Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Natural Gas Market Law (Electricity Market Law Changes

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. DOĞAL GAZ PİYASASI KANUNU (ELEKTRİK PİYASASI KANUNUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK

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Kanun No. 4646     


Accepted Date: 18.4.2001      



General Provisions


Purpose, Scope, Tantas, and Authority


ARTICLE 1.- The purpose of this Law is the damage to the environment in the quality, continuous, cheap, competitive basis of the natural gas. In order for consumers to be used, the natural gas market is free to generate a strong, stable, stable, natural gas market, and a regulation and control are not available on this market.


ARTICLE 2- This law includes the import, transmission, transmission, storage, marketing, trading, and export of natural gas. It covers the rights and obligations of all real and legal entities.


MADDE 3.- In the implementation of this Law;

1) Ministry: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,

2) Minister: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,

3) BOTAAŞ: Oil Lines and Petroleum Corporation by Pipelines,

4) Install: Energy Market Regulatory Agency,

5) Board: Energy Market Regulatory Board,

6) Legal (occupation): The production, transmission, delivery, wholesale, import, export, trade of the natural gas under the provisions of this Law and public or public law legal entity,     

to execute storage functions,     

7) Doğal gas: These gases are about to be released with natural hydrocarbons in gas that can be released or grazed from the ground It has been used, otherwise, or subjected to physical action (except for the current Oil Gas -LPG),

8) Production: Doðal gas is located in Turkey in Turkey, under the Oil Law of 7.3.1954 and 6326. remove, clear, and increase, until transmission lines with the collection lines, and

9) Production company (operating): Legal entity in Turkey that actualized production activity in Turkey,

10) Israel: Gas pipeline rollout or storm drain on production line-up lines and dairebeets. gas (LNG) transfer of natural gas, which is actualized by the transfer of gas (LNG)

11) The Israeli business: the legal entity that actuales its operations,

12): Cash and retail sales of the neighborhood gas pipeline for delivery of the natural gas to the future,

13) Feb: The entirety of the remaining marked areas within the municipal or metropolitan municipalities,

14) Dadaive: A designated city is a natural gas and a neighborhood gas pipeline, and a transport operation. the legal entity that is authorized to do so,

15) Sold: Selling to current gas, and free consumers,

16) Wholesale business: operating or operating within the system, operating or operating a wholesale activity of the private gas Legal entity, which is the business entity,

17) Free consumer: domestically, with any production companies, import companies, companies, or wholesale companies. a real or legal entity with the freedom to make a gas-to-sale statement,

18) Non-free consumer (subscriber): Real or legal entity that has to take the natural gas from its use companies for use. kiþiyi

19) Storage: Daily and seasonal disinficiencies and natural gas supply reduction or stagnation. power storage, gas, gas, or gas, to recover from gas, or to store gas in the system,

20) Storage company:yetkilendirilenis the legal entity that is authorized to actuate storage activity for the power of the operating gas,          

21) The rec-gas (LNG) facility: to address and store the natural gas as a result of the gas, Facilities used for storage, storage, and regas,

22) Storage facility: Property or construction of a legal entity, except for the facilities that are used in production, and natural gas, storage as an LNG or gas storage facility,

23) System: Plant and equipment installed to perform production, transmission, storage, and performance of the Doðal gas,

24) System user: The real or transit system that receives gas from the system or is supplying gas to the system or transit through the system. legal entity,

25) Balance system: Each other and the entire system of building systems,

26) The following line: The natural gas pipeline, which feeds a free consumer, is a pipeline that feeds the natural gas. It has been sold between the cities and private services, with the pressure of the transmission locations to be resold at locations where it has not been,

27) The mahalal gas pipeline: All the time that the storm is going to build and push through the state of the city, which will build gas. lines,

28), on the other hand: In the designated area of a branch office, the facilities and pipelines of the network are installed in the designated area of the province.

29) Vertical-integrated legal entity: Two of the natural gas production, transmission, emissions, import, export, storage, or sale activity. or more than

the legal entity that is reallocation.

30) Delivery promise: A transmission or storage system between the system users or those who act on behalf of them. and transmission companies, or for transmission of transmission companies to the transfer of the current gas at their own time,

31) Statement: A commitment to the purpose of system use and transmission of transmission, intended to be done by using system users.

32) Israeli company: sell or sell to wholesale companies, free consumers or exporters of natural gas. The legal entity, which is reallocation to supply natural gas from the country in the form of LNG or gas, in order to sell directly from the country to the right of the country,

33) National transmission unit: High-print pipelines, part of a national transmission system, 

34) National transmission system: Department of national transmission, storage, spillover, which is transmitting on the country's diameter of the Doğal gas. system of gas-to-gas gas, and similar transmission facilities,

35) Israel's capacity: production of production and wholesale companies or imports of importers have been sold to the country. marketing legal entity,

36) Market activity: The transmission, emissions, wholesale, import, export and export of Doðal gas plants are or are underground and business operations, including gas or gas storage at the above-ground facilities, as well as operating and commercial activities, and activities related to these activities,

37) Tariff: The price of transmission, emissions, LNG or gas storage and services for the services of the Doðal gas, and the price for services, Provisions and regulations,

38) License: Every market activity by the Board of the Code to enable market activity to be found in the company's business The license for the document is provided for

39) Certificate: The design, construction, revision, maintenance of facilities of legal entities that conduct natural gas activity in the system The consent of real and legal persons to be found in repair, control, maintenance, and similar services, and permission granted by the Board,

40) use: Organized industrial zones, which are members of its ownership, and which are required to use gas cooperatives,

41) FINANCIAL NATURAL GAS: The current version of the dominant gas is in the

42) Horizontally legal entity: At least one of the product's production, transmission, emissions, import, export, storage, or satyr activities. The legal entity that actuales one and is a real business entity that is not involved in the natural gas sector at the same time,

is at work.



Dokal Gas Market Activities, Construction and Service Activities, License and

GenelCertificates General-essences

Doðal gas market activities

MADDE 4.- 1) The legal entities to be engaged in natural gas market activities according to this Law will make the necessary licenses.   

2) The installation of legal entities to operate in the Dokal gas market is answered by the Institution within a maximum of sixty days, starting from the date of the construction of the Install. If the license request is rejected by the Board, the denial decision is reported to the owner, along with the justification for the applicant.

Türk3) The provisions of the private legal entities operating in the market dated 29.6.1956 and the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code 6762. If they are installed as an anonymous company or a limit company, the shares will be written in the name of the entire stock. The capital of these companies is regulated by the regulations that should be found in their main commitments.

