The Government Of The Republic Of Turkey And The Government Of The Republic Of Slovakia Ratification Between Air Transport Agreement That Suits You Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If Any Subsequent Changes

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE SLOVAKYA CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ ARASINDA HAVA TAŞIMACILIĞI ANLAŞMASININ ONAYLANMASININ UYGUN BU Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değiş

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Kanun No. 4599 


Accepted Date: 2.11.2000      





ARTICLE 1. Signed in Ankara on April 2, 1997, "The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Slovakia on the Government of the Government of the Republic of Slovakia to confirm the" They are present.

ARTICLE 2.-This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3.-The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.









From now on, the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Slovakia, which will commemorate the Republic of Slovakia, have been signed by the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the International Civil Airfield of the Republic of Slovakia. As a part of its promise, it is in desire to make an understanding of the countries in order to build and operate air flights between them and beyond;







1. The purpose of this is to be defined, unless the terms of the United States require any other reason:


a) The term "pseudo" refers to the International Civil Airfield Agreement, which was signed on December 7, 1944 in February, 1944, and in accordance with Articles 90 and 94, which are adopted according to the terms of the 90 It also covers any other information that was made in the statement and agreed to by both of the Sites.


b) "Airstorm authorities" The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Turkey and any other entity or body that has authorized the function being conducted by this Minister; from the maintenance of the Republic of Slovakia, the It refers to the Civil Engineering Department of the Ministry of Mail and Telecommunications and any other individual or organ that has been authorized to the statement, whose duties have been uploaded to the authorities, both of which are referred to as the Civil Aviation Authority.


c) The term "Taiwanese airline execution" is the 3rd party of a Convenience Party that will operate international flights on lines specified in accordance with the 2nd section of the Clause (2). Refers to any airline that has been designated as written by its article.


d) "Soil" (country), "air travel" "international air travel", "airline push" and "technical" (Traffic for Traffic purposes) were the 2nd and 96 ncds of the statement of the purpose of the purpose of this statement. They will make sense of the article in their material.


e) The term "capacity" was associated with mutabank flights during a period of time, and on line or line segment, during a period of time, and time of the aircraft capacity. statements.


f) The term "Mutabank flights" is a scheduled air service for passenger, freight, and mail break or co-operation over the lines specified in this Supplement.


g) The term "Explicit line" refers to a line specified in the line schedule that is in the Attachment of this Expression.


h) The term "attachment" means the Attachment or the terms of Article 18 of this Statement, which are not based on the terms of this section. The attachment generates an unallocated part of the expression, and then contains all of the attachments that are made to this understanding.


i) The term "charge rate" refers to the price of passenger, baggage or freight, and the price of this price, which is valid for air transport by the company. include the price of services and the acentalk commission to be paid in selling tickets, mail delivery fees and prices are set to expire at this price.





1. Each of the Azoons identifies the right to conduct international air flights on the specified lines of individual transfer airline lines;


a) Flying without the country of Digit;


b) To make technical contact within the country in which it is mentioned; and


c) To load and load passengers, load, and mail on the commercial basis, to the points shown on the lines specified in the Line Cetvus of the Annex to the Tell me.


2. No matter at the 1st of the 1st section of this Article, a FUEL PARTY has given the airline the right to receive passengers, cargo and mail for a fee or lease on a country in the country of other countries. It doesn't work. (Cabotage)


3. Each of the airline carriers, which are designated by each of them according to the article 3, will benefit from the rights set forth in the subfins of this material (1) and b).


4. The second traffic rights will only be defined by the special means by which both of the Azores are in the air.





1. Mutabank will be entitled to transfer one or several airlines each to the site for the removal of the flights. Such a transfer will be made available through the tip of the article, which will be conducted by both of these Authorities in the air authorities.


2. The aviation authorities receiving the transfer notice are required to comply with the provisions of this Article (3) and (4), which are in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Convenience Party, which is reported to be the transfer of the other Authorities to the transfer of the airline without delay. They will authorize it.


3. According to the provisions of the airline, which is understood by the airline's transfer of the airline, authorities will be able to meet the order of laws and regulations normally imposed on international flights. They might want to prove that they're qualified.


