The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Energy Efficiency Act

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ENER­Jİ VE­RİM­Lİ­Lİ­Ğİ KA­NU­NU

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Law No. 5584:22/2/2007, the FIRST PART of the Objective, Scope and definitions Purpose article 1-(1) the purpose of this Act; Prevention of waste, energy use, energy costs are easing the burden on the economy and protection of the environment in the use of energy resources and energy is to increase productivity.
The scope of article 2 (1) of this Act; the energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption stages, industrial enterprises, buildings, production facilities, electric power transmission and distribution networks to improve energy efficiency in transport with and to support the development of energy awareness throughout society, from renewable energy sources is based on principles that will be applied for and exploitation.
(2) energy efficiency through the implementation of measures to increase property or views are not acceptable as industrial areas which will change business and production activities are executed, is used as a place of worship, scheduled to expire in less than four months of the year, which is less than two years, lesser-used, the total usable area is under 50 square meters of buildings, protected buildings or monuments, agricultural buildings and workshops, is beyond the scope of this law.
Definitions article 3-(1) in the implementation of this Act;
a) Ministry: Ministry of energy and natural resources, b) Head Office: working as the General Manager of electrical power resources survey and development administration, c) Assembly: energy efficiency Coordination Council, d) public sector: public institutions and organizations, public occupational or professional organizations, universities and local administrations, d) Profession: the electrical and mechanical engineers, e) Company: Headquarters or accredited institutions within the framework of the authorization agreement, certificate of authorization to carry out energy efficiency services, energy efficiency consulting companies provided , f) Accredited institutions: within the framework of the authorization agreement Held, education, authorization and monitoring by the Directorate General to carry out their activities, the Board authorized the approval of occupational chambers and universities, g) is equivalent tons of Oil, ğ) TEP:: used tires, mud, paint solvents, plastics, Ministry of environment and forests by using the waste as fuel oils and other waste, h) if the building's Building owner beneficial owner beneficial owner,: , if the building like savings, ı) who malik Industrial business: Electrical production activity represents the total annual energy consumption outside the licensed legal persons CAME for thousands and above on the channel, Chamber of Commerce and industry, the Chamber of Commerce or industry depending on the room and any goods producing enterprises, I) energy: Smaller energy requirements and energy consumption of the building as the classification , insulation properties and heating and/or cooling systems, the document that contains the information about the efficiency, j) energy efficiency: the standard of living and service quality in buildings, industrial enterprises, while the production quality and quantity of the reduction of energy consumption without causing the decline, k) Study: opportunities to increase Energy efficiency and to reveal information collection, measurement, evaluation, and reporting phases of studies, l) energy efficiency services : Energy efficiency advice, training, studies and application services, m) energy intensity: the amount of energy consumed to produce one unit of product, n) energy Manager and certificate: this law within the scope of industrial enterprises and activities associated with energy management in buildings is responsible for fulfilling and energy Manager certified person with Headquarters, accredited institutions or energy efficiency consulting companies by energy managers held the document for , o) energy management: the efficient use of Energy resources and energy carried out to provide training, surveying, measuring, monitoring, planning and implementation activities, d.) payback period: Industrial enterprises in the energy efficiency of existing systems to augment their we have prepared projects or companies needed investment foreseen in the 1992 – 93 season back with the project of providing time savings, p) Cogeneration: thermal and electrical and/or mechanical energy and the production of the same facility simultaneously , r) implementation agreement: implementation of measures determined by Surveying work in order to perform the contract, the company s) incineration plants: depending on where the Fuel burned exhaust parts for this Setup including heat of the resulting plants, s) certificate of authority: within the framework of the authorization agreement Held, universities and vocational training to their room, to carry out the activities of the authorization and monitoring by the Directorate General with the approval of the Board, the company is training to , surveying, consulting and implementation to carry out the activities of Headquarters, rooms or profession refers to the document issued by the universities.

The SECOND PART of the Assembly and authorizations are energy efficiency Coordination Committee article 4-(1) energy efficiency efforts in all related organizations across the country are actively monitoring and coordination purposes, the results of the execution of the energy efficiency Coordination Committee is created. Following up on the implementation of decisions taken by the Board and shall be carried out by the Directorate General secretarial services.
