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Law No. 4606

Acceptance Date: 11/28/2000

Article 1 - 18 to 20 May 1999 at the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization, with the mediation made in Cardiff (EUTELSAT) Parties were appropriate approval of the Board of the 26th amendment to the EUTELSAT Convention on the results of the meeting.
Article 2 - This Law shall enter into force on the date of publication.
Article 3 - This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.

The States Parties to this Agreement,
People and economies via satellite towards the development of relations between the emphasis on the importance of communication and the desire to strengthen the cooperation in this field,
"INTERIM EUTELSAT" and called Satellite Intermediation Communication of the European Temporary Organization communications via satellite, taking into account that established the operation of the space segment of the European system;
On January 27, 1967 in London, Moscow and held in Washington, "the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies as well, including the Agreement on the Atmosphere Beyond Space Exploration and Use of that direction to the area of ​​the State of Activities Policy" of taking into account the relevant provisions;
European Union and other international agreements that the States Parties, the rights arising from this agreement and without affecting the responsibility of participants to all States, in order to provide telecommunications services in Europe as part of a full Panini scope of the telecommunications network continues to plant the EUTELSAT satellite telecommunications system and the operation request with,
European and global technical, economic, legal regulations and the monitoring of political developments and the rights to them with the need, and in particular EUTELSAT, operating activities to be implemented when needed and will be built in the national legislative framework of responsibilities, rugged commercial principles in line with accepted economic and financial principles and organized for this purpose taking into account the intention to be transferred to a limited liability company to operate in accordance with the Agreement, they have agreed in
following matters:
in this Convention:
a) "Convention", Preamble and Annexes in Paris on 15 July 1982, including submitted to the Government of the signature, and then amended Satellite intermediary with the European Telecommunications Organisation (EUTELSAT) forming refers to the Convention;
B) "Interim Agreement", Telecommunications Administrations / Authorized Private Business Institutions of May 13, 1977 Date of Paris made the French Administration to entrusted Satellite intermediary with the European Telecommunications Temporary Organization of (GEÇİCİEUTELSAT) refers to the Agreement on the organization;
C) "ECS Agreement" means the space segment of the Satellite Telecommunications System for Fixed Service (ECS) is concerned, to be made in addition to the Interim Agreement in Paris on March 10, 1978 Additional Agreement refers;
D) "Party" for the entry into force of the Convention itself means a State or temporarily applied;
E) "Director General of EUTELSAT" means the head of the executive organ of EUTELSAT;
F) "Secretary of EUTELSAT" means the head of eutelsatsekretarya;
G) "eutelsats. to. Companies "established in accordance with the law of one of the parties expresses the joint-stock companies; the company will be established initially in France.
H) "Space Segment" telecommunications satellites, and the tracking of these satellites to be operated by the group, remote metering, remote control, refers to facilities and equipment related to the control and inspection;
I) "Satellite system" means a whole formed by entering the station to the space segment and the space segment;
J) "Telecommunications", by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems through all kinds of signs, signals, text, shapes and images, sounds or any kind of communication of information refers to the spread or taken;
K) "Core Principles" III of the Convention. Agent (a) represents the principle set forth in paragraph;
L) "Agreement", the relationship between Eutelsat SA Company with EUTELSAT, and the responsibilities of each party specifically monitored by EUTELSAT to the Basic Principles and Eutelsat SA Company of EUTELSAT for the purpose of determining the structure to ensure the observance of these principles and Eutelsat SA The company refers to the agreement made between.

Article II (Establishment of eutelsatv Eutelsat SA Company)
a) The parties to this document, which will be referred to hereinafter eutelsatad satellites are set up by the European Telecommunications Organisation Brokerage.

