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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ÇE­ŞİT­Lİ KA­NUN­LAR­DA DE­Ğİ­ŞİK­LİK YA­PIL­MA­SI­NA İLİŞ­KİN KA­

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Law No. 5560

Acceptance Date: 12/06/2006
Article 1 of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 dated 26/9/2004 after the eighth paragraph of Article 61 was added the following paragraph to paragraph numbers and other come is amended accordingly.
"(9) The judicial penalties stipulated in the criminal penalty as an optional unit for the lower limit of the fine day, she was less than the lower limit of imprisonment in the definition of the offense; the upper limit may not exceed the upper limit of imprisonment. "
Article 2 of Law No. 5237, Article 73 situated in the title of" compromise "has been removed from the text.
The first paragraph of Article 3 of Article 80 of the 5237 Act has been amended as follows.
"(1) Forced to run, serve, prostitution, procuring or subordinating it to slavery or threats in order to ensure that their body organs, pressure, force or violence, influence, abuse, deceive or persons of inspection facilities on or obtain the consent advantage of desperation to put in by the people of the country, issuing out of the country, supplying, who missed one floor to another floor leads or referring or hosting one to twelve years for eight years as a prison and ten thousand days is given fined. "
Article 4 the third paragraph of Article 87 of Law No. 5237 has been amended as follows.
"(3) Intentional injury throughout the body in the event of causing fractures or dislocations, the penalty determined in accordance with the above Article, the impact of fracture or dislocation of the life function is increased by up to half."
Article 5 5237 Law article 89 of the fifth the clause has been amended as follows.
"(5) investigation and prosecution of negligent wounding offense is subject to complaint. However, except for wounding within the scope of the first paragraph, the offense is not required if the processing of complaints conscious negligence. "
Following sentence is added to Article 6 of Law No. 5237, Article 142.
"(4) If the processing of a violation of dwelling immunity for processing of theft or damaging property crime investigations for these crimes and the prosecution is not required complaints to be made."
ARTICLE 7 5237 Law 191 article has been amended as follows.
"Article 191- (1) the purchaser to use drugs or psychotropic substances, the person who accepts or keeps, shall be punished with imprisonment of one year to two years.
(2) Due to the criminal court in this lawsuit, before giving judgment pursuant to paragraph about the person using drugs or psychotropic substances, treatment and supervision of the probation measure; While using, bought drugs or psychotropic substances for use, about accepting or keeping people may decide to probation order.

(3) the decision to the person on treatment and probation measures of treatment in designated and supervised institutions are obliged to comply with the requirements of liberalization measures. About supervised appointed an expert to guide the person for whom freedom measure. These experts, during the implementation of security measures to inform people about the effects and consequences of using drugs and psychotropic substances, located on the advice of the people responsible for the development and road shows; Three on a person's development and behavior data of the report by the judge-month period.
(4) supervised treatment during the ongoing liberalization measures, from the date of the end of the treatment is continued for one year. Supervised may decide to extend the period of application of measures of freedom. However, while it can not be more than three years in this case.
(5) Treatment and supervised the trial, which opened about a person acting in accordance with the requirements of the freedom to decide on the measures fall. Otherwise, continue to be served by being provisions in the case.
(6) people who use drugs or psychotropic substances, buy drugs or psychotropic substances for use on, accept, or after having being due to award punishment to treatment according to the two to the fourth paragraph provisions, and supervised may be subjected to liberalization measures. In this case, the execution of the penalty shall be imposed postponed. However, due to the pre-treatment on persons for this crime must be supervised and freedom not decided measures.
(7) sentence the person was sentenced, treated and supervised the acts in accordance with the requirements of the probation measure, deemed to have been executed; otherwise, it is immediately executed. "
Article 8 Article 221 of the Law No. 5237 is included in the following paragraphs.
"(6) about the person, effective repentance provisions of this Article shall not be applied more than once."
Article 9 5237 Situated in the eighth paragraph of Article 227 Article "treatment or therapy subject is kept." To "treatment or psychological therapy It may be subject to. "as amended.
To Article 10 of Law No. 5237, Article 234 is added to the article.
"(3) the legal representative of the information or leaving the house without the consent of the child, with the consent, even if the family or the competent authorities of situation without notifying the next person who holds, on the complaint, shall be punished with up to one year imprisonment for three months."
ARTICLE 11- the following paragraph has been added to Article 245 of Law No. 5237.
"(5) effective repentance provisions relating to offenses against property of this Act with respect to acts falling within paragraph coverage applies."
Article 12 04.11.2004 dated and 5252 numbered Turkish the Penal Code Enforcement and the Law on the Application Form in the first paragraph of Article 4 "upper and lower limits or any of them or had never shown or shown as a fixed figure" was removed from the text.
In the second paragraph of Article 13. Article 5 of Law No. 5252 "one of the lower and upper limits of the law, or they are referred to in the first paragraph, but both have shown," it was removed from the text.
Second paragraph of Article 14 of Law No. 5252, Article 6 is amended as follows.

