Republic Of Turkey And The Government Of The Republic Of Slovenia Air Transport Agreement Between The Government Approved The Appropriate Of Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. Subsequent Changes, If Any

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE SLOVENYA CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ ARASINDA HAVA TAŞIMACILIĞI ANLAŞMASININ ONAYLANMASININ UYGUN BU Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değiş

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Kanun No. 4597


Accepted Date: 1.11.2000      







BULLET 1. - "Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the Government of the Republic of Slovenia" signed on April 3, 1997 in Ljubljana, is the appropriate one.

ARTICLE 2. -This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3. -The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.










The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, which will be known as the "Sat Parties" in this text, will both be held in February seven December of 1994 in February. With the intention of Transit, the Council of International Air Sectors and the International Civil Airman's Promise to make a statement in order to establish air flights between the countries and beyond,








As opposed to this view, as opposed to the fact that you havehüküm


a) The term "pseudo" refers to the Promise of the International Civil Airstorm, which was signed in February 1944 in February 1944, and to the 90 articles of the Promise of both of the Turkish Words. According to Articles 90 and 94, the stolen Attachments and any other deities made in the Glossary and the Attachments are clear.


b) from the look of the Republic of Turkey, the term "Fireworks" is authorized by the Ministry of Ulaypeople and authorized by this minister to fulfill any duties that have been performed. Any part or body authorized by the Republic of Slovenia to perform any task that is done by the Minister of State, the Minister of State, and the civil aviation authority, and the civil aviation authority,


c) The term "Thai airline" refers to the transfer of the airline in accordance with Article 3 of this statement and authorized to the airline.


d) "Country" or "Soil" as 2 of the Glossary of the Glossary It's a matter of meaning in terms of substance.


terimlerie) "Air Seferees", "International Air Trip", "Airlift" and "technical landing" terms, Counts as specified in the 96 ncu clause of the word.


f) "Capacity" refers to the meaning of the term;


-The volume of the aircraft that can be used for the passenger, freight, and mail that are flown in or on a cliff line.


-During a specified time period, the number of times a line has been completed and the number of times it is used for these flights has been multiplicity by the time it is used for a specified air trip.


g) The term "Traffic" means passenger, baggage, load and mail.


h) The term "charge rate" refers to the prices that will be taken for passenger, baggage or freight (excluding mail), with additional benefits to be used with this holiday. included fees for selling tickets or charges for the load, including fees for the purchase of the kits. It also covers applications that regulate the implementation of price or commission payment.






1. Identifies the rights specified in this understanding to install the International Air Seferees on the lines specified in this Part of the Aisle, each of the Azoys. These flights and lines will be called "mutabank flights" and "specified lines" in this way. Each of the airlines appointed by each of the countries will have the right to maintain the right to a specified line, while they are working on a single, mutabank flight.


a) Flying without the country of Digit;


b) To make technical contact within the country in question;


c) To drive and receive international traffic in the passenger, freight and mail, and to make the point for that line in line with the points specified in this statement.


2. This is a matter of 1 No people in the fund can be understood to have the right to receive passengers, freight and mail to the airline for airline contact, to a point in the country of the other party, or to a point in the country of this other country.






1. Each of the Azoys will have the right to notify Licensee of an airline push and/or their execution in order to operate the non-mutabank flights on the specified lines.


2. 5 in the matter of this Article, when the Minister of the Diyer received a transfer notice. Subject to the provisions of the fikra, the appointed airline will not be able to delay the authorization of the applicable authorization.


3. The competent aviation authorities of one of the parties involved in the transfer of the other entity and the operation of international air flights were imposed by these authorities in the normal and reasonable practice of law and regulations. She may want her to satisfy them, as she has the skills to fulfil them.


4. In the event that each of the Lovers Parties does not believe that the main ownership and effective control of an airline carrier and its effective control are in possession of this airline, it is the third party in the world. You may refuse to recognize the authorization entitlements that are mentioned in the fund, or the 2nd part of this airline push. It may be required to use the rights of the rights specified in the item.


