Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. The Anti-Smuggling Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. KA­ÇAK­ÇI­LIK­LA MÜ­CA­DE­LE KA­NU­NU

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Kanun No. 5607


Acceptable Date: 21/3/2007      


Purpose and Tantas


ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is the smuggling verbs and The prevention of trafficking, monitoring, searching, and essences are determined by the way they do.


MADDE 2- (1) This is the Law contained in this Law;

a) Customs taxes: Customs administration or administration by administration, imports or exports of the country Taxes levied as applicable financial obligations,

b) Customs: Internationales  to be determined; for imported business set up customs duties with the CIF part of the country, collect customs duties with FOB order for export,

refers to.


Fork Fiilts

Crimes and demeanors

MADDE 3- (1) The product is not in the process of customs duties. His import to Turkey is punished with up to five years in prison and a fine of up to ten thousand days. If the site is imported to Turkey from the specified customs gates, the penalty will be increased by up to a third of the amount of penalties.

(2), without either cutting or disburnable to customs duties by using false documents, The man who imported it to Turkey is in prison for more than a year in prison and a fine of up to ten thousand days.

TagPreserver,p,0,139(3) The country is not in a free movement within the framework of the transit regime, the regime In the customs area, in the customs area, he is sentenced to two years in prison, and for up to two months in prison, and with a fine of his name.

(4) Temporary imports and exportation to the country for use or execution for a specific purpose The country, which was introduced within the framework of the regime, spent three months in prison and fines for up to three years in prison and fines for up to three months. It will be punished.

(5) Notwithstanding the business of the fiilles that are described in the fourth-to-fourth fives, the business of which is, knowingly and commercialized, sold, sold, traded, or kept it for commercial purposes, up to two months in prison and fines for up to two months. It will be punished.

(6) Exempt from customs duties, or fully exempt from customs duties The business, which purports, sells, or knowingly sells, sells, or knowns this feature in an imported purpose, is in prison for up to three months in prison and a monetary penalty for up to one day. It will be punished.

(7) imports of anti-law enforcement, which requires a longer sentence, is the same If it does not become a crime, he will face up to less than two years in prison and a fine of up to twenty thousand days. A ban on a ban, knowingly buying, selling, selling, selling, or storing this property, will be punished with the same sentence.

(8) Unavailable, customs, or non-free navigation of temporary storage locations If the administration is without permission, or if it is completely out of date or completely, the two-fold charge of the duty of duty is given to the current administration.

(9) Provisional import, within the framework of the process of execution and customs control under the framework of the The country is given a two-fold charge of the duty of customs, for the country that has brought the customs to the free movement without actualising the customs process.

(10) President of the general regulatory administration, importing a ban on imports, the Four times the customs of duty is to be paid. In the event of no other, no more or no substance, the administration fines; twenty thousand Turkish liras in the pouring order for the incoming president, and the Turkish lira as a four-hundred Turkish liras in the event of a package. is calculated.

(11) Availability, license, status, permission, id, or certain installations of fitness or In the event of a qualification document, a two-story charge of the customs of duty is given to the person who is importing the cheating, cheating, and importing it with the behaviour. In the event of no other, no more or no substance, the administration is fined; the Turkish lira for the ten per cent of the spill is calculated as a hundred Turkish liras in the container if the packaging comes in.

(12) The country, which is banned from illegal law, has been punished for its expulsion. He is sentenced to less than two months in prison and a maximum sentence of up to 5,000 days, unless a criminal offense has occurred.

(13) The current issuing of a ban on exports with general regulatory authorities is the same The customs of duty is given a double charge of the administration. The government has been duty-free to comply with the license, license, permission, permission, or compliance or adequacy document, which has been subject to compliance or adequacy of the country. Half of the following is a penalty for administrative fines.