"(2) entered into force in law before June 1, 2005;
A) The heavy prison, a converted penalty in prison in accordance with the first paragraph, the lower limit of a year or a provision to the contrary in the law, the upper limit of twenty-four years
b) Unlike the law in the imprisonment provision or lower limit of one month, the top limit of five years,
applied. "
Article 15 of Law No. 5252, located in the temporary Article 1" December 31, 2006 "phrase of" 31 December 2008 ", as amended.
Dated 4.12.2004 and Article 16 of the 5271 Act is amended as follows: Article 6.
"Article 6 (1) changes the legal nature of the crime at the hearing, referring to jurisdiction can not be sent to the lower tier court file given."
Article 17- 5271 Law No. Article 100 of the third paragraph, subparagraph (a) to (2) and ( 5) the lower number to come after me, respectively, added the following subparagraph and other sub-paragraph numbers have been rearranged accordingly.
"3. Deaths processed intentional injury (article 86, paragraph 3, paragraph e), and the result is due to aggravated intentional injury (article 87), "
" 7. Theft (Article 141, 142) and loot (items 148, 149), "
Article 18 first paragraph of Article 102 of Law No. 5271 has been amended as follows.
"(1) at most one year detention in jobs that fall under the jurisdiction of criminal courts. However, this period can be extended for a further six months on the grounds. "
Article 19 of the Law No. 5271 Article 109 the following paragraph is added.
"(7) times in the first paragraph about who released due to the expiry of prescribed periods of detention in law requirement applicable provisions on without seeking judicial control."
Article 20- 5271 Law No. 146 provisions of the title of the article "Forced bring" form; the first, fourth and fifth paragraphs are amended as follows and paragraph has been added following paragraph.
"(1) About the arrest warrant is issued or an arrest warrant is reason enough to be held with or 145 according to article called the case came when the suspect or the accused forcibly may decide to bring."
"(4) is called the forced decision of bringing the suspect or defendant promptly when no lead time allows the judge within twenty-four hours later, except for the court or brought before the public prosecutor and will be drawn or phrase query.
(5) taking by force, time begins to be justified for it and judge, by the court or the public prosecutor shall continue until the end of the interrogation or taking the statement. "
" (7) witnesses who did not call an expert witness, and victims can be forced to make decisions regarding the complainant. "
Article 21 of Law No. 5271 Article 150 is amended as follows.
"Article 150- (1) is required to choose a lawyer from the suspect or the accused himself. Suspect or the accused, if the declaration is not in a position to select a lawyer, a lawyer will be appointed if the prompt.
(2) the lawyer is no suspect or the accused; child, the degree of disability can not defend himself or deaf and dumb, prompt regardless of a lawyer is appointed.
(3) The lower limit is made for crimes that require imprisonment for more than five years of investigation and prosecution in the second paragraph applies.

