The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Housing Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. İSKÂN KANUNU

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Law No. 5543:19/9/2006, the FIRST PART of the Objective, Scope and definitions Purpose article 1-(1) the purpose of this Act; migrants, nomads, they held national security with the expropriated due to settlement efforts, villages organized physical settlement is based on the application requirements and related measures, is to regulate the rights and obligations of housing.
The scope of article 2 (1) of this Act; immigrants from abroad, locations of nomads and expropriated because of national security decided that given the physical settlement of the village of toplulaştırılmasına and can not be edited based on the application of the provisions of these measures.
Definitions article 3-(1) this is according to the law;
a projected Agricultural settlement: a family project) amount of farmland, business building, housing, by uniting the animal, tools, machine tools and credit made with one or more of iskândır.
b) non-agricultural settlement: the prescribed amount of A family project, land, housing, tools, machine tools and credit made with one or more of iskândır.
c) Physical settlement: the settlement due to the unsuitability of A family, the transfer of the villages or dispersed settlements and disaster-torn villages as a result of the toplulaştırılması held ihtiyaçlılara from the village development purposes or land will be determined by the Ministry after the loan amount from the sale will be given credit support through iskândır made.
ç) Nomadic built-in agricultural activities outside, without being attached to a fixed and permanent housing provides animal husbandry, natural and climatic livelihood conditions of Gandi dorm in York and King include Gandhi, this continues since the ancient way of life, including kinship relations and carrying out the livestock activities in a group of Turkish citizens.
d) immigrant: Turkish descendants and Turkish culture in order to settle, depending on whether alone or in groups to come to Turkey in accordance with this law, are accepted.
e) descended and Free immigrants: Turkish Turkish culture in order to settle, depending on whether alone or in groups to come to Turkey, not wanting them to be settled by the State on the condition that they accepted the dorm.
f) emigrants: Turkish descendants and Turkish culture is based on private law brought from abroad and according to the provisions of this law by giving immovable property iskânları are provided.
g) descended and Individual immigrants: Turkish Turkish culture is connected, in order to settle in our country as a family.
ğ) descended and Public Turkish immigrant Turkish culture according to the agreement between the two countries, depending on whether our country in order to collectively settle family.
Minister of public works and Housing Minister: h).
I) Ministry: public works and settlement Included.
The SECOND PART will not be regarded as acceptance of Immigrants Immigrants are article 4-(1) not connected to Turkish culture Turkish descendants and Turkish descendent with foreigners and Turkish culture and whether they were expelled and, depending on the security in terms of Turkey is not considered appropriate to come up to the invisible immigrants.
The adoption of the individual migrant article 5-(1) those who want to settle in Turkey and Turkish culture, Turkish descendant of one of the Turkish and Turkey, in the first or second degree in someone close to him by the Consulate in the country in which they are referenced or temsilciliklerimize who applied in person and according to the provisions of this Act to be made by the ministries of foreign and internal affairs, after appropriate review by the Government, no settlement free immigrant visa, provided that they don't want the help of the Ministry of Interior released are considered migrants.
(2) in this way the future is written and their passport required of explanation according to the provisions of article 8.
Public acceptance of immigrants article 6-(1) in accordance with agreements with foreign countries to come to Turkey Turkish descendants and those who depend on Turkish culture, according to the provisions of the agreement and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the decision by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Ministry of Interior to become accepted as free immigrants.
(2) these operations in accordance with the provisions of article 8.
Thomas being descended from Turkish culture article 7 detection and determination of devotion-(1) will be considered in terms of Turkish Immigrants and descendants of Turkish culture of devotion and determination, after taking the opinion of the ministries concerned by a decision of the Board of the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Temporary certificate of immigration and naturalisation hosting, article 8-(1) in accordance with article 5 and 6 are collectively referred to as the dorm accepted immigrants, after entering the input from our borders in the immigrant customs, administrative and health centers, accept transport operations until the guests. During this time, care, nutrition and housing needs is provided by the Ministry with the help of the Red Crescent Association and gratuitous.
(2) these costs are transferred to you immediately as soon as the Ministry of finance grants.
