Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Professional Qualifications Authority Act

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. MESLEKÎ YETERLİLİK KURUMU KANUNU

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Kanun No. 5544


Accepted Date: 21/9/2006      



Purpose, Scope, and Definitions

Purpose and scope

MADDE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is; national and international profession Based on their standards, to determine the principles of national qualifications in technical and professional areas; to establish the national competence system required to conduct activities of auditing, measuring and devoting, documenting and certification of the And the establishment of the Professional Competence Institution to work it out, Provides the identification of the national qualification framework with the identification of the principles and principles of the operation.

(2) Nature is best known for its health, hemp, efinity, pharmacism, veterinary, engineering and architecture professions. Professions that require a minimum degree of license and are regulated by the business of the profession are covered by this Law.


MADDE 2- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) Ministry: The Ministry of Labour and Social Security,

b) Minister: The Minister of Labour and Social Security,

c) The Institution: Professional Competency Institution,

ç) National professional competence system: Technical and professional education standards and these standards are based on The rules and activities of the development, implementation and implementation of competencies, administration, measurement and implementation of qualifications, certification and certification of the competencies,

d) National qualification framework: In line with the European Union's adoption of the adoption of qualifications The proficiency of all technical and professional education, including initial, medium and higher education, and proficiency in programs with respect to the permission of relevant institutions, including initial, medium, and higher education programs,

e) National occupational standards: in order to be executed with the use of a profession, accepted by the Institution, the minimum norms that show what is needed, skills, attitudes and attitudes,

f) Delegated institution: Turkish Accreditation Agency or European Union to sign multilateral recognition They are accredited personnel documentation institutions and organizations accredited by accreditation institutions,

g) The institutions of education and education: including general middle and higher education, and all technical and professional schools and publishing organizations, and all of the institutions that offer programs and provide business qualifications with the following, as well as other professional qualifications,

refers to.



Professional Qualification Agency, Organization's Tasks and Competencies and Orglari

Department of Professional Qualifications

MADDE 3- (1) To perform the tasks that are given to this Law and A special budget Professional Competence Institution is the establishment of the public legal entity, the haiz, the administrative and financial autonomy of the public entity, including the provisions of special law in the law. The organization's daughter name is MYK.

(2) The Install is the related installation of the Ministry.

Agency task and entitlements

MADDE 4- (1) The task and entitlements of the organization Next:

a) plans to develop a national system of professional competence to prepare, develop, implement, or administer, to control; to make arrangements for them.

b) To identify and prepare professions for which standards are to be determined to identify institutions and organizations.

c) 2547 is a high level of technical and professional education for the Law of the Law with the Board of Higher Education to ensure compliance and education of national professional standards in the institutions of education; and the education and training of national professional standards in the institutions of secondary education and other institutions The Ministry of National Sovereignty is to be held in order to do so. to

), based on national vocational standards, national and professional to determine the essences of qualifications.

ved) The institutions of education and education in the field of national professional qualifications to identify the institutions that will be accredited by their programs.

e) in the scope of the system and documentation system; it will document the competence To identify authorized institutions and to issue certificates to those who are currently working in the office.

f) The professional qualification for foreigners who want to be stolen in Turkey to determine whether the certificates are to be changed.

g) National professional qualification standards are developed in the world and in technology to develop, to raise the standards of qualification, and to promote international recognition.

) is required for horizontal and vertical transients between colleagues and fields How to determine qualifications.

h) Sell services, sell services, and do business with similar organizations and organizations in other countries to develop, develop and implement projects, to engage in education, research, conference, seminar, and broadcast activities.

) To support and encourage life-to-life.

i) To make all kinds of plays out of the operating space.

organlarýAgency organs

MADDE 5- (1) Install; General Assembly, Board of Directors, and service units.

General Assembly

MADDE 6- (1) The General Assembly is the top decision body of the Institution, and is from the specified members:

a) Two members from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

b) three members from the national Ministry of National Estates.

c) A member of the Finance Ministry.

is a member and a member of the Ministry of Israel.

d) is a member from the Ministry of the Saber.

e) A member of the Ministry of Tarism and Villains.

f) A member from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

g) A member of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

) The School Board of Collegiate Economics, business and business education I have three members of my life to be determined by the party.

h) A member from the State Planning Contact.

