Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Ideas And Works Of Art Law, And Travel Agencies

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. Fİ­KİR VE SA­NAT ESER­LE­Rİ KA­NU­NU, SE­YA­HAT ACEN­TA­LA­RI VE

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Law No. 5571

Acceptance Date: 28/12/2006

Article 1 dated 07.04.1934 and numbered 2559 on Police Duties and Powers of the following paragraph is added to Article 8 of the Act.
"F), all kinds of sea regulates day tour with suitable tools or who sell all kinds of goods and services, customer operations by announcing or customer acceptance, while the surrounding area or use the customer will turn methods,"
Article 2 05.12.1951 dated and in the first sentence of the first paragraph of 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works of the Law Article 44 "in order" to come after the phrase "just outside where the press periodicals," has been added.
Article 3 of Law No. 5846 has been added to the following additional substances.
ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 12- Article 81 in contravention of Article replicated copies and in case of arrest of the publication of this Act, this Act and participating actively with other relevant legislation materials that are subject to crime in the framework of the capture process, prevention, monitoring and investigation in charge and chairman of the audit committee members are paid bonuses with public officials.
An audit conducted in the framework of the seizure can be given to the result of the audit committee chairman and members of the total amount of bonuses, with civil servant salary coefficient of fifty-one of the index figure can not exceed the amount to be calculated by multiplying. Jackpot amount is split equally relevant. A person with an annual total amount of bonuses paid forty thousand official monthly index coefficient of the figure will not exceed the amount obtained by multiplying.
's Fifty percent to be paid bonuses, copy and publications that will be given by the court if caught unclaimed forfeiture judgment, proprietary caught the opening of public prosecution, and the remaining fifty percent of the Ministry within one month following the finalization of the provision for confiscation or condemnation will shall be allocated from the budget.
Article 81 of this Law legal copies sold where prohibited sales with bonuses seventh paragraph shall be paid into the seizure.
Any taxes on the bonuses payable under this article and will not be interrupted.
Audit committee formation and the working principles of the paid in bonuses account to be determined considering the confiscated material quality and quantity indicators with other procedures and guidelines for the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Finance on the implementation of this Article by a regulation issued by the Ministry on the approval. "|| | Article 4 and No. 1618 dated 09.14.1972 Travel agents and Travel Agencies Association s Article of the Law is amended as follows.
"The implementation of Article 1 of this law;
A) The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry,
b) The Association of Travel Agencies Association, the
c) Business license: Ministry issued a travel agency document,
d) on package tours: 4077 Consumer Protection package tours, as defined in the Act,
d) tour of Turkey's historical, natural, cultural, introducing at least one of the tourist attractions and covering transport agreement, with a single price sold or sales commitments, including those services and the services of a short twenty four hours commercial activities covering the period

