Government Of The Republic Of Turkey Match Between The Government Of The Republic Of Albania Of Approval Of Social Security Agreement B Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. Subsequent Changes, If Any

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE ARNAVUTLUK CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ ARASINDA SOSYAL GÜVENLİK SÖZLEŞMESİNİN ONAYLANMASININ UYGUN B Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değiş

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Kanun No. 4595


Accepted Date: 1.11.2000      





MADDE 1. -"Government of the Republic of Turkey with the Government of the Republic of Turkey" signed in Tirana on 15.7.1998 It is appropriate for the Social Security Glossary to be approved.

MADDE 2. -This will take effect on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3. -The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.














From now on, it will be referred to as "Parties",

TASARLAMIÞon social security, to do the business,

to make a Glossary for this purpose,

and other considerations










1. Concepts used in the text of this glossary:

1.1. "Country" Turkey from Turkey,

Albania, Albania to the Republic of Albania;

1.2. "Legislation" 2. The Law, Statutes and Regulations specified in the Article,

1.3. "Yard" means any transfer, split, or appropriation of a provision in the legislation of the Party, any additional or additional benefits to be applied to the benefit, month, or pay of such a transfer,

1.4. "Authorized Makam" The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Social Security, the Ministry of Social Security, and the Ministry of Social Security and other relevant Makamis, the Republic of Albania, in all or any part of the country. from the Department of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs, and in all or any part of the country, the ministries of social security and their systems, or other related Machulins,

1.5. "Authorized Institution" 2. The Institution and the Installed are responsible for the fulfillment of the legislation specified in the item,

1.6. "Insurance Period" Insurance premiums are paid and paid times,

1.7. "Insurance Company" 2. the regulations or implementation of the legislation specified in the item, as applicable,

1.8. "Family Ferdi" forecasted the implementation of the Authorized Institutions of the Parties,

1.9. "Omen" is the place where it's always been reported.

1.10. "Temporary Transitional" is the location of the permanent resident in one of the countries, where the country is temporarily uncomplainable.

refers to.

2. Each of the definitions that is not specified in this item will have the meaning prescribed in the legislation used.


Regulatory Legislor

1. This applies to the following legislation:

(a) from the balance of the Republic of Turkey:

a. 1. The Social Insurance Act, which covers the workers, and the Tarism Social Security Law;

a. 2. Law on the Pension of the Republic of Turkey, covering the civil servants of the Republic of Turkey (Malullliths, Forbidden, and Death):

a. 3. Tradesmen and Artists, and the Social Insurances Act of the Social Insurers Law (Malulax, Forbidden, and Death) with the Law of the Social Insurances of the Social Insurance Institution:

a. 4. 506 Legislation on Sandals that are subject to Article 20 of the Social Insurance Act of Social Insurance:

(b) from the balance of the Albanian Republic:

b. 1. Social Insurance Legislances (Hatalink and analık, Workers and professional diseases, including disability and death), and other economic active workers (workers and their own people), who are also economically active, said the report.

b. 2. Legislate related to family assistance,

b. 3. Legislation related to insurance,

b. 4. Regulatory compliance,

2. This Is A Promise, Three. The self-provision also applies to the remaining legal regulations, which bring in the legislation, which is identified by the 1st, that brings, or replaces, the legislation specified in the 1st.

3. If the regulations that bring new rights in a Party's legislation are made, the other will be informed within 3 months. If the other party does not object to the other words within 3 months, this statement applies to these deities.

4. To a new social insurance law, It is implemented in the case of the Aşit Parties to the end of the Promise.


What this Application Covers


This Glossary from two countries, subject to the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Albania. applies to anyone who is responsible for the scope of the implemented legislation and the remaining rights holders.





If identified in the 3rd item, they will see the action of rights and obligations, according to the legislation of the Atriite Parties.


Help for Help


Unless otherwise specified in this Glossary;

1. Any assistance, including the assistance provided by this statement, to anyone identified in Article 3, will be paid under a Party's legislation, due to the fact that no one is residing in the country of the other Party, any discount, disregarding, stop, cancel, and volume, and these benefits are also paid in the country of the other Party.


2. Benefits that are subject to anyone or anyone who are subject to the legislation of both Parties, or who are left behind, will be paid in a third state or third state in a third state, to be paid to those who are left behind.


3. This is a matter of 1 The paragraph provisions are not applied to any of the following.

a) Inhuman help,

b) Special assistance with a help or a need.




