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Law No. 4634 Accepted: 4.4.2001                         


Purpose and Tantas



MADE 1. - The purpose of this Law is to regulate the marketing and marketing efforts of Turkey in Turkey with the principles and principles in Turkey for the export of domestic demand and export in Turkey, and exports to the country.


MADDE 2. - In the implementation of this Law;

a) Ministry: Ministry of Industry and Commerce,

b) Undersecretary: Undersecretary of Commerce,

c) Install: The Escape-Agency,

d) Board: Board of Detakers,

e) Feb: The white company (standard, refined cube, and crystal), half white, refined, raw, raw, and brown, water, pancar, or more. with crystalline sakaroz produced from the cabin, isoglucolic, liquid, or dried glucose, a glukoz, sakaroz or invert, or in the water solutation of both of the two, the company is known to be a pedification and a waste of water. your human dignity,

f) Marketing year: period from 1 September to 31 August,

g) A quota: The amount of companies that are manufactured according to domestic demand and can be made to the internal market in marketing year,

h) B quota: The amount of power a quota generated to be made to a certain proportion and to be contained for a security share,

) C: Raw and white company, produced in quotas A and B, and provided with the export record for business with unmarketable company domestaser,

j) The company factory: excluding any of the applications that use as an entry of the field (e), using the self-described products and the process of producing the company,

k) February: A company that contains one or more companies, and/or entities that are operating under the business unit,

l) Raw: The main entry used in the production of articles,

m) United product: Do not process the material that is within the process of doing business by doing the job,

n) English-exporter: A company that manufactures and exports a business product,

o) Storage premium: The manufacturer will be made to cover storage costs to regularly deliver a stable price from the manufacturer to the consumer. payments,

p) Storage disruption: All due process from vendor to consumer on a regular basis, with a stable price deductions to compensate for costs,kesintileri

is at work.




ÞekerTicket with Quota and Price Test

Coatings and quotas identification

ARTICLE 3.- The company is about to be marketed for the purpose of adding stability and stability to the company, and is of a sakarrosis, and is about to separate for other people. According to their type, they are determined by the quotas periodically. A total of A quota to be determined for the people of origin cannot exceed 10% of the total A quota of the country. The Council of Ministers is this rate, It is authorized to increase the organization's vision by up to 50%, and to add up to 50%.

The B-quota is not specified for other non-storage items that are of storage of storage origin.

Quotas A and B of

have until June 30, at the latest, in the eye of domestic demand, factories, and company production capacities. It is determined by the Board for subsequent periods of year-on-year.

Kotas are based on factory production times and average operational daily processing capacities and/or production quantities and randings. calculated. Nominal production data is based on the quota determination for factories that are allowed to have capacity increased prior to the effective entry of this Law with three-year-old company factories and three-side companies.

It is imperative that the new factory can be installed and/or provide quota to increase the capacities of existing factories. The new quota allocation to the company is authorized by the board.

Quota cancellation and transfers

MADDE 4. - If they supply them below 90% of the allocated quotas for two consecutive years, they will lose their quota for the amount of time in which the quota will be determined by the amount of difference between the quota and supply, if they are not justified. The companies can't just put a new quota on the quota they've lost during that time.

The quotas allocated to the assemblies are cancelled if they are not used within the time period to be determined by the Board.

In the required state of marketing, quotas will be transferred between quotas. If a quota of A quota is not marketed, the unmarketable amount will be transferred to a quota of next year and the next year A quota will be taken as much as the amount transferred, or in the current marketing year, in the case of the companies and the Board. All or a part of a quota that cannot be marketed if applicable, may be transferred to the C-level with the registration of being exported in the same marketing year.

According to their capacity for capacity, and/or the identification of reasons for the future, the Board decision was made between the board and the factories among the factories within their system. they can.

The identification, allocation, cancellation, and transfers of quotas and the new quota allocation for the new quota allocation and implementation by the Ministry of Undersecretary, It is regulated by the regulation that will be taken.

Raw prices and prices

MADDE 5. - The prices of the February panel are determined by the actual and legal entities and manufacturers and/or representatives of the business factory based on the reconciliation of the company's company. The principles and principles of this, It is regulated by the ministry to be played by the Ministry.

The other raw materials used in the production of the company are provided by manufacturers and/or the market.

The price of selling prices is determined freely by real and legal entities that operate the company factory.

Feb exports and imports

MADDE 6. - The Board of the Board of the World reports on the regulations intended to be made in the peditionary trade, considering world stock prices, domestic prices, supply-demand balance, speculative effects, and other considerations.

The foreign-origin, C, or similar applications within the framework of the export regime and/or similar applications, include the foreign-origin company, C It cannot be marketed as a product, or as a product of the product, and is not marketed domesically. For the company to be imported in this context, the Board will notify the Undersecretariat.





ARTICLE 7.- This law and related legislation will not apply, administer and conclude the application, within the framework of the entitlements in the Law. The Board of the Company with public legal entity is established to make arrangements and to use the authorities to perform the duties and duties given to the Law. The center of the institution is Ankaran. The bodies of the institution are the units of the Board of Directors and service units. The institution is managed by the Board of Directors.