) is a member of the European Union General Secretariat.

i) is a member of the Turkish Business Agency.

j) A member of the Small and Medium-Scale Industrial Development and Promoting Human.

k) is a member of the Turkish Institute of Standards.

l) Four members from the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges.

m) Four members from the Turkish Confederation of Esnaf and Artisans.

n) Turkey is a member of the Ziraat Chambers Union.

o) A member from the Turkish Travel Agencies Union.

) is a member of the Turkish Parliament of the Israeli Parliament.

p) Two members of the three-party confederation with the most members.

r) Three members from the confederation of labor unions with the most members.

(2) the members of the General Assembly, representatives of public institutions and organizations in the Board of Higher Education, the institution or the Members of the Board of Higher Education, representatives of the Board of Directors, and representatives of the public institution are appointed by the authorized bodies. The term of office of the members of the General Assembly is three years. Task-expired members can be reassigned. For any reason, the space is required to complete the remaining time for membership in the latest month at the latest.

 (3) The General Assembly is convened every year at the time of October. The General Assembly may have a meeting at which members may be at the request of someone's request or upon request of the Board of Directors. For the General Assembly, the total number of members is absolute, as long as it is the meeting. If a child is not held in the first meeting, the second meeting will not be searched for as many. The majority of the resolution of the General Assembly is the absolute majority of the contributions.

(4) The General Assembly is part of a elected president and two clerk members from the President's Court. is managed.

Tasks of theGenelGeneral Assembly

MADDE 7- (1) The General Assembly's tasks are:

a) To select members of the Board of Directors.

b) To accept the budget that is being prepared by the Board of Directors, either by the same or by the management.

c) The previous year's operating report of the Board of Directors, the next year's execution schedule and property to be decided by the reports.

) To ibra the Board of Directors.

d) To approve the planning of personnel to be proposed by the Board of Directors.

e) Authorization to the Board of Directors in order to rent or sell the services that are needed to export.

f) to become a member of the international setups and represent the Institution in international organizations to authorize the Board of Directors.

g) To determine the amount of dues for members.

) To perform other tasks that are provided with the law.

Board of Directors

MADDE 8- (1) The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Agency. The Board of Directors, a member and a reserve member of the Ministry of Social Security, a hung and a reserve member, the Ministry of Education, a hung and a reserve member, the Board of Directors, a lion and a reserve member, the profession of the public institution They are elected by the General Assembly, including a hung and a backup member, the confederations, and a total and gold reserve member among the representatives of the union's confederations, which are also a member of the union and a reserve member.

The members of the Board of Directors of

(2) are three years old and the expired members can be re-elected. The Board of Directors chooses a first-to-be and a representative from among its members.

(3) to be elected a member of the Board of Directors of the State Officers Act of 657 (A) of the article 48 (1), (4), (6), (6) and (7) have sufficient knowledge and at least ten years of professional experience to address the issues specified in the subbenes of (6) and (7), and to have sufficient information and at least ten years of experience in the field of operation of the Institution.

 (4) The members of the Board of Directors cannot be put to an end for any reason without the term of their mandate. However, it is not possible to do its duty for any reason, accident or otherwise, with more than six months of illness, accident, or more than six months, due to the alleged crimes related to their duties to the law. Members of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors, who will not be able to continue his duties in the remainder of his term, will be received from a fully-qualified hospital with a full report due to no need for a full time period.

(5) A total of three meetings were not added or added to a meeting in a calendar year without a valid excuse, and Members of the Board of Directors, who do not sign up for the duration of the Board of Directors ' decisions, who do not sign up for the duration of the vote, or who do not write the reasons for the votes of the Board of Directors during their term, are withdrawn from the membership. This is determined by the decision of the Board of Directors.

(6) The member of the member who is involved in a number of members of the Board of Directors will fill out the member-member and then completes the remaining task duration of the member that is replaced.

Yönetim(7) The Board of Directors, President or Board of Directors, at least once a week on the dates specified by the President It can always be collected on a third of its members ' written prompt. It is possible that the chief of the community has been involved in the meetings.

(8) The Board of Directors convenes with absolute majority of the number of members, and the meeting has been added to the meeting's absolute It's decided. Decisions are made in the direction of the President if the votes are in order.

The members of the Board of Directors of

(9), except for the number of directors of the Board of Directors, They can vote in the General Assembly meetings.

