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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. İSKÂN KANUNU

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Kanun No. 5543


Accepted Date: 19/9/2006      


Purpose, Scope, and Definitions


ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is; Migrants, nomads, sites are working for national security with the public and the country's plans for national security, the implementation of physical locations in villages, and the measures to be taken, the rights and rights of those who have been covered. to regulate their obligations.


MADDE 2- (1) This Law is a domestic It is based on the implementation of migrants coming from their sites, their sites, and the realization of the locations of the nomads and the regulation of physical security, and the regulation of the people who decided to regulate physical locations due to the security of the people. The provisions of the measures to be taken.


MADDE 3- (1) According to this Law;

a) The field of agriculture: the amount of farmland envisioned in a family project, Construction, housing, equipment, equipment, equipment, and credit are provided by the issuance of one or more of the items.

b) Style: If the amount of land envisioned in a family project, housing, housing, The tool, the widget, the counter, and one or more of the loans are provided by the issuance of one or more of the items.

c) Physical location: Due to the unrelinable of a family, a family The Ministry will be given over the amount of credit that will be determined by the Ministry after the transfer of villages or for the purpose of the development of the villages and the disaster-torn villages, or if the village is to be made available from the country's development. It's like a credit card.

ç) Göçebe: Steady, steady, and permanent stability in underground agricultural activities In the course of the course of life and climate, nature and climate continue to spread the animal's activities, which are spread among the people of nature and people, who have been living in the country since the time of the life. are Turkish citizens who are executing in a group.

d) Immigrant: Turkish bloodline and Turkish culture, aim to settle to come to Turkey in a single, or collectively, they are accepted into this Law.

e) Free immigrant: From Turkish lineage and Turkish culture, to eat They are accepted at home in order not to ask them to come to Turkey in a single or collective state, but not to have the state to work with them.

f) Israeli immigrant: Turkish lineage and Turkish culture, private They would be made available by law and provided them with goods that are not applicable in accordance with the provisions of this Law.

M) Müferit immigrant: Turkish lineage and Turkish culture to our homeland. It's a family that comes to be a family.

is a mass immigrant: Turkish lineage and Turkish culture, and two countries are families that are collectively coming to our home country, according to the deal.

h) Minister: The Ministry of Public Affairs and the Minister of Israel.

) Ministry: The Ministry of Public Affairs and the Ministry of Israel.


Immigrants Acceptance

Accept as Immigrant

MADDE 4- (1) Turkic lineage and Foreigners who are not involved in Turkish culture with Turkish roots and Turkish culture, and who are not eligible to come to Turkey from security care to Turkey, are not considered immigrants, Turkish culture and Turkish culture.

Müferite migrant acceptance

MADDE 5- (1) In Turkey From the Turkish lineage and the Turkish culture, the Turkish national and the first or second degree in Turkey, the Turkish national and Turkish culture, have been referred to our consular representatives in the country in person. And according to the provisions of this Law, Diaries and the People In accordance with the ministers ' review, visa-free immigrant visa areas are considered as a free immigrant when they do not ask the government for any more than a half of the business.

(2) This means that the passports of the future are required to be required and are required to the provisions of article 8 of the rights.

Consolidated immigrant acceptance

MADDE 6- (1) With wildlings The Turkish descendants and Turkish culture, who wanted to come to Turkey when the meanings were made, according to the terms of the deal and the decision to be given by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Ministry of Ministers, is a free immigrant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are accepted.

(2) The rights of these articles are related to the provisions of the 8th article.

Turkish bloodline and Turkish culture and identification

MADDE 7- (1) As an Immigrant The determination and determination of Turkish culture and Turkish culture to be accepted is made by the decision of the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Minister of the Ministry of Turkey.

Temporary shelter, immigration document to be granted and accepted to the citizen

MADDE 8- (1) 5th and 6 nci The migrants who are considered collectively accepted at home are guests until the customs, administrative and transport operations are completed in the migrant admission centers in the entry points after they have entered from the water. At this time, the maintenance, nutrition, and shelter needs of the Kizılay Derneysis are also associated with the Ministry of Ministers.

