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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE ŞİLİ CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ ARAS

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Law No. 5616:28/3/2007 article 1-signed in Ankara on April 20, 2004, the "Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Chile Include Military Training, defense industry, technical and scientific cooperation agreement" to be approved.
Article 2-this law comes into force the date of promulgation.
Article 3-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.

The GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY and the GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of CHILE INCLUDE MILITARY TRAINING, DEFENSE INDUSTRY, TECHNICAL and SCIENTIFIC COOPERATION AGREEMENT the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Chile (hereinafter referred to as the "parties");
The United Nations confirming their commitment to the objectives and principles of the Convention, is predicated on the principles of sovereignty and equality of the parties various military areas of cooperation, common interests and economic efficiency of two State also will contribute to reaffirming the parties ' international obligations by accepting the necessity, based on the principles of equality of rights and mutual benefit, the relations are based on friendship and military cooperation between the two countries is the common interests of the peoples of the world will contribute to peace and security in endorsing , the following matters: the purpose of this agreement the PURPOSE of ARTICLE-I; When for the first time between the parties, which will be in the field of military education, technology and science to reveal the basic facets of relations and cooperation is to identify the field.
ARTICLE-II SCOPE This Agreement; Article IV of this agreement specified in the fields and will be held on the basis of Implementation Agreements, protocols and other technical Regulations in other areas to be determined with the personnel, material, equipment, covers the exchange of knowledge and experience.
ARTICLE-III IDENTIFIES the following as the terms used in this agreement are: 1. "posted by State"; for the purposes of this agreement the State personnel, material and equipment that accepts refers to the sending State.
2. "the State that accepts"; for the purposes of implementing this Agreement posted by State personnel, equipment and material on country means hosting the Party.
3. "Guest"; Neither party may, for the purposes of this agreement the other party sent soldiers to a country/civil parties.
4. "family members"; According to their national legislation staff guests dependants refers to spouse and children.
ARTICLE-IV AREAS of MILITARY COOPERATION the parties agree to cooperate in the following areas.
1. Military education and training 2. Cooperation Between The Armed Forces Of The Parties 3. Cooperation in the fields of research and Technology 4. Exercises, a Military Observers to Exchange 5. What's new in Scientific Developments and Technological/military Field 6. Communications, electronics and Information Systems 7. Logistics and Management 8. Defence Industry Cooperation 9. Military medical and health services 10. Social, sporting and Cultural Activities for the purpose of implementing this agreement ITEM-V for competent authorities COMPETENT AUTHORITIES: on behalf of the Republic of Turkey, on behalf of Chile, Turkey Chief of general staff, the Ministry of national defense ARTICLE-VI COLLABORATION PRINCIPLES 1. Collaboration, taking into account the common benefit of the parties and the needs will be carried out on the basis of reciprocity.
2. cooperation between the Parties will be held at every level will be understood by the parties on the terms of reciprocal visits with kuvvetlendirilecek.
ARTICLE-VII CATAPILLER INFORMATION And DOCUMENTATION SECURITY 1. The parties agree that, in relation to each other due to the tasks they will carry information and document the degree of privacy will comply with the privacy of the parties will respect each other's security regulations.
2. Privacy grade documents and information to the Government of a third country, or custom. Privacy grade should be given to a third country of information and documents with the written permission of the parties will be possible. The agreement between the parties as long as privacy grade information based privacy rankings cannot be canceled.
3. information and documents Privacy grade is only mandated intergovernmental or security organizations will be transferred between. This type of information and documents on them will be in place and security levels.
4. protection of privacy grade States information and documents and storage-related responsibilities will continue after taking off repealed deal.
5. States working areas will show respect for each other's patents and commercial rights.
COMMITMENTS of PARTIES to OTHER INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS, item VIII, the provisions of this agreement, Parties BORN other arising from international agreement will not affect its commitments and other interests, security of States and will not be used against the country's integrity.
ARTICLE-IX LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS 1. Guest staff and family members, as long as they reside in the territory of the State that accepts, as described in this agreement during the execution or the performance of the tasks and hence will have criminal jurisdiction exemption. Guest staff and family members, they will respect the laws of the State that accepts.
2. when a violation of the laws of the State that accepts, the guest will be given to personnel activities.
3. each of the Parties during the execution of a task or task performance staff guests hence, caste and other party goods from involuntary offences, verb mütevellit (weapons/Ordnance, material/equipment and Fuel/Oil) against damage and shall indemnify the damage.
4. damage or damage to the goods and goods (deliberate or not) will apply to the State that accepts about legal regulations.
ARTICLE-X DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES with regard to military personnel, disciplinary law will be subject to the legislation of their own armed forces and also Accepts the State's unity and discipline in accordance with the legislation in force in the headquarters, contrary to their own armed forces legislation, unless the consignee.
ARTICLE-XI OTHER ISSUES 1. Guest staff, Accepts all kinds of political or on the territory of the State intelligence activities will stand. Guest staff Accepts State will participate in any armed conflict in the territory.
2. Guest personnel designated in this agreement, or signed agreement under this agreement and will not be given tasks outside of the tasks to be determined Protokollerle.
3. Posted by State military personnel, are to wear their own national uniforms in your post.
4. during the execution of the activity, will provide the necessary equipment that accept State in cases where necessary.
5. Guest staff and family members that accept the State's armed forces is equal to the rank of social facilities and inns that accept State personnel can use the conditions applied.
6. Posted by State, when necessary, with the staff is authorized to call back. Receives such a claim, the State that accepts, for the realization of this process as soon as possible it will take the necessary measures.
7. in case of death of the staff member or A guest of their family members, will inform the sending State that accept State, the nearest international airport in the country going to the funeral and will be until the delivery of sanitary protection measures.
8. Guest Accepts Government personnel and family members, military hospitals that accepts a State free of military personnel and their families in the examination, on equal terms with first aid and dental care facilities only. Dental prosthesis, Visual, auditory and other helpful tools that require the use of medical services, will be kept out of free health services. Long-lasting treatment, drugs and all kinds of other expenditure for health services are to be sent to the country of the person ill with expenses will be paid by the sending State.
9. health services provided in Civil institutions goes to personnel of all kinds will be paid by himself.
10. Posted by State life and health insurance costs.
ARTICLE-XII FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS 1. The scope of this agreement the purpose of the cooperation activities execution regarding personal rights and appointed guest staff financial obligations will be met by staff and will not conflict with the interests of the sending State.
2. Guest staff and family members, the entry, stay and exit for the duration of the applicable tax legislation of the State that accepts, of course.
ARTICLE-XIII CUSTOMS And PASSPORT PROCEDURES 1. Guest staff and relatives, in the State's territory, that accepts foreigners reside and travel will be subject to the provisions of the legislation.
2. Guest Staff with relatives, to the land of the State that accepts input and outputs related to Passport and customs of this country will be subject to the legislation. However, within the framework of their legislation, the State that accepts the administrative facilities as possible.
ARTICLE-XIV ADJUSTMENT and REVIEW each of the parties, when necessary, changing this agreement in writing or reviewing means of transportation. The other party written notice within 30 days from the date you will begin the talks. Any modification or revision shall become effective with the '' relevant documents.

