Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Act On Settlement Of Some Funds

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. BAZI FONLARIN TASFİYESİ HAKKINDA KANUN

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Kanun No. 4629                                                                        Accepted Date: 21.2.2001


MADE 1. -geçena) dated 14.6.1934 and 2510 of the number of Israeli Law 18, additional 21, additional 29, additional 30 and additional 32 nci clauses, plus the "special fund" and "expense of private business fund", in addition to the "private fund", and "Expenses from private business". The "Private Business Fund" clause, in its annex 24th clause, is a "Necessary credit special for these projects" sentence,

b) additional 3 articles dated 31.8.1956 and 6831 of the Forest Code of 6831, of the Forest Code,

c) dated 18.2.1963 and article 17 of the 197 Code of Motor Concessions Tax Code,

d) dated 24.4.1969 and the fourth of the 83rd article of the Code of Cooperatives of 1163, Cooperatives, and the 4th article,

E) dated 20.6.1977 and 2090, of Course, for Damages To Farmers Affected By Disasters 4, 5, 6, and 7 ncis (A) I was the "counting of a fund" in the second phase of the 8th amendment, "2090 of the terms of the 2090," which was provided by the Law of 2090, and the "2090-based fund set up by the Law of 2090", which was included in the provisional 1st clause. the "clause,

" Kanunununf) dated 9.8.1983 and of 2873, national park The "Subchapter Section" and the receipt of article 6 (d), items 17, 18, and 19, of matter of 22 nci (b), have been found in the

, dated 17.10.1983 and numbered 2924, with articles 18 and 19 of the Law on the Support of the Villages Of Forest Villagers. The statement,

h) 20, 21, 22, and 23 of the Department of Tarism Reform Law on Land Regulation dated 22.11.1984 and in the irrigation areas of 3083.

, dated 26.2.1985 and 3155 of the General Manager of Tarism Reform, the second of the 24th clause of the Law on the Board of Directors and Tasks of the General Manager,

j) dated 4.6.1985 and the "Mining Fund", which is listed on the 3rd item of the 313-numbered Mine Code, passed "5%" in the first phase of the 14th Amendment. "and" the "funds" in the mining fund are "and" the "Etibank", which is the tenth article in the third phase, and in the fourth financial section of article 10, the second in the second phase of article 16 and the tenth of the provisional 2. "Mining Fund", which passed in the pherkraine, in the interim 7 nci. "mining fund multiplicity and" clause 34th,

k) are the "federations", dated 21.5.1986 and 3289 of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, in accordance with Article 15 of the Law and 16 articles of the Code. fondue,

l), which is the second ingredient in 17 of the Law of 3291 and is used in tobacco products produced in tobacco products manufactured by the second of the Code. The perception and the use of this fund are "and" the control of this fund is made by the Supreme Supervisory Board of the State Department. " ibareleri

m), dated 27.5.1988 and the Law on Establishing A Strengthening Trust Fund, 3454,

n) dated 11.1.1989 and the final receipt of the 16 ncu of the Measurement and Calibration Law of 3516, is the 18th ingredient,

o) dated 23.7.1995 and numbered 4122 and the 9th and 10th provisions of the Mobilization Law of the Mobilization Act,

Current remains in effect.

MADDE 2. - , dated 23.1.1986 and 3257, of Cinema, Video, and Music Monuments Law, is the 10th item in the law.

Article 10. -To contribute to the development of the cinema industry and music art, to promote the art of cinema and music, to promote historical and cultural wealth, to use the purpose of preventing the rape of their religious rights;

a) loss of registration and registration fees from domestic and foreign works,

b) Charges from each film and video copy to the bandact,

c) Charges for each record and every sound tape,

d) is dated 26.5.1981 and the number 21 of the 2464 Municipal Revenue Code (I) has been allocated under the number (1) and (2) subbenders of the number. shares,

e), dated 5.12.1951, and a quarter of the 54646 Intellectual and Intellectual Property Code, which is reserved under Article 44 of the Law,

The Ministry of Culture will get to the Central Saymanlk Directorate account. These amounts are recorded as private income for the budget, on the one hand, and in the budget of the Ministry of Culture to be used for the same purpose as a special grant to the existing tertists or to the special promotions that will be newly opened. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to record amounts that are not used by special grants, and the next year's budget is transferred and the payment is recorded.

The fees foryazýlý(a), (b), and (c) are determined by the Ministry of Culture every year. It does not receive a registration fee and registration fee from the works that are prepared for the purpose of education.

MADDE 3. - -dated 2.2.1981 and about 2380 and the General Budget Tax Revenue of 2380 and the General Budget Tax Revenue of the Law, is the first in the Law.

Article 1. -General budget tax revenues are awarded to municipalities of 6%, provincial private administration and 1.12% in municipal private administration.

