Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Act On Settlement Of Some Funds

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. BAZI FONLARIN TASFİYESİ HAKKINDA KANUN

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Law No. 4629 Date of Admission: 02/21/2001

Article 1 - a) 14/6/1934 dated 2510 Law additional 18 additional 21, an additional 29 additional 30 and the additional Article 11 of the additional Article 32 "special fund" and "costs of the special settlement fund by meeting "phrases, said in addition to Article 22" from the special Housing Fund "will last in the additional Article 24" the necessary loans covered by the special settlement fund for projects "sentence,
b) dated 31.8.1956 and the 6831 Forestry Law 64 Article with additional Article 3 of
c) 18.02.1963 dated and 197 numbered Motor Vehicle Tax Law Article 17 of
d) 24/4/1969 dated 1163, fourth paragraph of the Law of 83 Article 94 third agent
e) 20/6/1977 dated 2090 numbered course of to do with Damaged Farmer Disaster Law on Aid 4, 5 and Article 6 with Article 7 of clause (a) of the second paragraph of Article 8 of "a fund accountancy" phrases, additional 1 passing in the article "2090 No. procured from the Law established fund account" shall located in and provisional Article 1 "was obtained from the 2090 numbered law established fund account", the phrase
f) dated 9.8.1983 and numbered 2873 National Parks Act "Sixth Division" title with Article 6 (d) of paragraph 17, 18 and Article 19 with Article 22 (b) shall,
g) 17.10.1983 dated and 2924 numbered forest villages of the Act on Promotion of Development 18 and Article 19 of the 14th paragraph of Article
h) 11.22.1984 dated and 3083 numbered irrigation on the field in the Landscaping of the Agrarian Reform Law 20, 21, 22 and Article 23, the
i) 02/26/1985 dated and 3155 numbered Agricultural Reform General Directorate of Establishment and Duties of the 24 third paragraph of Article Act
j) 04.06.1985 dated and located in Article 3 of the 3213 Mining Law "Mining Fund" definition with Article 14 of the last in the first paragraph "5% Mining Fund subsidiary form" and "fund subsidiary of the Etibank" phrases, said in the third paragraph "and fund affiliate" is displayed and the fourth paragraph of Article 10, Article 16, second paragraph and provisional Article 2 of the tenth paragraph of "mining Fund" refer to the temporary Article 7 "mining fund contributions and" phrase with Article 34 of
k) 21/5/1986 dated and numbered 3289 Youth and Sports General Directorate of the Organization and Duties of the Law Article 15 and 16 nC located in the article "the federation's funds" shall,
l) 28/5/1986 dated and in the second paragraph of the 3291 Law No. 17 Article "and receiving funds according to the type of tobacco used in manufactured tobacco products and the procedures and principles of use of these funds" and "the control of these funds is made by the Prime Ministry inspection Board." phrases,
m) 27/5/1988 dated 3454 numbered Justice Organization Strengthening Fund Law on the Establishment,
n) 11/1/1989 dated 3516 numbered and Measures Act and settings of the last paragraph of Article 16, Article 18, || | o) dated 23.07.1995 and numbered 4122 National Afforestation and Erosion Control Mobilization Law of the Article 9 and 10, it is abolished
Article 2 - No. 3257 dated 01.23.1986 Cinema, Video and Music Works of Article 10 of the Act has been amended as follows.
Article 10 - contribute to the development of cinema industry and music art, supporting the cinema and music, art, introducing the historical and cultural richness, to be used in order to prevent infringement of intellectual property;
A) from domestic and foreign works of registration and certification fees,
b) The fee to be charged for each banderole from each film and video copies are
c) Each plaque and fees will be charged per each audio cassette
d) 5/26/1981 dated 2464 on Municipal Revenues Law Article 21 (I) of subsection (1) and (2) of article of shares allocated pursuant
e) 12/5/1951 dated 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works Act 44 Article a share in the four allocated pursuant
deposited in the account of the Ministry of Culture's Central Audit Office. These amounts deposited a hand written budget special revenue, on the other hand, the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Culture grant scheme available in the budget to be used for the same purposes to be opened or saved as a special allowance to the special issue. the unused amount of the special allowance, the income of the budget of the next year and save the Minister of Finance is authorized to grant.

