Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. 10 November 1972 23 October 1978 And 19 March 1991 In History In Geneva

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. 10 KASIM 1972, 23 EKİM 1978 VE 19 MART 1991 TARİHLERİNDE CENEVRE’D

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Kanun No. 5601


Acceptable Date: 13/3/2007      


MADDE 1- 10 AM 1972, 23 October On 2 December 1961, 1961 and 19 March 1991, the 2 December 1961 "New Plant Protection of the New Plant" was not added to the "Protection of the Nation's Protection of Plant".

MADDE 2- This is the release of the Law It will be effective in its history.  

MADDE 3- The provisions of this Law The Council of Ministers executes.









10 Gram 1972, 23 October 1978 and

March 19, 1991

Reviewing in Geneva

dated December 2, 1961






KorunmasýThe International Union for Protection of New Plant Gangs




No. 221 (E)

ISBN 92-505-03324

UPOV 1991

Reprint 1992, 1995




10 November 1972.23 October 1978 and 19 March 1991 reviewed in Geneva

dated December 2, 1961

New Plant Chechnites

Protection of Protection Internationalization

List of Items


Part I: Tents

           Article 1   : Tantages


Part II: The Akit Side General Obligations

           Article 2   : Key Side of Akit Obligations

           Article 3   : Cinges to be protected and Types

           Article 4   : National Application


Section III: Versate the Rights of the Slaw People's Code

           Article 5   : Protective Services

           Article 6   : Innovation

           Article 7   : Farnout

           Article 8   : Yeknesax

           Article 9   : Durable


Part IV: How to Give Wet Rights Business Start

           Article 10          : Bafsans Filing

           Article 11          : Priority Hakkus

           Article 12          : Bafsans Getting started

           Article 13          : Temporary Protection


Part V: Justo Rights

           Article 14          : JusthelyRights Scope

           Article 15          : On The Rights Of The Lachy Users

           Article 16          : JusthelyRights Depletion

           Article 17          : JusthelyRights Adjustments to Apply

           Article 18          : regulating Trade Precautions

           Article 19          : JusthelyRights Duration


Section VI: Simging a Conflict

           Article 20          : naming a rec


Part VII: The Validity Of the Wet Rights And Israeli whistled

           Article 21: Whistled Rights Invalidate

           Article 22: The Rights of the Srousate Cancellation


Section VIII: Union

           Article 23: Members

           Article 24: Legal Status and Central

           Article 25: Organs

           Article 26: Council

           Article 27: Union Central

           Article 28: Languages

           Article 29: Financial business


Section IX: Implementation of the Glossary, Dikteri Meanings

           Article 30: Glossary Apply

           Article 31: Akit parties and Previous The relationship of the Legally Liable States

           Article 32: Exceptions


Section X: Recent Provitions

           Article 33: Israel

           Article 34: Approval, Accepting, or Tasteed, Katulum

           Article 35: Drafables

           Article 36: Protected Type and Cinds And Regulatory Information, Information to be Broadcast

           Article 37: Current Entry, Previous Invalidate the Laws

           Article 38: Review of the Glossary Migrating

           Article 39: Fesih

           Article 40: Existing Rights Protection Edilmesi

           Article 41: Assure and Formal of the Glossary Texts

           Article 42: Save Ýþlevleri



Clause 1


In this Glossary:

(i) "This Pseudo" International Provides Protection of New Plant Species Current (1991) Glossary of the Glossary,

(ii) "1961/1972 Promise" with Additional Pseudo dated 10 November 1972 International Commitment to the Protection of New Plant Chechnites, dated 2 December 1961,

(iii) "1978 Promise" to Protect New Plant Chechnites The statement of the International Glossary dated 23 October 1978,

(iv) "Whistlehead",

-A part of a plant ring or a person who is developing and developing a plant,

-What is the business of the above mentioned or related Akite Side delegated or

the person who is mentioned above as a result of the law.