(4) Mandatory müdafilikl other related issues, Turkey is a regulation to be issued based on the opinion of the Bar Association. "
Article 22 of Law No. 5271 Article 171 is amended as follows.
"Article 171- (1) the conditions required for the implementation of effective repentance provisions as personal reasons that removes criminal impunity in the presence of or personal reasons, the public prosecutor can decide whether to prosecute place.
(2) Article 253 of the nineteenth paragraph of the provisions in order, the public prosecutor, investigation and prosecution is connected to complaints of crimes that require the maximum of one year or less duration of his prison sentence, despite the presence of sufficient doubt, five years of the opening of a criminal case It may decide to postpone for a period. injured by an offense may appeal this decision in accordance with the provisions of Article 173.
(3) to decide to postpone the opening of the lawsuit without prejudice to the provisions of the agreement;
A) have been sentenced to imprisonment for an intentional suspect before the crime,
b) of the investigation, is not the conclusion that hesitate to commit crimes suspects if the postponement of the opening of public prosecution,
c) of the postponement of the opening of public prosecution, suspects and society in terms of being more useful from a public lawsuit,
d) the victim by the crime was committed or harm the public had undergone, restitution, to make prior to the crime or compensate completely eliminate by, must occur together
(4) during the period of suspension, if not intentionally committed a crime, it is decided whether or not to prosecute. public lawsuit is a deliberate crime if committed within postponed period. During the postponement does not handle the timeout.
(5) Decisions relating to the postponement of the opening of the lawsuit are recorded in a system thereof. These records, but an investigation or prosecution in connection with the prosecution, if requested by the judge or court can be used for the purpose specified in this Article. "
Article 23- 5271 Law No. 231 th title of the article" Explaining and postponing the pronouncement of the judgment in the judgment " modified form and substance is included in the following paragraphs.
"(5) The defendant shall be sentenced to the punishment of the trial conducted because of the offense charged, the term of one year or less in prison or fined; court, may decide to postpone the pronouncement of the judgment. Compromise provisions are reserved. Postponing the pronouncement of the judgment, the defendant refers to the legal consequences to bear on established provision.
(6) to decide on postponing the pronouncement of the judgment;
A) the accused have been convicted of a deliberate before crime
b) the court that the defendant taking personality traits and consideration attitudes and behaviors in the trial conviction agreed to in respect of re-offending will be processing
c) the victim by the crime was committed or the public the damage suffered, restitution, or completely eliminate crime before making through indemnification,
(7) The provisions of the decision to postpone the announcement can not be postponed shall be sentenced to a prison sentence and can not be converted to sanctions in case of short-term options.

(8) If the defendant of the decision of postponing the pronouncement of the judgment is subjected to time control for five years. For the court to determine, not more than a year during this time, as the defendant's probation order;
A) In the absence of having a profession or trade, profession or art have to have the order to ensure the continuation of a training program,
b) In case of having a profession or art, in a public or private as performing the same profession or art someone else who under supervision of the execution fee,
c) prohibition from going to certain places, certain issues continue to be appreciated in places liable to be made or to fulfill other obligations, given
decision. The prescription of the case in the probation period.
(9) The sixth paragraph of paragraph (c) if the failure to fulfill the requirements laid down immediately; The damage caused to the public about the victim or the accused during the audit fully correct the condition by paying monthly installments can be given if the decision of postponing the pronouncement of the judgment.
(10) deliberately committed a new crime within the probation period is not treated and controlled if proper precautions obligations related to freedom, disclosure eliminating dropped back provisions, given the decision to drop the case.
(11) a new crime or deliberately controlled in time Control acts in violation of the obligations related to freedom measure describes court of law. However, the court itself to assess the status of the defendant can not fulfill the obligations loaded; Deciding to be a part of the execution or conditions to be translated into the existence of sanctions or postponement option of imprisonment in the case of the provisions to be determined up to half the penalty provision could establish a new conviction.
(12) postponing the pronouncement of the judgment can be appealed to the decision.
(13) described the decision of postponing the judgment is recorded in a system thereof. These records, but an investigation or prosecution in connection with the prosecution, if requested by the judge or court can be used for the purpose specified in this Article.
(14) provisions regarding the postponement of the verdict in this matter, investigation and prosecution applicable in relation to crimes subject to complaint. "
Article 24- 5271 Law No. Article 253 is amended as follows.
"Article 253- (1) The following offenses, real or private law who suffer from crime victims or suspects attempted to reconcile the legal person:
a) Investigation and prosecution of crimes subject to complaint.
B) whether or not attached to the complaint, in the Turkish Penal Code;
1. Intentional injury (except the third paragraph, Article 86, Article 88)
2. Reckless injury (Article 89), 3
. Housing violation of immunity (Article 116)
4. abduction and detention of children (Article 234)
5. Trade secrets, banking secrets or disclosure of information or documents the customer secrets (except the fourth paragraph, item 239)

