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Kanun No. 5638


Acceptable Date: 2/5/2007      

MADDE 1- 27/12/2006 "The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Economic Cooperation (EAST) Trade and Development Bank of the Republic of Turkey" signed the Central Agreement on the Bank of the Republic of Turkey in the history of the Republic of Turkey.

MADDE 2- This Law 27/12/2006 is effective on the date of release.

MADDE 3- This Law The Council of Ministers executes its provisions.

































27 DECEMBER, 2006






Government of the Republic of Turkey and Economic Cooperation (EIT) Bank of Commerce and Development;

EAST Trade and Leaving Bank for Installation by holding;

is the General Manager of the EIT Commerce and Development Bank. By registering the 23rd Article of the center of the center of the Republic of Turkey;

Bank and Bank of the United States Republic of Turkey to define status, separation, and impunity, as well as;




For the purposes of this statement, the following terms will have the specified meanings:

a) "Bank Established Statement", on March 15, 1995 It is the understanding that establishes the EIT Trade and Development Bank, signed in Islamabad;

b) "Bank" means the Bank of Business and Commerce of EIT;

c) "Government" means the Government of the Republic of Turkey;

d) "Member State", "President", "Vice President", "Guvernator", "Temporary Guvern", "Backup Guvern", "Temporary Backup Guvern", "Director", "Interim Director", "Auxiliary Director", and "Interim Backup Director" terms in the terms of the Bank ' s Rules of Judgement, Statutes, or Rules of Usul. will have the same meaning;

e) for the Official Activities of the Bankanen "Bankann" Bankann used, land, buildings, and building facilities, including entry facilities;

f) "Officers", President, President of the President and the President's Bankaneans As an officer, they are the other people who are assigned to it;

g) "Bank Tsars" locally based on nationality. Bank personnel, excluding personnel who are charged for the hour and hourly rate;

h) "Bank of the Bank", which belongs to the Bank or is in the hands of the Bank , any records, documents, documents, handwritten, and moving images and movies, audio recordings, computer programs, printed materials, video tapes or discs, data containing data, or It contains the tape.

i) Official Activities of the Bank, " the Understanding that established the Bankayi all activities carried out in the alert, and including the activities of the United States, the 1st, 2nd and 7th Article of the Anus, which is suitable for the purpose and duties of the Bank to fulfill the purpose and duties of the Bank. activity.

j) "Bank of the Bank", Bankanin Guvernests, Temporary Guverneurons, redundant guverneurons, temporary backup guverneurons, delegation members, directors, interim directors, reserve directors, interim reserve directors, barekans, bareserers, officers and others. It means experts who work for the Bank and the Bank;

k) '' The host country " means the Republic of Turkey; and

l) "The Law of the Republic of Turkey", by the Government, or includes regulations, regulations, or directives that are covered by the authority.



1. This will be interpreted as the main goal of the Republic of Turkey to fulfil its responsibilities in a full and effective way, and to ensure its purpose and its duties.

2. This means that the Bank will impose and support the provisions of the Institution of Institution, and in particular, the provisions of the Section VII of the State shall be taddering or deviating (derogatory). It will not be flexed.


Legal Kirification

Bank, its financial activities and impositions are Turkish Banking The full rule of law without law is defined as an international setup and, in particular,

(a) making a statement,

(b) repairs and disposal of goods as soon as they are available dating, and

TagPreserver,p,0,179(c) start legal monitoring

Full legal license and full legal license fromTagPreserver,p,0,179 is available.


Legal The pursuit of the pursuit

1. Within the scope of its official activities, the Bank shall have legal immunity, excluding the people stated in the following;

(a) for any case of the bank, or any type of The document is waived as a result of impunity with the document;

(b) Bankanit borrowing, debunkning the debt or any litigation law, arising from the use of the authority to buy or sell the securities or to commit the sale;

(c) Why a Bank-based Bank is acting in the name of a bank Legal cases filed by third parties due to damage caused by traffic accident;

(d) Bankanin or Bankanya within the Republic of Turkey Legal cases of death or injury caused by the actual or negligence of a young Kireyu;

(e) against the Bank as a result of a lawsuit that has been taken to arbitration the executive order of an arbitrator;

(f) is associated with a lawsuit filed by the bank. It's a case.

2. The property and the assets of the bank, regardless of where and who may be in possession of the Bank, will be without any kind of contact, seizure, foreclosure, or invention, except for a certain provision against the Bank.