4) Doðal gas market activities are:

a) Israel: Import by import license is made according to the import license.

In legal entities that are applying for a government license;

1) Have the technical and economic power to do the work,

2) The precise information and warranty of the supply of natural gas, reserves, production facilities and transmission systems to be used found,

3) The amount of local gas to be imported each year is about as much as it has to storage in national lands within five years. The commitment and warranties specified by the legal entities that will conduct storage activity in the event of being,

4) The system is capable of contributing to the development and trust of the national transmission system, and for this purpose, the system will be To be able to provide economic support to the yachters of legal entities that will make it real,

searches for the February.

People have to obtain a separate license for each import connection they will do. A system is relying on the system's trust, whether in commitments or guarantees, with the amount of time-to-date, forecasted, seasonal and seasonal imports and the amount of deities that are included in the import commitments. is required to inform the Install of obligations that are of interest to you.

Israeli companies sell, sell, and sell wholesale companies in domesticate gas and export companies. It can also be transferred to free consumers and export licenses, as they can, and can also market it to the country. However, the handover to the exporters does not eliminate the importation of the importer's license scope.     

The amount of annual gas that any importation company provides through import, The current national gas consumption forecast for the institution cannot be 20 per cent.

The Israeli company has to provide information and documents that the Agency claims to all the commitments it has made.

b) Production: Doðal gas exploration and production activities are made according to the Oil Code of 6326. The search and execution licenses are issued by the General Directorate of Oil Ites. The production activity is not counted from the market activity.

Production companies have registered to purchase a wholesale license for the gas they produce, and wholesale companies, importers, and other business. It can market to its businesses or free consumers. The producers are free to free up to less than 20 percent of the national consumption forecast to be determined by the agency's current account, while the remaining direct gas, importation companies, companies, or more. It can deliver wholesale companies through the market. Production companies may export the gas that they produce with the registration of receiving an exporter license.

Production companies are selling licenses to purchase and export licenses (e) and (f). is mandatory.

The generated natural gas will be installed according to the transmission and delivery promises to be made with transmission companies. If the production center is remote to the system, the generated gas may be transmitted through the line and transmission to free consumers as soon as possible transmission and transmission of free consumers. However, this is the decision of the Council to take into consideration the economic and technical issues. In the event of less than the amount specified in the number (1) of the production capacity of the eighth-material (a) production capacity of the production capacity of the production capacity of the production capacity of the production capacity, the manufactured gas will not be available to the consumers who are operating in the city. can sell. The rights of the production companies in the existing facilities related to transmission and storage are withheld. The use of this right is subject to the provisions of (c) and (d).

Production companies will make the Institution available for tariffs, delivery rules, gas quality, gas supplies, seasonal delirium They are responsible for compliance.

c) My work: Legal entities that are going to be able to actuate the activity are obligated to comply with the following considerations.

1) If the system is in accordance with the system, within the framework of the criteria detected by the Institution, the system will be required to connect to the system They are required to maintain the most appropriate action within twelve months.

2) Use the Authority to notify the Authority of this condition if it refuses to transmit the request for the system. If the Agency is identified by the government of its breach of management of the city, the transmission of the transmission will be made according to the decision of the Board of the people who are entering the system.

3) The institution may not be able to disrupt the transmission activity by examining its demands for the use of the system. provides the maximum attention that the system is not interfering with, considering the specified considerations.

4) Israel is co-ordinated with a safe and efficient execution for transmission activities, with other transmission companies. They have to give each other the technical information they can to make it work.

5) Reaction of all kinds of services, necessary adjustments and adjustments for the flow of the system and for the operation of the system He is responsible for the part of himself that he has. In separate ways, the transmission companies are obliged to take every measure to ensure that the gas transmission is safely, efficient, and at least cost effective, and to meet the other than the other, which is envisioned in this Law.

6) It is mandatory to obtain licenses from the Board in order for the operation of the business to be operational. Any punitions that violate the operation of the system are applied to the penalties specified in this Code.

7) promises to deal with business companies, wholesale companies, production companies, and exporters. It makes delivery promises with a production company, a free consumer, a storage company, and other transmission companies. The language and guidelines specified by the Agency in any of the done or done promises are considered and are not included in the event that prevents or features the process of the system.

8) The board also considers the national transmission company yacht programs to be prepared, taking into account the transit natural gas transmission of transmission. Reviews and approvals.

9) The current, planned, and ongoing national transmission company belongs to BOTAI. The current lines of transmission are led by other transmission companies that make the new pipeline property, to be their own, to be built in the current lines of connection with existing lines. The other rights and obligations of the business companies are determined by the regulations to be made.

d) Depository of natural gas :Legal is obligated to comply with any legal entity that will perform storage activity.     

1) The Legal aries are available from the Board to ensure that the natural gas is underground and can be stored as gas or LNG in the ground. You have to obtain a license. The storage activity cannot be used without that license. The legal entities that request a license are obliged to comply with the conditions that will be in the regulations that will be made.

In legal entities that are applying for storage licenses;

aa) To have the technical and economical ability to store the storage,

bb) help the system process all of the storage capacities that will be savings in a coordinated and secure style. To ensure that they will be able to manage it,

cc) The service will be launched if the storage capacity to be found is system-bound, if the system is to be provided. Commitment to the server,

searches for the February.

2) According to the Code 6326, the company's supply of operating licenses has generated gas-free gas, storage for storage purposes. The approval of the approval of the General Director of the Petroleum and the General Directorate of the Petroleum People will be used in the event of the If deemed appropriate by the board, the relevant portion of the registration license is translated into storage license. However, the production company has been able to document that it has the desired capability for the storage license, in the event that the production company is installed. If the company is engaged in storage activity, it executes its storage activity separately from production by leaving its accounting.

IftaleplerinStorage claims are rejected and the system is informed by the authority of the system, the will be able to provide the storage company with the requested service if it detects that the storage company is in breach of the license and licenses by making the necessary reviews and controls. Due to this breach, the punishings shown in this Code apply to the rest of the following.

e) Sold from the ball: Wholesale companies are eligible for business wholesale activities to free consumers from the Board It has to. Legal entities that are licensed for a discount license do not have to receive a wholesale license. With a line of work, they can make a wholesale sell out of natural gas.