(14) If the Israeli is not real, it is either to make it sound real or to be real according to the provisions of the relevant law, the subject matter, quantity, phase, or price of export, is the right to use the right, subsidy, or monetary returns, according to the relevant law provisions. He's in prison for five years, and he's grounded for up to ten thousand days in prison. Only 27/10/1999 and the number 4458 of the Customs Code, if no one is aware of the fact that is actually exported by the person who was shown in the documents in the affidavit and the attachment. The system will be installed.

(15) The product, which can be exported by payment of customs duties, is in the way of customs duties. Two-part administrative fines of the country's customs duties are given to the company that is exporting or disregarding customs duties with the business and behavior of the cheating or deception.

 (16) If the vehicle is being realigged through the vehicle, the business is provisions according to the provisions of this clause, the manufacturer or supplier exports are applied in accordance with the provisions of this clause. However, the agency's officials, who do not perform the required role of this Law, are fined until the half of the property's customs.

(17) The mumps defined in this material, except for the under-receipt, may be intentionally pushed out.

(18) Kaburhat verbs, identified in the tenth friday, for crimes described in the Yukaran attack, Even if he was left out of office, he would be punished as if it were complete.

Qualifying rings

ARTICLE 4-(1) The crimes that are defined in this Code and If the cults are to be pushed up within the scope of an organisation's activity, the sentence will be doubled.

(2) The crimes and misdemeanour crimes described in this Code, together with three or more of the If it is done, the penalty to be given increases in half.

(3) The offences identified in this Code as part of the activity of the legal entity or in the use of If it is, then the specific security measures that are specific to them are being used.

(4) The crimes described in this Code are to prevent, monitor, and search for trafficionfils. The penalty to be given is increased if it is worked by the people tasked with asking, or by taking advantage of the convenience of the profession and the arts.

(5) Fraud of crimes and misdemeanes in this Code to be used to fraud the document In case of this crime, the sentence is also to be sentenced to this crime.

(6) To prevent, monitor, and prevent a number of freckles The person responsible for the investigation is deliberately held accountable for the work of the crime, which is intended to be responsible for the execution of the crimes.

(7) The person who is the subject of the conflict is political, economic, or military. the prison sentence cannot be less than a decade if the verb does not constitute a crime that would cause a further punishment, if it is not qualified to threaten the environment or the environment.

Active Pipex

MADDE 5- (1) of the crimes identified in the 3rd item or one of the misdemeanour, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators, the perpetrators are not punished if they are to be captured or taken over the fugitive's possession. After news of the news, service and assistance to the entire verb is reduced to two-thirds of the time.

 (2), except for the seventh, who has started one of the crimes identified in the 3rd item, is active By showing the pique, the fugitive who is known to be a fugitive from the Code of State has been paid in the state Treasury by twice as much money as the subject of the crime until the end of the question phase. The penalty to be charged for crimes is reduced by half. This fikra provision does not apply to the right-right or if crime is committed within the scope of an organization's activity.

Passenger brought withTagPreserver,b,227,231

MADDE 6- (1) The passengers are restrained according to customs regulations. They are part of the gift of the present, as they have shown themselves as if they belonged to or from the site, whether they were in the vehicle or in the vehicle of the country or were involved in the exchange. The customs duties are received twice as much as the customs administration and are delivered to the owner.

(2) has been withheld or hidden in order to avoid customs at all The customs duties are three times the number of customs duties and are delivered to the owner when they are found to be in the same situation as customs.

(3) The course specified in the first and second fives, if customs duties are not paid, It's got to be abandoned.

(4) passengers are on, separately, or ready to return to their statements. 3 provisions of article 3 are applied if the commercial property or import or export is prohibited from the outside of the vehicles.


MADDE 7- (1) has no valid excuse for law, but The ship's captain, who has been involved in the ship or the ship's captain, who is not in the ship's documentation or loading or taking part in the ship's ship, illegally entering the customs territory. He is punished according to the provisions of the smuggling charge.

(2) The current reason is caused by foreign countries The following route, without its documentation, will be restored to the burden of gauntlet of non-gastric tonilato in the Turkish territorial waters. Face-to-ship or agency, tonilato, which cannot be proven to have no load, has no load, or cannot be proven to a port or to a port, is given a hundred Turkish lira administrative fines to be used.


