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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. Fİ­KİR VE SA­NAT ESER­LE­Rİ KA­NU­NU, SE­YA­HAT ACEN­TA­LA­RI VE

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Kanun # 5571


Acceptable Date: 28/12/2006      



TagPreserver,p,0,139MADDE 1- 4/7/1934 and 2559 Police Vaife and It is added to the 8th item of the Law on the Law of Salativity.

" F) All kinds of goods and services with vehicles with hands on all kinds of water. Those who use the means to relax the environment or the future while announcing their activities, or accepting the application, "

TagPreserver,p,0,139MADDE 2- 5/12/1951 and 55846 counted Ideas and Arts The clause is added to "only the places that are periodical", to come after the clause in the first sentence of the first case of the 44th article of the Law of the Works.

ekMADDE 3- additional material in the Law of 5846 is added.

" Bonus

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 12-The number of nuses and publications that are most commonly used in the 1st of this Code. If captured, the provisions of this Law and the audit, which are tasked with preventing, preventing, monitoring, and asking about capturing material that is subject to the crime within the framework of the provisions of relevant legislation. The commission is paid by the chairman and members of the public, and they are paid a bonus.

An audit panel of the audit activity within the framework of an audit activity The total amount of bonuses that can be granted to members cannot exceed the amount that the ellibin indicator figure multiplides by the officer's monthly contribution. Share the amount of interest in the amount of interest as a result. The sum of the sum of the sum of the sum of the sum of the sum of the sum of the amount of the total amount of the total amount of the amount payable is not past the amount that will be found by the officer's monthly contribution.

The percentage of the bonus to be paid is in court if nüzha and publications are unclaimed by the owner If the owner was arrested, his decision was to open the public case and the remaining 50% of the Ministry's budget within a month following the failure of the ruling or the sentence of the sentence. is paid from the respective tertistik.

In places that are prohibited from selling with the seventh of this Code, the seventh is the fifth. No bonus will be paid if the legal nbases sold are confiscated.

You do not have any taxes and deducts from the bonuses to be paid according to this item.

An account of the number of administrative commissions and bonuses payable on the basis of the work Indicators to be determined by consideration of the nature and quantity of the material, including the appropriate use of the Ministry of Public and Finance, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance It is regulated by the regulation that will be played by the Minister. "

MADDE 4- dated 14/9/1972 and Travel Agencies of 1618 And the Travel Agencies are said to be the Pearl of the Union Law.

" ARTICLE 1-In the implementation of this Law;

a) Ministry: Culture and Tourism Ministry,

b) Union: Travel Agency Unit,

c) Human document: A travel agent issued by the Ministry,

c) Package tour: 4077 package tour defined in Blood on Protection of Consumer Protection,

d) Tur: Do not promote at least one of Turkey's historical, religious, cultural, touristic, and touristic means. the ticket, which includes the delivery, sold or sold at a single price that includes these services, covering a period of time in the service of twenty-four hours,

e) Travel agent: To give tourists information about tourism, package tours with profit The commercialized product, which is authorized to build tours, transport, transport, sports and education services, can market the product to its own or other travel agents, who are authorized to see tours. installation,

f) Rehber: Haiz is the minister's guide to the given guide,

refers to. "

ARTICLE 5- Section 4 of the Code 1618, It's very much in the way.

" MADDE 4-The document from the Ministry to show travel activity activity in Turkey Required.

With guidelines for people who want to receive a document, with guidelines from the server

Business documents are issued to legal entities for an operation. The execution documents are not transferable.

The services of passenger boarding and/or passengers in the country. The transportation service is qualified to the provisions of this Law.

Travel agents process travel agent activity with receipt of proof of execution they can. The provisions of the 6762 Turkish Commercial Code have been withheld. "

ARTICLE 6- The 10th of the Code 1618 is in combination with the following It has been reported in the following way.

