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Kanun No. 5646


Acceptable Date: 2/5/2007      

MADDE 1- World Intellectual Property It is appropriate that the Rights Organization (WIPO) does not contribute to the "WIPO Signals and Phonograms ' Acceptance", adopted by 20/12/1996.

MADDE 2- This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.

ARTICLE 3- The Council of Ministers of this Law It executes.






















Business Parties,

The rights of the British artists and the phonogram are made possible. effective and regularly requesting to continue and improve the protection of the

Problems with economic, social, cultural and technological development, knowing that it needs to be opened to the comments of certain specific rules that are available to anticipate adequate solutions

Create and use

trademarks and phonograms. knowing the technologies and the strong impact of the development and development of the

With the rights of the

American artists and phonogram producers, I am particularly important, Knowing the need to maintain balance between research and access to information, and to maintain balance between public and public benefits,

understand the following considerations:



Clause 1

Business with Dioker Glossary

(1) No provision in this Andlama was held on October 26, 1961 in Rome. The Artistic Artists, the Fonogram Leaves and the Radio-TV Establishment Preserve within the framework of the International Glossary of the United States (which will be mentioned as a Roman Glossary) have eliminated the obligations of each other in the cold. It will not remove.

(2) Previewed protection with this Andlayman, in no way is literature and art. It will not affect his protection on his works and will not harm him. Therefore, no provision in this Andallama can be interpreted to harm the preservation of the promised protection.

(3) This Andparty does not have a connection with any kind, and may not It does not halve the rights and obligations that are envisioned in the andials.

Article 2


Within the framework of this Andllama:

(a) "British artists", literature, or artwork, or folkloric Actors, artists, musicians, dancers and other people who interpret, describe, say, play, or perform the statements in any way,

(b) "Fonogram", cinematographic, or other visual-visual artifacts. representation or voice representation of sound or sound in an invention,kalanremaining in a form of detection,

(c) "Tespit", a tool, that can be understood, multiplexed, transmitted, recording or presentation of sounds,

(d) "Fonogram Construction", the sounds or other sounds of an invention or other The actual or legal entity, which is responsible for the initial detection of other sound representatites, and is responsible for the following:

(e) An executed executive and phonogram "propagate", a reasonable number of nusis provide the community with the rights of the owner or the rights holder, identified by the registration of transmission to the community,

(f) "Radio-Television Broadcast", voices or sound of the purpose of delivering to the community the radio transmission of images and sounds; this statement also introduced a mirrored transmission of the same kind of satellite as it was performed by radio television installation, or with its relativises, and it was remediated when vehicles were sold to the community. Transmission of signals "broadcast on radio television." n.

(g) The "transmitting to the community" of the business or phonogram, or the phonogram, The sound of voices or voices in an invention or a phonogram detection of sound representatists in radio and television; "transmission to society" within the framework of the 15th clause or the sound of a phonograph. representative of the community, as well as the public's audible location.

is at work.

Clause 3

Yardage of this Andalarsate Protection

(1) The Involved Parties are the protection of the Anthem, and the other's They will apply to their citizens, they will apply to artists and phonograms.

(2) All of the people in the world are from the citizens ' statements If the Roman Glossary of the parties are also in the area, they will have an understanding of the invention of artists and phonograms, which may have the desired criteria to benefit from the protection of the Roman Glossary. Regarding the driver's license criteria, the Fuel Parties implement the identified definitions in the 2 nci clause of this Anllasmane.

Article 5 of the

(3) Roman Glossary, or 5 articles of the same Word Within the framework of 17 nci, each of the Parties shall notify the General Manager of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as stated in the provisions of the ansi.

Clause 4

National Application

(1) Each Of The Ingredient Parties, identified in Article 3 (2) They will be able to apply their own citizens to their own citizens regarding the exclusive rights envisioned with this Anglama, and the fair wage envisioned in the 15th amendment of this Andlassor.

