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Kanun No. 4606     


Accepted Date: 28.11.2000      


BULLET 1. -HaberleþmeThe European Council of Europe (EUTELSAT) Parties Board of 1999, as a result of the 26 ncu meeting of the Satellites Conducted in Cardiff on 18-20 May 1999, has the proper approval of the deployment of deems made in the EUTELSAT.

ARTICLE 2.-  enters the date on the release date of this Law.

ARTICLE 3.-  The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.





The States that are Party with this Glossary,

The importance of communications and the importance of reporting on the development of the relations between the peoples and economies of

. By standing on requests to strengthen the business,

News reported that the European Interim Inspection was a satellite of satellites called "SUPERSEDE EUTELSAT". Considering that the space segments of the European systems have been set up in order to operate;

on January 27, 1967 in London, Moscow, and Washington, including the Moon and Divine Sky and the Atmosphere Beyond the Atmosphere. By taking into account the relevant provisions of the Understanding of the Alien and the Operations of the States in the Field of Use, Space;

The European Union and other international entities are entitled to their rights and responsibilities. Without impact, all States, including telecommunications services, are able to use the test and operation of the EUTELSAT satellite telecommunication systems as part of a telecommunications company that is taking part in Europe's building.

In Europe and globally, technical, economic, legal legislation and political developments are followed and implemented requirement, and especially with the activities of the EUTELSAT, the rights and responsibilities of these will be established within the framework of national legislation, the economic and financial principles of the agreement, which are organized for the purpose of acceptance of the accepted principles of commercialized principles. a responsible company that will operate under the alert By considering the intent to transfer it,

are reconcilable with the following considerations:



Use in this Glossary:

), including the "Glossary", Premises, and Attachments, submitted to the signatures of the Governments in Paris on July 15, 1982, and later. Refers to the Promise of European Inspection (EUTELSAT), with the Call of Satellites that are not related to the current

b) "Tentative", Telecommunications Signals/Authorized Special Jurisdiction in Paris, May 13, 1977. Refers to the installation of the European Interim Inspection (SUPERSEDE) installation of Satellites that have been ordered to the Fransiz;

c) "ECS Statement ", in relation to the Satellite Telecommunications System Space (ECS) for the Fixed Service, on March 10, 1978 An Additional statement made in Paris to be an Addition to be added to the Interim;

d) "Party" refers to a State that is not effective or otherwise applied to the Glossary itself;

e) "EUTELSAT General Manager" refers to the pressure of the EUTELSAT executive body;

f) "EUTELSAT Secretary " refers to the pressure of the EUTELSATESecretariat;

g) "EutelsatS.A. Corporation" refers to an anonymous partner based on the laws of one of the parties; in France, the company is in the process of It will be installed.

h) "Space", a group of telecommunication satellites with monitoring, remote measurement, remote control for the operation of these satellites. provide facilities and equipment related to control and control;

i) "Satellite System" refers to a whole, space-cutting, space-breaking, space-breaking ground station.

vej) "Telecommunication", wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems in any form of imposition, signal, print, distil and to communicate, broadcast, or receive images, audio, or any information;

k) "Basic Principles", III of the Word. Refers to the principles specified in paragraph (a) of the paragraph;

l) "Understand", the relations between the EUTELSAT and the Eutelsat S.A. Company, the responsibilities of the parties, and especially the Base Principles The statement of EUTELSAT and Eutelsat S.A. refers to the agreement between the EUTELSAT and the Eutelsat S.A. Corporation to ensure the compliance of the Eutelsat S.A.'s compliance with these principles.


(Installation of EUTELATand Etelsat S.A.Þirketinin

a) The parties will be aware of the European Business with this document, from which the Satellites are to be met with a EUTECHNOLOGY. They'll build it.

b) i) Eutelsat S.A. will be installed to process satellite system and to provide satellite services, and for this purpose, EUTETSAT is active and passive. The activities of the company are transferred to the Eutelsat S.A.

ii) The Eutelsat S.A. is governed by its own installation and by the laws of the partnership where the partner is installed.

iii) Eutelsat S.A. is the site of the center of the center or where the center of the company is located and/or the territory of which it is being pushed. A Party will take any measures that may be necessary for the establishment and operation of the Eutelsat S.A. (Eutelsat S.A.), under the means by which he and the Eutelsat S.A. are made in the company.

c) The relationship between the EUTELSAT and the Eutelsat S.A. (S.A.) model is indicated in the statement.

d) The corresponding provisions of the A-Attachment are applied for the purpose of the continuation of activities between the EUTELSATile Eutelsat S.A.


