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Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ İLE KUVEYT DEVLETİ ARASINDA HUSUSÎ HUKUK, TİCARET VE CEZA HUKUKU KONULAR

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Law No. 4557 Date of Admission: 04/04/2000
ARTICLE 1 - 24 March 1997, signed in Ankara on "Legal Considerations Between the Republic of Turkey and the State of Kuwait, Legal and Judicial Cooperation Agreement in Trade and Criminal Law Topics" has been used in the validation of. Article 2 - This Law shall enter into force on the date of publication. Article 3 - This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.
State of Kuwait and the Republic of Turkey, with respect for the principles of sovereignty and equality of rights, the points of law, commercial and criminal law issues with the mutual desire to further enhance judicial cooperation
They agreed a deal to be written undertakings and agreed on the following provisions:
LEGAL ISSUES AND COMMERCIAL LAW ISSUES judicial cooperation in Article 1
nationality of the Contracting Party in the territory of the other Contracting Party on matters concerning the legal protection of personal and property rights, benefit in the same way with the terms and subject to the citizens of that Party.
Article 2
Nationals of the Contracting Parties to the courts and other judicial authorities in the country to defend the rights and interests of the other Party shall have the right freely and easily applied.
The other Contracting Party may appear before the court with the requirement that the subject of nationality, may apply to a notary public may petition, they can be found in the lawsuit and appeal.
Article 3
For the purposes of this Agreement, "Considerations law," the statement will include commercial law issues.
The provisions of this Agreement, the aid does not fall by itself contrary to the desired party's legislation, also apply in matters relating to individual cases.
Article 4
The provisions of this section, the territory of a Contracting Party of the Party and the Constitution also applies to all corporations that are formed in accordance with the public order, or which have been allowed to enterprises. trial license of these corporations is determined by the legislation of the Party in whose territory the center of them.
Article 5
legal assistance in personel legal issues, judicial and unofficial notification of judicial documents, rogatory, the discovery of the experts, the witnesses and the parties involves listening.
Article 6
one national of either Contracting Party, when the front of the other Contracting Party's judicial authorities, only to be foreign or this party country residence, home or business headquarter bail on the grounds can not be held responsible for the guarantee fund or commit securities are. The same rules apply in respect of any payments required to apply to the judicial authorities.
1. A document which was approved by the competent authority in accordance with the regulation or legislation in the country of one Contracting Party shall be recognized without any further legalization in the territory of the other Party. This point also applies to private documents be authenticated in accordance with the laws of both Contracting Parties. 2. paragraph 1 shall also apply to document examples of which have been certified in accordance with the procedures of the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties. 3. A document issued under the authority of counted and official authorities of one Contracting Party in the territory of the other Contracting Party shall be deemed official.
If there is serious doubt about the authenticity of a document, the authenticity of the document will be investigated by the competent authorities.
1. Nationals of either Contracting Party, the other Contracting Party in the territory of the judicial Action in forma Pauperis, shall enjoy the same conditions that apply to nationals of that Contracting State.
2. legal aid requests will be met in an expeditious manner.
3. the transmission of legal aid request, acceptance and all actions taken by the authorities in the issue to be decided is free. Article 9
1 document on financial and familial status of the applicant, or the country of residence of the Contracting Party where the dwelling is held by the competent authority.
2. If the applicant is sitting in a third state in this document, to which the applicant issued by the diplomatic or consular mission.
3. Costs and judicial authorities which sent the request for exemption from the fee, if required, that the nationality of the applicant may request additional information from the competent authority of the other Contracting Party. 4. request can be made in the legal defense with free legal aid demand.

1. Free legal aid request, that the nationality of the applicant can also be made through the competent organs of the Contracting Parties. These bodies application shows the financial and familial status of the applicant and documents submitted by it in accordance with Article 8 in conjunction with other documents, they send the competent authority of the other Contracting Party.
2. requests for legal aid if the applicant lives in a third state, sent through diplomatic or consular mission.
3 free legal aid provided by the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties requested help from him, includes all procedural action to be taken before the judicial authorities.