E) Travel agency: Profit to provide information about tourism for tourists with package tours and creating tours, tourism for accommodation, transport, sightseeing, who are authorized to see the sports and entertainment services, create the product that can be marketed through their own or other travel agents commercial organization,
f) Guide: the person having the guidance document issued by the Ministry, refers
. "
Article 5 of Law No. 1618 Article 4 is amended as follows.
"Article 4 receive business documents from the Ministry to show travel agency operating in Turkey are required. The principles and procedures relating to the application for those who want to take
business document determined by regulation.
Business certificates are issued to legal entities will be paid to a company. Business documents transferable.
outside the country and / or abroad to transport passengers in bus services and relocation services company in nature, is not subject to the provisions of this Act.
Travel agents, travel agency business can operate with taking the document. 6762 Turkish Commercial Code are reserved. "
Article 6 of Law No. 1618 with the title of Article 10 is amended as follows.
"Obligation of travel agencies
Article 10 travel agents are obliged to comply with the following:
a) round or only one hotel package tour in order except with transportation to hotel accommodation and will be host; Up to forty-five per person package tour or tour guide to have at least one; a guide to keep the vehicle in excess of forty-five people in one vehicle capacity; Tourists to any person outside contacts through Turkey's history, nature, culture, and to provide information about the nature of guidance activities and tourism.
B) Customer deceptive, to engage in behavior that would undermine public confidence in the country's tourism and jarring.
C) a copy of the contract, which is insured by the insurance company showing the detailed program and information package tour programs for all offered services to the consumer.
D) to fulfill their obligations relating to the activities to be held jointly and severally responsible and brokerage services along with other travel agencies.
D) Branches report address changes without changes, including the Ministry for at least ten days ago.
E), except for obligations under the customers with the services they offer to transport institutions will sell their tickets and insurance limit to fulfill their obligations arising from any travel agency transactions, money being and liabilities at least by the group of travel agents payment to be made about turning to the Ministry of money are not met five thousand New Turkish Lira maximum of thirty will be determined by the Ministry of New Turkish Lira deposit, to 4734 Public Procurement Law the values ​​specified in Article 34 and if the decrease of the collateral, to complete within thirty days.
F) introductory prepared by professional organizations in the public institutions specified in the regulations in place in the tour program materials to be offered to customers to provide upon the request of these organizations.
This article if deemed necessary by
Ministry (e) the guarantee referred to in subparagraph upper and lower limits are determined in accordance with repetitive Article 298 of the 213 on Tax Procedure Law for the past year and the applicable increased by the revaluation announced.
Travel agencies and branch offices, collateral, the promotion of professional organizations qualifying as public institutions, staff, offices, tourist transport, with the nature of the transfer element (a) the principles and procedures relating to the matters listed in paragraph specified in the regulation to be issued by the Ministry. "
ARTICLE 7 Law No. 1618 (IV) section title "insurance" as, with the title of Article 12 is amended as follows.
"Compulsory insurance
Article 12 Travel agents, tour packages sold in Turkey in:
a) under the Edit package tour; including the bankruptcy of the services they have promised to the customer agents from any failure not given any reason given or committed so must insure their responsibilities. In this case, the insurer's liability should be at least as package tour price. The customer may request the damage covered by the policy directly from the insurance company.
Travel agencies and insurance companies, from the moment they make their insurance contracts are required to send a copy of the contract to the Ministry within five business days. In case of termination of the contract before the time, this situation will be reported to the Ministry by travel agents and insurance companies in the same period.
Make package tour insurance of insurance companies with branches in the relevant license is required. Treasury is authorized to determine the insurance premiums necessary.
B) editing package tour contract, the customer;
1. Customer accident and return costs to the exit points in case of illness,
2- All kinds of accidents from losses and treatment costs, to meet up
policy limits are obliged to notify can be insured. "
ARTICLE 8 1618 in conjunction with Article 27 of Law No title has been changed as follows.
"Administrative penalties and certificate revocation
Article 27 on the basis that do not meet the travel agency specified in the relevant legislation with this Law, acts as though this occurs further a crime separate from the penalty to be given authority in respect of this crime, the Ministry applied the penalties set out below.
A) administrative penalties and situations where the application of these penalties are as follows:
1. This Act Article 10 (a) or (f) In case of violation of paragraph one thousand five hundred New Turkish Lira.
2 of this Act, 7, 17, 19 or Article 21 or Article 10 of one of (c), (d) or (d) New Turkish Liras in case of detection of a violation of one of me.
3- or not given within the period specified by the Ministry of the requested documents and information in this Act or misleading information or document if given two thousand New Turkish Lira.

4- outside acts enumerated in this article do not comply with the provisions of this Law and related regulations travel agents to fix the situation or the Ministry are warned not behave contrary to a legislation. New Turkish Liras in case of detection of the same or any other act or acts that require the warning in a year or make the necessary corrections within thirty days despite warnings.
B) travel agency business certificate will be canceled in the following cases:
1 in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 of this Law, failure to compulsory insurance.
2 in the detection of a year is required to take an administrative fine of three times the verb.
3 that the lack of qualities to get the document or it is determined that the travel agent in activities which are not included in this Act.
4 of Article 10 of this Law, (b) or (e) an actual determination of violating clauses.
The names of the operating certificate canceled when the travel agent or pursuant to this article will cause confusion with a name can not be reinstated to any travel agency. owned travel agencies canceled the operating certificate and to their branches and their partners with during the process repealed because their wives and five years to first-degree blood and beech relatives of this clause (b) of paragraph (1) and (4) sub-item of the violation if the ten years will not be for re-certification. Union of temporary and long-term expulsion from membership of the travel agency documents, the acts of these substances (b) does not require a penalty under clause it will be canceled during the transient men.
This material specified in administrative fines 213 on Tax Procedure Law repeatedly identified in accordance with article 298 and applied by increasing the revaluation rate announced for that year to be effective at the beginning of each calendar year. "
Article 9 1618 Act No. 30 the substance of the provisions are amended as follows.
"Article 30 on those who carry out activities that make the travel agency under this Act without a document from the Ministry, apart from the administrative investigations referred to in Article 29, it shall be sentenced to three to six months imprisonment and fined up to one thousand days. in guidance on activities without a document from the Ministry
, it shall be subject to judicial fine up to a thousand days.
Travel agents and negotiated guides during the services they provide to their customers, the commitment is clearly in the contract with the client and with the exception of those related directly to the service and outside of the customer's information, except as described in the customer makes their purchase or customer contracts in return are sent to a particular company any benefits if they did not provide documentation of travel agencies and guides will be canceled by the Ministry, and they can not travel agency or guidance for five years. "
Article 10 No. 1618 Law Article 34 (a) of paragraph (g), subparagraph amended as follows, the same It got the following paragraph has been added following subparagraph and substance.
"G) Required if there is real due to the acquisition of property rights and other easements and decide to sell. However, the affirmative vote of two-thirds majority of the General Assembly is required for the sale of real estate. "

