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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ŞEKER KANUNU

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Law No. 4634:4.4.2001 SECTION ONE Purpose and definitions Purpose article 1. – The purpose of this Act, the demand for domestic production to meet the domestic need and export-oriented sugar regime, sugar production in Turkey as principles and terms and pricing, with marketing method is to edit.
Identifies the article 2. – In the implementation of this Act;
a Ministry of industry and Trade, Ministry): b) Uft: foreign trade Müsteşarlığını, c) grantee: Sugar our rule is, d) Board: the Board, e) sugar: sugar, white sugar (standard, cube and refined crystal sugar), half white sugar, refined sugar, raw sugar and brown sugar produced from beet or cane, classified as kristallendirilmiş izoglukoz, liquid starch with origin of sucrose or glucose syrup, sucrose or invert dried in sugar or mix of both occurring sugar solution and invert sugar çözünmesinden in water syrup inülin syrup , f) marketing year: September 1 to August 31 period, g) A quota: domestic demand produced and the amount of sugar that can be granted to the domestic market in the year of marketing on, h) B quota: A quota corresponding to a certain ratio and safety margin for the amount of sugar produced, ı subscribed to) C sugar: A and B quotas are not domestically produced sitcom, except for sugar exported to be processed with the provided raw and white sugar , j) sugar mill: uses as input the sugar businesses, excluding the products described in subparagraph (e) by processing raw sugar sugar-producing business, with k) Company: one or more sugar factories within the hosting and/or legal entity, who runs l) raw materials used in the manufacture of main entry: sugar, m) Processed product: with sugar as an input within the area that handles manufactured item, n) manufacturer-exporter produces the product handled, and exporting firm: , a vendor to the consumer of sugar Storage premium) a stable price: regularly to ensure that they reach storage to meet the costs of payments, p) a vendor to the consumer of sugar stable Storage outage: price to ensure that they reach the sales on a regular basis with time in order to compensate for all expenses arising from sugar sales amounts will be done through cuts, will Testify.

The SECOND PART of the Quota and Price determination of quotas and quota Sugar with the detection of Trafficking article 3.-sugar production will be marketed in order to ensure the stability in supply and the amount of sugar, sucrose and other sugars, including separately for sugar types determined by quotas, if necessary, periodically. Starch is A total to be determined for the sugar quota of origin, A total quota cannot exceed 10% of the country. The Council of Ministers in consultation with the Organization of this rate, up to 50% increase is authorized to participate in up to 50%.
They can be stored outside of the nature of non-sugar sucrose origin other candies to the B quota is not established.
Companies A and B quotas each year at the latest, until 30 June, domestic demand for sugar, sugar production capacities of factory processing and subsequent five-year period by the Board deference be determined for.
Quotas on factories ' manufacturing times are average for the last three years with the actual log processing capacities and/or production shall be based on the quantities and the yield is calculated. For the first time will be commissioned and three with sugar mills under this Act who received permission from increasing its capacity before the entry into force factories to determine nominal quotas for production data.
The new factory to be established and/or pay their capacity of existing factories to ensure quotas are mandatory. The Board is authorized to allocate new quotas to companies.
Article 4 cancellation and transfer of quotas. – Companies based on a reason to justify their two years in a row before the quotas allocated under 90% of the supply to the extent that they provide the difference between the quota and supply will be determined by the period of the quota rights as they lose to. Companies have the right to their lost during that time they can't provide new quota corresponding to the quota.
Corporate workshops allocated quotas will be determined by the Board is not used within the time limit will be cancelled.
Cross-marketing year in mandatory quota sugar made the transfer. A part of the quota of pazarlanamadığı, not transferred to the next year's A quota on the amount of a sitcom, and the next year A quota will be reduced by the amount transferred or the current marketing year in the case of companies in demand and is found to be appropriate by the Board not A quota for all or part of a sitcom, to be exported to the same marketing year provided that the C sugar can be transferred.
Companies sorted by their capacity to change and/or by a decision of the Board in the event of the detection of force majeure within the quota transfer between factories in.
Determination of quotas, allocation, cancellation and transfer issues related to the new quota allocation with and controls for the application by the Ministry, will be regulated by regulation after taking the opinion of the Undersecretariat.
Raw sugar prices article 5. – Sugar beet prices each year, sugar factory who manages the natural and legal persons with representatives of the manufacturer and/or determined by an agreement reached between. The corresponding procedures and principles, to be issued by the Ministry Regulation.
Other raw materials used in the production of sugar is the manufacturer and/or by companies that are available from the market.
Retail prices for sugar, sugar factory is determined freely by natural and legal persons who runs.
Sugar exports and imports article 6. – World market prices, domestic prices, supply and demand balance, the speculative effects and other considerations taking into account the Board requested to be made in the regulation of sugar trade, reports see the Undersecretariat.
Manufacturer-exporter of inward processing regime and/or similar applications use as raw materials in the frame or auxiliaries foreign origin sugar, C sugar is, either directly or within the scope of the processed product as is unmarketable. In this context, the Board notifies the views to the Undersecretariat for the sugar to be imported.