5. The 10th, 13th time, when an airline was appointed and authorized to do so. a fee generated according to the provisions of the Article II and Annex II, and with the current level of a capacity to understand and a capacity to agree on, may date at any time to the execution.






1. Each of us will revoke or suspend or suspend authorization for the use of the rights set forth in the Article 2 of an airline that is transferred to the other party, in the following areas. will have the right to put records that are required to be used:


a) failure to prove that the large part of the Airborne and effective control belongs to the party or its nationals, who are responsible for the transfer of the property and the majority of the active control,


b) The failure to comply with or comply with the laws or regulations of the Identified Airline that identifies these rights of the United States,


c) The current airline service is not able to process flights removed from the site of the location of the current state of the company.


2. This right, to prevent further violations of laws and regulations, is the cancellation of the cancellation, the suspension, or the 1st of this Article 1. will be used after the immediate replacement of the current (s) in the case of the other, but will be used after the rest of the World Party.






1. A Fighter, an international air navigation aircraft, entered the country, lifted and left the aircraft or aircraft during its stay in its territory, and laws and regulations related to its navigation, without the awareness of nationality. It will be applied to the aircraft, and it will be used by such an aircraft when it is in the ground or in the territory of those parties, or when entering or entering or entering the territory.


2. The regulations concerning the country's acceptance of passengers, crew, cargo and post offices on the plane, laws and regulations of the country's stay or the country, customs entry, immigration, passports and control of the country, he said. passenger, crew, cargo, luggage and mail, or they will be obeying the land on that side of the ground when it is out of land and in the land.


3. In the implementation of the laws covered by the article, none of the Parties shall be able to make any preference to the airline for its airline execution, according to the airline's transfer of the company appointed by the company.


4. Charges related to the use of every airport, including facilities and technical conveniences and services, as well as other international air flights, such as the usage fees for air navigation facilities, communications facilities and services. It will not be held higher than those paid by the governments of the President of the United States.






1. The planes and aircraft, which are being pushed through international flights by each of the carriers and aircraft carrier, fuel and oil, and aircraft carrier (including food, beverage and tobacco), the other Akkit, and other aircraft carriers, the company said. The entity's country will have all customs duties, examination fees and other taxes and taxes, whether to stay on the plane or to be used in a plane on the other side of the other in the country of Europe.


2. Other than the same rates and taxes will be kept, except for the services that are also being made,


a) In the country of one of the countries, the entity is not able to take up the amounts identified by the competent authorities and the transfer of the other's designated airline is an international time. the aircraft carrier that is flying to be used in the aircraft that were stolen;


b) Spare parts for the maintenance and repair of aircraft used in the international flights of the country's transfer of the Other to the country of one of the countries;


c) Even if the plane is to be used in a plane to be used on the country of the Party, the other's transfer to international flights by the designated airline has started. The fuel that was left to the airfield of the aircraft was the fuel and the oil.


The substances that are mentioned in the above (a) (b) and (c) seals may need to be kept under the supervision and control of the substances.








In addition to the materials and excise materials contained in the aircraft carrier of one of the parties, the other in the aircraft equipment is also in the other country, It can only be left with the permission of the customs authorities of that country. In such a case, it may be contained in the custody of the competent authorities, who are promised to be taken back to the country or disposed of according to customs regulations in a new way.









A direct transit from the country of one of the Lovers To The Airport, which is not left out of the airport area that has been allocated for this purpose, is baggage and loads, violence, air-piracy and control. They will not be subjected to more than a simple, simple control over the safety measures subject to the escape of the drugs that are subject to the escape of the stimulus. The baggage and loads that pass directly in transit will be kept from customs duties and other expenses.






1. Each transfer airline will have the right to air tickets and sell tickets to the country in its sole discretion, or directly in the country of the other In the country of the individual in the country. These airlines will have the right to sell this holiday, and anyone will be able to freely sell those documents in any conversant exchange and/or domestic money.