"I) Members of representing in the eyes of the public institutions and organizations and other professional organizations, to sue, associations, foundations and establish economic enterprises, establishment of the company to achieve the objectives of the Union, or to decide to become a partner to the board.
H) Union for the fee to be approved and given to the service of documents to authorize the Board of Directors.
I) in matters within the authority of the General Assembly to authorize the Board of Directors. "
"In the absence of provisions in this Act, the Disciplinary Board and disciplinary action by the General Assembly meetings, with regard to elections and ban 5362 No. of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Vocational Institutions Act Article 24 of the first part of the third part of the same law with the artisans and the provisions concerning the artist rooms apply." | || Article 11 of Law No. 1618 is added the following paragraph to the article with the following paragraph to the first paragraph of Article 35.
"D) Union be ratified documents and revenues of the services to be provided,
d) the publication, social, cultural and revenues to be derived from the training activities,
e) Trade, incomes derived from exhibitions and other events,
f ) Union securities and real estate capital gains, investments and the income to be obtained from company profits,
g) Other income. "
" Union registration fee of twenty thousand New Turkish Lira cash and it will be charged at once. The annual fee is five percent of the membership fee. Member registration fee and annual dues of Tax Procedure Law No. 213 bis determined in accordance with Article 298 and applied by increasing the revaluation rate announced for that year to be effective at the beginning of each calendar year. the decision of the General Assembly an annual fee to be charged over the years with the authorization given to the board with late payment penalties will be applied. "
Article 12 of Law No. 1618 has been added to the following temporary items.
"Travel agents
Provisional Article 3- real business documents of people belonging to a travel agency to make a one-time, be transferred to entities within two years from the date of entry into force of this Act.
Enters into force at the date established in the travel agents of this Law, the Law Article 10 (e) shall be prepared in accordance with the last paragraph of the same article guarantees specified in item beginning from the date the regulations are obliged to submit to the Ministry within two years. This deposit will be refunded if the existing guarantee letters submitted to the Ministry of the letter. These obligations do not meet the travel agency of the documents of this Law Article 27 (b) of paragraph (4) shall be canceled in accordance with sub-item. "
Article 13 3/12/1982 dated 2634 Tourism Incentive Law Article 3 (i) the following paragraph is amended as follows and substance (k) and (l) of paragraph has been added.
"I) maritime tourism tools: Travel, sports, leisure and tourism as the sea, and private and commercial real or legal person with the availability of the document, cruise ships and maritime vessels that branch may,