B) i) satellite system operating and the Company Eutelsat SA is established to provide satellite services and for this purpose EUTELSAT's assets and business activities and liability values ​​are transferred to the Company Eutelsat SA.
Ii) The Company Eutelsat SA shall be governed by the law of the place where their organizations agreements and partnerships established.
Iii) Eutelsat SA The company has been where facility is located or the company's headquarters in the center and / or a party that has dominated on land that is operated in accordance with the agreements made between him and Eutelsat SA The company takes all measures as may be necessary for the implementation and operation of the establishment of Eutelsat SA company.
C) The relationship between EUTELSAT and the Company Eutelsat SA is specified in the Agreement.
D) eutelsatil the continuation of activities between the Company Eutelsat SA in order, Annex A-related provisions of the Convention applied.
Article III
(EUTELSAT Objectives)
a) EUTELSAT's main purpose is to ensure compliance by Eutelsat SA Company of the basic principles mentioned in this article, namely:
i) public service / universal service obligations; The space segment to provide services in connection to the public switched telephone network and the obligations applicable to its use; audiovisual services and future services, according to relevant national laws and international agreements, in particular the universal service and by taking into account those who apply the knowledge partnership approach, the European cross-border provided in accordance with the Television Treaty provisions.
Ii) to be covered by all of Europe's satellite system; Company Eutelsat SA, the European coverage area communications needs of Member States through its satellite system needed anywhere, economic approach attempts to serve.
Iii) not discriminate; The condition that they comply with existing law and commercial variations, services are provided to users on the basis of equality.
Iv) fair competition; Company Eutelsat SA complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding fair competition.
B) EUTELSAT Another aim of the EUTELSAT space segment transferred to the Company Eutelsat SA and the management of international law, particularly the rights for the use of frequencies obtained in accordance with the Radio Regulations and to ensure the continuation of responsibility.

Article IV (legal entities)
a) EUTELSAT corporate status is conferred.
B) EUTELSAT to fulfill their tasks and have the necessary credentials to gain access to objective and in particular:
i) make contracts;
Ii) may acquire movable and immovable property; Lease, interest can be obtained and retained;
Iii) be a party to legal proceedings;
Iv) conclude agreements with States and international organizations.

a) to meet the costs and expenses of EUTELSAT EUTELSAT and the Company Eutelsat SA in accordance with the agreement made between the arrangements.
B) expenditure relating to the rental and maintenance of premises for offices, salaries and wages of personnel, the Parties organizing Board meetings, and the costs of making, in consultation with the costs between the Parties and other organizations with EUTELSAT, III. Article in accordance with the Core Principles of Eutelsat SA by Eutelsat, including expenses to be made in order to ensure compliance with the condition, but are not limited to; costs related to the establishment and activities of the Secretariat; Article V (a) pursuant to paragraph shall be borne by the Company Eutelsat SA within the limits specified in the Agreement.

a) EUTELSAT organs are as follows:
i) the Assembly of Parties;
Ii) the Secretary of the Secretariat president.
B) Each organ shall act within the limits of authority given by the Convention.

ARTICLE VII (Assembly of Parties-Formation and Meetings)
a) that the Board is composed of all the Parties.
B) The parties may be represented by another Party which any Party in the Board meeting but no party can not represent more than two Parties.
C) The first ordinary meeting of the Assembly of Parties is made within one year after the date of entry into force of the Convention. The next regular meeting, the Assembly of Parties, unless a decision to be made at different times of the next meeting at any meeting shall be held every two years.
D) In ​​addition, the Assembly of Parties, may hold extraordinary meetings at the request of one or more Parties or at the request of the Company Eutelsat SA which provides the support of at least one third of the Parties. Such a request is stated purpose of the meeting.
E) Each Party shall meet its own costs of representation at Board meetings.