(2) the Board; The Ministry's General Directorate of ilgilendirildiği headed by Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education, Ministry of public works and settlement, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of industry and commerce, the Ministry of the Ministry of environment and forestry, Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization, the Undersecretariat of Treasury, energy market regulatory authority, the Turkish Standards Institute, the scientific and technological research Council of Turkey, the Union of Chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey, Turkey Union of engineers and architects and the Union of municipalities of Turkey consists of a high-level representative.
(3) the duties, powers and responsibilities of the Board include the following: a) at the national level, energy efficiency strategies, plans and programs, evaluate their effectiveness in revising, if necessary, new measures and to coordinate the implementation.

b) conducted by the Directorate General energy efficiency energy efficiency services to direct the work of dissemination, the rooms of the profession and universities by the Directorate General the authority to approve the document.
c) of article 8, first paragraph (a) of the first subparagraph of article 9 (a) seeking to take advantage of industrial application under their businesses or companies we have prepared their own projects, the first paragraph of article 8, (b) the scope of the voluntary agreements to confirm and monitor the results of the application.
the scope of the tasks given to the Board and i/o) where he considers it necessary, the costs are met from the budget related to the Directorate General of public institutions and organizations, universities, the private sector and with the participation of civil society organizations to create temporary specialized commissions.
d) Accredited institutions, companies, public occupational or professional agencies and with the participation of civil society organizations in November of each year, the Advisory Committee meetings will be organized by the Directorate General agenda and who will attend the meeting to evaluate the results and determine the Organization, meeting to approve proposals for measures.
e) each year in January the price of energy Manager certification authority certificate and determine and publish.
(4) the Board every year during the months of March, June, September and December, including four times as usual. In addition, the Board is required to see the President, collected as extraordinary on the call. Two-thirds majority for the number of Apaches, and meeting decisions are taken by majority vote of those attending the meeting. In case of equal votes the President's vote counts as two votes.
(5) General Directorate budget for each meeting day to met the Chairman of the Board and its members, not more than four a year in the public task uhde (2,000), uhde is any public office in bulunmayanlara (3,000) indicator the number multiplied by the coefficient will be found as a result of officer-month amount of peace as they are paid.
Authorizations are article 5-(1) the authorizations for energy efficiency services, execution and scope the following principles is carried out within the framework of its activities.
the warrant process Authorizations and a) are as follows: 1) Universities and professional and practical training to companies with the approval of the Board for the yetkilendirebilmeleri certificate of authorization is issued by the Directorate General. These documents set out in the regulations of this Law and the relevant principles and principles every five years, unless an exception is refreshed. Certificate of authority giving authority to the company of the institution are not refreshed documentation-related transactions are executed by the General Manager until this time.
2) for companies training, surveying, consulting and implementation to carry out the activities of Headquarters and/or accredited institutions by certificate of authority. These documents set out in the regulations of this Law and the relevant principles and principles a violation unless there is renewed every three years. Companies, the full price of a warrant and the cost of energy Manager certificate not more than his percentage, as determined by the Board, and they make the authorization section of the agreement pays to the company or institution.
b) Accredited institutions and companies, announced to the public by the Directorate General.
c) Headquarters, accredited institutions and companies with these officers, acting on behalf of energy efficiency achieved during the work and could damage the trade relations of customers confidentiality trade secrets. This is required to keep confidential the secrets, even if they separated from it in favor of their own interests and the secrets that others can use.
ç) headquarters and will be carried out by authorized institutions activities are as follows: 1) Headquarters or accredited institutions, gives companies with authorization, energy Manager training and certification activities.
2) Accredited institutions warrant follows the activities of their companies, as well as for the implementation of this Act and this Act shall be instituted by the Ministry that issues constitute a violation to the provisions of the regulations within thirty days to the Directorate General.
3) Headquarters, television and radio stations to run awareness-raising and informational training programs, competitions, short film and/or prepares or makes them prepare cartoons.
4) Accredited institutions offer each year the Directorate General annual report.
d) a company's tasks include the following: 1) Training, certification, industrial businesses, building owners or Governments within the framework of the service agreements made between them with, studies and consulting activities execute.
work with energy efficiency studies 2) pursue and prepare the project for the implementation of the measures.