1) Yacht cabin, toilet, washbasin, with kitchen, trade, or trade without being used for trips and sports load, not in the nature of passenger and fishing boats, not exceeding twelve, the number of passengers carried or coasting time in the face mille limited nearest land, the number of passengers it carries without departing from more than twenty miles of not more than thirty-six and tonnage document or where specified ship
2) cruise ship: Travel, watching a predetermined schedule and routes for entertainment and sporting purposes, marine tourism is suitable for use in trade in luxury cabins swimming pool set in intercontinental trip convenient, high passenger capacity to the owner and seaworthy which ship
3) Branches may watercraft Human bearing, which can move without being connected to a support under physical and water while driving on the water or in any case water top with the support of the working marine vessel under water,
4) daily trips to: Travel, sports, entertainment and tourism purposes passenger received from the port with the same port on the same day that downloads Seaworthiness Certificate with boats, "
" k) sea tourism facilities: exclusively for sea tourism vehicle to a safe mooring, haul, maintenance, repair, and some social services or tourism facilities offer all,
l) Classification: maritime tourism minimum qualifications of tourism businesses certified facilities other than facilities, capacity, physical characteristics, materials standard, business and service quality and staff qualifications and industry representatives of criteria such as level of education is also determined by the Ministry of evaluating the types or classes of commission classification that takes place. "
Article 14 2634 Law Article 8 (H), the second sentence of the first paragraph of the clause" the entire region or sub-region all of the applications for the allocation of a single major investor Ministers front allowed the investors selected and evaluated by the Board to decide on the preliminary permit conditions. Operations are carried out by the Ministry according to the preliminary permit conditions. "; And the following paragraph is added to come after me.
"New recruits main investor in the region Culture and tourism preservation and development, sub investor and the investor of Ministers in the matter will be carried out in what manner to which investment incentives will be given which encourage the frame do they invest in investment incentives decrees in this area and will be and to what extent the Board is authorized.

Cultural and tourism preservation and development regions wishing to invest in the primary investor, sub investor or investors, the Environmental Law No. 2872 are obliged to fulfill their obligations in accordance with Article 10. However, these investments are exempt from the decision to place inspection. Upon submission of the EIA report, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, depending on the nature of the investment, inspection, consisting of representatives of the organizations mentioned in the EIA legislation and evaluation commission is established. since being referred to the report of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, review, evaluation and final decision-making process is at least two months. This time, the major investor, the investor or investors took the report does not include the period for correction. The main investor, sub investor or investors, to report back to him for revision must be given within fifteen days to fix.
Areas of culture and tourism preservation and development; EIA positive about the decision or EIA is not required for investment given its decision, after the completion of the above mentioned processes, allowing all to be taken for the realization of investment approvals and licenses, the relevant institutions shall be further without any further procedure within fifteen days. In other transactions, including the easement is completed within three months. The facility is completed and the investment required permissions to contact the company and approvals by the relevant institutions are given within fifteen days. "
Article 15 2634 the Fourth Division title of the Law" Sea Tourism "as, in conjunction with Article 26 of the title is amended as follows.
"Maritime tourism facilities investment and management:
Article 26 Natural and legal persons, maritime operation authorization from the Undersecretariat and get the certificate from the Ministry on the condition of marine tourism facilities are capable of investment and operation."
Article 16 2634 Act with the title of Article 27 is amended as follows.
"Sea tourism investment and management tools:
Article 27 Natural and legal persons, sea tourism vehicles are capable of taking the document from the Ministry of investments and operations.
Vehicles certified by the Ministry of marine tourism activity which is beyond the purposes specified in this Act.
Turkish flag can not take sea tourism vehicles, connected to the 6762 Turkish Commercial Code article 823 without the Turkish flag Ministry is authorized to permit withdrawal.
Foreign flagged sea tourism in Turkish territorial waters and ports of the vehicle determined by regulation Basis to be used for tourism. "
Article 17 of Law No. 2634 with the title of Article 28 is amended as follows.
"Looking basis between Turkish territorial waters and ports:
private or commercial ARTICLE 28 Turkish and foreign flagged sea tourism vehicles to Turkey entry and exit procedures are performed in the sea border crossings. Sea tourism will subsequently undergo these procedures for vehicles Turkish ports and their wintering areas is also available.