(A), (b) and (c) in clause written charges are determined each year by the Ministry of Culture. record the registration fee will not be prepared for training and work.
Article 3 - No. 2380 dated 02.02.1981 of the different municipalities and special provincial administrations Article 1 of the Law on Issuance of Shares of General Budget Tax Revenues are amended as follows.
Item 1 - 6% of the total general budget to the municipal tax collection is given in proportion 1:12% share to the provincial government.
These shares are calculated on a monthly basis in accordance with the provisions of Article 2 addition, under the Ministry of Interior until the end of the month following the month to be registered at the Provincial charged separately deposited into the bank account. Provincial share
municipalities collected every month until the end of the Bank according to the latest census results will be announced by the Interior Ministry Bank is distributed to municipalities outside the metropolitan municipalities.
City collected every month until the end of the special provincial administration in the bank shares reported by the Interior Ministry to the Bank according to the latest census results are distributed to the provincial government.
Provincial Bank owes itself to the municipalities and special provincial administrations are authorized payment of the balance due to the cutting of the shares allocated to the management of the general budget.
Article 4 - 11/04/1981 dated and 2547 Higher Education last paragraph of Article 10 of the Law amended as follows and the following paragraph for paragraph has been added.
Center makes these services for a fee or compensation. Collected charge or fee is collected at the Higher Education Council Student Selection and Placement Center returns generated in working capital.
first capital of the revolving fund is a trillion. The revenue derived from the revolving fund returns the following year can be added to the capital of the revolving fund can also be added to the end of each year capital gains.
Revolving fund is not subject to the General Accounting No. 1050 and No. 2886 Government Procurement Law.
Rotary activities and expenditures as required by the Student Selection and capital expenditure are made from all kinds of working capital required for the Placement Center. scope of the revolving fund, operating principles and procedures, accounting procedures and other financial considerations upon approval of the Ministry of Finance issued a regulation to be issued by the Higher Education Council.
Student Selection and Placement Center personnel (except workers) institutions working to contribute to staff by the President of SSPC upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance, responsibility, staff did make monthly amount will be determined according to the title and rank criteria such as overtime paid the revolving funds.
Article 5 of the Higher Education Act has added the following temporary items.
Provisional Article 49 - Higher Education Council Student Selection and Placement Center all types of income and expenses of the Fund, cash balance, fixtures, staff with staff, movable and immovable assets, receivables were transferred to the debts and obligations of SSPC Revolving Fund. SSPC a trillion projected as initial capital for the Revolving Fund will be met from the transferred cash balances.
Article 6 - a) 14/6/1934 dated and the last paragraph of the preamble with Article 10 of the 2510 Act as follows, in addition to Article 25 "fund receivables" to "receivables" as amended, additional provisions of Article 10 to come after the last paragraph The following paragraph is added to. their amounts to be paid under the special law, pursuant or expropriation sequel to immovable property of persons who will be
Settlement (decorating was included in costs), additional 14th outside aid held in substances to be deducted from other housing assistance and lending costs and settlement order on the one hand to use Rural Services General Directorate written special revenues to the budget and on the other hand special issue special allowance to be opened by the Ministry of Finance recorded. unused amounts of the payments will benefit the budget of next year and will be written. Invoicing is done within the rules to be made upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance and the money will be given back to their owners the excess will be returned to the reserves.

One hand to be used for settlement in the amount they invested as a result of charged under this law one that will be resettled Rural Services General Directorate of special revenue budget and on the other hand the Ministry of Finance special appropriation to the special arrangement to be opened. unused amounts of the payments will benefit the budget of next year and will be written.
B) 26/5/1981 dated 2464 on Municipal Revenue Code of 3914 Law No. added Repeated 44th in the thirteenth paragraph of the article "Environmental Pollution Prevention Fund" and "funds" shall "Environmental Ministry's Central Audit Office accounts" as amended, Article 21 of the The following paragraph has been added.
(I) numbered paragraph (1) and (2) of article in accordance with domestic and foreign films, 75% of the collection of taxes revenue comes from display Ministry of Culture is divided into shares and the following month the collected until the fifteenth date of the Culture Ministry's Central Audit deposited in the account of the Directorate. Municipal treasurers and executive directors of the administrative account for the implementation of this provision shall be responsible for the financial and criminal aspects.
C) 2499, dated 28.07.1981 of the Capital Market Law 28 and Article 29 contained in the "Fund" phrases "Special Account" as amended.
D) dated 21.7.1983 and numbered 2863 of Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Law Article 12 of the second and third paragraphs have been repealed, the fourth paragraph has been amended as follows.
Ministry of Culture will be in kind, cash and technical assistance and the principles and procedures of the loans will be a regulation. Credit return of the Ministry of Culture is monitored and recorded as revenue in the budget.
E) dated 9.8.1983 and numbered 2872 Environment Law "Chapter Four" title with 17.18 and Article 19 are repealed, Article 24 (a) of the third paragraph of me said "Environmental Pollution Prevention Fund" will, "Environment Ministry's Central Audit account "as amended, was repealed last sentence of the same paragraph.
F) dated 13.10.1983 and numbered 2918 Road Traffic Law 8, 98 and 108 Article 107 Article and located in the caption "Guarantee Fund" with the phrases "funds" and "fund account" used "Road Traffic Guarantee Insurance account, "and the third paragraph of Article 91 is amended as follows.
Who purchases insurance, the insurance company to pay the amount at the rate of 5% on the amount of the insurance premium, the insurance company no later than the 20th of the month following the month in which it is collected by the Interior Ministry's Central Audit is credited to the account. These amounts are invested, exclusively for use in traffic services, the Ministry of Finance budget special revenue and Police Headquarters as special appropriation in the budget. Special allowances unspent amounts from the amounts recorded in income in the budget of the following year and the allowance is written.
G) dated 13.10.1983 and the 2918 Road Traffic Act 26 of the second paragraph of Article 35 and the third paragraph of Article second and third sentences and 129 Article is repealed, the third paragraph of Article 131 is amended as follows.
Printed paper and 60% of the net revenue generated by the sale price determined on the plates of the federation, the Interior Ministry until the end of February each year is credited to the account of the Central Accounting. Deposited these amounts to be used in the General Directorate of Police Services, the Ministry of Finance while special budget revenue, on the other hand TNP special appropriation to the special composition of the present composition allowance or will be opened in the budget. The remainder of the revenue belongs to Turkey Drivers and Vehicle Federation. Special allowances unspent amounts recorded in the amount of revenue the budget of the following year and the allowance is recorded. Name and / or surname or registered by the trade name with the income obtained from plates containing sales to be collected in exchange for security services Ministry of Finance eligible for the provisions of this paragraph on other service revenues are applied.