 (2) For these expenses, the Treasury is transferred to the Treasury by urgency.

(3) The possible immigrants brought to our homeland with special laws, By signing the "Citizen Entering Statement" for themselves and their family members, free migrants are among the places designated for temporary or certain facilities after entering the dormitory from our names, and free immigrants will be able to sign for themselves and their family members. It's mandatory to get a "immigrant certificate." The Certificate of Immigration is valid for two years and used as a temporary identity document. This document states which item of this Law is accepted in the dormitory.

(4) Accepted as an Immigrant, required by the appropriate installation of After they were completed, the Council of Ministers will receive a citizen's decision. They are small; father and mother, father or mother, or blood and loss to the loss of blood. The minors, who come without an orphan, receive a citizen of the company.

(5) Home of any of the barriers counted in the 4th Amendment after entering, the operations identified are canceled on the immigration process.


Israel's Esasas

Business help

MADDE 9- (1) Immigrant, nomadic, In the cities, towns and villages, the cities and villages are the people who have decided to make their place because of the public and the nation's security reasons. In accordance with the plan and project to be prepared by the Minister;

a) First of all housing and housing,

b) Esnaf, art and merchants, business and business to pass through Business credit,

c) The land envisioned in the farmers ' agricultural project, the required tardinal entries, agricultural, or economic, and equipment, and equipment loans,

), in case of claims by rights owners, housing, workplace and farmland the loans of public or individual families if they are offered by themselves and deemed appropriate by the Minister,


, the provisions of this Law through debunking The system will be installed.

(2) The annual execution and equipment projected in the field of the Tararial business These loans are not used for families who do not want their loans in the two years after the transfer of agricultural land.

(3) The migrants who are admitted to the dormitory under this Law are exempt from customs From the beginning of the storm, it will burn, eat, burn, and move to the new area of the nomads, where they will be transferred to new areas for security reasons and nomencils, as well as from the people. And the treatment is in need of them. The time specified in the regulation of the time, quantity, and intensity for tentative help for the ones that will be worn to the public and to those that have been put on the ground for a temporary job.

(4) Transshipment shipments to new site areas, transport to be prepared From the State side, it is the government.

How many migrants are able

MADDE 10- (1) Accepted in the dormitory In the places where the refugees are, they are the first to be given the provisions of this Law. However, migrants who do not want to be able to work in two years from the date they come to Turkey cannot be heard in the Ministry and the rearview of the process is cut off.

The hub of the hubs

MADDE 11- (1) The Nomads, To be considered by the Minister of the Ministry of Public Affairs and installations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also be considered in accordance with the provisions of this Law. However, after the end of the history of the announcement, families who are not able to face it in the face of a hundred days cannot be heard.

The locations of the sites are public.

MADDE 12-(1) Public enterprise and The construction of the dam, the dam, the protected area, the airport, the road, the railway, the factory, the economy and the defence, the construction of the other facilities, such as the protection of the history and nature of nature, or by the special laws of the law. because of the application;

a) The result of whether or not the property is completely expropriate families who are forced to leave their place,

b) The calendar year started by the business planning of the business. in public, at least three years ago, families who had not been able to take part in public health care,

This Law will be shown in the Ministry if they request

They are under their own terms.

(2) However, it is abandoned before the start date of the business planning ethno Families with the right to take care of the public will not be given the job. In three years, they are not going to be able to leave their place without having to take their property, without having to replace them, or if they don't take away any of the other families that don't have the right to replace them. Mandatory halts are determined by regulation.

(3) The public enterprise and its installations are located in areas that are publicly available and Those who did not want the government to be affected by the government, affected by the government's government by the government, said the relevant governor's proposal and the positive view of the Ministry of the People will be shown in their own village areas as the Ministry has shown. They can be found in the ground.

(4) Who enters into this clause and wants to have a state hand from families; the cost of public opinion, or the cost of public opinion, with those who are not able to leave within 90 days after the end of the announcement of the announcement of the announcement; the amount of public opinion is not less than the amount specified by the Ministry The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has completed the costs of the public and the government. Those who do not commit to the Central Accounting Unit Account are not committed.