The THIRD PART of the special organization Sugar Authority article 7.-ensure the implementation of this Act and other related legislation, application control, and conclude, within the framework of the given powers in the Act to make regulations and to fulfill other tasks provided by law and to use the powers of public legal personality established sugar Corporation. The organization is headquartered in Ankara. The bodies of the institution, the Sugar Board and consists of the service unit. The institution is governed by the Board of the Sugar.
The organization is associated with the Ministry of industry and trade Included.
The candy Committee article 8.-the Board, the nature of the institution's decision making body, and all sorts of subjects covered by this law, decisions and one Vice President, one to apply to the President and consists of a total of seven as a member.
Chairman of the Board, also Chairman of the institution. Agency, the administrative and judicial authorities, and against third parties represents the President. This responsibility; Giving information to the public in relation to the Board's work includes tasks. Vice President, the President's absence takes on all tasks and powers of the President.
The Council Of Ministers; The Ministry, Ministry of agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Undersecretariat is attached to the Ministry, the State-owned sugar and sucrose origin capital Company shows two of the Union formed by the top of the beet cooperative with the candidate, sucrose and starch origin sugar-producing companies are each group from the nominal production capacity of the factory in Turkey over the past three years average production at most of the two companies will offer the two candidates separately one Member selects a President and six members, including and. Başkanvekilini, Panel members are among themselves.
Board President and members of the Supreme Planning Board of the State-owned enterprises are set for the Chairman and members of the paid.
The task of the Board membership; the civil servants Law No. 657 399 numbered public economic enterprises with Personnel Regime Decree No. 233 Of the arrangement and the repeal Of some of the Decree is beyond the scope of the ban on other business and services held.
Board members; law, economics, engineering, business administration, international relations, public administration or finance in domestic or abroad has seen at least four years of higher education (beet cooperative formed by the Member that represents the parent for the Union shall not be required), have found enough knowledge and experience in professional terms and with regard to the profession of public or private sector chosen from people who worked at least ten years. Review any errors or warnings the civil servants Law No. 657 also, article 48 (A) paragraph 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7, they searched for terms specified in paragraphs.