-The successor of the first or second person mentioned above, depending on the situation,

(v) "The rights of the lassac" are the rights of the United States in this word,

(vi) "Conflict" has exactly the right to be given the right to the right to be given. the minimum known botanical storage in the botanicals known to be involved in the

A combination of a given genotype or genotype statements that can be identified by the expression of the characteristics

An expression of at least one of the characteristics of the mentioned characteristics Grouped by

Accept as a unit because of its fitness to be manufactured a plant grouping that can be used,

(vii) "Akit" is a State or governments entity that is a party to this Glossary a search for an organization,

(viii) "The Country" is a State of the Akit, as it is based on the Akit Side. The governments of this state, when an intergovernmental organization, were the founding of the organisation, the government said, when an intergovernmental organization was the country's organization.

(ix) "Authorized" Article 30 (1), the specified authority,

(x) "Union" 1961, established in 1972 and later in 1978 The Protection of New Plant Species mentioned in this Glossary with their commitments,Birliði

(xi) "Union member" is an Akit Side or 1961/1972 or 1978 It refers to a State that is a party to the word.



Article 2

Key Side of Akit Obligations

Each of the Akit's rights will identify and protect the rights of the Sat.

Clause 3

Cents and Species to be Protected

(1) [ The member already has States] The provisions of this Glossary of each of the Acit liable for 1961/1972 or 1978,

(i) has become obligated to this Glossary 1961/1972 or 1978 To all plant cines and species,uyguladýklarý

(ii) After the end of the year after the end of the following year, all It will apply to plant cines and species.

(2) [ New Members of the Union] The Act 1961/1972 and the provisions of each of the Acit Parties that are not liable to the 1978 Act,

(i) At least 15 plant species or more in the date that it is liable for

(ii) After the end of 10 years, as of the date of the question, all It will apply to plant cines and species.

Clause 4

National Application

(1) [ Treatment] In This Glossary with the specified rights reserved, legal entities that are registered to be registered by the Akit Party, as well as legal entities that have registered offices in the cities of Akit, as well as the citizens of Akit, are citizens of the company. With the registration of the uploaded start and formalities, both Under the terms of the flow, the following will be treated with the right and protection of the rights of the people, or the same treatment that the other Akit Parties apply to, or apply to, their own lawfully.

(2) [ Citizens] previous The citizens of this State, in the event of a State of the Union, are a member of the State, which is a member of the governments of the United States, in the event that the "citizens" party is a State of the Union.



Clause 5

Protection Services

(1) [ Criteria to sleep] All right, all right, all right, all right.

(i) New

(ii) Differences

(iii) Yeknesak and

(iv) will be issued if it is in the process.

(2) [ Digits of Dioteros] The granting of their rights to the provisions of Article 20, naming the owner in accordance with the provisions of the owner, and the formalities stipulated by the Acit Party's law, which were paid for by the authority of the applicant, are more common and different to those who are not. It won't be.

Clause 6


(1) [ Criteria] rights in the history of the filing of the construction of the construction site, the report of the order of the adhor, or by itself, the material, or the material of the harvesting, or the harvesting of the material,

zamanda(i) at a time before the end of this date the file is in the Akit Side window, and

(ii) Before the date mentioned, four years earlier In turn, when it comes to terms of use, whether it is not yet sold or given to the other, if it has not been given to them, it is not yet to be sold, if it is not intended for use within the time, in the case of using the Akit Party.

(2) [ Existing creation wreations] The Scorpion Side, this or earlier, applied this promise to a plant type or type of plant that previously did not implement it before the time specified in paragraph (1), or even if the transfer was to be true of the period specified in the same paragraph the scope of protection to help you innovate It takes into account the current creamer in history.

(3) [ In certain cases "country"] paragraph (1), which is a member of a single and identical intergovernmental organization

Akit Parties with actions taken in the country of the member States of this organization They can act together in the event that the director of the organization must act together with the purpose of merging actions in their own countries. In this case, they will inform the Secretary General about this.

Clause 7


The conflict is known to everyone that the conflict is scheduled to be filed. If he can get away from the statements, he'll be called a different one. In particular, the filing of a report of the right to be given the right to a remit or to file official reports in each country has made official reports of civil rights and official registration of the country's official. By the date of the date, this group has been known to become known as one of its own.

Article 8


Conflict is likely to be expected of certain features of the breeding It is known as Yeknesak if it is enough Yeknesak from the features that it has.