The obligation stipulates in paragraph

(2) (1), this is the 15th of the Andspruence It is not applicable to a person who uses the reservations allowed with the 3rd paragraph of the item.



Clause 5

People's Manhouse Rights

(1) As a result of the financial rights of the artists, and these rights are Even after the transfer, the invention of the invention of its own works, unless the invention of the invention requires the elimination of this expression, which is determined by the invention of the invention of artists, live vowels or phonograms. preserve the right to be identified and the invention of the icrans It would preserve the right to falsification, break down, and dissent in any way that would bring the successor to it.

haklar(2) (1) rights to the icracian artist in accordance with paragraph (1), after the death of at least financial rights, and are used by the entities or organizations authorized by the requested-for-protection legislation. However, it was not until the death of some of these rights, said the Ruling Parties, which did not regulate protection after the death of the rights of the artist in the previous paragraph to the death of this Andallama. they can be predicted.

(3) The guidelines will protect the protection of rights that are forecasted with this Article, The protection of the Fuel Party, which is requested by the protection.

Clause 6

Undetected artists have been identified. Fiscal Rights

In relation to the trademarks of the British artists:

(1) Cases without testing have yet to be published. apart from the radio television and transmission to the community, except for the transmission of the radio, and

(2) detection of a non-test icranius

Will take advantage of the exclusive consent.

Clause 7

Reload Right

The trademarks are identified by any type of person or method. It will take advantage of the right or the right to allow the individual to be left in the country as a result.

Article 8

Release Hakkus

(1) The ICRARs are located on phonograms that are detected on phonograms. They will take advantage of the right to allow the population or copies to be submitted to the community by means of the sale or transfer of rights to the public.

(2) Any provision in this Antandery is with the permission of the Skit Parties After the initial sale of the ownership on the original nbase or copy of the invention that was identified, or after the transfer of the rightful possessor, (1) the authority to determine the possible disregarding of the right to the right of the right to the right of the right It does not.

Article 9

Rental Right

(1) Human artificials, which are determined by phonograms, are ascered. Whether or not copies of the copies of the artist are authorized to be commercially leased to the community, even after they have been authorized by the authority of the authority or this authority, the company said. They're going to benefit.

,(2) (1) to the provisions of the pearl paragraph, on April 15, 1994, A commercial entity, which applies or applies a charge metric to the owners of the copies of the artifacts included in the phonograms, is a commercial lease of works that contain phonograms, and are not used commercially. as long as it does not harm the right to the right to do so, but this system will not can be preserved.

Clause 10

Test for Test Passive Users Right

Where real people can choose where they choose to live and access In this way, the inventions would benefit from the right to allow the detection of the identified inventions in the phonograms, or to allow them to communicate to the community through wire or radio vehicles.



Article 11

Reload Right

Fonogram does not allow phonograms to be used in any way or method Or, they would benefit from the right to allow the most to be left out.

Article 12

Release Hakkus

(1) Fonogram producers sold or sold copies or copies of phonograms. They will benefit from the right to allow the community to be presented to the community through the transfer of rights to the country.

(2) No provision in this Andalite is allowed by the funds of the Fuel Parties It is not authorized to determine the first selling or copy of the phongram on the aslet or copy of the phonogram, or to determine the potential for the right to run out of the right of the right after the transfer of the rights holders (1) to the right of the right to the right of the right to the right.

Article 13

Rental Right

(1) Fonogram producers, ascribe or copies of phonograms, Whether or not they are leased to the community, they will benefit from the right to allow the community to be leased commercially, even after the authority is authorized.

(2) (1) of the pearl paragraph provisions, on April 15, 1994 In addition to the commercial leasing of a Party, phonograms, which apply or apply a charge metric to the phonograms, are not commercially available to the phonograms when they are leased. As long as it does not harm the right to the right to be more than exclusive. system.

Article 14

Fonagram About My Hope

Where real people can choose where they choose to live and access They would benefit from the right to allow individual phonograms to transmit phonograms to the community through wire or radio vehicles.