(3) special laws brought our emigrants, after entering the dorm without our borders to a temporary or definitive iskânları is free of designated place for migrants the most senior captain at places where they have müracaatla themselves and family members entering the Declaration of "Naturalization" for signing the "certificate" to pick up Migrants. Immigration Document, is valid for two years, is used as a temporary identity document. In this document, the immigrant has been admitted in accordance with article to which this Act is specified.
(4) they are considered Immigrants, after the completion of the necessary processing of the relevant institutions, the Council of Ministers decision of naturalisation. Little League; father and master, the father or mother or blood and beech Hall are connected to. Kiernan is taken from the small, age, regardless of citizenship.
(5) 4 blocks mentioned in article carried by any of the parties upon entering the dorm, the immigration process are canceled.
The THIRD SECTION fundamentals of housing and Housing benefits article 9-(1) the migrant, Nomad, expropriated and national security reasons given are decided by the position of the can; cities, towns and villages, will be prepared by the Ministry in accordance with the plans and projects;
a Primarily residential and land, b)) Artisan, craftsman and merchants, will provide land for their livelihood with the workplace and business credit, c) projected agricultural project in land to farmers, the necessary agricultural inputs, land for agricultural structures or equipment loans business and real estates with and shall audit, d) in the case of the demands of the rights holders, housing, Office and farmland and the offer by themselves and as appropriate by the Ministry in bulk or individual interested in family housing loans According to the provisions of this law, shall be given to charging is done through.
(2) Agricultural equipment business and projected annual credit in the housing project, within two years after the transfer of agricultural land to families who do not want these loans constructions or.
(3) in accordance with this law, the immigrants admitted, are exempt from customs used goods, since the input from our borders with; places due to the national security of the expropriated, settled and nomadic area of new housing and hosting from the date for departure, food, firewood and treatment with the help of these are those who are in need of a one-time clothing and temporary housing also places a gratuitous aid expropriated for the amount of time specified in the regulation according to quantity and terms.
(4) the new settlement area listed above will be prepared according to the posting, the posting project is provided as laid down by the State for nothing.
Article 10-the emigrants can (1) admitted the emigrants, the places where the conditions are according to the provisions of this law shall be settled by the Ministry. However, Turkey within two years from the date they came to iskânını cannot be settled by the Ministry are immigrants who do not want to, and the unconditional aid.
Steppe can article 11-(1) Muslim communities, the Ministry of Interior and other relevant public institutions as necessary and shall be taken of the views of the Ministry proper sights according to the provisions of the law are settled. However, the settlement announcement after the end of the history of onehundredandeighty does not apply during the day, families cannot be settled.
Locations of expropriated can article 12-(1) public institutions and establishments to be held at the dam, dam contiguous area, conservation area, airport, highway, railway, factory, construction of Economics and other facilities for defence, the protection of the history and natural assets such as the implementation of the law for the purposes or private reasons;
a result of total or partial nationalization of the immovable property) place has to leave their families, b) started at the beginning of the calendar year of housing planning studies Conducted at least three years before the expropriation is settled in the field of immovable if they demand non-families, will be screened by the Ministry according to the provisions of this law are settled in places.

(2) However, settlement planning surveying the abandoned his place before the start of the whether will be expropriated immovable are not settled families found. Within three years from this date backwards, hands without the necessity of immovable properties and instead of the equivalent or more values that are not places of families in immovable properties, even if they didn't leave, so they are not settled. Is determined by the regulation as may be required.
(3) public institutions and establishments that are built in the expropriated areas and from families affected by the expropriation by the State elsewhere do not want iskânını, the Governor's proposal about the written references, and provided positive opinion of the Ministry of the Interior to be shown within the borders of their own villages by the Ministry in a place where they can be settled.
(4) the scope of this article and the State iskânlarını parents; settlement announcement after the end of the history of those who do not apply within ninety days they received or receivable with the cost of the expropriation, the amount of which is determined by the Ministry; is less than the amount determined by the Ministry of the expropriation case was expropriation and the price of the tezyi, the Ministry committed to Central Accounting Unit account who do not will not be settled.
Due to the settlement of national security article 13-(1) national security will be settled due to families living in the residential units can, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Security Council of the resolution to be taken by the Council of Ministers to specified terms and conditions is made in accordance with the provisions of this law within the framework.