Article 9


Conflict, their respective characteristics, repeated reproduction or a certain type of if the reproductive circuit is removed from any time after each circuit, it will be referred to as the trial.



Clause 10

Filing The Bases

(1) [ first place location] The Slabrlx, He may choose the Akit Party, which he wants to approve his execution, in the course of his rights to the court.

(2) [ Next time duration] The first time it was issued by the Akit Party, without waiting for the authorities to give him the right to the authorities, may also be able to contact the authorities of the other Akit Parties to give them the right.

(3) [ Protective media] No The current entity cannot refuse or deny the right to a better state or government, because it does not apply to a state or an intergovernmental organization, which is rejected or terminated.

Article 11

Priority Hakkus

(1) [ Rights and duration] Akit One of the parties involved in the protection of a government in accordance with the procedure of a "first place", in which case it was given the right to the right of a company, would be the right to be given the right to a member of the Akit Party. It will take advantage of the priority for 12 months. This period is calculated from the date of the filing of the first time period. Filing day is not included in this period.

(2) [ Claim claim] Priority In his next visit to take advantage of the right to take advantage of the right to the right.

will claim the priority of the Israeli press. In a period of not less than three months from the date of the filing of the subsequent press, the competent official who filed the next press service said the documents of the documents that were the first one were the same as the one that was the subject of both the reports. You can ask for samples or evidence.

(3) [ Documentation and Material] After the end of the priority period or in a two-year period, or if the first time was rejected, or canceled, the following is required for review, after the rejection and cancellation, to review the requirements of Article 12 of the Declax. preparing information, documentation and materials, and the second leg of A time is appropriate for submitting it to the side of the Akit.

(4) [ occurring during this period of time events] This will not be the basis for the filing of a bareline during the period mentioned in the paragraph (l), or to the subsequent rejection of events such as the use or publication of the initial statement of the case or the publication of the initial case. This type of event will not lead to any third-party rights at the same time.

Article 12

How to view the front of the strike

Any decision on the issue of the Islahs, 5 to 9. It requires a review of the conditions under which the conditions under the Maddes are to be put to sleep. In the process of execution, you may be able to grow authorized or apply other required tests, either to be able to grow the steel or to apply required tests, or to consider the results of growth tests or prior trials. - In an update, the authority may request that the officer procure all necessary information, documents and materials.

Article 13

Temporary Protection

Each of the Akit Party (s) is entitled to the right of the right to will take measures to protect against the release of this right during the period in which it is being filed or published. These measures, at least as specified in Article 14, are offered once they have been granted, once they have been granted, for more than any time during the course of the mentioned period, fulfilling actions that require the jurisdiction. It will. An Akit Party may stipulate that the measures being discussed are not only applicable to those who are notified of the filing of the public filing.



Article 14

Cover the Realm Rights Scope

(1) [ In production materials actions] (a) 15. And 16. Actions on the reproductive materials of protected steel, which are subject to material, require a permit to be taken into law:

(i) Production or reproduction (heralum)

(ii) Refuling the production for production purposes

(iii) Submit to Sell

(iv) Sat. or marketing

(v) Uracat

(vi) Hup

stoklama(vii) Stocking for the purposes mentioned in the socket

(b), such permission is subject to certain conditions and conditions.

(2) [ The product of the product that is being imported) actions] as there is no reasonable reason to use the right to the most mentioned-to-material material, 15. and, subject to Article 16, the actions of the harvested material, including the complete and part of the plants obtained through the unauthorised use of the breeding material of the protected steel, as well as the harvested material specified in the materials from (i) to (vii) to the following: It will require your permission to be granted permission.

(3) [ Specific products Actions] In accordance with Article 15 and 16, the Akit Parties are derived from (l) the unauthorised use of the harvested material belonging to the protected species under paragraph (2) of paragraph (2) (2), and (i) the following. The provisions of the actions of the actions of the men in their articles are the harvest. If it does not have the possibility to use the right to use the material on the material, it will be subject to the permission of the law.

(4) [ Olassal additional actions] Article 15 and 16-alert The Akit Parties shall be subject to the permission of the actions of the actions in which the (l) paragraph (i) preceding paragraph (i) is subject to the actions of the preceding paragraph (vii).

