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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. BA­ZI KA­NUN VE KA­NUN HÜK­MÜN­DE KA­RAR­NA­ME­LER­DE DE­Ğİ­ŞİK

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Kanun # 5581


Acceptable Date: 15/2/2007      

MADDE 1- dated 7/5/1987 and 3359 Count Services Additional items in the Base Code are added.

" Required financial liability insurance

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 9-Indemnity of any compensation claims resulting from the service of the foreign service teminen;

a) For the self-performing nature of the profession,

b) Pay staff from the revolving capital income obtained through the contribution of the staff for natural-owned revolving institutions and installations, and private legal organizations, for example, for the nature of their business,

is required to make mandatory financial liability insurance.

People who work in public institutions and installations of

(b) have been working for the organizations. and the insurance that is set up does not include the fact that the nature of the subject is free to perform the profession.

The mandatory financial liability insurance for the health of the medical and installation of the The supervisor of the interest is first responsible for the involvement of the attention.

Insurance for the cause or reason of the mandatory insurance coverage brought with this Law In the form of severance pay, the insurance will pay for damages in the amount of damages that are forecasted in the mandatory financial liability insurance.

Insurance premiums and tariffs

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 10-The nature of the publicly owned revolving institutions and installations of the public Fifty percent of the mandatory financial liability insurance premiums brought with this Law are from revolving capital income, and fifty percent of them are personally insured by the revolving capital additional payment. It is. All of the military-owned institutions and its installations are completed by the full, revolving capital of the revolving capital until the additional payment is made.

An insurance policy for organizations and organizations that are employed by public institutions and organizations. Employment or employment is currently being used. The insurance premium paid for the insured is under no name and is insured in no other way, with the exception of the percentage of fifty percent fifty percent of this material and the third in the third party. It cannot be cut off from its rights, it cannot be said to be convicted on this path.

Because of a nature defect, it is paid a higher premium for that nature than its precedes, The difference is made by cutting the corresponding nature of the revolving capital income.

The general public liability insurance policy is required by the Treasury, the tariff and The instructions are to be determined by the Ministry of Treasury and published in the Official Gazette, as the Treasury Department says.

Insurance-making authority

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 11-The mandatory property liability insurance brought with this Law is the Undersecretary of the Treasury It is done by the insurance companies that are given licenses in the relevant branch, where they are found.

The Ministry of Health, which guarantees that the public nature of the public can be insured at the most appropriate time, public tender to be authorized by one or more of the insurance companies who have the most appropriate commitment from looking at the premium and collateral coverage from the insurance companies listed in the first phase according to the legislation, it may be awarded. In this case, the public's mandatory financial liability insurance can only be done by the insurance company that will be identified in this award.


SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 12-The mandatory financial liability insurance stipulated in this Law; to make them do it themselves The cost of the premium that must be paid to those who do not have to state the nature of the nature and the nature of the nature, which did not make insurance to those who did not do so. The charge is to be paid. This fines are based on the principles and principles of the Code 5326, dated 30/3/2005, and the number 5326.

TagPreserver,p,0,139Public institutions and their organizations have been fined for not taking insurance. He is responsible for the institution and the chief of the organization. "

MADDE 2- Attachment Services Base Code plus 1 additional The second storm of its material has been reported, and the following is added to the material in order to come after the receipt.

" Clinical trial, clinical trial assistance, assistant and assistant staff, clearance clearance an assignment is assigned within the framework of the relevant legislation. An honour and a judge of honour are held at the time of the Minister's office. It has won the title of expertise, original scientific research and publications, and the candidates for a foreign language concession to be prepared with the centralised system of the Universities are accompanied by the necessary documents and publications. They report the area of expertise. The Ministry will consider a three-or five-year jury, taking into account the areas of expertise. This jury will review the publications and provide the candidate with the right to practice, and provide a document of interest or interest in the relevant area of expertise, and to apply the nomination.