3) implementation agreement in accordance with the scope of the renovations project and to ensure the amount of energy savings.
4 annual report of their institution to offer each year).
as with the amount of Energy savings e) application within the scope of the guarantee commitment agreement, will make measurements before and after implementation of the industrial presence of the representatives of the business and authorized institution cannot prove the company is announced over the internet by the authorized institution. A maximum of three applications that do not fulfill the commitment agreement with the company's certificate of authority, a year later to yenilenebilmek will be cancelled.
the scope of application of the companies deal in f) measurements of the amount of savings, which means that yetkilendirildikleri is announced on the internet by institutions.
(2) the issuing Authority document (s) designated in the institutions, and the conditions to be fulfilled by the company, the certificate of authority and relating to the energy Manager certification issues with this article are covered by the activities and tasks running authorized principles and procedures instituted by the Ministry Regulation.
The THIRD PART educational, Awareness and applications training and awareness article 6-(1) the effectiveness of energy efficiency services and energy within the framework of the following principles in order to increase awareness of training and awareness activities.
principles defined in regulations instituted by the Ministry a) and within the framework of the principles;

1) for companies headquarters and/or accredited institutions by, General Manager for energy managers, accredited institutions and companies by theoretical and practical training programs.
2) head office or accredited institutions, they make the authorization agreement company provides laboratory support for the use of training programs.
b) energy and energy efficiency-related basic concepts, Turkey's general energy situation, energy resources, energy production techniques, efficient use of energy in everyday life with the climate change and the importance of energy efficiency in the protection of the environment in the areas to be given theoretical and practical information, Ministry of national defense by, military high school with El-El-education centers courses and training programs will be executed; in the course of formal and non-formal educational institutions by the Ministry of national education, public institutions and organizations, related institutions and organizations in in-service training required by the regulations.
dissemination of efficient use of energy in order to c) public awareness will be held for the following activities: 1), which broadcasts national and/or regional television and radio channels, prepared by the Directorate General or related to the efficient use of energy hazırlattırılan training programs, competitions, short film and/or cartoons, 13/4/1994 dated and numbered 3984 Radio and Television organizations and Publications in accordance with article 31 of the law About awareness-raising and informational purposes within the scope of educational programs the total release for not less than 30 minutes duration months smaller 07:00 to 23:00.
2) within the scope of the electrical and/or Licenses natural gas selling legal persons and the amount of the previous financial year consumption, this amount includes the cost of monthly consumption corresponding to the information in the internet environment offers to its customers ' information.
3) Manufacturers and importers, identified by the Ministry of industry and Commerce and the Turkish have to be sold with the use and promotion of energy-consuming goods Guide user guide in terms of efficient use of energy consumption, commodity-related information in a separate section. The implementation of this provision is controlled by the Ministry of industry and trade.
4) Ministry of national education, scientific and technological research Council of Turkey, professional and Union of Chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey in cooperation with the Headquarters in the second week of January every year by energy efficiency week activities. This scope is determined by the nature of the activities Committee.
Applications article 7-(1) the following applications to augment energy efficiency.
the activities to be executed in relation to the Energy management a) are as follows: 1) among Industrial enterprises, employees, energy Manager. Organized industrial zones, less energy consumption in the region CAME from the thousand industrial enterprises to serve established energy management unit.
2) total construction area at least 20 Grand square meters or annual energy consumption CAME and over 500 commercial buildings, service buildings and the buildings of the public-sector management, building owners in the absence of management, to be elected or gets energy managers service energy Manager.
3) outside the public sector, and total annual energy consumption in industrial enterprise to acquire a TEP and above, are the sole responsibility of the administrator to install energy management unit of energy. -Events-the quality management unit industrial businesses that can employ as units of energy management unit.
4) Energy managers and energy management duties and responsibilities of the units of principles and procedures, are determined by the regulation instituted by the Ministry. The Ministry of national education in the school energy Manager employment principles and procedures, the Ministry prepared jointly with the Ministry of education by a regulation instituted.
b) monitoring, analysis and projection is executed the following activities for the work of: 1) throughout the country, the industrial enterprises and the development of energy efficiency in buildings-region and laying down the basis of the inventory and future industry projections with the collaboration of institutions authorized by the Directorate General, public sector in relation to their annual reports containing identification and evaluation is prepared and published by the Directorate General.