 What legal entities want to do business-selling activities can provide and determine where to obtain the natural gas To show that they have sufficient technical and economic power and to help the system work in a safe way, to show them that they have the necessary storage capacities, and that they have the necessary storage capacity, and that they are in the regulations. will also need to provide the specified language commitment and warranties.    

It is required to comply with the essals in organizing the wholesale activities of the Doðal gas.

1) Legal entities that sell natural gas to current companies, during the time to be foreseeable, are the seasonal maximum of the regulars. It is required to make necessary supply planning and to obtain storage measures and to install the storage measures with the storage measures for this purpose, and to install storage measures and to obtain storage measures and to install storage measures. For the expense of the required storage measures, the license has been defined for a period of time from the date of the license. At this time, it can be extended by two years, if the country's storage facilities are not being able to reach a sufficient level.

In addition, the Board aims to balance the subsequent seasonal growth for each city, according to climate deities. are authorized to assign storage quantities and to take the necessary measures.

2) Any legal entity that sells wholesale gas to free consumers is seasonal, subject to the effective of entering this Law. It is imperative to sell gas, within the limits of daily and hourly flexibility. Wholesale services are required to have the required supply and storage capacity, and have to take necessary storage measures within a period of five years from the date of issuance of the license. For this purpose, they will be able to install the lease promises with the storage companies to the Install. This time can be extended if storage facilities in the country have not been able to reach adequate levels.

3) Any legal entity that is selling natural gas wholesale will be able to meet the expected demand in the period envisioned by the Institution, storage and system stabilizer capacities are required.

4) Sell-up companies, importers or exporters, or business promises with a free consumer or development company. And it sets the price freely. Information with commercial privacy may not be opened and abused to third parties except for the Institution.

5) It is mandatory to license the importer license to import natural gas from the wholesale companies.

6) The total amount of gas that each of the wholesale companies sold within a year is the amount of gas that is installed by the Agency can not exceed twenty percent of national consumption forecast.

7) Wholesale companies can sell abroad without the introduction of regional resorbation.     

f) Exports of natural gas: Legal entities that wish to export to the country of Israel or to export domesmade gas to the country. The exporter licenses the license. Next to the state that is specified in the regulations to be used for licensing of companies that wish to obtain licenses;

1) To show that they have a technical and economic capability,

2) To report to which country and which vacation to export, to which country and other vacation.

3) Because of Israel, it is not able to flow the system and the need for the country, and in the event that it violates the safety of the system, To ensure that the damage and damage that occurs, and the damage and damage that may occur in this issue, is mandatory for insurance,

searches for the February.

However, transmission companies that process transit lines are exempt from the warranty that is specified in the lower part of this self (3).

g) Doğal gasehir intra: Domestic natural gas emissions service is the site of the company that won the tender to be opened by the Enterprise. The development level of the city, including the ownership of the network of natural gas, is granted for the license term to be determined by the Institution, considering the consumption capacity and the number of users that are used.

A tender for the

 institution for a particular city, It is declared in the Official Gazette. The company's bid to win the bidding will be granted to the winner of the tender and basis specified in the regulations to be issued, and the company is entitled to reallocation the activities of the company. The title of the current company is taken.

Legal entities comply with the provisions of this Law and comply with the provisions and guidelines to set up the Institution. It is. The legal entity, which is licensed under the license, may sell its property to a corporate entity without expiration of the license period.

The expiration period of the license period is one year prior to the completion of the license term, and the following is an If requested by the Agency, the Board may give license for the second time by taking into account the economic and technical power of the company, the quality of service, the satisfaction of its subscribers, and other considerations to be specified in the regulations that will be set up by the Agency. If the license holder does not extend the license for the reasons specified above, The institution retenders for the relevant city and grants the license to the legal entity which offers the most suitable bid for the execution and ownership of the current company. The cost of the company is collected by the Institution and is paid to the previous license holder.      

The agency directs, controls, monitors, and needs to monitor, monitor, and service the activity of ownership of the ownership of the property. Subject to the expense of expenses, the certificate holder of this Law may be able to sell from real and legal persons. The tender terms and principles of the current domestic installation are regulated by regulations and regulations that should be found in the licensing criteria.

Do not charge the city or municipal company located in the city that is authorized to obtain a license from the installation. It will have to invite the company to partner with the company's office on ten percent. That capital ratio could increase by ten per cent, with a record of paying the price. However, it may be possible to register a Treasury guaranteed loan for this purpose after you have no debt to the Treasury or claim additional credit or liquidate loan debt to the Treasury.

The agency does not receive a share of municipal or municipal corporation or at least one member of the board of directors. If it does, 6762 will make arrangements for the municipality's company, according to Article 275 of the Turkish Commercial Code, to make arrangements to the municipality about the representation of the city's administrative and control boards.

Obligations of the Department of Limitations:

1) Doðal gas damper companies set up a shipping control center for the people of the region. However, this is not the search for the Enterprise in which consumption capacity is insufficient by the Enterprise.

2) If consumers are in charge of responsibility, they will be able to help the system if they demand it. It is. But the obligation to do the work is to make sure that the system has the capacity to make the savings under savings, and to make sure that the consumer does the things that are projected to lead and manage on its own, and to determine what is projected. According to it, it is possible that the technical and economic reality of the sinking is possible. If there is conflict in this regard, the Council decides whether it is technical and economic.

3) The status of the media that has been rejected will notify the Install. After the panel's defense has received its defence on the subject, it will have to abide by the Board's decision if it is determined that the guidelines outlined in this clause are violated.       

4) Internal or internal consumers including housing, housing, commerce, and industry are involved in using natural gas. It can control the plumbing to its own technical personnel or to control companies that are working on its own behalf. The company may also cut gas if it does not allow it to refuse gas if it is not suitable for the internal plumbing management to be released. If the consumer is able to fit the plumbing and start again, the same things are repeated. Unauthorized installation, improper and poor use of the plumbing, use of fire and broken equipment is responsible for damage and damage to the project due to the construction of the project and the maintenance of the plumbing.

5) The companies may have a bachelor's degree in two cities nationwide. However, such matters can be increased by decision of the Board, considering the status of development, capacity of consumption, and the number of users that are used. By population, the board can allocate a number of cities to more than one area of identifying parts and award each region a separate month.

h) System gas emissions and transmission: Doğal gas well, national transmission unit, or intra-city system system The legal entity that will do the activities to be sold by means of selling and filling in the printed containers, with special vasses in the current area of the current state, and to sell the transmission wherever the transmission needs to be delivered. They would not be able to obtain licenses from the Board for these activities is mandatory. Any legal entity that will do this activity will comply with the country's compliance with the Turkish Standards and/or European Union (s) of the facilities and equipment that will be involved in the activities of the business.  to ensure that they are compliant with standards and to ensure that they are safe.