The Ministry of Industry, Industry and Commerce is associated with the agency.


ARTICLE 8.- The board is the decision body of the Agency to make and apply any decisions on the scope of this Law, one of which is the President and one of the A total of seven members will be acting as acting chief.

TheKurumunBoard, The Institution, Also Başanus. It represents the institution, the administration and the judiciary, and the third-party president. This responsibility also covers the task of providing information to the public about the work of the Board. He assumes all of the duties and powers of the President when he is absent.

The Ministry of Ministers of

, the Ministry of Tarism and the Ministry of Villages and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the company, which produces sakaroz origin, and its capital, is a public company. The top two candidates, which are producing beets cooperatives, are the two most average production capacity of nominal production capacity of factories in Turkey from every group of companies, sakaroz and nişasta, which are the largest ones to produce. To be a member of each of the two candidates that they will offer the month of the service. Selects and assigns a Badman and gold member. The members of the Board of the Board will choose from their own.

Board of Directors and its members are paid a fee for the board of directors and members of the board of directors of the public economic community when the High Planning Board is established.

The membership of the Board of

is under the Rule of State Memuraration of 657 and a number of 399 members of the Personnel Regime of the Personnel Regime and 233 counts of law. Under the Rule of Law on the Withdrawal of some of the Articles of Decree, the rule of law and service under the decree is under way.

The members of the

Board are at least four years in law, economics, engineering, empowerment, international relations, public administration or finance at home or at least four years. at least ten years of working in the public or private sector, with sufficient knowledge and experience in the profession, with sufficient knowledge and experience from the professional angle of the year. is selected from the search. For members, the numbers specified in the numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the section 48 (A) of the number 48 of the State Officers Act of 657 are sought.

Board members have expired their term. The members who are assigned to the organization are allocated if they are allocated from their tasks in the installation they represent. For this reason or any other reason, their membership is replaced by a new member within one month at the latest by the Council of Ministers, and assigns the order according to the order specified in this clause. Those who are assigned in this way complete the durations of the members that are assigned to the place.


Board is meeting with absolute majority of the member full count, not less than twice a month, at the invitation of the President. The Board may make a meeting of the invitation of the President, or at least three members, and a meeting of the full number of members of the member state. The meeting of the Board of Assembly governs the President or the President. The agenda of each meeting is communicated to the members of the Board by preparing for the President or his absence prior to the meeting.

The board of the board and its members are expected to contribute to the meetings. Members of the board must report their alibi to the Board before the meeting. Members who have not been without an excuse for a total of four meetings or a total of ten meetings in a year will be resigning. A new member is assigned to their location according to the procedures specified in this item.

The board receives its decisions with a vote in the same direction that the full count of the members is absolute. Board members are not able to vote.

The meeting is announced by the Institution for the decisions.

Control of board with task and authorizations

ARTICLE 9.- The board's mandate and entitlements are:

a) decisions and applies the detection, cancellation, and transfers of quotas A and B.

b) Install expenses and operations for administrative expenses such as storage premium, research development activities, and the current marketing part of the activities, and the first of the startups. Specifies, determines, and applies the contributions to the thousandth of the amount to be calculated at the end of the per-thousandth factory sale price for the marketing year for the marketing period. For each of the marketing years, the Board calculated the end of September, followed by the end of each month, including one in September, one in which the share of the contribution will be reported to the companies in the first week. It will be transferred to the Enterprise private account within seven days of the day. The Council of Ministers is authorized to re-establish the contribution of the contribution.

c) Whether to make a storage outage for the Feb, decides and applies the non-payment of a premium. In domestic production and market development, decisions are made to arrange for the purpose of this Law, to receive storage disruption, to assign storage premium quantities, and to make decisions in the case of the consumac.

d) Notifies the undersecretary of the proposed regulations on the peditionary trade, taking into account the price of supply, the balance of demand and the speculative effects.

e) Applies the administrative fines stipulated in this Code.

f) directs the industry-related research-development activities and allocating resources to the organization and the people they are required to.

), while performing the duties of this Law to itself, any information required, producing goods or services in the market with public institutions and installations, marketing, selling real and legal entities, may request from all types of units of these. The information requested by the Board is full and exact, and is issued by the relevant institutions and organizations within the requested time period.

h) In factories and factories, you can find and control the tasks related to their tasks. For this purpose, the relevant institution may take advantage of the installation and the people.

) Decide and implement industry-related decisions in accordance with the objectives of this Code.

j) may make business with the subject in and out of the country, and may be a member of these installations, as needed.

The members of the

Board, the Board's money, documents in the money provision, the balance sheet, the balance sheet, the report and any other documents related to the balance of the balance sheet, the report and the other They are charged with crimes they have been working on, and the rights of 765 of the Turkish Penal Code are applied in the three and the bottom of the book of the Turkish Penal Code.

