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Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ İLE KUVEYT DEVLETİ ARASINDA HUSUSÎ HUKUK, TİCARET VE CEZA HUKUKU KONULAR

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Kanun # 4557


Accepted Date: 4.4.2000

MADDE 1. -"The Republic of Turkey, which was signed on 24 March 1997 in Ankara, is eligible for approval of the" Legal, Trade and Criminal Law of the Republic of Kuwait Between the Republic of Turkey and the State of Kuwait ".

MADDE2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.






with respect to the principles of government, sovereignty, and rights of the Republic of Kuwait,

aling="JUSTIFY"> Human law, trade, and criminal law With the desire to develop further,

The following are agreed upon, and they understand the following:




The nationality of the Turkish authorities, subject to legal and property rights in the country of the country, subject to legal protection, subject to legal protection.


The nationality of the Parties shall be freely and easily free to the courts and other authorities to defend their rights and interests in the country of the other side.

Dikkit They can get in front of the court with the state of their nationality, they can contact the notarians, they can petition, they can sue, and they may request an appeal.


The purpose of this statement is to The phrase "civil law" will also cover the issue of legal law.

The provisions of this section are also applied to the part of the business unless the benefit of the party being asked to do so.


The provisions of this section will be made by the In the country of one, it is applied to all the people who have been in accordance with the Constitution and the public order, or for all those who have been given the right to the right to be given the right to the right of the other. The case driver's license is determined by the legislation of the home country.


Human legal assistance, adharial and informal documentation, is the subject of this, The istinabes cover the rest of the meeting.


The nationality of one of the Parties may only be foreign, or not, in front of the legal authorities, outside the office of the other. Bail on the grounds of not finding the residence, the residence or the first place in his country. They cannot be held liable with a guarantee of guarantee or a commitment. The same rule applies to any payments required by the naming authorities.


1. A document that is held in the country of one of the countries or in accordance with the legislation shall be defined by the competent authority without the subject of a proper leash in the country of the other. This issue also applies to special documents that are certiveed in accordance with the legislation of both Sites.

2. 1. The bent provisions are also applied to document instances that are duly described by the authorized authorities.

3. A document, held within the jurisdiction of the authorities ' authorities, is official, and is also official in the country of the other.

The document is not serious if there are serious questions about the right of a document. They will be started with the authorities.


1. The nationality of both the Parties shall benefit from the country's country with the same number of citizens as they are subject to, in the country of the country.

2. The demands of the official auction will be met in the most important way.

3. All authorized authorities are free of charge for the transmission, acceptance, and decision of the claims.


1. The document on the owner's property and family status is arranged by the authorities in the country where the residence or liability is located in the country.

2. If the owner is sitting in a third state, this document is organized by the diplomatic or consular mission where the owner of the applicant is found.

3. The article, which is sent out of request for exemption from fees and fees, may request additional information from the competent authorities of the Aper Party, where the owner is the nationality of the applicant.

4. The request for legal defence may be included with the request for free ad-office.


1. The request for free official auction may also be made through the authorized bodies of the company in which the owner of the bareline has nationality. These organs show the health and financial condition of the country, along with documents and documents that indicate a document and a family. In accordance with the item, they send it to the competent authorities.

2. If the claims are sitting in a third state country, diplomatic or consular missions may be sent via diplomatic or consular missions.

3. The free ad-term assistance provided by the authorized authorities of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit party will be held in front of the official authorities.


1. The claim by one of the following authorities will be made in writing and will be subject to the request:

a) The article found in the claim,

b) If possible, the requested authority,

c) A summary of the case and events,

d) The central, addresses, nationality or center of the representatives of the parties or representatives,

e) The legal action to be done,

f) will be listened to names and addresses,

g) Questions that will be asked for requests to be listened to, or a description of the desired position,

h) Documents and other items requested to be prompted,

i) 12. The special procedures to apply,

j) The information required in the matter of the claim, and the description and the property of the document to be subject to the address, in particular, the address of the failure at the publication of the address.


1. The main office, which fuls the administration, implements its own law from the maintenance of the methods of coercion, which will be implemented with the methods and procedures to follow. However, it will follow the special method or procedure that the government wants to follow unless it is inverted by the internal legislation of the state that replaces it.