Bank of the Bankann

1. In the framework of national legislation, the government will do its best to help the Bank to power through grants, leases, or purchases of the Bank to choose from.

2. The government will not be able to overhaul or discredit all or part of the Bank's Mechanism, without the approval of the Bank.


From Rape of Bankaneans Masseuse

1. The Bank will be innocent of the rape and will be under the control and supervision of the Bank, which will conduct any necessary arrangements for the execution of their duties at this venue.

2. Regardless of the circumstances under which the government has approved and approved the approval of the President, whether it is the government or the military or the police, the administration has approved the approval of the President and the government. He won't be in his place. It is possible to assume that this approval has been granted in the fire or disaster areas that require immediate protective fiducials. The Bank and the Government, with the fight against the fire, shithanies, or emergency situations, have been told by the Bank's Office of the Bankanic Mechanism, which is what the government officials are doing and how they are doing. They'll be in the process of getting in. The Bank shall have the authority to put rules and regulations in effect within the Bank's Mechanism for the full disclosure, administration and duties of its activities.

3. Without bringing a successor to the Narrative, The Bank has become a location for the Bank's Mechanical, repatriation, or restitution under the laws of the Republic of Turkey, or for the people who escaped from the bankruptcy of the legal process. It will prevent the arrival or use of the EIT Trade and Shield Bank for purposes of the Bank, which is not otherwise intended for the purposes of the Bank.


Mechanism of the Bankaneum ProtectTagPreserver,b,12,16

1. The Bank's Mechanical, EIT Commerce and Shield Bank will be used to reallocation the individual Bankann's goals, as indicated by the Council's Council.

2. The government provides all necessary measures to protect against any unauthorized entry or damage to the Bank, and to protect the peace, or to protect the public, and to protect the honour of any kind that would harm the bank. Special liability in the import process.

3. The bank, the land facilities around the Bank's Mechanics, It will take every precaution necessary to ensure that it will not cause harm due to the use of the bank.


Public Administration Department Services

1. The government will do everything necessary for the provision of necessary public services to the Bank, and the fee for these services will be provided by the Bank.

2. If such services are in danger of being cut or cut off, the Government will accept that the Bank's needs are essential to the needs of the similar international organizations, and Bankaneann They will take the necessary precautions to ensure that their activities are not disrupted.

3. The bank, on demand, the services of the appropriate public service bodies, the services of the Bankanin Mechanism, the transmission channels, the inspection, the repair, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, the maintenance, It will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that it is able to be installed and made available.


Flags and Amblem

Bank, Bank of Bankann and Bank and President The EAST flag and emblem in their vehicles will have the right to self-care and to hang the flags of the Member States at the Bank's Mechanism.


How the Bankann's and Expectations Masseuse

1. The Bank's property and assets, excluding any special circumstances under Article 4 (1) and any special circumstances in which the President has been waived, search, public office, no matter where and who is in possession of using, confiscate, expropriate, and all types of administrative or criminal interference or retrieval or execution.

2. The President of the Bankanin will be innocent of all kinds of rape.


Business and Publications

1. The Bank, within the Republic of Turkey, is the most important in the government to introduce its formal transmission and documentation, as well as to other international organizations in the Republic of Turkey. will be treated with no less, untreated treatment.

2. Any official communications from the Bank or Bank of the Bank to the Bank, and any official transmission from the Bank, will violate the censorship and privacy of the censor and privacy of any kind. He'll be your madeur. This will include all broadcasts, duran and moving pictures, movies, and audio recordings. In the case of censorship, the appropriate authorities of the Republic of Turkey are in line with the Bank, and that its outgoing and outgoing transmission is in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. They're going to organize the censor's stay. There is no provision in this section, where there is a reason to endanger state trust and public order, and such measures will not prevent you from being infeeedly with the Bank.

3. The bank will not be able to use the business and the diplomatic couriers and bags without immunity and privileges that will be less than impunity and privileges, with courier or sealed. will have the right to send and receive formal writing and other official transmission in bags.


Customs and Tax Exemption

1. Under the Official Activities of the Bankann, Any asset revenues, such as interest, capital gains, foreign exchange, revenue, and assets, goods and services, whether local or central, are central to the bank and are not central to the bank. such tax, income tax, withholding, stamp duty, but no future, direct, or indirect tax and picture exempt from any future, tax or future tax. Under the previous provision, the Bank would also be exempt from any tax return or collection or payment obligations at the same time. However, the Bank will not ask for an exemption from taxes, which are not based on the usage of public services at the time.