2) is responsible for running Industrial enterprises and energy Manager, building owners and/or management of the information requested is required to the public part of the energy Manager running institutions and organizations is determined by the Directorate General energy consumption information format and its findings by the end of March each year, which includes reports to the Directorate General. General Directorate of industrial enterprises, will recognize the opportunity to review it in place.
c) Central heating system in buildings, Central or local heat or temperature control equipment with heating costs, depending on the amount of sharing the use of heat systems. Contrary to that of the prepared projects relevant authorities has been deprecated.
ç) total construction area commercial residential buildings used for specified in the regulation, to be implemented in buildings and services buildings, architectural design, heating, cooling, heat insulation, hot water, electrical and lighting issues of norms, standards, smaller performance criteria, information gathering and control procedures covering the principles and procedures on energy performance in buildings, Turkish Standards Institute and Headquarters by prepared jointly with the Ministry of public works and settlement by a regulation instituted. Regulations to be made by the relevant administrative act contrary to are not allowed to use.

d) Department of public works and settlement by instituted regulation energy under the prepared structure projects. The building's energy needs in energy, insulation properties, heating and/or cooling systems efficiency and information about building energy consumption classification as minimum. Possession of other information in the document renewal of the document and with the existing buildings, including principles and procedures into practice, the Ministry with the Ministry of public works and settlement by prepared jointly instituted by the regulation. Outside the contiguous space for your trip and has a total building area of less than thousand square meters for buildings energy regulation is not always the case.
e) electricity production plants and transmission and distribution networks to improve energy efficiency, demand side management, thermal power plants are waste heat exploitation, outdoor lighting, the promotion of the use of alternative fuels such as biofuels and hydrogen principles and procedures, are determined by the regulation instituted by the Ministry.
f) increasing energy efficiency in transportation-related; domestically produced cars to reduce fuel consumption of the unit, to raise efficiency standards in cars, public transportation promotion, advanced traffic signalization system principles and procedures, the establishment of the Ministry of industry and Commerce and the Ministry of transportation by prepared jointly by a regulation instituted.
g) industrial enterprises in building surveying work, national or international organizations accredited by the use of calibrated and labeled.
ğ) located at incinerator boilers, burners, boilers and boiler by prepared jointly with the Directorate General of the Ministry of industry and commerce, as determined in the regulation instituted by the smallest efficiency values decrease bids for those sales.
h) Electric Motors of air conditioners, electric household appliances and light bulbs classification and smaller efficiency determination of principles and procedures Headquarters by prepared jointly with the Ministry of industry and trade by a regulation instituted and smaller limits decrease bids for those sales.
CHAPTER FOUR Supports and other applications Supports article 8-(1) energy efficiency and reducing the energy intensity of support projects, research and development projects shall be carried out according to the following principles and applications.
a) energy efficiency projects according to the following principles supported: 1) industrial enterprises by the Directorate General with the opinion of the Board, endorsed by the appropriate General Directorate, the payback period for a maximum of five years and a maximum of costs specified in the project wants 500,000 Turkish Lira is the maximum of the cost of projects supported at the rate of twenty percent.
2) Efficiency-enhancing projects supported legal entities, implements these projects within two years in business. Exceeding this amount of time or from the project's different applications are not supported. The application contains information and images before and after implementing reports are sent to the Directorate General. Application results will be checked on the spot by the Directorate General.
3) energy efficiency-enhancing application principles and procedures related to the support of projects by the Ministry instituted a regulation.
the following applications to reduce Energy intensity b) performed: 1) for any industrial energy intensity in three years on average by at least ten percent of the voluntary agreement with the Directorate General to reduce commitment and fulfills commitment to natural or legal persons being taken into consideration the industrial business, grants related to opportunities and a hundred thousand Turkish origin in value less than the year the agreement exceed energy charge is twenty percent.
(1) subparagraph 2) this was the lower scope of commitments are met I industrial enterprises, in later years increases the energy density of natural or legal persons cannot make a deal for a second time with General Manager.