Where indicated can noes article 14-(1) 10, 11, 12 and 13 of the items within the scope of eligible families settled in the Ministry where governance rights cases that if they do not accept to be the local Housing Committee is cancelled. These families cannot request a second settlement.
Settlement announcement article 15-(1) 11, 12 and 13 will be settled in accordance with article, depending on their shape and conditions settled village, town or district centres. Settlement announcement and this announcement will be built on principles and fundamentals of applied is determined by the regulation.
Regulating Physical placement Physical placement, the FOURTH PART of article 16 (1) for the purpose of arranging physical settlement in rural areas;
a plan in place due to the unsuitability of the settlements) the opportunity costs of infrastructure services with non-villages have been identified to be a more favorable settlement of residential units instead of the transfer, b) If more than one fall within the boundaries of a village or village willing neighbourhood, scattered settlements, hamlets and similar units of COMs available in one of the residential unit or a new settlement toplulaştırılması, c) due to the disaster shattered villages, disaster preparedness in case the demands of families not exposed to new additions to the settlement , c) will be held on improving the physical layout, toplulaştırılması and villages, approval of the development plan and to ensure compliance with these plans, also approved the space allocated in accordance with the development plan of the village willing of rights owners to sell land, d) environment, climate, social and economic conditions, building material opportunities of qualifying residential, agricultural business buildings and types of social facilities and the appropriate placement of the model, the iconic type of technical assistance projects are prepared and willing to be given to village or peasant in villages where necessary, social, cultural, administrative, economic structures and facilities, intra-village with infrastructure consolidation and improvement of the physical Transit e), residential applications completed in the villages, in later years reserve land purchased from families, opening his own house with the help of credit until you do, services, legislation will be prepared according to the project plan and by calling the sleep or are traversed. Where necessary, within the principles stated in the regulation and guidelines eligible families borrowing shall be subjected to cash loans for residential and business building opens.
(2) However, the first paragraph (a) and (b) to be made of the services in the village voters bent on the list of registered users, more than half of those with a written application to the most senior, that place is essential.
The FIFTH PART İskânda Family, Housing Commissions and settlement Measures İskânda family will be considered article 17 (1) of this Act is considered as a whole and parents in the implementation of these, the following family.
a) husband and wife, b) Unmarried children, mother and father, along with the right thing or with c), kids, Married with grandchildren married childless men and women widows Motherless and fatherless brothers, in itself) and children in equal shares, as a family are settled.
Commissions article 18-(1) in case it is needed by the Ministry, chaired by the Minister, or to the person appointed will be required in other ministries and organizations established a central Settlement consisting of representative Commission.
(2) this Commission, of nomads, immigrants, settled due to the expropriated will be national security and the economic, social and health conditions of families should be placed according to locations and settlement programs to examine, iskâna will find housing allowance immovable goods to enable them to investigate and settle the charge about the Housing Ministry spent and to cooperate with the organization fulfils such tasks.
(3) an appeal is to be settled in accordance with the provisions of this law and immovable property is the largest civilian authority of the locality or allocated appoints the person presiding; public works and housing, land, finance, agriculture and serving on the issues that will be needed when necessary of public institutions and organizations at the Local Housing Commission is authorized to the formation.
(4) the information and documents on hand These commissions, will be settled according to the decision on whether the rights holder.
(5) principles and the work of the Commission mentioned in this article is mainly determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry of.
Assignment and registration article 19-(1) according to the provisions of this law, the conveyance of immovable property, given the Governor and district administrators. For Governor or prefect of the distribution book or approbation, temliktir. The amount of decision-making approved book or are valid.
(2) the conveyance Given immovable properties, on behalf of the family members living in the conveyance and title deed registration in equal shares.
Ownership and price disputes article 20-(1) Limitation with regard to the immovable property ownership will be opened with new cases registered in the land registry office, defendant malik, according to the State Treasure.
(2) Assignment after one year from the date of the goods belong to those who claimed to be by, may be prosecuted through the fair price in the history of seizures.
