indefinitely. However, each of the SIT Parties may terminate it with the registration of notifying the individual at any date.

The Fezih will take effect 6 months after the other State received such notice.

As evidence of these provisions, authorized representatives of the Akite Parties have already signed the statement, and exercise their seals.

Both Macedonian and Turkish languages were original in Ankara on 24.2.1997. nsasha and each arrangement as the main text.









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