Rules for Scope


1. Register to hide the following provisions of this Glossary;

1.1. No one employed in a Party country is subject to the legislation of that entity only; and

1. 2. A person residing in a Party country and in the country of the other Party, or in any other country's country, is subject to the legislation of the Party, which is a permanent resident of its own, only subject to the issue of the permanent residence.

2. A person who is subject to the legislation of a Party and employed for a period of time not to exceed 24 months in the country of the country shall be subject only to the legislation of the first-party country as if they were doing those services in the first-party country. With the prior approval of the Authorized Macs of both Parties, this 24 month period may be extended with a total of 60 not to exceed 60 months.

3. If no one will be subject to compliance with both Party regulations due to the work of a ship's crew as the crew of a ship that has been implemented, the Turkish bank, the Albanian bandage, has been working on the Turkish bank. Personnel on board the ship are subject to Albanian legislation.

4. If the people who are employed in relation to the task of playing a government in the country name of a Party are citizens of the country who are employed, they are subject to the legislation of the party. They may ask for the implementation of the country in which they are permanent resident, whether they are citizens of the country, or if they are permanent resident in that country. The preferred preference is not available to older times.

5. The Authorized Authorities of the Parties may be able to apply the provisions of this clause in relation to any one or any of the groups with the collective reconciliation.







Unification of Insurance Processes


1. A Party's Authorized Institution will have the same period of insurance on the other side, as the legislation is entitled to identify, protect or rewin certain areas of insurance according to one of the parties. It is considered in accordance with its own legislation, with no hits.

2. The initial execution of the first part of the insured by one of the two parties is to determine the protection or rewin of the help, and the following times and initial Notice the date of the start.


Based on a Third State Legislate

Elapsed Times

A person has been warned by the regulations of the Parties, 7. If a benefit is not eligible for a benefit, it is social that no one is eligible to pay for this benefit, but will not be eligible for the benefit of the benefit. They are identified by a third state deal with security commitments, by means of a number of insured times that are passed through.


Asgarate Time to be Uniform

If you are looking at a different provision of this Glossary, we are fully insured by no one. if the sum of their time is less than a year, and only those times, there is no assistance to anyone in relation to this statement from the Authorized Institution if it does not give a benefit to that regulatory authority. It can't be claimed. As many as these durations are considered to be the right to help determine the right to help.





Insurance Processes

According to the legislation of one of the parties, the right to protect, protect, or rewin the disease and the right to help. as a result of the completion of certain insured or stolen times, an Authorized Institution of the Discretion has completed the completion of the insured or stolen time according to its legislation. is taken into account.


How To Help From The Help Of The Help

1. A temporary task for a specific action by the people is the family members who have complained to the Albanian Insured in Turkey, or family members who have complained about the Turkish insurance that has been stolen in Albania. If immediate (urgent) treatment requires immediate treatment, then the country's account uses the country's account, the disease, or the medical insurance, including hospitable, hospitable, and so on.

2. According to the legislation of one of the parties, the family members who were insured by the insured were temporarily in the country in which they were found in the country of Akit, while their condition was immediately (urgent) treatment, but was lost. They take advantage of the country's account, including hospitable to the country's account, or the hospital, where they have been admitted.

3. Family members who have been uninsured according to the legislation of one of the countries have complained that the Republic of Turkey or the Republic of Albania, Social Security Institutions, are free from the sick or anal insurance benefits. They continue to take advantage of these yarns, while they are benefiting from the fact that they have transferred the complaint to the country of the Party. However, it is required to obtain the permission of the Authorized Institution before you can address the complaint. The request for a permit is to be redcharged if only one physician of this Institution has been prevented from transporting the complainable state to the country in which it has prevented it from transporting it to the country.

For reasons not obtained, it may be available later, even if it has already been received.

4. Family members are transferred according to the country's legislation, the extent of their assistance, and the current or temporary country legislation according to the country where the insured are not eligible to qualify.

5. According to the country's legislation, which is eligible for assistance in the country's country, family members who have complained about the country have no right to take advantage of the laws of the country in which they are complaining, and are ill, analid. They benefit from the health benefits that are sold by insurance.

6. When family members transfer their grievance to the country where the Authorized Institution is located, they benefit from the benefits according to the provisions of the Sovereign Party legislation. This provision also applies if they have been used to take advantage of the same illness or time of death by the institution of the country, which was found before the family members complained about their grievances. In this case, if the Authorized Institution has a maximum amount of time specified for the assistance of the application, the durations of the help prior to the transfer of the complainin will be considered.