" Travel agents obligations

ARTICLE 10-Travel agents are required to comply with the following considerations:

a) Except for those in tours or just in one hotel, and those that include the access to the hotel to be put Package tours, including a package tour or at least one guide to the tour, a single-vehicle capacity to keep a guide in the country's vehicles; tourists, guides. No one is able to provide guidance on the history, nature, culture and tourism of Turkey with the Vasis. information.

b) Cheating, shaking public trust, and undermining country tourism not to be found.

c) What is the value of the package tour program with detailed program and information for all services offered? to give a consumer of the word that it is insured by the insurance company.

to be responsible for the subsequent charge of travel with other travel agencies To fulfill obligations to the activities and to the services of the vehicle.

d) for at least ten days without deoing address holes, including the February (s) First to report to the Minister.

they will offer their tickets to the people who will sell their tickets. services and obligations of all travel agencies, except for obligations under the insurance limit, to fulfill their obligations, to be involved, and to replace those obligations. The Ministry of travel agency, to be paid to the Minister if not brought in by the Ministry of travel, the Ministry of the travel agency, the minimum wage of the new Turkish The lira will be determined by the Ministry of the New Turkish Liras, while the number of 4734 counts is to give over the deans specified in Article 34 of the Public Ale Law, and if the collateral is to be added, thirty-three. in the day.

f) Professional in the public institution specified in regulation in the places in the Tour program The introduction of the materials prepared by the installation of the materials at the request of these installations is available.

The minimum and maximum representation of this item (e) as required by the Ministry of the limitations can be applied by increasing the number 298 of the Tax Usul Code for the past year, and increasing the number of redeeming rates that are identified and declared in accordance with the number 298.

TagPreserver,p,0,139Travel agencies and offices, collateral, public office The identification of the installations, personnel, office, tourist training, the qualifications of the transfer elements (a) and the principles and principles that will be made available in the Ministry of the Ministry of from the server. "

MADDE 7- section number 16 (IV) of the 1618-numbered Code (IV) As "insurance", the 12 nci clause is also being used in the province of the country.

" Required insurance

MADDE 12-Travel agents in package tours sold in Turkey:

a) In the package tour scope, the agency of the services for which they are committed to the client It is required to ensure that they are not given for any reason, including the bankruptcy, or the responsibilities that may be due to the failure to be granted. In this case, the liability of the insurance will be at least as much as the cost of the round. The client can claim the damages covered by insurance from the insurance company.

Travel agents and insurance companies from the moment they made insurance promises. They are obligated to send a sample of the word to the Ministry within five days of the day. If the word ends before the end of the term, this will be reported by the travel agencies and insurance companies during the same period of time.

To provide package tour insurance for insurance companies that are licensed to use an IBM-related product is mandatory. The Treasury Department is authorized to determine insurance premiums in necessary situations.

b) While editing a package tour promise, the next;

1-The expense of the client's accident and return at the time of the illness,

2-Costs of damages and treatment for all accidents,

TagPreserver,p,0,139to ensure that it can be insured by the policy limit They are responsible. "

ARTICLE 8- 27 articles of the Code 1618 are under article 27 It has been reported in the other way together.

" Israeli fines and cancellation of documents

MADDE 27-The travel agencies that do not comply with the guidelines set out in the legislation related to this Law, Even if it becomes a criminal act, the penalties for this crime are imposed in the Ministry of the Ministry, as well as the penalties for the relevant authorities.

) fines and situations that apply to them are applicable:

1-The 10th item (a) or (f) of this Law is in breach of the part of the building, the new Turkish Lirasu.

2-Articles 7, 17, 19, or 21 of this Law, or 10 (c), (c), or (d) a thousand New Turkish Lirasas in the case of the detection of the breach of one of their benes.

3-Within the time of the information and documents specified in this Law or requested in the Ministry Two thousand New Turkish Lirasas if they are not given or have been given information or documents.

4-The following verbs in this provision do not comply with the provisions of this Law and related legislation. The travel agents are warned by the Ministry that they will not be able to either fix the situation or to act on the subject again. One thousand New Turkish Lirasas in the identification of the same or the same verb or verbs that required the necessary corrections within 30 days of the warning, or to be warned within a year, are required.

b) The travel agent push document is cancelled in the following people:

1-The mandatory insurance should not be made when the provisions of this Law are provisions of article 12.

2-The identification of verdicts that require three administration fines in a year.

3-The travel agent loses its main qualifications to receive documents or is in this Law. the detection of activities that are not taking place.

4-The identification of a verb in violation of the 10th clause (b) or (e) of this Law.

The proof of execution of this item is the names or defections of the travel agents that are cancelled A name that will lead to no travel agent can be regranted. The work document was cancelled to travel agents and their partners in the process of causing them, and their partners and blood and loss to the first degree, partners in the process of causing the cancellation and the thread. the absence of a period of ten years, in violation of the subbents of (b) and (4) of this matter, of this matter (b). The documents of the travel agents, who are granted temporary and long-term membership of the unit, are cancelled during the temporary men if their verbs do not require a penalty in the notice of this item (b).