Due to national security business

MADDE 13- (1) national security The issue of the families that live in the areas to be heated due to the recommendations of the Council of National Security Council will be made according to the provisions of the Council of Ministers and the provisions of this Law within the framework of the Council of Ministers to be determined.

Accept the location at the location shown

MADDE 14- (1) 10, 11, 12, and 13 If any eligible families who are covered by the items do not agree to be received at the location of the Ministry, they are cancelled by the Neighborhood Commission. Families in this situation can't claim a second name.

News announcement

MADDE 15- (1) 11, 12, and 13 It is announced in the village, town, or county centers where the items are to be installed, including the ones that are in place, and where there is a lot of people. The announcement of the business and the regulations on this announcement are determined by the regulations and guidelines.


Physical Location EditingDüzenlenmesi

Physical location

MADDE 16- (1) In a remote field with the purpose of editing physical location;

a) The location of the site is unrelled because it is not available Transport of sites with non-image villages where they are likely to cost the part of the infrastructure, instead of a more immerous site,

b) The neighborhood of more than one willing village or a village in the city, Collecting in one of the existing locations of the kom, mezra and similar mountain ground units in one of the current locations,

c) The families of families who are not exposed to the disaster due to the disaster adding to new location in the case of claims,

o) Cash, regroup, and physical recovery will be improved to approve, approve and comply with the zoning plans and sell land to rights holders who are willing to take part in the areas that are reserved according to the country's zoning plans,

d) To the environment of the environment, social and economic, construction material In accordance with the possibilities of the appropriate housing, agricultural building buildings and social facilities and appropriate location models, the technical assistance and the technical assistance of the projects are to be provided to the willing village or villagers, and the necessary conditions are necessary. social, cultural, administrative, economic structure and facilities in villages With the construction of the in-village infrastructure,

e) Nakil, community, and physical recovery implementation In the villages that have been completed, the families who bought the reserve from the reserves in later years did not provide a loan with the method of building their own home,

services according to plans and projects to be prepared by sleeping on zoning regulations Or it will be done. On the basis of necessity, in accordance with the regulations specified in the regulation, the loan is provided for the housing and construction building, in order to be in debt to those who are entitled to the rights of the eligible families.

(2) However, the services of the first fan (a) and (b) In order to be able to do so, a phaseout of the village voter's list would have the greatest property on the ground.


Family, Family, Israel Commissions and

Israel Measures

Accept family in public They will be

MADDE 17- (1) This Law The family is considered as a whole, and the family is counted as a whole.

a) Husband and husband,

b) Married children, mother and father, or with one of them together,

c) Married children, married grandsons and children and women widows

ç) Anazz and other children with mixed shares, together with shares,

they are available as a family.


MADDE 18- (1) The Ministry needs If they are heard, a Central Committee of the United States will be established, which will be deemed necessary, in the case of the Minister or the incumbent, and representatives of the other ministries.

(2) This commission provides information on the expropriations of immigrants, immigrants, places and The economic, social, and health-related areas of the families to be taken care of due to national security, and the need to work through the business programs, to search for and find useful goods, to find and sell the benefits of the business. The minister in charge of the effort to be spent , and perform tasks such as installation.

(3) This is a determinate and untasteable property for the provisions of this Code. He will be able to address the officials of the public institutions and institutions that serve on issues that will be needed, including the name of the city's largest property supervisor, or the incumbent, the site, the title, the deed, the finance, the agriculture and the need to be needed. The local government commission is authorized.

(4) These commissions are eligible according to the information and documents at hand. They decide whether or not they own it.

(5) The ringing of the commissions specified in this clause is available, and, in essence, It is determined by the regulation that will be played by the Minister.

Temlik and registration

MADDE 19- (1) This Law The governor and the scistamen are authorized to the property, as well as the assets that are not given according to their provisions. The governor or the governor or the governor of his decisions, and his approval, is a matter of July. The amounts in the approved ledger or decisions are valid.

(2) The annuities provided are called family members who live in the history of July. It is registered to be registered with shares in order and to the tapuya.