These dividends are calculated in accordance with the additional provisions of the appendix 2, to the end of month-following month-to-month accounts at the end of the month following the collected It will be available to the Bank of the People for registration.

The share of municipalities that have been collected by the end of each month in theÝllerBusiness Bank results in the results of the last general census to be reported by the Bank. It is located in the municipalities of the city of Büyşehir.

The provincial private administration share in theÝllerBusiness Bank until the end of each month is special, according to the results of the last general population census to be reported by the Bank of America. They're on their way.

The British Bank has the authority to cut debt instalments from the general budget of the municipal and provincial private administrations, from the general budget to these administrations.

MADDE 4. - The latest in the 10th piece of the Code, dated 4.11.1981 and of 2547, are added to the last of the 10th piece of the Law, and the following is added to the material.

Central makes these services a fee or price. The collected fee or fee is collected in the revolving capital allocation of the My Higher Education Board of Higher Education and the Locator Center.

ilkThe initial capital of the revolving capital push is a trillion lids. Revenue from the revolving capital can eventually be added to the revolving capital income of the following year, as it can be added to the capital of the revolving capital push at the end of each year.

The revolving capital push is subject to 1050 of the Number of Accountants and the 2886-numbered State Tender Act.

Expenses required by revolving capital activities are made from the revolving capital of all kinds of expenses for the Öranci Select and Placer Center. The operating area of the revolving capital execution is regulated by the regulations and the principles, accounting procedures, and the appropriate terms of the Ministry of Finance, which will be issued by the Board of Directors.

Personnel at the Örünrist Select and Placemap Center (except for the workers) are employed by ÖSYM on the appropriate view of the Ministry of Finance. The amount of monthly income that will be determined according to criteria such as the contribution, responsibility, tenure, and degree of responsibility may be paid in excess of the revolving capital income.

ARTICLE 5.- The ad-hoc clause in the wing of the rise is added to the law.

INVALID DATE 49. -The Board of Directors ' Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors, cash balance, railings, staff, staff, staff and assets, receivments, debts, liabilities, and liabilities ÖSYM Rotor Capital Transfered to the execution. A trillion lira, which is projected as the first capital for öSYM Revolving Capital Recap, is engaged in the transferred cash balance.

MADDE 6. - , dated 14.6.1934 and the last time in the last 10 of the 2510 Code of Israel, the last of its "receive funds" clause in the additional 25th amendment, to come after the last of the additional 10 items. the current product is added to the plug in the month.

An additional 14, including costs (including dissertations, fees) that will be paid to them as soon as they have special laws for their property or for the right to be taken. On the one hand, the General Manager budget of the Village Services, on the one hand, is written to the budget of the General Manager, to be used for the benefit of the charges and the costs of borrowing and the costs of borrowing and borrowing. The special allowance for the private tertibe to be opened by the Minister is recorded. Amounts that are not used by special allowors will be transferred to the next year budget and the appropriations will be written. The Mahsup process is made available on the basis of the applicable vision of the Ministry of Finance, and the money to be restored to the growing part of the rights holders is returned from the term.

As a result of the fact that people who are going to be able to take the cost of borrowing it, they will also have to use the Village Services to use the same amount of time. Private income will be recorded in the Ministry's budget, and on the other hand, the special allowance will be recorded in the Ministry of Finance. Amounts that are not used by special allowors will be sent to the next year budget and the payment is written.

b) the "Environmental Pollution" in the thirteenth case of the Mrelaxer 44th Amendment, dated 26.5.1981 to the Municipal Revenue Act of 2464, with respect to the Law No. 3914. The Prevention Fund "and" phona "clause" is added to the account " of the Ministry of the Environment, the 21st-of-the-pearl clause.

75% of the tax revenues collected from domestic and foreign film screenings inuyarýnca(I) number bendin (1) and (2) have been collected from domestic and foreign film screenings. The Ministry of Culture, until the day of the tenth day of the month following the separation and the allocation of the throne, will be held to the account of the Central Directorate of Saymanlk. The municipal accounting and accounts offices are responsible for the implementation of this provision, and are responsible for the financial, financial and criminal terms.

c) and the "Fund" clause in Articles 28 and 29 of the Capital Market Law of 2499, dated 28.7.1981, have been reported as "Special Account".

d) dated 21.7.1983 and the second and third funds of the 2863-numbered Culture and Nature Protection Act, the second and third of its articles were in effect, the fourth fir It has been reported in the following way.