MADDE 8- (1) A fault in this Law is provided Repeat provisions apply if the administration is to blame again after the decision has been finalized.

(2) In the case of a single default, the administrative fines increase in the half.

(3) After three years of being completely replaced by the monetary penalty From the angle of the offense, the previous offense does not work on the wheel.

(4) Undersecretary of Customs for records of individual administrative fines based on the individual. It is regulated by the guidelines and regulations that are based on the part of the eclipse.




Usûl Provisions

Searching and uninstalling

MADDE 9- (1) The caveat, all kinds of weapons, ammunition, explosives And the search and apples to be made on top of all kinds of containers, packaging, or other products that are described as having been found in the presence of sleeping materials, dated 4/12/2004 and Penalty 5271. The judgment of the reasoning is fulfilled in the warning.

(2) Kirians who are being used for hiding in customs halls and customs above, can be searched by customs officers for the purpose of customs control of their loads and tools. The escaped fugitive, identified as a result of the search, is immediately available.

(3) In the Customs area, the scope of the Customs Code and the number of roads and roads specified Entering, undoing, or crossing. The winter and all sorts of installation tools will be stopped by authorized officers and search tools are searched if they are present, load, and are related to the people. The escaped fugitive, identified as a result of the search, is immediately available.

Do not put the hand in the top of the plane in a single-form transfer

ARTICLE 10- (1) In the process of processing the crimes identified in this Code to the people who were used to The fourth receipt of Article 128 of the Criminal Procedure Code is held in accordance with the verdict.

(2) covers the first receipt (a) of the 13th item entry without a record in Turkey, , or when you continue to ask for a repeat of the trafficking of the trafficled, while continuing the question of whether or not the trafficking is to be used again. It will be taken. The vehicle owner is returned to the customs administration within thirty days from the date of the decision of the owner as long as the agent's agent is due to be received. Otherwise, the liquidation administration will be immediately liquidated without the need for a result of the prosecution and the prosecution. If the liquidate is to be done by selling, the amount remaining after the sale of the proceeds from the sale and the amount of money required for the sale is the result of the prosecution. The operation is taken to the escrow account to be done.

(3) Kashmiri in the implementation of the second fikra provision, Kasko dec in land. In the course of the day, the insurance company is the one that is based on boat and machine insurance, and the market is understood by the insurance and the air and rail.

ellan contact housing

MADDE 11- (1) 10 with the person who is being held with the snob shows all kinds and tools that are taken when the second fir of the material is needed, showing the quantity of items, including quantity, brand, type, model, serial number, and so on It is delivered to the customs administration.

(2) The customs administration is a warehouse where it is deemed necessary for the housing of the fugitive and the housing. to be selected.

 (3) delivery to the customs administration by the second receipt of the 10th clause Seaports, if not delivered with the collateral, contact the port authority designated by the customs and required maintenance expenses, or if they are in the customs administration to be involved in the equipment. It will be delivered to the director. Expenses are not on the way, as long as the expenses are met by owners or if they are equipped.

(4) All options and installation tools that are being placed in the first and third fans. Expenses for reasons such as storage, storage, loading, loading and shipping, and shipping are made in the customs administration.

(5) The expenses that are required by the customs administration are related to the general budget. It ' s going to be on the scale.

How to send back the age of a pedestrian

MADDE 12- (1) A ban from foreign countries, loading Or return to a country where necessary security measures are returned and shipped to a country where necessary security measures are taken, if specified in the documentation or documentation in the documentation.

(2) Dangerous and harmful to the subject of conflict crime, community and environment. If the apertures are created, they are returned to the country where they are immediately brought in by the customs authorities.