(AUTELSAT's Purpose)

a) The main purpose of the EUTELSAT is that the Base Principles specified in this clause are not to be used by the Eutelsat S.A. is:

i) public service/universal service responsibilities; public key telephone company contact space services to connect services to are obligations that are applied to the segment and use of it; sound-video services and future services are considered to be subject to relevant national laws and international understanding, particularly universal service and information. Through the European Infrared Television, by the end of the European They are compatible with their provisions.

ii) all of Europe's satellite system is under cover; The Eutelsat S.A. will play its own satellite system, which is part of the European scope, with its economic approach, with economic approach, instead of the Member States ' need to communicate.

iii) do not separate; register with services, services, and compliance with existing laws. It will be.

iv) fair competition; Eutelsat S.A. complies with all laws and regulations imposed on the fair competition.

b) An objective of the EUTELSAT is the international law from the operation of the EUTELSAT space segment that has been transferred to the Eutelsat S.A. The rights and responsibilities of the use of the frequencies, especially those obtained in the Radio Tailer, are expected.



a) is EUTELSAT trezkirium.

b) has the required license to perform the EUTELSAT tasks and to be able to access their effort, and in particular:

i) can make mukamandes;

ii), and may acquire, lease, retain, and dispose of merchandise as soon as possible;

iii) may be party to proceedings;

iv) can make a deal with the United States and international organizations.




a) Regulations between the EUTELSAT and Eutelsat S.A. (S.A.) for the decision to increase the costs and expenses of EUTELSAT The system will be installed.

b) Expenses and charges for renting and maintaining offices for offices, and salaries and charges of personnel, Parties The cost of organizing and construction of the installed meetings, with the expenses of the EUTETSAT and the expenses of the Parties and other installations, will be provided in the 3rd place. Charges include, but are not limited to, the deployment of EUTELSAT to the Base Principle, including but not to include expenses that are required to comply with the Eutelsat S.A. Company; expenses for the installation and operation of the Sekiretto; V. In accordance with the paragraph (a) of the article, the Eutelsat S.A. is met with the limits of the Eutelsat S.A. within the limits set forth in the Meaning.


(Made at EUTELSAT)

a) EUTELSAT's organs are:

i) the Board of Parties;

ii) the Secretary in the office of a Secretary.

b) A single organ acts within the Verdics of the Glossary.


(Parties to Installation and Meetings)

a) The Board of Parties is the All Parties.

b) Any Party may be represented by a Party in the Board of the Parties, but no Party can represent more than two.

c) The first meeting of the Board of Parties is made within a year following the current date of the Glossary of the Parties. The later meetings are held both years, unless the Board of Parties has decided that the Board of Parties will be able to do so in a meeting that is not a subsequent meeting.

d) In addition, the Board of Parties may request one or more Parties to support at least one third of the Parties, or at the request of the Eutelsat S. A It can be the kind of meetings that can be made. A request for such a claim is indicated.

e) Each Party, the Board of the Parties, has the expense of being involved in the meeting.



a) Each party on the Board of Parties has a right to vote. The Parties Who Abstained did not vote.

b) The decisions of the Esasa are received with positive votes of at least two-thirds of the parties that are present or represented and voted. It's the VII of the word. A Party that represents one or two Parties by paragraph (b) may use a separate vote for each Party that represents the representation.

c) The decisions on the subject matter are received by the positive vote of the simple majority of current and voting Parties, each with a right to a vote.

d) with the current registration of at least one third of the total number of parties, the number of parties in all meetings of the Board of Parties must be counted, with the total number of parties simple to It will be.

E) The Board of Parties agrees to an internal regulation that is in accordance with the provisions of the Glossary and, in particular, the following:

i) Select the Board of Parties and select other agents;

ii) Editing a meeting

iii) representation and authorization actions;

iv) voting usings.


(Parties to Install-Tasks)

The parties perform the following tasks on the installed:

a) discusses and examines the activities of the Eutelsat S. A Corporation regarding the Basic Principles. Eutelsat S. A company, this is the case, The Parties may recommend that the Board of Parties shall be deformed;

b) In accordance with the meaning, the Basic Principles are replaced by the Eutelsat S. A-Sire.

c) Decide on whether to make a statement, with a record of what is known to be a party to the other.

d) from the execution of the EUTELSAT space segment that has been transferred to Eutelsat S. A, international law, especially the frequency of Radio Tailer, has been achieved. will take the necessary measures to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of the use are continued.

makes decisions about the official business between the EUTELSAT and the United States or international organizations, and specifically, the XII of the Glossary. Sees the Center Statement mentioned in the paragraph (c) of the article.

f) Decide on the bid to end the Glossary under paragraph XIV (c) of the Glossary.

examines the complaints made by the parties.

h) Decide on the withdrawal of any Party from EUTELSAT when the XIII Article of the Glossary is required.