The Ministry of Culture is regulated by the basic, financial and technical assistance and the guidelines and guidelines for the credits. Credit returns are followed by the Ministry of Culture and will be posted in the budget.

e) of the Environmental Code dated 9.8.1983 and of 2872 The "Fourth Chapter" and the "Fund for the Prevention of Environmental Pollution" in the third paragraph of (a) of the 24th item (a) are not included in the third paragraph of the "Fourth Part", "the Ministry of the Environment said in the Central CounterAccount". The last sentence of the same paragraph is invalidate.

f), dated 13.10.1983, and the "Guarantee Fund" of 2918 of the Traffic Code, with items 8, 98, and 107 of the Traffic Code, 108 and the 8th "fund" and "fund account" are the "Traffic Guarantee Insurance Account", and the third party of the 91st item is also reported in the other way.

The amount of insurance that has been made to the insurance companies by 5% over the amount of the insurance premium they will pay to the insurance companies has been collected by the insurance company until the latest in 20 of the following months, the Ministry of the People's Central Counts account will be put to the top of the following. These amounts are saved in the budget by the Minister of Finance for use in the exclusive traffic services, and special appropriations for the General Directorate's budget. Amounts not spent from any special paid amounts will be printed and paid to the next year budget.

g), dated 13.10.1983 and the second number of the 35th article of the number 2918 Traffic Code, with the third phase of article 35, second and third of the second The sentences and the 129th clause were in effect, the third form of the 131 pearl clause, which is the current state of the world.

" 60% of the net income per cent of the price identified by the number ofBasýlýwomen and their license plates is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the end of February every year. The Center Count is in the account. These are the funds that will be used in the services of the General Directorate of Security, private income from the Ministry of Finance, on the one hand, on the other hand, payable to the existing terms in the General Directorate budget, or special appropriations for the special tertists to be opened. is saved. The rest of the proceeds belong to the Federation of Turkey (s) and the Federation of Automobile (Otomosters). Amounts that are not spent on special paid amounts are transferred to the next year budget, and the allowance is saved. The revenues obtained from the name and/or surname or registration of the registration of the commercial title or registered to law services are the provisions of the foreign service that are deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Finance.

In the first case of the 14th Amendment, dated 4.6.1985 and the 14th Amendment of the number 3213, the "About 5% of the State" clause is "About 10% of the State", In the third and fourth fives of the 12-nci clause, in the final phase of article 15, the third of the article 17 was the third and fourth of the article 29 in the first of its article, the fourth in the article 29. In the case of the third party, the 37th of the 37 nci material. The "Mining Fund" clause in the "budget" clause is "a license for the most money to the mining fund" in article 22. " It is given the license to pay the highest price. These costs will be in the budget for private income. "   In its article 35, the "Mining Fund", in its article "The Ministry's Budget", said the "The Mining Fund" in its fourth term "The Mining Fund will be entitled to receive the license at most". " will be eligible to receive the license that is committed to the payment. These costs will be in the budget for private income. "   to the current level.

MADE 7. - with the clause of "Matters to the Fund for Tourism Development", dated 12.3.1982, with the 22nd and 23rd articles of 2634 and the 23rd and the 23rd of the Tourism Code (B), is the current "and the topics of the development of the Tourism Development Fund". It was removed, along with the 21-pearl article, as well as the 21 st.

Authorization Committing Authority to Future years

Article 21. -The Minister of Tourism is authorized to not exceed 50% of the year's pay for tourism marketing business, such as abroad advertising and fair, and to make a yellow commitment and commitments to future years with the registration of the Minister of Finance.

The amount of information that is not used as of the end of the year's budget, which is used in the Ministry's budget, to be used for the same purpose as the following year's budget The Finance Minister is authorized to record the allowance.

INVALID DATE 1. -  A) as a result of the revenues of the funds that are in effect with this Law;

a) Until a new arrangement is made on these topics;

1. In accordance with Article 17 of the Law No. 3291 and 17 of the Code 3291, the money received from foreign tobacco and cigarettes to the property Tobacco Fund in the import process,

2. Dated 9.8.1983 and the 18th article of the Environmental Code of 2872, the money collected in the name of the first storm (a) to the property of the National Fund for the Prevention of Environmental Pollution at the rate of the phenotype of the motor-tasting vehicles,

3. Dated 9.8.1983 and the 18th article of the Environmental Code of 2872, the first prize (a) is the money that has been collected in the name of the National Fund for the Prevention of Environmental Pollution in proportion to a quarter of the motor-based income tax amount.