7. Benefits are covered by the party, where the insured is registered.


Lfx Owners ' Clumsy Help

1. In the country's government, two countries are eligible for assistance, and family is eligible for assistance in the country, according to the legislation, which is a separate or in-revenue situation. If the rights are made to their members, the aid will be based on the institution of the country's institution and the legislation of this institution.

2. If only one of the people in the country has complained about the separation or income of the individual in the case of the individual in the country, it is necessary to ensure that Licensee's family members are entitled to the right of the family. The assistance is to the institution at the site of the complainant, the nam and the account of the Authorized Institution, and the institution.

3. Each of the other individuals and individuals who have been separated by each other in accordance with the legislation are in the country of the other, according to the legislation, and in the country of the family members of the family member who are in contact with their families. In their temporary complaint, the Official Office of the country, which is permanent, requires immediate (urgent) assistance, and the Authorized Authority of the country, which paid for the second time, is registered with the registration of the country's Authorized Authority. They are useful.

4. For those who are not eligible for these assistance, the country has a permanent complaint for those who are receiving the separation from both parties, and only for those areas that are separate from one side are the regulations of the individual. The scope of the assistance is determined by the country's legislation, which no one complainin is receiving the duration, duration, and the execution of the ifa.


Money Benefits With Significant Help Benefits

1. The promise of important health benefits for anyone who has the right to use the 11, 12 /2-3 items of this Glossary will allow the Authorized Institution to allow for an absolute emergency.

2. Money help (daily Payment of allowes) is based on the legislation of the Agency where the interest is registered.




Payment for the cost of the cost of the following half of your time

This Glossary 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20. The cost of the health benefits, which are made in the forecasted public, are paid by the Institution, which is registered by the country, to the Authorized Institution of the country that is doing the assistance, within the principles and principles to be determined by the Islamic State of the country.


Anger Help

One or both of the family members of an insured or a family member of a family of the family has received their assistance from the benefits of the 10, if necessary, to benefit from the benefit of the benefits. the provisions of the legislation in effect in the country where the only person is found in the country where the only number of uninsured has been received is also received by the article.

The health help of a person who is eligible for analgeque assistance is 11, 12, and 13 depending on the situation. They are based on the essentials in their material.






1. If a person who is insured according to the legislation of one of the lovers is dead in the country of the other in the country, as in the country of which he is insured, he is eligible for funeral expenses, such as in the country of the Sitel Party.

2. In the implementation of this Glossary, the cost of the funeral is paid according to the expense of both parties, and the cost of the funeral will be paid according to the legislation of which Party is in the country of the Party of the Party.

3. If the Death of Death was found in their country, the cost of the funeral would be paid, and whoever died was ultimately subject to the legislation and is paid according to the legislation.

4. In the event of death of the country's death in the country's history of death, the country's new country's office is to complete its uninsured time in the country, in order to complete the ongoing insurance process in the country. It also takes into account the amount of insured times.





Calculate the Amount of Allowance to be paid

1. One of the parties involved in one of the other parties, regardless of whether they are eligible for revenue or income, is allocated without regard to the expiration of the insured times that are passed by the other.

2. A Service is not available for a separate month or income according to the Party, but only 7 or 8 of the Word. If the right to claim a month or income by taking into account the durations of elapsed times, the provisions of the above are enforced.

2. 1. In the calculation of the month, each party's authorized social security agency considers the individual or revenue of each insured insured by taking into account their own legislation as if they were passed.

2. 2. Authorized Install, then 2.1 according to the individual or revenue of the revenue that was identified as nazari according to its own legislation, the appropriate part of the ratio of insured durations to the sum of the insured durations that were passed according to the applicable legislation calculated, the amount of monthly or revenue to be paid.

3. The provisions of the reduction, stop or cut of the break in the legislation of the Akit Parties receive a debate in the implementation of this Glossary.





Israeli Accidents Associated With The Alarm

1. In accordance with the legislation implemented in each of the Ackites, the increases or additional charges that are made available to the revenues, which are based on an additional accident, will continue if they are transferred to the country of the other party.

2. When one of the parties involved in an accident in his country, or held by a professional patient, was transferred to his home country after he began to take advantage of the temporary Israeli government, before his movement, he said, Benefits continue to take advantage of the Authorized Institution's permission to be registered.

