Cultural And Natural Heritage Protection Law Amending Law


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Law No. 6498:8/10/2013 article 1-21/7/1983 and law No. 2863 cultural and natural heritage protection, the fourth paragraph of article 7 of the repealed, after the fifth paragraph to the article to come the following paragraphs have been added and the item's last paragraph has been changed as follows.
"Registration, registration of ownership possessed by a cadastral information, together with the land register deed regarding to be deducted shall be notified to the Directorate of the annotated.
The only structure with area cultural and natural assets of scale in relation to registration decisions, 11/2/1959 dated notification law numbered 7201 shall be communicated in accordance with malik.
Only the natural riches of the sit area and the scale of the structure including the registered immovable property owners registration of immovable property that cannot be detected in administration decisions, are published in the Official Gazette and on the Web pages of the Ministry for a period of one month. "
"Detection and registration procedures and principles regarding regulation."
Article 2-2863 Act 8 of the first paragraph of the article after the first sentence of the first paragraph the following sentence to come and added the following paragraph to come after.
"The field of the protection of protected areas in accordance with the law numbered 7201 Board decisions shall be communicated to the malik."
"The Homeowners administration identified the protection of areas of cultural and natural riches that the registration of decisions, announced in the Official Gazette announced through and published on the website of the Ministry for a period of one month."
Article 3-65 law numbered 2863 article has been changed as follows.
"Article 65-designated sites and required the protection of immovable cultural and natural riches protected areas although this law was declared or communicated to collapse, deterioration, destruction, death, or damage whatsoever they are established protected areas with deliberately giving rise to inşaî and physical intervention those who consent, or the ones that, from two years to five years imprisonment and will be punished with criminal penalties of five thousand days.
Contrary to this Act, destroy or planning permission for two years up to five years prison and five thousand days named shall be punished with fines.
Specified in the first and second paragraph of the verbs, the existence of the necessary protection of the cultural and natural riches is rendered in order to smuggle abroad will be given penalties a kat is incremented.
With protection, application and control established at the offices of the administration of subsection contravention of article 57 of the permission or permission of the seventh against repairs and renovation builders engaged in unauthorized inşaî and physical interference with, or made more than six months up to three years ' imprisonment shall be punished with a fine or criminal. "
Article 4-this Act shall take effect the date of promulgation.
Article 5-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.