Cultural And Natural Heritage Protection Law Amending Law


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Kanun No. 6498


Accepted Date: 8/10/2013      


ARTICLE 1- 21/7/1983 and 2863 of Cultural and Nature Preservation Law 7 The fourth fir of the nci clause has been lifted, and the following is added to the final storm of the matter, adding to the end of the material, after the fifth storm.

" The decisions of registration, along with the cadastral information of the registrar, are on the tapu registry. It is reported to the corresponding tapu manager.

The culture and nature of the single-scale culture and its areas of prevention are the decisions of the registration, Dated 11/2/1959 and numbered 7201, the Tbligat Act is reissued to the swims.

include the sites of the site, nature's assets, and single-structure measures. The registration decisions, which cannot be determined by the management of their property, are published in the Official Gazette and are announced for one month on the Ministry's internet page. "

"The production and guidelines for the test and registration are regulated by regulation."

MADDE 2- After the first sentence of the first quote of article 8 of the Code 2863 The following sentence is added to come after the first phase, and the next time it is added.

"Protection of protected areas is based on board decisions, 7201 of which are being protected by law,"


" The areas of the culture and nature that cannot be identified by the administration are to be protected areas of protection. The decisions are announced through an ad in the Official Gazette and published on the Ministry's internet page for a month. "

MADDE 3- 2863 is the 65-th-the-fifth-issue section of the Law.

" MADDE 65-The protected and protected areas of culture and nature are not necessary. to be protected by law, to protect, to irritation, to irritation, to destruction, to destruction, to destruction, or to prevent harm, regardless of the circumstances of the law, and to protect against the law. Both physical and physical responders, or the structural, two, He faces up to five years in prison and a criminal criminal sentence of up to five thousand days.

In violation of this Code, or for those who issued the zoning permit, up to five years in prison and five thousand Until the day, he will be punished with criminal punishment.

First and second fans have the following verbs, protection required culture and nature. Penalties will increase if the country is working to escape the country.

The protection, implementation and audit offices of

are the seventh of 57 of the established administers. If you do not consent to the fund or leave it with repairs and remodels, unauthorized and physical intrusions or producers are punished with imprisonment or judicial fines of up to three months or less than under three months. "

ARTICLE 4- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

ARTICLE 5- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.