Article VIII (Assembly of Parties-Procedure)

A) The Parties are entitled to one vote for each party in the Assembly. Parties abstaining from voting are considered as not voting.
B) Decisions on matters of substance, present or represented and at least two-thirds of the Parties present and voting shall be adopted by the affirmative votes. VII of the Convention. Paragraph (b) A Party which represents one or two other Parties under paragraph may vote separately for each Party it represents.
C) Decisions on procedural issues, each with a simple majority of the Parties present and voting in order to have a vote taken by an affirmative vote.
D) with one record to be present at least one third of the total number of Parties, the Parties quorum at all meetings of the Committee shall be provided by a simple majority of the total number of Parties.
E) The Council, according to provisions of the Convention, and in particular accepts an internal regulation covering the following issues:
i) the election of other officials of the Parties to the Chairman of the Board;
Ii) the organization of meetings
iii) representation and accreditation;
Iv) the procedure for voting.

Article IX (Assembly of Parties-Tasks)
Assembly of Parties shall perform the following tasks:
a) company of Eutelsat SA considers and examines the activities related to the Basic Principles. The Company Eutelsat SA hususut Parties, the Council may make recommendations which will be considered;
B) in accordance with the Agreement of Principles provides the fulfillment of Eutelsat SA.
C) of the Agreement by mutual agreement of the parties to the track, take decisions on proposals for amendments to the Agreement.
D) The Company Eutelsat SA to the operation of the EUTELSAT space segment transferred to international law, particularly the rights for the use of frequencies obtained in accordance with the Radio Regulations and to take necessary measures for the continuation of responsibility.
E) Whether the parties to EUTELSAT whether or not the State or take decisions on formal relations between international organizations and in particular the Convention XII in Articles (c) is interviewed about the mentioned Headquarters Agreement with the paragraph.
F) Third Article XIV of the Convention (c) pursuant to paragraph take decisions on proposals for the termination of the contract.
G) examine the complaints made by the Parties.
H) Convention, Article XIII of the third party with respect to any decisions to withdraw from EUTELSAT accordingly.
I) pursuant to Article XIV of the third Convention decide on proposals for changes to the contract and transmit the proposed amendments, which will affect the performance of the Company's activities to the Company Eutelsat SA.
J) The provisions of Article XVIII of the Convention (e) decide on any request to membership in accordance with paragraph;
K) Convention X with Article pursuant to the secretary's appointment and decides the dismissal and the Agreement on the secretary's recommendation, should the number of all the staff of the secretariat in charge in taking into consideration the way, status, determines the working terms and conditions.
L) When the Secretary is absent or is unable to fulfill the duties of a secretariat or the secretariat office of the discharge, to serve as deputy secretary, appoint a high-level secretariat officials.
M) approves the annual or biennial budget
n) in accordance with the Agreement Eutelsat SA approves the changes that have occurred in the settlement of the Company.

Article XI (Secretariat)
a) Secretariat, the Parties is governed by a Board appointed secretary.
B) The Parties agreed by the secretary Unlike a mandate by the Council for four years.
C) The Parties may dismiss the secretary before the end of the term based on any ground.
D) The Secretary is the legal representative of EUTELSAT. Secretary of Parties will work directly under the orders of the Board and the Parties in the fulfillment of all tasks secretariat is responsible to the Board.
E) The Secretary Article IX (k) the secretariat, subject to approval by the Board pursuant to paragraph Parties have the power to appoint all staff.
F) Secretariat as long as it is empty or not the secretary of the absence of authority or duty case, the Party secretary of the Council designated representative, is entitled to use the powers granted to the secretary of the contract.
G) Secretary and Secretariat officials should refrain from any action incompatible with their responsibilities to EUTELSAT.

ARTICLE XI (Rights and Obligations)
a) The Parties shall, in a manner that complies fully with the provisions and principles of the Convention; Uses of the contract the rights and fulfill their obligations.

B) All Parties contract provisions whole conference with the powers to be represented in accordance with and held by EUTELSAT with meetings or EUTELSAT under the auspices of made all the other meetings, the meeting in accordance with the provisions determined by EUTELSAT for these meetings may participate regardless of where to do.
C) EUTELSAT Center found that the secretary prior to the making of such conferences or meetings abroad, conferences and meetings to attend law which all parties representatives, inviting them to be admitted to the country and the conference or the provisions to ensure that they are permitted to reside during the meeting will be held with the Party invitation assure the inclusion in the agreement.

