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Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ İLE BELÇİKA KRALLIĞI ARASINDA 4 TEMMUZ 1966 TARİHİNDE BRÜKSEL’DE İMZALAN

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Period: 21

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DECEMBER 4, 1966





Accepted Date: 4.4.2000

MADDE 1. - signed in Ankara on 30 June 1997, "The Republic of Turkey and the Belgian Kingdom on 4 July 1966" approved the ratification of the "Relevant Commitment" with the revision of the General Agreement on Social Security Adopted in Brussels. present.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.







The Belgian Kingdom and the Republic of Turkey, the two State's International services in the field of social security and development They are determined to customize the Social Security Glossary to the public orientations made with documents.

Article 1

4 In the July 1966 statement, the new 1-th item written in the province has been replaced.

" Article 1

1. In the implementation of this dictionary;

a) "Belgium", Belgium Kingdom,

"Turkey", Republic of Turkey,

b) "Citizen" : Belgium-related, Belgium Anyone with a citizen, a citizen of the Turkish citizen,

c) "Legislate" in relation to Turkey: the laws and regulations that are listed in the 1st instance of the 2nd article

d) " The term " or" High-Israeli Makam ": In relation to Belgium, each of the responsible, responsible ministers,

Turkey, and the Ministry of Social Security, are responsible for the implementation of the legislation, which has been imposed on the 1st of the 2nd article of the article. Other ministers,

e) "Institution" term: the institution, authority or authority responsible for the implementation of the legislation, which is responsible for the implementation of the 1st of 2 articles,

f) "Insurance duration" term: any amount of time,

g) "Yards" , which is considered to be uninsured for the duration of one of the parties ' legislation, and the term "Yards" in respect of this legislation is: 1 pearl of the 2 nci. the term "Family help" , including any additional and increases in the legislation of each of the states, including the additional and the increases that are foreseen to be applied by the legislation that was listed in the fund. h) "Family help" : The term "family member" "Family member" is the term "family member" of the term "Family member" , or in the case specified in article 10, or in the case specified in the 10th clause. no one, identified or accepted as a member of the family,

j) "Referenced" : anyone identified or counted as a judge of the regulatory warning that the help made,

k)"Nightmare" term: the continuous complaint location,

l) "Temporal Complaint" : temporarily not to find the termgeçici

m) "Citizen" : The status of the Patriots status dated September 28, 1954. No one identified as your homeland according to the first clause of the word,

n) "Refugee" term: The Status of Refugees dated July 28, 1951, and the implementation of the additional protocol dated 31 January 1967, refers to anyone who has obtained refugee status.

2. Any term that is not defined in this clause makes sense of the legislation applied to it. "

Article 2

The 1st of the Glossary of 4 July 1966 is described as" Article 1, " is "bis.

" Article 1 bis

1. On the contrary, in terms of provisions, such as:

a), subject to the legislation of one of the United States, or persons who are subject to their own name and account, with their own path and so on,

(i) Âkit To those who have a citizen of one of the states, or

(ii) the homeland or refugees identified by one of the States,

and their family members and their remaining rightful owners,

b) Subject to the legislation of one of the states The rights and family members of those who are left behind with paid workers and so on with their own name and account with their own name and family members, these rights or family members, are citizens or patriarch of one of the countries in the Republic of Turkey or in the States of America. If they are identified by someone as refugees, they are enforced.

2. If no one is convicted in this statement, they are subject to the obligations stipulated in the legislation of each of the states in the United States, and they benefit from the legislation in the same way as citizens of this State. "

Article 3

The 4th item of the Glossary of the Glossary 4 (a) is the case where it is located.

" a) in service of one of the states on the territory of one of the countries This is the company's name, which was found to be a paid job, a paid service. If a company is temporarily sent to an office to be made, the company and its rebutant family members will not be able to take up to twenty-four months, and the temporary deadline is due to an end. They continue to be employed on their own territory, as they continue to be employed on their own territory, as they continue to be employed in the first place. The temporary mandate may be extended with the exception of the authorized authorities. "

Article 4

The 3rd clause of the word and the 2nd article of the 4th item has been supersede ve

" Article 5

1. Government officials and similar personnel are subject to the State of the State legislation, which employs self-employed management. These people and their family members are considered to be complaining in this virgin state, even if they are found in the Devlet Devlette.

2. a) Some of the people who are sent as diplomatic missions or consular officials to the State of the Republic of Turkey are subject to the first Minister of State.

b) The diplomatic mission of a Stake State, or Those who are taking part in the Republic of America are subject to the latest issue.

However, people who are citizens of the first State of the Aper are preferred to implement this Âkit State legislation. misyonu

c) A diplomatic mission of the State of a Kite State or by the consulate, the mission or the consulate will take into account the legislation applied to the employers by the State or the consulate, if there are people who are employed in accordance with the country's legislation in accordance with the benefit of the country.

d) The provisions of this fan (b) and (c) apply to anyone who is employed in the special service of the person who is specified in the person's special service, through the execution of the provisions.

e) This view is from (a) to (d) The provisions of their own are to the honorary members of a consulate and in the special service of these people. no individuals who are employed.

f) The provisions of this office are not to perform a peer-to-peer family member who has been listed in the same period (e) as well as the family members who have been classed in the same way as they are. with registration, they are implemented. "

Article 5

The ninth clause of the commitment is invalidate.

Article 6

3 of the 10th clause of the word deðiþtirilmiþtir

" Entitled social The insurance agency will pay for the expenses of the two countries in the two countries ' High School of America's expense. "

Article 7

The 1-th quote of the 11th article of the word.

" Family members of these and their family members, with a period of time to be identified in the country of one of the countries When they were found temporarily in order to not get started, they were insured against the state of the state. If they have the right to benefit from the aid, the disease and emergency insurance that is currently being sold according to the state of the country where they are temporarily complained is urgently needed. Benefits. "

Article 8

The 29 items of the Glossary of the Glossary.

" Article 29

1. For national legislation, the following times are considered in both countries if the right to take advantage of family assistance or if the deadline is complete.

2. In Belgium, the people who are working in Belgium benefit from the benefits of "Family benefits" in Belgian legislation, excluding special judges and hikes.

3. Those who benefit from the spread of children in Turkey, who benefit from the spread, property, property, or occupational disease in Turkey, benefit from the family benefits envisioned in the Belgian legislation, except for special aid and hikes.

4. Those who complain about the orphans of the 2 and 3 paragraphs in Turkey benefit from the family benefits foreseen in the Belgian legislation, except for special aid and hikes.

5. Which children will benefit from the help, benefit from the help, and the duration of the help and the duration of the help is determined by a Human Meaning. "

Article 9

The 42 nci clause of the word current status.

Article 10

The first of which is the first of which the legal regulations have been made to ensure that the legal regulations have been completed. day (s).

The owners of the duly authorized signatories have signed the Glossary.

In Ankara on 30.6.1997, Turkish, French and Flemish languages, and each text, as a two-by-one mutaber description.


name of the Republic of Turkey

Belgium Kingdom name


John TOPTAeden



Execution and Social Security