The Government Of The Republic Of Turkey And The Government Of The Republic Of Slovakia Ratification Between Air Transport Agreement That Suits You Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If Any Subsequent Changes

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE SLOVAKYA CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ ARASINDA HAVA TAŞIMACILIĞI ANLAŞMASININ ONAYLANMASININ UYGUN BU Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değiş

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Law No. 4599:2.11.2000 article 1. — April 2, 1997, signed in Ankara on "the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Slovakia Between Air Transport Agreement" to be approved.
Article 2. — this law enters into force on the date of promulgation.
Article 3 the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers — executes.

The GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY and the GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of SLOVAKIA BETWEEN AIR TRANSPORT AGREEMENT from now on in this text Âkit the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the parties will be remembered as the Slovakia Republic Government on December 7, 1944 in Chicago opened for signature as the International Civil Aviation Convention party countries and beyond to establish and operate the air time in order to make a deal;

The FOLLOWING ADDS AGREED: article 1 DEFINITIONS 1. Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms, for the purposes of this agreement, are defined: a) the term "agreement" on December 7, 1944 in Chicago opened for signature refers to the international civil aviation Agreement, and this agreement according to article 90 of the Attachments and adopted according to article 90 and 94 made in Additional or contract and both Âkit covers any change has been accepted by the party.

b) "Aviation authorities" in terms of the Transport Minister of the Republic of Turkey and is being executed by the Minister and any person or body authorized to perform its functions; Slovakia Republic, Transportation, post and telecommunications Ministry civil aviation circle and either way, "said the tasks mandated to perform its installed to any other person or body.

c) "designated airline-run" refers to a Âkit Party in the eyes of the other Âkit Party of this agreement, article 2 (2) in accordance with paragraph specified lines international flights will operated and according to article 3 of this agreement in writing to each designated airline business.

d) "Earth" (country), "air campaign" "international air expedition", "airline-run" and "technical landing" (except for the purposes of landing Traffic) for the purposes of this agreement, the terms of the contract, article written in the meaning of 2nd and 96.

e) "Capacity" refers to the agreed time in relation to the capacity of the aircraft used in this time over a period of time and the number of his time on the line or line segment refers to the product of with.

f the term "agreed time") this agreement in the attachment via the specified lines of passenger, freight and mail to be transported separately or in combination for scheduled air flights.

g) located in the attachment of this agreement the term "Indicated line" line refers to a line that is specified in the ruler.

the term of this agreement, "additional" Attachment h) or according to the provisions of article 18 of this agreement means different shape. Creates an integral part of this agreement and the annex to this agreement, and all references to Attachment.

n.) the term "fee schedule" will be for the carriage of passengers, baggage or cargo price and that price is refers to the current conditions and carrier by air transport means in relation to the price of other services on the terms and conditions and will be paid in ticket sales agency includes the Commission, postal carriage and is outside of that price conditions.

Article 2 the RECOGNITION of ENTITLEMENT 1. Âkit-party to another, each designated airline businesses to international air routes specified flights the following rights;

a Âkit Party fly over Other land of inmeksizin);

b within the country in question to make a technical landing); and c is based on passenger, cargo and mail via Trade) to load and unload the Line Cetvelinde purpose of Agreement specified the additional lines are shown on the name points to make the landing.

2. nothing in paragraph 1 of the present article, to other airlines on a Âkit Party Âkit Party in the territory of that other party to another point in the country or for rent money to move passengers, freight and mail in the form of a right to receive can not be understood. (Cabot)

3. Each Âkit according to article 3 of this agreement by the party designated airline of others of this item (1) of subsection a) and b) th clause will benefit from the rights specified in the.

4. The fifth traffic rights only if both the aviation authorities to make special Âkit-party agreements on the basis of the tanınabilecektir.

Article 3 DETERMINATION of the AIRLINE BUSINESS and OPERATION of the AUTHORITY 1. The agreed time for each of the Âkit Party to appoint one or more airline-run as. Such a designation both Âkit held between aviation authorities by the party written notice will be carried out through.

2. aviation authorities Appointed advice considers that (3) and (4) subject to the terms of the fakunmoju, the Âkit other Party designated airline without delay alarm field Âkit the required business laws and regulations by the party's authority.

3. A Âkit Party Âkit Party assesses aviation authorities referred from other airline authorities according to the provisions of the International Agreement to any applicable law and regulations as normal ordered terms conducive to make him prove it.

4. Âkit-party shall be the basis of a designated airline of ownership and effective control of the other Âkit Way or when proof of nationality, Âkit Parties each of which an airline business would agree or the transfer of this item (2) paragraph of the aforementioned business authority to refuse the rights specified in article 2 of this agreement or use of the records will be required to put right.

