2014 Central Government Budget Law


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Kanun #6512


Accepted Date: 20/12/2013      



Expense, Revenue, Financing, and Balance


ARTICLE 1- (1) As shown in the rulers of this Law (A), as shown in the rulers, 10/12/2003 And 5018 is attached to the Public Goods Management and Control Law;

a) (I) 423,396,493,000 Turks in public administration covered in the number of the number of the Lirasday,

b) (II) 48.647.481,000 Turkish Liras ($48.641,000) with special budget management in the number of rulers,

c) (III) to the regulatory and supervisory institutions with respect to the roster, 3,003,844000 Turkish Lrasas,


grant is granted.

Revenue and financing

MADDE 2- (1) Revenue: 5018, as shown in the rulers of this Law (B) with respect to the Law;

a) (I) the revenues of the overall budget of 394,634.401,000 Turkish Lirasas,

b) (II) revenues in the number of private budget administrations were 7,222,934,000 Turkish Liras. income, 41,928,551,000 Turkish Lirasas, totalled 49.151.485,000 Turkish Liras,

c) (III) Revenue of the number of editors and controllers in the ruler, 2,984,186,000 A total of 3,003,84,000 Turkish Liras, including 19,658,000 Turkish Lirasas, were the Turkish lira.

It is estimated to be


(2) Financing: $5018, as shown in the rulers of this Law (F), The net financing of private-budget administrations, which is included in the number of (II) numbers, is estimated at 76,000,000 Turkish Liras.


MADDE 3- (1) The first fissir (a) of the 1st item is the sum of the allowes specified in the The difference between the estimated sum of the estimated revenues of the first receipt (a) of the 2nd item with the net debt is met with net debt.



Provisions for Budget Arrangement and Application

Baseboard rulers

MADDE 4- (1) The following rulers are shown in this Law:

a) (A) of the grant (A) of the 1 th clause

b) Continue collection according to legislation related to public administrations under the central administration. Revenues to be (B)

c) Key provisions that are based on the revenues of public administrations in central management (C)

, essentials for use and expense of Bazze allowances (E)

d) The cash and the cash contained in the 5018 number of Kanuna (II) and (III) amounts with the resources that are projected to be spent on these resources (F)

e) is a casual and non-public statement issued on 10/2/1954 and under the provisions of the Harcourt Law of 6245. compensation amounts (H)

f) The monetary value of the budgetary law and laws that must be demonstrated in accordance with the rules of the law. And they are left-to-bottom (for example)

g) Add additional course, conference, and extra charge charges (K)

ð), dated 11/8/1982, and 2698 known as National Ministerial School Boarding School 3. Item (M) fees from the school boarders administered by the Ministry of National Estates.

h) dated 7/6/1939 and 3634 in national defense of the National Defense Payer Act (O)

to receive the animals that will be borne by the payer.

) 3634, under the law, will be used in national defense through national defense. daily rental costs with average alum devs (P)

i) The year of the public administration in the range of 5018 numbers (I), (II), and (III) are listed in the the maximum purchase price (T) for which they can acquire, asay, what service to use, and the maximum number of credits that will be sold in the year 5/1/1961 and the number of 237-numbered and 237-numbered institutions

j) Patriotic Service Rituals (V) with laws and decideems.

Available allowuses


Public administration's public administration and private budget administration budgets are put into place If not enough of the appropriations, the "Staff Expens" and "Social Security Institutions State Pri Expens" for expenses required by applicable legislation will be available to the current or newly opened tertists, the Finance Ministry budget. in terms of the payment of a transferring,

(2) Backup Approx:

Finance Ministry budget allowance from the term of the general existing or new open (01), (02), (03), (03), (05), (05), (05) and (08) economic codes and the economic codes and (07) with the economic codes and the economic codes transferring,

(3) Appropriate Hes:

Finance Ministry budget of the year-on-year term, 2014 The implementation, Coordination and Resolution of the Program is based on Decision-based, according to the implementation of the 2014 Competency Program's implementation of the priority sectors in the priority sectors, or in the years of development. in the priority sector and sub-sectors, and transfer of public administrations, public administrations, and private budget management projects to new or new types of government projects to be used to increase the allocation or allowings for projects that need to be refunded to the program toyapmaya

(4) Pay For Disaster Expending:

Finance Ministry budget at PM, yacht The public administration and private-budget administration with the public budget covered by the program to be associated with the year-to-service program from the opening of qualified expenses will be available to the current or new tertists to report any disaster costs. to transfer,

Finance Minister is authorized.