2. All kinds of official publications, VAT and Specials, which are in the scope of the Official Activities of the Bank and are required for these activities, imported or exported by the Bank, imported or exported goods and the Bank Any customs, including the Excise Tax, will be informally, and will be exempt from import and export bans and restrictions as possible.



The imported goods or imported goods are exempt only from customs. It can be sold or transferred to the people, or it can be sent back to the country or left in customs.


Bank of the Bank Miracrically and Untouchaish-s

1. The government is committed to allowing the Bank to enter the Republic of Turkey as soon as possible without the visa levy for the Foreign Officers and Personnel of the Bank and its own household. However, visa procedures will be performed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Turkey.

2. Bank-based Kishis:

(a) excluding those who have been waived by the Bank. In their official duties, they will be free of charge, even after the end of their duty or service, and after their service is done. However, this disability will not apply to legal responsibility for the case of damage caused by the traffic accident caused by these people;

(b) Hane with family members who are struggling with immigration, immigration From the view of the procedures and quarters regulations, representatives of the Turkish Republic's similar ranks of international representatives of the ranks of the ranks of the Turkish Republic were given exemptions to the officers and their stolen exemptions. it will have it;

(c) with family members who are struggling with the people of Hane, national shall be exempted from the service obligation.

(d) together with family members who are working the people of Hane, Turkey Representatives of international organizations like the Republic will be subject to the same treatment as the convenience of the travel facilitassies, where they have been recognized by officers and their officers;

(e) looking at the salary and property rights paid by the Bank will be exempt from the tax;

(f) foreigners within the Republic of Turkey (or Foreign nationals) will be exempt from the permit to play, which is subject to them.

3. The foreign officers and staff of the bank, In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey, the family will have the right to temporarily bring home households, including an automobile, to Turkey; however, these goods are not exclusive to these people. As long as they remain in Turkey, they will be used to perform their duties and will be removed from Turkey at the end of their duties. However, except for the exception of the exception to the Law, the goods specified herein shall not be transferred, rented, or sold to the temporary or permanent basis, nor will they be sold.

4. In addition to the separation and immunity specified in Fükra 1 and 2, the Bank's President and President of the Bank, in accordance with the current theme, and each according to his rank, the International Cordiplomatic Cover. The witness will benefit from the proper separation and immunity.

5. Fükra 2 (b), 2 (c), 2 (d), 2 (f), 2 (f), 2 (3), 2 (4) and Article 18 (2) are the people of the Republic of Turkey who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey and are permanent resident of the Republic of Turkey and Turkey. It will not apply to foreigners.


Social Security

A social security system that has been installed or such As of the date of the system, the Bank ' s Officers and the Tsars are exempt from the provisions of any social security system installed in the Republic of Turkey, from the maintenance of their services to the Bank. They will be. However, 5510 Social Insurances and General Salim Insurance Law will be socially desired if they aspire to the Perpetual Bank Membranes and Tsars in the Republic of Turkey permanently. They are subject to security provisions. The citizens of the Republic of Turkey, who are not subject to the social security provisions of the 5510 numbered Law, are not subject to the termination of their duties in the Bank. The Bank's Law On The Period Of 08 Mayors 1985 And 3201 Turkish Citizens Was Encouraged To Consider The Social Security Of Last Year's Time In The Country. may be debunkled.


IBM Entry Fr

Bank (s) in the Republic of Turkey without taking all reasonable measures to determine that the caliphate does not violate the relevant immigration laws and that it is not subject to the law to enter in Turkey, it is in the Republic of Turkey will not receive any existing contact as a member of the Bank or as an Expert who serves as a member of the Bank or the Bank.


Immunity, Exemption, and Abdicate Privileges

Immunity, exemption, and immunity under this definition. The separation is defined for the interests of the Bankanit, not for the personal benefit of the individual members. The Board of Directors found that it was the most appropriate course of action for the interests of the Bank, as well as the immunity, exemptions and privileges that have been defined within the scope of this statement. It can be waived, to the extent and to the extent Under immunity, immunity and separation may prevent the justice of justice and the Bank's interests to be waived before it can be redeemed, President or Any officers from the Başkan Yards will receive the right and duty to waive any immunity, exemptions and allowances from the expert care that serves on the behalf of any Member or City of the Bank. Under similar circumstances and under the same circumstances, the Board of Directors, the President and the Chief Executive Officer, would have the right and duty to waive immunity, immunity, and privileges.