3 natural or legal persons engaged in Voluntary Agreement) industrial enterprise in which they consume energy; waste heat with modern incineration techniques and converts it to electrical energy plants, the first paragraph of article 9 (a) defined and in domestically manufactured cogeneration facilities or hydraulic, wind, geothermal, solar and biomass sources to generate energy using, the energy density is not included in the account.
4) Featuring more than one industrial operation of the voluntary agreement of the natural or legal person that hasn't the energy density variations in industrial enterprise, Headquarters by also is examined.
5) Voluntary agreement conditions to be fulfilled by industrial enterprises, the energy density of the calculation methods and force majeure, including voluntary agreements, which is required is determined by the regulation instituted by the Ministry to other principles.
c) energy efficiency and reducing energy intensity of supporting projects and applications are placed in the required appropriations to the headquarters budget. Supports used appropriations allocated for and supported projects, voluntary agreements, increases that reduce energy intensities and industrial businesses, General Directorate education and awareness activities are announced on the website.
ç) scientific and technological research Council of Turkey, increasing the energy efficiency of new and renewable energy sources with the exploitation of research and development projects primarily supports; These projects are to be routed and the opinion of the General Directorate for evaluation.
Other applications article 9-(1) with the aim of raising the energy efficiency is carried out the following applications:

a) Industrial enterprises to increase energy efficiency in existing systems as approved by the Board prepared and smaller investment size is determined by the amount of the Council of Ministers projects use with fuel types and technology based on the average annual yield defined in regulations instituted by the Ministry, which is the value of cogeneration investments, Treasury Undersecretariat for investment promotion shall be benefited from of.
b) as small and medium-sized businesses, 12/4/1990 and Act No. 3624 small and medium industry development organization is defined in the Act About the establishment of enterprises in the energy efficiency claims for training, studies and consulting services, small and medium industry development organization is supported by the. These principles and procedures related to the application, the Ministry prepared jointly with the Ministry of industry and trade by a regulation instituted.
c) certificate of authorization of company was founded by Foundations and are not any price for energy Manager certification.
The FIFTH PART Administrative Sanctions Administrative sanctions application and miscellaneous provisions article 10-(1) the scope of this law, having the jurisdiction to the administrative fines are a result of detecting and/or audit conducted by natural or legal persons, within the framework of administrative sanctions are applied the following principles.
the following are the administrative sanctions, even though that requires a): 1) the scope of authorization-related section 5 instituted against regulations, principles and principles defined in the authorization agreement authorized institutions in accordance with the authorization by the Directorate General with the approval of the Board, is the authority of the company documents deal is canceled by the institutions. Certificate of authority revoked accredited institutions or companies for a period of at least five years certificate of authority. Certificate of authority revoked accredited institutions by companies to review the authorization with the agreements taken by the Directorate General and the conditions defined in the regulation are not conferred will be cancelled. In compliance with the essential requirements conferred by the Directorate General of contracts that are renewed.
2) 5th, 7th, 8th and 9 of article within the scope of the requested information and review if requested information and/or not to imkânının do grant permission for thirty days. At the end of the given period of the requested information is incorrect or missing, were given ten thousand Turkish Lira, no information on-the-spot inspection and/or imkânının in the case of non-recognition to acquire Turkish Lira administrative fines.
3) This subparagraph (2) of this Act and except sub regulations required within the context of other information within 30 days, as in the case of the right not to be given as required and five hundred Turkish Lira administrative fines.
the first paragraph of article 4) 5 (c) of the trade secrets in subparagraph or benefit others in organizations covered by this Act of duty for not less than two years.
the first paragraph of article 5) 5 (d) of subsection (2) within the scope of this law and the lower number has provisions regulations issued and identified where the Directorate General mentioned companies reported that (1) the provisions of the child I was.
the first paragraph of article 6 of 6) (c) of subsection (1) the obligation of publication contained in getirmeyenler, instead of the provisions of law No. 3984 about.
the first paragraph of article 6 of 7) (c) of subsection (2) in the event the child I was not met with the terms of the related legal persons instead of five thousand Turkish Lira administrative fines.