Article 15

Fee for Community and Broadcast with Radio-TV Right

(1) Human artists and phonogram structures, communication to the community or radio For commercial purposes, for commercial purposes, for commercial purposes, for commercial purposes, they take advantage of a single, unjustified charge for using commercial or indirect use.

(2) In the national legislation of the Fuel Parties, the artist is an artist, a phonogram. or claim that both parties can claim a single, single charge from the use. In the event that an agreement is not available between the artist and the phonogram, they can accept the price of a single and sole charge in the national framework of the expense of the artist and the pheromogram.

(3) Any of the Parties may contact WIPO General Manager may declare that (1) applies only to certain uses of the pearl paragraph, or does not apply any of these provisions to, in a way, the terms of this paragraph apply.

(4) The place and time in which real people choose within the framework of this matter Any phonograms offered to the use of the community with wire or radio vehicles will be accepted for commercial purposes.

Clause 16

Stations and Expressions

üzerindeki(1) In the national legislation of the Akite Parties on literary and artistic works They are entitled to avoid exceptions and exceptions to the protection of phonogram producers, as they are foreseen to protect rights.

(2) The Parties are not laid out in normal use of an executive or phonogram And for exceptions to this Anma, which does not bring the exception to the legal ants of the icraci artist or phonogram, they may be able to remove the exceptions or get exceptions.

Article 17

Protection Period

This is a protection time that has been used to protect the artist and the icraci artists. It is at least 50 years from the end of the year that the phonogram has been detected.

The protection period that is defined by this Andlayman and phonogram configurations; phonogram If there is no such release from the end of the release or in a 50-year period starting from the end of the release, at least 50 years will be calculated from the end of the year.

Article 18

Economic Obligations

The parties are entitled to the appropriate artists or phonogram configurations. To neutralized the effective technological methods used by the invention of the rights of artists and phonograms, in the framework of the rights of the rights that are not allowed with the law or the rights that are used by this Andlashanim. appropriate legal protection and effective legal sanctions They will foresee.

Article 19

Rights Management Obligations

(1) The parties are responsible for any violation of any right to this Anslaysm. sufficient and effective legal measures for those who are subject to legal measures, whether they are knowingly able to knowingly use the actual verbs, to knowingly facilitate or prevent the possibility of the possibility of being able to use the following.

(i) Devitiate electronic rights management information or disappearing,

(ii) Electronic rights management information is not authorised or is not authorised to To prevent, export, import, transmit, radio and television, or to transmit or forward to the community, known as unauthorised, unauthorised applications or phonograms of known use.

(2) The "Rights Management Information" expression passed in this material may be used in the the invention, the invention, phonogram, phonogram, phonogram, phonogram, phonogram, phonogram, or performance of the invention or phonogram on any identified execution or phonogram, or if any of the identified icrans or phonograms have been presented to the community or forwarded to the community. holder of any rights or application of any rights to information about the terms and durations of the use and the information that defines all of the information or code that represents this information.

Article 20


To take advantage of and implement any of the foregoing rights in this Andallama, any It is a formality.

Article 21


in the third paragraph of the 15th clause, this is no further than Andllawork. is not allowed.

Article 22

Implementation Time

(1) The parties involved in this Andlayman are the preexisting inventions and phonograms. In relation to the rights of the authorities, the 18th article of the Bern will apply the provisions to the public.

(2) (1) to the rule of pearl, any of the Parties, this Any of the inventions that were created after the time of the Andlasm itself may have caused the implementation of Article 5 of this Andalamymane.

Article 23

Provisions for Implementer RightsÝliþkin

(1) The parties are required to take adequate measures to ensure that this is not implemented. is committed to taking it in accordance with its legal systems.

(2) The parties involved in any way the protection of this Andlashma. They will prevent violations of the violation and implement implementation procedures that allow for effective actions that include original measures to deter future violations, including in future violations.