(5) [ derived from, and other certain set of shows] (a) (l) from (l) to (4) The provisions of the preceding paragraphs at the same time,

(i) The protected government itself is a derivative of the requirement Cases that are derived from the protected document, derived from the required state,

.(ii) 7. Unexplained statements from protected steel by material, and

(iii) Resuscials that require re-use of protected steel can be applied to it.

In cases where subparagraph

(b) (a) (i) the subparagraph does not The mandatory will be considered as a result of the derived.

(i) Asian or genotype combination of assisate characteristics In cases where it is available from the government that is available to protect its own, or if it is derived from a document that is available from this work, which is available at the start of the process,

(ii) in cases where it is clear from the current situation in the country and

(iii) Genotype or differences caused by a derivation action In cases where the aural characteristics arising from the combination of genotype are in compliance with the current, current state of the state.

(c) Ects Derived as an Enas, or from a customized mutation, or It can be obtained through the selection of a steel derived from tissue culture, or by choosing from different plants belonging to the present, by the backhoe, or by means of a transformity with a genetic engineering.

Article 15


(1) [ Forced Business] They don't expand until they're right about it:

(i) Privately or non-commercial purposes actions

(ii) Empirical actions and

(iii) The actions that are being actualized for the ability of other species to grow and 14. (5) In the cases of the implementation of the provisions of the Article 14, this type of other species. (1) Actions specified in the item

(2) [ Selectionism] 14. Each of the Akit Parties, within reasonable limits and in order to protect the legal ants of the law, add to the farmers by their own harvest and the protected species or the 14. (5) A type of Article (a) (i) or (ii) may ascribe the rights of a derived species on their land to allow them to use production purposes.

Clause 16

Termination of JusthelesHaklarýnýn

(1) [ End of the rights] The Lahrachy right, protected or 14. Any material that is sold or marketed within the scope of the Akit Party of a gang within the scope of Article (5), or any material that is derived from the mentioned material, or any material that is being marketed or described in the It cannot be regenicable. This is true as actions are covered by actions;

(i) the country of question is notçoðaltýlmasý

(ii) In cases where the imported material is intended for the final consumption, Exporting the material to a country that is not protected by the protection of the plant species or species that the material belongs to,

(2) [ "Material" semane] The paragraph (1) also makes sense of the "material" file of the past.

(i) Any multiplexing material

(ii) Harvest crops, including all plants or plant parts material

(iii) Any product that is obtained from the product of the product that has been received from the product

(3) [ In certain cases "country"] In paragraph (l), the Akite Parties, which are members of a single and identical intergovernmental organization, must act together with the actions made in the country of the member States of the member States to integrate actions in their own countries. they can act together in situations. If they act in this way, they will inform the Secretary of State.

Article 17

Implementer the Right of Lahrachyn Summations

(1) [ Public benefit] In this Glossary No Akit Side can be freely applied to the right of public benefit for reasons that are foreseen, as they have been foreseen.

(2) [ Fair Payment] This type of In cases where a third party is allowed to take action to take any action that requires the dismay of the dismay, the relevant Akit Party will take all necessary measures to ensure fair pay for the public.

Article 18

Precautions Governing Trade

The rights of the Akit party belong to the government. to regulate the production, certification, marketing or import and export of the material, and to regulate the export. Nevertheless, these types of measures will not affect the implementation of the provisions of this Glossary.

Article 19

Time of Lahrachet Rights

(I) [ Protection time] The Slabl the right will be given for a fixed period of time.

(2) [ Minimum time] Mentioned It will not be more than 20 years from the date of the expiration date of the deadline. No more than 25 years will be less than 25 years old when it comes to the history of the time being given the right to the right.



Article 20

Simeone of a conflict

(1) [ With naming of the rec. name, use of the naming] (a) the file will be referred to as a public name for the file itself.

(b) Each Agite Side, based on paragraph (4), as the name of the case of Ensure that no right about the recorded name will prevent the free use of that name, even after the expiration of the rights of the say.

(2) [ People's Characters] The body will be able to recognize the recognition of the company. The name cannot be numbers only if it is a valid application where the numbers are specified by numbers. It is not possible to understand the characteristics of the people, the characteristics, or the identity of the identity, or the identity of the human being, which may cause or may not cause a reason to understand or cause a wrong. In particular, it has to be different from all the naming of the same plant species, or of a nearby species, that describe an existing document, within any of the Akit's forms.