Rev., takyit and undo article 21-(1) this is according to the law, from the date of conveyance given immovable property for a period of ten years under no circumstances cannot be sold, cannot be on the register of deeds unforgiveable, bypass! unavoidable and cannot promise to sell commentary haczoluna. This way to record the deed of this immovable properties is deducted.
(2) this is according to the law of the land given to beneficiaries, land, Office, residential, and agricultural facilities; takyit time in military detention, disaster and disease without a valid excuse for long certified by themselves, işletilmediği, oturulmadığı, or sold, given, rented to third parties for the purpose of monetizing kullandırıldığı when detected, local Housing Committee governance rights status is canceled, cancellation of the registration of the title deed for use in housing purposes with Treasury on behalf of the Court.
Article 22-jinna protection from the invasion of properties owned by (1) applying this Act to be given to the owners or other rights provided for the purpose of buildings, land and plots; No matter who occupied that place the largest civilian authority is drained and the written orders shall be undertaken by law enforcement to be delivered to them. About to happen to them in the raping that place the most senior supervisors is authorized for using law enforcement.
Housing works implementation of article 23 (1) in accordance with the provisions of this law, settlement of rations distributed in time as their complete surrender and make other things that belong to the manufacturer with the Housing Ministry's local organization jobs. The Ministry of personnel, equipment, and supplies are insufficient places belong to the Governor and the Governor; except for their cities and towns in judicial bodies, civil servants, Special Administrative and municipal staff with appropriate tools and equipment from what you have seen, will be given to them to place in owned housing locations to control, deploy, and measure the constructions such as housing and transport is authorized to put in their work. It is imperative to first work commissioned personnel.
(2) must be completed to allow the Presidency of the Joint Chiefs of staff, provided that the offence in cases mentioned above, the staff of the armed forces is also available in the services.
Project credits article 24-(1) this Act is to be determined by the level of life of housing facilitator for the development measures, such as the supply side, the Ministry in partnership with other relevant agencies and institutions shall be carried out according to the plans and projects to be prepared. This project is located in the agricultural tools and materials, may be used, provided that they establish cooperative of family iskânlı.

(2) in the determination of the level of Life in the provision of credit and should not be used in place of the principles to be applied in these loans and procedures are specified in the regulation.
Financial Provisions the SIXTH CHAPTER of Income article 25 (1) with regard to İskâna;
a) Official and private, domestic and foreign institutions and individuals and to be made by international immigrant and refugee agencies will be converted to cash assistance with financial aid, b) will focus on compensation for immigrants of foreign States, c) has been taken for the purpose of Housing, has been allocated or has been obtained after the build but for various reasons have immovable property rights owners according to the tender usûllerine of devredileme proceeds from the sale, d) rights owners come from land sales made , d) Expropriation fees was tezyi with the price they paid was received as a result of the case, e) are charged a refund they come provided, f) other grants, aid and income are recorded in the general budget revenue.
Expenses article 26-(1) İskâna go for;
a purchase or expropriation of land and land price), b) through the various Debiting facility and construction expenses, c) the loan payments, d) Hosting expenses, d) will be held according to article 9 of this Act shall be unconditional assistance expenses, e) is moved to the service of Housing requires the purchase of immovable property rental and expenses with, f) Settlement Services for surveying, plan, project, map and do your research, get expenses, g) That any building under the law plant and equipment and infrastructure construction expenses, the cost of credit would go for Expropriation), h) stationery, publications, Office supplies, communications, advertising, insurance, Court, notary expenses, other expenses required by Housing Services) ı, I) Settlement Services public institutions and organizations for work to be done,.
(2) İskâna will be placed in the Ministry's budget of expenses for this purpose are welcomed with the allowance.
Debit's unpaid debts at maturity, collateral and article 27 (1) the owners of rights in Housing and physical settlement; because of real estate given to them, for the purchased immovable property expropriated and expropriation or purchase fees, cost for fees charged over the fair price for the land of treasure. However, for the purpose of housing built is expropriated, purchased, for various reasons, allocations within a year, submitted to the housing application is received again immovable properties, the new rights holders charged through the fair costs of that immovable property.
(2) Debit transactions, family members or their own housing is made on behalf of.