Business with ownership and price conflicts

MADDE 20- (1) Temp In cases where the property is to be opened as soon as possible, the defendant is in accordance with the registration status of the new salary.

(2) Property of the property after a year has passed from the date of July Those who claim to be sued may be sued over the price of a derailer in the seizure.

Inherit, install, and roll back

MADDE 21- (1) According to this Law As of the date of July, the number of untenable goods shall not be sold, printed, inexplicable, and sold to the deed of deed of deed cannot be placed and foreclosed on the property. This is the way to scroll through the order of these undertaves.

(2) Land, land, residence, residence and service granted to the rights holders according to this Law The agricultural facilities are not to be created, or sold or sold by themselves, without a valid apology, such as military, imprisonment, disaster and documented long illness, within the duration of the installment period. when third-place use is determined, Mahalli As of the Commission's Commission, the eligibility status is revoked, the cancellation of the deed to be used for the purposes of the title and the court will be asked by the Treasury for the registration of the treasury.

Fousulus from the table protection

MADDE 22- (1) This Law They will be given to their rightful owners, land and land, regardless of who is under the occupation, by law enforcement, under the orders of the greatest property of the place, and surrender to them. And in the rapes that are going to happen to them, the biggest property of that place is the authority to evacuate using law enforcement.

Executes execution of business people

MADDE 23- (1) This Law In accordance with the provisions of the employment of those who have been employed in accordance with the provisions of the United States, the following are executed by the Minister of the Ministry of the Ministry of Business and the manufacturer of the procurement and manufacturer. The governor and the authorities in the areas where the ministry's staff, vehicles and the equipment were inadequate, except for the judicial organs in their own provinces and counties, where they saw fit with government officials, private administration and municipal staff, and tools and equipment. It is authorized to deploy, measure and control the places to be given to them, and to deploy them in transport and transport. The personnel assigned are required to do so first.

(2) Register for permission from the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Zaruri situations The Armed Forces personnel may also benefit from the service above.

Project loan

MADDE 24- (1) According to this Law Measures such as development, side-revenue, and other related institutions and organizations are executed according to the plan and projects to be prepared for the level of life to be determined by those who are being identified. The agriculture tools and tools involved in these projects are used by the co-operative course of the working families.

(2) In the detection of life, credit and such loans are If not, the results and guidelines will be specified in the regulation.


Financial Provisions


MADDE 25- (1) Israel is as;

a) Paintings and nationalities with official and private, domestic and foreign institutions help to cash in with financial aid to be done by immigrant and refugee services,

b) Reparable compensation for immigrants from foreign states,

c) For example, allocated, allocated, or resulting in a post-operation but for the purposes of a number of goods, they are obtained from the sale of goods by the tender for the goods.

gelirlerc) revenues from the land of land held by their rightful owners, as well as the

d) Public opinion costs and counter-fee cases received money,

e) Revenge from reimbursement collections,

f) Digit grant, help, and revenue,

The revenue is saved in thegenelpublic budget.


MADDE 26- (1) Business expenses;

a) Purdue or expropriations of land and land,

b) The expense of the facility and the expense of the expense of the debt,

c) Loan payments,

c) Barricade expenses,

d) This is the first of the Code to be made according to the 9th to

e) to rent and lease goods as required by Israeli services. sell-off expenses,

f) Do not make etup, plan, project, map and research for the services of the business, -Don't-do-do-do-do-

g) Any building, facility, and equipment to be covered by this Law infrastructure-to-build expenses,

), expenses for the return of the public costs,

h) Hierarchy, release, office supplies, communications, ad, insurance, court, notarial expenses,

) Expenses required by Israeli services,

i) Public institutions and installations in relation to Israeli services The price of things to be done,

kapsarcovers it.

(2) Business expenses will be placed in the Ministry budget for this purpose The benefits are met.

In order of debt, collateral and maturity unpaid debts

MADDE 27- (1) For example and physical rights holders; the cost of public or public procurement, such as the cost of public or sale of goods, cost of goods, and rail costs for the goods, and for the goods. They'll be in debt. However, if the goods for the purposes of the business are publicly available, the new rights holders are not able to reapply, unless the goods have been remade within a year of steel for reasons of steel, new owners will not be able to They'll be in debt.