(2) Investigation and prosecution, except those based on complaints; As in other laws with respect to the crime in order to go to conciliation, it must have clear provisions in the law.
(3) Investigation and prosecution even if subject to complaint, the offenses cited the effective repentance provisions of crimes against sexual immunity, can not go to conciliation.
(4) subject to investigation and subject to compromise if there is a crime, the law enforcement officials on the Republican prosecutor or instruction, will offer dubious compromise with the victim or crime victims. The suspect, who suffered from a case of a minor victim or crime, the legal representative made the compromise proposal. Republican prosecutor can also compromise proposal by the explanatory notice or rogatory. The suspect, who suffered from victims or crime, since you made the compromise proposal fails to report to him within three days of the decision, deemed to have rejected the offer.
(5) In the case of the compromise proposal, the nature of compromise and reconciliation of the people are told to accept or reject the legal consequences.
(6) has been declared the official authority in the absence of addresses contained in the investigation file, or be abroad or for any other reason the victims, the victims of the crime, the suspect or is not reached to their legal representatives, without going investigation to conciliation concluded.
(7) for more than one person to go to conciliation because of an offense giving rise to the grievance or injury, the injured or the victim of a crime must accept all compromise.
(8) must be made in the reconciliation proposal or acceptance of the offer is not an obstacle to the implementation of the collection of evidence related to the crime investigation and protection measures.
(9) In case of accepting the offer of reconciliation damaged by the victim or crime suspect can be realized prosecutor reconcile itself may want to bar the appointment of a lawyer as a mediator or may appoint a mediator among those who have studied law.
(10) denial of the cases the judge can not consider the case set out in this Act causes, considered as mediator on the appointment.
(11) Assigned mediators contained in the investigation file to the DA and the Republic of eligible documents by a given sample. The public prosecutor mediators to remind that it is obliged to act in accordance with the principle of the confidentiality of the investigation.
(12) mediator, a copy of the documents in the file given to him within thirty days from when it finalizes the reconciliation process. The public prosecutor may extend this period up to twenty days.
(13) Settlement negotiations are conducted in secret. Settlement negotiations suspect, victim, victims of crime, the legal representative may participate counsel and attorney. The suspect, the victim or victims of the crime if he or a legal representative or to refrain from participating in the deliberations of the proxy shall be deemed to have accepted the compromise.

(14) mediator may meet with the public prosecutor regarding the method to be followed during negotiations; The public prosecutor may give instructions mediators.
(15) Reconciliation talks mediator in the end, gives the example of the public prosecutor with documents given to him to prepare a report. if the mediation, the report containing the signatures of the parties are described in detail in what way compromised.
(16) Despite the rejection of compromise proposals, the latest indictment and a statement that they agreed damaged by the victim or crime suspect held until the date of the Republic may declare that they agree referring to prosecutors.
(17) The public prosecutor, the reconciliation, if it determined that based on the parties' free will and act according to the law of my report or document kept under seal and signature retains the investigation file.
(18) can not go to conciliation again the event that the Settlement inconclusive.
(19) upon fulfillment of the actions of the suspect def'at result of the settlement, given the decision not to prosecute. The release date forward to the fulfillment deed, if not intended to connect installments or continuity, regardless of the conditions in Article 171, it is decided to postpone the opening of the public about suspicious cases. During the postponement does not handle the timeout. After the decision to postpone the opening of a criminal case, fail to fulfill the requirements of the agreement, the terms in the fourth paragraph of Article 171 without seeking public trial opens. if to achieve reconciliation, compensation can not be the case because the crime investigation; deemed to have waived the lawsuit is filed. The suspect, reconciliation report or document fails to fulfill the act, dated 09/06/1932 and No. 2004 of the Bankruptcy Act having considered the documents written to my nature Article 38.
(20) The statements made during settlement negotiations, or used as evidence in any investigation and prosecution of the case.
(21) The suspect, from the date that made the first compromise proposal to one of the victims of the victim or the crime, remained inconclusive attempt to reconcile and later, the case up to the date given to the public prosecutor by editing the report of the mediator does not handle the case while the prosecution condition with timeout.
(22) for a fee commensurate with the public prosecutor by mediator to work and be paid if charges. Mediator fee and other settlement expenses, considered the costs and expenses. these costs if the mediation shall be borne by the State Treasury.
(23) apply to the way the laws prescribed in this Act with regard to decisions to be taken in the reconciliation results.
(24) Settlement of issues related to the application of the regulation. "
Article 25 of Law No. 5271 Article 254 is amended as follows.
"Article 254- (1) after opening the case if the public understood that the scope of crimes subject to prosecution agreement, the mediation process according to the principles and procedures specified in Article 253 is made by the court.