2. At the request of the requesting office, the date and location to replace the istinaben are notified to the location and location itself, in order to ensure that the relevant parties and the representatives of the present are massacred.

3. If the requested authority is not authorized, the authority will send the request to the authorized office and notify the party requesting assistance.

4. The instancebe is replaced in the most serialized way.


Rejecting a request to a request:

a) The claimed state is replaced by the name of the istinaben If it does not enter the jurisdiction of the administrative authorities, or

b) the State has been sent to the Government if its fulfillment is to be fulfilled or will be compromised.


1. My judgment is that if the documents are not in their language, or if they are sent in their language with a taserary translation, they will make the same law according to their own laws. Otherwise, the default will be done if the default is accepted.

2. In addition, the requested benefit party can do so with a special process by registering with the request of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit party.


1. If the address of the address to be listened to or to be made is not correct or not complete, the assistance of the assistance will take the necessary measures to determine the authorized position of the competent authority.

2. If your help is not authorized to perform the requested authority, you will send the documents to the authority and notify you of the benefit of the benefit.

3. If the requested authority does not identify the address to the measures taken by the 1st part of the 1st part, the judge may request additional information from the requesting office. If it does not receive the information, or if it does not, it will return the documents to the requesting article.


The Tbligat is done in the form of the benefit of the requested In-Service. The help is documented in the desired article and is indicated in this document with the location, date, and release of the dividend.


The Involved Parties, the other in the If they accept their nationality in their country, they have the right to document invitations, documents and documents with diplomatic or consular representatives.


This All of the adhems made by the istinabe, in accordance with the provisions of the narrative, It will be as legal as possible by the competent authorities requesting assistance.







1. In questions about the crimes that were found in the jurisdiction of the Turkish authorities, which asked for help when the aid was requested, the Turkish authorities warned against each other in the most part of the city, according to the provisions of the official authorities. They will be loaded.

2. In particular, the execution of the preparation, the execution of the remarks, the detection of testimony, testimony, and information, and the delivery of documents and court rulings, the search, restrains, and expert testimony, in particular, the execution of the country's concerns. will be covered.


Rejection can be rejected in the following state:

1. The blame for the claim is that if the offence is being asked by the Inspired Party, the political crime, or the murderous crime, or the murder, or the military crime,

2. If the requested benefit Party sees the fulfillment of the claim in the qualification of the country's sovereignty, security or public order,


1. The requested benefit Party, submitted by the requesting assistance party, is a criminal case sent to a criminal case, and replaces the 2nd part of the 19th clause in its own legislation.

2. In order to allow witnesses and witnesses to testify under oath, it would demand that the people of the world have expressed their support. The benefit of the benefit is that there is no provision in the legislation that prevents it.

3. For assistance, the requested Manager Party may send samples of the requested records or the compliance of the documents to the assurems. However, if the request for assistance requests the request to be sent by the Asite Party, then the requested benefit Party will show any effort to fulfill this request.

4. The information that is forwarded to the request for assistance will be used only for the purposes specified by the name authorities.


If the benefit of the Yard is requested, the assistance will be made available to the Notify him of the fulfillment date and location of the istinabe process. The taskers and related kishees can be prepared to replace the istinaben if the benefit is shown by the requested Competence Party.


1. The requested benefit party may delay the issuance of requests, records, or documents that are requested to be submitted if required for a criminal case being seen.

2. If the requested benefit party does not give up, any records or documentation that is sent for the process of istinabe will be returned to the request, in the most possible time, to the request, as soon as possible, to the benefit of the benefit by the user who requested assistance.


1. The request will be made by the requested Ekit Party, which will be sent to the party requesting assistance for assistance, and will be able to make decisions on the official museum of the United States. The help will be done in the foreground of the requested Benefit Party.

2. The requests for a trial to the trial will be forwarded to the requested benefit at least two months prior to the date specified for the execution of the relevant kippers.

3. Each State Party reserves the right to document their documents via their own diplomatic or consular officers in the country of the other in the country of Europe.