The administrative fines specified in this item are for the year to be valid from each calendar year 213 is applied by increasing the number 298 of the Tax Procedural Law in accordance with the number of redeeming identified and declared in accordance with the number of additives. "

ARTICLE 9- Section 30 of the Code 1618, It's very much in the way.

" MADDE 30-This law will be able to make travel agents under this law. For those involved, up to three months in prison and up to a thousand days are eligible to be sentenced separately without the administrative question specified in the 29th clause.

provides up to a thousand days to receive guidance from the Ministry. The money is to be fined.

Travel agents and asset guides provide their services for their services, Except for those related to the promise of a statement made with the application and the information about the given service, and in the knowledge of the client's knowledge, the statements of the people have been received or are not If they are to ensure any interest in the promise of a certain application, they are not The documents of the travel agents and guides are cancelled in the Ministry, and they cannot travel or provide guidance for the period of the first year. "

ARTICLE 10- The 3418 count (A) of the Code 1618 (g) it has been reported in the lower end, and the same is added to the bottom benders and the material in which it has been added.

" g) rights and other property rights, if necessary, to decision to be acquired and sold. However, a positive vote of two-thirds of the General Assembly is required for the sale of the general assembly. "

to represent members of the public institutions and organizations with other professional organizations, including the case To set up associations, foundation and economic enterprises, to make decisions about the purpose of the Union, or to decide whether to partner with those who have already been installed.

h) Documents to be approved by the Union and the charge for determining the fee for the services to be issued To authorize the board.

) to authorize the Board of Directors on matters within the authority of the General Assembly. "

 " General Assembly with Disciplinary Board and disciplinary penalties in the non-provision of this Law The 5362 (5362) of Essen and the Artisans Occupation of the First Section of the third part of the same Law as the first part of the third part of the Act, as a result of the elections and the ban, were held in the chambers of the world. The provisions of the policy are enforced. "

ARTICLE 11- The first of the 35th item of the Code 1618 It is added to the material in which it is in line with the spectra of the entoments.

" o) Documents to be approved by the Union and the revenues of the services to be exported,

d) Revenues from the publication, social, cultural, and education activities,

e) revenues from the exhibition, exhibition, and similar organizations,

f) The real estate and real estate capital will be derived from the business of the company and the revenues,

g) Dies. "

" The registration fee for the unit is twenty thousand New Turkish Liras and is collected from cash and one at a time. The annual aidat is the percentage of the member registration fee. The member registration fee and the annual help for each calendar year of 213 are determined by the number 298 of the Tax Procedural Law and the declared redeeming rate, which is declared. is applied by increasing. A delay increase with the authorization to the board of directors with a general assembly decision on the annual dues that are not collected in the year. "

MADDE 12- 1618-count of 16-year-old is added.

" Travel agents

INVALID DATE 3-The execution documents of real people travel agents once have been This Law may be transferred within two years from the effective date of date, including the effective date of this Act.

The travel agencies that were installed on the current date of this Law, the 10th of this Law (e) are obliged to subdue the Ministry within two years of the publication of the rule to be prepared in order to prepare the final receipt of the same material as stated in the name (e) of the matter. In the case of these letters of guarantee, the current letters of guarantee are returned in the Ministry. The documents of the travel agents who do not comply with this obligation are cancelled when the item 27 (b) of this Law is under the subname of the mine (4). "

TagPreserver,p,0,139MADDE 13- dated 12/3/1982 and 2634 count Tourism Tex The 3rd Amendment of the Code (i) has been disinfused and has been added to the item (k) and (l) in the matter of the other.

" i) Marine tourism: Gezi, sport, education and tourism purposes, the sea is being ellicity Private and commercial yachters of real and legal entities, cruise ships and palable marine vehicles,

1) Yat: Trip to the cabin, toilet, sink, happy, commercially or without commercials. No more than twenty miles from the nearest land, using sports purposes, no freight, no passengers, no sledgeting, or face-to-face, no longer passes the number of passengers or the kabotaj. the ship indicated by the storm that did not exceed the number of passengers and the tonilatino document is on the line.