(2) If the reconciliation takes place, the court, upon fulfillment of the def'at compromise result of the defendant's actions, decides to dismiss the case. The release date forward to the fulfillment deed, if not intended to connect installments or continuity; defendants, regardless of the conditions in Article 231, it is decided to postpone the pronouncement of the judgment. During the timeout does not handle drop back. After the decision to postpone the pronouncement of the judgment, if not fulfilled the requirements of the agreement, by the court, 231 Article conditions regardless of the eleventh paragraph, shall be explained. "
Article 26- 5271 Law No. 309 of Article in the second paragraph of Article 310 Article with the first paragraph area "Justice Minister", the phrase "Ministry of Justice", as amended.
No. 5271 Article 27 second paragraph of Article 325 of the Act is amended as follows.
"(2) postponing the announced and postponed the sentence of the judgment where the first paragraph shall apply."
ARTICLE 28- 13/12/2004 and 5275 Criminal and Security Measures Law on the Execution of the fifth paragraph of the 107 Article " eighteen "will," fifteen "as amended.
Article 29 of the Criminal Procedure Code No. 5320 dated 03.23.2005 of the Law on Enforcement and Implementation of Article 8 was added the following sentence to the end of the first paragraph.
"The Supreme Court criminal chambers of Criminal Appeals Chief Prosecutor for the correction of factual errors related to spelling in the General Assembly decision may apply to the relevant criminal circles or Punishment General Assembly."
Article 30- 5320 Law No. conjunction with Article 13 of the title is amended as follows: .
"Lawyer and attorney fees
Article 13 (1) Criminal Procedure Code in accordance with investigation and prosecution authorities appointed by the Bar Association upon the request of counsel and trustee, as discrete from the fees of the lawyers, Turkey taking the opinion of the Bar Association, Justice and Finance ministries to be determined jointly by the fee will be paid from the appropriation for this purpose situated in the Ministry of Justice budget. This fee is considered the costs and expenses.
(2) payments to be made under this Article and implementing procedures and guidelines for the opinion of Turkey Bar Association is determined by a regulation issued by the Ministry of Justice by taking. "
Article 31 30.03.2005 dated and 5326 numbered Law on Misdemeanors of 3 Article has been amended as follows.
"Article 3 (1) of this Act;
A) Administrative sanctions provisions regarding the way the law against the decision, in the absence of contrary provisions in other laws,
b) Other general provisions, administrative fines or property that requires the sanction be passed to the public about all verbs,
apply. "| || third and fourth paragraphs of Article 32 of Law No. 5326 Article 17 is amended as follows.

"(3) dated 10/12/2003 and the 5018 Public Financial Management attached to and Control Act (I), (II) and (III) the schedule where the areas of law relating to administrative fines imposed by public administrations 1/6 / after 2005 the Chief Public Prosecutors outside the specified ratio of courts and administrative fines provided by the general budget revenue. Administrative fines issued by local administrations and social security institutions are recorded as income to their budget. The administrative fines imposed by other public institutions and organizations, without prejudice to the provisions of relevant laws, the general budget revenue. given by fines of professional organizations qualifying as public institutions, subject to the provisions in their laws. In the absence of favorable economic situation of the person, the administrative fine, upon payment in advance of the first installment in a year and may decide to pay in four equal installments. in installments to be paid in full and on time, all will be charged the remainder of the administrative penalties.
(4) general budget revenue decisions are finalized regarding the administrative fines to be saved, 21.07.1953 dated and 6183 Public Debt Collection Procedure according to the Law on terms to be determined by the Ministry of Finance to be collected and sent to collection offices. Social security institutions and administrative fines imposed by local governments, if no contrary provisions in the relevant laws, according to the Law on Collection of Public Claims Procedure shall be collected by themselves. Other public institutions and provided by organizations and the general budget revenue should be recorded non-administrative fines will be charged if there are no specific provisions in the relevant laws in accordance with the general provisions. "
Article 33 5326 second paragraph of Article 20 of the Act has been amended as follows.
"(2) the limitation period of investigation;
A) one hundred thousand Turkish Liras or more administrative fines requiring the offenses five
b) fifty thousand Turkish Liras or more offenses that require administrative fines four
c) fifty thousand that requires the least administrative fines from the Turkish lira in offenses three
years. "
fifth paragraph of Article 34 of Law No. 5326 amended as follows: Article 27 and paragraph has been added following paragraphs.
"(5) In case of a decision by the court of administrative sanctions, but can go to appeal against this decision.
(6) it is not subject to investigation as criminal administrative sanctions in the event of a decision on the ground that creates a misdemeanor; If the appeal against a decision not to prosecute, the application is examined in this appeal mechanism against administrative sanctions.
(7) as well as criminal prosecution is not subject to administrative sanctions if the decision on the grounds that granting the form misdemeanor; If the way to go to law against the acquittal due to the actual creation of the offense, appeal against the administrative sanctions law also examined in this way authorities.