8) industrial businesses and the owners or management of buildings, the first paragraph of article 7 (a) and against the provisions of the regulation, as a warning to the Elimination of violation. Within 30 days of the product cannot be repaired; industrial business, the owner of the building or building management is provided upon the Turkish lira to administrative fines.
the first paragraph of article 7, 9), (I) and (h) bent as selling against natural and legal persons, the Ministry of industry and trade by administrative fines upon the Turkish lira.
b) of this paragraph (a) of subsection (9) in the event the child I was excluding administrative fines to be applied in case of a repeat of the same verb in the years that followed, the administrative fines applied by increasing two-fold.
c) of this paragraph (a) of subsection (2), (3) and (8) in accordance with the industrial enterprises bent, the building owner or the penalty amounts to the administration building, a natural or legal person addressed to punishment in the previous financial year, the total energy expenditures for 20% of the previous financial year is a person or entity in relation to the balance sheet exceeds five percent of their income, balance and energy spending within thirty days of the documents must be provided the amount calculated according to both limit the amount of the penalty is calculated as the lower of the thing.
ç) according to this law, by the implementation of another public institutions or unforeseen administrative sanctions applied by the Directorate General.
d the administrative responsibility of legal entities in fines), 29/6/1956 No. 6762 dated according to article 65 of the Turkish Commercial Law shall be appointed.
The Ministry's powers article 11-(1) the Ministry considered other items outside of authority: a) obligations under this law through Established the implementation of monitoring, evaluation, routing, will focus on planning and coordination in the implementation of the measures.
b the first paragraph of article 7) (a) the employment of the energy Manager and the scope of the energy management unit defined as a scalar on the establishment of limit values to reduce up to half and is authorized to increase two times.
c) of article 8, first paragraph (a) of subsection (1) the amount of the cost of the project with the scope of the child I was on and they can give you support to projects to reduce up to half the rate and improve the two times, the first paragraph of article 8 (b) of subsection (1) within the scope of the specified alt I was energy intensity reduction ratio and reduce up to half the amount of support and is authorized to increase two times.

Article 12-(1) the Turkish armed forces, National Defense Ministry and the National Intelligence Organization with affiliates Undersecretariat, the first paragraph of article 7 (b) of subsection (2) in the event the child I was, and (d) shall be exempt from the provisions of subparagraph. (A) of the same item within the scope of the principles and guidelines on the implementation of the provisions is determined by these institutions.
Article 13-14/6/1935 and That Law No. 2819 electric works Survey Administration were launched in 2 article has been changed as follows.
"Article 2-E.İ.E. Administration tasks include the following: a) the country's hydraulic, wind, geothermal, solar, biomass and other renewable energy sources priority to all energy sources to make the measurements, feasibility and to evaluate sample application projects; research institutions, local governments and non-governmental organizations cooperating with the pilot system to develop, carry out promotion and consultancy activities.
b) Industry and the rational use of energy in buildings, awareness-raising and education with regard to services, universities, professional and legal persons authorized to deliver the same services and control, energy efficiency Coordination Council Secretariat to execute.
c) in transportation, electricity production, transmission and distribution systems, energy suppliers in the direction of the effective and efficient use of Ministry and efforts by organizations to monitor, evaluate, develop and/or project proposals.
ç) approved by the Coordination Committee of the energy efficiency energy efficiency implementation projects and monitor and control research and development projects.
d) hazardous waste concern the environment in energy consumption and emissions Development Watch, evaluate, prepare proposals and measures projections.
studies in the area of energy in the country and the world and e) monitor developments and evaluate the country's needs and in accordance with the terms of the research and development target and prioritize, conduct research and development in this direction, to work to provide the public with the results of economic analyses.
f) energy-related for all stakeholders, to be able to access accurate and up-to-date information quickly; create and keep up to date an inventory of national energy; planning, projection, monitoring and evaluation to support national efforts to establish and operate the energy information Administration Center.
g) evaluation of Indigenous and renewable energy sources and energy efficiency to increase projections and recommendations.
development of Community-wide energy awareness network) and for the purpose of exploitation of new energy technologies.
h) energy efficiency regarding public institutions and organizations, universities, private sector and civil society organizations include effective and efficient coordination of development cooperation.