ARTICLE XII (EUTELSAT Center, Privileges, Exemptions, immunities)
a) EUTELSAT is France.
B) is determined by the Convention, EUTELSAT and activities in the field of property, income and property taxes are exempt from customs duties and without intermediary in all Parties.
C) Each Party shall, in accordance with the Protocol referred to in this paragraph; the EUTELSAT officials, the staff in the categories set out in the Protocol, the Parties, the representatives of the parties and the arbitrator concessions necessary for persons participating in the court recognizes the exemptions and immunities. In particular, each Party; related parties, instead of getirirlerk determine the status of the border and within the scope of their duties stipulated in the protocol referred to in this paragraph, the relevant motion recognizes legal immunity to oral and written statements. Party on the territory where the EUTELSAT; as soon as possible concession with EUTELSAT, according to the exemption and talks to a Headquarters Agreement, including the immunity or state located in the new negotiations. concessions as soon as possible in the other Party, conclude a Protocol covering privileges and immunities. Protocol and Headquarters Agreement, is independent of the Agreement, each predicts the conditions of its termination.

Article XIII (Withdrawal of Membership)
a) Any Party may, at any time by giving written notification to the Depositary XXI record as defined in the Article with their desire, may withdraw from EUTELSAT. Any such withdrawal shall take effect three months after the date of receipt by the Depositary of the relevant notification.
B) it is unable to fulfill any of the obligations specified in the Contract by any Party, the Assembly of Parties; and upon the transition himself this issue or on its own initiative and after reviewing all representations made to that Party which, if it finds that fulfill the Party's obligations, contract from the date of a decision can be deemed to have withdrawn from EUTELSAT of the Party and the administration's decision does not apply to the Party . To this end the Board may make an extraordinary meeting.
C) withdrawn from EUTELSAT or withdrawn considered a Party, after the parties have eliminated the right of representation on the Board of Directors and the date on which the withdrawal applies, until that date made or excluding liability arising without jobs does not assume any duty or responsibility to the Party concerned.
D) any statement about the withdrawal and every decision taken is deemed to be immediately communicated to all Parties by the Depositary.

Article XIV (Amendments and Termination)
a) Report to be submitted to the secretary, who will offer an amendment to the Convention and any Party which offers immediate Parties. The Assembly of Parties, including, but not earlier than six months from the notification of the proposed amendment, if not of a nature to affect the performance of the company activities of the proposed changes in the contract, Eutelsat SA Company taking into account the recommendations made by examines the proposal. Specified time period, the procedure will be implemented by the Parties on matters of principle in special circumstances can be shortened by a decision of the Board.
B) if the Board accepted the Parties; change the face of receipt of notice by the agreed date of acceptance of two thirds of the States Parties shall enter into force twenty days after the Depositary. After the entry into force of amendments are binding for all parties.
C) with a majority of two-thirds of all the Parties to the Convention EUTELSAT to an end the Parties may terminate finally.
D) the termination of the contract does not affect the continued existence of the Company Eutelsat SA.
E) Eutelsat SA Company and unless otherwise agreed, III of Article (b) Unless the rights internationally in the paragraph and liabilities disappear entirely, of this Article (c) of paragraph not taken any decision in order to terminate the EUTELSAT.

Article XV (Removal of Dispute)

A) the parties themselves or between EUTELSAT and a Party or Parties, all disputes arising in connection with the implementation or interpretation of the Convention; one of the parties to the dispute to the other, if not rectified within one year of the offer should be resolved through dispute settlement, in accordance with Annex B of the Convention apply to the arbitral procedure.
B) State who lost the title to the Parties by a Party or of a State lost the party that adjective with EUTELSAT, after eliminating the capacity to become a party to that State, the implementation of the Convention and review all disputes arising in relation to; The dispute to the other of the parties to the dispute one of the making of the offer should be resolved through peace is settled within the next year, on condition to accept that the title of the state have disappeared Parties, in accordance with Annex B. The provisions of the Convention apply to the arbitral procedure. to eliminate any conflict of this Article: (a) after the referee consulted with the procedure pursuant to paragraph, even a State Party to be lifted in the middle of adjectives related to the dispute, Arbitration continues and results.

