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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ÇE­ŞİT­Lİ KA­NUN­LAR­DA DE­Ğİ­ŞİK­LİK YA­PIL­MA­SI­NA İLİŞ­KİN KA­

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Kanun # 5560


Acceptable Date: 6/12/2006      

ARTICLE 1- dated 26/9/2004 and of the Turkish Penal Code of 5237 It was added to the 61st article after the eighth storm, and the number of other white numbers that had been added to the storm, according to this, was the consolation of the number.

" (9) The day of this sentence in the crimes stipulated as a penalty for the election of a fine The lower left of the unit is less than the minimum prison sentence for that crime, and the maximum number cannot be greater than the maximum prison sentence. "

ARTICLE 2- 5237 of the count of 5237 is in place ", reconciliation" is the text that contains the text.

MADDE 3- is the first of the 80th item of the Code 5237 It has been reported in the form of the storm.

" (1) Force-to-play, service, prostitution or bondage, or body. To ensure that their organs are given, they threaten to apply pressure, pressure, cec or violence, abuse of influence, control or control of control, or despair. From taking advantage of the country to the country, the country is running, supplying, supplying, and running from one place to another. Anyone who leads or shipped or barns is given up to twelve thousand years in prison and up to ten thousand days. "

ARTICLE 4- The third of the 87 nci articles of the Code 237 It has been reported in the following way.

" (3) If the injury caused the body to remove or remove a bone, the penalty determined by the above clause increases to tomorrow, depending on the effect on the life functions of the red or grapeter. "

MADDE 5- The fifth of the Code for the Count of 5237. It has been reported in the form of the storm.

" (5) The offence of creating and firing a tactile crime crime crime is under way. However, no complaints are sought if the crime is to be committed to a conscious tactic, except for the injury that is covered in the first phase. "

ARTICLE 6- 5237 of the number 142 ncis of the Law It is added to the plug.

" (4) violation of the property or damage to the property with the intent of the execution of a Hürsüzlük crime If the crime is to be done, no complaints will be sought to prosecute and prosecute these crimes. "

MADDE 7- 5237 of the number of 5237 Code 191 It has been reported in the same way.

" MADDE 191-(1) a person who purchases, accepts, or sells drugs to use for use. The person, who has been found, is sentenced to a prison sentence of more than two years.

 (2) In the case of this crime, the court is charged with respect to the first of its Whether or not to use a drug or alert, a treatment and a controlled freedom measure, whether or not to use a sleeping or alert item for use. He can decide on the right of supervised freedom.

(3) The judgment of the right to treatment and controlled freedom is determined. are obliged to comply with the requirements of the treatment and the appropriate measure of freedom applied in the institution. An expert will be appointed to guide the person who has been ruled by a supervised release of freedom. This expert informs, during the application of the security measure, the effect and consequences of using the person or the warning to the effect of the use of the awareness of the responsibility of the person It provides guidance and provides guidance on the development and behavior of the person by reporting to three months of progress and behavior.

(4) End of treatment of ongoing supervised freedom measure during treatment from date to date. An extension of the implementation period of the controlled freedom measure may be decided. In this case, however, the duration cannot be more than three years.

(5) About the treatment of the treatment and the requirements of a controlled freedom measure It is decided that the defendant is at the helm of the case. If not, the case is still to be continued.

(6) the person who uses a sleeper or a warning to use the right to use the It can be held in accordance with the provisions of the two and fourth-of-the fourth-of-the-fourth-of-the-freedom measures after obtaining, accepting, or possession of the material, and after the sentence of the sentence was sentenced. In this case, the execution of the rule of the rule will be postponed. However, for this reason, it must not be decided before the treatment and supervised release of freedom due to this crime.

(7) the sentence of the sentence, the treatment, and the requirements of a controlled freedom measure If it is appropriate, it will be executed, otherwise it will be executed immediately. "

ARTICLE 8- 221 of the number of 5237 Code (s) It is added to the plug.

"(6) The active part of this item is not applied more than once."

ARTICLE 9- Eighth of the 227-nci clause of the count of 5237 The "treatment or therapy of therapy" included in the fund is "subject to treatment, or psychological therapy."

ARTICLE 10- 5237 of the count code 234 It is added to the plug.

" (3) The child who left the house in the knowledge of the law representative or the child who left the house, He would be sentenced to prison terms of up to three months in prison, as he kept his family or the authorities without apprised of the situation. "

ARTICLE 11- 5237 of the number 237 of the Code It is added to the plug.

