Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Blood And Blood Products Act

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. KAN VE KAN ÜRÜN­LE­Rİ KA­NU­NU

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Kanun No. 5624


Acceptable Date: 11/4/2007      



Purpose, Scope, and Tantas

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is; blood, blood, and products and essences.

(2) This Law includes public institutions and installations that operate the services of blood, blood components and products. to be engaged in this field, the Ministry covers private legal entities and private legal entities that are permitted in the Ministry.

(3) The blood stem cell applications are covered by this Law.


MADDE 2- (1) Last in this Law;

a) Apherez: Using a special device of blood components to be acquired

b) Minister: The Ministry of Salim,

c) Ministry: The Ministry of Health,

ç) Regional blood center: Established in areas of the Ministry, blood in its area All the work and work related to the blood bank, which is responsible for the region and transfusion centers, are responsible for the need for blood in the region, which is in charge of the need for blood. the scope of the scope,

d) Service unit: Transfusion center, blood pressure center, and region blood center,

e) Blood pressure (donor): The person who gives full blood or information,

f) Blood pressure (donation): Exact full blood or blood-components,

g) Blood pressure center: blood from the west, from the direction of the region to the region's blood center the unit of the operation,

) Blood components: The erythrocyte, which is obtained from the full blood, through the right, aferez, or other methods. The platelets are plasmas with cellular blood components, such as granulosit suspresis,

h) Blood products: Blood components and plasma products obtained from the blood,

) Plasma products: All treatment resulting from the execution of human plasma. products,

i) Plasma products manufacturing plant: The need for treatment purposes without fresh-frozen plasma the facility, which is manufacturing in accordance with the national and milletterage standards, to be made available by the proteins.

j) Full blood: From blood pressure to transfusions or to obtain new products, by pushing And a suitable anticoagulant substance was associated with the human blood, which involved no separation.

k) Transfusion: a full blood or blood component to the patient who is needed due to the problem of the problem. transplant,

l) Transfusion central: Not authorized to receive blood from the blood pressure during emergency situations The unit that prepares the blood or component for transfusion, and the unit that prepares it for use by doing other tests that are needed, and so on,

refers to.


General Esaslar, Blood and Blood Products Installed

General guidelines

ARTICLE 3- (1) About blood, blood components, and products general essentials:

a) in the planning, execution, and control of services covered by this Law, The Minister is responsible and responsible.

b) is a guarantee of blood, blood components and products, and voluntary pressure is essential. However, financial pressure does not make sense, but it is undersecretary of the practices.

c) The blood, blood components, and products are in and out of their health and supply. No danger of danger, protection against risk, transmission of transfusion, and monitoring of post-transfusions, and monitoring of the six. It is imperative to report any complications that may arise in the transmitter and the transmitter. Blood, blood components and products, registration, analysis, processing, storage, availability, use and use of blood pressure, blood pressure, preparer, it is mandatory to write or save all data related to the location and the six of the data, and to save for thirty years. Blood samples from the blood samples and samples of the blood samples from the blood pressure are stored for the duration of the Ministry, including not less than one year, with the assay of blood.

ç) Blood, blood components and products ' perception or transfusion is the responsibility of the physician and It is controlled.

d) For the purpose of product production for the production of plasmas domestically, domestically and domestically It is possible only with the permission of the Minister. The introduction of plasma from the country for the purpose of product production is also subject to the Minister's permission.

e) The service unit that opens the service unit and the people in the scope of this Law They are required to conduct an international quality assurance program.

f) Personal information about blood, blood components, and products, personal information to protect, to not give to third people, they are obliged to not open the press. This information is provided only to the Minister.

g) The blood and blood that will be necessary in the event of disaster, mobilization, and war It organizes the supply of the goods and the material for them, and the country's stockpile of stockpiles in the area of the Ministry of Blood and the Ministry of Blood.

Blood and Blood Products Installed

MADDE 4- (1); blood, blood components, and products In the field of blood, blood products and blood banks, the Ministry's chief of the unit is in the area to provide scientific support that may be necessary to make the case for what it is likely to be done in the course of the work. It has been selected by the Minister from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or the Minister of the Graduate School of the Graduate School of Education. A member of the Blood and Blood Products Board is now available.

(2) Blood and Blood Products Board members are two years old. The member that ends the task period can be selected again.


Blood Temp and Service UnitsTagPreserver,b,241,245

Service units authorized to open a service unit

MADDE 5- (1) transfusions for the supply and use of the law centers, blood pressure centers, and area blood centers are installed.