If anyone who has received an error or occupational illness at the end of the permit issued requires a status of this permit, the Extended until the Authorized Institution is recovered from the mudfakatim.

3. If no one has complained about the accident or occupational illness after transporting the complainee to the country, you are insured for any accidents in the history of the accident date or the first time that the institution has been registered in the initial sense of the illness. It is eligible to benefit from the treatment benefits.

4. 2 and 3 of this material. The benefits of health (treatment) are provided by the Institution of this country, according to the provisions of this aid and the legislation imposed in the country where the chief of the ifa is located in the country's new complaint. This is the 2nd. as envisioned, the currency is subject to the subject matter and the Institution of the Institution where the interest is subject to the attention of the subject.

5. 2 and 3 of this material. The cost of the benefits of the aid in the cases stipulated in them is paid to the institution where the expense was registered. The establishment in the country where the new complainant has been registered has been identified by the state of the institution in which it will pay for the cost of the cost of the health of the country.

6. 2 and 3 of this material. A list of important health benefits by adding a list of important health benefits, except for the emergency, to the permission of the institution, excluding the emergency, is added to the public.

7. According to a country's legislation, a period of permanent idyllic as a result of an accident or professional incident, the country's legislation, according to the legislation of the country, caused accidents and occupational diseases, according to the legislation of the country. He's got a little bit of a fight like he's coming.


Occupational Damage Benefits

1. If anyone who has been working is working on a country that could cause both countries ' countries, the benefits of the insured or the death of their rights are the last time the debate was the last time it was performed. According to the legislation in his country, it is registered to replace the relevant legislation that it has envisaur.

2. Taking advantage of the legislation of one of the countries is that it is the first time that the disease has been set on its own country, if it is not the first in the country to be involved in the country's country, if it is not the first time in the country. It is a replacement.

3. The following rules apply if a professional patient with assistance in the legislation of one of the countries has complained to the hospital in the country.

3. 1. If the new complaint was stolen in the country that may have caused the illness or cause the new complaint, the company said the insured was registered in the first country, taking into account its own legislation, taking into account the situation. They do.

3. 2. If the new complaint was made in the hometown of the new country, Kurum, whose country has been registered in the first country, will take part in its own legislation; it is the institution that is registered in the country where the new complaint is found. An additional help is paid to the worker in the amount of time that the patient is due to be paid in accordance with his/her own legislation and the amount of help that he will pay for when he is due to leave in his home country before he is charged with the amount of aid required.






1. The administrative and medical services of anyone who needs to identify disability or property from a Party country, which is not able to be directly involved in the country and to take advantage of the social security rights to ensure that they benefit from the country. controls are made by the Authorized Institution, at the request of the Authorized Institution.

As ofÞu, the Authorized Institution is to have a physician examined in his own country, whether he wants to be interested in the country or in the country where he wants to. preserves the right to it. In this case, the path money and the expense of the complainant are made available to the Authorized Institution.

2. The Authorized Institution, which demands control costs control, is paid according to the principles and principles set out in the Israeli Narrative.





Editing a State

A general public interest in the country's Authorized Maid is needed for implementation of this Glossary Specifically, it will identify the conditions for items that have been attributed to the Islamic State.

The authorized liaison institutions of the two countries will be identified in this Israeli-official statement.

will need to understand this general public and essential to the implementation of principles and guidelines in order to apply them touygulamaya. And the formulas to be identified will also be added.


Information Deposition and Decision Help

1. Authorized Makam and Institutions responsible for the implementation of this Glossary:

1. 1. To the extent that their legislation is permitted, they will notify each other of any information necessary for the implementation of this Glossary;

1. 2. They are helpful to each other, as are relevant to the implementation of their own legislation, in relation to the legislation or the determination of the rights to be eligible for this benefit, in accordance with the legislation in which this Glossary applies; and

1. 3. As soon as possible, they will notify each other in their legislation if they affect all measures or the implementation of the Glossary for the implementation of this Glossary.

2. Subparagraph 1 of this material. 2. The assistance in the fund is the 21st for the repayment of certain types of costs. Any provision that is contained in accordance with the article is exempt from the charge, with a record of remaining in the state of the United States. When the Authorized Authority of a Party wishes to pay from the Authorized Institution, the first Install declares the amount to be paid by specifying the currency of the first-Install. On top of that, the second Install will pay the first-party currency to the first Install.