Article XVI (sign-reservation Records)
a) Signatory Parties to the Provisional Agreement or who are entitled to have, or Authorized Telecommunications Administrations Private Business Organizations with each State; Contracting Parties may be as follows:
i) approval, acceptance or approval by signature without registration, or
ii) signature followed by ratification, acceptance or approval by the record; or through signing
iii) to participate.
B) Convention; Since Temmuz1982 15, in Paris, is open for signature until it enters into force, it is kept open for subsequent additions.
C) records can not be made any reservations to the Convention.

ARTICLE XVII (Entry into Force)
a) contract; Convention XVI th Article (a) of paragraph (i) in accordance with subparagraph, which opened from the date of signature or the signature of the contract date of the Interim Agreement thirds of the States with influence over Signatory Parties to both approval, enter into force after sixty days from the acceptance or approval. However mentioned signatory parties or their own ECS, which had been appointed to the Agreement Signatories must provide two-thirds of the financial shares listed on the ECS Agreement.
B) contract from the date it was opened for signature not enter into force less than eight months. Contract, thirty-six in this Article following the date it was opened for signature (a) is not signed by the paragraph, the approval does not accept and enter into force unless it is approved.
C) after the date of entry into force of the Convention ratification by any State, acceptance, approval or accession, the document is issued; Convention for that State shall enter into force on the date of issuance of the document.
D) Approval, acceptance and approval during the recording of the signatory and contract signing or at a later date before entering into force for any State that a request in this way; The Convention entered into force the following will apply temporarily. Provisional application ends in the following situations:
i) approval, acceptance or approval upon submission by the State concerned; or
ii) the date on which the Convention enters into force within two years after the Convention is not approved by the State concerned, if not acceptance or approval, at the end of this period;
or iii) of this paragraph (ii) the expiration of the period specified in sub-paragraph that the State Convention to ratify, accept, or if its decision not to approve.
Provisional application of this paragraph (ii) or (iii) pursuant to bend the ends, the Parties to the Convention on the rights and obligations of Article XIII of the third Paragraph (c) applies.
E) after the entry into force of this Convention, the Interim Agreement replaces and repeals it. However, no provision of any kind which have acquired the capacity to be party to the Interim Agreement signatory before any party to the contract does not affect the rights and obligations.
a) Interim Agreement signatory on the date it was opened to the signature of Parties to the Convention was, or had the right to become parties Telecommunications Administrations or Authorized Private Business Organizations with each State, the Convention within two years after the entry into force of the Convention provided that participate can join the Convention after the close of the signature of the contract.
B) The following States to request accession to this Convention, of this Article, (c), (d) and (e) The provisions of paragraph shall apply:

I) the Convention opened for signature at the date of the Provisional Agreement Signatory Parties had or has the right to become parties Telecommunications Administrations or with authorized private business organizations, however, of this Article, paragraph (a) or the Convention of the XVI th Article of paragraph (a) (i) or (ii) by request to me to participate in a non-State Party to the Convention;
Ii) a member of the International Telecommunication Union to the request to participate after the entry into force of the Convention of any European State.
C) of this Article: (a) the conditions specified in paragraph one wishing to accede to the State, "the Applicant State" in his capacity as secretary to the applicant in writing and provide the secretary with any information about the application.
D) The Secretary of State and the applicant receives the application offers the same parties in the Assembly.
E) The Assembly of Parties Applicant State's request that the present Article (c) under paragraph all the necessary information which it contains, that the secretary of the decision to be given after six months, take a decision on the request in question. This decision of the Secretary of Parties shall immediately be reported to the Board. The Parties shall take decisions on matters relating to the decision taken by secret ballot and principles of the Council duly. An extraordinary meeting of the Assembly of Parties for this purpose.
F) The Secretary; Applicant State Parties shall notify the Council of the conditions of participation have been identified, which will be deposited with the Depositary participation by the relevant State documents are added to the protocol relating to the conditions in question.

