Satellites Mobile Communication International Organization Through Agreement And Operating Agreement Changes In Approved Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. Subsequent Changes, If Any

Original Language Title: UYDULAR ARACILIĞI İLE MOBİL HABERLEŞME ULUSLARARASI TEŞKİLÂTI SÖZLEŞMESİ VE İŞLETME ANLAŞMASINDA YAPILAN DEĞİŞİKLİKLERİN ONAYL Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değiş

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Kanun No. 4607     


Acceptable Date: 28.11.2000      


MADE 1. - It is appropriate to confirm the Call for Mobile Intelligence (INMARSAT), and to confirm the incidents that are made in the message of reason for compliance.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.




It will remove the "(Inmarsat)" from the text in the word "(Inmarsat)".

The third and fourth paragraphs in theGiriþEntry section are to be found in the text.

The second paragraph of theGiriþEntry section is the third paragraph to be the text that follows:

The most effective and unfair use of radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbital offerings, and the most current available for telecommunication use of all nations. Determined to provide the most effective and economical equipment with the use of the appropriate space technology,

It is the bottom of theGiriþEntry section and the seventh paragraphs are from the text.

The new text in the fourth, second, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth paragraphs in the entry section It is not possible.

Through the satellites, the Mobile Communications International Business Center warns that the original purpose of the time is, in 1974, when it was originally intended. International Telecommunications and Telecommunication Support for the Global Sea Hazard and Safety System (GMDSS), which are required by the Can Trust, International Telecommunications Company and the Global Sea Hazard and Safety System (GMDSS), have said the main point of time and The danger in the Radio Reglation indicated in his statement and under the view that it has installed a mobile satellite communications system with the globe, including the means of safety news.

Air traffic management and air traffic control (air navigation) control, including air traffic management and air traffic. By providing services for navigation and land mobile satellite, it is possible to provide the assul goal further and also provide radio-location detection services, as well as providing the services for the radio.

Trade for the Global Sea Hazard and Safety System (GMDSS) as a basic principle in order to survive. with the intention of continuing satellite hazard and safety communications services, the increasing competition from mobile satellite services will be required by the Inmarsat satellite system to be pushed through a Struck identified as part of Article 1. You can do so by accepting the

does not allow the nationality to be imposed on the nation, acting for debate purposes, the need for mobile satellite communications. to search for service wherever it is, and meet other basic principles, such as fair competition,

has operated on an economic and financial basis, considering the accepted principles of commerce. You know what you're doing?

Completely replaces the Global Sea Hazard and Safety System (GMDSS) services. And to ensure that some basic principles are used by the government, they need to have an oversight of the government in order to ensure that they are in need of an oversight.

Article 1. -It has been reported in the way of the tango.

Article 1


In this Glossary:

(a) "Contact" refers to the governments that are installed in the 2nd edition of Article 2.

(b) "February", an Inmarsat satellite system, and the entity or institutions in which the national law is established according to the convention. b.

(c) "Party" refers to a State that is not effective for this Glossary itself.

(d) "Public Service Means" means the Statement made between February and February as mentioned in Article 4 (1).

(e) "GMDSS" refers to the Global Marine Hazard and Safety System, which is being set up by the International Maritime Affairs.

Article 2. -The founder of Inmarsat is the new head and text of the world.

Article 2

Installation of


In this Glossary, the International Business of Mobile Reporting with the Appliance of Satellites, identified as " is installed.

Article 3. -The goal is to have it in place.