4. In the event that the main property and effective control of the transfer of the transfer of a Kite Party is not available to the other, or the transfer of the nationality of an airline, I accept or accept the transfer of the transfer of an airline. will have the right to authorize the power of the article (2), or to replace the rights that are specified in article 2 of this Statement.


5. The transfer of the transfer authority of this Article (2), the charge of which the charge is determined according to the provisions of Article 12 of this Article, will be effective immediately after the receipt of the clearance rates according to the 14th clause. The mutabank flights may start to process at any time.


6. Each of us will have the right to transfer the transfer airline by notifying the other in place of the transfer of the airline and subject to the provisions of the above (1) and (3) the provisions of the other Indo. It will be a traitor and subject to the transfer of the new transfer airline, which is subject to the transfer of the new airline.

will be subject to its obligations.






1. To withdraw the authority of each of the Airports authorities, in the case of an airline designated by the Other Means, or to stop the use of the rights set forth in clause 2 of this section or to stop the use of the rights of the will have the right to put records that are required to use the rights:


a) failure to prove that the main ownership or de facto control of the Thai airline push is in the possession of the Fuel Party or its nationality, or


b) do not comply with or violate the laws and regulations of the Thai party that identifies these rights to the United States, or


c) the non-compliance of the Thai-owned airline execution in accordance with the current (s) described in this statement,

in the state.


2. Such a clause is stated in the 1st section of this Article, if the rights to be taken back, whether to stop the exercise, or if they are being registered immediately, to prevent further violations of the laws and regulations. The rights will only be used by the other in order to be made by the other in accordance with Article 17 of the figure.




1. A Turkish Airlines airline has entered into the country, where it has entered the country, and the laws and regulations related to the operation and navigation of the country during its stay in the territory of the country. The operation will be applied to the aircraft, and it will be used by such an aircraft when it is in or in the territory of the first to be entered into the aircraft or to be entered into the regulations.


2. One of the passengers, crew, cargo and post offices on board the country's admission to the country, the country's stay, transit, or laws and regulations of the country, including customs entry, immigration, passports, money and security measures, are on the plane. the airline, including its related regulations, will be used by the airline to comply with the first of the airline, when it is entering its territory, through its territory, and in its territory.


3. At the request of one of the countries, Akit said the state, which is demanding air traffic rights in both countries, has only been able to replace passengers with travel documents required for entering or transit through transit. It will allow them to take the measures that will be taken. If a traveller's passenger does not comply with the laws or regulations of the state of the State of the State of the State, an airline will have to push it back to its own.




1. In accordance with its current rights and obligations according to International law, the Civil-aviation trust has an obligation to protect against each other in order to protect against legal intervention, the Aquids said. They'll confirm that it's done.


2. In accordance with the international law, the General Parties to the general nature of their current rights and obligations, especially the Tokyo Word of Crime and Dignity Actions, dated September 14, 1963, dated December 16, 1970. The Hague-based Alleged Anti-Aircraft Takeover, The Hague-based Unlawful Detention of Civilian Airmen, has been indicted by the Montreal Association for the provisions of the United States. appropriate action to all international documents in the same area that can be approved They will.


3. The Lovers Parties are to prevent the takeover of civilian aircraft by law, and that aircraft, passengers and crew members will take action and action against the safety of airports or air navigadier facilities. They will be required to help each other in the event of a request to ensure that any threat to the security of the security is required.


4. In accordance with the extent applicable to the Convenience Parties, it is in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Council and in addition to the International Civil Airticus Proposition, as applicable to the Civil Airticus. They will act as if the aircraft carriers in their own facility or aircraft carriers in their central countries or in their country are constantly involved in aircraft carriers and airports in their country. they will ask them to act in accordance with their provisions.


5. Each of the parties involved in the air security provisions in the country's country, for entering the country of the country, for entering the country, for entering the country, for leaving the country or in the country's time in the country.

is mutabled in the desired state.

6. Each of the Lovers Parties will protect the aircraft in its own country, passengers, crew hand luggage, general baggage, cargo and aircraft leasing, before loading or unloading, and in the efficient way of adequate measures to control. will be applied to the application. Each of the parties will consider any requests to be taken by the other in order to clear a certain threat, but also to consider any reasonable request.