) Decide on the proposals and performance of the Company's activities, which will be made in the Glossary when the XIV of the Glossary is implemented. It will transmit the offer of genius to Eutelsat S. A to the company.

j) Decide on the claims made for membership when the paragraph of the XVIII Pearl (e) of the Glossary is required;

k) Decide the secretary's appointment and dismissal when the Xth Article is required, and does not follow the secretary's recommendation, which is important to the secretary. Specifies the number, status, status, and status of all personnel that are served by the secretariat by taking it to the secretariat.

l) To act as acting secretary in the absence of the secretary or in the absence of a secretary or secretary of office or in the secretarial position. , on a high level, appoint a clerk.

m) Approver or two-year budget approvals

n) Approve depositions at the site of the Eutelsat S. A, in accordance with the meaning of the statement.



a) is managed by a secretary appointed by the Board of the Parties.

b) The secretary's term for office is four years, as opposed to the decision of the Parties.

c) The Parties may dismiss the secretary before the term expires based on the reason.

d) is the legal representative of the Secretary EUTELSAT. The Secretary is acting under the order of the Board of Parties and is responsible for the relevant Board of Parties in the fulfillment of all duties of the secretary.

e) the Secretary is authorized to appoint all personnel of the secretariat, subject to the approval of the Board of Parties pursuant to the IX paragraph (k) paragraph (k).

f) As long as the secretarial office is bodied or the secretary is absent or unable to perform their duties, the acting secretary appointed by the Board of the Parties, It has the right to use the authority that is defined to the secretary in the word.

g) Secretary and secretarial officers should not take any action that is not going to work with the responsibilities of the EUTELSAT.


(Rights and Obligations)

A) The parties use a style that strictly complies with the terms and principles of the word; they use the right to say, and fulfill their obligations.

b) All Parties are authorized to represent the provisions of the EUTELSAT with all conferences and meetings that are authorized to be represented in the event of a representation All meetings held under the auspices may be available to consider where meetings are held in accordance with the provisions identified by the EUTELSAT for these meetings.

c) the rights to contribute to secretaries, conferences and meetings before the conference or meeting of the EUTELSAT Center is located ensure that all Party representatives are accepted into the invited country and are in a meeting with the inviting Party to ensure that they are allowed to replace their residence during the conference or meeting period.


(EUTELSAT Centre, Israel, Exemption, Magyaleat)

a) in France of EUTELSAT.

b) In the operation identified by the Glossary, EUTELSAT and its properties are income and vastaresis in all Party countries, and customs duty taxes It is exempt.

c) Each Party, in accordance with the protocol that is understood in this paragraph, to the EUTELSAT Identifies the privilege, exemption, and exemption required for the employees, Parties, representatives of the Parties and the arbitrators of the arbitrators ' courts, as specified in the protocol. In particular, each Party defines the relevant actions, written and oral statements to their respective movements, written and oral statements, as they fulfill their duties within the scope of the protocol, which is described in this paragraph. On its territory, the UTESSAT Centre is the most likely to see a Centre, which includes concession, exemption and masuality, as soon as possible with the EUTELSAT, or new visions are available. They will make a Protocol that covers the concession, exemption and disability issues as soon as possible on the other Parties. Central Means the Protocol, without the word, foresees the end of each end.


(Withdrawn from Membership)

) Any Party may withdraw from the EUTELSAT with the record of giving written notice to the XXI pearl clause, when requested by its own desire. Such a withdrawal is valid three months after the date of the notice by the Undersecretary of the relevant notice.

b) If any Party is unable to perform any of the obligations set forth in the Glossary, the Board of Parties shall, upon its own, or to indent itself. after examining the initiative with its own initiative and the entire issue presented by the subject, If it is determined that it does not meet its obligation, it may decide that the relevant Party is withdrawn from the EUTELSAT and, as of the date of the decision, the statement is valid for that party. For this purpose, the Board of Parties may make an outstanding meeting.

c) A party that is withdrawn or withdrawn from the EUTELSAT is cleared of the right of representation in the Board of Parties, and after the date of withdrawal. No tasks or responsibilities are charged to the relevant party except for any liability that has been done or not done so.

d) Each decision on the withdrawal and any decision to be withdrawn will be immediately forwarded to all Parties by the Undersecretary.