1. For assistance, if the request is specifically necessary for a witness or an expert to personally remove the information from its own authorities, the request indicates that the invitation has been made for the invitation, and the requested benefit is that this is the name of this statement or an information. makamlar

2. Help will inform the request of this witness and the expert's answer to the request that requested assistance. 1 pearl of this material, projected to be the subject of a claim or invitations will be paid and paid for the expense and return expenses.


The benefit of the benefit is The expense, including the return fee, including the return fee, or the cost of return, will be calculated from the site of the complainee and the amounts stipulate in the tariffs and regulations in effect in the country where it is most likely to be listened to. will be.


1. No matter what nationality, a witness or an expert who asked for help with an invitation to assist in the assistance of the Turkish authorities in the case of assistance in the country, in the case of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the Fallen Party in the country. They cannot be fired or arrested for their convictions, nor can they be devoid of official freedom.

2. Due to the actual charges against the prosecution, a person who requested assistance has been placed in front of the official authorities, regardless of their nationality, in the case of the requesting benefit of the benefit of the Fallen Party. It cannot be fired or arrested in the country of the Party, which is asking for help because of unspecified verbs or convictions.

3. The immunity stipulated in this material is that the Turkish authorities have the opportunity to leave this country within 15 days from the date that it is not deemed necessary in this Party country to leave the country. If not, leave or return to this country at the terpend.


1. Requesting assistance and assistance for the assistance of a criminal prosecution, the official authorities requested assistance, and the extent to which the assistance may be provided by the requested Informed Party, to the extent that it may not be available in the same way as its own authorities. It is sent to the port.

2. In the case of the foregoing foresight in the 1st of this Article, requests are fulfilled in the fulfillment of the regulations or application of the requested benefit party.

3. Each State Party will notify Licensee of all of the prisoners ' decisions, which are made up of their nationality.

The Justice Ministers, one language, this kind of information, at least one year at a time, at the time of the times.


1. The following requests should be found in the following requests:

a) Claim in a claim,

b) The subject and cause of the claim,

c), the identity and nationality of the relevant language,

d) The name of the document, the name and address of the monsoon, or the identification and address of this part and the address of the subject with all the information that is useful in determining the address of the document.

2. There will be a response to the attack, including the crime and events that are being charged.


1. The Lovers Parties are obligated to make a criminal prosecution against their own, on the request of this party, in their own legislation, at the request of the benefit party, in the country's request.

2. The request for a prosecution will include evidence of proof that exists as a result of the events of the events.

3. The requested benefit Party will notify the user who requested the outcome of the ticket, and will submit the final decision example.




The Parties pledge to turn all of the people who are fired or sentenced to each other, with the provisions and conditions stipulated in the articles of the above.


Possible crimes They are:

a) In accordance with the legislation of both Sides, crimes that require a minimum of one year in prison or a greater penalty,

b) are the names of the Convicted Party for assistance as to the convictions authorities will be sentenced to at least six months of freedom due to the crimes identified in (a).

c) The claim, the benefit of the benefit Party, and the benefit of the requested Ekit Party laws He is accused of being a criminal, with a criminal punishment. if some of them do not comply with the penalties for criminal charges, then the requested benefit will be the right to return even for these last crimes.

However, the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the Party is the one that is forecasted on the The sentence that is dominated on the side will not be in the same way as the penalty requested by the request.


The request will not be accepted in the public at:


2, if the desired user is the requested benefit of the party. If the crime, which is the subject of a claim for Iade, is called a crime by which aid is requested is a political crime or a crime against political crime,

Terrorism or Republic of Turkey, Kuwait Emirate, Kuwait Veliahd Princess Verbs will not be referred to as political crime,

3. If the crime, which is the subject of an eade demand, is a non-military criminal,

4. If the crime decision, or the fully-wound, that is the subject of an eade request, is being started in the country of Fuel Party,

5. yardým

6, if the benefit is to be issued by the intended benefit, or if the judge has been issued a public decision, or if the decision has been made to judgment or whether or not to make a decision on the men's judgment. tarihte

7 if the request was requested at the time of the request, for assistance, for assistance, and to assist with the assistance of the assistance Parties requested by the assistance of the assistance or the assistance of the assistance. Yardým


Help has serious reasons to believe that the extradition request for a crime is to be fired or fined because of a criminal act, religious, nationality or political rudenia. the return will not be accepted.