Transfer, add, transfer, and cancel actions

MADDE 6- (1) a) Private-budget administration with public administrations in general budget coverage The "Personnel Expensing" and "Personnel Expensing" of their budgets on the terms of the "Social Security Institutions State Pri Expensing" terms are "Backup Appropriations" when the Finance Ministry budget is required with "Employee Expensing". The benefits of the economic code are the benefits of a 5018. To transfer the Finance Ministry budget to the "Backup Approprition" tertiback, subject to the results of the third section of the 21st Act.

b) The public administration's public administration, which will make the service available in the overall budget, the budget of the administration that will run the service within the year of its budget, to transfer to the budget and to make the necessary actions on this matter,

c) Implementation of the 2014 Program for public administrations in the overall budget scope, Coordination and in accordance with the decision of the Ruling Agreement, to transfer funds for the projects related to the projects,

) The reintroduction of public administration laws and the implementation of budget laws. to make necessary arrangements for any budget and accounting requirements that are deemed necessary in order to prepare for the accounts,

Finance Minister is authorized.

(2) Public administrations and private budget administrations in general budget coverage will be transferred they can transfer funds within their budget by up to 20 percent of the term of the term. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to make all kinds of domestic transfers of 20% of these administrations. The implementation of the 2014 Program for the Application, Coordination and Strengthening The 2014 Yatlım Program in projects with additional requirements for the Program in additional compliance with the requirements of this condition is paid for The completion of the transfer will be conducted by the administration of the third party of Article 5018, subject to the results of the third section of the Code.

(3) Public administrations in the overall budget, dated 29/6/2011 and 644 numbers of Environment and Dignity The Ministry of Environment and Health is authorized to transfer the funds to the Ministry of Environment and Theology to the Ministry of Environment and Theology under the decree of the Law on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tasks.

(4) Public administrations covered by the overall budget, dated 12/11/2012 and 6360 counted on Four-Four The City of Büyükşehir Municipality and Twenty-Seven Founders and Bazım Kanun and the Law on Law and Law, all kinds of yachtiness, construction, maintenance, repair and assistance for assistance and maintenance of the Law. authorities are authorized to transfer the funds to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs budget. Other public administrations within the scope of the central administration are realistic with their transfer of funds within this scope.

(5) The Ministry of National Defence, Gendarmerie General Command and Coastal Safety Command; current year is authorized to transfer budgets across budgets on a reconciliation that is intended to address the costs of services that are made between them.

(6) The Ministry of National Defence, General Command of Gendarmerie, and the Coast Guard Commando; The armed forces involved in their budgets must be managed by a function of a function belonging to a function belonging to a function, with supply and supply services that need to be managed from the single centre. is authorized to transfer.

(7) Regulatory and regulatory authorities (B) with special budget administers the net financing amounts indicated by the net financing amounts indicated on the estimated amounts indicated on the estimated amounts specified (F), payable to the current or new types of finance actuation, administration and institutions budgets as well as the Ministry of Finance to be determined to add In the framework of the guidelines, public administrations are authorized.

(8) Transfer of funds between public administration and public administrations in general budget coverage It will be done. The management of the central administration budget and the other resource transfers between institutions and institutions are realistive./ These are the amounts that are collected, on the one hand (B) of the relevant public administration, on the other hand, and (A) the appropriations for the refunded rosters are recorded.