(Deviations and Termination)

a) may be offered to any Party in the Word, and is presented to the secretary whose proposals will immediately notify the Parties. The Board of Parties should not be less than six months prior to the statement of the dexterity proposal, but may not be the result of the performance of the company's Eutelsat S. A. Taking into account the advice, they will review the offer. The specified time may be determined by a decision on the basis of the Board of Parties ' basis on the basis of special circumstances.

b) If the parties are accepted by the Board, the statement is by the Undersecretary of the acceptance of two-thirds of the States who are on the date of acceptance One hundred and twenty days after he's taken, he'll be walking in. After the current entry, the deity is available for all of the parties.

c) Parties with all three-to-two parties may terminate the EUTETSAT by ending the Glossary.

d) The termination of the Glossary does not affect the continuation of the Eutelsat S. A and the arrival of the Company.

e) unless otherwise agreed with the Eutelsat S. A Corporation, as long as the international rights and obligations of paragraph III (b) are not fully eliminated, no decision is made with the intention of terminating the EUTELSAT according to paragraph (c) of this Article (c).


(resolving Meanings)

a) by either party or by means of a Party or by a Party or by EUTETSAT, All understand the implementation or interpretation of a commitment cannot be resolved within a year after making the offer to resolve one of the other side by means of the understanding, the right of a solution, In addition to Appendix-B of the commitment, the arbitrator is duly appointed.

b) a State that loses a party with a Party, or a State that loses its way to be a party with EUTETSAT, is the party's party to be party to After they were eliminated, all the meanings of the implementation of the statement and its interpretation of the statement were made within a year of its offer to be resolved by way of understanding one of the things that is understood to be the part of one of the things that is not understood. If it is indisputable, accept the state that will eliminate the In accordance with the terms of the E-B of the Glossary, the arbitrator will be duly appointed. After the arbitrator was duly appointed in accordance with paragraph (a) for the expense of any statement, the arbitrator will continue and result in the arbitrator, even if the state of the state of the state of the state of the state of the party has been cleared.


(Sign-in-Human Lofts)

a) Every State with a Transitional Party, or a Telecommunications Authority, or Authorized Special Jurisdiction, which is entitled to a temporary Agreement; the party may be in the following way:

i) by signing an approval, acceptance, or cervitation, or

ii) by signing up, accepting, or signing; signing; or

iii) by folding.

b) The word is open to the signature in Paris from 15 July 1982 until it is entered, and is also open for subsequent contributions.

c) No conflict can be placed in the dictionary.


(Current Entry)

a) Glossary of a paragraph (a) paragraph (s) of the Glossary's XVI statement, which is Temporary at the time it was signed, or at the time of the signing of the Glossary The approval of two-thirds of the states, which has influence over the signage parties, will march under the acceptance or adoption of the two-thirds of the day after the passage. However, the signed signons or designated for the ECS statement by themselves, they will not be able to sell two-thirds of the financial shares set forth in the ECS.

b) The word cannot take effect before eight months following the date that it has been opened. The statement does not apply if it is not signed according to paragraph (a) of the article (a) of the article, within thirty (a) paragraph) following the date of the signed date, if not approved.

c) If a document of approval, acceptance, approval, or contribution is issued by any State after the effective date of the term of the term of the word; the Word is, for this State, the document will take effect on the date of the document.

d) on this path at a later date before signing, accepting, and signing the Glossary, or before entering the signing, or if the Word is effective. for any State that has a claim; the Pseudo, the current entry, is temporarily applied. Temporary application ends in cases:

i) upon delivery of approval, acceptance, or cervix document by the relevant State; or

ii) The effective date of the term of the term is passed, if not approved, accepted, or otherwise approved by the State-related State. at the end of the term; or

iii) in the event that the following paragraph (ii) does not expire, the state is determined not to approve, accept, or certify the Glossary.

If the temporary application is last paragraph (ii) or (iii), the end of paragraph (c) of the Glossary of the Glossary of the Party's rights and obligations.