An education and research staff unit open in a unit of education and research, Salim. It is announced by the Minister for the request of the requisites. Candidates who are either professors or associate professors with the help of the chief of business or associate professor or associate professor will be able to put them on the list. Three professors or officials are identified by the ministry to examine at least one of the candidates ' scientific and education qualifications, including at least one of the candidates for the appointment and the operation of the operation. This is the professor or the people who report to the Minister about the separate details of the candidates. This acquis is assigned as a result of Secretary, Undersecretary, General Manager of Health, General Manager of Treatment Services, and co-co-acting of the General Manager.

is at least de-facto to the ranks of the people who are declared in primary years of education and research in the primary provinces. As a half-year-old man, he is not wanted by the people who are playing at the start of the day. First priority items cannot be assigned to the ranks of the provinces in order to remove any other personnel from the role of these people.

Department of help and guidelines for assisting with the clinical trial and relief assistance. This is determined by the regulations that are prepared by and within three months from the date of publication of this Law.

Service and laboratory work, or assistant professors, associate professor or professor In the field of specialist medical and research hospitals, the undergraduate, public administration, economics, administration, administration and health management of the physician, master's or the law, master's or the law, master's or The medical examiner can be assigned to the hospital as a medical examiner. "

ARTICLE 3- Additional 5 items of the Health Care Base Act It is added to the plug.

" The personnel who are doing the state service obligation as a family physician in the province they are in They can be stolen, or they can be deployed to practice family medicine if needed. These personnel are required by the State Service for their time in the family heatum. State service obligation personnel who are responsible for this application for reasons arising from this application in the areas of the family physician application may be deployed within the state of the personnel. "

ARTICLE 4- dated 31/12/1980 and the number 2368 of the number of the Salim Staff The 2nd Amendment of the Law on Indemnity and Stealing Essences is to be reported in the province of the following.

" MADDE 2-Unlawful Unlawful execution of personnel in public health services 45 the hour is 40 hours for those who benefit from the right, which is defined in the 4th item. The daily work hours of the personnel are determined according to the provisions of the laws 657 and 926. However, the personnel involved in the radiation, treatment or operation, and personnel working in these areas or in the business are determined by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health. It can be stolen within the radiation dose limits. "

ARTICLE 5- The 4th Clause of the 2368 Code of Law It has been reported in the same way.

" The profession within the scope of article 4-1 is a profession according to the special laws. Those with the right and authority to perform their art free will not be able to take advantage of the compensation envisioned in item 1 if they want to be free, with the right to free hours They can be stolen. These are not paid for by the strong, the risk and the difficulty of its own risk, or the rate of difficulty in this property. However, they are not able to walk freely, the provincial director and the chief of the department. "It is the law of the military and the people who are in charge of the establishment are free to play."

MADDE 6- dated 11/4/1928, and 1219, Tababet and February "To be found" in the 1st clause of the Law on the Way of the Sans ' "and to be found" is from the text of the matter.

MADDE 7-is the second of the Code 3 of 1219 It has been added to the current storm to come after the storm.

" Anesthesia technicians, anesthesiologist or non-possession of perform anesthesia in accordance with the relevant expert and in accordance with their directives. "

MADDE 8- The first of the 4th item of the Code 1219 The phrase "graduated Turkish physicians" in the sentence is described as "graduates."

MADDE 9- 9 of the 1219 Code of Law It's very much in the way.

" MADDE 9-to grant access to education and remove the authorization To decide the proposals, to determine the rotations of the main branches of expertise, identify the jury of experts, scientific deification of residents in the foreign countries. To determine the faculties and education hospitals that will be made, to provide the students with expertise in the field, and to give them relevant visions of the expert manpower, The Tüpta Specialist Board has been established on the continuous board of the Ministry of Health, which is tasked with reviewing and making calls for experts to monitor the progress of the network.

Specialists in the Tüpta Board;

a) Undersecretary, related general manager, and 1st Legal Counsel,

b) From one of the other hospitals, one of the other countries, to be the other.

is a selection of the YÖK from the faculty of four schools and one of the faculty of the world.