Declaring Assignments: Identity Cards

1. The Bank will notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey if a Member of the Bank or a Member of the Bank or a Specialist has been deployed to or from the office of the Bank; the Bank will notify the Ministry of the Republic of Turkey; The Bank will send a current list of All Officers, Çalaians and Specialists to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. Each list will be notified of whether the relevant person is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or permanent residence in the Republic of Turkey.

2. The Ministry of the Republic of Turkey will provide a photo ID card that shows the Bank's Members, Officer, or the Bank of the Bank, who are reported to have been assigned.



1. The Bank will take the necessary measure to make the case with the competent authorities of the Republic of Turkey to prevent the abuse, separation, exemption and abuse of convenience, which are provided in this Anthem.

2. Any provision in this statement will not affect the right of government to take necessary measures because of the trust of the Republic of Turkey. If the government sees it necessary to implement the previous sentence, it is quick to establish the necessary measures to protect the Bank's interest, to the extent that it is able to establish a consensus. He'll be in contact with the bank. The Bank will do the right to prevent any successor to the trust of the Republic of Turkey from coming to a place.




At the request of the Government or Bankanit, this is will be applied, to be implemented, or to be upgraded or to be upgraded. For this information, the Government and the Bank will be able to walk in accordance with the procedures that are understood in Article 23 of the government and the Banker.


General Provisions

Get familiar and untouchable at the time of this statement To comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey, it is the duty of all those who take advantage of these privileges and the impunity. They also have the task of not interfering with the drinks of the Republic of Turkey.


Sleuthing Solution


a) is a special case that is caused by the Disputes that are in the end of the law conflict are being invaded by the Government;

b) that has immunity due to the official authorities, and this will determine the appropriate methods for resolving conflicts that are involved in a Bank of the Bank, which is not waived.

2. Disputes that are not resolved by the interpretation or implementation of this statement are subsequent provisions in each individual case, which are not resolved by a negotiation or negotiation format. A final decision will be made to the final decision of the three arbitrators who will be charged in the province of the province. Within two months of the arbitration claim, the Government and the Bank will each appoint one arbitrator to the arbitration. In this way, two arbitrators will elect a third non-citizen arbitrator who is not a citizen of any of the Member States as a member of the arbitration.

3. If the first two referres were not mutabled within three months of the notice of arbitration claim, unless the necessary appointment was made, the Government or the Bank would not be mutabled in the same way, He will be able to invite the International Court of Justice to make the necessary appointment. If the Justice of the International Court of Justice is not able to fulfill the mandate of any member of the Member States, or for reasons of patience, the International Court of Justice of the International Court of Justice will be required. will be invited to assign. The International Court of Justice, the Justice Department, said that if any of the Member States were unable to perform the task of the citizen for reasons or for a reason, the International Court of Justice took care of the part. The same invitation to the judge, who comes next and who is not a citizen of one of the Member States, will be invited.

4. The decisions of the throne of arbitration will be final and clear. The arbitration order will determine its own rules of use, and in this view, it was signed in Washington D.C. on March 18, 1965, to resolve the states of the United States to the President of the United States. The Arbitration Rules of the Business Center will be in accordance with the Business Center's Rules of Agreement, which is established with the Word's Glossary.

5. Arbitration expenses will be shared by the Government and the Bank as a result.


Final Provisions, Effective and Annuih

1. This statement will be effective at the time the Republic of Turkey reports the completion of legal procedures after both parties have signed the statement.

2. This will remain in effect as long as the agreement establishing the EAST Trade and Lifting Bank is valid and Bankanin remains in the Republic of Turkey.

3. This will be annulled by the government and the Bankanit. If the headquarters of the Bankann General Centre is to be located in the country, it is reasonably necessary for the transfer of the property within the Republic of Turkey within a reasonable amount of time to be done. This will be the last time the understanding will be found.

This does not understand the authorized representatives of

. You have signed the signatures.

in English and Turkish on December 27, 2006 It will be done in two, and English text will be valid if the two texts are not to sleep.



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             For example, H. MURAT LE

TagPreserver,p,0,194Treasury Undersecretary BankBaþkaný