Construction and service activities

ARTICLE 5.- The importer, exporter, transmission company, storage company, operating in the operating gas market The construction company, wholesale companies and free consumers can sign a statement of service and services with real and legal entities that are certified from the Agency. Any construction and service activity related to the current gas cannot be verified by the non-certified kiramen.

Certificates related toÝçand service lines with official or private companies authorized by the Institution name and Enterprise. It's given by the people who are in the state of the city. Actual and legal entities are to be set up to obtain a certificate and are answered by the Institution within the sixty days of the month of the day.   

related to the system;

a) Feasibility, eft, project, regularization, control, and control,


c) Service, maintenance, and repair,

Those who will do services such as

are required to obtain a certificate from the Agency for the activities to do. Those who want to do construction and service activity will contact the Install according to the management that will be prepared by the Institution. A certificate is issued to those who are ahead of the management that is ahead of the policy.

The actual or legal entities to be engaged in service and service activities are in accordance with the regulations and the themes that will be published They have to operate.

has received certification from internal plumbing and service lines to operate in the area and service area. It is controlled by the people who are the people who are the people. However, if consumers are to be started, they can also be controlled by the Institution. The installation of consumers is regulated by the regulations and guidelines.

General essences of licenses and certificates

MADDE 6.- The license and certificates to be issued by the Board under this Law are subject to licenses and licenses, and The minimum provisions of the certificates are:

a) The terms and guidelines that are subject to the license and certificates:

1) Legal entities that will engage with market activities, before starting their activities, for each activity, and if the activities in question are to be executed at more than one facility, separate licenses for each facility. You have to take it.

2) Legal entities that operate the same legal entity or the same activity with more than one license, subject to any license have to hold separate accounting records for the operation or the facility.

3) The rights and obligations of license or certificate issuers, license and certificate holder legal entities, license, and the owner's rights, license, duration, duration extension, and type of license or certificate withdrawal from the owner and the license to be determined according to the amount of transmission, emissions and storage of the natural gas. The certificate costs are regulated by the regulation.

4) Licenses and certificates are issued at least ten, maximum, thirty years at a time.   

5) Legal arrogance, license and certificate retrieval, renewal, tadil, suret, certificate and year license specified by the Board It has to pay for the establishment.

6) Licensee's legal entities; facilities, legal ledger and records, possession of the Board audit, request by the Board. It is required to open the control and document any information and document that the Agency needs to perform its operations.

b) provisions that will be minimally included in the licenses:

1) Types of activities or categories of real and legal entities to be served under license, or types of activities to be executed. designates.

2) separation of a host or transmission license holder, real and legal entities, in the same capacity as system users Provisions of the system access to the system and the possibility of using the system.

3) To determine the pricing of the pricing in this Law, taking into account market needs, to subscribers, the natural gas the methods to determine the pricing of the pricing to be applied in the sale, and to check the methods and control of the adjustments to be needed due to inflation in these prices.

4) To provide full and complete information to the Enterprise, and to subscribers, the current license for the licensed owner of the Provisions that make the most economical resource available and make the most of the time they have made it from the most economical source of the world.

5) Measures to reduce service costs to asgarate, with rules on how to respond to service costs the provisions that apply to the application.

6) provisions for the cancellation and termination of licenses.

7) The provisions of the license to be made available in the license.

8) The costs and provisions of payment terms that the licensee will be obligated to pay for the Enterprise.

9) For license purposes, license or use of facilities and/or facilities in use with the licensee the provisions of the use of the use.

10) provisions of the licensee's obligations to comply with all instructions issued by the Board.        

11) The provisions of the License under the license to the activities that may be made available to you.

12) The provisions of the activities of the license within the scope of the license to be resolved by the Board.

13) The duration of the rights and obligations contained in the license are the provisions of which you are not valid in terms of conditions and in the state.

14) The provisions of the service, which are to be made according to technical requirements.

c) Minimum of certificates;

1) Types of activities or categories of real and legal entities to be served under the scope of the certificate, or types of activities to be executed determining provisions,

2) The provisions of the certificate revocation and termination,

3) The provisions of the certificate of certification,

4) The costs of paying the certificate owner to the Institution, and the provisions of the payment conditions,

5) provisions of the issuer of the certificate to all instructions and regulations issued by the Board of the Board of Certificates, as well as the provisions of the

6) The provisions of the Certificate are provisions for the activities that may be made available from the Board,

7) The provisions of the activities of the certificate are resolved by the Board of the people who are concerned about the activities of the certificate,

8) The duration of the rights and obligations contained in the certificate, the terms of which are not valid, and the terms of which are not valid,

9) provisions to make sure that the activities are made according to technical requirements,

Is Found.

d) termination of licenses or certificates: License and certificates specified in the license or certificate by the Board If they do not extend their term, either the end of their term, or if the license or the certificate owner is in bankruptcy, the license or the certificate owner wants to waive the license or certificate of the actual or legal entity. If it is in the case of the Board, it will be terminated      



Protection and Migration of Competition, Giving Information, Account Reporting,

BelirlenmesiHow to Identify a Free Consumer and People in the System


Protection and development of competition, information lending, and accountability

MADDE 7.- a) The protection and development of competition is essential in:

1) The rights to compete in the Law of 7.12.1994 and the Protection of the 4054 are free, while the prevailing situation is not abused, the company will operate in the natural gas market. It is also applied to legal entities.

2) No legal entity, except for the production companies in Turkey, has identified national natural gas as belonging to the Institution by the current country. will not sell more than 20 percent of the forecast. This ratio is found by the amount of gas that is consumed by the remaining net national consumption after the losses are left, or the amount of gas that is consumed by the companies that are owned by the company, which is more than half of the capital's stock. If this rate is not taken, the required precautions will be taken by the Enterprise.

3) Any legal entity that operates natural gas market activity is only one of the legal entities operating in its own business space. It might be able to push one of them. But he can't establish a separate company. In its own field of activity, it cannot be able to make any legal entities operating and will not be able to install a company. However, the right to use or control more than half of the legal entity or the right of the vote rights or to use more than half of the voting rights or to use the control of the board or the board of the board of the board, or the The legal entity does not have the right to handle the assignment of members of the authorized organs or to manage their business. The rights of the BOTAI have the right to manage the rights.