1. The claim will be made in writing and will be forwarded from the diplomatic channel.

2. The following documents will be included in the Iade request:

a) The benefit of a regulated conviction, or a contact of the telkif musikery, or a mirror or confirmation of the same document as the basis for which a conviction is requested by the individual. suri;

b) The crimes of the law,

c), with a document that shows the execution, location, and history of the crimes, the legal behavior of them, and the provisions of the relevant law, When he may be, he will be able to determine the identity and the nationality of this one. all malat, if possible, fingerprint fibers and photodiode.


1. In future cases, they may ask for assistance in requesting the assistance of the requesting office.

2. The request for an arrest will be made possible for the submission of the status of one of the 35th paragraph (a) of the 2nd paragraph (a) and the purpose of submitting the return request. The claim will include information that will help determine the nature of the crime, the nature of the crime, the possible or the caliphate, the execution date and location, and the location of the claim requested in the facilities, and the location of the claim, and the location of the claim.

3. The request for an arrest will be communicated to the requested Ekit Party authorities, from the right to mail or to a wire or to the author.

4. If the claim is acceptable, the request will be required by the desired User Party (s).


1. In the period of 20 days after the arrest, assistance may be ended if the requested benefit is not received by the requested Ekit return request, and if the 35th clause does not receive the documents counted in the 2 nci.

2. The duration of the arrest shall not exceed 40 days from the date of arrest.

3. A temporary release is always possible, but the requested benefit will take all necessary measures to prevent the desired part from escaping.

4. Free-release does not prevent a new arrest or extradition if the return request is later praised.

Help is requested by the city's office, before rejecting the request. I'm sure it's possible for the climate to be able to make sure that the climate is possible, so that the two of us might be able to get the information out of the diplomatic channel. The requested benefit Party may set a date for the consolation of the information.

If the information cannot be reached by the specified date, the assistance may end with the requested benefit party.


In case of requests to return from more than one State to the same or greater than the same time, the extradition request is returned in the search of the entire States, especially the States seeking assistance. security, the history of extradition requests, the nationality of the wanted, and the death of their crimes. to take into account the extent of which they are and their place of work.


1. In accordance with Client's own rights and third party's right to remain eligible, at the request of the request of the request of the request of the request of the party,yardým

a) Crime can be made available to,

b) Crime

will deliver them by hand-by-hand, which is the result of the crime in theSuç

c), which is obtained at the site of the desired match, or later revealed, in theSuç

c) Crime.

2. These items will be delivered even if the return or escape of the person whose return is requested.

3. If the assistance of the aid party or third party is available on any of the following, they will remain in place and at the end of the question, in the least amount of time, the charge will be returned to the requested benefit. .


1. If the claim is accepted, the requested benefit Party will identify the delivery location and date and notify the Client who is requesting assistance for a period of time before delivery is sufficient.

2. If the state of the matter is determined to remain in place of the 3rd party, the requested part may be released at the end of 15 days following the date of the detected date, and will eventually be released after 30 days, if the requested time is not delivered at the designated date. The requested benefit Party may reject extradition due to the same crime.

3. In case of presence of exceptional cases that prevent delivery or subdue, the relevant Party shall notify Licensee of the documented period before the period of time. Both of them will remain mutable on a new delivery date and a possible place of surrender. In this case, the prior bent provisions will be applied.


1. If the public is being fired or convicted of a crime in the country's request for extradition, this party will decide on the request and to assist in the 70-pearl clause in the request of the extradition request. will be notified.

If the claim is accepted, the return of the requested person will be deferred until the execution of the requested party or the execution of the sentence is complete. In such a case, a evvelki matter will be conducted.

2. The provisions of the article temporarily took place in order to leave the requested office under arrest and the return of the requested state authorities to the aid of the State authorities, who requested assistance. will not prevent it from being sent.