(2) Borclandrma proceedings, family members, or self-service It will be named after the people who are being selected.

(3) Uninterest charges of indebtable goods costs without interest It is. This is the law to open, and the loans of equipment and housing loans that are provided to the family are interest-related loans, which will be done in order to regulate physical locations.

(4) The grace period and maturity will be opened when debunkeless goods are debuned The interest proportional to the loans and liabilities of the loans and liabilities, and the lending and credit of the loan, are specified in the regulation.

(5) of the families or the members of the country who are kept in office due to national security. The debt is determined by the decision of the Council of Ministers, if the debt is not debuned, borrower if it is debuned.

(6) The provisions of this Law by debunking For all of its assistance, the mortgage is first in favor of the Treasury and the first round of the mortgage is the first to be established.

(7) They will receive deferral reasons, and will become muaccel, It will be followed by a protocol that will be made with a national bank. The cause of the deferral is determined by the regulation.

(8) The debt may not be reacutable or to the debt If not enough, the debt will be completed by a failure of the entire debt, and the return of the treasury will be registered under the order of the court order to the Treasury, and the return of the property is 29. the provisions of the matter.

(9) untasteable goods, management, and services provided to the families of the United States If the requests and refunds of both families are withdrawn, additional charges will be made available, regardless of the cost of the public and the additional charges that will be made available through the return of the remunerations of the remunerations. It will be started.

Will be left out of the Borckrica deðerler

MADDE 28- (1) Central Central The cost of expropriation of the Accounting Unit Account is due at the cost of borrowing; the merits are returned; they are owed by the provisions of this Law, if they are incomplete.   The payment costs are updated as of the borrowing and/or return date of the yacht.

Back to unsupplied goods Return actions

MADDE 29- (1) Court decision If the goods do not return, the installments or the damages and the tiles that are paid in return are returned from the reverse of the coins to be checked in.

The services of the Borclandz are expenses

MADDE 30- (1) This is the will be implemented as a result of the implementation of the medical projects, infrastructure facilities, social, cultural, administrative, economic and other facilities, zoning plans, and technical assistance and technical assistance.

Sari commitment authority

MADDE 31- (1) Payment will be made For project, intranet, and similar services, the Minister is authorized to make a yellow commitment to future years, not exceed the percentage of the amount to be paid each year.

Public public costs

ARTICLE 32- (1) In article 12 nci for specified reasons or special laws, the cost of public and public opinion, and the cost of public opinion, the money, the public, and any other information about the goods that are not available for the purposes of the price. after the tax, the painting and the fees are cut off, The Ministry's Central Accounting Unit Account for the price and price of public opinion and the price of public opinion and the price of public opinion and the price of the thesis are to be considered as much as the price. Taxes, images, and fees are paid to related installations that make it public.

(2) The cost of public support for the same family members who have been right about. If it is not, and if the family members want to complete their family members, they will be subject to the Federal Central Accounting Unit Account, for example, the cost of expropriations of the relevant organization.

Public-making installation the budget for which the budget is required

MADDE 33- (1) 12 nci The main project, which is running the main project for the families of the families covered, will include relocations in the budget, as well as the required payment for the 13th clause, and the right to cover the cost of the country. The public's funding is to receive the Minister's view. to be transferred to the Ministry's budget by installations that will be made public by them, they will be put into their own budgets.



From customs exemptions benefit

MADDE 34- (1) This Law According to the provisions of the migrants, who are accepted by the provisions of a family or family, they will bring home a village, neighbourhood or community, and customs duties are stamped with customs duties, including a professional and household property. and other types of images are exempt from taxes and allowes.

About the Muamelees Exemptions

MADDE 35- (1) Migrants All kinds of documents and fees are exempt from all kinds of documents that will be given to them by the visa treatment they will be given on their passports. Immigrant, nomadic, domestic security and tax relief to be made available from the families affected by the law requires the customs and tax exemption, the nature, the population, and the registration of the transport and the transport. Any paperwork to be held by themselves or any paperwork to be held by the relevant agencies is exempt from the exalts and allowance.