5. This Item (2) paragraph of the aforementioned designated airline-run business authority area, as determined in accordance with the provisions of article 12 of this agreement, the fee schedule, according to article 14, have come into effect, and flight schedules are agreed upon at any time after it is approved you can begin to operate.

6. Each party is to appoint Âkit replacement for the airlines, the other shall notify in writing and Âkit Way in the above (1) and (3) paragraphs as subject to the provisions of a will have the right to appoint any other airline-run. Designated new airline has the airline replaces the extensions that will be conferred the rights and shall be subject to the obligations.

Article 4 CANCELLATION or SUSPENSION of ENTITLEMENT KAREKIN II ADDRESSED the BUSINESS 1. The aviation authorities of each Âkit Party in the following cases, the other to a Âkit Party appointed airline granted authority to roll back business or the rights specified in article 2 of this agreement, the use of stop or the use of these rights shall have the right to put the necessary records: a) is based on the ownership of airlines or appointed de facto control of the airline in the hands of Âkit who appointed Party or nationality of the kanıtlayamaması , or b) designated airline business would recognize these rights to it Âkit does not comply with the law and regulations or by the party to be in breach of, or c) designated airline business would be agreed upon in accordance with the terms specified in this agreement are işletmemesi, hal.

2. In paragraph 1 of the present article is specified and the cessation of the exercise of rights can be rolled back or be put into immediate action in the matter of the records, has been violating laws and regulations is not essential to preventing more, such a right but according to 17th Item of this agreement be held after consultation With the other Âkit will be used.
Article 5 IMPLEMENTATION of the LAW and ITS IMPLEMENTING REGULATIONS 1. A Âkit Party, international air seyrûseferi aircraft submitted entry, and outputs of or length of stay on the territory of this aircraft in operation and seyrûseferi-related laws and regulations, the other Âkit will apply to the other party assesses airline-run aircraft and those laws and regulations in the territory or the first Âkit Party when entering or leaving such an aircraft by sleep.

2. A Âkit Party, airborne passengers, crew, cargo and mail in the country's modern, country, departure from the country of transit migration, or laws and regulations, for example customs, immigration, passport, money and health measures, including regulations related to other Âkit Party Âkit Party the territory of entry, the first airline lands and Lands on exit will be sleeping while inside.

3. at the request of one of the other Âkit Party Âkit States in both countries air traffic rights to demand the State airline that uses only entry or transit is necessary for the travel documents of passengers to let them take measures to move. The other a passenger carried Âkit to the land of the State laws and regulations comply with the entry in an airline-run cost him obliged to take you back to yourself.

Article 6 AVIATION SECURITY 1. Âkit the parties agree that, under international law, in accordance with the existing rights and obligations, security of civil aviation against illicit interventions in order to protect their liability against each other, constitute an integral part of this agreement, they confirmed.

2. Âkit the parties rights and obligations exist under international law, the General attributes of the foregoing, specifically dated September 14, 1963, Crimes on airplanes and some other dated December 16, 1970 the Tokyo Contract actions, non-Law relating to the Suppression of the planes Geçirilmesinin Handled By the Hague Convention, dated September 23, 1971 in Montreal for the Suppression of Offences committed against Civil Aviation Security Agreement can be approved in the future and to the provisions of the Âkit Party in the same area will comply with all other international instruments.

3. Âkit non-law of civil aircraft of the parties, ways to prevent hijacks, and these planes, passengers and crew, airports or air navigation facilities, other non-law actions against the security of civil aviation safety and to avoid any kind of threat, upon request all necessary assistance to each other.

4. Âkit Âkit mutual relations of the parties, parties to the extent applicable, the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the International Civil Aviation Convention established by additional called aviation security will act in accordance with the provisions; tescilindeki aircraft operators or the parties own business center located in the country or countries, the aircraft operators and countries constantly resident airport operators concerned to comply with the provisions of the aviation security.

5. each of the parties, such aircraft operator Âkit other Âkit for an introduction to the country by the party, or to exit from this country in this country while other Âkit Party, saying that the above (4.) to comply with the provisions cited in aviation security in the matter you may be prompted to of is agreed upon.
6. each of the Parties in his own country Âkit protection of aircraft, passengers, crew, baggage, cargo and aircraft to the trunk of the General levazımatının before and during loading or unloading control in order to ensure that adequate measures are effectively applied. Âkit each of the parties, for the purposes of a particular threat be disposed Âkit Side reasonable special security measures to be taken the other way to do it in such a way that any claim will consider positive.

