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Law No. 4570 Date: 25.5.2000 article 1. – Act No. 34 Article 6831 dated various Forest 31.8.1956 article has been changed as follows. Article 34. – The production forest service by the State within the boundaries of forest if done, villages and towns that place as resident population registered natural persons or within the boundaries of the State forest in each of the villages and towns have been established by the majority of households as part of cooperative forest villages of coppice forests unit price (unit price)-style cut, sales with stacking firewood they carry their places to face much percent of administration within the period to be designated , is provided over the cost of their own if they wish.
Ağaçlandırılacak, reconstruction and will be enliven field in coppice forests belong to the studies that have been done exactly what provisions apply.
Households have been established by at least ellibiri per cent as part of cooperative of forest villages, cut off sales with unit price-style stacking stations carrying lumber, soymalık and cutting coating timber and wood industry for twenty-five percent of the individual's, if they wish, of the Forest zone directorates sales hoard last auction sales average price to be determined by taking 20 percent of the cost, are sold to them. However, who do not want to receive the goods the right to the villages of the forest as part of cooperatives, unit price-style cut, sales with stacking stations carrying lumber, soymalık, trimming saw bench and industrial wood coating of twenty-five per cent of the individual's Turkish authors publish the relevant to the işletmes forest, in the same year, producing enough auction with an average quantity sold as general sales average price difference between the cost price, to be paid in cash after the removal of the balance sheet. However, the average auction sale price Forest zone directorates are the last 20 percent of the cost of the price to be determined by taking the cost as part of their cooperative of forest village is on top of their cost price to them twenty-five percent of products are sold with.
State forests of natural and legal persons, working on producing cut and carry them in place and sales going to hoard emvale-rats, amounts belonging to the ten percent is paid to them also.
In the above paragraph in order to cut and transport business unit of the right price (unit price) decision and should be made in accordance with the principles and şartnamelerdeki periods of time.
This article is within the scope of the cooperative work of nature or of the parent organization, and according to you may be asked to run forest engineer or forest technician.
Forest Law amending Act No. 2896 Law dated 23.9.1983 temporary article 1 provision of forest villagers to make previously in this article is based on the price and sales will apply.
With the implementation of the principles of the provisions of this article and the procedures are determined by the General Directorate of Forests. Article 2. – This law enters into force the date of promulgation. Article 3. – This law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.