3. Unless you need to open a party's laws, any information that is sent to the other party to the other, according to this Glossary, is confidential and only for the purposes of this Word and its implementation of the Act. from the server.




From Tax, Image, Charge, and Letters

Exemption or Statement

1. Exemption or exemption from any taxes, levy, consular fees or administrative expenses that govern the legislation of a Party regarding the preparation of any documents or documents necessary for the implementation of the legislation. any discount covers the necessary documents and documents related to the implementation of the other party legislation.

2. Any official type of document required for implementation of the statement is exempt from the approval or similar formalities of diplomatic or consular officials.


News-Communications Language

With an official language of one of the two Parties, with an organization of Authorized Macs and Institutions for the implementation of this Glossary They don't know about it.


Claim, Notice, and StatementsSunulmasý

1. According to the legislation of one of the Parties, the claim, notice, or objection to the payment or determination of a benefit that is within the legal term of the Authorized Article or the Institution of that Party, to the Authority of the other Party, It is considered to be presented. It also applies to petitions and appeals against petitions and petitions.

2. A request for assistance under a Party legislation after the effective date of this commitment is considered to be in demand for a benefit from the legislation of the other.

sahibininThe owner of the line is:

2. 1. It has not been specified in its petition that the claim applies to the other side of the subject matter,

2. 2. Or, it is necessary to provide information and documents that are relevant to completed non-creditable durations under the legislation of the 2nd or other Parties.

is not valid if it requests that the request for assistance be deferred in the order of the acquis in order of the above.

3. 1. and 2. In any case, the claim, notice, or objection to which you have been implemented, either the Authorized Article or the Institution transmits it to the Authorized Makam or Agency without delay.


Approx HelpÖdenmesi

A Party's Authorized Authority may replace its obligations with the currency of that Party according to this Glossary.


Resolutable Solution

1. The Party Competent Authorities are to deal with the interpretation of this Glossary and all of the other things that will be caused by the exercise, in the course of the exercise.

2. If it is not possible to resolve a conflict within six months, then the solution is transferred to an arbitrator's delegation, which will be reprobatable over the acquis of one of the Acquis Sides.

2. 1. Each state, which is a party, is appointed an arbitrator within one month, starting from the decision of the arbitrator to be resolved by the arbitrator's delegation. The two arbitrators appointed in this way shall elect a third party as the third arbitrator of a third state within two months of the appointment of the arbitrator who appointed the arbitrator last.

2. 2. In the event that one of the states that has been mentioned does not appoint an arbitrator within the specified time, the other state may ask the arbitrator of the European Court of Human Rights to appoint an arbitrator. If the two appointed judges are unable to meet the selection of the third umpire to be appointed, the European Court of the United States will be able to reach the European Court of Rights.

2. 3. If the European Court of Human Rights is to be of the nationality of one of the President's Party, the duties given to him are the highest in the court, without the court's ruling or the status of his or her state of origin. It will be transferred to the rank judge.

3. The referee decides with the vote-shephern. The decision of the delegation is on the honeymoon of both states. Each state, which is a party to the word, is the expense of the referee appointed by him. Other costs are left at a rate of government that is a term. The arbitrator will determine the procedures of the work itself.





Transitional Provisions

1. Any period of insurance completed prior to the effective date of this Glossary is under consideration in the detection of a benefit for this Word.

2. Any provision of this Glossary does not grant you a benefit for a period prior to the date that this Glossary entered.

3. 2. Subject to a paragraph provision, a benefit is paid to be effective from the date on which this Glossary is entered before a lump sum, a benefit, prior to the effective date of this Glossary.


Entering And Duration Of The Glossary

1. Each of the Parties will notify Licensee of the completion of the required internal legislation in order to enter the current process. The calendar enters the first day of the calendar month after the date of the date of the date.

2. It can be terminated by the contact of one of the parties. The annuih is the 6th one following the date It is effective at the same time.

3. If the promise is violated, the rights obtained in accordance with the provisions of this Glossary do not lose their own validity, and they are met with respect to the rights of the right to be obtained according to the Glossary. If he does not agree on this issue, the conflicts are 27. is resolved according to the item.

This statement was made in Albanian, Turkish and English on July 15, 1998 in Albanian, Turkish, and English. The two are originally arranged and signed as the original. The comment is based on English text at different times.




       Prof. Dr. Nami ÇAçan Anastas ANJELIID                                          

Department of Labour and Social Security Minister of State and Social Security