" (5) This Law is involved in fiilles that are covered by the First fund. Effective implementation provisions of the crimes are enforced. "

MADDE 12- dated 4/11/2004 and 5252 of Turkish Penal Code The "alt and upper left or one of them is shown, or not shown," in the first phase of Article 4 of the Law on Effective and Application (s) of the Law. from the text of the matter.

MADDE 13- 5252 is the second of the Code 5 The phrase "clause in the first phase, or both of them, is not shown in the first phase, but is not shown," but the phrase " clause is not shown.

MADDE 14- The second of 6 articles of the Code 5252 It has been reported in the following way.

" (2) under applicable law prior to June 1, 2005;

a) While in prison, penalties may be returned to prison for the first time, unlike in law. If there is no provision, then a year, as the top left, twenty-four years old,

b) If there is no provision, contrary to the laws of the Hague, a month, the top of a month, by

is applied. "

MADDE 15- is located in the provisional 1st item of the Code 5252 The field "31 December 2006" is "31 December 2008".

TagPreserver,p,0,139MADDE 16- dated 4/12/2004 and Criminal Procedure 5271 It has been reported in the form of article 6 of the law.

" MADDE 6-(1) Statement of no duty, betting on the legal nature of the crime in the trial. The file cannot be submitted to a lower-grade court. "

MADDE 17- 5271 is the third of the Code 100 The bottom bents in which they are added, including the lower part of the fir (a), (2) and (5), are added, and the lower bent numbers are being converted accordingly.

" 3. Intentional injury caused by gunshot wounds (article 86, fikra 3, bent e) and neticum (article 87), "

." 7. Example (clause 141, 142), and patch (clause 148, 149), "

MADDE 18- First of the 102 items of the Code 5271 It has been reported in the form of the storm.

" (1) The period of imprisonment for those who did not enter the duties of the criminal court is a maximum of one year. This time, however, can be extended for another six months by showing the justifications in the required state. "

MADDE 19- 5271 is the 10th of the Code It is added to the plug.

" (7) About those who have been released due to the period of imprisonment forecasted in the law. The term code for the time code in the first phase can be applied to the provisions of the official control. "

ARTICLE 20- 146 ncis of the Code 5271 are "Force fetch" is the first, fourth, and fifth, and is added to the material in the way of the fourth and fifth.

" (1) Sufficient to make an arrest decision or to arrange a capture order It may be decided to bring the non-ferryable or the forced return of the censure, which is the cause of the reasons, or the 145 pearls of reason. "

" (4) No immediate, offering, or effective immediately, with the decision to bring in force. The judge, who works within twenty-four hours, except for the duration of the term, is taken to the front of the court or the Commonwealth's prosecutor's office, and is questioned or received.

(5) Challenges and judges, courts, or judges at a time to be considered for this. It will continue until the end of the questioning, or to the end of the statement, by the state's attorney. "

" (7) The witness, who is not involved in the effort, is also forced to do so in relation to the expert and the complainant. Decision to fetch. "

ARTICLE 21- 5271 of the Code 5271, in accordance with Section 150 It has been reported in the same way.

" MADDE 150-(1) February or censorship is asked to choose an intervention for itself. If he or she declares that she is not in a position to choose an intervention, a self-defense will be assigned.

(2) non-principal or suspect; child is maluble to defend himself Or, if it is, an intervention is assigned to the search for a prompt.

TagPreserver,p,0,139(3) Do not ask for crimes that require more than five years of imprisonment And the second fikra provision in the firing is enforced.

(4) Compulsory Defence considerations are in view of the Turkish Bar Association. It is regulated by the regulation that will be played. "

ARTICLE 22- 171 of the Code 5271, which is in the following It's very much in the way.

" MADDE 171-(1) the implementation of effective piecemeal provisions as the main reason for the removal of the Algerian The republic's attorney's office may decide not to have room to fire if there is any reason for the need for conditions or conditions of criminal punishment.

(2) The nineteenth of the articles of the 253 clause are intended to remain withheld, the Republican prosecutor's office, and the It may decide whether to cause a maximum penalty of imprisonment, a maximum sentence of a year or less, and delay the public case for a period of days before the public prosecution is due. It may appeal to this decision according to the provisions of Article 173, which has been harmed by the crime.