(3) the cost of immovable property belongs to the debit interest charged by the hotel in advance. It will be opened in accordance with the law business and equipment loans, will be held for the purpose of physical settlement arrangement with installment land sales and shall bear interest at the residential and business building loans given to the family.
(4) the payment period should be debited of immovable properties and maturity, the interest of credit will be opened in the relative debt and of land and of other considerations with debit and kredilendirmeye are specified in the regulation.
(5) National security reasons iskâna borçlandırılıp borçlandırılmayacağı of families or individuals held liable, if the principles and procedures of borrowing charge for the Council of Ministers is determined by the decision.
(6) according to the provisions of this law, shall all help housing charging made will be given to immovable property in favor of the Treasury in the first degree and in first place when the mortgage.
(7) except for the reasons and the mold and payable upon the Procrastination, the Ministry will be held with the National Bank within the framework of the Protocol and follow. Causes of procrastination is determined by the regulation.
(8) the obligor is moved to the domain haczedilebilir does not exist or is not enough, the entire muacceliyet warned of fortune, kesbeder and open the given according to this law, or by deed of immovable property provided credit records by court order on behalf of the Treasury tashihen registered and the return of this immovable property transactions are executed in accordance with the provisions of article 29.
(9) given the families Housing immovable properties, both the Administration and the families request and consent of both housing and back outside, meeting the missing rations due to be rolled back will be held with the purpose of expropriation and additional costs arising from the purchase will be given back the money from the event.
Borçlandırmadan will be tenkis values article 28-(1) the Ministry Central Accounting Unit Account deposit is deducted from the cost of fees charging expropriation; more will be refunded; According to the provisions of this law if missing those concerned is debited. Tilted nationalization fees, debit and/or credit as of the date is updated.
Given the back of credit operations, immovable property article 29-(1) if taken back of immovable property with the Court's decision, previously paid in installments or must be completed and utility expenses, will be given back money from the disposal will be refunded.
Borçlandırmasız services, expenses article 30 (1) of this Act with regard to the implementation to be done; unconditional settlement benefits, infrastructure facilities, social, cultural, administrative, economic and other facilities, plans and technical assistance which is non-transitive or type projects.
Sari contracting authority article 31-(1) you will get paid for the project, construction and other services, the amount of year allowance to be paid each year, 50 percent of the amount, not to exceed five years, provided that the Minister is authorized to sari capable-to-promise next year.
Expropriation costs ARTICLE 32-(1) for reasons mentioned in article 12, or in accordance with special laws of the expropriated immovable iskânını of expropriation was filed for claims as a result of the price of tezyi price coins, issued with this immovable property who send all kinds of taxes, duties and levies the amount identified by the Ministry, or after expropriation price and the price will be settled until tezyi was the name of the Ministry's central Accounting Unit account. Taxes, duties and levies are paid to relevant organizations engaged in the expropriation.
(2) Settlement as the price of the same family born separately in case of expropriation would get all of the family members and the related test if they wish their housing expropriation fees deposited to the account of the Central Ministry collectively Accounting Unit.
Expropriation should be put in the necessary organizational budget settlement makes allowance for the ARTICLE 33 (1) fall within the scope of article 12, for carrying out the Organization's main project budget that families can reconnect in the layout to include the necessary appropriations in accordance with article 13, with necessary for housing allowance and can do will be expropriated immovable goods shall be the Ministry's opinion expropriation allowances will make institutions been attained by the Ministry's budget for transfer to these organizations to their budget.
CHAPTER SEVEN Exemptions to take advantage of Customs exemptions ARTICLE 34-(1) this law adopted in accordance with the provisions of the emigrants, a village with people deemed to be a family or family, neighborhood, or community will bring dorm as used in gerli, a onetime professional and household items, including customs duties and stamp duty and any other picture, tax levies and exempt.
Muamelelerle-related exemptions ARTICLE 35 (1) be held on their passports and visas for immigrant treatment to be given to them with all kinds of document items shall be exempt from all fees and. Migrant, Nomad, national security, and because of the housing of the families affected by the expropriation, the provisions of this law to be held in accordance with the Customs and tax exemption for housing assistance, nationalities, population and title deed registration and transport will be given by themselves and thus need related with all kinds of documents to be edited for stamp duty exempt from all fees and miscellaneous charges.