H) 4/6/1985 dated and 3213 of the Mining Law said in the first paragraph of Article 14 "5% of the State's right" to "10% of the State's right to" form, Article 12 in the third and fourth paragraph of Article 15 in the last paragraph, in the third paragraph of Article 17, the first paragraph of Article 20, the fourth paragraph of Article 29, Article 36 in the third and fourth paragraphs of the third paragraph of Article 37 and the temporary Article 3 "Mining Fund" phrases "budget" form, in Article 22 "most of the money donated to the license granted to mining fund" to "the highest bidder is awarded a license for that payment. this amount will be written special budget revenue." form, passing in Article 35 "of the Mining Fund" to "Ministry of the budget" form, in the fourth paragraph of the provisional Article 1 "Mining Fund will be entitled to receive a license in the most donations" to "the highest bidder will be awarded the license a commitment to pay. These fees special revenue budget is written. " In the present.
Article 7 - 12/3/1982 dated 2634 Tourism Incentive Law 22 and Article 23 with Article 37 (B) of paragraph 1 / a Located in subparagraph "and tourism issues concerning deposited in the Development Fund" will be 1 / subparagraph be abolished, along with the title of Article 21 is amended as follows.
Authorization Sari Commitment to Future Years
Article 21 - The Ministry of Tourism, foreign advertising and not to exceed 50% of the annual allowance for tourism marketing jobs such as fairs and the Ministry of commitment sari next year after obtaining the approval of and is authorized to make contracts .
Years of ministry in the budget allocations for promoting the end of the unused amount, next year's allowances circuit to be used for the same purpose in the budget of the Minister of Finance is authorized.
Provisional Article 1 - a) Regarding the incomes of the raised funds force of this Act;
A) on these issues until we have a new arrangement;
1. Law No. 3291 dated 05.28.1986 and in accordance with Article 17 of the Tobacco Fund on behalf of foreign tobacco and abolished money received during the import of cigarettes,
2. Dated 9.8.1983 and Environmental Law No. 2872 of Article 18 paragraph (a) shall be in accordance with motorized means of transport scientific name of one percent abolished Environmental Pollution Prevention Fund in five of inspection fees collected for coins,
third. Dated 9.8.1983 and numbered 2872 Environment Act Article 18 first paragraph (a) for sub-paragraph in accordance with the motor vehicle purchase tax amounts abolished by one of four Environmental Pollution Prevention Fund also collected the coins,
4. 2634 dated 12/3/1982 and Tourism in accordance with Article 22 of the Law on Promotion, abolished join the service as a share of the fines to be given to tourism businesses Tourism Development Fund monies collected on behalf of,
5. 06.04.1985 dated and 3213 of the Mining Law Article 34 in accordance mineral imports and exports through abolished Mining Fund funding cuts that are collected on behalf of,
This will continue to be collected in accordance with the abolished provisions of the Law in force and is written in direct revenue to the budget.
B) for Funds repealed by this law, it will be charged from the date of 01.01.2002 the general budget of taxes, duties and levies integral share of the revenues.
C) (a) and (b) the arrangements laid down in this Law and any other income from funds other than those made in accordance with the applicable provisions removed by this Law shall continue to be charged. However, this income is transferred to the general budget revenue collection and considered that accountancy bodies to the general budget revenue to the budget. If necessary, the scope of this paragraph comes on the one hand the general budget or supplementary budget to private income, the Ministry of Finance to the special issue will be opened in the budget to be used in other news services relevant organizations to benefit from the continuation of the special appropriation to the fund. the specific amount of unused appropriations, the budget of the following year revenue and appropriations recorded.
D) of the general budget or the budget to follow corporate income written funds and collection of revenues with related institutions and organizations are monitored and followed up by the Finance Ministry. This means the follow-up and collection of Public Receivables Collection Procedure Act 6183 shall apply.
B) of this Law and other ways in which the staff is employed in the funds removed;