 (3) To decide whether to delay public prosecution, you must continue to the provisions are intended to be saved;

has previously been convicted of a crime in prison for a crime,

b) Criminal charges should be taken if public prosecution is postponed. To give her the opinion that she's not working.

c) Public litigation from public prosecution, upstate and public case are more useful than they should be,

d) damages the charge or damage to the public, as well as the return, crime prior to the crime. Complete recovery by bringing or restitution,


conditions must be real together.

(4) If no criminal charges are committed during the deferral period, no charges are available for the firing. decision. It will open a public case in case of a suspended offense in the period of the postponement. It does not work during the deferral process.

(5) Decide to defer public prosecution decisions, to a system is saved. These records may only be used for the purpose specified in this clause if requested by the Commonwealth's attorney, judge or court, with a question or a firing. "

MADDE 23- 231 of the Code 5271 has been started "The opening of the provision and the opening of the provision" has been described as being added, and the following is added to the material.

" (5) The sentence, which is due to the charged charge, is a sentence, a year or a half If it is a less-term prison or a criminal penalty, the court may decide whether to withdraw the provision. The provisions of the reconciliation are withheld. The release of the provision would mean that the established provision would not have a legal effect on the issue.

(6) for the return of the release to be decided;

may not have been convicted of a crime earlier than previously,

b) The court will consider the position and behavior of the suspect in posture and behavior. contained in the fact that it will not be recommitted by any means of re-crime,

c) damages the charge or damage to the public, as well as the return, crime prior to the crime. Complete recovery by bringing or restitution,

is required.

(7) In the provision that is decided to be withdrawn, the prisoner is sentenced to imprisonment cannot be deferred and will not be converted to option sanctions if it is short-term.

(8) If the release is to be turned away, it will be for the first time. The control period is in the process of control. as a measure of the court, including no more than a year, as a measure of controlled freedom, as a measure of the law;

a) If you do not have a profession or an art owner, you must have a profession or an art owner to continue with an education program,

b) In the absence of a profession or an art, a public institution or a private profession or to be charged under the supervision of an art-performing press service,

is prohibited from going to certain places, to continue to certain places. To make sure that you don't have to either get credit or appreciate it.

The decision can be made by

. The case is scheduled during the audit period.


 (9) does not immediately replace the specified code in the form of the following self, It may be determined that the provision of the provision is complete by paying in separate installments for the duration of the audit or the damage to the public or the public.

(10) intentionally not committed a new crime within the audit period, and is in a controlled freedom measure If obligations are met, then the decision will be made to the end of the call, eliminating the need for an open.

(11) intentionally set a new crime or controlled freedom measure within the control period The court rules, if they are to comply with the obligations. The court, however, said the state of the defendant, who failed to meet the obligations loaded, could not be executed or the conditions of a part of his or her conditions until the end of the court. He can rule out a new conviction by deciding whether to delay the prison sentence in the case, or to change the option to the options.

(12) The recall of the release may be appealed to the decision.

(13) The decision to return the release is recorded in a system that is mashup. These records may only be used for the purpose specified in this article if requested by the Commonwealth's attorney, judge, or court, with a question or a firing.

(14) The provisions of this Article are the provisions of the withdrawal of the provision, and are not It can be applied in relation to the crimes that have been reported to be fired. "

MADDE 24- 5271 of the Code 253, in It's very much in the way.

" MADDE 253-(1) is a real or private person who is involved in crime or crime related to the crime of man or woman. The legal entity is in an attempt to be reconcilable:

a) crimes against the public and the need to get fired.

b) The Turkish Penal Code, regardless of whether it is pressing charges;

1. Intentional injury (excluding third fikra, article 86; article 88),

2. Plug-in (clause 89),

3. Violation of residence impunity (clause 116),

4. How to remove and receive the child (article 234),

5. Whether to open a commercial line, bank line, or client information or documents (except for the fourth fikra, article 239),


(2) excluded and unfired, except for the ones that have been reported. to be able to reach the path of reconciliation in relation to the crimes contained in the law, the law must be opened in the law.

(3) is involved in active pickup provisions, even if the problem is to be asked to be fired. Crimes against sexual immunity are not allowed to go to a path of reconciliation.

 (4) The Republican prosecutor's office or the directive if the crime in question is to be involved in the matter of life. On the other hand, the official law enforcement officer offers to reconcile with the man who has suffered from a crime or a crime. In the event that the suspect is not responsible for any damage to the crime or crime, the mediation proposal is made to the legal representatives. The Commonwealth's attorney general's offer of reconciliation can also be made by means of tebligat or istanasbe. If he did not report his decision within three days of his bid to reach out, he would have refused the offer, unless he reported it within three days of his bid to extend the charge.