(3) [ ismin tescli] The name of the rec It will be approved by the court of law. If the paragraph does not meet the requirements in paragraph (2), the authority will refuse to register that name, and will ask for a new name within a stipulate period. It will be recorded at the same time as the right to be granted the right to the city of the city.

(4) [ Previous of the third party) rights] The previous rights of the third party will not be affected. Due to previous rights, if the name of a gang is prohibited by the company that is obliged to use it (7), the authority will ask for a new name for the order of the civil.

(5) [ All Akit Parties Naming] All of the Akit Parties are presented in the same name under the same name. An Akit Party official has to register the name in the same way that it is presented, unless the name is suitable for its own time. If it thinks the job is not appropriate, it will ask the chief of the country to give it a name.

(6) [ Akit Side authorities information in between) An Akit's official will provide information about the naming of the company, including registration and cancellation, and the information of the other Akit Party officials on matters of naming the company. Any authority may submit any observations of the name, if applicable, to the authority that reports the name.

(7) [ How to use a message Obligation] In the terms of one of the Akit Parties, the right to use or market the information of a protected government in which they are mentioned, or to use the same type of use before the provisions of the market, paragraph (4) states, after the expiration of the right to the right of the He would have to use the name of the band.

(8) [ As a set of people used] , will be permitted to use a trademark, trade name, or other similar phrase with the registered name when it is offered or marketed to you. The name can easily be recognized even if it is used in this type of phrase.




Article 21

invalidating the rights of the lasscor

(1) [ Invalidation reasons] Every An Akit Party shall be declared invalid or void if any situations in which they are given the right to the right to be granted.

.(i) 6. and 7. If it is not yet fulfilled, it is not yet to be met with the right to the right of the conditions of the law.

(ii) Information on the basis of the Islamic rights as a basis And, in cases where documents are based on documents, 8. And nine. Whether or not it has yet to be used to comply with the issuing of civil rights to the conditions contained in the materials, or

(iii) a person who does not have a license to get this right. It is not transferred to a person who is entitled to this right.

(2) [ Except cause of tutulmasý The reasons given in paragraph (1) are invalid and cannot be declared void because of the causes in the subject matter.

Article 22

Israeli Rights To the Lahrn

(1) [ Reasons for the Cancel] Every An Akite Side, 8. And nine. May revoke the rights of the issued by itself in cases where the conditions contained in the items may not be fulfilled.

(b), if each of the Akit Parties are requested and the duration is projected It may revoke the rights of the people who have been granted by themselves in the event of the fact that the people in the region are to be found.

(i) the information required for the approval of the maintenance of the government, If the document or materials are not submitted to the authority,

(ii) If the policy does not pay for the charges that will keep the rights in effect,

(iii) in case of cancellation of the name of the government after the issuance of the rights, If he didn't give me a proper name.

(2) [ Except cause of tutulmasý No sign of the right will be cancelled because of the reasons different than those mentioned in the paragraph (l).



Article 23



Akit Parties shall be a member of the Union.

Article 24

Legal Status and Center

tüzel(1) [ Legal Kirification] Union legal entity It has a connection to it.

(2) [ Legal capacity] Union, every uses the legal license that may be necessary to comply with the applicable laws in these areas, in accordance with the applicable laws, and may be required to perform their work.

(3) [ Central] Union and permanent The center of the organs is in Cenevre.

(4) [ Central understanding] Union It has a central understanding with the Confederation of Swiss.

Article 25



Council and the Union Center are permanent organs.

Article 26


(1) [ Mahib] Council, Union will be one of the representatives of its members. Each member of the Union will appoint a representative to the Council and a proxy. They may have assistants or counselors in front of representatives and surrogates.

(2) [ Officers] Council, members He will choose between the President and the First Half. The Council can also choose the Barekkan Yardans. If the President is unable to fulfill his official position, the First Minister will replace the First Lieutenant. The President will continue his duties for three years.