MADDE 13- (1) Related to crimes identified in this Code 26/9/2004 andTagPreserver,b,65,105applies the provisions of the Turkish Penal Code, the number of 5237 Turkish Penal Code, and the benefit of the benefit. However, one of the following conditions must be real before you can allow any type of transmission to be used or used knowingly in the purview of the

a) The plane is likely to make it easier to process or expose the verb. Specifically, he was hiding in a specially prepared secret tertibat, or to be involved in a private, private, confidential, confidential, private, private, private, private, and otherwise known.

b) Out of the charge, quantity, or volume maintenance, depending on the installation tool load, or The need to create or transfer the portion of the agent to be used.

c) The fugitive from the process of the installation, It is forbidden from entering Turkey or harmful substances from Turkey, or from the public or the environment.

(2) Do not rule on the perpetrator or cause public prosecution due to active part of the business. A decision not only prevents the application of the subject matter in relation to the subject of the crime.

Public ownership of the property

MADDE 14- (1) The tenth and tenth of the 3rd It is decided that the property of the country, which is the subject of the misdemeanour, is the property of the people who have been identified in the forties. The search and seizure provisions of this Law are also applied in relation to the use and work tools for use in processing or using these misdemeanors.

Kaim pattern

MADDE 15- (1) Crimes and misdemeanes in this Code This is the duty of customs, as well as the position of the person who is subject to the issue of public access to the public or to the public.


MADDE 16- (1) Crimes described in this Law or It cannot be returned to the owner, because it is possible to issue the subject of the misdemeanour or to the public that the ownership of the property may be applied. This is immediately liquidated if the public case has not resulted in a year of being fired in a year. However, contact;

a) The damage to an envelope is caused by the danger of a substantial loss of loss. three days,

b) 10 days in case of serious inaction of the Conservagainst,


, the sample is not possible to make a sample of it possible in cases where it is possible to remove the sample. In the case of the trial phase, the judge is decided by the court to determine the necessary determinations.

(2) The cost or charge of a liquidator is placed in the escrow account that has been liquidated by selling. As a result of the trial;

a) Decision-to-return or return tools, not to be tolerated

b) to return to the interest of the property on the subject of public opinion decision making,

InTagPreserver,p,0,139, the price of the sale is due to the legal interest for the period from the date of return is paid to the right owner together.

(3) If the restitution of the subject is decided, it is not applicable to the The customs and the current trade legislation is in effect.

(4) liquidation in the application of this Law, to the provisions of the Customs Code by the liquidation administration They are done.


Government Provisions

Entitled Mergers

MADDE 17- (1) The provisions of this Law are to be fined The public prosecutor's office is the judge of the state prosecutor's office, and on the request of the Republic's attorney's office, according to the 14th Amendment, the magistrate is the authority of the criminal court. These decisions are made in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Kabathlys dated 30/3/2005 and 5326, which is the number of laws of the Law.

 (2) Cases of crimes covered by this Law, Ministry of Justice proposal Judges and Prosecutors are seen in criminal courts, which is set by the Supreme Council. However, in the case of criminal fraud in the official document, the trial is the court of criminal punishment.

Lipping the case

ARTICLE 18- (1) For the crimes described in this Code, In cases that have been opened, the court also sends a sample of the indictment to the relevant customs administration. On the basis of the case, the relevant customs administration is considered to be involved in the case.

Intractable prevention, monitoring, and investigation those

MADDE 19- (1) Military supervisors, Customs Personnel from the General Command of Police, Gendarmerie, and the Coast Guard Command are responsible for preventing, monitoring, and investigating the verbs under construction with this Law.

(2) Those involved in conflict prevention, monitoring, and question require operations. They will do their legal duty when they are aware of the smuggling incidents, and they also provide information to the site's largest property supervisor at the same time.

(3) The anti-conflict prevention, monitoring, and question is covered by this Law Information and document requests related to crimes, public or private, real or legal entities, are required to be fully charged with the record of being withheld from the defence.

(4) Identities or tips of those who denounce the events of the conflict are not permitted. It can't be explained as a crime in the rights of the world. Provisions of the protection of these people are enforced.