Sea tourism vehicles are valid as long as they remained hygienic treatment in Turkish ports made in a foreign port in Turkey and not their visa does not apply to them. However, the death and the state of communicable diseases, must be reported to the nearest port authority or the nearest local authority.
Have completed the login process in Turkey Turkish and foreign flagged sea tourism vehicles; They can move freely between the Turkish territorial waters and ports. Foreign flag or sea tourism used foreign vehicles, the Council of Ministers, the Chief of Staff and determined by taking the appropriate opinion of the Ministry and may approach declared navigational maps in order trips to the bay and the rest of the coast outside of processed prohibited and may anchor.
Turkish and foreign flagged sea tourism vehicles of the time they will do between Turkish ports and entry and exit procedures Turkey and wintering transactions are made on the document to be issued by the relevant administrations. However, the Turkish flagged private marine tourism vehicles; In time they will do between Turkish ports are not required to use this document. Cruise ship casinos
If the necessary measures are taken by the administrations concerned for Turkey to hold off while driving in the territory. "
Article 18 of Law No. 2634 with the title of Article 29 is amended as follows.
"Maritime tourism stay in Turkey of the vehicle and cabotage rights:
Article 29 foreign flagged sea tourism vehicles, travel, maintenance, repair, you can stay up to five years in aquaplaning or barracks to order Turkey. This extended by the Ministry according to the provisions of the Regulation for five more years.
Turkish and foreign flagged yachts, travel, sports and Turkey to be used for recreational purposes and may be leased to foreign nationals. In this way, for commercial use by the tenants or rented is prohibited.
Turkish and foreign flagged sea tourism vehicle trips, sports and entertainment in order to use passenger transport does not count. "
Article 19 of Law No. 2634, Article 33 is amended as follows.
"Article 33 of the holder, in the following cases and the amount of prejudice relevant provisions of other laws administrative penalty is applied:
a) Despite the warning penalty, made the necessary correction within thirty days or requiring a new warning penalty in a year three thousand New Turkish Lira administrative penalty in cases determined by the act or acts referred to in this Act or required by the Ministry of information or documents not submitted in time or giving misleading information or document.
B) without informing the Ministry, three thousand New Turkish Lira administrative penalty of a part or the whole is kept closed for certification as a period of more than thirty days in a year of operation.
C) Writing, advertising, banners, Ministry brochures and similar tools or customer misled or misleading titles used or not on the services promised to the customer or incomplete granting or in cases not provided administered in a having business at least equivalent qualifications of the service five thousand New Turkish Lira administrative fine.

D) ensuring the customer's safety of life or property or business owner or staff responsible for the contribution, defect or omission of the company in case it is determined that a crime committed five thousand New Turkish Lira administrative penalty.
E) all of the investment or business without permission or the transfer of an essential part for certification, the rent, the partnership statute, title, or in the case of changing the type of three thousand New Turkish Lira administrative penalty.
F) administrative penalty of twenty times the price charged extra if the price on the implementation of the approved tariffs.
(F) administrative fines mentioned in this article, except me, for that year to be effective at the beginning of each calendar year 213 on Tax Procedure Law repeatedly identified in accordance with article 298 and applies increased by the revaluation has been declared. "
ARTICLE 20 - 2634 Law in conjunction with Article 34, the title has been changed as follows.
"Certificate revocation:
Article 34 tourism investment or tourism business certificate;
A) an act of determination that requires the administrative fine for the third time in a year,
b) Failure Investment certificate while the completion of the investment, although end or tourism businesses not received the document
c) to operate outside the types of businesses that can be documented plant or tourism enterprises to the end of the activity,
d) to create disadvantages in terms of tourism in the country of operating as a certified Facility,
d) the license to operate from the relevant institutions necessary for the certification of plant essential that the document has expired,
e) investment Facility or business during documented the essential qualities to be substantially lost, will be canceled by the Ministry of
states. "
Article 21 2634 Law Article 37 (a) of paragraph (4), subparagraph is amended as follows.
"(4) maritime tourism facilities and marine tourism tools, investment and operation of this Act 28 and Article 29 of the points to be determined in accordance with the opinion of the Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs on the implementation of."
Article 22 21/7/1983 dated 2863 No. the following paragraph is added to come Culture and the eighth paragraph of Article 12 of the Natural Heritage Conservation Act.
"According to the above provisions, charged as a contribution to the protection of cultural property owned quantities of the month following the month in which it is collected until the tenth day of the evening was declared with a statement to the provincial government paid within the same period. Collection of the municipalities have their contribution to the provincial government deposit within the period specified above, the contribution of late payment penalties according to the 6183 Law on Collection Procedure of Public Receivables are charged by applying.
Mayors, the municipal share of the charge of provincial administration to the contribution to be paid to the protection of cultural property, is obliged to ensure the timely and full payment. Unpaid interests related provincial municipalities of the province on demand at the request of administrations cut the share of the total tax revenues it receives from the Bank which are sent to the government. "