(8) process given the scope of administrative sanctions for the same person to be given in case of decision which falls within the jurisdiction of administrative courts; alleged violations of law related to administrative sanctions are seen in the administrative jurisdiction with a request termination of this process. "
Article 35 5326 Act after the eighth paragraph of Article 28 was added the following paragraph to come and other paragraph numbers have been rearranged accordingly.
"(9) administrative fines misdemeanors is lower and in the law of the upper limit of the so given in the referenced against the administrative fines, the court may decide on the acceptance of the application by modifying the amount of the fine."
Article 36 5326 Act located in the temporary Article 1 "this Act" to come before the words "and after June 1, 2005 regarding administrative penalties in other laws enacted" it has been added.
Article 37 of the Law on Judicial Records No. 5352 dated 05.25.2005 to the first paragraph of Article 8 of "the Governorate" to come after the phrase "embassies and consulates abroad" has been added. Article 38 of Law No. 5352
following to come after the Article 13 Article 13 / A is added.
"The return of the prohibited rights
Article 13 / A (1) 5237 of the law outside the Turkish Penal Code for a certain crime or that connect to the conviction of a certain penalty in order to eliminate the rights deprivation, may go the way of the return of the prohibited rights. For this; Turkish Penal Code Article 53 of the fifth and prejudice in the sixth paragraph,
a) Convicted owned a three-year period of time has passed from the date of completion of the execution of punishment,
b) that person's not committed a new crime during this time and life is good the formation of a conviction in court whether the settlement continued,
(2) the prisoner when the execution of the sentence of a general amnesty or effective regret if there was ended another legal reason, the return of the prohibited rights to go on the road, from the date the judgment becomes final must not exceed five years. However, this time will be added by the person to be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than three years duration.
(3) for the return of the prohibited rights, at the request of the prisoner or his representative, the court which issued the judgment or court convicts must decide where the residence is located in the same degree.
(4) The court's decision on this matter could by reviewing the file, or by listening to the public prosecutor and convicted.
(5) Upon the request for the return of Prohibited rights against the decision of the court in relation to the way laws apply to the provision stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Code.
(6) decision on the return of the prohibited rights case to be finalized, is recorded in the judicial records archive.
(7) All expenses paid by the convict due to consult on ways to give back to the Prohibited rights. "
Article 39 dated 3/7/2005 and 5395, Article 19 of the Child Protection Act has been amended as follows.

"Article 19 (1) because of the offense charged to a child in the Law of Criminal Procedure if the existence of the circumstances, given the decision to postpone the opening of a criminal case. However, these people in terms of delay for three years. "
Article 40 of Law 5395, Article 23 is amended as follows.
"Article 23 (1) of the trial conducted because of the crimes charged to a child in the presence of the conditions in the Code of Criminal Procedure, the court may decide to defer the pronouncement of judgment. However, these people in terms of control for three years. "
Article 41 of Law 5395, Article 24 is amended as follows.
"Article 24 (1) of Criminal Procedure Code are applied in terms of children driven to crime provisions relating to reconciliation."
Article 42 3/7/2005 dated and 5402 numbered Probation and Assistance Centers and Protection Boards Act of 5th the following sentence is added to the substance.
"(2) probation and assistance center, despite warnings to the call made by the branch manager or prepared audit plan Failure supervised deemed to breach obligations related to freedom measure."
Article 43- 5402 Law No. Article 11 of the first paragraph (c ) it has been amended as follows.
"C) supervised measures envisaged by law to do tasks related to freedom."
Article 44 of Law No. 5402, the following sentence is added to Article 14.
"(2) and No. 506 dated 17/7/1964 Social Insurance Law enforcement in the execution of works in the public interest does not apply."
Dated 26/9/2004 and the eighth paragraph of Article 45 of Law No. 5237, Article 73 Article 227 has been repealed in the third paragraph. PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1
Although this Act is attached to the provision as of the date of entry into force yet finalized in the file, because it expands the scope of the agreement can not be decided disrupt stakes.
Article 46 of this Law shall enter into force on the date of publication.
Article 47- This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.