 (2) of the service units covered by this Law;

  a) Regional blood center and blood pressure center; Turkey Küzılay with public institutions and installations Association,

  b) The transfusion center; it is urgent within the part of this one (a) that is counted. private legal and private legal entities, with the registration of a special set of people who are currently working on the response

  c) Production facility of plasma products; real people and private law with public institutions and installations legal entities,

can open and process it.


Licenses, Audit, and Penalty Provisions

Administrative and Penal provisions, obligation to obtain licenses

ARTICLE 6- (1) The extent to which this Law will operate real and legal entities, to obtain licenses from the Ministry of the Ministry or the Ministry if the Ministry or the Ministry authorized it, and to keep separate accounts and records for every activity in the spirit of the spirit. They have to. Real and legal entities will pay for the license to be determined by the Ministry of registration, registration of licenses, registration of licenses and registration of licenses for the accounting unit to be determined by the Minister of Finance. They have to.

 (2) The Ministry of Service controls or audits any activities of the service units. Registration of licenses, legal ledger and records are ready and open to the Ministry's control and to provide any information and documents that the Ministry needs to provide the Minister in time. They have to.

(3) Refulfillment of the requirements of this Law and other legislation to be taken into the process of He won't be able to take away his obligation. The service units within the scope of this Law are required to comply with the standards and regulations of the Ministry, as well as regulations to be made in the Ministry.

(4) The deficiencies identified as a result of the controls made or required The number of measures is requested, or promptly requested, by the time of the job. If necessary, the ministry will take the necessary precautions to be taken from the expense of the service, if necessary, if necessary, if necessary, to take the necessary measures. At this time, the expense of the Ministry does not eliminate the implementation of the Ministry's implementation.

(5) Registration of licenses lost in the course of the registration process was returned by the Ministry It is taken.

(6) This Law is 3 years old without a license or for those operating under the current license scope. The first section of the article (c) has been banned from operating documents and samples that are required to hide the documents and samples that are required to be stored in the state, and the new Turkish lira is fined for administrative money. is applied.

(7) In made controls;

A) A thousand New Turkish and related governorate for those who do not have information in the time The lira is in charge of the administration. In the event of a repeat of the same verb, the new Turkish lira is fined for the new Turkish lira.

b) The Ministry or the Ministry of relevant information to identify personnel who are not eligible to The governor of New Turkish Lirasas is the governor.

(8) will endanger the lives and health of services in the scope of this Law Those who operate in the form are immediately banned from activity and are punished for up to five years in prison and a maximum penalty of fines of up to a thousand days. These people are not given licenses for five years. It is dominated by blood and blood products, which are determined to be technical and non-apolocians.

(9) The blood centers with area blood centers that are withdrawn or banned from the operation. centers in need of their centers, and they are pushed by the Ministry to take necessary measures.

(10) Know that there is a risk of such a disease or a disease that is infected with the blood path. In hiding the situation, the blood ciders are given up to three years of imprisonment and a maximum of 10 days for the sentence.







Government Provisions


MADDE 7- (1) Transfusion, which is projected to be installed in this Blood central, blood pressure center and the establishment of regional blood centers, setting up equipment, materials and personnel standards, identification of people with each other, and essences, The quality assurance programs that apply to the quality assurance programs, the cost and the cost of registration, and the cancellation of the price of the italine and the The principles are determined by the establishment of the plasma products production facility and the operation of the sair considerations, the Blood and Blood Products Board, and the regulations that will be played by the Ministry of the Ministry of Blood and Blood.

Current rulings

KanMADDE 8- (1) dated 23/6/1983 and 2857 of Blood and Blood The Law of Products has been repeated.

The effective direction of the management and current volumes unlicensed

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1- (1) The regulation stipulate in this Law is under In the month, the Ministry will be held to the Ministry. Until the regulation is effective, the implementation of provisions that are not part of this Law will continue to be applied to the current regulations.

(2) Type A and B blood in operation until the effective entry of this Law is centers and blood stations, and other service units to obtain and sell licenses in accordance with the types of activities in a year, starting from the effective entry of the management. They'll have to keep their fitness. A new unit cannot be opened under this Law without the Minister's permission during this time.


ARTICLE 9- (1) This is the issue date on the release date.


ARTICLE 10- (1) Council of Ministers for the provisions of this Law It executes.