2. Each transfer airline will have the right to transfer the remaining revenue phase after the cost of the revenue generated from the traffic traffic is over the official exchange rate, in demand, in demand, and transfer to his country.


If the payment statement in the Azite states does not contain appropriate provisions in this regard, the transfer mentioned above in accordance with the national laws and related quarters regulations. They will be made with conversant remittances and will have the right to sell in the country of the designated airline, conversitonal foreign exchange and/or domestic money, in the country of the other Appointed.






1. Both Sats will have fair and direct access to the airline's flights, along with their respective countries, to work out the mutabank flights.


2. In the execution of the mutabank flights, each of the airlines ' designated airlines will consider the output of the airline's appointed airline, which is the last of the same lines or on a part of it, as it will be. You don't have to influence the time as a judge.


3. The number of airlines that have been appointed by the Akit will be related to the needs of the people on the specified lines, and will be able to transfer airline companies in the state of Akit or in the state of the State of Akit. It will be essential to provide a capacity to meet the current and reasonably anticipated tasting needs of traffic, with a reasonable load factor.


4. They will understand the capacity and capacity of flights to be made on the specified lines, with both of them being able to operate flights to and from the time of the transfer of the same airlines. The capacity and capacity will both be approved by the airline's approval by the two Sat. This capacity will be set up from time to time, subject to the approval of the traffic authorities, according to the traffic demand.


5. In order to meet the imposition of an unqualified passenger in the intra-gate, the transfer of the airlines, which may be appointed to the provisions of this Article, may be understood by this type of temporary increase required to meet the demand for passengers. Each capacity for this type of capacity will be notified by the authorities without delay to the aviation authorities.


6. In cases where the transfer of one of the Convenience Parties operates at points in third countries along the specified line, an additional capacity is in capacity to be determined in accordance with the above 3 and 4 feats. It can be implemented by airlines that are subject to the understanding between the company's aviation authorities.






Each of us is technical and responsible for the transfer of the Party to its own country, to its own country for the realisation of non-mutable flights. Rights to the transfer and possession of commercial personnel will also result in similar rights to the transfer of the first-party airway. The personnel who are mentioned above will be subject to the legislation regarding the entry of the Reward Party and the duration of the stay.






1. In accordance with its existing rights and obligations according to international law, the obligation of the civil-aviation trust to protect the law against the law is an unallocated part of the agreement, according to its current rights and obligations. They'll make sure it's all over the place. In accordance with the international law, the General Parties to the general nature of their current rights and obligations, especially those of the April 14, 1963 Planes, The Islamic Tokyo Promise, The 16 December 1970 Planes. The Hague-based Commitment To Preventing The Takeover By Law was Proposed By The Montreal Association Of Civil Airmen On September 23, 1971, And The International Civilisation Of Civil Airsation. The Port of Ports 24 February 1988 was held in 1988 on the decision of the Act to Act. They will act in accordance with the provisions of the Additional Protocol signed in Montreal.


2. The Ackit Parties will prevent the takeover of civilian aircraft by law, as well as the safety of these aircraft, its passengers and its crew, as well as the safety of the airline and civil aviation facilities. They will make every possible threat to each other in order to clear the threat of any kind.


3. In accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Civil Airticus Agreement, the Internationalites States, in accordance with the provisions of the International Civil Airfield, in accordance with the provisions of the World's Civil Airfield, in accordance with the provisions of the World's Civil Airfield. They'll move. The parties act in accordance with the aircraft companies or aircraft carriers in their own facility or in the central countries of the airport in which the aircraft carriers and their country are constantly involved in the safety of the aircraft. They'll want them.


4. Each of the following is the third party in which aircraft companies, in turn, enter the country, for entering the country, for leaving this country, or during the time of its stay in this country, by the other in Neutral. It is mutabled in the event that it may be asked to comply with the air-based provisions of the air-in-law.