7. non-law ways of Civil aircraft of the event or find a threat occurs along those lines, or planes, aircraft, airports or air passengers and crew of the seyrûsefer other non-law to occurrence of interventions in the case of Âkit Parties, communication and the threat of this kind of an event or event quickly and safely terminate in other appropriate measures aimed at providing convenience to help each other.

8. the provisions of This item is aviation safety have been brought into a different application other Âkit Party to believe either party should there be reasonable causes of Âkit, o Âkit Âkit aviation authority authorized other Party authorized by the party's aviation authority can request immediate consultation.

9. This claim within one month of failure to reach an agreement satisfactory to the airlines or businesses first Âkit party's operation of the restriction or detention, cancellation of authorization, registration for the why. If you require an extraordinary situation, the one-month period, each of the parties Âkit before the end of this call can take measures.

Article 7 RECOGNITION of CERTIFICATES and LICENSES 1. Âkit gave one of the parties or the applicable airworthiness certificates, authority certificates and licenses, certification and licensing of or is not enabled is mainly sought after their terms according to the contract equal to or above the minimum standards that can accommodate as long as they are in other Âkit party validity period shall be valid.

2. However, each with their own country for the purposes of flights to Âkit Party, the other party or any other State Âkit by validated his nationality certificate of authority granted or to license validity of reserves the right to refuse to recognize.

Article 8 EXEMPTION FROM CUSTOMS VERGİLERİNDEN and OTHER HARÇLARDAN 1. Âkit each of the Parties designated airline-run by international sailings operated aircraft and aircraft located in habitual hardware, fuel and lubricating oils (food, beverages and tobacco) and aircraft equipments, other Âkit Party until you unplug the plane abroad again upon arrival to his country to stay or other Âkit for use in a part of the flight on the country Side, provided that all customs duties, inspection fees and other taxes will be kept immune and can carry out branding activities.

2. The following are the fees to be paid in return for the services can carry out branding activities and tax will be kept the same except for the immunity;
a Âkit in the land, granted by one of these) side of the competent authorities do not exceed the quantities and the other Âkit Party appointed an international airline as a couple at a time referenced for use in flight the aircraft received aircraft equipments, b) Âkit other Âkit Party granted by one of the designated airline of the country, the international time used in an aircraft spare parts for maintenance and repair; and c Âkit Party will be held on the land taken to the plane) flight, even if it's to be used, most of the other Âkit Parties designated airline operated the aircraft on international flights by business supply devoted to fuel and lubricating oils.

The above (a), (b) and (c) t was mentioned in a joke article may need to be kept under customs supervision or control of.

3. Every Âkit belongs to an airline designated by the party business aircraft in the onboard equipment and other material held on the plane normally and mortician Âkit Side soil with the approval of the Customs authorities that land, however, can be flushed. In such a case, they are evicted out of the country again and according to customs legislation otherwise disposed of under the supervision of the said authorities, until you unplug.

Article 9 AIRPORTS and AVIATION PLANTS EXPLOIT FEES 1. Âkit Party Âkit Party each other on the territory of the designated airline of air tools of airports and other aviation facilities fees, similar international air flights for a national airline engaged in cannot be higher than be determined.

2. airports, airlines under their control, when the air traffic services and related yararlanılmasında of Âkit neither party may own or any other airline engaged in similar international air services to other Âkit Party according to airlines preferential treatment.

Article 10 DIRECT TRANSİT TRAFFIC from the land granted by one of the Âkit direct transit and the zone of the airport reserved for this purpose does not leave passengers a simplified customs and immigration checks will be more. Loads the last direct transit baggage and customs duties and other similar charges will be exposed to immune.

Article 11 TRANSFER of FUNDS 1. Âkit the other Side each appointed the territory's own airline transportation documents either directly or through the agents sold discretion and üzenleme as. This airline will sell such a transportation and of any person in such a local currency convertible and/or transportation of buying with money will be released.

2. upon request of any airline designated traffic exceeds the revenues generated from the transportation expenses of the official exchange rate of foreign currency will be sending to the country and to turn right. Âkit between the parties in the absence of a payments agreement, relevant provisions of the aforementioned transfer of convertible currencies and relevant national laws and bills of Exchange will be done according to regulations.

Article 12 the SCHEDULES are APPROVED

1. this agreement is on lines 2 of Item specified in (2). According to paragraph belongs to the moving of cargo-passenger tariffs will be agents, commissions and related Âkit Parties shall be subject to approval by the aviation authorities. Tariffs the current account a reasonable profit, cost, competition and market conditions and should take into account the interests of the beneficiaries without moving.