(9) a) The Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command, Coastal Safety Command and Police Department Expenses of the general Directorate's budgets (excluding special allowings and tertypes containing the economic code "03.9" and "Treatment and Funeral Expenses") were not spent in the year of the payment of goods and services related to the goods and services. 30 per cent of the funds to ensure the attendance. To record the next year's budget, not to be started,

b) The second number of the 21st amendment of the 2634-numbered Tourism Code of Tourism dated 12/3/1982. Due to the fact that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism's budget, which contains the economic code of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the corporate code of and (03), is the result of the next year's budget, which is not spent on the terms of the following year's budget. to save funds,

c) The budget of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey to save money that is not spent on the scale of the next year's budget, to the same term as the next year's budget,

ç) Budget of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, $, and to record a grant that has passed the benefits of the following year's budget, which is not spent on the terms of the following year,

d) Treasury budget budget,, and 1 to save money that has not been spent on the terms of the following year's budget, to the same tertypes of the following year,

e) budget of the General Directorate of Security " Security Services of the General Directorate of Security To record allowance for the same term as the following year's budget, which is not spent on the yacht "function under the function"

f) The amounts collected for private income, administration, when required legislation is required to transfer revenue from the general budget (B) to the applicable ruler and to transfer to related terms according to the actual budget of the budget for the purposes specified in the legislation for the purposes specified in that legislation. non-spent allowings (including those that have been transferred from 2013) to set up revenue and funds for the next year's budget, to determine the principles and guidelines for the construction of the following provisions,

Finance Minister is authorized.

Digit budget steps

MADDE 7- (1) The Higher Education Board budget is The appropriation of the Student Subsidy Program in addition to the institutions of higher education, goods and services, which grant graduate programs under the Program, are considered to be the numbers of other people who are assigned to the program. It's paid for by being taken care of by being taken care of. On the one hand, the institution of higher education (B) is the institution of higher education, on the other hand, on the other hand, the institution of higher education for saving (A) on the scale of the business.

(2) 4/11/1981 and 2547 count of the first of the 43rd Amendment of the Law. (d) bendi, 44th, 46 ncu, 58th, additional 25 pearls, additional 26 ncci and additional 27 nci items dated 19/11/1992 with respect to the 7 nci of the Code 3843, amounts and other revenues were collected, private income and private income for the institutions of higher education the payment is not saved. This amount and the revenues are recorded as self-income in the related higher education institution budget. The funds raised in the related higher education budget are used according to their revenue reallocation.

(3) The associated higher education institution budget (A) has its own budget Transfers between the fourth level of functional health and the fourth level (except for transfers in the range of grants that are due to be self-income under the services function of 09.6.0) are not transitable.

(4) Finance Minister;

a) The Ministry of National Defence, the General Command of Gendarmerie, and the Coast Guard Commander were in a foreign office. Rent or charge amounts received from land, sea, and air that is leased to countries and international installations, or to be used in the fulfillment of a service,

b) The foreigner who studied and was educated in the death and education of the Turkish Armed Forces. The amounts paid for by officers, petty officers, or non-subordinate officers,

c) The foreigner who was educated and supported in the safety and education of the General Directorate. the amounts paid by the relevant states or international organizations for the employee of the nationality and personnel,

) for maintenance and repairs of spare airports as NATO authorities understand. to be paid for,

comes to the overall budget to be used for the same purpose, on the other hand, the top-down management is authorized to save money for special tertypes that will be opened in their budgets, and to transfer funds that are not spent in the following amounts due to the amounts that are not paid.

Financial checkin provisions

MADDE 8- (1) The public in the number of 5018-counted laws (I) and (II) in the public administrations;

a) Staying with the rest of the range is not a month without a month of stay payments to be made to the service that are to be purchased or to be played,

b) Payments to be made to the current service line when they are subject to the relevant legislation,

c) The candidate, exit, dated 5/6/1986 and the 25th Amendment of the Code of Professional Dignity 3308. and payments to other people who see a profession in the process,

), dated 14/7/1965 and 4th article (C) of the 657-numbered State Officers Act Payments to be made to temporary staff that are stolen when they are required to

They will do so in non-negotiable terms in the economic code of

budgets (01.4), and the cannot be added to the tertypes containing the economic code, and cannot transfer funds from other types of budgets (except for transfers within the scope of the first receipt of the Tertiks containing this economic code, except for transfers under the name of the first receipt of the article 6 (b) And it can't be spent on a grant. However, due to the implementation of the privatization practices, it is necessary to avoid the promotions that contain the economic code, with the personnel to be employed in public administrations that are understood within the framework of the 4th article (C) of the Law No. 657. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer the amounts required for academic jury fee payments to the relevant tertials.