In each of the countries, the safety of passengers, crew hand luggage, general luggage, cargo and aircraft leasing, loading and loading of passengers, passengers, and their safety in their country. And it will be able to take adequate measures in order to control and effectively enforce adequate measures in order to control the line. Each of the parties will consider any request to be taken by a threat, in a positive way, to ensure reasonable special security measures are taken.


5. The occurrence of civilian aircraft through illegal means, or the occurrence of a threat to the aircraft, aircraft passengers and crew, airports or air navigation facilities, and other legal interventions. In the event of arrival, the Convenience Parties will be helping each other with ease in the process of reporting and ensuring that any such incident or incident threat is terminated in a fast and secure manner.


6. In the implementation of the provisions of the airport security of this material, in the event of problems for one of the Parties, the competent aviation authorities of each of us have been in charge of the competent authority of the Aper. will be able to request.






1. All relevant, such as fee schedules, cost of execution, a reasonable profit and the tariffs of other airline companies, to be made available to the country or country of the company that will be made by the airline appointed by the Aşit Parties. factors will be kept in the eye and will be determined at reasonable levels.


2. One Of The Business Is The One. In the matter of the matter and the 1st. On tariffs that are understood in the fray, both Sats will be agreed upon and will be understood among the transfer airline companies after they are consulted on a complete or a part of the line, if possible. to reach out, when possible, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) will use procedures for the construction of tariffs.


3. At least sixty (60) days prior to the proposed date of the proposed entry will be submitted to the Civil Airman ' s approval of the Civil Airlift. In special cases, this time can be reduced by the reconciliation of the aforementioned authorities.


4. Such an approval may be opened. None of the Civil-aviation authorities of the Eucer Parties, the third of the material. If the fee tariffs that are presented according to the provisions of the fikra are not notified within thirty (30) days of the date of the presentation, the fee tariffs are to be issued and are not valid. 3. If the presentation of the presentation according to the provisions of the Fkra, the Civil Airman ' s Airports may remain mutabled for less than thirty (30) days of the appeal.


5. 2 for this item on an eater fee tariff. If there is no understanding according to the provisions of the Fükra, or if a party is the Civil Airman's Makamis, the Civil Airman's Makamlarna 2. If it declared an objection to a tariff agreed upon by the fikra provisions, the two sides were involved after the Civil Airlifted salaries tariff, after the state of the United States invaded the state with the idea of the state's office. They're going to try to identify it with the deal.


6. The authorities of the Civil-State Department of Civil Airmen are the third of this matter. According to the provisions of the Fıkra, they are presented with a fee of 5 or 5 years. if they do not agree on the detection of any fee tariff according to the provisions of the Fükra, the understanding is not understood by the 19th. Under the provisions of the provisions of the Article, the provisions of the provisions of the article shall be made.


7. A fee tariff that is determined according to the provisions of this clause will remain in effect until the new one is made. Nevertheless, a fee tariff shall not be more than twelve (12) months of guarantees from the date of the end, according to these fikra provisions.






The aviation authorities of any of the Travellers ' aviation authorities have said that when the first-in-flight was transferred to the airline, it was the first time that the airline's transfer was transferred to the airport. For a review of the capacity, periodic or periodic statistical reports that may be reasonably necessary will be provided upon their demands. These reports will include the amount of passengers and freight that these airlines have engaged in, and all the information needed to determine the pressure and arrival points of this passenger freight traffic.






In the spirit of a nearby business, time is time for the aviation authorities to implement the provisions and Attachment (s) of the Annex (s), and to ensure satisfactory compliance. They're going to dance.






1. If any of the Einer's Parties find a desire to be involved in any material, they may wish to be in the direction of the Aper Party. Such an incursion between the authorized aviation authorities and the path to negotiation or writing will start within 60 days of the date of demand. In this process, it is likely that the presence of a diplomatic note will be effective when the diplomatic note is unteed.