No. 4848 dated 04.16.2003 Article 23 Ministry of Culture and Tourism Organization and Duties of Article 2 of the Law of subparagraph (b) to "do" to follow the phrases "; local governments, public institutions and established by organizations or established to support the public staff associations and was founded by the Turkish Civil Code, with the same aim main purpose of culture, except for foundations, arts, tourism and promotional activities of the association and to help cash for projects to be carried out by private theaters with foundations, "it has been added.
Article 24 of Law No. 4848 has been added to the following temporary items.
"Provisional Article 7- staff having been established in the attached list in the annex to the Decree Law No. 190 (I) has been added to the schedule portion of Culture and Tourism Ministry.
No 4848 Culture and Tourism Ministry of the Organization and the Law on the Duties of the provisional Article 2 of the mentioned Ministry Counsellor staff in accordance with the Law of revoked staff according to those who were appointed before the publication date of this Act, require any processing to the team that has been established by this Article considered to be assigned without the. They can not be assigned to those outside the team. The staff cadres becomes vacant for any reason of any process without having to be deemed canceled. "
Article 25 07.14.2004 dated and 5224 numbered Cinema Evaluation of Films and the Law on Promotion and Classification of the sixth paragraph of Article 8 come after the first sentence as "the calendar year following the year of entry into representation of the construction by the end of the total revenues derived from construction, this made for expenditure incurred from the net amount remaining after deduction, the rate of contribution to the total project costs and the support amount reimbursed shall not exceed. It fails to be identified to prevent it from being screened or the date of construction, the latest support of the calendar year following the year in which deemed to be released by the end of. "sentences added, located on the third sentence of the same paragraph" director for three years and produced a "phrase" producer of three year period "as amended and in the first sentence of the eighth paragraph" production and 30% of total expenses for post-production support, project support "phrase has been removed from the text.
Article 26 of Law No. 5224 is added the following paragraph to Article 11.
"Culture and Tourism Ministry, not to exceed 50% of the annual allowance to support film production and yellow commitments next year after obtaining the opinion of the Ministry of Finance is authorized to make contracts."
No. 5355 dated 26.05.2005 Article 27 of the Law on Local Administrations Association added the following additives.
"Tourism infrastructure service unions

ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 1 cultural and tourism preservation and development regions and tourism centers, a holistic approach protection area, development, promotion of culture and the realization of the social and technical infrastructure related to tourism and the local authorities with the participation of all local authorities in the field in order to ensure operation unity is established. This is one of the aims established in three of the local government associations of councilors, the Culture and Tourism Ministry tourism licensed accommodation facilities and among themselves representatives of sea tourism resort areas, the number and secret ballot for municipal council seats set in association bylaws consist of members elected on the condition to move the selected conditions. Selection, where the special provincial administration center where the association is done under the supervision of the council. The duties and accommodation facilities in the jurisdiction
Union member bearing the number of accommodations to not less than one third of the fees paid by local governments and the maritime tourism facility pays the amount of the membership fee will be determined by the union council considering binding capacities. Other tourism facilities and services from non-member beneficiaries, unions amount to be determined by council pays the fee or charge. "
ARTICLE 28 Law No. 5355 is added to the following temporary items.
"Tourism infrastructure service unions organization
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 3 from authorized governors in the additional Article 1 of the specified tourism infrastructure service unions set up processing zones or centers of this Act the entry into force of this Act shall be completed within a year. Region or the center of the case to cover more than one province border, the Interior Ministry will be appointed governor on this issue, it executes the installation process.
Established before the date of publication of this Law tourism infrastructure services units, shall comply with the law within one year statutes. "The current
removed and replaced provisions
Article 29 14.09.1972 dated and No. 1618 on Travel Agencies and Travel agents Association of Law 2, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 25, 28 and the third paragraph of Article 3 and Article 31, the end of the last paragraph and Article 29 of the Article 6 the force of the sentence has been removed.
3 of Law No. 1618, located at 20 and Article 34, "the Ministry of Tourism and Promotion" phrases "Ministry"; 6, 17 and contained in the provisions of Article 19 "of the Ministry of Tourism and Promotion" phrases "Ministry"; Situated in Article 24 "The Ministry of Tourism and Promotion" to "ministry"; Article 26 in the "Ministry of Tourism and Promotion" to "the Ministry" and in the second paragraph of Article 32 "Ankara" to "Istanbul" as amended.

Enforcement ARTICLE 30 - This Law;
A) three months after the date of publication of the Article 7,
b) the date of publication other items, will enter into force

Article 31 of this Law shall be enforced by the Executive Council of Ministers.


Established in THE STAFF





Counsel Ministry