The subject of a crime that has been committed before the extradition and may not be fired for a crime that is subject to return, cannot be convicted or condemned. Any sort of incident with a sentence or arrest warrant, as if he could not be arrested. It is not devoid of freedom, it is the subject of the decision not to have the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the trial, the following is obscene:

a) The government of the Oade is not. A claim will be made for the execution, and it is possible to introduce the return of the extradition to the state authorities, who were asked to help with the return of the return of the number of documents counted in the 35th clause. tutanak

b) The country must not leave or leave the country in its possession, which is not in possession of the country of Taraf, which has been delivered in the 45 days following the failure of nihiri to be free. then return here.


If the nature of the crime that is being charged in the run-out is not qualified, but if the elements of the remade crime respond to the return, the pursuit may be made or the conviction can be determined.


The benefit of the benefit will inform you of the outcome of the execution of the return penalty or the outcome of the execution of the cezor, at the request of the request, in the event of the request for the extradition request.


The state of the state that has been envisared in the For the benefit of the benefit, the person who asked for the benefit may hand over the extradition to a third State if the aid party is to be requested by the requested benefit. For this purpose, the requesting assistance will forward examples of documents from the third State to the request.


1. In a third State of the country, one of the countries will be allowed to transfer from the diplomatic channel to the transit of the Republic of Turkey to the country of one of the countries in which one of the countries will be transferred from the diplomatic channel. This request will include the necessary documents stating that the crime is of the returnable crimes. However, citizen transit may be denied.

2. If using the airline, the following provisions will be applied:

a) If the aircraft does not need to make the landing, the benefit of the benefit will be made over the country and will be aware of the 35th clause in the form of 2/a of the confirm the presence of the number of documents.

If the programming is in place, this statement will be in the order of the arrest warrant for the arrest of 36 ncis, and the appropriate transit request will be requested.

b) If the plane needs to be done, it will be the same as the one who wants help In accordance with the procedure stipulated in the 1st part of the material, the assistance will be requested by the requested Benefit Party.


1. Expenses made due to the return of the aid in the requested benefit country will be met by this Side.

2. The expenses incurred by the transit request from your country as transit will be incurred by the benefit of the benefit.


Return and reconciliation if no provision is found in this part of Israel the proper assistance in the arrest will be applied by the desired result of the requested state.




From the purposes of this part:

a) "Ruling State" refers to the State of the "State of the United States", and is transferred from here,

b) the State of the "Sovereign State" to be transferred to the execution of the sentence.

c) "Sovereign Part", Âkit In the country of one of the parties, this means the person who is considered guilty by the name of the United States and is sentenced to death and is being executed.


ÂITIT The parties, the provisions of the nationality of each other, the nationality of the other, They can be transferred to:

a) If the verb subject to a claim is a punitive offence under the laws of both Parties,

b) If the Prisoner Is Committed and executed,

c) If the government of the government is the nationality of the United States,

d) Nakle is the legal representative or relatives of the government if it has been written by the convicted part (or is not being able to open it). by),

e) in the history of the Claim, the execution of the condemned person If there's a minimum of 1 year's punishment. In the cases, the Akite Parties can negotiate the transfer of a person who has fewer penalties than the one predicted in the Evvelki sentence.

The benefit of the request is to deny the request without cause will be entitled.


Nail claim:

a) Sovereign State,

b) Transformer State,

c) Transferred in accordance with one of the states in accordance with one of the states by



The Government of Sovereign State shall notify the other State of any convictions that may be subject to the transfer of this State and subject to the move, subject to the transfer.

The competent authorities of the Convicted State will notify each other of the nationality of the other State, which is the subject of a committed conviction, to communicate with the country's transport to their home country.

On transfer request, the convicted kishi, from the decisions made by both State will be reported as written.


1. The sovereign, the transfer, the free and the transfer of the cash should be completely reacrified by legal consequences. A legal representative will be called upon to be deemed necessary by one of the Convicted Parties because of the condemned, loyal, or mental state of the country. It will be subject to the legislation of the Procedural State to follow.

2. At the request of the State of Israel, the State of the State of the State will have the opportunity to identify this State by a consular officer in accordance with the current situation at the time of the transfer.


1. The State of the Republic will continue to execute the remainder of the rule that governs in the State of the Sovereign State.