Article XIX (Liability)

Responsibility, born without a treaty that side of the Party concerned and a State claiming compensation outside the state; No party, no severally liable for the acts and obligations of EUTELSAT. In this case, EUTELSAT, the Party concerned unless clearly committed to accept such a responsibility, located in compensation for the responsibility that Party.

Article XXI (Miscellaneous Provisions)
a) EUTELSAT official and working languages ​​are English and French.
B) EUTELSAT Parties, taking into account the general views of the Assembly, particularly on issues of common interest to cooperate with the International Telecommunication Union and other international organizations including the United Nations and Specialized Institutions in the body.
C) United Nations General Assembly 1721 (XVI) of the decision in accordance with, EUTELSAT, to provide information to the Secretary General of the United Nations and Specialized Agencies concerned, an annual report on its activities. The annual report is also sent to the Company Eutelsat SA.
a) ratification, acceptance of approval or accession documents, approval of the changes to the provisional application of demand, acceptance or approval papers, EUTELSAT withdraw from or related to access to end the temporary implementation of the Convention judgment delivered by the French Republic and the Government of proceedings; The Depositary of the Convention.
B) The Convention shall be deposited in the archives of the Depositary. Depositary, or participate in the Contracting States and all documents delivered to him by the International Telecommunication Union, send certified copies of the Convention text.
C) The Depositary shall promptly signed the Convention or the Convention for all participating States and if necessary, the International Telecommunication Union announces the following:
i) all signatures of the Convention;
Ii) ratification, acceptance, approval or accession to the delivery of documents;
Iii) the provisions of Article XVII of the Convention (a) The beginning of the sixty-day period mentioned in paragraph;
Iv) the entry into force of the Convention;
V) the Article XVII of the Convention (d) all requests for provisional implemented in paragraph;
Vi) Contract with Article X (a) the appointment of the secretary pursuant to paragraph;
Vii) the adoption of amendments to the Agreement and entry into force;
Viii) all notifications relating to withdrawal;
Ix) the Assembly of Parties of the Convention's third Article XIII (b) under paragraph All decisions of the Party deemed to have withdrawn from EUTELSAT;
X) all other notifications and communications about the Convention.
D) Depositary after the entry into force of the Convention, in accordance with Article 102 of the United Nations Charter provisions of the United Nations adopted the Convention for certified copies of records and sends them to the General Secretariat published.
IN THIS DOCUMENT, whose signatures are below and those authorized as required by their respective Governments, have signed this Convention (*).

Bindokuzyuz eighty-two of the fifteenth day of July in English and French in Paris, both texts being effective, was opened for signature in a single original.
* EUTELSAT member States: Austria, Germany (Federal Republic of), Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, France, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Turkey, Vatican City, Greece, Yugoslavia.