2. the Tariffs to take effect predicted at least thirty (30) days prior to Âkit will be presented for approval to the aeronautical authorities of the parties. Âkit the parties agree that if the agreed upon during this time can be shortened in special cases. Such approval may be given explicitly. However, none of the parties to the submission for approval of aviation authorities Âkit are within thirty (30) days from the date of the proposed tariff clearly object to bildirmemeleri, this shall be approved tariffs. In the event that the amount of time specified for the abbreviated presentation, aviation authorities object to shortening the notice period can negotiate accordingly in the matter.

3. This Item (2). fıkarasında Âkit Parties referred rates if possible, on designated airlines concerned if their own Governments and consulting with işletmelerince, if appropriate after consultation with other airlines will be negotiated. An agreement like this to determine the mechanism or IATA Association free related international can be enjoyed using.

4. the provisions of this article have been determined according to a fee schedule will remain in effect until a new one. Nevertheless, fee schedule, from the date of the end of twelve (12) month extension.

5. If a fee schedule on this item without a deal, according to paragraph (3) or paragraph (2) of this article, while dealing in an appeal based on the declared, the aviation authorities of the parties Âkit prices by agreement among themselves, they try to identify.

6. If the aviation authorities of the parties Âkit this item (5) paragraph fails to detect a fee schedule, according to the provisions of article 19 of this agreement hal will be connected to the shape.

Article 13 CAPACITY 1. Âkit-party airline businesses, both their home country between the specified lines, agreed flights will be provided with fair and equal opportunities for their business.

2. the operation of the agreed time, each designated airline, other Âkit Party Âkit Party will take into account the interests of the designated airline, so much so that all or part of the same line of the latter provides on the marches affect as unfair.

3. Âkit the parties agreed they provide designated airlines flights are specified on lines will be closely related with the people's transport needs and the airlines have started or there in the land of the Âkit State appointed for passengers and and/or post available to carry and reasonably anticipated, including transportation needs with a reasonable load factor will be the principal provide a capacity to meet objectives.

4. each designated airline two Âkit Sides are businesses agreed, provided that they are specified in lines arzedilecek the capacity and frequency on the anlaşacaklardır. Âkit frequency and capacity on both Sides will depend on the approval of aviation authorities. In this capacity, traffic demand on both Âkit-party aviation authorities will be adjusted from time to time, subject to approval.

5. to meet the demand of a temporary nature, unexpected passengers, the airlines appointed, notwithstanding the provisions of this Item, you need to meet the demand of passengers between these types can be agreed in respect of temporary increases. This type of Âkit Parties for approval in any capacity increase aviation authorities will be notified without delay.

Article 14 FLIGHT SCHEDULES 1. A Âkit frequency of an airline designated by the party-run (frequency), aircraft type, seat configuration and number of public arzedilecek and the validity of the tariff by specifying the duration of at least thirty (30) days before the time of other design time Âkit shall submit to the approval of the other party's aviation authorities.

2. Designated an airline-owned flight schedule if he wants to operate additional flights included flights in these additional voyages in other Âkit reached an agreement with the airline appointed by the party-run. Failure to reach an agreement between the designated airlines of an additional flight Âkit Party that accepts the subject into aviation authorities will be resolved.

3. A Âkit approved of an airline designated by the party operation of any subsequent changes in the flight schedule, any change to the business reasons apart from other aircraft type Âkit will be presented for approval to the other party's aviation authorities.

Article 15 COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES 1. Âkit-party Âkit Party each other to any designated airline, based in mutual designated airline needs of the offices and administrative, commercial and technical staff will give you the right to have.

2. The above (1) referred to in dealing with the employment of the staff of the facility and the Bureau Âkit the adoption of the country and foreigners in the country by the party ikâmetine and employment will be subject to the laws and regulations relating to.

3. Âkit Party Âkit Party Each other to any airline appointed business services sales offices with their own transport documents directly and through other Âkit Party country agencies to any customer any right to sell on the money.

Article 16 NOTIFICATION of BUSINESS INFORMATION and STATISTICS 1. Âkit States the airline appointed business aviation authorities concluding observations (2) paragraph 2 of this agreement according to the specified line in the air time, at least one month prior to the start time, type, to use aircraft and flight schedule will be reported. This then applies for changes to be made.

2. each other Âkit Party Âkit party's aviation authorities, aviation authorities demands, any airline appointed first Âkit Party işletmes have been specified when the lines are provided for the purposes of the review of the capacity of each designated airline-run reasonably need to know about periodic or other available statistical data.