1. The Contracting demand from one judicial authority to judicial authority of the other Contracting Party sent by rogatory Parties will be in writing and shall contain the following: a) the requesting authority,
b) If possible, the authorities requested help from him
c) The subject of the case and a brief summary of events
d) the names of the parties or their representatives, address, nationality or juridical person of the center
e) Things legal process
f) the names and addresses of the persons to relax,
g), the person will be asked to rest questions or verification of a statement on the desired subject,
h) Investigation requested documents and other items,
i) In the framework of Article 12, the implementation of special procedures required,
j) the necessary information on request, and in particular the definition of the subject matter of the document to be served with notice of the address of the addressee and the nature of the documents.
1. fulfilling rogatory judicial authorities will apply their own law with respect to coercive measures to apply the methods and procedures to be followed. However, instead of bringing rogatory does not fall inversely with the domestic legislation of the State, the special method or procedure to be followed wants to help the authorities who want will follow.
2. Upon request of the authorities who want to help, to ensure that they participate in and present representatives of the parties concerned, the date on which the fulfillment of rogatory and place notified to him.
3. In the absence of help from the competent authorities required him, demand will be sent to the competent authority shall notify the authorities who want to help and arbitrariness.
4. Rogatory to be fulfilled in the fastest possible way.
fulfillment of rogatory request may be refused in the following cases:
a) The Requested State, the fulfillment rogatory, if not to the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities, or
b) the State in which Rogatory sent, instead, would be to reduce the danger if deem sovereignty or security.
1. Help the required authority, if the documents to be sent by certified translation in their own language or in their own language, the notification is made in accordance with its own laws. Otherwise, the notification is made in accepting the addressee.
2. Help requested Contracting Party can help with a special procedure Without prejudice to the requesting notification of the request of the Contracting Parties Act.
1. to relax or address of the person to be notified in the absence of accurate or complete, help take the necessary measures to determine the address of the competent authority of the requested Party.
2. Help is not authorized to make the required notification judicial authorities, the documents will be sent ex officio to the competent authority shall notify the authorities who want to help and arbitrariness. 3. Help the required authorities, despite measures taken under paragraph 1 shall not detect the address, you can request additional information from the authorities asking for help. If the requested information or do not receive notice of, will be sent back to the authorities asking for help documents. ARTICLE 16
Notification, help is done in the manner prescribed by law in the requested Contracting Party. Help requested authority to certify that the notification was made and this document replaces the notification, the notification date and the interest of the party dealing with the structures mentioned.
The Contracting Parties to nationals of other Contracting Party in the territory, if they do not accept them, through diplomatic or consular representatives invitation of hearing, they have the right to documents and paper documents. ARTICLE 18
all legal transactions conducted through letters rogatory in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, shall have the legal value of such assistance made by the competent authority of the Contracting Parties wishing.
in criminal matters and extradition

Legal assistance in criminal matters ARTICLE 19

1. Help requested at the time of punishment for help in investigating the crimes within their jurisdiction the wish of the Contracting Parties to the judicial authorities of the Contracting Parties to each other in accordance with the provisions of this section, mutually, they installed there the most extensive judicial assistance.
2. In criminal matters of mutual aid in particular, execution of transactions relating to the preliminary investigation, the accused, witnesses and determination of the expert evidence, search, seizure, delivery of documents and goods and the notification and the court decision will cover the procedure.
Assistance may be refused in the following cases:
1. that the request is for a crime, he requested assistance from the Contracting Party, if it considered political offenses or related crimes or sheer military accused murtabit,
2. requested assistance from the Contracting Parties to fulfill the country's demand for sovereignty, if it considers qualified to prejudice the security or public order,
1. Help requested Contracting Party, aid sent by the Contracting Parties judicial authorities wishing, for the criminal proceedings and Article 19 of the 2nd rogatory requests under item performs in the manner prescribed by its regulations.
2. Witnesses and experts who want to give sworn statements as Contracting Parties shall clearly demand for this issue. Help requested Party shall, no provision in the legislation will prevent this from happening to fulfill the demand.