(3) [ Sessions] Council, Council It will be collected on the work of the president. The council-related sessions are held once a year. At the same time, the President can gather the Council at his discretion. Under the demands of one-third of the members of the Union, the President will collect the Union within a three-month period.

(4) [ Observers] Member They can be invited as observers to the Council of States Council meetings. Experts can be invited to such meetings as well as other observers.

(5) [ Tasks] Location tasks will be:

(i) for protection of ants and for the development of the Union working on appropriate measures,

(ii) making the Union rules of the Union,

(iii) a Secretary-General and a Secretary-General if deemed appropriate to assign them, and to determine the conditions in the appointment of both,

(iv) Review and future report on the activities of the Union Preparing a program for the Union's work,

(v) General Sekretere to perform Union tasks to give you the necessary instructions,

(vi) Making the administrative and financial arrangements of the Union,

To review and approve the Union budget of

(vii), each Union member to determine the dues,

To review and approve the accounts presented by the Secretary-General of


.(ix) 38. To determine the locations and dates of the conferences specified in the item, and to take the necessary measures to prepare these conferences,

Genel(x) In general, all necessary for productive use of the Union decisions.

(6) [ Vows] (a) is a State Each Union member will have one vote in the Council.

(b) Any Akit Party, an organization that is an intergovernmental organization He could use the voting rights of his member States, which is a member of the Union, within the world. If the members of the organisation use the voting rights themselves, such an intergovernmental organization will not be able to use the voting rights, in the opposite case, if the intergovernmental organization uses the right to vote, the organization is a member of the United States. They will not be able to benefit.

(7) [ Mulchens] (5) (ii), (vi) and (vii) paragraphs and 28. (3), 29. (5) (b) and 38. (1) There are three-quarters of the votes used for any Council resolution covered by the Article, while the votes used for any Council decision shall be as simple as required. Abstained votes will not be considered.

Article 27

Union Center

(1) [ Center ' s tasks and management] The Union Centre will fulfill all the duties and duties given to him by the Council. The Centre will be under the administration of the Secretary General.

(2) [ General Secretary's Tasks] The Secretary-General shall be responsible for the Council and will be responsible for the implementation of Council resolutions. The Secretary General will submit the Union budget to the Council's approval and will be responsible for the implementation of the budget. His own administration will prepare reports on the Council's activities and financial situation.

(3) [ Staff] 26. (5) (iii) Based on its provision, the assignment and employment conditions of the personnel required for the performance of the Union Centre in an efficient way shall be determined in the administrative and financial regulations.

Article 28


(1) [ Center's Languages] When performing their duties, English, French, German and Spanish languages will be used by the Union Center.

(2) [ In specific meetings languages] Council meetings and revision conferences will be held in four languages.

(3) [ Digits of Languages] Council, dianer the use of the languages.

Article 29

Financial Business

Birlik(1) [ Revenue] Union expenses;

(i) Union member States ' annual dues,

(ii) Payments received in services offered,

(iii) Chinese revenues are met.

(2) [ Aidatts, units] (a) The total amount of the annual dues of each State of the Union member shall be determined from the total expense of the Union member States ' dues, and the number of applicable dues in paragraph (3) to this amount. The share that is mentioned will be calculated according to paragraph (4).

(b) the number of Aidat units, less than a fraction of a fraction of a fraction will not be specified in full numbers or frats.

(3) [ Aidas: each member payýsayýsý(a) the number of aid units that may be applied to any member of the Union that is party at the time of the date of 1961/1972 or 1978, will be the same as those applicable prior to the date referred to by this member.

(b) a member of the Union, on the course of the United States, General It will show the number of aidat units that can be applied to him in an affidavit to be issued to the secretary.

(c) a Union member State, at any time, In an affidavit to be issued to the General Secretary, it may show the number of aidat units that are different from those applied to the scope of paragraph (a) or (b). If this type of declaration is held in the first six months of a calendar year, the next calendar year will be effective from the beginning of the second calendar year, or the beginning of the second calendar year following the arrangement of the statement.

(4) [ Aidatts: payouts Calculation] (a) The amount of a unit of aid for each budget period is divided by the total number of units that can be applied to the Union member States, divided by the total number of units of the Union member States during this period


(b) Union member state of each State, a unit of dues, the amount that can be obtained by the number of aidat units that can be applied to this Union member state.