7. A threat of civilian aircraft is being seized or a threat to the aircraft or aircraft, aircraft passengers and crew, airports or air-to-air and air-to-air interventions. In the event of arrival, the Convenience Parties will be helping each other with ease in the process of reporting and ensuring that any such incident or incident threat is terminated in a fast and secure manner.


8. If there are reasonable reasons for one of the Authorities to believe that the provisions of this Article are introduced by the other, they are authorized by the Authorized Airman. from the airport authorities may request the request of ivedi.


9. Reason for the cancellation, cancellation, expiration or registration of the execution of authorizations by the first in a month from the date of this request to be satisfied. He'll make it happen. If it requires an undue situation, each of the Fuel Parties may take an intermediate measure before the end of this month.





1. Any current or current clearance certificates, authorization certificates, licenses, licenses, licenses, licenses, licenses to be issued, or other licenses, may be subject to a Glossary of words. If they are up to or above the formal standards, they will be valid within their validity period by the Minister of Europe.


2. However, each State Party has the right to refuse to recognize Licensee's or current nationality certificates and licenses for flying purposes on its own country, or any other State or any other state. It's gonna hold.





1. Aircraft carrier, fuel and oil, and aircraft carrier (including food, drink, and tobacco) were fired at international flights by the airline's transfer of each of the Parties, and the aircraft carrier (including food, drink, and tobacco), the other To stay on the plane or to be used in a flight over the other country's country, all customs duties, examination fees and other taxes and taxes will be kept on the plane until the country is back in the country again.


2. Any fees and taxes are likely to be kept, except for the fees that are also being made.

a) In the country of one of the Parties, it is not the right to take the amounts identified by the competent authorities and the transfer of the other's designated airline aircraft at one time. Aircraft leaseback to be used for use,


b) Replacement parts for maintenance and repair of aircraft used by one of the countries in the United States for the maintenance and repair of the airline's transfer of the other in-line; and


c) Even if the plane was to be used in a fly-by-party country, the other's transfer of planes to international flights has been destroyed by the transfer of the other, according to the airline's appointed airline. It's a stream of fuel and oil.


The substances that are mentioned in the above (a), (b) and (c) coins may be required to be held under the supervision or control of the substances.


3. Each of the planes may be equipped with normal boarding equipment on aircraft owned by an airline, and the material and leaveable property of the aircraft normally held in the aircraft, but only with the approval of the customs authorities in that land. In such a case, they can remain under the supervision of the authorities until they are back in the country, and according to customs regulations, until they are disposed of in a way.






1. Air vehicles belonging to the airline and other airliner facilities for the airline's designated airlines, each in the territory of the Site Party, will launch a national airline carrier that operates similar international air flights. It cannot be higher than specified for it.


2. Taking advantage of the airports, airlines, air traffic services and related facilities under its own control, none of the Useful Fans have made international air flights similar to the one that owns or operates any airline. The entity will not give preferential treatment according to the airline's execution.





Passengers who have passed a direct transit from one of the countries of the Azoid and have not left the airport area for this purpose will not be subjected to a simplified customs and migration control. The baggage and loads that pass directly in transit will be kept from customs duties and other such costs.





1. Each transfer airline will have the right to sell and make grapes through its agents, at its discretion, or at its discretion, on the territory of the company's company. Such airline companies will have the right to sell such a deal, and will be free to sell any money with such financial exchange and/or neighborhood money.


2. Each transfer airline will have the right to turn over the expenses of traffic on demand and send it to the country over the current exchange rate, and to send it to the country. The transfer will be made according to the applicable national laws and quarters regulations and related national laws and related regulations, which may be transferred above the respective provisions of the agreement.





1. In accordance with Article 2 (2) of this Statement on the specified lines, the tariffs on passenger and freight charges and related agency fees will be subject to the approval of the aviation authorities. It takes into account the cost of processing tariffs, a reasonable profit, current competition, and the interests of the market and the benefits of taking advantage of the market.