3. Help requested Contracting Party may send the requested records or certified copies of the documents posted on eligibility. However, if their actual assistance of the Contracting Parties wishing to be sent clearly to demand, will make every effort to help fulfill the requests of the Contracting Parties.
4. Information submitted to the Contracting Parties seeking assistance will be used only for the purposes specified in the request of the judicial authorities.
If explicitly requested by the Contracting Party requesting assistance, the assistance shall notify the Contracting Parties of the date of fulfillment of requested rogatory process and the place itself. Employees and related persons, if the aid is granted by the requested Contracting Party may be present in the fulfillment of the rogatory.
Article 23
1. Help requested Contracting Party shall be sent to the requested goods, registration or the submission of the documents required for the delay observed in the case of a criminal case is.
2. Help If the waiver requested Contracting Party items with records that were sent to the rogatory process or originals of documents, help wanted Contracting Party, as soon as possible, assistance will be returned to the requested Party.
1. Help requested Contracting Party, warrants and judicial decisions that are to be notified by the Contracting Party requesting assistance were sent to him will notice. Notification, assistance will be made in accordance with the laws of the requested Contracting Party.
2. Request notification about the invitation to the hearing, the aid at least two months before the date set for the person concerned to appear before judicial authorities shall be transmitted to the requested Party.
3. Each Party shall, forced to recourse, the nationality of the territory of the other Contracting Party reserves the right to serve documents through their diplomatic or consular officials.
1. If a Contracting Party witnesses who want to help or expert to come personally before its judicial authorities especially necessary see indicates a request regarding the notification of the invitation to this issue and help requested Party shall invite to appear before the judicial authorities to question the witness or expert.
2. Help the desired response of the Contracting Parties to this witness and expert assistance shall notify the Contracting Parties wishing. Prescribed in paragraph 1 of this Article pearl case, request or invitation will be paid to the allocation and disbursement forecast will show the way and subsistence costs.
Help wanted Contracting Party by a witness or expert will be the payment appropriations, including subsistence costs and paid travel expenses, that person's residence will be calculated from the site and will be equal to at least the amount provided for in the tariffs and regulations in force in the country to relax. ARTICLE 27
1. No matter what the nationality, an invitation due to an appearing before the judicial authorities of the Contracting Parties who want to help the witness or expert, help wanted Contracting Party countries, assistance requested can not be prosecuted for previous acts of the date of the leave or convictions in the territory of the Contracting Parties arrest or detention or deprived of his personal liberty.

2. Against made to prosecute the subject of criminal acts due to help a person who is summoned before the judicial authorities of the Contracting Parties who wish, whatever his nationality, help exists prior to the leave the territory of the requested Contracting Party, summons or prosecuted unspecified acts or convictions because of help wanted Contracting Party country or the arrest can not or will not be deprived of personal liberty in any way. 3. immunities provided in this article, help wanted Contracting Party's judicial authorities from the date does not appear necessary to have this party country within 15 days, witness or expert or prosecuted person to leave although they have the opportunity to leave the country or abandon ends in case of return to the country.
1. the need for a criminal prosecution to be heard and help wishing Contracting Parties judicial authorities requested a judicial record summaries and information related to this assistance requested by the Contracting Party, to the extent that it provided in such cases to their judicial authorities, aid will be sent to the Contracting Parties wishing.
2. In cases other than those provided for in paragraph 1 of this Article pearl, requests, help fulfill the desired regulations or practices of the Contracting Parties müvacehe.
3. Each Party shall, all committed to the judicial record of convictions about whether nationals of other Contracting Parties shall notify the Parties.
Ministry of Justice, the other, this kind of information, to the extent opportunities will transmit at least once a year.
1. Mutual assistance requests should contain the following:
a) the requesting authority,
b) the object of the request and reason,
c) Where possible, the identity and nationality of the person concerned,
d) request for judicial documents of the notification, the name and address of the addressee or information regarding that person's identity and address of the notification to the nature of the document identified with all other useful information. 2. Rogatory to the documents, in addition, will contain a brief description of the crime and the accused shall events.