I) energy-related issues in order to raise awareness activities to inform the public and stakeholders.
n.) similar to Other countries to cooperate with national and international organizations and exchange information.
j) Act No. 4628 dated 20/2/2001 Electricity market law and pursuant to this Act the electricity market Regulation based on the license according to the wind energy made with intent to obtain a license with regard to the references to be issued by the Ministry, within the framework of regulations to create views.
E.İ.E. Administration tasks within the framework of the following principles are fulfilled: a the scope of the administration tasks E.İ.E.) deemed necessary by legal entities and individuals with any information is authorized to request. Information desired natural and legal persons are responsible for giving the information required. E.İ.E. from information provided by the Administration, the country's safety, security and economic interests of natural and legal persons, trade relations will harm the confidentiality of documents and information.
b preparation of the project activities of the Ministry of Public Administration) E.İ.E. task in the field of matters connected with business expertise, and ministries and related institutions, universities and other public institutions and organizations require qualifications of project and research of a sufficient number of personnel, provided that the time and work as temporary, provided that relevant personnel consent and approval of premises and with coaching. That's the only way the next two years and working time of personnel assigned in any case may not exceed the duration of the project. The duration of the project exceeds two years, the institution concerned and with the approval of the Minister, provided that the consent of the staff working time can be extended up to a floor. In this way are considered on leave and appointed personnel appointed personnel agencies monthly raise and all kinds of compensation, allowances and other financial and social rights and benefits described.
c) E.İ.E. Administration in carrying out these tasks, Hydrometric Measurement Stations, operates and drilling. The precinct strategy development Department is established. This Public Financial Management and control law No. 5018 Department of article 60 article executes the tasks enumerated in.
ç) E.İ.E. are available with all types of goods belonging to the Commissioners against crimes 26/9/2004 and law No. 5237 article 247 to Turkish Criminal Law 266 of penalties. "
Article 14-20/2/2001 and Act No. 4628 electricity market following the third paragraph of article 1 of the law on dykes has been added.
"51. Cogeneration: thermal and electrical and/or mechanical energy and the production of the same facility simultaneously, 52. Micro-cogeneration plant: 50 kilowatt installed capacity based on electrical energy and cogeneration plant, which is under "article 15-following the end of the article 3 of Law No. 4628 paragraphs have been added.
"In order to meet their own needs Only, the value defined in regulations instituted by the Ministry on the efficiency of cogeneration plant licensing and establishing legal entities and individuals shall be exempt from the obligation in setting up a company, the relevant regulation.
Only in order to meet their own needs; based on renewable energy sources, to a maximum of two hundred kW installed power production plant with natural and legal persons establishing micro-cogeneration facility, shall be exempt from the obligation to acquire licenses and setting up a company.
Institution, in reference to the existing production licenses and license deposit. Deposit receipt and issues related to registering a regulation about uniting. "
Article 16-23/6/1965 Condominium Law No. 634 dated the fourth and fifth paragraphs of article 42 has been changed as follows.

"At the request of one of the Floor malik heat insulation, heating system fuel transformation and of the heating system from central system fai system or conversion of the system from the System Center, Fairfax times will give you with the majority of the numbers and plot share malik are served on the decision. But the total construction area of two thousand square meters and over a part of the buildings in the central heating system heating system be converted into, as a share of the number of times the plot of malik will served on unanimous decision. This will be made public about the share of the expenses are paid out according to the proportion of the jobs land. Central heating systems, heating costs sharing principles and procedures put into effect a regulation by the Ministry of public works and settlement.
Of the heating system from central system fai system or can be transformed into a central system of Fairfax system decision, contrary to the provisions of this decision of the Administration plan has been modified. "
Article 17-10/5/2005 and renewable energy Resources for the production of electric energy No. 5346 use of article 6 of the law has been changed as follows.