ç) A selection of the Gulhane Military Academy and Faculty of Arts,

d) The choice of the Turkish Medical Unit is a choice,

is a choice of the Turkish Union of Dive Physician,

is from the member.

 Institutions also specify a backup member as many as the number of members that they will select.

are experts and substitute members to be selected with at least three years of clinic or It has started to have a lab job or a professor's title. The task durations of the members are three years. Those that are overdue can be selected again.


Board convenes at least twice a year at the invitation of the Ministry. The Undersecretary of the Department or the first meeting of the Board of Ministers will be chosen from the members of the board of the members. The board is convener with the offer of at least one of the members.

The board convenes with the contribution of two-thirds of the members. Turkish Medical Association representative is only concerned about the nature of the Turkish Medical Association, and the representative of the Turkish Medical Association said that they should only be able to contribute to the meetings of the countries concerned with their own business. vote on issues related to their fields. Decisions are made by a lot of people. The number of people found in the votes of the vote is due to the number of parties that are in place. However, they are at least two-thirds of the members of the organization's decision to decide if they have the authority to remove the authority.

A member of the board of the board of meetings has twice been left uncontricedly.

The board of documents and essential issues related to the execution of the Board of the Board, and The principles and principles regarding the expertise are arranged by the Ministry of Health and the Council of Ministers to be effective at the Council of Ministers. Until this regulation is implemented, the implementation of the existing regulations is continued. "

ARTICLE 10- dated 13/12/1983 and 181 count of the number of Dignity It is the fifth and seventh fives of the 31st Amendment of the Decree Decree on the Law and the Right of Law.

" The Ministry has said that the country is about to make a function of the country's education. A number of people can review their files and present residency commissions to the government in order to review the arts in terms of the arts. The Board of Commissar and Commission members contribute as a member of the Union of the Sabramen. The members of the board are paid a grant of 1593, which is identified in Article 16 of the Law of the Honors of Himfzishha.


government's advisory boards and residency commissions are based on the Ministry of Business and Finance. The instruction is to be prepared. "

MADDE 11- 181 Contact the Ministry of the Saber and The "fees" clause in the additional 3rd clause of the decree in the provision of the Code of Law on the Rights of the Duties shall be "due to the registration of the revolving capital" or to be made from the revolving capital or the central administration budget. " on the other side of the page.

MADDE 12- dated 10/7/2003 and 4924 Labor Temp It is the first sentence of the third party of Article 3 of the Law, Bazık and Code of Law, with the Difficulty of Stealing The Promised Staff in the Difficult Places and the Law. He said, " However, the service units, where there are the promised personnel positions, will not be able to contact In case of reasons such as qualification or naming, these deities will be held in the province, at the most two times in the year, the Minister of Finance of the Council of Ministers. the second sentence of the "sentence and the second sentence of the fourth party". However, the promised staff; earthquake, fire, water pressure, displacement, grapevine and similar disasters, shiffir, oadian-hal, At most one time and a total of three months, including the mobilization and the war, in which there were no months of service, of course, and the people were able to get dialysis. The allocation of the position may be temporarily assigned to the units in the area where the position is allocated, so as not to pass, and to commit to a four-fold obligation of service. " at the current level.

MADDE 13- The end of the second section of the 4th article of the Code 4924 " A promised staff will be appointed by the title of a position in the position of a position, according to the central score of the centre of the post. The service score for the same positions as the same position as the Council of Personnel and the service units shown in the decision of the Council of Ministers, which are shown in the decision of the Council of Ministers, with the same position as shown in the decision of the same position as shown in the decision of the Council of Ministers. based on the notation "and service score" is included after the "Bother in-line position" clause in the third party.

MADDE 14- This Law;

a) 1 pearl and 4 with the exception of the final receipt of the additional 10 items added to the Law No. 3359 with a pearl clause of 1. Six months after the release date of the items,

b) spread other items with the latest receipt of the additional 10 items added to the Law No. 3359 with a pearl clause on the

enters the current process.

The77 nci clause is in effect seven years from the date of release.

ARTICLE 15- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.