1. The Contracting Parties shall assist nationals who commit crimes against the country of the Contracting Parties wishing, at the request of the parties In the framework of their legislation, are required to criminal prosecution.
2. The prosecution made the request, is available regarding the event will be added to the material elements of proof means of evidence.
3. Help requested Party shall, if the criminal proceedings shall notify the Contracting Parties who want to help procure and when the results will be sent to such final judgment. PART II
Contracting Parties, the terms and conditions prescribed in the following Article, the judicial authorities of the other Contracting Party be prosecuted or convicted of all the people they deliver their commitment to each other.
Refund possible offenses include:
a) each Contracting Party according to the laws of offenses at least one year, a period of imprisonment or a more severe punishment,
b) asking for help in relation to the judicial authorities of the Contracting Parties conviction of this Article (a) because the offenses set forth in paragraph liberty of at least six months if it is judged to punishments.
c) Restitution claims, help wanted Contracting Party and assistance requested Contracting Parties by the laws of freedom of some of them, although it contains restrictive with a criminal punishment, owned by several persons offenses does not comply with the conditions of their sentence while, assistance will have the right to return, even for the requested Contracting Party, the latter offenses.
However, the aid provided for in the legislation want Contracting Party or Parties awarded this punishment should be the same kind of assistance requested by the Contracting Parties penalty.
Refund requests will not be accepted in the following cases:
1. Refunds requested person is a national of aid requested Contracting Party
2. Return crime subject to demand help if regarded as a criminal offense relating to political requested Contracting Party or political crimes,
Terrorism offenses or the Republic of Turkey, the Emir of Kuwait, Kuwait Crown Prince acts that will not be regarded as political offenses
3. crime subject to refund requests if an exclusively military nature of the crime,
4. If the subject of crime partially or fully refund request assistance committed in the territory requested Contracting Party
5. Return requests due to the subject of crime, assistance is required if the Contracting Party, or if the prosecution made a final decision is made or the decision not to prosecute or menu has been decided to procure a judgment,

6. The date of receipt of the request, return the desired person, according to the legislation of the requested Party shall seek help and assistance, from being prosecuted or punished, because if it becomes immune timeout,
7. Help or want; With regard to crimes committed by foreigners outside the country has been a general amnesty in aid requested by the Contracting Parties, provided that the authority to make criminal prosecution, Article 34
Help requested Contracting Party race of a person's extradition request for a vulgar crime, religion, nationality or political opinion due to serious reasons for being on the conviction that made prosecution or for the purpose of punishment will not accept return if it is available. ARTICLE 35
1. Refund requests be made in writing and shall be communicated through diplomatic channels.
2. The following documents will be attached to the refund request:
a) a conviction organized according to the laws of the Contracting Parties seeking help or warrant of arrest or having the same effect as the original or a certified copy of other documents;
b) Crime, teaching method, place and date, their legal indicating tavsif and relevant law provisions referring to the text of the provisions of the law with a document that, c) to return the desired people as possible will help its identification with the express whereabouts or the identity and to determine the nationality of any other information, if possible, the person fingerprint and photo receipts.
1. Müstacel cases, the judicial authorities shall request the Contracting Parties may request the arrest of people who want to help temporarily.
2. Provisional arrest request, Article 35, paragraph 2 (a) the presence of one of the documents listed in paragraph should be mentioned that the aim of sending the extradition request. Demand also the nature of the crime, or likely already have been awarded penalties, date and place of commission of the offense and opportunities in proportion to the requested person's identity and information will be used to determine the locations.
3. Provisional arrest request for assistance to the judicial authorities of the requested Contracting Party shall be communicated by a vehicle that can turn other direct mail or telegram or letter. 4. If deemed acceptable request, judicial authorities requested assistance The Contracting Parties shall take appropriate action as required by law.
1. From the arrest of a 20-day period, the Contracting Parties requested extradition request help upgrade and Article 35 of the 2nd does not receive the documents listed in paragraph provisional arrest may be terminated.