Article 3


The purpose of the Business is to ensure that the basic principles set forth in this Article are fulfilled by the Company. these;

is a time from time to time, with the PGMS (GMDSS) Dictionary in the 1974 experiment with the John Doe's Dictionary. Guarantee that the global maritime hazard and safety communications services are not provided, including the provisions of the Radio Recorder, which is defined by the International Conference on Telecommunication and the United States, which are involved in the terms of the terms of the Radio Telecommunications,

b) Service is not to be used to make the nationality service available,

c) acting for debate-based purposes,

d) is needed to communicate mobile satellite with necessary importance to remote areas and remote areas of the country. out-of-service service,

To operate in accordance with fair competition within the framework of laws and regulations applied to


Items from the following text:

Article 4: People and the People in the Enterprise-to-Party Interchange

Article 5: Human and Financial Signals of the United States

Article 6: Temp of Space Segment

Article 7: How to Use Space Segment

Article 8: Dioterspace Intersection

New 4th Clause:

Article 4

Apply Basic Principles

1. With the approval of the General Assembly, the Company will conduct a Public Service Agreement with the Company and to ensure that the basic principles set forth in Article 3 can be monitored and fulfilled by the Company, and that this is the case in order to be fulfilled. If applicable, any other similar arrangements that may be required will be made available.

2. In accordance with its own national laws, the country will take appropriate measures that may be necessary to meet the continuation of the GMDSS services specified in Article 3 and meet the other basic principles.

Article 9. -The new Article 5 will be renumbered as the new item.

The new Article 5 (b) and (c) of the new Article 5 (c) are added to the following by using the new Article 5 (b).

b) The Secretary of a Directive that a Director has been working with.

Article 10. -General Assembly-The style of the thesis and the meetings are renumbered as new Article 6.

The new item 6 (2) has been installed with the text and is added to the new (3) third party.

2. The general assembly's meeting will be held in two years. The outstanding meetings will be collected on a third of the Parties or on the basis of the Director's request or on the basis of the General Assembly's Usulas.

3. All of us are looking at where you're going to be. The General Assembly has the right to prepare and endure in the meetings. Arrangements with the country to host the meeting will be in line with these obligations.

Article 11. -General Assembly-The new Article 7 will be renumbered as new Article 7.

Article 12. -General Assembly-Tasks is renumbered as new Article 8, and is to be deformed with the text of the next. :

Article 8

General Assembly-Tasks

The General Assembly's tasks will be:

, with regard to the recommendations made by the company, the objectives of the Company, with its general policy and long-term goals, are considered 3 To encourage and review the activities of the Company relating to the basic principles set forth in the Article;

b), including the acknowledement of the 4th Article (1) of the Public Service, including the approval of the current and annuification of the Public Service To obtain any measures or set rules that are necessary to ensure that the fundamental principles specified in Article 4 are fulfilled by the Company;

c) Decide on issues with or without contact with the government of the United States and international organizations. to export;

d) to decide on any of the information that may be made in this Glossary under Article 18 of the Remarkety;

e) appoint a Director in accordance with Article 9, and the Director's office is removed;


f) to perform the tasks that are given to it by any means of the United States.

Items from the text in the next step.

Article 13: Conse-Teaseash

Article 14: Conse-Usul

Article 15: Location-Tasks

Article 16: General Directorate

Article 17: Temp in Meetings

The new Article 9 is added 9:

Article 9


1. The appointment of the director is 4 years or the amount of time that the General Assembly has been determined.

2. The Director is the chief legal officer and the most competent officer in charge of the Secretary's office and will be in charge of the General Assembly and under its management.

3. Under the guidance and instructions of the General Assembly, the organization will determine the conditions and standards of civil servants and workers, consultants and people, and appoint the Secrekarya staff, as the organization is under instructions.

4. It is necessary to ensure that the highest standards of integrity, competence, and efficiency are to be observed in the appointment of the director and the Secretariat of the Director.

5. The Company will be approved by the establishment of the Secretariat and will be approved by the General Assembly, and in order to fulfill its duties to the Director, to the Director, to the representatives of the country and to the representatives of the country, all manner of the host country will be provided in any way, It will make an understanding of the separation and exemptions. If the secretary is to move from the territory of the government to the secretary of government, the deal will cease.

6. All of the Parties, the Director, the Director, personnel, employees and Party of Party representatives who are engaged in the 5-pearl furlout, are on the ground to perform the duties of the representatives and representatives of the countries. They will sign a Protocol on the exemptions and exemptions that they will have during the time they are found. The protocol will be free of this Word, and will include provisions of the annulus.