Tasks of the

Board of Directors

MADDE 9- (1) The tasks of the Board of Directors are:

a) Install the business standard in order to develop, snav, and certivize To examine and result in the results.

b) To identify the professions to which the standard is to be applied and applied to the documentation and documentation.

c) To approve a Professional Qualification Agency to be given to those who show the results in the results of the work.

) To forward the regulations to the relevant authorities for review by reviewing the drafts of the ordinance.

d) The agency 's operating report from the previous year, the next year' s work report, financial report and staff To approve the General Assembly's budget by preparing its budget with planning.

e) Decide the status of the service units.

f) Within the framework of the relevant legislation, the establishment of the staff of the Institution, unflinting, promoting, To be awarded and to present similar savings to the General Assembly by determining the merits of the work in the environment, the fee, the spend, the financial and social rights.

g) To ensure that the vocational standards, snot, and documentation applications to be made are in conformity with international norms. to be seen.

) to decide whether to open an office or representative office in Ankara, or to the relevant institution and To authorize the organizations to enter the enterprise in the field of activity.

h) investigation, technical review, etuut, project and related issues related to the duties of the Agency to make decisions about the sale of goods and services to domestic and foreign real and legal and related goods and services, such as the sale of goods and services related to them, and to decide on the sale of goods and services related to these topics.

) Review and review the objections of an object.

i) To do other tasks that are given to the General Assembly.

Service units

MADDE 10- (1) Install service units; with the main service units, and the service units that are helpful.

Main service units

MADDE 11- (1) The main service of the institution units:

a) The Department Of Professional Standards Is United.

b) The Department of Soriv and Documentation is in place.

Office of the Professional Standards Sinking

MADDE 12- (1) Professional Standards The Office of the Department is working on the following tasks:

a) To determine which methods are to be monitored in the development of the vocational standards.

b) Install, update, install, standard arrival To review the results and report the results of the review.

c) Authorization to develop authorized installations to develop the vocational standard following the report by following the criteria.

) To investigate the development of the vocational standards, release The task is to set up the results of the data generated by the applications.

d) tasks prescribed by the president and the similar tasks that are prescribed in the legislation to

Department of Sariav and Documentation Sinking

MADDE 13- (1) Surev and Documentation The Office of the Department is working on the following tasks:

a) The development and certification of the Sinnav question banks. to develop the methods to follow.

b) To install, update, document, and document the bank of the Simov question The results of the review and review results are to be reported to the Agency for its activities.

c) Play the approved installs to make revs and documentation following the report by following the criteria.

) To search for, publish, applications, to determine which data is required to be done on the system within the framework of the data resulting from the data.

d) tasks prescribed by the president and the similar tasks that are prescribed in the legislation to

Dances and Service Units

MADDE 14- (1) The organization's advisory and help for the service units:

a) Legal Counsel.

b) The Department Of Emergency And Financial Affairs Is In The Office Of The United States.

Legal Counsel

MADDE 15- (1) of a Legal Concourse tasks:

veand legal, legal, administrative, and legal, and legal, subject to the legal matters asked of To report on the results that will result in criminal consequences.

b) Preemptive legal measures that protect the interests of the Agency to help you take time, to understand, and to do so in accordance with these guidelines.

c) Laws, statutes, and regulations that are requested or prepared by the Agency To report their vision by reviewing drafts in legal terms.

), courts, referees, executive offices in executive pursuits with administrative cases to represent the Institution in the case of the case and its executive work.

d) To perform similar tasks that are prescribed by the president and are envisioned in the legislation.

Department of Health and Financial Affairs Sinking

MADDE 16- (1) Israeli and Maltep The Office of the Department is working on the following tasks:

a) The organization ' s advisory, staff, information business, accounting, documentation and so on operations.

b) Previewed tasks and similar tasks in the legislation by the president to

(2) The circle pressure is stolen from the President.

Temsil authority

MADDE 17- (1) The Enterprise is the Board of Directors The president is represented by the acting chief in his absence.


MADDE 18- (1) The Board of Directors also Başandeur.

(2) The President is a part of the execution of Kurum services and coordination between all units of the Institution is responsible.

(3) numbered 657 of the President Code of State Officers Act 48 (A), (1), (4), (6), and (7) as at least at the undergraduate level, sufficient knowledge and a minimum of ten years of experience in the field of activity of the Institution.