MADDE 20- (1) The tracking of tracer verbals tutanakararn;

a) Date, place, editors ' title and names, date and number of the judge's decision the date and number of the order, in case the prosecution ordered it to be done with the print order,

b) Event and its evidence, criminal or fault subject, as well as tools for the equipment The type, scope, quantity and nature of where and where they were confiscated,

c) If the message exists with the identity, iight, and location of the document,

It is required to include

and sign up.

(2) concerns themselves for the interest in the operation. They are given to them to read or read. This is a sign of interest in writing down the issue. Causes the causes to be tutanable if they are escaped from the control.

Controlled delivery

MADDE 21- (1) A controlled environment within the framework of this Law Deliveries are held in accordance with the provisions of Articles 13/11/1996 and 4208, Undersecretary General, Gendarmerie General Command and General Directorate of Customs within the framework of the provisions of Articles 10, 11 and 13 of the Law. It is executed by the Security Command.

Authorization to use a gun

MADDE 22- (1) The cover specified when the Customs Code is required and In the event that it does not comply with the warning, whether or not to enter the customs zone, to enter the customs zone, or to cross paths, the warning is repeated by being alerted to the weather. However, in the event that the gun has been attempted and is in self-defense, the officers of the authorized officers may be able to counteract the attack at a rate of incapacitation. If the officers use the gun, they will be prosecuted and prosecuted by the agency, which will be prosecuted by the agency and the agency's fee is provided.

(2) Those who are responsible for conflict prevention, monitoring, and operation are in any way in the customs zone. He is authorized to inspect marine vehicles and inspect their cargo and documentation. Any marine vehicle that has escaped or attempted to flee by not allowing the officers to approach, there are reports of radio, flaming, walruses and similar infighting, according to international marine remedial marine vehicles. It is an alert to the marine vehicle that does not comply with this report. It is also set to force it to stop if it continues to flee, and to stop it.


MADDE 23- (1) If caught in a state with the suspect The informant and the elkolairs are paid for the bonus, according to the original and the people.

a), dated 10/7/1953 and 6136 with Atheist Cylinders and Lights, and Dignity Appliances 12. According to the history of the articles captured by the articles of opposition to the 174th article of the Turkish Penal Code with the weapons and bullets captured from the crimes of the Turkish Penal Code, every year based on the specified percentage, the 20 percent of the public's case is opened if the ownership is captured, and the percentage is not. However, in the three months following the decision of the conviction or decision to allow the conviction, the fifty percent of the other person who was caught without possession would be able to commit the decision to allow the decision to be finalised. in the following three months,

b) Ministers for the quantity of units of all kinds of sleeping items in the case of the drugs. A fixed number of officers to be identified by the board found that it would result in the separation of detail, and the ownership of a semi-owner was opened in the public case, and the verdict of the other half was condemned. or within three months following the commitment of the decision to allow; within three months of the completion of the decision to complete,

c) In case of bonus payments in cases (a) and (b) of this clause (a) and (b), the exit The current FOB is based on the CIF location of the entry. The city's largest property chief, he said, was the deputy of the Finance Minister, the Undersecretary of Customs and the three-year delegation from the chamber of industry and commerce. from the server If the illegal possession of the fugitive, 50 percent of his life, if he was arrested, he would be sentenced to 20 per cent, not to open a public suit in the active city, to the age of the city or possession of the property. in the three months following the commitment of the public's decision to be passed on,

is paid from the relevant term of the institution budget where the elcoyas are printed.

 (2) 50 percent of the bonus money will be given to whistlebends, fifty percent of the people who are elkoto. In the event of a catch-up, the bonus is paid to the hands of the Elders. Those who are obligated to prevent, monitor and ask for trafficking will not be paid a whistleblower. People tasked with preventing, monitoring, and asking for the seizure bonus but the action of the fugitive capture personally and the alleged trafficking of the fugitive are eligible.

(3) The bonuses to be paid according to this item are tax, levy, and levy except for stamp duty. is not held.