(5) [ Approx Aidates] (a) A Union member state with unpaid dues in the Aidat payments may not use the right to vote on the Council if the payment of the paid dues is due or exceeds the dues that must be paid by the previous year, to the lower paragraph (b). Stopping the voting rights will not save this Union member from its obligations under this Glossary, and will not deprive the Union of its obligations to this commitment.

(b) Council may not avoid delay of payment and result in exceptional circumstances If it is persuaded, the member state of the question is allowed to continue voting.

(6) [ Review of accounts] A review of the Union's accounts will be made by a member state of the Union, which is envisioned in administrative and financial arrangements. This State shall be appointed by the Council as a member.

(7) [ Intergovernmental organizations (dues) HükümetlerGovernments will not be obligated to pay any Akit Party that is an intergovernmental organization. If the organisation chooses to pay dues, the paragraph provisions from (l) to (4) will be applied in a similar way.




Article 30

Implementation of a Glossary

(1) [ Application Prepositions] Each The Akit Party will implement all measures necessary to implement this commitment. Specifically;

(i) is eligible for effective use of the court rights. Legal solutions will be provided,

(ii) An authority to be issued with the supply of the lashline will be contained or A number of other officials will be given the task, including one another.

(iii) Halkn regular releases

For the rights of the Islahs, and the rights to be granted,

Notify names of suggested and approved names It will be.

(2) [ Compliance of the Law] Based on the approval, acceptance, approval, or contribution documents, each State or governments organization is in a position to be able to place the provisions of that pledge within the framework of its laws, according to the situation.

Clause 31

Liable For Previous Laws

Akit Parties and States People

(1) [ This is liable for States between the States] BuThis and the United States, which are responsible for the previous Agreement, will only be able to refer to this Word.

(2) [ This is not liable for States with states] Any member State that is not obligated to this Agreement, with a sense of the General Secretary, will apply the latest Pseudo for each of the individual Union members in charge of this Glossary. report. Until the end of a month after this type of notice, the Union member state is obliged to do so by the State of the Union, in which the Union member states that only the Union member States in charge of this Agreement. When implementing the most recent commitment that is required, only the country in charge of this Glossary will apply this Glossary.

Article 32

Custom meanings

As long as the meanings do not violate the provisions of this Glossary, Members of the Union have the right to conduct special means to protect against the people.



Article 33


Every State of the Union at the time of the acceptance of this Glossary It will be signed. This Promise will be open to the signature until March 31, 1992.

Clause 34

Approve, Accept, or Taser; Multiplicity

(1) [ States and certain governments Among organizations] (a) As envisioned in this Article, any intergovernmental organization may be a party to this Glossary.

(b) Any intergovernmental organization, as stipulate in this Article This may be the party to the Glossary if it is working on the following features:

(i) If any of the topics discussed in this Glossary, if it has been qualified,

(ii) All member states are entitled to be issued by their if it has the legislation,

(iii) This is as required by its internal procedure to contribute to the Glossary if authorized.

(2) [ Contribution document] This Any State that signs the commitment will be party to this Glossary by presenting the approval, acceptance, or approval of this Glossary.

A State or any government that does not sign this Glossary By presenting a form of organisation, the organization will take part in this Glossary. Approval, acceptance, approval, or contribution documents will be given to the General Secretary.

(3) [ Council Advice] Birlige Any non-member state or governmental organization will ask the Council to advise the Council of its compliance with the provisions of the Code of Law prior to issuing the statement of the contribution. If the decision making the recommendation is positive, the contribution document is given.

Article 35


(1) To [ Principate] Paragraph (2) It is not allowed to have any traction on this Glossary.

(2) [ Olassi Istituto] (a) 3 (1) Any State, which is also a party to the 1978 Glossary when it is a party to the Agreement, has no right to say that it is the country's entity, but rather than the right of the right to say it, it is the first to say. The application continues to protect the people from protecting them in this way.

(b) any State, approval, acceptance, and acceptance of any of the rights in question In the event that the certificate or the contribution document is given, it will notify the Secretary General if it is the status of the status. At any time, the same state can withdraw the statement.