Not available through Israel Exemptions from taxes for goods

MADDE 36- (1) This Law In accordance with the provisions of the land, land and structures, the property is not used for tax and suicide tax and ferocials; the commitment and the borrowing of the noters  and the documents stamped on this subject are stamped. And it ' s really not a problem.

(2) According to this Law, the cost of both, and if both are charged, All the land, land and structures are given the deed to the deed, and the deed is given. There are no guarantees, fees, loans, and mortgage retreats, and no stamp duty, no stamp duty, and no tuition.

(3) The revolving capital from any type of worship of capital services The contribution of the contribution is not received.

Military exemption

MADDE 37- (1) Migrants The exemptions for the military and the beneficiaries of these exemptions are executed according to the principles of the Military Code dated 21/6/1927 and the number 1111.


Steelhead Provisions

Thesis, transfer, and supply land and searcharsalar

MADDE 38- (1) In special laws the provisions of the article are stated in the application of the land and land that may be used in the applications of this Law, as follows:

a) The provisions of the state and the state of the state of the state.

b) to become private property of the state and be allocated to public services And the land and land that is not used.

c) One or several villages, towns, and cities are medium-property and can be allocated The land that has been registered under the name of the Treasury by being able to be told.

o) transferred to municipalities without a fee, and allocate them on purpose  They were left out of the country, dated 20/7/1966 and intended for the purposes of the 775-numbered Code of Gezedu.

d) salty, alkali, vacation, and so on, to be reallyated the land obtained by the state of the state from the territory of the Republic.

e) will be received from real and legal persons by the Ministry or Land and land to be publicly covered.

f) land and search for village legal entity.

Finance of land and land specified inbentlerinde(2) (a), (b), (c) and (d). After the Minister is allocated to be used for this purpose; (ç), (e), (f) the land and land mentioned in (f) items are used in the business services after the conclusion of their operations.

If the village belongs to the legal entity, and terrain

MADDE 39- (1) Village legal The land and land of the country can be used in the scope of this Law if the village elders decide to decide. This kind of land and land appreciation of the land is made by the village elders, and the money from the land and property of the land is saved in the village budget.

If it will not be selected, terrain

MADDE 40- (1) This Law to be used within the scope of land and land, special law provisions and national security, or military forbidden zones to be established according to the provisions of the Military Forbidden Regions and Security Regions of 2565 and numbered 18/12/1981. And security zones are from the areas that remain. is not selected.

(2) However, in the mandatory state of land and land related institutions is available in the appropriate view.

Common facilities and structures tesli

MADDE 41- (1) The provisions of this Law the common facilities and structures that are made available to you are registered with the relevant legal entity for the purpose of the purpose of use.

(2) This common structure and facilities are protected, maintenance and repair. The legal entity is responsible for the registration of the name, from the use of it as appropriate. Whether or not the specified considerations are met, they are controlled by the property and are required by the required measures.

Volunteer contribution

MADDE 42- (1) This Law They benefit from the voluntary contributions of people who are willing to take care of the services of the application.

Inherit and indent provisions

MADDE 43- (1) This Law The rights and rights of those who are committed to the families who have completed the implementation prior to the current entry are saved and the conflicts that arise will be resolved according to the legislation prior to this Law.

Because of the possibility of an allocation

MADDE 44- (1) Follow up They will eventually receive a promise of more than credit for the opportunity to be collected or to collect expenses for the collection, as well as from creditors of real and legal entities, dated 21/7/1953 and about 6183 of Amme Creations of the Board. Up to the monetary amount in Article 106 of the Law The Minister is in charge of any of the following.

Allowance for budget

MADDE 45- (1) written in this Law The Ministry of Research, planning, planning, and implementation of tasks will be done or done in the Ministry.

(2) Technical and administrative staff related to the business of Israel, in-service costs of public construction and facilities to be made, Grants to be placed in the Ministry budget.

New location related institution and installations for installation

MADDE 46- (1) 10, 11, of this Law The Ministry of electricity, school, health and similar facilities and infrastructure services with similar facilities and similar facilities and infrastructure services will be done in the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry or the Ministry of Turkey.