Board members term of Office for five years. Appointed members of the Board, if they leave from their posts they represent organizations memberships expire. For this reason or for some other reason memberships by the location of the Council of Ministers that ended by elected a new Member within one month and according to order assignments mentioned in this article. In this way, they are assigned to, rather than complements of members while they are assigned to.
The Board, at the invitation of the President twice a month for not less than the majority of the members. The Board, convening or at least three members of the Member's written request, and the majority of the extraordinary meeting. In the absence of a Vice President or Chairman of the Board meeting. The agenda for each meeting in the absence of the President or Vice President before the meeting, prepared by Board members.
Board President and members to participate in meetings is essential. The excuse of the Board members are to report to the President of the Assembly an excuse before the meeting. In one year, with four consecutive meeting or at the meeting without excuse, cannot participate in a total of ten members shall be deemed to have resigned. Constructed according to the procedures mentioned in this article will be assigned to the new members.
The Board, the majority of the members of their decision in the same direction with the vote. Panel members abstained from the vote.
Interested in meeting the resolutions announced by the institution concerned.
The duties and powers of the Board with control article 9.-the duties and powers of the Board are as follows: a determination of the A and B quotas), cancellation and transfers as decisions and implements.
b) agency expenditures and operations, with research and development activities-like storage premium, administrative expenses are to be used for the current marketing year and the operating companies, newly established companies is the first marketing year A quantity of sugar equivalent of quotas at the start of the marketing year concerned factory selling price is calculated over the five-thousandth of the amount of participation to determine their share of exceed, gets and decide on this matter. For each marketing year shall be calculated in the first week of September, the amount of contributions to be reported to companies is one of the twelve who start in September of the calendar year completed in August following the end of each month, to seven working days will be transferred to the special account of the institution. Contribution of the Council of Ministers is authorized to determine.
c failure to storage surge made) sugar premium is not paid if the decision gets and implements. Domestic production in accordance with the purposes of this Act in the functioning of the market and editing, storage, the storage premium deduction amounts designated, consumables and mahsuba decisions.
d the balance of supply and demand and speculative) internal price, taking into account the effects of the sugar trade in their views on the desired edits to be made to the Undersecretariat.
to implement the administrative penalty envisaged in this).
f) directing research and development activities related to sector provides the Organization and resource allocation in cases where it is necessary.
g) of this Act in carrying out the tasks given to it, any information it considers necessary; public institutions and organizations producing goods or services on the market, marketing, selling natural and legal persons may request from any Union ones. As complete and accurate information requested by the Board, within the requested time-related institutions and organizations by the Board.
h) Company and its factories, research and issues related to the tasks can be found in the control. To this end, when necessary, related institutions, organizations and individuals can benefit from.
in accordance with the purposes of this Act) other matters related to sector decisions.
j) both at home and abroad with the subject of cooperation with relevant organizations, where necessary this can be member.
Board members, the Board's money, money, securities and other documents available in the rule against offenses committed with balance sheet, record, report, and so on all kinds of documents and notebooks because of their crimes are considered civil servants and Turkish Criminal Law No. 765 of the book of Three and six Second Bablarındaki provisions.
Board members have made their tasks in the order in the case of confidential information learned in the descriptions, the rights of Turkish Criminal Law No. 765 229 Uribe item provisions and the Council will be given the task to end. These people cannot be selected again the Board membership.
The Board, trade secrets and confidential information, including competition, commercial terms with all kinds of information to prevent the disclosure of the identify the procedures and principles and is tasked.
Institution, to open accounts in banks in Turkey. From these accounts in accordance with the purposes of this Act, the Board is authorized to spend.
The Prime Minister is made by the Board of supreme audit institution's control.
Article 10.-Corporate service units service units of the task imposed by the service. This law is contained in the attached ruler staff recruited in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 1475 labour law. Located in the attached ruler question positions total number of titles and status change, to overcome, to the number in question is authorized to employ personnel under Assembly.
The FOURTH CHAPTER Penalty Provisions article 11 Administrative fines. – B quota sugar outside of the decision of the Board does not contain or selling or natural and legal persons free disabled as is or hand out the amount of sugar in the possession of the determination date amount to be calculated over the factory selling price by the administrative fine.
C the decision of the Board outside the domestic market, selling candy or stipulated in the first paragraph about the disabled free of charge penalties are applied.
Apart from the decision of the Board's information and companies, the quota transfer between factories for each separate, pour the quantity of sugar, has been found to be calculated over the date factory sale price holds up by the administrative fine.
This is contrary to the provisions of the law, company of the quota transfer between each one, separately for the amount of sugar quota that pour money, finding the date calculated over the factory sale price holds up by the administrative fine.
Contrary to the purposes of this Act, other than A and B quota by companies identified on which the sugar, either directly or indirectly, the sale or transfer of the domestic market, in this case, the actual functioning are as predicted in the first paragraph of this article, the penalties are applied.