Article 36

Protected Csexes-Types and Mevzuata

Human Handouts, To Be Cast Information

(1) [ Lit Statement] Any The state or governments of the state or governments, in the event of approval, acceptance or approval, or statement of the contribution, according to the situation, The Secretary-General will inform you about the following:

mevzuat(i) Legislery with the rights of the lashery

(ii) the provisions of this Glossary at the time of obligation of the Agreement a list of plant species and their types that apply

(2) [ Deviations Reporting] The Akit Parties shall notify the Secretary-General immediately on the following:

(i) Deviations in legislation that contain the anti-lashery rights

(ii) Additional plant species and genotypes of the implementation of this Glossary geniþletilmesi

(3) [ Propagate of Information] The Secretary General will disseminate information about the following topics, based on the information from each of the Akit Parties:

mevzuat(i) Legislor legislation and this legislation The following are the following:

(ii) List of plant species and genus as specified in paragraph (1) (ii) and the genirizations specified in paragraph (2) (ii).

Article 37

Entering Effective Entry,

Current Previous Glossary RemoveKaldýrýlmasý

(1) [ Entry entered] This According to the situation, at least three of the documents in question will be issued by the United States in 1961/1972 or 1978, a month after the state submitted its approval, approval, acceptance, approval, or contribution documents.

(2) [ Entry next door] Any state or governmental organization that is not covered by paragraph (1) shall be liable under this Glossary one month after the date of submission, approval, acceptance, approval or contribution of the contribution document.

(3) [ Current of 1978) Removal] (1) no documents related to the 1978 commitment to the 1978 commitment may not be granted after the effective entry of the company, but as a country that is coming under the applicable application of the United Nations General Assembly. Any country that is accepted is more important to the Promise of If entered before, the document will give it up to 31 December 1995, and the other countries will give it up to 31 December 1993.

Article 38

Review the Glossary

(1) [ Conference] This is a statement It can be reviewed by a conference that will contribute to members of the Union. The Council decides that such a conference is held.

(2) [ Enough, and Multinational] One At least half of the members of the Union member states will apply if the benefit is represented at that conference. To accept any revisions, three-quarters of the Union of Member States are required to take part in the conference and vote on it.

Article 39


(1) [ Handouts] Any The entity will announce the termination of this Glossary with a notice to be presented to the General Secretary. The Secretary General will immediately notify all members of the Union to receive this notice.

(2) [ Previous Dictionaries] This The announcement of the annulment of the annulment will also be granted annulment for the prior commitments made by the Akit party.

(3) [ Effective Entry Date] The annulment will be effective at the end of the calendar year following the Secretary-General's office.

(4) [ Benefit Rights] Fesih, will not affect the rights that have been made with this Glossary or any of the preceding dates from the date of the Fehhin.

Article 40

Protection of Existing Rights

This Glossary is not in the framework of the Akit Party laws or in this Word. It will not be able to remove any existing rights due to a previous commitment or understanding between the members of the Union.

Article 41

Assure and Formal of the Glossary Texts

(1) [ Asil] This Is A Promise, It will be signed in English, French and German, in a single piece of text, and will be based on French text in case of any sleep. The assent text will be stored by the Secretary.

(2) [ Official Texts] General Once the secretary has agreed with the relevant Governments, the Arabic, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Spanish languages, and in other languages that the Council determines, will make the official text of this Glossary.

Article 42

Hidden SignalsÝþlevleri

(1) [ Send Surs] The Secretary-General will send copies of the endorsement copies to all States and governments that are represented at the Diplomatic Conference adopted by this Glossary, and to the states or governments across the country on request.

(2) [ Sign] , this It will register the commitment with the Secretary General of the United Nations.                             


The text of the above, 10 November 1972, 23 October 1978, and 19 March 1991 Diplomatic efforts to review the Protection of New Plant Chechnites, which were reviewed in Geneva and opened in Geneva on 4-19 March 1991 and signed in Geneva on March 19, 1991, were conducted in Geneva. Adopted at the conference, 2 December 1961 New Plant Chechenes I will confirm that the Protection of Protection is a proper copy of the Nation's word.

                  UPOV                                                                          Arpad BOGSCH

                                                                                         Protection of New Plant Chechnites


Secretary General

July 1, 1991