(4) The amount of bonuses to be given to the elcosides of this item is indictable (30000) of the event cannot exceed the amount of public prosecution, conviction, tolerable or proprietary decision of the officer in history with the result of the failure of the public to be found. However, the amount of bonus (120000) indicator numbers to be paid for a year cannot exceed the amount that will result in the officer ' s month-to-month multiplication.

(5) the payment of bonuses in operations and controlled delivery practices and The main unit prices for the bonuses are based on the basis and the implementation of the material, including the Ministry of Finance and National Defense, and the Ministry of National Defense. It is determined by the regulations that will be played out in the Ministry where the Undersecretary of Customs has been found.

Criminal lab

MADDE 24- (1) Preening, monitoring, and monitoring of the fiends of the fiends In the framework of the investigation, the Undersecretary of Criminal laboratories will be established to serve. The work of these laboratories is determined by the regulations that will be played out by the Undersecretary of Customs.


Transitional and Recent Provitions

Current rulings

MADDE 25- (1) dated 10/7/2003 and 4926, The Code of Struggle is to be repeated.

INVALID ARTICLE 1-(1) The property is dated 7/1/1932 in other laws. And the Men and Pursuit Legislation for Men and Pursuit Laws that are in effect with this Law, are made to the Law.

MADDE 2- (1) dated 21/12/2000 and 4616 count 23 April The trial has not been overrun if the case has been decided to postpone the case and the Delay of the Delay in 1999 Crime, Trial and Punishment For The Charges. The balance is immediately liquidated to the current one.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 3- (1) Customs administration, with fugitive Install or collect from existing warehouses until 1/1/2009 for the housing and tools housing that is taken when the second is the second one, with the actual location being held. It will be useful. The Undersecretary budget is charged for handling expenses that are required for illegal storage.

Until the warehouse and facilities in the second phase of the

(2) 11 pearl items are procured, the fugitive the second phase of the 10th article with the latest issue, and the amount of all the vehicles and tools that are being received, the amount, breed, brand, type, model, which is permitted by the nearest customs administration or customs administration. The serial number is delivered to a tutanus that shows the characteristics of the product, such as the serial number.

(3) Private facility and tailor-made facility to be more than or hide from quantity In the event that it requires, its characteristics, the relevant administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Undersecretary of Customs and the Ministry of Finance Returned Capital, if it is not possible. According to the General Directorate, the location of the neighborhood's largest property, according to the guidelines and principles, is placed in a proper location.

(4) The 35th item (g) of the Trafficking Act, which is in effect with this Law The amount found in the escrow account, which was provided by the Customs Undersecretary, to be used during the purposes specified in the 11th clause, on the one hand, the budget (B) of the budget (B) income, on the other hand, is recorded as a grant to the relevant tertiaries of the Customs Undersecretary budget.

(5) until 31/12/2011, the first receipt of the 23rd article of this Law is (a) and (b) The number of people involved in the remaining fugitives ' funds, including those who have been left behind by the financial and administrative fines of 50% of the remaining operational and administrative penalties, are to be monitored, defended and asked to be asked. The analysis of the field of criminal laboratory equipment and supplies to be established by the Customs Undersecretary, and the supply of 11 On the one hand, the budget (B) of the budget (B) for the purposes specified in the pearl clause, on the other hand, is paid to the relevant terms of the Customs Undersecretariat budget. is saved.

INVALID ARTICLE 4- (1) About Men and Jewelry for Property According to the Law on Combating Trafficking, which has been in effect with the law, it is said to be held by the fugitive, or according to the Customs Code, to indent public institutions and installations with the public institutions and the government. This law has not been liquidated due to the current date on which this Law is to be used. Those who have maintained their own public institutions and installations, which have kept them, have been allocated for the cost of the neighborhood, without the cost of the public. Any tax and levy is not taken from the streams allocated in this way.

(2) In court, in a court of law, as a result of the trial, the owner of the court, The price of those who have decided to return will be made up of the Treasury.


ARTICLE 26- (1) This is effective on the release date of the Law.


MADRID 27- (1) The Council of Ministers of this Law It executes.