Request information or by the Board of review in place; the requested information is incorrect, incomplete or misleading identification or no information be given or granted on-site review imkânının warranties, this actual giving of information within seven days of companies that handle and/or review imkânının a warning to the provision. In the meantime, there is a lack of imkânının and/or review of the information in the current marketing year by the Board of the company is allocated A quota for the current marketing year of the amount of the sales price is calculated through the factory at the beginning of the amount of the administrative fine of up to 3%.
Require the issuance of administrative fines in the event of repetition of the verb will be given twice the amount of the fine is applied as in the previous sentence.
The administrative penalty is charged 10% of the Institutions will be transferred to the special account, the remaining amount comes to be written into the budget transferred to the Treasury accounts.
Administrative fines shall be communicated in accordance with the provisions of notification law numbered 7201.
The administrative penalties against them within thirty days from the date of notification to the competent administrative court objectionable. There's objections will not stop the fulfillment of administrative penalties.
Final administrative Act No. 6183 in charged of the fines public receivables provisions of the law.
The FIFTH PART Miscellaneous and final Provisions Regulations Article 12.-the Board of management and representation of the Organization, working with the procedures and principles and principles of service units, storage and related regulations and other considerations, from the date of publication of this Act in four months is determined by regulations to be issued by the Ministry.
Repealed legislation on article 13. – 10.9.1960 with the law dated 22.6.1956 and numbered, dated and Sugar 6747 79 numbered National Prevention Crimes beg your pardon, Princeton University, capital and National Protection Fund Accounts Tasfiyesine and İhdasına Some Provisions Of article 8 of the Act is repealed.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1. – in accordance with Act No. 6747 Sugar Act in domestic sugar factory From the Council of Ministers, set up and operate the field, but has not yet let not exceeding its production quota of natural and legal persons. These rights from the date the law comes into force for a period of five years applies. During this period, when the quota, rights holder not transferable.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 2. After the entry into force of the Act, the Assembly October – raw materials, taking into account the period of the first marketing year. The first year of this marketing quota determination, based on the.

TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 3. – Related organizations, Board members from entering into force of this law, the nominees for the subsequent report to the Ministry within a month. This is followed by the amount of time in a month to Board President and members assigned.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 4.-Assembly and service unit until the formation of the business and operations referred to in this law with the necessary expenditures, Turkey sugar refineries Co. General Directorate.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 5. – Will be determined at the beginning of the first marketing by the stock of the company that holds the sugar are sugar stocks of all or part of the Board is the decision of the C sugar are covered.

TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 6. – Appointment of members of the Board of the sugar is sucrose, in article 8, dealing with the origin of sugar manufactures and capital public company will suggest two candidates elected by the membership will be determined by public share devolution, privatization, sucrose sugar-producing companies originated from a factory in Turkey in the last three years average production, the latter being the most belong to the company.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 7. – the price is determined by the Council of Ministers in 2001 beet.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 8. – Within the framework of agreements with International organizations, the Council of Ministers, institutions and organs of the duties, powers and the task duration determines again at 31 December 2004.
Entry into force article 14. – This law enters into force the date of promulgation.
Article 15 execution. – This law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.

(1) the PERSONNEL to BE EMPLOYED for SERVICE VOLUMES LIST NO. RULER Title General Secretary 1 Assistant Secretary-General 1 Expert 20 Assistant 10 Administrative Staff 25