E) After the drop-down, the Glossary supersede the Tentative State and removes it. However, any provision in the Glossary does not affect any rights and obligations that have been obtained by means of being a Non-Alignable party before.



a) Transitional Telecommunications or Authorized Special to the Interim Agreement on the date of the signing of the Glossary Each State that has the Install Install may also have a commitment to a Glossary within two years of the end of the Glossary, and after the end of the Glossary's signature.

b) The provisions of the United States in paragraph (c), (c), (d), and (e) are applied to the demands of the United States:

i) Transitional Telecommunications or Authorized Special to Licensee's right to be a Party on the other day of the signing of the Glossary a request to contribute to the contribution of a State of the Install but not to the paragraph (i) of paragraph (a) of the paragraph (a) or the paragraph (i) of the paragraph (i) or (ii) that is not the term of the Glossary of words;

ii) Any member of the European Telecommunication Union request to fold after the entry of the Glossary of the United States.

c) A State of the United States, a State that wishes to be mentioned in a paragraph (a) of the Article (a), is written to the secretary with the "Platform State" section, and She can provide all kinds of information about the bareline.

d), the Secretary, takes the care of the Debatable State and presents it to the Board of Parties.

E) The Board of the Parties may have the request of the secretary of state to be decided when the paragraph (c) of this item is required by the paragraph (c). Within six months, the request is made about the claim. This decision of the secretary shall be immediately reported to the Board of Parties. The decision of the Board of Parties is duly passed in accordance with the confidential vote and on the basis of the issues of the matter. To this end, a meeting of the Board of Parties may be possible.

f), the Secretary; the Detaposition of the Parties shall notify the Council of the Parties to be identified, the contribution of the relevant State to the Undersecretary of State. A protocol is added to the document in question.



Licensee is not a party to a state that claims to be a party to the respective Party and its claims; no Party, EUTELSAT ' s icraat and The individual will not be responsible for any of its obligations. In this case, the EUTELSAT does not commit to the acceptance of such a responsibility, but is the responsibility of the liability for that responsibility.



a) The official and churn languages of the EUTELSAT are English and Francs.

)b) With regard to the general visions of the Board of Parties, EUTELSAT is particularly interested in the interests of the International Telecommunication Union and other countries within the Union, including the United Nations and the United Nations. It does work.

c) Information about the United Nations General Assembly's 1721 (XVI) resolution, EUTELSAT, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the relevant People's Founders It sends an annual report to its activities, in order to give it. The annual report will also be sent to Eutelsat S. A and the Company.



a) withdrawal from EUTELSAT, with approval, acceptance, or tasvip or folding documents of consent, acceptance, or approval of temporary implementation requests. The Government of the Republic of France; the Government of the Republic of France; the Government of the Republic of France; the Government of the Republic of France; the government of the Republic of France; the government of the Republic of France; the government of the Republic of France; the government of the Republic of France; the

b) The words of the Glossary are maintained in the works of the Undersecretary. The undersecretary sends documents that sign the Glossary or submit their contribution documents to all States and the International Telecommunication Unit, which is the depiction of the Glossary text.

c) The Undersecretary will report to all the States that have signed the Glossary or, if necessary, the International Telecommunication Unit, if necessary:

i) All of the signatures that have been skipped to the word;

ii) delivery of approval, acceptance, cervix, or folding documents;

iii) The average of the sixty-day time described in paragraph (a) of the XVII nci of the Glossary;

iv) The effective entry of the Glossary;

v) All requests for temporary implementation of the Glossary of the Glossary of XVII nci (d);

vi) Appointment of the secretary according to paragraph X (a) of the Glossary of the Glossary;

vii) Acceptance and effective entry of the words to be made;

viii) all handouts related to withdrawal;

ix) all decisions by the parties of the Board of Parties pursuant to paragraph (b) of the Council of the Parties to the withdrawal of one Party from the EUTELSAT;

x) All of the information related to the Glossary and any written statement.

d) Following the effective entry of the Glossary, the Undersecretary of the Union of the United Nations warned of Article 102 of the Act to record the agreed drafts of the Glossary. publication of the United Nations General Secretary to the United Nations.

AS A DOCUMENT OF THIS, IBM AUTHORIZED USERS (*) are signed by their own Government.

On the tenth day of the two July, the

Binnines, in English and French languages in Paris, both text, to be valid, as a single assay nisha. power-on.

* EUTELSAT member States: Austria, Germany (Federal Republic), Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, France, British, Spanish, Sweden, Switzerland, In Ireland, Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Turkey, the Vatican, Greece, Yugoslavia.