Article 18. -The expense of the meeting is renumbered as Article 10 and is being used in the text of the next one.

Article 10


1. In the event of Public Service, the Business Administration will arrange for the expenses of the company to be paid by the Company:

kuruluþua) Installation and operation of the Secretariat,

b) the General Assembly hearings, and

c) implementation of measures to ensure that the Company fuls basic principles in accordance with the 4th Article.

2. The parties themselves will cover the expenses related to their contributions to the General Assembly meetings.

Items from the following text:

Article 19: Specify Charges For Use

Article 20: Supply

Article 21: Clouds and Technical Information

Article 22. -The responsibility is renumbered as Article 11 and is to be deemused with the text in the following.

Article 11


Parties, those who are not who they may represent within the framework of their authorizations, or in relation to real or legal entities, They will not be liable for the activities and obligations of the Company or the Company, except for the responsibilities that may be caused by the Treaties between themselves and the non-party interface. However, this provision does not refer to any rights that may be in place of representation or for real or legal entities to pay compensation under such an Agreement, with respect to any of the other rights under which such an agreement is subject to the agreement. is not blocked.

Items from the following text:

Article 23: Expenses Not Included

Article 24: Calculate Accounts

Article 25. -The legal entity is renumbered as new Article 12 and has been reported with the following text:

Article 12

Legal Business

The company will have legal entity. To fulfill their duties, in particular, to make, to acquire, to acquire, to rent, to retain, to retain, to be involved in, to become a party in cases, and to understand the States or the International They will have the authority to do so.

clause from the text:

Article 26: Rituals and Muafiances

Article 27: People with International Founders Renumbered 13 as the new Article 13, and in the form of the text of the System:

Article 13

Dianer International installations

Using the Atmospheric Space and the Ocean Region for the Barıs, with the United Nations. They will do business with the relevant departments, the Installs of Israel, and other international organizations on issues related to the common interests of all nations.

Article 28. -Notification of the International Telecommunication Union, from text to text.

Article 29. -Withdrawal is renumbered as a new Article 14, and is being disinfused in the text of the outside.

Article 14


If any Party, by notifying you of the Undersecretary, may leave the desired time with its own desires, and so on A withdrawal is effective from the date the notice is received by the Undersecretary of the State.

From the following item text:

Article 30: Assent and Feeshies

Article 31. -The solution of the sleep is renumbered in the new Article 15, and the following is the following text:

Article 15

The Solution For The Sleuthing

Contact us between the Parties or the Parties in relation to any of the aspects specified in this Glossary The rest of the concerns should be resolved with the relevant parties. Failure to reach a solution within a year after the date that any party has requested a solution, and those who are not sleeping; a) Do not agree to be passed by the International Court of Justice to the United States of the United States. ; or b) if they do not agree to a solution for the solution that is not sleeping, the arbitration will be able to apply to the Addendum to the Attachment if those who are not sleeping are willing to.

Article 32. -Zoning and Approval renumbered as the new Article 16, and the following are the following:

Clause is required as Necessary Considerations.

Thefýkralar3 and 4 No. 4 fans are canceled.

5 is canceled by the following text, with the following text being canceled:

5. This cannot be put into a Glossary of any kind.

Article 33. -Effective Entry renumbers as new Article 17.

Article 34. -The delics are renumbered as new Article 18, and are to be added to the new text of the day.

Article 18


1. Any Party may be present in this Glossary proposal and will be sent to all Parties and to the Company by the Director. This will be followed by the registration of the General Assembly, not prior to the current month, by taking into account the recommendations of the Company. This period can be reduced for up to three months, in a special case, on the basis of the General Assembly, in a decision.

2. If approved by the General Assembly, the decisivity is On the date of acceptance of the general assembly, the admission documents of two-thirds of the States will take a hundred and twenty days after the undersecretary of the admission documents. Following the current entry, the deity will be the basis for the agreed-to-Parties. For the other States, who are in the state of the Party at the time of the adoption of the General Assembly of the United States, the status of the Undersecretary's acceptance certificate will be as of the date of the date.