2. Provisional arrest time, under no circumstances, can not exceed 40 days from the date of arrest.
3. Temporary release is always possible, but required help Contracting Parties shall take all the measures it considers necessary to prevent the escape of the requested person.
4. The release if the extradition request was subsequently struck it does not prevent a new arrest or extradition.
Help requested Party shall, before rejecting the request, to be sure of the existence of the conditions provided for in this section, the integral information it deems would be possible fuel filling may request through diplomatic channels. Help requested Contracting Party may set a date for the receipt of information that the integral access.
can not be achieved until the integral information specified date, you can help put an end to the extradition process requested Contracting Party.
by more than one State at the same or if the extradition request also from various acts, return requested Contracting Party, all the circumstances and especially the return possibility of between States, asking for help to subsequently returned demands of the date of the order, requested the person's nationality, the severity degree of the offense and decisions taking into account where they are processed will.
1. Help requested Contracting Parties Without prejudice to their rights and the rights of third parties who wish to support the request of the State, in accordance with its legislation:
a) Evidence that may constitute,
b) were obtained as a result of the crime, the desired person in possession or subsequent removal,
c) those derived from the article obtained at the crime result, seizing the items will deliver them.
2. These articles shall be delivered even if extradition is requested person's death or escape.
3. On the said goods, assistance if requested Contracting Party or third parties acquired rights exist, they are in the reserves will remain and furnishings investigation end as soon as possible, the costs with the help of wishing to be returned to the requested Party.

1. In case of acceptance of the request, the Contracting Parties requested assistance, will determine the delivery date and place and circumstance will be enough time before the delivery of assistance shall notify the Contracting Parties wishing.
2. This Article 3rd Notwithstanding case referred to in subparagraph desired contact, which, if not delivered on the date determined, this date can be followed, which was released after 15 days and will be released in the last 30 days in any case. Help may refuse extradition because the same offense requested Party.
3. If the existence of exceptional circumstances that prevent or receipt to delivery, shall notify the other Contracting Party before the expiry of the time documented the Party concerned. Both Contracting Parties shall agree on a new delivery date and likely another delivery location. In this case it shall apply the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
1. Desired person, help requested Contracting Party territory, if a crime because the prosecution is being or convicted except as the subject of an extradition request, the parties will decide on the request and shall notify such assistance as provided in seeking the Contracting Parties to the provisions of Article 70 thereof.
If the request is accepted, the desired person's return will be delayed until the completion of execution of the judgment or sentence on the desired side. In such a case a previous article will be administered.
2. This article shall, for the desired person, keeping in custody and the condition to be sent back when the work of aid requested state judicial authority itself is over, aid will not be an obstacle to temporarily sent to appear before the State judicial authorities wanting. ARTICLE 43
The extradited person, refundable before committing and returned to the subject constitutes another crime because not be prosecuted for the crime, so a fine or an arrest warrant as not can not be convicted or arrested shall be deprived of any means to personal liberty, to help with the condition not to prejudice the requesting Contracting Party's legislation, exempt the following cases :
a) Return by the State to consent to it. That the request is to be consent and added minutes containing the statement that this Article 35, the documents listed by the extradited person to return the expansion issue in his statement to help him required the State authorities the possibility to present his defense to be provided.
b) The person ultimately country Parties that are delivered within 45 days following the meeting with the freedom, although the possibility of leaving after the hand or left here back into the rotation.
If the changed nature of the accused during the criminal prosecution when, on the extradited person, but if the return is re-defining moment cevaz gives the elements of crime, prosecution or conviction can be given.
Contracting Parties who want to help, assistance upon the request of the requested Party shall, subject to the result of the extradition request constitutes criminal prosecution or execution of the sentence will provide information to that Party.
Article 43 of the (b) Except for the case provided for in paragraph, the Contracting Party requesting assistance, assistance if requested to consent to the Contracting Party may deliver the extradited person to a third State. For this purpose, the Contracting Parties who want to help the third by the State shall be deposited with the examples of documents, assistance Contracting Parties shall transmit desired.