Settlement of the tax exemption given through immovable property ARTICLE 36 (1) according to the provisions of this law, the conveyance, land and buildings this conveyance hence inheritance tax and are not spending pursuant hereto; the notary will be held for settlement and debt securities undertaking related to and is not subjected to stamp duties, organized document spend.
(2) according to this law, all paid in advance borçlandırılarak and need to be given land, land and structures is provided in the deed was registered in the Land Registry Act, without mortar. On the value of tradition, charging and hypothecary contracts, stamp duty and put through the waste removal.
(3) any deed concerning the treatment of Housing services, capital contributions are ignored.
Exemption from military service, ARTICLE 37 (1) of the make-up of migrants to benefit from this exemption the relevant exemptions and rhythmic cycles, 21/6/1927 Against military service according to the law No. 1111 and dated.
CHAPTER EIGHT Miscellaneous transfer of land to be Allocated, and land ARTICLE 38 (1) in private law without prejudice to the provisions of this law, the application can be used in land and plots are given below: a) located underneath the terms and State conservation land.

b the exclusive properties of the State and the availability of public services) to uncaused and unused land and land.
c) one or more village, town and city is the property and the purpose of the medium shall be exchanged was registered on behalf of the Treasury allocated plots.
ç) Treasury offloaded to municipalities and help free of charge is allocated 20/7/1966 and 775 places outside the purposes of Act No. Slums Act.
d) conveniently located for processing non-salty, alkaline, and State correctional facility from the lands obtained by similar plots.
e) natural and legal persons by the Ministry will be expropriated or to be purchased from the land and plots.
f) belonging to legal personality and the village land.
(2) (a), (b), (c) and (d) specified in paragraphs land and plots to be used after it has been allocated for this purpose by the Ministry of Finance; (d), (e), (f) is specified in paragraphs resulted in land and plots after housing and services operations.
Legal personality of the village-owned land and plots ARTICLE 39 (1) legal personality belongs to the village land and plots, village councils decided when this is available under the law. This kind of land and land appraisals are performed by the village councils, land and land rights owners proceeds from money saved the village budget of income.
Seçilemeyecek land and plots article 40-(1) the scope of this law will be using land and plots, special provisions of law and national security have been allocated to or due to 18/12/1981, dated and numbered 2565 Military Forbidden Zones and security zones will be according to the provisions of the law also prohibited military zones and security zones that fall within the boundaries of the places is not selected.
(2) However, in cases where the aforementioned mandatory land and plots can be used in accordance with the opinion of the relevant institutions are appropriate.
Shared facilities and structures registration ARTICLE 41-(1) in accordance with the provisions of this law when common and structures made for nothing, on behalf of the legal entity according to the purpose of related useful title deed is registered.
(2) the protection of this common structure and also maintenance and repair for the purpose with the use of the registration process on behalf of an entity, responsible for the made. The specified point is whether, instead of civilian amirlerince is checked and the necessary measures are taken.
Volunteer contribution ARTICLE 42 (1) of this Act shall be subjected to the application services are voluntary contribution of iskâna to hızlandırılabilmesi.
The provisions of ARTICLE 43 that the Rev and gift-(1) settled before the entry into force of this law, applications completed with families who are undertaking the rights of ongoing operations and the liabilities are reserved in this regard will be revealed this is resolved based on the previous legislation Law disputes.
Collectible due to the impossibility of the Taylor ARTICLE 44-(1) at the end of the track to do collection impossible to be held for costs or collection you will receive will be more than the apparently connected to the contract receivables receivables from legal entities and individuals with the 21/7/1953 6183, dated and numbered public receivables the monetary amount in article 106 of the law from Taylor is Looking to.
The budget appropriations to be put into ARTICLE 45-(1) this law requires the written tasks, surveying, research, planning is done by the Ministry or the designing of and implementation work.
(2) Housing Works technical and administrative staff, in-service training will be held, the Ministry of public buildings and facilities will be launched to the appropriation of budget expenses.
The new settlement will be held services for related institutions and organizations ARTICLE 46 (1) of this Act shall be 10, 11, 12 and 13 will be held in accordance with the article iskânlarda electricity, schools, sanitary and other facilities and infrastructure services in accordance with the opinions of the relevant institutions and organizations are made or the Ministry.