(5) Accept reconciliation and reconciliation in case of an offer. And the legal consequences of his refusal would be described.

(6) I have been declared to the official authority and not to be found at the address in the question file, or If it is not in the country or for some reason, it will not be able to reach out to the country or to the legal representative of the country, it will result in the reconciliation without being able to reach the country or to the legal representative of the country.

(7) A crime that has caused more than one winter to cause disability or damage For example, all those who have been harmed by the crime or crime must agree to be able to agree to the reconciliation path.

(8) The acceptance of the offer or acceptance of the offer is the subject of the offence. It is not an obstacle to the collection of evidence and the implementation of protective measures.

(9) if it accepts an offer to reconcile the cause of the crime or crime, As the Republican prosecutor said he would be able to do so, he could ask for a lawyer to be appointed as an extension, or extend my legal counsel to the public.

. TagPreserver,p,0,139(10) The reasons that the judge specified in this Law may not be able to look at the case, It is considered in connection with the deployment of an extension.

(11) The Cumhuriyet prosecutor's office in the question of an extension to the mediation Documents deemed appropriate are given a sample of the documents. The Republican prosecutor says that he is obligated to act in accordance with the principle of the privacy of the question.

(12) The extension is the most effective once the documents within the file are given an example of It would result in 30 days of reconciliation in the past 30 days. The state's attorney's office can extend that period of 20 more days.

(13) The reconciliation talks are conducted in secret. The mediation talks can include, in fact, a legal representative, legal representative, self-defense, and acting as a substitute for the crime. He would not have agreed to the settlement if he or the legal representative or representative of the criminal or the legal representative or the representative of the crime had agreed to the negotiations.

(14) The Republic is concerned with the method to follow in the process of negotiations The prosecutor's office may be able to instruct the state prosecutor to reconcile.

(15) The mediation talks eventually reached, making a report available to him. It returns to the Commonwealth's attorney's office with documentation examples. In the case of the reconciliation, the report, which includes the signatures of the parties, is described as the detail of what is being reconcilled.

 (16) Rejection of a bid is not related to the suspect or crime-related injury. They can declare their reconciliation by hitting the Republican prosecutor's office until the latest indictment has been edited with the document showing the extensions.

(17) The public prosecutor's office is based on the free will of the parties, and the if they determine that they are in compliance with the law, they retain the report or the document under the seal and the signature.

(18) Cannot move back to the reconciliation path if the reconciliation is inconclusive.

(19) As a result of the reconciliation, it is possible to replace the edifün from the def. It's a decision not to have room for the firing. If the replacement is to be put forward, whether it will be in the taxi or desire for continuity, the search for the 171-in-section is not the case for the public cause of the man's office. The decision to delay is made. It does not work during the deferral process. After the decision to delay the public case, the search for a public prosecution in the fourth section of the 171st article will be opened if the requirements of the reconciliation are not met. If the extension is sold, the compensation case cannot be prosecuted because of the criminal offence; it is the case that has been waived. The reconciliation report or document, if not fulfilled, is counted from documents dated 9/6/1932 and in the 38th article of the 2004 edition of the Law of Israel and the United States of Israel.

(20) The statements made during the mediation negotiations, any questions and It can't be used as evidence in a firing or a trial.

(21) offers initial reconciliation to one of the most damaging or guilty of crime. from the date of the trial period, the time period that the mediation attempt was inconclusive and, at the latest, was the case time, with the time of litigation until the republic's prosecution by editing the report of the reconciliation process. It doesn't work.

(22) A disproportionate fee for the operation and expense of the United States attorney's office. are paid in recognition. Reconciliation charges and reconciliation charges are counted from the benefit expenses. If the reconciliation is to be made, these expenses will be met by the State Treasury.

(23) The law stipulate in this Law for the decisions to be made as a result of the reconciliation It can be done.

(24) The implementation of the reconciliation is regulated by regulation. "

ARTICLE 25- 5271 of the Code 5271, in accordance with Section 254 of the It's very much in the way.

" MADDE 254-(1) After the public trial, the issue of the criminal investigation is in the scope of the offence The reconciliation process is done by the court, according to the principal and the government, according to the 253rd item.