1. A person subject to return from a third State through the territory of one of the Contracting Parties to the other Contracting Party to transit countries, but will be allowed on a requisition will be sent through diplomatic channels. This requisition requirement, stating that the criminal offense may be returned necessary documents will be added. However, citizens may be denied transit. 2. If the use of the airways, the following provisions shall apply:
a) do not need to make the plane's landing, the Contracting Party requesting assistance, the flight will be carried out through the territory of the Contracting Parties to the haberdâ and Article 35 2 / a will confirm the existence of the documents listed in paragraph.
if unscheduled landing, this statement in Article 36 that the provision proposed provisional arrest request will be made in accordance with the procedure and transit demand.
b) if necessary to make the plane's landing, the Contracting Parties who want to help in this matter in accordance with procedures provided for in paragraph 1 shall, assistance will be requested from the requested Party.
1. Help the expenses incurred due to return the country requested Contracting Party shall be borne by that Party.

2. Party charges that occurred in the current demand transit through its territory as transit, shall be borne by the Contracting Party requesting assistance.
If not otherwise provided in this section, return and help the provisional arrest procedure shall apply exclusively provided for in the legislation of the requested state.
For the purposes of this part:
a) "Sentencing State" awarded to a person's conviction and represents the State in which he transferred here,
b) "State of execution" refers to the convicted person for the execution of criminal State was shipped. c) "Convicted person", the territory of a Contracting Party, that Party's judicial authority observed and freedom of offenders sentenced to a binding müeyyideyl and refers to people being executed in this prison.
The Contracting Parties, each of the other Contracting Party of nationality of the convicted person can transmit the following terms:
a) If the request subject to acts punishable by the laws of both Parties would constitute a criminal offense,
b) conviction can be finalized and executed standing,
c) Convicted person is a national of the State of execution,
d) Transplantation, have been written in the manner shown by the convicted person consent (or not qualified to explain the person's consent, by its legal representative or relatives)
e) On request, the convicted person's balance, if there is a minimum 1-year sentence to be executed. In exceptional cases the Contracting Parties may agree to transport a person with less punishment than the period prescribed in the previous sentence.
Help requested Contracting Party shall have the right to refuse the request because indicating.
Transport demand:
a) Sentencing State,
b) Execution State,
c) the procedures that will apply to any State for transplant according convicted person
It has done by.
Sentencing State, the other State, and shall procure that on a national of that State and shall notify the decision to all convictions may be subject to transfer under this Section.
The competent authorities of the sentencing State, any person subject to the finalization of a conviction constitutes nationality of the other State, referred to in this Section shall provide information to the haberdâ the transport facilities to the country.
Transmission request of the convicted person will be the haberdâ in writing of the decisions taken by both States. ARTICLE 55
1. Convicted persons, transporting, consent must be freely and fully müdrik to the consequences of legal transplants. Convicted person's age, health or mental condition due by one of the Contracting Parties, if deemed necessary, will be sought after the consent of the legal representative. This will be followed the matter shall be subject to the legislation of the State's procedural provisions.
2. Sentencing State, at the request of the State of execution, the State, and that given the consent to transfer in accordance with the conditions set forth in the preceding paragraph shall provide for the possibility of detection by a consular officer.
1. State of execution, the rest of the penalty awarded in Sentencing State will continue to execute.
2. decision is in the Sentencing State, if the nature and execution state that in the heavier terms of time, this state will substitute a sanction corresponding to most, rather than the same crime in their legislation or have awarded penalty will reduce the maximum mill which has been envisaged in its own legislation.
3. The substitution owned sanctions, in terms of nature or duration, as there can be more severe than the sanctions provided for in the State of execution issued in the Sentencing State legislation maximum limit will not be exceeded.
Execution of State, at the request of the Sentencing State shall provide information on the completion of the execution of that State. ARTICLE 58
Execution conditions, to take all necessary decisions in this regard will be exclusively subject to the legislation which authorized the execution of the State.
the events in the decision-making authority to decide on the basis taalluk applications that will only meet the Sentencing State.