Business and entitlements for the region

MADDE 19- (1) The service and entitlements are in the process:

A) To prepare the agenda for the Board of Directors meetings and to inform the members of the Board of Directors.

b) The dissemination or release of the decisions of the Board of Directors is to ensure that these decisions are met to ensure and to monitor the application.

c) To present the recommendations from the service units to the Board of Directors by giving the final level of information.

in accordance with the organization's strategies, objectives and objectives, and financial statements with the annual budget of the Agency To prepare.

d) To ensure that service volumes are playing in a compatible, efficient, disciplined, and orderly manner.

e) To prepare operational reports, objectives and objectives, performance criteria and activities To be able to make it, to do it, and to present it to the Board of Directors.

f) Performance, policies and related legislation in the field of operation of the institution and performance of the institutions and the criteria for playing and degrading the criteria.

g) To conduct business with the establishment of the organization.

to appoint the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors to whom the Board of Directors is foretold.

h) To determine the task and jurisdiction of authorized personnel to the signature name.

) To perform the other tasks in the topic of the public.

(2) The President is a part of the Board of Directors and is a member of the Board of Directors and is a member of the Board of Directors. by signing up, it can be transferred to sub-levels.


Industry Committees, Standards, Egitim, Sunav, and Documentation

Industry committees

MADDE 20- (1) The agency and its organizations that are deployed by the enterprise The industry committees are established to submit the approval of the Board of Directors by making the necessary review so that the vocational standards that are being prepared can be considered as a national professional standard.

(2) Industry committees, Ministry of National and Social Security, Ministry of Social Security, Board of Higher Education, from a representative representative of other ministries, workers, and organizations, business installations, and Institutions. Members of the universities that are involved in the universities can also be invited as consultants.

(3) The creation and execution of industry committees is determined by the regulations.

How to prepare national professional standards and current

MADDE 21- (1) Vocational standards are assigned by the Institution to be installed and installed. Occupational standards have to be in accordance with international documents related to their professional qualification levels. These standards are reviewed in industry committees and those who are eligible are referred to the Board for submission to the Board of Directors.

Professional standards approved by the Board ofYönetim(2) are the national vocational standard after publication in the Official Gazette It is a good idea.

(3) The current occupational standards are redeemable at the latest, at the latest. The required professional standards are renewed according to the standard preparation. Acceptance and dissemination of delics is the result of the second publication, as specified.


MADDE 22- (1) The level of professional competence is provided by the Institution The authorized personnel documentation is determined by the organization and its installations.

(2) Profits and business-related professions and people who will be exempted from theoretical calm with the original It is determined by a regulation that will be played.


MADDE 23- (1) From the Institution side to those who show up in the right-to-open The document or certificate that indicates the level of approved professional qualification is granted. It is regulated by the guidelines of the original and the government.


The status of the staff is assigned to Status and MalariaHaklarý

Staff assigned status and status

MADDE 24- (1) Install services are available The expert assistant, which is employed according to the provisions of the legislation, is carried out by the expert and the other staff.

(2) The position titles of the personnel to be played in the form have the attached ruler It is shown. The Board of Directors is on the proposal to make sure that those titles are given to the units. It is decided by the Council of Ministers on the decision of the Board of Directors and on the proposal of the relevant Minister to ensure that the current position of the staff is not in the process of taking part in the title and number of positions.

(3) The regulations to govern with the approval of the Board of Directors Foreign experts can be employed.

(4) Section 48 of the State Officers Act of 657 (A) of the institution's staff. The requirements for the purposes of the Enterprise are required, with the conditions specified in the lower benches of the self (1), (4), (6), and (7).

 (5) Additional personnel in the executive position are included in the above; law, political information, economics and administrative sciences, architecture and engineering faculties, faculty of education abroad or higher education at the School of Education, at least four in the faculty or high schools in the country I have a higher education, enough information from a colleague. He is appointed with the approval of the President and the approval of the Board of Directors, which has experience and experience at least five years of experience in the profession. The other personnel are assigned by the President.

(6) An expert and expert judge to be played at the forum have the specified number of others to be identified. Expert and expert help is determined by the regulations and qualifications, qualifications, and essentials related to the Institution and its principles are determined by the Institution.

(7) Institution staff, dated 17/7/1964 in the direction of retirement and social security, and 506 the number of Social Insurances is in the Law.