.b) Legal entities operating in the Doðal gas market are obligated to provide information about the activities related to the activity. The scope of the information to be given and the information that will be given information is stated in the area of the following.

1) The transmission companies, the LNG facility and the underground storage facility, which are conducting natural gas transmission and shipping control, and storage facilities, The construction and import companies, which provide natural gas, production and import companies, which are operating in the same area as themselves, are safe and efficient of the natural gas system of the construction activities. They are obligated to provide sufficient information to represent their business.

2) The scope of the information specified in this clause is a priority of the Institution after the current date of this Law. will be specified in the regulations.             

3) The parties operating in the Doðal gas market are responsible for keeping confidential information and documents confidential. However, due to the Competition Authority and the Institution's questions, they cannot be held responsible for the information they are going to give to their relevance.

4) Legal entities operating in the Doðal gas market in person who personally acquire or control the natural gas-to-sale process, is not authorized to use confidential information, self-interest or other firms that are controlled or acquired by the legal entities.

c) It is imperative that legal entities operating on more than one issue in the operating gas market do accounting details.

d) The maximum percentage of the gas that will be installed in a year is based on the fact that they have received more than 50 percent of the legal entity. The board is authorized to increase or decrease this amount by taking into consideration the competitive environment.

Exception of free consumer and entry to the systemistisnai

MADDE 8.- a) Free consumers are determined by the right of the right to release.

1) Consumers and users with more than one million cubic feet of gas per year of gas,

2) Gas-selling companies for the production of electrical power,

3) cogeneration plants that produce electrical and thermal energy,

üretim4) Production operations in Turkey for use in manufacturing activity, production companies,

is free consumer status. However, the Board will re-establish every year's release of consumer free until all consumers are free consumers.

 The Board will closely follow the implementation of the trademarks specified in this clause. Existing subscribers do not have to provide natural gas to subscribers who are responsible for their areas of responsibility. Wholesale companies are free to sell gas to these consumers and not sell them.

b) The board undertook the development of cities, gas consumption, and cities, only to be granted a license. authorities are authorized to determine the amount of annual consumption that is sought to be a free consumer, in order to be the same as the next time that they are going to be repromulating. Legal entities that do market activity are responsible for allowing the system to enter into the system according to the system of entry to the system specified in this Law.        

Legal-market activities are legal entities that are demanding for entry into the system, and free consumers are They will be able to have serious financial and economic reparations due to their requests to the system, but not sufficient capacity, or if they will not be able to fulfill their obligations if they enter the system or are current. is not acceptable in cases.

Due to severe economic difficulties caused by severe economic difficulties due to capacity or service obligations or existing commitments. If the entry request is rejected, the Install will be notified immediately along with the status requirements.

The board, capacity or absence, or a possible obstruction, is specified in this Law and the regulations to be used Based on criteria, it reports the decision to the parties within three months.

To reduce the capacity of the entry to the system or to ensure that it is necessary to take away the status of the failed user or the current state The system will not be denied entry.

Serious economic and financial financial results arising from the provisions of current commitments of legal entities operating in the market Due to the difficulties of entering the system due to difficulties, due to the promise of the signing of the transmission company, upon the installation of the remaining legal entity in the establishment, It can request that it temporarily remove entry to the system from the board and present the measures with the necessary information to solve the problem. The board decides on the request to be made on demand within two months.

However, if the temporary attempt to temporarily remove entry to the system is rejected by the Board, the transmission is is required to refer to the real and legal entity which is in demand.



Government Provisions


Implementation of Leaves and Construction, Preliminary Call,

Litigation and Litigation with CaseHakký

Usul in the implementation of the configurations and configurations

ARTICLE 9.- The board is subject to regulatory compliance with real or legal entities operating in the natural gas market. applies the following terms and penalties to those who continue with the status of the month:        

a) in requesting or on-site inspection by the Board, the information requested, incomplete or incomplete, or no information was provided or provided for an on-site inspection. In all, the two hundred billion liras are fined, and within seven days the information is given the right and/or the opportunity to review it. However, the relevant real and legal persons are asked to be given the correct documentation and/or review of the relevant real and legal entities for the imperfect rug.

b) If it is determined to act on the provisions of this Law and the rules of regulations, instructions, and regulations, then the two of them are The billion lira is fined and sent within thirty days is reported.

c) If the license or certificate is generally determined not to be met by any of its obligations and obligations, the three billion liras in fines, and in thirty days it is reported to be corrected.

d) With or without a license or certificate, actual documentation is presented or reflected in the If you do not notify the Install of the information in the applications that will affect the issues that are envisioned in the license or certificate, the four hundred billion liras will be fined and the correction is reported within thirty days.

e) Providing information about the execution of the license during the course of the license or the process during the period of operation The four hundred billion liras are fined and the correction of the policy is to be corrected within thirty days.

f) If the market is determined to operate under license, it will be fined for a billion lira and ten days. The extent of coverage in or out of the scope of the scope of the activity is to be stopped.

d) To determine if the activities that are based on a license or certificate are to be eliminated during execution of the activities The license or certificate is revoked. However, the cancellation of the license or certificate will result in a penalty of monetary penalties if the license or certificate is not available from the public.

Fines for failure or repeated correction of verbals that require fines in the socket. In the defense, the previous account is increased by double the previous algebide. Previous sentences would not be based on a repeat of the same terms that require administrative fines in two years from the date of the date of these sentences. However, if the exact same verb is done in two years, the amount of money that will be imposed by increasing the amount of money that will be imposed cannot be more than 20 percent of the amount of gross damage that the legal entity has on the balance sheet of the previous fiscal year. If the penalties are reached, the Board may cancel the license or certificate.    

If a license or certificate is annulled, until a new license or certificate is issued, the Board will not be able to disrupt the given service. It takes precautions.

KurulRequired to cancel the service if the license for the current gas-in-gas license is forced to cancel cancel the license by pretaking the measures. The name of the licensee who owns the ownership of the network and the owner of the relevant company within a hundred and twenty days is awarded for the identification of the new licensee. Applications are determined in the regulations and guidelines.

In the tariffs to be prepared by the legal entity that pays all administrative fines for this item, is not included as a cost factor.

The monetary penalty is applied to each of the individual parties that act on this Code. The number of verdicts that require fines when this law is required to be charged in other laws, including the Turkish Penal Code or the sentence of 765, will not interfere with the granting of such fines, such as the license or certificate. It also means no cancellation.