Article 35. -The Undersecretary, the new Article 19, renumbered.

The new Article 19 (2) and (3) are to be installed in the text of the No. lu friars.

Article 19


2. The undersecretary will immediately notify all parties of the following issues:

a) Any signature to the word.

b) Export of any document related to approval, acceptance, approval, or contribution.

c) This is the current version of the Glossary.

d) This is an acceptance and effective use of the Glossary.

e) Any withdrawal.

f) Dioter-related reporting and reporting.

3) Following the entry of a deemer in this Glossary, the Undersecretary of the United Nations Act has been under the Article 102 of the Act. It will send the Secretary to the Secretary of the Nations to register and release a statement of the current state.

has been started with a new version of the Glossary:



The attachment to the new text in Item 1 is the new text:

Article 1

A three-member arbitrator will appear in a three-member arbitrator tribunal under Article 15 of the Glossary.

The attachment has new text in the following Article 2 of the Attachment:

Article 2

An arbitrator or group of plaintiffs who wish to use an arbitrator for a sleep is requested by each defendant and to the Secretariat. They are sent by a document containing:

a) full definition of sleep, reasons for which each defendant should stand trial, and measures requested;

b) The subject matter of the case of the court in favor of the court's jurisdiction and the measures demanded by the court case in favor of the court case. , if so, the justification for acceptance;

c) The causes of the plaintiff's resolve to resolve the date of arbitration, in any way, or in any other way. opening;

d) If it is necessary for the court, the reconciliation of documents or documents that are part of a non-sleuthing party;

e) is the name of the person who is prosecuting the case to contribute to the court.


Secretaries will immediately submit a survey of this document to all Parties.

is the 3rd Article (1) of the Attachment, which is the new text in which it is the pearl of the pearl;

1. During a period of under a sixty-day period following the execution of the document as specified in Article 2, the invitations will be held together to appoint a member of the court delegation. During this time, invitations can be sent together, or individually, to each plaintiff or to the secretariat, including individual or joint responses to the document specified in Article 2, and a document that includes any other claims from the conversation subject.

The 5th Clause of Attachment (2), (6), (8), (8) and (11) are the new text in which the following is:

2. Proceedings shall be conducted in secret, and will be kept confidential to the court. However, it will have the right to prepare and take advantage of the documents presented in the Readiness. If the party is not asleep, all of the Parties will have the right to take part in the hearing and take advantage of all the documents presented.

6. The court will listen to the other people who are concerned about the fraud and will decide on their own jurisdiction, according to Article 15 of the Glossary.

8. In any case, the court may stop the case if it has decided that it is under the authority granted to him with the 15th Article of the Word.

11. The Court will send its decision to the Secretariat to be imposed on all sides.

The attachment has a new text in the 7th Item, including:

Article 7

may press the court to allow it to contribute to any Party or Contact case and to be a party to the party. The court will allow the owner to determine that the owner has a significant fence in the case.

is the new text in the Attachment for the 9th item, including:

Article 9

Parties and Discretion, the court's execution or execution of the case by any party or by its own savings, or It will provide all of the information that is required for the resolution to be resolved.

The 11th Article of the Attachment is the new text that is located:

Article 11

1. The court ruling will comply with the international law and will be based on the following:

a) Glossary

b) The generally accepted principles of the law.

2. The court ruling will be available for all parties and for good faith, including those made by the part of the 5th Amendment (7), with the power of the Nci. If the party is not asleep and the court decides that any of the Contact organs are void and void, on the grounds that it is not appropriate to the Glossary or that the Promise does not authorize, all Parties to this decision will be made by the court. It will be a good time for you to see.

3. If an understanding of the meaning or scope of the decision is made, the court will comment on the request of either party at its request.



Article XVII, (2) is the nci Receipt-To-Department Entry, which is the current state of the product.

This means that cancellation of references to the end of the Glossary or the cancellation of references to the Word. If any of the people enter the current state, it will end up in the event of a person being resettled.