4. In accordance with Article 22 of the Third Year of Tourism of Tourism dated 12.3.1982 and 2634, the funds for the development of the property and the property of the property of the property as a share of the fines to be provided to the tourism companies, are the funds raised by the

5.   Fund deductions, which are being collected on behalf of the property Mining Fund over mineral imports and exports, in accordance with Article 34 of the Mining Code dated 4.6.1985 and numbered 3213,Maden

In the framework of the provisions that are in effect with this Code, it is continued to be collected and written to the budget.

b) For the funds that are currently in effect with this Law, the overall budget tax, levy, and levy revenues will not be collected from 1.1.2002.

c) (a) and (b) any other fund revenues that are specified in (b) and those that have been edited by this Law will also be collected according to the provisions of this Law. it will continue to be done. These revenues, however, are called general budget revenues and are transferred to general budget numbers to be sent to the budget by the institutions that make the collection. On the other hand, revenues from this self-scope are private to the general budget or value-added budgets, while Finance will be available for special promotions to be opened in their respective set budgets to be used in the services of the fund-absented. The private allowance will be saved by the Minister. Amounts that are not used from special allowors are recorded and paid for the next year budget.

d) is followed by the Minister of Finance, along with the related institutions and organizations of the fund revenues that are income to the general budget or institution budgets. is followed. In the pursuit and allocation of these revenues, the provisions of the Law on the Allowance of 6183 number of Amme Payees are applied.

B) personnel who are employed in the funds that are left in this Law and other countries;

a) Officers are primarily funded in general or added-budget administration, institutions, and the State Staff if needed. They will be transferred to the current public institutions and organizations in accordance with the situation in the public institutions and organizations that will be set up.

officers will receive any due diligence from their respective institutions ' budget until they are assigned to a suitable staff. They will continue However, it cannot exceed six months. Any payments they have been assigned to a new cadre, including any payments they have received, are in compensation for their former staff in the most recent month, with less than a net monthly payment, until the difference is less than the net monthly is paid.

b) The public and private companies identified by the Glossary of 657 members of the State Officers Code are primarily due to funds if their requests are made. will be assigned to general or added budget administration within three months of their institutions in accordance with the situation in the other public institutions and institutions that will be determined by the State Staff if they are required.

These provisions apply to the second, third, and fourth fireplaces of Articles 3.11.1999 and 1 pearl of the Code 4460.

Those who do not want to benefit from the provisions of this Act are the words of the general and private companies identified in the State Officers Act of 657. It will be dissolved.

c) The personnel engaged in the permanent staff are transferred to the general or value-added administration with the same status as the funds for which the funds are printed.

Those who do not want to benefit from the provisions of this Law are paid for all kinds of legal rights and are cut out by their institutions.

d) The general or value-added administration, where personnel funds in temporary position positions are under way, is transferred along with their positions in temporary status.

Those who do not want to benefit from the provisions of this Law are paid for all kinds of legal rights and are cut out by their institutions.

to assign these laws and positions within the remaining funds of this Law and above, to the provisions above, with those of the Law on the release date of Any personnel that were involved were canceled and canceled, and the canceled cadres have been removed from the relevant section of the rosters to be decided by the 190-count Code.

Under the provision of this article, the officer will be assigned to the personnel personnel in accordance with the status of 190 Global Staff and Procedural Rights, if not available. The final act of the 9th Amendment is to consider the title and grade, and if the current clerks remain untenable, the new cadres are not to be remunted, and the number of 190 laws will be decided by the 190. The Council of Ministers is authorized to add the attachment to the rosters.

C) The funds that are left with this Law or in other countries;

a), if available, will be engaged in the fixtures and transferred to the institution or installation where all goods are not.

b) collections of current cash balances as of the effective date of this Law, on the one hand, income or private income, on the other hand side is recorded as a special grant from the Ministry of Finance to the tertids to be paid or open to existing tertials in their budgets. Amounts that are not spent on special paid amounts are transferred to the next year budget, and the allowance is saved.

c) The refunds used from the current funds are based on the basis and procedures in the relevant legislation framework. are collected from the maturity dates and the central count account of the relevant institution will be in place. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to register as a budget or a special grant to the existing types of relevant institutions budgets for the purposes of special income, for the same purpose, in the budget required.   Amounts that are not used by special allowors will be transferred to the next year budget and the allowance can be saved. In the compulsory state, institutions related to the return of the loans used are the authorities of the Ministry of Finance on the return of the loans that have been used as a result of the maturity and interest of the loans.

This fikra provision can also be applied for loans that will be used for budgets or special types to be opened in the budget for such funds.

d) This is the subject of the Law, with allowes to be placed on the relevant institutions budgets for which services are required to be executed. are executed with special allowes to be saved to the custom tertifes that are projected to be opened. The scope of expenditures to be made from these terms, including spending procedures, credit for which loans should be given, and other matters with the maturity and interest rates, the ministry of finance with the ministry where the fund was left, was the one that was left. It is determined by the essentials that are to be prepared and effective.

) to identify documents that will be added to public and added budgets for current funds and to identify documents that are to be added to the export order,yeni The Ministry of Finance is authorized to open accounts and call out the judges ' books.

D) The Ministry of Finance, State Planning, according to the interest in making any arrangements necessary for the liquidate of the funds that were left with this Law and other countries. The Council of Ministers is the secretary of the Treasury and the Treasury Department is the one.

MADDE 8. - This Code takes effect on the release date of 1.1.2002.

MADDE 9. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.