"Article 6-renewable energy sources are covered by this law, electricity production and trade, on the basis of the following legal entities licensed application tâbidirler: a) retail license holder legal persons, this Act covered by producing electricity from renewable energy sources in business ten years of multiple-SNAKE EYES also on are determined in this article who have not completed according to the principles of electricity they buy.
b) can take advantage of the application under this Act YOUNG Certified information on the amount of electricity each year published by the EPDK. Each of the retail license holder is a legal person, in the previous calendar year, the amount of electricity they sell in countries the ratio of the amount of the total electrical energy they sell, they buy from Certified electric power RES.
c) the scope of this law will be applied to the price of electricity to be purchased; for each year, the previous year of EPDK Turkey is the average electrical wholesale price. However, this price is 5 Euro Cents/kWh to be applied to the Turkish Lira against az, 5.5 Euro Cent/kWh Turkish Lira. But a free market on the/kWh border of the Euro Cent 5.5 sales opportunities based on renewable energy sources, license holder who found legal persons benefit from this facility.
This article is within the scope of the applications 31/12/2011 date when entering the business. However, the Council of Ministers ends of the application date, 31/12/2009 until the date of the Official Gazette publication on the condition that may extend to a maximum of 2 years. "
Article 18-5346 Act 8 of article has been changed as follows.
"Article 8-forest or the exclusive properties of the treasure or save any State under the terms and ownership of this law within the scope of the production of electricity from renewable energy sources in order to make use of facilities, transport routes and energy transmission line up the network port to use for the Ministry of environment and forestry in relation to land or by the Ministry of Finance made the rental fee is allowed When you are given permission to use the easement is or. 2011 will be commissioned by the end of this resort are the access roads and energy transmission lines up to the network port on the investment and operation periods are allowed within the first decade, the cost of a lease, easement and inguinal region percent discount for permission to use. ORKÖY in the land, and forest Forestation special allowance Income. "
Where legislation to regulate the PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1-(1) this Act enacting this Law prescribed regulations, one year from the date of publication, the provisions of article 7 (c) and (d) bent within the scope of the Ministry of public works and settlement by enacting the regulations envisaged within two years. Until the entry into force of the aforementioned regulation, current regulations not contrary to this Act continue implementation of.
Existing authorization documents and validity of energy Manager certification TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 2-(1) the current authority granted by the Directorate General documentation protects their validity until the times. The available date of promulgation of this Act energy Manager certificates to be renewed for free within one year.
The limitations on the granting of the first information concerning the TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 3-(1) all enterprises operating in the industrial field and prepared application projects under construction or renovation projects, total construction area of ten thousand square meters and above on the owners or management of buildings, from the date of publication of this Act by the Directorate General within two months at the General Directorate of internet sites the information requested in this Act, from the date of the publication informs the Directorate General within three months.
General Directorate of authorization duty PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 4-(1) the first paragraph of section 5 (a) of subsection (2) within the scope of the General Directorate of the lower number was I companies published this Act authorization activity within two years later, the number of accredited institutions exceeds her ends. The number of authorized institutions does not find him in two years, the General Directorate and continues until the total number on authorization activity.
Training and awareness applications TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 5-(1) the first paragraph of article 6 (b) arrangements foreseen in this law within two years from the date of publication is made by the respective institutions.
(2) the first paragraph of article 6 (c) of subsection (2) and (3) subparagraphs infringements of this Act contained provisions that apply from the end of the first year of follow up.
Existing buildings and industrial enterprises, construction in progress buildings and smaller boundaries providing TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 6-(1) before the date of publication of this law with the existing buildings are under construction and have not yet been received permission to use the building for buildings, the first paragraph of article 7 of this law, (c), of this Act do not apply for a period of five years from the date of publication.
(2) this Act shall be taken from the existing date of promulgation or structure permit buildings as the first paragraph of article 7 (d) the provision of this Act does not apply for ten years from the date of publication.
(3) of this Act for a period of three years from the date of publication of the first paragraph of article 7, (I) and (h) the requirement to provide minimum limits contained in paragraphs shall not be required.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 7-(1) this law in practice, in Exchange for the phrase in the last Turkish Lira 28/01/2004 and law No. 5083 Turkey Republic in accordance with the provisions of the law Of Currency in circulation in the country, the new Turkish Lira, name it as long as this phrase is used.
Entry into force article 19 (1) of this Act;
the first paragraph of article 10, a) (a) of subsection (8) has two years after the date of publication of the lower I, b) other provisions shall come into force, the date of promulgation.

Article 20-(1) this Law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.