The 229 provisions of the Turkish Penal Code, if they can explain the confidential information that members of the Board of Board members are praising in the order of their duties, is applied to the Board and its tasks on the Board are ended. They cannot be elected again to the Board member.

The board of the board of the board of the board of the board of the board of the United States, including trade secrets and confidential competition information, will prevent the disclosure of any information that is sensitive to the business. is a task with the application and the application.

The revenues from the enterprise are collected in the accounts that are to be opened in the local banks in Turkey. From these accounts, the Board is authorized to spend in accordance with the purposes of this Law.

denetimiThe administration's audit is made by the High Supervisory Board of the Department of State.

Service units

ARTICLE 10.- The tasks required by the setup services are executed by service units. The personnel involved in the ruler attached to this Law are employed according to the provisions of the 1475-counted Law of the Code. The Board is authorized to employ staff at the bottom of the line to avoid a total of the total number of cadres included in the attached roster.


Penalty Provisions

Military fines

MADE 11. - For real and legal entities that do not have a B quota or sell or charge at the Board's decision, the amount of company that is not in possession or possession is available at the factory purchase price in history. The amount of administrative fines is given as amount to be calculated.

Penalties are applied in the first round of the Board decision on the domestic market or the right of no-charge transferees.

The information and decision of the Board of Information (s) will be available for each of the companies to transfer services between their factories and factories. Amount of money is issued to the Board as much as the amount of factory that is made to be calculated at the time of the factory sale price.

In addition to the provisions of the Law, a quota of data for each of the companies would be separated for each other if they were to transfer to a quota of each other between each other. Administrative fines are issued to the Board as much as the amount of the company will be calculated at the time of the factory purchase price in the date of the date of the detection.

For the purposes of this Code, the company is currently in the domestic market, either directly or indirectly, for which it has been procured in a quota of A and B. Penalties in the first case of this figure are applied in case of selling or delegating.



Whether to request or review information by the

Board; to determine whether or not the requested information is provided, incomplete, or otherwise. In the event that they are not given or given the opportunity to inspect the site, the following companies are reported to be given information within seven days and/or to review the opportunity. If no information is provided during this time period and/or the opportunity to review, the companies will have to calculate the amount of A quota allocated for the current marketing year of the Board of companies over the factory selling price of the current marketing year. Administrative fines up to 3% are given.

The amount of money to be issued in a repeat of the verbals that require the issuance of Israeli fines is twice the amount of the previous sentence.

The 10% of the collected administrative fines will be transferred to the Institution's private account, with the remaining amount being added to the Treasury accounts to be written to the budget.

Anti-monetary fines are described in accordance with the provisions of the Tbligat Act 7201.

may appeal to the competent administrative court within thirty days from the date of the monetary penalties. The objections will not stop the fulfillment of the administrative fines.

In the allocation of administrative fines, the provisions of the Law on the Tahsil of 6183 are applied to the allocation of 6183.


Reps and Recent Provitions


MADDE 12.- Management and representation of the enterprise, the execution of the Board and the services of the service units, with the means and principles, storage interruption and bonus. related regulations and other considerations are determined by the regulations to be issued by the Ministry within four months from the date of release of this Law.

Legislated legislation

MADDE 13. - dated 22.6.1956 and numbered 6747, dated 10.9.1960 and 79, of national protection crimes, national protection, capital and fund accounts, and Bazınna Nahdasna, the 8th of the Code of Law. Current status is removed.

INVALID DATE 1. - The quota of real and legal persons who have obtained permission from the Council of Ministers to establish and work in the domestic factory in accordance with the number of 6747 counted laws, but not yet in production, are saved. This right is valid for a period of five years from the date of the date the Law is entered. During this time, the quota will not be transferred to the right owner.

INVALID MADDE 2. - After the entry of the law, the Board takes into account the raw material planting period and determines the first marketing year. The detection quota is based on this marketing year.

INVALID DATE 3. - Related installs, board member candidates, notify the Minister within a month of following the entry of this Law. Within a month of following this period, the Board and its members are appointed.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4.-The required expenses and expenditures in this Code until the completion of the  Board and service units are completed by Turkey Factories, Inc., are fulfilled by the General Directorate.

INVALID MADDE 5. –-tamamýThe first marketing year to be set up is covered by the completion of the company's stock if they claim inventory, or a decision of the company and the C of the company if they demand the company's stock.



NOT TEMPORARY MADDE 6. - The membership of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors, and the transfer of public share by the membership of the two candidates who produced the sakaroz origin in article 8 concerning the appointment of the members of the Board of Ekers and to be selected from the two candidates recommended by the public opinion. In the event that the companies that produce sakaroz origin are the second most average production of the last three years of production from the factory in Turkey, the second most important.

INVALID DATE 7. - The price of the 2001 bekcar is determined by the Council of Ministers.

INVALID DATE 8. - Resets the term of the Council of Ministers, the Institution, and the duties of the Council of Ministers on 31.12.2004, in the framework of the agreement with the International Council.


MADE 14. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.


MADE 15. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.











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Chief SecretaryYardýmcýsý




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