(2) The following are the first (T) selected rosters, but they are very urgent and necessary. It can be obtained by decision of the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the minister for the registration of the exclusive.

(3) Public administrations in the number of 5018-counted laws (I) and (II) in the number of rulers, incandescent Temporary workers who are on 4/4/2007 with respect to the number 5620 may employ and/or are able to employ the benefits of their budgets (01.3) and (02.3) in terms of not paying for the benefits of the tertists containing the economic code. Due to the collective commitment of the workers, the obligations to pay for densities and severance pay, the minimum wage and insurance premium will not be paid for by the Treasury Department's budget. Payable by "payable" to "Approx" terms in "Backup". The economic code quoted in this fund may not be transferred in any way, except in these cases (except for transfers between such economic codes and transfers to these codes), as well as the budget theres of the budget. fee, and extra-term work and/or overwork fee will not be paid either. The payment of a grant to this fund does not apply to TÜBILTAK, with the use of transferring from their own budget tertists.

harcama(4) Spend of public administration in the number of 5018-counted laws (I) and (II) on the number of rosters to conduct business programs according to the number of temporary workers, which will be used by persistent workers and temporary workers to be used by the number 5620, and/or not to overplay and/or overwork the following, and/or overwork, and more than the following year, and/or more than/or overplayed They're obligated to not leave a debt. The earthquake, fire, water pressure, displacement, rock thinking, desert and similar disasters will be taken by the Council of Ministers to be taken out of the current Council of Ministers ' decision to pay more and more cost payments for the debt It is not possible to transfer funds in any way for more than any transfer and/or overplay fee payments, except for transfers to be made.

(5) International public administration and private budget administrations are nationalistic to members of the United States, who are members of the United States, where the law and resolution are members of the United States, without the right to the right of the Treasury and the participation of the Union and the membership bid under the membership bid. will not be able to make any payment.

(6) Economy Minister and Treasury Secretary to deal with international law, law and deceit International organizations with the name of the Republic of Turkey are no longer applied to any of their business (including fold-up payments).

kamu(7) The education and recreation facility, which is being pushed out by public administration under management, The expenses of the guest house, child care, daycare, sports facilities and similar social facilities are made from the proceeds from the construction of these facilities. In these places, new staff will be employed for the first time in 2014 to be charged with the central administration budget and the revolving capital and funds.


Yacht Expenses, Neighborhood Government and Government Provisions

Yatrism expenses

MADDE 9- (1) The projects in the additional sleep schedules of the 2014 Yatyrm Program It will not be able to spend on any project in the past. The projects covered by the projects included in these rosters are collectively covered projects (dams and HES projects over 500MW), Gebze-Haydarpareka, Sirkeci-Halkali Commuter Line Construction and Railway.   The Boğaz Tube-crossing project was created in 2014, except for the construction of the Transportation, Maritime Affairs and News Ministry, with the exception of rail projects and subway construction projects, and vehicle projects that attract and attract cars. The project or work for 2014 is less than 10 per cent of the project cost of the project or the project. No way For the projects and business that remain under this ratio, the projects required by the Application of 2014 Program, Coordination and Circulation Decision can be revised primarily through compliance with the institutions ' yacht allowances.

toplu(2) The public administration of the central administration collectively covers the allowings in the yacht program Related to machine-equipment, large repair, execution-renewal, completion and computer software and detail programs of hardware projects and sub-projects as well as community projects with the reputation of their infrastructure projects. The implementation of the 2014 Yearly Program, Decision-based on coordination and coordination are applied.