Annex A (Temporary Provisions)
1. Continuity of Operations
a) made by EUTELSAT and Eutelsat SA any agreement in force at the date of establishment of the company; It remains in effect unless terminated or can not be changed according to its provisions. Taken by EUTELSAT and the Company Eutelsat SA any decision in force at the date of its establishment; Remain in effect until modified or terminated.
B) Eutelsat SA Company on the date of the establishment, EUTELSAT any organ, not to have started a business need that or not authorized, but is unable to complete it, the first Chief Executive of the secretary or Eutelsat SA, the Company Eutelsat SA Company in accordance with their mandates and EUTELSAT according to an agreement between, it replaces the relevant bodies in order to complete these activities.
2. Transfer Method
a) EUTELSAT activities (Transfer Agreement are set out in more detail) a portion or all of their assets and responsibilities with regard to transfer to Eutelsat SA Company ( "Transfer") to a transfer agreement with Eutelsat SA Company ( "Transfer Agreement") It makes.
B) the transfer, with all the accompanying obligations and responsibilities, transferred assets and all rights of passive value, title, interest and takes the form of a universal transfer of earnings and are assigned to assets and liabilities in this way has a full and autonomous features. Such a transfer of commercial companies on July 24, 1966 date and 66-537 dated French Law by the transfer mentioned in the 382 th article (a company transfer money to another company's stock of active and distributed as dividend on the shares of the transferring company partners) done, but obligations imposed by law in question normally deactivated and can not be held responsible for the formalities of EUTELSAT.
C) the transfer, in any case, the above are without prejudice to, their obligations to and including the responsibility of the persons are, no one's approval and permission or without any notice or no one time without notice, be deemed to implement the date specified in the Transfer Agreement. Turnover is also EUTELSAT applies to the natural person made the contract itself. 3
. Administration
a) above, 2 (c) pursuant to EUTELSAT Executive is all the staff have the right to transfer to Eutelsat SA Company in organs, individuals exercising that right at the time they transfer, including equivalent rights immediately preceding the date at least transplants, to the extent permitted by French law They will have to work rules and conditions.
B) within the framework of the EUTELSAT Pension scheme at the date of transfer payments made to persons who, in accordance with relevant provisions of the Regulation in force at the date of transfer will be continued.
C) the date of transfer, for individuals who are entitled to benefit from the EUTELSAT Pension scheme, in order to protect these rights, made the necessary arrangements.
D) of this Annex (1) The staff employment conditions in force in accordance with paragraph of Eutelsat SA shall continue to apply until new conditions of employment determined.
E) The Company Eutelsat SA The first Head of the Department, and the first secretary of the mission until the time of their duties to be carried out by the EUTELSAT genelmüdür.
4. EUTELSAT to be transferred to the Company Eutelsat SA and Secretary Task
a) The Company Eutelsat SA and the date of the establishment of the secretariat, Director General of EUTELSAT shall inform all concerned of.
B) EUTELSAT Director-General of EUTELSAT capacity as legal representative, with an appropriate timing of all rights and obligations to be acquired by EUTELSAT Eutelsat SA company and take all necessary measures to ensure the transfer secretaries.

Annex B (Referee Procedure)
1. In order to rule on any dispute referred to the XV incimadde Convention, in accordance with the following paragraphs, an Arbitration Tribunal established.
2. Any Party Parties to the Convention, the Arbitration may join one of the Parties to the dispute referred.
. The Arbitration Tribunal shall consist of three members. Since receipt of the request made by a party to the dispute be referred to Arbitration in the way of a period of two months, in each of the two sides in a dispute, one arbitrator. procedure of Article XV of the referee to apply to the parties to the dispute if the contract requires the agreement at issue; It said two-month period is calculated from the date of this agreement. The first two arbitrators, second arbitrator within a period of two months from the date of selection, choose a third arbitrator, who will be President of the Arbitration Tribunal. If selected in the time it takes one of the two referees; ineligibility referee, upon the request of either Party, the International Court of Justice in the absence of an agreement between the parties or by the Chairman, shall be appointed by the Secretary General of the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal. if not in time to be elected President of the Arbitration Tribunal also referred to the same procedure.
4. The Arbitration Tribunal shall determine the rules and procedures relating to the location to collect.
5. Each Party; being represented in court as well as the costs incurred, meets the costs associated with the referee is responsible for the election. Expenses related to the Chairman of the Arbitration Tribunal, shared equally by those party to the dispute.
6. The decision of the Arbitration Tribunal, which can not be given by a majority of members abstained from voting. This decision is final, all parties in a dispute are binding and can not be appealed. Parties adapt the delay and the time to decide. about the meaning and scope of the decision in case of occurrence of any dispute; The Arbitration Tribunal, the decision at the request of either party in a dispute comments.