(8) The Board of Directors was elected as a public servant, with the previous institution of the elected office The relationship ends. Except for those in the country that will prevent his return to public duty, he is appointed within a month of the latest in a staff or position that is suitable for his state in the previous institution, except for those in the institution. The United States, which has returned to its previous institution, will be able to provide the services that have been made to the previous institution in the same degree and levels of rights that have been received in the current event. The provisions of the academic title are saved.

(9) The staff at the office are in public institutions and installations is not allowed.

Property rights

MADDE 25- (1) President, administrative staff The fee, financial and social rights of the other personnel are determined by the registration of the Board of Directors and the approval of the General Assembly, in order not to receive the payments made to the general manager of the ministry.

(2) to the Board of Directors and its members, not more than four per month for a meeting, the number of indicators (2000) will be paid for the amount of peace that is found by the number of indicators (3000) of the indicator number for those who do not have a public role in the office.


Revenue, Expenses, Budget and Control



MADDE 26- (1) The revenues of the enterprise are:

A) The budget submitted by the General Assembly of the General Assembly by the General Assembly in accordance with the first of the The members of the General Assembly are the members of the organizations and organizations that are designated as the eases.

b) Services to real or legal entities at the national or international level will be taken charges.

c) The costs of the agency will receive costs from the regulars when they are playing out-of-the-box and documentation.

c) The professional standard is accredited by those accredited to serve the Organization in the field of certification and documentation. It'll be a waste of time. The annual dues are not 30-fold (including the additional indictments) and are determined by the Board of Directors, including the highest number of State Officers.

d) Charges for publication, copyrights, brands, and licenses.

e) revenues from the deification of enterprise revenue.


MADDE 27-  (1) Institution Expenses:

a) Personnel expenses.

b) My yacht expenses, such as information bank, software, hardware and communications, and other expenses.

c) Charges paid to setups that serve the Institution in the area of professional, snav, and documentation.

business) administration and administrative leave, rental, access, electricity, water, telephone, and near-management.

d) Expenses to receive.

e) Release, release, and advertising expenses.

f) Domestic and dormitory meeting, conference, seminar, expense visits expenses.

g) The institution name is the membership of domestic and dorm membership activities related to the Institution's activities.

) The costs of education, fees, and scholarship.

h) They go to other related expenses related to the fact that the organization activities are being refaced.


MADDE 28- (1) It is essential to process the costs of the institution's revenues. Corporate revenues are held in an account that will be opened in a bank. Funds that are not spent by the end of the account are reported to the following year's revenue account after the money is reported to the Ministry of Finance, and the following General Assembly membership dues are determined by virtue of the revenue phase.

(2) The revenues, actions, and impositions of the enterprise are exempt from any taxes, images, and fees.


MADDE 29- (1) The installation is from the control point The number of 832 is the Law of Respect.


MADDE 30- (1) Previewed in this Law The regulations are to be held within the six months.



Detgated, Temporary, and Final Provisions

MADDE 31- (1) dated 10/12/2003 and numbered 5018, Public Goods Management and The attachment of the Control Code (II) is included in the section of the number of rosters (B).

"30-Professional Qualification Authority"

INVALID ARTICLE 1- (1) Since this Law has entered the effective entry During the day period, a ring group is formed by the Ministry to carry out the activities that should be held to the first General Assembly of the Institution. The working group presents the necessary preparations for the General Assembly within three months at the latest, and presents the Minister.

MADDE 2- (1) The 3308 count before this Law is entered to be effective The documents obtained when the Vocational Labor Law is required are identified with the equivalent documents and certificates to be specified in the scope of this Law if their owners are able to perform in three years.


MADDE 32- (1) walks in the release date of this Law.


MADDE 33-  (1) This Law The Council of Ministers executes its provisions.








EXPOSURE TITLE                                                                                             COUNT

-Install Number 1

-Office of Professional Standards Number 1

-Department of Sariav and Documentation Batikus                                                                      1

-Legal Reward 1

-Department of Israel and the Department of Public Affairs Number 1

- Specialist 25

-Expert Half-halfYardýmcýsý

-Expert (Strangers) Nationality) 10

- Statistician 5

-Computer Programmer 4

- Analyzer 4

-Computer Supervisor 2

- Secretary 5    

-Bureau Agent 10

total 90