 (2) If the reconciliation is done, the court will assume the result of reconciliation If it does, it will decide the invitation. If the fulfillment of the edict has been put forward, whether it will be in the taxi or desire for continuity; about the issue of article 231, the search will return to the power of the verdict. The decision will be made. It does not work out of time during the rest of the day. After the decision was made to restore the provision, if the requirements of the reconciliation were not met, you would be asked by the court to search for the lives of the first of the 231-clause. It will be convicted. "

ARTICLE 26- The first of the 309 clause of the 5271 count The "Minister of Justice", which is included in the second phase of Article 310, is said to be the "Justice Minister".

ARTICLE 27- The second of the 325th clause of the Code 5271 It has been reported in the form of the storm.

" (2) The return of the release is also the first time in the case of deferrals. The fikra provision is applied. "

TagPreserver,p,0,139MADDE 28- dated 13/12/2004 and counting 5275 Punishment and Security The "eighteen" clause in the fifth section of the Law of the Law of the Law on the Caution Of The Measures of the Law has been reported to be "onbed".

TagPreserver,p,0,139MADDE 29- dated 23/3/2005 and Penal Procedure 5320 The following sentence is added to the end of the first phase of Article 8 of the Law in the Effective and Application-attached Rights of the Law.

" To correct material errors in the decisions of the judiciary penalty agencies and the Criminal General Assembly (s) The Supreme Court of the judiciary may refer to the relevant criminal office or the General Assembly of the Criminal Justice. "

ARTICLE 30- The 13th of the Code 5320 is under consideration It has been reported in the other way together.

" Charge and proxy fee

MADDE 13-(1) prompting the Criminal Procedure Code to be prompted by the prosecution and prosecution. Defence and acting by the bar, separately from the lawyer's fee schedule, and the Turkish Bar Association's view, along with the Justice and Finance Ministry. The fee will be paid in the Ministry of Justice budget for this purpose. This charge is counted from the benefit expenses.

(2) Payment and application to be made under this article, and the guidelines are Turkey Bar The vision of the Union is determined by the Ministry of Justice to be ruled out by the Ministry of Justice. "

MADDE 31- dated 30/3/2005 and 5326 The third amendment of the law is to be reported in the state.

" MADDE 3-(1) This Law;

a) provisions in the way of law enforcement decisions, unlike in other laws If convicted,

b) Other general provisions, administrative fines or the public's public opinion about all the verbs that require it,

is applied. "

MADDE 32- 5326 is the third and third of the 17 The fourth fikraate has been reported to be in the state.

" (3) dated 10/12/2003 and attached to the Public Financial Management and Control Law of 5018 (I), (II), and (III) the relevant laws of the administrative fines issued by the public administrations in respect of the number of directors of the Republic of the Republic and the Republic of Turkey, as determined after 1/6/2005, and The administrative fines issued by the courts are recorded in the General Budget. Administrative fines issued by social security institutions and neighborhood administreals are recorded in their own budgets. If administrative fines are issued by other public institutions and organizations, provisions in their respective laws are registered, and the General Budget will be registered. The monetary penalties provided by the public institution are the provisions of the laws of their own. If the economic situation of the United States is not available, it can be decided that the financial penalty is to be paid in one year and four in installments, with the payment of the first instalment of the first instalment. If the installments are not paid at the time and in full, the remaining part of the administrative penalty will be collected.

(4) Committed to administrative fines that should be registered in the General Budget. The decisions are sent to the collected collections of the Ministry of Finance, dated 21/7/1953 and 6183 to be collected according to the provisions of the Law on the Allowance of Amme Creators. Administrative fines issued by social security institutions and neighborhood administrers will not be convicted, contrary to the laws of the Amme, to the provisions of the Law on the Evacuation of the Amme. They have to be collected by themselves. Administrative fines issued by other public institutions and organizations, which do not need to be registered in the General Budget, will be collected according to general provisions if no special provision is found in their respective laws. on. "

MADDE 33- 5326 is the second of the Code 20 It has been reported in the form of the storm.

" (2) Time-time period of time;

a) besest of hundreds of Turkish Lirasas, or more administrative penalties,

b) four in terms of which the Ellibin Turkish Liras or more requires criminal penalties,

c) three in the Turkish lira, which requires no less administrative fines, three, one in a number of years.

is done. "

MADDE 34- The fifth of the 27-point Code of Law 5326 It has been added to the storm and has added a number of material to the material.

" (5) if the decision is made by the court, it is against the decision. It can be appealed.

(6) I admin the verb in case of criminal offense. If it is decided, the decision will be reviewed in the case of the decision, unless it is to be appealed to the decision not to be fired.