2. At least thirty (30) days prior to the date forecasted to be effective, the Authorities will be presented with the approval of the Airman authorities. In special circumstances this time can be removed if the parties are mutabled. Such an approval may be opened. However, these tariffs will be approved if the authorities do not report any objections to the proposed tariffs within thirty (30) days from the date when none of the airline's authorities have been submitted to the approval. If the time specified for the presentation is set to expire, the aviation authorities may understand that the objection notice period is also based on the notice.


3. If possible, at the rate tariffs announced in 2% of this Article (2), when possible, if necessary, contact their respective governments and, if appropriate, the appropriate airlines and other airlines. It'll get to the point. Such an understanding may be available by using the international charge identification mechanism or the IATA Union.


4. The provisions of this Article will remain in effect until a fee tariff is made to be determined. Nevertheless, the fee tariff will not be more than twelve (12) months of guarantees from the end of the end.


5. If there is no understanding of this Article (3) of this Article on an Eater fee tariff or an objection is reported in relation to the section (2) of this Article, the Turkish authorities will be able to understand the fee tariff on their own. They'll be trying to identify him.


6. If the aviation authorities of the Ederer are unable to identify a fee tariff according to the number of this material (5), the company will be concerned with the terms of the 19th Amendment.





1. Both Sats will have fair and direct access to the airline's flights, along with their respective countries, to work out the mutabank flights.


2. In the execution of the mutabank flights, each of the airlines ' designated airlines will consider the output of the airline's appointed airline, which is the last of the same lines or on a part of it, as it will be. You don't have to influence the time as a judge.


3. The company ' s appointed airline companies will be close to the need for people to move over the specified lines, and transfer airline companies in the state of Akit or in the state of Akit. To install the load, including passenger and/or mail, with a reasonable load factor that is available and reasonably expected, will have the purpose of selling a capacity to be used.


4. They will understand the capacity and capacity of the expeditions to be desired on the specified lines, with both of them being able to use the same flights as the airline's designated airline. The capacity and capacity will both be approved by the airline's approval by the two Sat. This capacity will be set up from time to time, subject to the approval of the traffic authorities, according to the traffic demand.


5. In order to meet the imposition of a temporary passenger in a temporary nature, the transfer of the airlines, which may be transferred to the provisions of this Article, may be understood by this type of temporary increase required to meet the demand for passengers. Any capacity for this type of capacity will be reported by the Fuel Parties without delay to the Airman's authorities.





1. A Transfer Party must provide a time schedule of at least thirty (30) days before the transfer of an airline (frequency), aircraft type, ring desired seat configuration and count, and the description of the tariff. The other will submit to the approval of the company's authority.


2. If a transfer airline is to launch additional flights to fly-over-fly tariffs, the transfer will be made by the transfer of the company, which will deal with the airline's transfer. If it does not reach an understanding between the transfer of the airline and the transfer of the airline, the subject will be resolved by the company's airport authorities, who accept an additional flight.


3. The subsequent failure of an airline to transfer the transfer of an airline will be made available to the aircraft of the aircraft type, to be approved by the aircraft carrier, for example, in the aircraft type.





1. Each of us will give the right to an appointed airline, the offices and administrative, commercial and technical personnel needed by the airline's transfer in the country on the basis of the date of the transfer.


2. The facility of the offices of the offices and personnel of the offices above (1) shall be subject to the acceptance of the country and the admission of foreigners to the country and to the laws and regulations of the country's complaint and employment.


3. Each and every other party has been transferred to any airline with its own transfer services, including the agency and the agencies in the country's country, and any other company, including the agency's agencies. it's about the money to sell it.






1. The transfer of the airline's transfer authorities will use at least one month's type of time, aircraft types, and flights to be used for at least one month before the transfer of the airline to the aviation authorities in accordance with the paragraph 2 (2) of the State. They will report their description. This is exactly the same as what's going to be done later.


2. Each of the Airports authorities have been appointed to the airport authorities to review the capacity of the first in line with the capacity of the first in line with the first ever transfer of the capacity of the individual. They will be able to provide periodic or other statistical data about each airline, which may be reasonably necessary.





1. In the spirit of a nearby business, both the Airports and the aviation authorities will be able to communicate with or through time of time, either through time, or through writing, in an effort to ensure that they are involved in all aspects of the implementation and the implementation of the Attachments.