2. Additional (s) may be actualized by the authorities in the United States, with the ability of the aviation authorities to reconcile themselves to the right of the right to the right.






This statement and Attachment (s) will be more than likely to be understood by many other parties that may be related to the Fuel Parties.






Each of the Teskit Parties may report that it is always in its decision to end this information, and this report will also reach the International Civil Airstorm Service. In this case, the other will expire (12) months from the date of the Other Means by the Other Means, as they have not returned before the end of this period with the end-of-the-end information. If there is no confirmation of the other in the other, it will be counted fourteen (14) days from the date of the International Civil Airstorm's notice, if not confirmation.






1. If there is a problem with the interpretation or implementation of the Annex and Attachment (s) of the Parties, the Parties shall try to deal with it by negotiation in their own way, if applicable.


2. If they do not reach an agreement by negotiation, the parties will not be able to sleep, either give the decision or give it to the decision, or appoint one arbitrator arbitrator each and two elected arbitrators who are elected. may be mutabled in the submission of a 3-year arbitrator delegation to the arbitrator. Each party will appoint an arbitrator within 60 days of a tip from the diplomatic route, each of which requests the arbitration of one of the parties to the other, and the third umpire shall be appointed within the next (60) day period. will be selected. If either party fails to appoint an arbitrator within the given time period or the third umpire is not selected within the specified time, the International Civil Aviation Department will appoint one or more of the arbitrators of the situation under the circumstances of the situation. The Akit can request any one of us. In this case, the third umpire will be the nationality of a third state and will make the decision of the arbitrator.


3. The Akite Sides, the 2nd of this Article. They pledge to abide by any decision that will be given according to the general's office.


4. Any one of the Einer's Parties, or the airlines that have been appointed by each of the Ekit's Parties, will be the 2nd of this Article 2. If it does not comply with the decision, and does not comply, the other will be able to remove, suspend, or cancel the rights or privileges that are made to the defective part of the place that is flawed.


5. Each of them will have the expense of the umpire who has been appointed. The remaining expenses of the arbitrator's delegation will be shared by the Expenditure Side by the Parties.






Bullets are only intended for convenience and convenience, and do not draw, remove or describe the purpose and scope of this information in any way.






This information will be registered with the International Civil Airman's Office.






This Means, and the Integral Part of this statement, will be effective at the time of the notice of the Constitutional provisions of each of the Parties, and the date on which the diplomatic notes in this mealum are being teed.


Representatives who have signed up to the above and have been authorized by their Government have signed a statement.


On the third day of April 1997 in Ljubljana, two as nuses


In Turkish, Slovenian, and English languages are organized and all text will be available. In case of sleep, English text will be a muteber.










Part 1.


1. Lines to be pushed in both directions by the transfer of the Republic of Turkey to the airline carrier;



Points Points


Over Ljubljana in Turkey


to understand any information


the air port will arrive.                                                                           It will arrive.



2. Airlines appointed by each of the countries may not be able to comply with any of the above points on any or all flip-top areas, with the increase and end of the time on which flights remain mutable on this line.



Part 2.


1. Lines that will be pushed in both directions by the transfer of the Republic of Slovenia to the transfer airline;



Points Points


Above-Istanbul In Slovenia

to understand any information

air port will arrive.


2. Airlines appointed by each of the countries may not be able to comply with any of the above points on any or all flip-top areas, with the increase and end of the time on which flights remain mutable on this line.


Additional Considerations


Each of the SIT Parties may request to include additional points in the beyond and in the territory of the Skit Party. This request is subject to the approval of the other Airborne Authorities.

















Mutabank flights are flying tariffs and typically, when an event is being transferred by a Inventor, the other is for approval by the other World's airport. will be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective effective date. Any deportees will be made to the approval of the aviation authorities to do so in these flip-out tariffs or construction. In special cases, the time described above may be reconcilable with the authorities of the identified authorities.