Article 24


(1) (a) The parties will establish a Assembly.

(b) Each in-party, half-party delegates, consultants and experts It will be represented by a delegate that can be.

(c) The costs of each representative, the Appointed Party, which assigns the delegates It will be started. To facilitate the contribution of the representatives of the Convenience Parties, considered to be a country in accordance with the current implementation of the General Assembly of the United Nations General Assembly, or in the transition to the market economy from the World Intellectual Property Organization (which will be referred to as WIPO) in monetary assistance.

(2) (a) The Assembly, with the continuity and development of this Andspruier, and will be done on the issues that are applied to the application.

(b) Parliament has contributed to this Andallama with some of its intergovernmental installations. will perform the task granted to him with the provisions of article 26 (2).

(c) Parliament has diplomatic relations with the purpose of revising this Andspruiy will decide on the conference and provide the necessary instruction to the WIPO Director for the preparation of such a conference.

(3) (a) Each Party Party country will have one vote and the vote is solely on its behalf will be used.

(b) Every single Party that has an organizational qualification, this The number of states that are party to the Andalaya party can be voted on by the number of votes cast member states. Governments such as these cannot put up a vote when the states that are members want to use their own voting rights, or vice versa.

(4) The Assembly is a two-year-old on the effort of WIPO General Manager. will do the meeting.

(5) Assembly, employee meetings, required for meeting It regulates its own work-based and methods that determine the amount of plural and amount of time for decisions in accordance with the terms of this Andenasion.

Article 25


WIPO ' s Office of the International Bureau provides administrative tasks related to this Andllama It executes.

Article 26

How to Be Able To Become A Party To This Andrea

(1) Each state of the WIPO may be a party to this Andalaimar.

(2) The Assembly is concerned with respect to the considerations stipulate in this Andlarethr. all of the governments who have been notified of their internal procedures and have been fully authorized to take part in their internal procedure, the government has agreed to be a party to this Andallama.


(3) On the previous bene in the Diplomatic Conference series that adapted this Andlastive The European Community, which is notified as specified, may be the party to the Andallama.

Article 27

To Andalage Rights and Obligations

As expressed in this Andaladian, this is the case in all of the provisions of It will take advantage of the rights stipulate in the Andallada and fulfill the obligations.

Article 28

Andlayman Do not get started

This Andlasma is a member of WIPO and European Community until December 31, 1997 It will be open to the state's signature.

Article 29

Andlayman Enter Current

This Andlasia, the approval or the folding documentation of thirty states is WIPO General. The date they submitted to the manager will be effective three months after the date following the date.

Article 30

To Andalage Party Event Date

This Andllama:

(i) is in article 29 as of the date of entry of the Andspruive specified thirty-state,

(ii) Three months before the date they return their documents to the WIPO General Manager with other states,

(iii) this is in accordance with Article 29 of the Onama or folding document. The European Community, three months from the date of entry, if the date of the Andlaw is issued after the current date, or if the date is to be issued prior to the current date of the date the Andlaparty has been entered.

(iv) The acceptance of the acceptance of this non-party It will be three months since the date of the application and will be set up by the other governments.

Clause 31

Andlayman Feshi

This Andlaslanda is available to WIPO General Manager of any of the Companies. It can be annured by notification Annuih will be effective one year from the date of receipt of the WIPO General's notice.

Article 32

Andlayman Language

(1) In the languages of English, Arab, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish, The text in all languages is signed in a single, original form, with the same amount of text.

(2) On request of a related party, WIPO General Manager, all relevant after consulting the parties, and (1) the languages specified in the pearl paragraph shall prepare an official text in any language. Any WIPO member states with one or more of the official languages, including one or more of the official languages, are subject to this paragraph within the frame of this paragraph, if any of the following are the official languages. Government installation is understood.

Article 33

Andlayman Tevdii

This is the contact of the Teldiani authorities, WIPO General Manager.