A) Officers first general to be related funds or supplementary budget administration, if consent and need not have the institutions, the State Personnel Presidency to be determined are assigned to live in accordance vacant civil service positions on the situation in other public institutions.
Said officials, all sorts until it is assigned to the appropriate staff to be paid from the state budget for employee rights organizations continue to receive according to their former positions. However, this period does not exceed six months. all kinds they receive those assigned to the appropriate new staff to state payments included in net monthly amount is less than all payments, including monthly net amount received last month from former team the difference is paid as compensation until it closes.
B) Contractual staff of 657 officers carrying the general and special conditions specified in the Act, requests the event primarily to general or annexed budget administrations is connected to the fund, in case of consent and need not have the institutions in the State Personnel will be determined Presidency in accordance with the situation in other public institutions and empty the civil servants are appointed within three months. Law No. 4460 dated 03.11.1999 of about
These are Article 1 of the second, third and fourth paragraphs shall apply.
With those who want to benefit from the provisions of this Law on Civil Servants 657 contracts terminated those handling general and special conditions specified in the Act.
C) personnel working in permanent staff workers, is transferred along with general or annexed budget administrations is connected to the same status in the squad of funds.
Attachments with all the legal rights of the paying agencies do not want to benefit from the provisions of this law cut.
D) together with the general or annexed budget management positions in the temporary worker status depends on the staff that transferred funds in the temporary worker positions.
Attachments with all the legal rights of the paying agencies do not want to benefit from the provisions of this law cut.
E) of this Act to be removed from the position of staff and funds in other ways; the Law of the publication date of those vacated by staff who were appointed in accordance with the above provisions with empty ones, never has been canceled without the need for a procedure, canceled cadres No. 190 of Law has been removed from the relevant section of the Decree attached table.
If conditions suitable titles and ranks the lack of personnel to be assigned to this matter within the scope of civil service No. 190 General Staff and Procedure on the Decree of making titles and degrees change regardless of the final paragraph of Article 9 and in case of inadequacy of existing civil servants if these numbers are not exceeded as introduced by new cadres of Ministers No. 190 to add to the schedule annexed to the Decree of Directors is authorized.
C) of this Law or removed funds in other ways;
A) movable and immovable fixtures with if all the goods are transferred to institutions or organizations they belong to.
B) of this Act into force as of the date it will be made of the receivables with existing cash balances collections while incomes or special revenues to the budget, on the other hand, the Ministry of Finance in order to open or allowances to existing schemes in the budget are recorded as special allowance. Special allowances unspent amounts recorded in the amount of revenue the budget of the following year and the allowance is recorded.
C) Repealed returns of loans granted from the fund shall be collected by the time run by their respective institutions within the rules and procedures of the relevant legislation and will be credited to the account of the central accountancy institutions concerned. Invested in the necessary amount of revenue in the budget or special revenue budget for the agency to be used for the same purpose to save the scheme as a special allowance or benefit scheme will be open to the current Minister of Finance is authorized. unused amounts of the payments will benefit the budget of the following year and can be saved. Compulsory circumstances, the term for the return of the loans and to make changes in the interest rate conditions, the relevant institutions charged on the opinion of the Ministry of Finance is entitled to the leave becomes impossible.
The funds will be used for loans with regard to the composition of the budget or special issue will be opened in the applicable provision of this paragraph.

D) of the relevant institutions in the budget there is a need to continue with the service they walked funds to be appropriated for this purpose in order to be opened in accordance with this Act provided for the opening of the special issue is carried out by a special allowance to be recorded. This expenditure procedures to the scope of the expenditures to be made of the composition, terms of giving credit where should be given credit, among other things with the term and interest rate conditions, the ministry is connected to the raised funds the Ministry of Finance jointly prepared and will be put into effect is determined by principles.
E) be made applicable to the general and annexed budget funds will be added to the order to be lifted concerning the expenditure to identify documents, the Ministry of Finance is authorized to establish new accounts opening and needed help books.
D) This Law and other ways in relation to the liquidation of the funds removed by the interest to make all necessary arrangements Finance Minister, Ministers, to which the State Planning Organization and the Treasury is authorized.
Article 8 - enter into force on the date of publication of this Act, to be effective from the date of 01.01.2002.
Article 9 - This Act shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.