2) The cruise ship: pre-determined program and route with the purpose of Gezi, eGance, and sports from watching, suitable for use in the marine tourism trade, luxury cabins, swimming pools, cranial travel with an elderly, high passenger capacity, and the sea-hand side ship,

3) Daedable seafront: Infrequent, physically underwater and on water. a marine vehicle that can move without a support, or water-top support in each case, and water-top support,

4) Day trip boat: Gezi, sports, education, tourism, and the passenger route from the port Boats with the Elverities Document, which demotes the same port on the day, "

" k) Marine tourism facilities: Safe-to-land, land-of-sea tourism vehicles tourism facilities that offer a few or all of the benefits of attracting, maintenance, repair, and social services

l) Sünflandma: The minimum number of tourism-documented facilities in marine tourism facilities Industry representative including qualifications, capacity, physical characteristics, material standard, operation and quality of service, and quality of its personnel, such as qualifications and level of education were also included. It is a matter of the Ministry to identify the species or the number of people in the commission of the matter. "

MADDE 14- The 8th of the Code 2634 (H) is The second sentence of the first phase, " The entire region of the region or sub-region, for the allocation of a single main yacht, was completed by the Council of Ministers, which was chosen by the Council of Ministers. Decisions are made and the prepermitting conditions are decided. The work is carried out by the Ministry, according to the preliminary permits. " The following is added to the current and after the benefit.

" The main yachting, sub-yacht, and development in the cultural and tourism preservation and development zones The actions of the yachters in these regions are in the framework of the technology decision, which will be given, and to what extent, what services will be given, and to what extent. The Council of Ministers is authorized to do so.

The main yacht that wants to sleep in the cultural and tourism preservation and development areas of the The yachts or yachts are obliged to fulfill their obligations under the 10th of the 2872 Environmental Law. However, these yachts are exempt from the decision. Upon the submission of the TED report, the Ministry of Environment and Forests will establish a review and disinvetting commission from the representatives of the organizations specified in the TED legislation as a basis for the nature of the yacht. From the date of the report to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the review, disinvetting and final decision making process is two months at the latest. This time includes the number of time that the main yacht, child yacht, or yacht has been introduced to fix the report. The main yacht, child yacht, or yacht is required to correct its report back to it within the day of the day of the restoration.

In cultural and tourism preservation and development areas; TED is a positive decision or a CHED is required All permit, approvals, and licenses that must be taken for the real life of the yacht, after the completion of the above-counted yachts, do not apply to any of the relevant institutions after the completion of the above-counted conditions. It will be given within ten days of the need. All of the other companies involved in the occupation are completed within three months at the latest. Permits and licenses to be taken before the yacht can be completed and the facility will be able to proceed will be issued within ten days of the relevant institutions. "

ARTICLE 15- The Fourth Part of the Code 2634 is "Deniz" Tourism, " as it is said to have started, with 26 articles of substance.

" Seatourism facilities are yachts and business:

MADDE 26-Real and legal entities, Permission to leave the Maritime Undersecretary and to receive documents from the Ministry can be used to sleep and work in marine tourism facilities with the government. "

MADDE 16- 2634 counts as 27 of the Code. It has been reported in the other way together.

" Seatourism equipment yacht and operation:

ARTICLE 27-Real and legal entities, taking documents from the Ministry, yachts for marine tourism, and They can do it.

Ministry of Documentation marine tourism equipment is in operation for the purposes set out in this Kanunda can not be found.

The 823-year-old Turkish Trade Code of 6762 was found in the vehicles that failed to attract Turkish flags. It is the Ministry official to allow the Turkish Flag to be withdrawn.

Tourism in the Turkish territorial waters and ports of the foreign-flag marine tourism vehicles The guidelines for use with the purpose of the purpose are determined by the regulation. "

MADDE 17-282634 count 28 of the Law It has been reported in the other way together.

" navies between Turkish territorial waters and ports are:

MADDE 28-Special or trade Turkish and foreign-flag marine tourism vehicles enter Turkey and It's done in the sea urchins. For marine tourism vehicles, these are also valid in the areas of Turkish ports and construction, which will later be used.

Marine tourism vehicles have a foreign port that is used in Turkish ports. As long as they remain in Turkey and are in Turkey, they will not apply for a visa. However, it is imperative that the death and infected people be reported to the nearest port, or the nearest property, to the administrative supervisor.

Turkish and foreign-flag marine tourism vehicles complete its entry into Turkey; Turkish They can travel freely between their territorial waters and harbside. Sea tourism vehicles, used by foreign flags or foreigners, are banned from the Council of Ministers, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Ministry of General Staff and the Ministry of General Staff, which is widely considered to be considered and declared. They can be docked and docked for the rest of the region and the sheep.

Turkish and foreign-flag marine tourism vehicles enter Turkey with Turkish and foreign operations It will be conducted on a document that will be held between the ports and on the document that will be held in the case of the ports. However, the Turkish flag is private marine tourism vehicles; it is not required to use this document during flights between Turkish ports.