1. transplanted convicted persons will benefit from the general amnesty issued in one of the Contracting Parties. Regarding special pardon, in the framework of the internal legislation of each Contracting Party in time to be considered separately.
2. Sentencing State, will end the execution of the sentence is wholly or partly from any decision or measure will delay the execution of haberdâ State. 3. The competent authorities of the State of execution, the execution of the sentence does not receive any information from the Sentencing State shall terminate execution of the sentence would end.

This transplanted convicted person according to the provisions of Section, Enforcement of State will not be prosecuted again because of crimes subject to the transplant will not be arrested and will be deprived of his personal liberty.
This Section shall apply to procure conviction be before or after the entry into force.
All claims must be made in writing. Demand convicted person's identity, address and the State shall be specified in the execution of the criminal organization were taken. In convicted person or legal representative consent to the transmission of a written declaration that is to be added.
Sentencing State, the decision, executions original or certified copies indicating the availability will be sent to the Enforcement of State and that proportion in the commission of the offense shape possible, time and place, and also to indicate the legal tavsif and also the balance amount of the fine, the time spent in detention, deduction from punishment, the convicted person and the Sentencing State behavior in the preceding and subsequent conviction procure circuit will provide information on the matter. Execution state, the maximum punishment prescribed for the same offense in the legislation before the adoption of the transfer request will be reported to the State provisions.
one of the parties, he transmitted information is not sufficient, you can ask the integral information.
Unless otherwise agreed by both Parties, when applying this part of the costs arising exclusively Sentencing State of expenses incurred outside the country, it shall be borne by the State of execution.
Charges meet state will also provide guards. State executions in any way, the execution of the penalties and costs to be taken under the supervision of sarfolun convicted person will not demand the payment itself.
For the purposes of this Agreement, requests and documents to the competent authorities who want to help with this is to include the signature and seal are not subject to approval or a similar procedure.
I st Chapter, to implement the provisions of Chapter II of Part I st, none of the Contracting Parties to help him with the following exceptions will not demand payment of the costs incurred in the territory of the Contracting Party requested:
a) The filing of an expert not employed by the government and the expenses incurred for the reports issued by these experts,
b) Disclosure of witness fees for the civil and commercial law, c) costs incurred for the transport of persons in detention.
Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the Ministry of Justice will be done through correspondence.
If necessary, consular or diplomatic channels with the ways and II of this Agreement. to implement the communications section made through Interpol.
For the purposes of this Agreement, request and it will be held in the language of the Contracting Parties wishing to documents and help them help with translations will be added to the Contracting Parties made the desired language. However, assistance in case of difficulties encountered in translating the language of the requested Contracting Party, translated into English will be accepted.
All documents will be issued in two copies.
Help requested Contracting Party may refuse any request to be totally or partially unable to fulfill or replace covered by this Agreement shall notify the Contracting Parties to seek help immediately, and why we will refund request and related documents. ARTICLE 71
The Contracting Parties shall, upon request, legislation, judicial system, and shall exchange information on the implementation of the court.
all difficulties will be resolved through diplomatic channels that may arise regarding the implementation of this Agreement.
This Agreement in force is subject to approval of both Contracting Parties in the framework of constitutional procedures. This Agreement, both Parties to the Agreement of the completion of all legal procedures required for the entry into force following the final declarations they made to each other will enter into force at the expiration of 30 days.
This Agreement shall remain in force indefinitely. However, each Contracting Party may notify the other Contracting Parties may at any time terminate the Agreement.
Agreement shall take effect six months after the date of receipt of such notification by the other Contracting Party.
authorized representatives of the above provisions of the ratification of the Contracting Parties have signed and sealed this Agreement.

On March 24, 1997 in Ankara, Turkish, Arabic and English languages, all three texts being equally have been issued in two copies, to be effective. In case of divergence of interpretation, the English text shall prevail. GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE OF KUWAIT Minister of Justice, Minister of Justice, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Minister Mohammed Dhaifallah Shaukat WIN SHARER