Article 17 CONSULTATIONS 1. In the spirit of close cooperation, both this agreement and the aviation authorities of the Âkit Party attachments specifications all matters concerning the implementation of closer cooperation either from time to time in order to provide or communicate through correspondence.

2. each Âkit Party at any time this agreement in consultation about a problem with. Thus, the parties have agreed otherwise, this Âkit is interested in the consultation, the other Âkit Party the claim from the date will begin a 60-day period.

Article 18 AMENDMENTS 1. Âkit any provision of this agreement a party modification of remarkable finding desirable, these changes, Âkit written notice such of the Parties negotiated, will take effect when confirmed with.

2. changes to This agreement, in addition to the aviation authorities of the parties Âkit on direct deal in writing.

3. a general multilateral air transport agreement in relation to the enactment of the Âkit Party, the provisions of this Agreement that multilateral agreements will be replaced to fit.

Article 19 DISPUTES 1. Interpretation or implementation of this agreement between the parties Âkit-related dispute, Âkit the parties negotiating among themselves before this dispute to settle this through. Aviation authorities have not come to an agreement through diplomatic channels a mismatch will resolve itself.

2. Conflict in the above (1) paragraph halledilemezse, at the request of each of the parties Âkit an arbitration will be presented to the Board.

3. for the purpose of this Arbitration Committee will be set up as a special (ad hoc): will appoint one member each and Every Âkit Side of these two members will be appointed to a third State President Âkit Party anlaşacaklardır on nationality. These members of either party to enforce any of the other Âkit Way Âkit mismatch reported its intention to present to an Arbitration Committee within two months, President will be appointed within three months.

4. in particular, the period specified in (3) Above have not been, in the absence of any other arrangement, each of the Âkit Party, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Council may invite the President to make the required determination. The President's Âkit Party each nationality or in the case of another obstacle to do this task, power of attorney to appoint Vice President who must do the necessary.

5. Arbitration Committee decisions will be by majority vote. These decisions shall be binding on the parties Âkit.

6. Each member of the Board of arbitration hearing their Âkit Party in representation expenses and he will meet the President's expenses, and any other expenses shall be borne equally by the parties Âkit. All other matters, Arbitration Committee will determine its own procedure.

Article 20 of this agreement, This Agreement and REGISTERED to ICAO 18th Item based on any changes that have been made, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) will be registered.

Article 21 EXPIRATION 1. The validity of this agreement is for an unlimited period of time.

2. Every which way on the other side of the Âkit at any time to terminate this agreement Âkit the consideration of decision denunciation in writing. A copy of this notice at the same time will be sent to the international civil aviation Teşkilâtına. Such a notice has been given of, this agreement, any notice of the parties ' agreement that the aforementioned with Âkit expiry unless taken back before, monition of other Âkit Party to terminate twelve months after the date of receipt. The other notice is taken of the Âkit Party has been confirmed, notice is received by the International Civil Aviation Organisation by the fourteen days shall be taken after the date.

Article 22 ENTRY INTO FORCE this agreement, an exchange of Notes and related Parties Âkit the completion of Constitutional notifies the formality does not report to each other.

Upon entry into force of this agreement the Government of the Republic of Turkey to the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic between 5 March 1947 Air Transport Agreement signed in Ankara on the relevant Slovak Republic Republic of Turkey with other changes.

2nd of April of 1997 in Ankara day, as three copies of Turkish, Slovak and English languages, all texts are edited through, equal to doğruluktadır. This interpretation or in the matter of the implementation of the deal in any case English text will be major difference of opinion.

On BEHALF of the GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of SLOVAKIA REPUBLIC of TURKEY, on BEHALF of the GOVERNMENT of the Slovak Republic appointed an ADDITIONAL LINE RULER part 1 airline-run or enterprises to be operated by lines: Slovakia in-call Points-İstanbul-a point Forward Spots NOTE 1. Search in Slovakia provided start time or forward any point of flight konmayabilir.

2. From time to time Âkit will be able to negotiate the aviation authorities of the parties, except for Turkey to be downloaded onto the soil at an intermediate point, or to be downloaded onto the next point Turkey potteries traffic cannot, and vice versa. This restriction also applies to any standstill traffic.

Part 2 of the Republic of Turkey has been designated to be operated by the airline-run or business lines: Turkey in-call Points-Bratislava-a point Forward Spots NOTE 1. Search in Turkey, provided that the start time or forward any point of flight konmayabilir.

2. From time to time Âkit will be able to negotiate the aviation authorities of the parties, except for Slovakia to be downloaded onto the soil at an intermediate point, or to be downloaded onto the next point Slovakia potteries traffic cannot, and vice versa. This restriction also applies to any standstill traffic.