(7) I have conducted the case on the grounds that the verb is not criminal, but also the fault of the crime. If the decision is made to the decision of an acquittion, the decision of the administration is examined in the body of the law, provided the decision is made to the right of an acquittion.

(8) Management of the same person as part of the country's decision to make a decision Decisions that enter the task area of the judiciary are also given; the administration's decision is seen in the administration of the administration, along with the claim of cancellation of the government's decision. "

MADDE 35- Eighth to 28 of the Code 5326 They were added to the storm to come after the storm, and the number of other white numbers is being sent to the top of the line.

" (9) The lower and upper penalty penalty is shown in the blood of the upper and upper part. In the event of a state-of-government fines, the court may also decide on the amount of administrative fines and to the acceptance of the deal. "

MADDE 36- 5326 is located in the Tentative 1 item of the Law The phrase "in relation to the administrative fines in other laws that are effective after June 1, 2005" is included in the "This Law" clause.

MADDE 37- dated 25/5/2005 and number 5352 of the Name of the Historic Record The phrase "embassy and consulates abroad" is added to the first storm of article 8 after the phrase "by the loss of loss".

ARTICLE 38- After the 13th count of 5352 The item 13 /A is added to the next item.

" Back-of-law granting rights

MADDE 13/A-(1) 5237 of the laws in the Turkish Penal Code have been determined by a certain crime, or to eliminate any rights that are condemned to a particular sentence, the right to restore the prohibited rights may be done. For this, the first and sixth of the Turkish Penal Code are to remain hidden, with the record of hiding,

a) A three-year period has passed since the execution of the convicted pocket has been completed.

has not committed a new crime during that time, and the life is well-done. In a court of law, he said, "

is required.

 (2) The execution of the convicted pocket is due to a general amnesty or effective law, for a legal reason If it is not the last time, the provision must pass from the date on which the rule is committed before it can be returned to the right of the rights. However, this time cannot be less than the amount of time to be found by adding three years to the prison sentence that the person is convicted of.

(3) Upon the request of the law or the proxy, the provision of the law shall be The court, where the court or the ruler's residence has been found, must decide on the same degree that the court or the court has located.

(4) The court is determined by this husustaki decision, by conducting review on the file, or the Republic He can give it up by listening to the prosecutor and the convict.

(5) The court has agreed upon the request for a return of the rights of the ban, The statute of limitation stipulated in the Law of Criminal Procedure may be observed in the Law of Criminal Procedure.

(6) Decide to return prohibited rights, if committed, on behalf of the official It will be saved.

(7) All expenses generated due to the return of prohibited rights to a path It is a convicted party. "

Child Protection of

MADDE 39- 3/7/2005 and 5395 The 19th amendment of the law is to be reported in the state.

" MADDE 19-(1) There is a number of conditions in the Law of Criminal Procedure for the crime, which was uploaded to the child. , it may be determined to delay the opening of the public case. However, it has been three years since the time it was postponed. "

MADDE 40- 5395 is the 23rd of the Code It has been reported in the same way.

" MADDE 23-(1) At the end of the trial, which was uploaded to the child, Penal Procedure If the laws of the law exist, it may be decided by the court to withdraw the provision. However, control time has been three years before these people have been turned on. "

ARTICLE 41- 5395 is the 24th clause of the Code It's very much in the way.

" MADDE 24-(1) Children of Criminal Procedure Law may be dragged to the crime of the crime is also applied from the maintenance of the view. "

TagPreserver,p,0,139ARTICLE 42- dated 3/7/2005 and 5402 of Controlled Freedom And the Centres and Preservation Councds are added to the 5th Amendment of the Law on the Protection Board.

" (2) Audits of the controlled freedom and assistance center by the central director of the Warning of the audit plan that is being prepared is a breach of liability for a controlled freedom measure. "

MADDE 43- is the first of the 11th count of the Code 5402 (c) is the current state in which it is known to me.

"c) To do the tasks of a controlled freedom measure that is envisioned with the law."

MADDE 44- 5402 is the 14th item in the Code It is added to the plug.

" (2) dated 17/7/1964 in the execution of public benefit and 506 Social The provisions of the Law of Insurance are not enforced. "

MADDE 45- dated 26/9/2004 and the 73rd of the Code of 5237 The third storm of the article 227, with the eighth of its material, has been in effect.

SUPERSEDE ARTICLE 1- Date this Law has not been effective Files that have not yet been committed, cannot be decided to break down with betting that the extent of the reconciliation scope is still in place.

MADDE 46- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

MADDE 47- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.