The maximum penalty if any of the charges in this Code are more than one and are not in contact with them The penalty for which it is required; if no contact is found, each sentence is applied separately.

The right to apply fines is due from the beginning of the year following the date that the break-up was found at the Convention. is subject to the action. If a continuous or repeated break is in question, the time period expires, or the last time a month is repeated.

Any action to review and discontinue the board is on the other side of the decision, on the other hand. It will stop you from being able to get started.

The amount of money imposed is in accordance with the provisions of the Code dated 21.7.1953 and the Evacuation Order of 6183 count. You'll be collected by the Minister. The amount of fines in this material increases under the provisions of the additional 2 nci provisions of the Turkish Penal Code, which is a total of 765.

Front investigation, investigation, and case

ARTICLE 10.- The Board may or may not directly ask for any reports or reports that have been incriminate to you or any other person who has been incriminate. It will decide if you need a preliminary investigation to determine whether or not you need to be asked.      

Pre-operation and investigation will be followed by regulations and guidelines to be followed.

The cases to be decided by the

Board are to be seen in the first degree court in Dancythay. The Council of the United States of the United States is in a hurry to decide the decision.


ARTICLE 11.- The tariffs, identification and implementation of tariffs, which are organized under this Law, are approved for the Convention. The guidelines and principles are:

1) Balance Tariffs: Free consumers who will be involved in the agency, which will be included in the relevant media, and are in a state of transmission for the transmission system or system of a host system. No details are required on the basis of a period of time and other conditions. Prices are freely determined by the parties within these guidelines. The subscribers are applying fixed-link tariffs set in between the Enterprise and the Department of Enterprise.

2) Reputation and Storage Tariff: Sets the tariffs for the setup, transmission, and shipping control. In tariffs, the transmission distance takes into account the amount of gas transmitted and the other factors that are predicted to be predicted.

Enterprise and ship-to-ship entities are set to be set up within the amount of time to be determined by the Institution They report. The agency identifies new tariffs on reported tariffs and based on the merits of this item.

The transmission tariff to be prepared by the Agency for transport, imported or exported, from the transmission company. includes prices, provisions, and tariff rates to be applied without notice among all users who are in a state of the right-to-use case.

The agency said it was aware of transit transmission tariffs in order to be tested for transit, and different from domestic transmission tariffs. and is authorized to identify them based on the basis of the basis.

Storage tariffs are freely set up between storage companies and legal entities that receive storage.

They have to demonstrate to the Agency that they provide economic, efficient, and secure management of storage companies.

3) Wholesale tariff: The enterprise determines what is essential in the natural gas-gas tariffs and determines the intensity. Selling prices are freely determined by the parties that sell the natural gas on these principles.       

4) Retail Tariff: Deviations are efficient and secure from the cheapest source. It has to prove its own, and it has to comply with the obligation within the license period. The unit's unit gas price, unit service cost, depreciation costs, and other factors will be determined by the retail price and tariff that will be based on the tariff. Charges cannot be charged under any name from consumers at the time of the specified retail price. Retail tariffs can be redetermined if the agency's companies are looking at the establishment, given inflation and other considerations. The agency considers the cost of services at these prices, reasonably profitable, and current rates of gas and similar situations that are reasonable in the market and are current. The provisions and conditions of the council's approval are all real and legal entities that have been subject to these tariffs.

 If a fact or legal entity does not make any of the payments forecasted in this Law, the service will be The principles are regulated by regulations, including the fact that it's stopped.

The guidelines set forth in this item are to be used to manage tariffs for all types of tariff. Price tariffs to be prepared in relevant legal terms are prepared and presented to the Board by the end of October, and are presented to the Board. The board examines these cases in the same way that it will not exceed 31 December date, and will approve it in case it is eligible. Tariff fundamentals and limits can be set up again, given the fact that inflation and other considerations are considered.

The provisions of the Israeli and domestic-based gas imported and sold are not applied to the Price of Israeli Fund legislation.



Provisions, Imposed, Enforced, and Enforced Provisions



MADDE 12.- a) Public Opinion, if required by the activities envisioned in this Code, dated 4.11.1983 and is 2942. Public opinion is made available in the expropriate Law. The decision to be given to the Board on this subject is passed in place of the public benefit decision and the following is carried out according to the provisions of the Law on Public Opinion.        

The ownership of the publicly available property is owned by the legal entity that pays the cost of the use of the right to use. The rights to use are provided by the applicable license or certificate and the validity period of the validity of the certificate.

If the license or certificate is terminated or revocation, the expropriation costs that are paid by legal entities are not returned.

b) Property of the property, property and leasing; legal entities, on the basis of its activities, on the property of the public. may request the property of the property of the property and the lease of the property by the relevant legal entity.

When this request is deemed appropriate to the Board, the Institution related laws require caution, iris, parent or long-term. goes to the lease path.

belongs to the entity that assumes the right to pay for the right to be acquired in this way. The rights to use are a cus of the license or certificate, and will expire with the validity period of the applicable license or certificate.

c) Tbligat; Themes to be made by the Institution in accordance with this Law, dated 11.2.1959 and numbered 7201 to the Law of Tbligat. It's done.

d) The government's state property is the money, the documents, and the assets of each of its assets. Members of the Board and members of the Board personnel who were involved in the duties of their duties were punished as well as state officers. The members of the board and the personnel who are involved in their personnel are expected to be involved in the state officer. The innuendo in this matter are carried out according to the general provisions.

e) administration of legal entities that have a license to conduct BTAAŞ or natural gas market activity 3.5.1985 The number of natural gas, dated and 3194 according to the number 3194, does not call for the transmission and construction lines to be pre-allocated in the zoning plan, and the natural gas transmission is planned for the project of storage facilities with the lines of construction and construction. It gives the necessary licenses.

f) The $1580 Municipal Code and 27.6.1984 in relation to the detection and problem of selling, selling, selling, and selling prices. The provisions of the Law and law on the provision of the Law on the Administration of the Municipalities of Greater Than 3030 and the Council of Greater Than 3030 are not applicable to the provisions of the Law and Act.

g) The provisions of the Law on the Evacuation Allowance of 6183 are applied on the credit of the BOTAIN related gas-related payday.      