(Provisional Provisions)

1. Continuum of Activities

a) any current information that is in effect on the date of the installation of the Eutelsat S. A and the Eutelsat S. A (EUTEDAT), which is not based on its own terms, or It will remain in effect if it is not dissolved. Any decision in effect on the date of the installation of the EUTELSAT and the Eutelsat S. A (EUTELSAT), remains in effect until it is resolved or dislocated.

b) On the date of the Eutelsat S. A market, EUTELSAT has been activated by any other body, to be authorized to do or to do so, but not to do so. And the first Chief Executive Officer of the Eutelsat S. A company, under its jurisdiction, and the Eutelsat S. A (EEC) of the EUTELSAT S. A company, will be replaced by the purpose of the completion of this activity.

2. Transfer Method

a) is a part or complete of the assets and responsibilities related to the EUTELSAT activities (specified more detail in the Transfer Statement) To transfer to the Eutelsat S.A. ("Devir") ("Devir Means") with the Eutelsat S. A ("Statement") for the Eutelsat S. A.

b) A universal transfer of all rights, titles, benefits, and earnings of transferable active and passive deans, along with all obligations and responsibilities together. In this way, the transferable entities and responsibilities have a full and autonomous feature. According to a transfer of such transfer trade companies, dated July 24, 1966 and 66-537, according to the handover of the Article 382 of the French Code (a company's active stock is the property of the transfer and the shares of these stocks). delegated to a network of companies), but EUTELSAT is not held responsible for the obligations and formalities that are normally applied to the law.

c) Devir, in any case, without violating the above, including self-obligation and responsible panes, to anyone's approval, and to the date specified in the State of the State of the State, without the need for permission, or without any reports of any kind. The transfer also applies to actual reports that the EUTELSAT has mukavee with itself.

3. Inlet

A) In addition to 2 (c) above, all personnel in the EUTELSAT Executive Body have the right to transfer to Eutelsat S. A, and the people who use it are transplants. on the date, at least before the transfer date, They have the rules and regulations to play out the extent to which the laws of the state of the Franz are unfavourable.

b) The relevant provisions of the Charter in effect on the history of Devir in the framework of the EUTELSAT Pension Program in the history of Devir. The warning is continued.

c) In the history of the state, for the people entitled to benefit from the EUTELSAT Pension Program, the necessary arrangements are made to ensure that these rights are protected.

d) Staff employment in accordance with paragraph 1 of the Business Attachment (1) are to be implemented until new employment is identified by Eutelsat S. A It continues.

e) The tasks of the Eutelsat S. A will be conducted by the General Staff of the EUTELSAT until the first Secretary and first secretary of the Board of Eutelsat S. A. ...

4. EUTELSAT Tasks Translate Eutelsat S. A, and Secretere

A) On the date of the Eutelsat S. A and the secretariat is established, the General Manager of EUTELSAT will notify all interested.

b) The General Manager of EUTELSAT, in order to be the legal representative of EUTELSAT, Eutelsat with an appropriate timing of all of the rights and obligations that have been achieved by EUTELSAT S. A takes all necessary measures to transfer the company and the sex to the secretary.



1. A Hakem Court will be installed in order to sentence any other described in the XV incivate of the word, as follows.

2. Any party that is party to the party may take up one of the parties that Licensee has agreed to.

3. The Court of Arbitration is a three-member state. As a result of the request of an impartial arbitrator in order to deal with the judge, in a period of two months, each of the two sides of the understanding is chosen by one arbitrator. If the XV Pearl of the Word requires no other reason to understand the arbitrator, the two months of which are considered are to be taken from the date of this statement. The two arbitrators will choose the third umpire who will be the President of the Hakem Court in a period of two months from the date of the election of the second referee. If one of the arbitrators was not selected within the required period of time, the arbitrator could not be elected, at the request of one of the two Parties to the Permanent Court of Justice of the Permanent Court of Justice, unless the International Court of Justice or the Parties agreed to an understanding. from the server. The judge's Court will have the same procedure if the judge is not selected within the time required.

4. The Arbitration Court will identify the meeting place and the rules of the procedure.

5. Each Party has expenses related to the arbitral expense, which is responsible for the election of the Court, and the expense of the arbitrators responsible for the election. The expenses related to the Judge's Court will be divided by the one that is not understood by the entity.

6. The decision of the Court of arbitration is given by the majority of members who cannot abstain in the vote. This decision is nil, and all of the other parties in a state of understanding are qualified and cannot be appealed. The parties are warning each other without a decision. If there is no understanding of the meaning and scope of the decision, the Hakem Court will comment on the request of one of the parties in the right to be agreed.