Regulation Regulation Authority ARTICLE 47 (1) of this regulation of regulation by law, the implementation of this Act with the prescribed particulars belonging to other regulations, the relevant ministries and organizations, will be organized by the Ministry based on opinions and is determined by the regulation to be issued within six months.
Repealed provisions of ARTICLE 48 (1) 15/5/1959 dated and will be frequented as fertility icons in public Life Touching No. 7269 Disasters That article 7 of the law to do the Assistant pictograms of preventative measures with additional 14/6/1934 Act No. 2510 dated Housing together with additional and changes the law is repealed.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1-(1) the Prime Minister, whether subjected to forced immigration from Bulgaria, Turkey Turkish origin who wish to settle in with the people within the framework of this law, as action items will be decisions with general coordination and made for them or housing project, production, control and selection, allocation and distribution, supply on behalf of the people and the title deed registration issues with charging can employ the President of the housing development administration of Turkey.
(2) the owner of the right in accordance with this law, having been allocated the dwelling, takyit period; Office, office buildings and other format except for the purpose of use or transfer, sale or promise to sell commentary, one of the State to bypass! or upon detection or for the Governor's Office of housing of the cost of borrowing for the payment of installments of back yatırılmamış, such as the fact that the question of ownership, in the same situation in order to be used in the service of migrants with the cancellation of registration of title deed on behalf of the Public Housing Administration housing development administration of Turkey by the Court. The cancellation of the registration of the title deed and the Tribunal's housing development administration of registration of the decision on behalf of housing, housing development administration at the request of the Presidency of this Act and Act No. 3091 dated 4/12/1984 and Made the law on immovable property, within the framework of Preventing rape and Zilyedliğine of the Governor.
(3) if taken back of immovable property with the Court's decision, previously paid in installments or access to essential and useful costs made, intifaın fees derived from immovable property be calculated on the basis of mutually, in values returned by the parties truncated. This process of balance, according to the following general terms by the housing development administration and collection.
(4) will open the case under this article and follow the housing development administration of Turkey in any tax, shall be exempt from all fees and.
(5) whether subjected to forced immigration from Bulgaria, Turkey Turkish origin who wish to settle in housing built for people to apply to receive money from the landlord, from the date of publication of this Act of who within one year are achieved by applying the legal interest that will handle the price, along with yatırıldıkları from paid to them. The case will be settled according to this provision, are seen. Time does not apply in the price they are deposited, of immigrant housing agnate of the collected sums of income recorded in the account in this way is liquidated. To implement the provisions of this paragraph to make the necessary arrangements for the housing development administration of Turkey.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 2-(1) from the date this law comes into force as well as additional and amended by law No. 2510 and in accordance with the rights holder can not be settled if the families starting from the date this law comes into force in two years if they apply in writing to the Governor and to the Ministry, these provisions of law in force on the date they are entitled and the following principles housing allowance: a) This must be still in need of families. Determination of the minimum wage for families neediness status is based on an annual amount.
in the first settlement decision b) and currently living family members, will take advantage of this assistance as a whole. Mirasçılara not recognized these rights.
c) that are separated from the family by men and women Marry, they may want to help in this way as a family housing and detached.
ç) First settled the decision date of issue between the date this law comes into force with the immovable property whose families, in this transfer of immovable property, even if they can not benefit from this assistance.
d) from the date this law comes into force within two years, does not apply to the Ministry to do with housing assistance on those who for any reason, we have been refused and where settlement shown Plattform leavers cannot claim for a second settlement and settlement rights are lost.
e) on behalf of the members of the family Given immovable properties registered in the deed in equal shares. Immovable properties cannot be sold in any way for ten years, unforgivable, bypass! and haczedilemez. Tapularına deducted on this track record.
(2) to be held in accordance with the provisions of this article, they are met from the budget of the Ministry spending.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 3 (1) of this Act shall be stipulated by the regulations until the entry into force, existing statutes and regulations not contrary to this Act continue implementation of.
Entry into force ARTICLE 49-(1) this Act enters into force on the date of promulgation.
Execution article 50-(1) this Law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.