H) The employees of the T.C. Retired Sandman, who are employed in existing installations of natural gas activity, who want to T.C. Continuing relations with the retired Sandman.

provisions that are selected, removed, and not applied

MADDE 13.- a) is a "tourist attraction" dated 8.9.1983 and is the first in the 64th article of the 2886-numbered State-Islamic Law. "to come after the facilities" and the "land of the need for natural gas transmission, facilities and storage facilities and facilities" are added.

b) The provisions of this Law of the Petroleum Code of 6326 are not applied.

c) dated 2.1.1990 and the Code of Law on the Use of 397 counts of Doðal Gazan is the current state of the Act.



DeðiþikliklerElectrical Power Market LawDeðiþiklikler


MADDE 14.- dated 20.2.2001 and number 6 of 4628 Electrical-Market Law No. 6 in the 2nd The "Electricity Market Regulatory Authority", the "Electricity Market Regulatory Authority", which was mentioned in the text of the First Section and 4th Amendment, and the "Energy Market Regulatory Authority", numbered 7 of the 1st item and the Second Division, the First Division and the 5th Amendment, and the The "Electricity Market Regulatory Board" clause is "Energy Market". It is currently being edited as "Organiz-Board".

MADDE 15.- 4628 (s) to come after 5th of the Electrical-Market Law No. is added.

Tasks related to the installed gas market

MADDE 5/A.-The Energy Market Regulatory Board is also involved in the duties of the public in relation to the gas market. to replace the:

A) To determine the Institution's visions and recommendations for the plan, policy, and practices of the Doðal gas market activities.

b) To ensure that all of the rights and obligations that are part of the Doðal gas market activities are due to the right of the rights and obligations that are part of the international commitment.

c) any arrangements for the establishment of the Doðal Gas Market by the Doðal Gas Market Law and the operating gas market activities to confirm and to ensure that they are executed.  

d) license and certificates in the Doðal Gas Market Law, and execute and cancellation of to make decisions and to implement them.

e) Your remuneration and obligations in private practice within the provisions of the Doðal Gas Market Law to get decisions for price determination with detection.

vef) The price and tariff of the price and tariff in areas where competition is not at all or near enough in the Doðal gas market To edit an essences.

to approve tariffs or discuss tariff revisions to activities identified in the Doðal Gas Market Law. to receive.

h) Audit, preliminary investigation and investigation of Doðal gas market activities, subject to penalty of authority And to take decisions on all kinds of judicial and administrative authorities, including implementing and suing the sanctions and making cases.

) will be in business with legal entities or legal entities related to the implementation of the Doðal Gas Market Law. resolving conflicts.

i) perform other tasks and use entitlements as shown in the Doðal Gas Market Law.

MADDE 16.- 4628 is the 6th item in the Electrical-Market Law.

Prohibit and decomposition

Article 6.-Members of the board cannot receive any tasks in public or private installations, as they are based on a special law during the duration of their membership. The members of the board cannot take part in the legal entities or the provisions of the private legal entities operating in the electricity and natural gas markets for two years after the end of their membership, or they may not partner or partner with such provisions. and cannot enter or comply with natural or natural gas trading and natural gas trading, which may or may not be available from legal entities or business entities.

The members of the

Board are in a state of securities that are owed by the Treasury Department, which is a cost before the deployment. Any shares or securities of entities operating in the electrical and natural gas markets, to the third degree to the third degree, and to the second degree, to the right of the water, to the duty of the selling within thirty days from the beginning of their time, or He's got to get rid of it by tipping it off.       

Board members, and to the first degree, public institutions operating in the gas, electricity, and natural gas markets. After the appointment of members of the Board of the entities or the members of the Board during their installation, they may not be able to take part or partner for the duration of the membership period and will not be able to partner or share any of these legal entities or business entities or business. The power is not available for the power or the power to cause the power to be done. It cannot be used to trade energy and trade in natural gas.

Board members and Institution staff, information about the Agency and the information on the electrical energy and natural gas industry All types of real and legal entities cannot, even if they are separated from their tasks, may not use them or use them in the interest of their own.

Board members cannot end their tasks without due process. However, the Board of State and its members of the State Clerk of State (657) under the Law of State of the State of 657 were committed to the right of criminal charges against the prohibition on this provision, or in relation to the duties given to them by the Law. Three months ' time, in which they have lost track of what they are wanted to be, or that they lost more than three months to become a patient, accident or otherwise, or fail to perform their duties in the remaining part of the term. Board of delegations from a fully-qualified hospital, without expectation of the Board of the Board remove the members from the Cabinet by the Council of Ministers before they expire.

   MADDE 17.- The provision of the 8th of the Electrical-Market Law No. 4628 (b) in the second sub-bendine of the has been added and (d) has been started in the same way as the plug-in.

The common shares of legal entities operating in the electrical market are not applied to the production facilities for the gas market. However, this scope is within the scope of the natural gas storage facilities.

d) The institution is controlled by the High Supervisory Board of the Batifünlfl.

MADDE 18.- 4628 is the ninth of the ninth of the Electricity Market Act, the first sentence of the ninth. It is currently being started.

The status of the Institution staff from

Pension will be prepared by the Council of Ministers and will be played by the Council of Ministers is regulated by regulation.

ARTICLE 19.- To come after the first phase of the 10th item of the Electrical-Market Law of 4628. " A) The agency's revenues related to the electricity market and (e) are added as new (B) self-contained in-the-product line item (s).     

B) The government's revenue for the natural gas market is one of the following revenue items:

a) Contribution.

b) The license, certificate, approval, and visa requirements will be available.

c) They come up and down.

d) To be made public and to use the financing of the project's development and development of the project. Grants from the international agency and the organization.

 The Qatari share is legal entities that have a license and a certificate. The share of the gross margin was multiplicity of 0.2% (two thousandths) of the Board, which would not be more than two per thousand per cent of the revenue table, which is expected to be rescheduled for the current year's operating period, the fold-up. results. The rate of folding that will be applied within the year is declared in the December period of the previous year.

MADDE 20.- 4628 additional items in the Electrical-Market Kununa are added.

ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 1.-The Energy Market Regulatory Authority, along with the implementation of this Law, is authorized and responsible for implementing the Doðal Gas Market Law. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority and the Board of the Doðal gas sector and the electric energy sector are among the different markets, leaving the duties, authorities and regulations on the line of duty, and executes according to their own laws.

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 2.-Energy Market Regulatory Authority, the import, transmission, transmission, storage, trade and export of natural gas, which defines the rights and obligations of all real and legal persons in its operations from the issuance of licenses and certificates, review, market and system review, review, and implementation of regulations, audit, cost, cost, and cost In accordance with the inspection of the Chinese Gas Market in the market. are responsible for and responsible for.