The interpretation of this agreement and any dispute regarding the implementation, in the event of the emergence of the parties as soon as possible and this issue will constitute the framework of the Commission jointly interviews via the solution kavuşturacaklardır. Interviews, a written request is received from the other side to start within 30 days. The absence of a conclusion within the next 45 days does not come on, either party has 30 days before the end of this agreement upon written notice to erdirebilecektir. Under no circumstances will the aforementioned dispute to a third country or an international institution will not be taken.
ARTICLE-XVI EXPIRE and TERMINATE this agreement, effective duration is 5 years. The parties agree that the agreement validity period from the end of the 90 days in advance if passengers will have to request a termination in writing the agreement expire each year will be extended automatically for a period of one year.
Termination of this agreement, any project, program, or in progress, will not affect the deal.
ARTICLE-XVII APPROVAL and ENTRY INTO FORCE this agreement, once signed, the Parties of the two sides in accordance with its legal procedures which will take effect on the date '' of notes confirming.
ARTICLE-XVIII TEXT and SIGNATURE This agreement on 20 April 2004 in Ankara Turkish, Spanish and English languages, each one as two copies have been issued as to be effective. In case of dispute the English text shall prevail.

On BEHALF of the GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY, on BEHALF of the GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of CHILE'S SIGNATURE: signature: name: NBC Nightly News NAMES: Michelle BACHELET, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff II 2nd title: title: Chile Minister of national defense

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