2. If the sentence, which was given in the State of the Republic, is greater than the one in the United States, regardless of the term of the term and duration of the state, it is the subject of its own legislation, rather than the one that has the right to complain about the same crime, or that it is the subject of its own legislation that has been foreseen in its own legislation.

3. For the next time, it will not be able to pass the azamical smelter envisioned in the issue of the State of the United States, as it may not be more important than the one granted in the Government of the Sovereign State.


The Phase State will inform you of the completion of execution of this State, at the request of the Convicted State.


The execution of the execution is exclusive to taking all the necessary decisions on this subject. will be subject to the legislation of the authorized United States.


Only Sovereign State will be the authority to decide on the basis of events in the decision.


1. The condemned man will benefit from the general amnesty which is to be found in one of the Akite Sides. In relation to the private amnesty, each vok will be dedicated within the framework of the Internal Regulations.

2. The State of the Republic shall not delay any decision or measure that will end the execution of the cezor without delay.

3. The competent authorities of the Department of Inphase will terminate the execution of any information that will end the execution of the cedar from the Government of Government.


The ruler who is transferred according to the provisions of the Department of the person will not be refired, arrested and devoid of criminal liberty in the official state of the Republic of Israel.


Before or after the current entry ittihaz MADDE 63

All requests will be made as written. The claim, the identity of the condemned man, the address in the Republic of England, and the institution of the withdrawal of the cezus will be specified. This will also include a written statement that the condemned party or its legal representative will show the cash.


The State of Sovereign State, an example of whether or not the decision indicates execution may be executed. He will send to his state and determine the work of the crime, the time and place of the crime, the time and place of the crime, and the amount of punishment, the amount of time in imprisonment, the sentence of the sentence, the judgment of the monarch, and the state of the state of the state of the state of the state. In the course of the conviction of the conviction and the subsequent conduct of the conviction. information.

The Phase State will inform the Sovereign State of the Sovereign Penalty before the acceptance of the request for the transfer.

One of the parties is sufficient to provide the information forwarded to it. If it does not, my client may request information.


If not agreed to both Parties, the expenses that are made available in the country of the exclusive state of the Republic will not be available. It will be set up by the State of Inphase.

Expenses\rfx The State is also going to procure the guards. In no other way, the Execution State will not claim to be paid for the expense of the sarin, the execution of the cezus and the detention of the condemned person.




The requests and documentation of the operation will be the signature and seal of the competent authority requesting assistance, or such as a collar or other usule


I pearl In the section II of the II nci division, none of the Fuel Parties will claim to be paid for the expenses that are intended to be paid in the country of the Fuel Party, except for the exception of:

a) Government for reports that are not employed by the authority and the expenses for the reports organized by these installers,

b) the charges for civil law and trade law,

c) Holdholders Expenses for the transfer of the person found.


Otherwise, it will be done with the Ministers of Justice.

The necessity of the consular channel or the diplomatic path and the implementation of Part II of this section. information can be made from the Interpol tool.


The implementation of the business, claims, and documentation assistance will be organized in the language of the Party, and help them Translated translations will be added to the requested In Party language. However, English translation will be accepted if the help is difficult to translate to the requested Ekit language.

All documents will be edited to two.


The requested benefit Party shall not fulfill or fulfill any claim contained in this Means, and will notify and request immediate assistance for the cause, if it does not replace or replace any claims made by the Program. The document will return the documents.


In the request, the users will be able to contact information on demand, their legislation, their name systems, and their application.




Any difficulties that may arise in connection with this implementation will be resolved through the diplomatic channel.


People's Meanings, both of the Sitkits are subject to approval in the framework of the current Constitutional procedures. This statement will take effect 30 days following the last of the statements that will follow the last of the statements that both parties must complete to ensure that they are effective.


This information will remain in effect indefinitely. However, each and every "Party" may always terminate it upon notice.

The meaning will be repel }

The authorized representatives of the above provisions are signed by the authorized representatives.

In Ankara, March 24, 1997, Turkish, Arabic, and English language and all three texts are identical to the The two nuses are to be defined in order to apply. If the comment is different, the English text will be valid.








Justice Department

Justice Department


February WIN

Evkaf and IsraelÝþleri




Mohammed Dhaifallah SHARAR