Ordinance regulatory authority

MADDE 47- (1) With this Law, The applicable regulations for the implementation of this Code with the regulations stipulate in regulation of the regulation are determined by the Ministry and the regulations that will be held in the Ministry by the Ministry and will be played within the sixth month.

Current status provisions

MADDE 48- (1) dated 15/5/1959 And 7269 is in effect with the additional 7 nci articles of the Law on the Measures to be brought to life by the Measures to be brought to life, including the additional Code 14/6/1934 and the number 2510 with the additional Code of Israel and the additional.

INVALID ARTICLE 1- (1) Bafbakan, The general co-ordination of the decisions to be made within the framework of this Law and the general coordination of the decisions to be made within the framework of this Law regarding Turkish noble people who want to take part in Turkey and to come to Turkey and to come to Turkey is a must for the country. project, construction, control and rights holder selection, allocation and The Department of Housing Housing can be used to assign the Secretary of Housing to the United States, in line with the name of the people, and in the case of the borrower.

(2) The residence of this Law, which is allocated to the rightful owner, is the residence over the period of time for use, transfer, sell, or promotion of a person or a few of the people who are involved in the business, trade, and sair format, or to identify or replace one or more of the following. The repayment of the fee for the payment of the price People are asked by the court for the cancellation of the deed, the cancellation of the deed registration, and the Mass Housing Department, with the cancellation of the deed, in order to be used in the service of immigrants in the same situation. The dwellings decided by the court for the tapu registration and the registration of the Mass Housing High Court, at the request of the Mass Housing High Court, were made in this Law and 4/12/1984, and 3091 are the property of the Property. It is evacuated by the governors within the framework of the law on the prevention of rapes.

(3) If the court decision does not return, evvelce is not The payments, or the damages and the tiles that are paid, are paid for by the cost of the amount of goods that are obtained from the property, and are returned by the excess of the goods in the other countries. They will take care of the business, while the Mass Housing Service is based on the general provisions of the President and the general provisions.

(4) Mass Housing International in litigation and followup by this Article Any taxes, images, and fees are exempt from all kinds of things.

(5) the mandatory hub of Bulgaria is held, If they were to take part in the housing for Turkish people who want to take part in coming to Turkey, they would be able to help the people who have been able to host the money in a year from the date of the release of this Law. The price is paid to them, along with the legal interest that will work from the date of the time they were laid. The cases that are being seen will also result in this provision. The cost of unassuming unaccompanied children is to be liquidated, with the money being recorded in the account of the migrant residence and the money collected in this way. The United States Department of Housing Authority is authorized to make necessary arrangements for implementing these frictions provisions.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 2- (1) This Law as of the date of the current date, 2510 are the additional and the mother of the law, and the families who cannot be named are entitled to the governorships and the Ministry in two years, beginning with the effective date of this Law. They were entitled to their rights, if they were to report it. the provisions of the Law in effect on the date and the following principles:

a) These families still need to be in need. The minimum wage is based on the minimum wage for families to determine their informane status.

b) family members who are still alive and still alive in the decision of the first They take advantage of this yarn. They don't qualify for the legacies.

c) The woman and the men who are separated from the family by marriage are the family of the future They can't ask for help on this road.

is the effective date of the decision, and the effective date of this Law Families who have acquired the goods as soon as possible are not able to take advantage of this benefit, even if they have been able to transfer and transfer such assets.

d) Within two years of the current date of this Law Those who do not ask for any reason for the benefit of the Ministry, who do not, for any reason, do not accept the place shown, and those who leave the place where they are treated, cannot claim a second claim, and the rights of the business will be lost.

e) The untaured goods return to the tapuya with shares in the name of family members It's registered. As soon as the goods are not sold, they cannot be sold, inexplicably, terhin and foreclosed. Their tapis will be lost on this road.                      

(2) Expenses to be made according to the provisions of the Ministry It will be started.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 3- (1) This Law The provisions of the current charter and regulations continue to be enforced until the regulations stipulate that the regulations are effective.


MADDE 49- (1) This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.


MADDE 50- (1) This Law The Council of Ministers executes its provisions.