In the execution of the

Dokal Gas Market Law, real and legal entities will be able to obtain licenses or certificates from the Agency. Audit, supervision, orientation, compliance with compliance and compliance with these licenses and certificates, including the criteria, criteria, times, and compliance with the environmental legislation, the registration of the records. the rights and obligations of the license and certificate holders, and The other considerations for the regulation of the market are regulated by regulations to be played.       

Institution regulations and long-term programs are on the market, with the decision of the Board under the provisions of the Doðal Gas Market Law. by taking the view of the legal entities and related institutions and organizations that operate.



Provisional Provisions

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1.- The June period refers to twelve months period from the date of this Law. The Council of Ministers may extend this time to six months, one time to the next.

under the period of June;

A legal right, document, permit, or authorization is made prior to the current date of this Law. the natural gas market activity, From the date the law is effective, up to twenty-four months can be continued. After this period, the following activities will be followed by this Law.

In order to allow future gas market activities to be held in the provisions of this Code;

a) The execution of the law within twenty months from the effective date of the date,

b) Legal is not to be banned from doing such activity, unless you are prohibited from doing such activities,

increases by February.

The selection of the selected company by awardin the company to obtain authorization for gas emissions during the period of June. The procedure to submit to the Council of Ministers for approval, the procedure to sign off with the Ministry, and similar procedures will be made according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Minister appoints the General Directorate of BOTAI in this regard for the execution of such matters. The permit to issue the permit to be signed between the Minister and the permitted company shall be entered with the approval of the Council of Ministers and, at the end of the preparatory period, if the Council does not comply with the provisions of the legislation to be prepared by the Institution, The board will return to license licensing by making sure that it is necessary to comply with the legislation. The current statement that signed an export commitment cannot object to this current.     

A license or certificate based on any company that wishes to conduct gas market activities until the end of the period of June

As of the current date of this Law, during the period of preparation, the implementation of the Law has been Or at the expense of hesitation, the Ministry is authorized and in charge.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 2.- BOTAYAŞ, after the release of this Code, imports up to 20% of the national consumption can't make a promise of new gas. All rights and rights of current natural gas or sale commitments, until after the period of June 2009, each year until 2009, when the total amount of total annual imports was estimated to be 20 per cent of the total annual import. The tender for the transfer of obligations along with its obligations are awarded by BOTAI for the handover of licensure of the licensing quorum. The legal entity that wins the tender is awarded to the BOTAI for the transfer in question. After a new statement is made for the quantity to be transferred by the trading entity, the transfer will take effect after the new statement is made. However, if the company that won the tender did not make a commitment to the selling entity, the importer agreed to meet all of the country's domestic taxpayers and not under the price of a gas-bought price identified by bilateral talks. The transfer can be redone by means of the sale. The Treasury and the Yap Power and Puzzle Takeover plants, which are guaranteed to waive the Treasury guarantees by the Treasury, are a bastion of financial support within market conditions of the Treasury. By acting, they have to respond to the establishment of the most economic source, and reduce the cost of buying the natural gas at a reduction in the price of electricity.

The quantities transferred to each calendar year

by the

BOTAI, the total current on the date the Law has been registered to the current date It cannot be less than ten percent of the amount of gas.

In a statement, the current commitments of BOTAI are to be made for imports from countries around the world. The board may allow imports by taking into account the competitive environment in the market, taking into account the obligations that are available from the current commitments, as well as by taking into account the export and the principles of the export. However, until the end of these deadlines with the existing countries of the BOTAI, no imports of these countries and any importation will be made by the company of new gas. New import promises may be made for the same amounts as of the date of the end of the current commitments. However, in the event of an export or non-domestic gas supply to be identified, new gas may be made with the countries in question.      

According to the provisions of this Law, the vertical integration of the BOTAYA continues until 2009, except for the activity of the branch. After this date, the BOTAI will be restructured in accordance with the horizontal integrity legal entity. The company, which will have only gas alms and satyms, will carry out import activity as a result of the restructuring. It represents the BOTAI and is understood by the name BOTAADI. Except for the company that is conducting transmission activity from these companies that have been restructured, their diaries are privatized within two years.

muhasebeBOTAI's transmission, storage, sold, import activities, accounting detail, twelve months from the end of June It will be done in the process.

TheHazineBOTAI Treasury guaranteed obligations are saved.

INVALID ARTICLE 3.- Through the following process of transitionals, a process of transitionals is done in the following process:

a) Minister, this Law is to be effective in two months in the ownership and operation of BOTAAŞ. Reports the feature of the Customisation of the Bursa region and the Customization of the properties for the features of the assets to be specialized. Customisation ' s actions are at the latest under a minimum period of time after the preparation period, taking into consideration of the Usul and essentials to be determined by the Institution, and the Regulation and Basting of the Privatisation Applications dated 24.11.1994 and numbered 4046. The provisions of the Code of Law on the Law of Law enforcement are made public by the Office of the Privatisation of the Office of the Privatisation. The fulfillment of the obligations of the 4th article (g) of this Law to be fulfilled and to be fulfilled in order for the actions of the countries in the country to be transferred to the property and to be able to function in the case of the development of the information.  It is mandatory to license an intranet license from the board.

b) The current state of domestic gas, which belongs to the municipality or municipal government of the country, execution, and natural gas trade. legal entities, where they have been licensed within three years from the date of the current date, and the current treasury and the current Treasury guaranteed and indebated liabilities are to be undertaken by early push and this debt. In the payment of debts owed by the Treasury. transfer of public credit debt to 20 percent or less than the current repayment schedule of a loan debt, or if the Treasury is guaranteed, and the most recent repayment from the current date of payment of the current loan. They will be redone.           

c) The current activities of the municipality or municipality are being made by the Board, this Law will be effective will be executed in twenty-four months from the date of the date of the date of the entry. The license to prepare the institution will comply with the types of licenses applied in the other cities. However, the relevant municipality or municipal company's characteristics according to the license, whether the benefit or obligation is granted, is included in the license, which is included in the license.

d) Accounting for natural gas emissions from January 1, 2002 and in the company for sale and operation They have to do the same.

INVALID ARTICLE 4.- Sell current gas received by BOTAIN prior to the effective date of this Law The understanding is covered by the scope of this Law after the current entry of this Code as a result of the request for a balance of supply-demand work.


MADDE 21.- This is effective on the release date of the Law.


ARTICLE 22.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.