If there is a casino on cruise ships, they will be covered in cruise ships in Turkish territorial waters. The necessary measures will be taken by the relevant administration. "

ARTICLE 18-  2634, count 29 of the Law It has been reported in the other way together.

" Marine tourism vehicles have the right to stay and stay in Turkey:

MADDE 29-Strangers include marine tourism vehicles, sightseeing, maintenance, repair, anti-laundering or clashing They can stay in Turkey for as long as they have been. According to the guidelines set out in this time period, the Ministry may be further extended for further years.

Turkish and foreign-flagged yachts are Turkish and foreign to use for sightseeing, sports, and education. It can be rented to nationals. It prohibits the use of leased yachting for commercial purposes.

uses Turkish and foreign-flag marine tourism vehicles for sightseeing, sports, and education purposes. It is not possible to install passenger. "

ARTICLE 19- 2634, Section 33 of the Law It has been reported in the same way.

" MADDE 33-The document owner is in the process of hiding the provisions of the relevant Law. is applied in the specified cases and amounts of administrative fines:

a) The warning penalty is not to be made necessary within thirty days or within a year the identification of verbs or verbs that require the new adaptation, or whether or not the information or documents specified in this Law may or may not be provided within the time of the information or documents requested in this Law. Three thousand New Turkish Lirasas were fined in their handling of it.

b) for more than thirty days in a year of execution, without the knowledge of the Minister The three thousand New Turkish Lirasas were fined if a mandatory part of the document or completion was held for the document.

c) Print, advertisement, air, brochure, and similar tools and other media or others Failure to use or disqualify or disqualify the service that is committed to the device or the minimum, or at least one other nature of this service in a non-operation. The new Turkish lira is the financial penalty for the people.

d) the owner or custodian of the client's trust in the safety of life or property, or The contribution of the new Turkish Lirasary to the personnel in the event of the failure of the personnel involved in handling the contribution, defect or neglect of the staff.

e) A mandatory date for all or all of the documentation or documentation of the business The transfer, lease, partnership status, title or type of the three thousand New Turkish Lirasas are penalized for the transfer.

f) Twenty-one extra charge fee if price is applied above approved price tariffs It's a matter of administrative fines.

Any administrative fines specified in this clause except forTagPreserver,p,0,139(f) are to be valid from each calendar year For that year, 213 counts of Tax-Usul Code are applied by increasing the detection and redeeming rate, which is based on the number 298 of the Code. "

ARTICLE 20-  2634, with respect to the 34th Act of the Law It has been reported in the other way together.

" Document cancellation:

MADDE 34-Tourism yacht or tourism proof paper;

a) identification of a verb that requires administrative fines for the third time in a year,

b) Do not complete or tourism due to expiration of the management document. The document cannot be retrieved,

c) The facility will operate under the types of documents that can be documented, or tourism End-of-operation activity,

to create a document as documented in the country's tourism,

d) Based on the relevant institution that is required to document the facility based on the permission to be made the document is not valid, 

e) Key characteristics of the facility to be documented in the time of sleep or execution has lost to the extent,

is cancelled as the Minister ofTagPreserver,p,0,139rings. "

MADDE 21- The 37 nci (A) of the 2634 count (4) the number of sub-bendi has been reported in the other way.

" (4) Sea tourism facilities and marine tourism vehicles, with the development and execution of this Law 28 and to be identified by the Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs for the implementation of the 29th articles. "

MADADE 22- 21/7/1983 and 2863-counted Culture and Nature Additional funds are added to come after the eighth section of article 12 of the Code of Protection of Varlariklarlari.

 " According to the provisions of the Yukaran, the most important cultural assets are protected by the protection of the Quantities of collected quantities are paid in the same period of time, with a notice to the provincial private administration until the tenth day of the month following the month of the allocation of the collected quantities. Those municipalities that do not lay down their municipal special administration within the time specified above the contribution of their collected contributions are 6183 of the number of Amme creditors in accordance with the provisions of the Law. the delay delay is being collected and collected.