2. Each and every Turkish Party may request a request for a problem with this Understand. If the party has not been mutabled by the Parties, these invasions will be available within a period of 60 days from the date the request was received by the other in this path.





1. If one of the Akit Parties is desirable to make any provision of this statement, these things will be effective when they are confirmed by the author of the article, if it is to be understood by the people of the United States.


2. In the Annex of this statement, you may have the ability to understand the Doubt as written by the authorities in the United States.


3. If a multi-party public statement is in effect for both of the Parties, this will be understood by the provisions of this multilateral commitment to the provisions of the party.







1. If there is a problem with the interpretation or implementation of this statement within the World Parties, the Parties will try to deal with them through negotiation prior to this time. If the aviation authorities fail to reach an understanding, it will be dealt with by diplomatic channels.


2. If the application is not handled according to the above (1), the Allowance will be presented to an arbitration delegation at the request of each of the Parties.


3. This arbitration will be set up as a special (ad hoc) :Each Party will appoint one member and these two members will agree on the nationality of a third State to be appointed by the Akit Parties. These members will be appointed within two months and three months from the date on which one of the members is notified of the intention to present to the arbitration board of one of the Parties to the other.


4. If not in compliance with the durations specified in the above (3), each of the Testicus Parties may invite the International Civil Airstorm (ICAO) to make the necessary crewmembers of the Council of the International Civil Airstorm (ICAO) in the absence of a relevant arrangement. If any of the lovers of each of the Azoves are able to do so, or to act as an obstacle to doing so, the President of the United States will make the necessary transfer of the required tycots.


5. The Board of Arbitration will receive the decisions of the votes of the vote-out. These decisions will be made on the Akite Side.


6. Each of us will address the expense of its own member and board of arbitration, expenses, and other possible expenses, and will be used by the Fuel Parties. In all matters, the board of arbitration will determine its own way.





This means and any other current according to Article 18 of this Statement will be registered under the International Civil Airticity Inspection (ICAO).





1. This is for a period of time when you have to understand.


2. Each of us may report to the other part of the decision to end this notice as a written statement. A survey of this report will also be sent to the International Civil Airman's Office. If such a notice was given, the job ended twelve months from the date of the termination of the termination, as if the information by the Conclusion was withdrawn before the end of that time period. It will. If it is not confirmed to receive the other, it will be considered ten or four days after the International Civilization of Civil Aviation was received by the International Civil Airman if it was not confirmed.





This means that the Waste Sides will enter as soon as Nota Teasi notifies each other of the completion of their respective Constitutional formalities.


The government of the Czechoslovak Republic and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on March 5, 1947, with the State of the Republic of Czechoslovak and the Slovak Republic signed on to the Republic of Turkey on March 5, 1947, after the government was in the process of transporting the Republic of Czechoslovak. It will be replaced by the other deities of the Republic of Turkey.


In Ankara on the 2nd day of April 1997, the three countries were organized in Turkish, Slovak, and English languages, and all texts were made available. If any ideas are required to interpret or apply this document, English text will be in the English language.







Part 1


Lines to be pushed by the transfer or execution of the Slovak Republic's transfer airline:


In Slovakia, any-at-the-the-Point-of-the-Nots-One spot




1. Intermediate or forward-to-end points may not be placed in Slovakia for the trip.


2. In the event that the authorities will occasionally be able to deal with the understanding of the airport authorities will not be able to receive traffic from Turkey to be lowered at some point in Turkey's land or at an advanced level, and vice versa. This development also applies to all kinds of streaming traffic.


Part 2


Lines on which the Republic of Turkey is to be appointed, or to be pushed by, the airline (s) of the Republic:


Any-Intermediate-Bratislava -XX_ENCODE_CASE_CAPS_LOCK_On considerations point in Turkey








1. Intermediate or forward-to-end points may not be placed at any edge in Turkey.


2. Traffic cannot be taken from the territory of Slovakia to be reduced from a point of time or forward, to be lowered in Slovakia's territory, and vice versa, at times when the authorities will be able to deal with the understanding of the weather authorities. This action also applies to any pauses of traffic.