Municipal people pay municipalities to provincial private administration for their share of funds. It is obligated to maintain the full and full payment of the part of the cultural assets that are required to protect the cultural assets. The non-paid dividends are sent to the private administration demanding the relevant provincial private administration by cutting the overall budget tax revenues from the Bank of the People. "

MADDE 23-  16/4/2003 and 4848 counted Culture and Tourism "Making" the 2nd Amendment of the Law on Human Rights and Tasks "is about to come" after the phrase "to do so"; local administrations, public institutions and organizations or public personnel are required to do so. The associations established to support the foundation and the same objectives established in accordance with the Turkish Civil Code for the same purpose " The purpose of transferring projects to projects that are to be done by special theatres with the associations and foundation activities of culture, art, tourism and tantrum is to be found in aid of the projects.

MADDE 24- 4848 number of temporary items in the Kanu is added.

" INVALID MADDE 7-The list of cadre-included cadres is 190 under Law Rule. The attachment of the decree (I) is added to the department's section of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

4848 Ministry of Culture and Tourism Arbitration and Tasks The provisional 2 nci of the Law In accordance with the Law, which was announced by the Act, the cast members were appointed prior to the publication date of this Law, and any notice to those who have been issued with this matter. The assigned number of times you need to be assigned. They will not be assigned to such cadre as they are. If for any reason these cadres have been cancelled, they will be cancelled. "

MADDE 25- dated 14/7/2004 and 52424 " A calendar year after the first sentence of the part of the Law is to come after the first sentence of the sixth paragraph of the Law ' s 8th Amendment to Support the Defying and Sulking. at the end of the year, after the total damage from the structure, the expenses for this structure were taken. from the remaining net amount of support to the total project expenses, and the amount that will not exceed this support. If no demonstration or date has been established, it will be shown as the end of the calendar year following the year of the latest support, " adding the same sentence. In the third sentence, "the director was three years old, and the term" was "in the first sentence of the eighth party," after three years, "making it" and after construction ". For support, 30% of its total expenses are from the clause text for project support.

MADDE 26- Chapter 11 of the Code 5224, It is added to the plug.

" The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is not able to exceed 50% of the year ' s pay for film-making support and In order to receive the appropriate vision of the Ministry of Finance, it is authorized to make a current commitment and commitments to the next years. "

MADDE 27- dated 26/5/2005 and of 5355 count of Magali Additional material is added to the Law of the Troops.

" Tourism infrastructure service units

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 1-Culture and tourism protection and development regions in tourism centers, area to protect, develop, promote, promote, and promote social and technical infrastructure in the field and to ensure the development of social and technical infrastructure in the area. A neighborhood administration unit will be installed with the contribution. For this purpose, one-third of the members of the council of the neighborhood administration units, tourist-certified accommodation facilities from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the field, and representatives of marine tourism facilities are their own. Members of the union who will elect to be elected to the municipal assembly by a secret vote and a secret vote, are among the members of the Union. The selection is made under the supervision of the provincial special administration of the union, which is located in the union centre.

The accommodation facilities located in the task and jurisdiction of the Union are paid by the member-scene administrations The number of beds of accommodation facilities, including less than one-third of the dues, and marine tourism facilities, considering the capacity of the union, has been given a number of membership dues to be determined by the union council. He pays. Those who benefit from other non-member tourism facilities and services will pay or pay the amount of contributions to be determined by the union council. "

MADDE 28- 5355-number of tentative material in the Kanuna is added.

" Installation of tourism infrastructure service units

MADDE 3-The tourism infrastructure service units specified in the annex 1 of this Law The installation process is completed within a year from the authority of the authorized governors in the region or the center, starting with the effective entry of this Law. If the region or the center cover more than one province, the governor will deploy the vacativity, installations, to be deployed to the Ministry of Business.

Established prior to the date of this Law, established tourism infrastructure service units, bylaws are at the latest. They make it fit for the law in a year. "

superseding and deeming provisions

MADDE 29- dated 14/9/1972 and Travel Agencies of 1618 and the third section of the 3rd article of the Travel Agencies Unit 3, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 25, 28, and 31, the last sentence of Article 6 and the last sentence of Article 29. Current status is removed.

"Ministry of Tourism and Tangier" in Articles 3, 20 and 34 of the Code,

1618 "The Ministry of Tourism and Tanitaria" in articles 6, 17 and 19 are "Ministry of Tourism"; "Ministry of Tourism and Tanitaria" in the article 24; "Ministry"; 26 of the articles of the Ministry of Culture and of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of the Ministry of Turkey. The "Ministry of Tourism and Tanitaria" included "Ankara" and "Ankara" in the second phase of the 32-nci clause. It has been reported as "Istanbul."


MADDE 30-  This Law;

a) three months after the release of article 7 of the nci,,

b) On the release of Digit items,

enters the current process.


MADDE 31- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.







































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