(3) pertaining to the budgets of public administration in the central administration as well as in relation to investment projects The implementation of the grant, transfer, and transfer of the 2014 Program is associated with the yacht program, based on the implementation of the transfer and transfer of 2014 Programs, based on the terms of the terms and principles of the implementation, Coordination and Development of the 2014 Program.

 (4) 2014 Yatımüm Program required to be done in the year on the additional yacht rosters The implementation of the 2014 Program for Deviations, Coordination and Strengthening The Procedures of the Program are complying with the procedures.

Financial Services for financial management

MADDE 10- (1) Budget of the Finance Ministry;

a) Allowance from, dated 13/1/2005 and numbered 5286 the provincial special administration (s) to pay for all financial and social rights of personnel who have been transferred to the province's special administration and to pay for all financial and social rights.

b) The payment of the term, To serve the infrastructure for the infrastructure needs of villages within the scope of the village ' s Infrastructure Promotion Project (VILLAGES), to the provincial special administrations and/or services to the villages,

c) allowance, Water Sewerage, and Infrastructure Project (SUKAP), to the Bank of the People's Bank Anonim to actuate the drinking water and attire projects of municipalities,

is used by having to be moved. In the scope of the need for the scope of the SUKAP, the appropriated public administration budget, or the private budget administration budget, can be transferred to the relevant public administration budget. The Treasury assistance to the relevant administration is not possible and the precautionary measure cannot be placed on this topic.

(2) Primary and essential benefits for payments based on the first fan (a) It is set up together by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Finance.

(3) Allowance (b) and (c) benefits of the 2014 Subsidy Program of the First The Council for the VILLAGE has been decided by the High Planning Board for the VILLAGES Project in the provinces and for SUKAP, for example, for example, use, monitoring, and control of municipalities.

(4) 6360 in the provinces where the legal entity is located and the province's private administration is located The city's private administration in 2013, with its own resources, is not less than three-fourths of the amount of time that it was originally intended for its own, maintenance and repairs of state schools in each grade. I sleep for the realisation of the projects. They don't waste it. These expenditures are made real by giving priority to projects that continue to be made in accordance with the planning of the Ministry of National Sovereignty and the planning of the Ministry of Health and the protocol to be done in between the metropolitan municipality and the governor's protocols. The completed project subject is transferred to the relevant minister at no charge. In this context, the amounts transferred by the city municipalities under the state of the general budget (B) are related to the amount of government budget, on the one hand, the amount of the general budget is related to the United States. The Minister is authorized to record the appropriations for their tertiaries and to save the amounts that are not used by these funds that are not used in the next year's budget.

Funds related to the Funds

ARTICLE 11- (1) A strategic target plan for the Turkish Armed Forces is required to follow expenditures to be made within the year for defense and NATO infrastructure to be made with modern weapons, tools and tools; sources of the Defense Industry Promotion Fund, dated 7/11/1985 and numbered 3238, are budging for this purpose. The allowors and the same and the cash are together. The Defence Industries Committee will be identified in the framework of the guidelines to be identified by being disinfused.

(2) The Ministry of National Defense, the General Command of Gendarmerie, and the Coast Guard Commando the budget They will be identified as the first phase of the allocated appropriators; aircraft and helicopters, human air vehicles (IHA), flying simulators and Electronic Harps from existing funds allocated to the General Directorate of Law. (HEWS) for the project; Turkey's Hudut and To the General Directorate of Sabres, the current funds allocated to the General Directorate budget will be charged to the engine buy from the funds registered to the General Directorate budget; Helicopter Allocations from existing grants allocated to the General Directorate of Forestry. They are consistent with the project, which is intended to receive a budget from existing grants allocated with budget to the General Directorate of Maden Timpress and Search, according to their interest in paying for the Defense Industry Promotion Fund to actualize the related services. Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Ministry of Forestry, Forestry and Water The Minister or the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources are authorized.

(3) On the one hand, the funds from the Defense Industry Promotion Fund to the Treasury are to the general budget. income, on the other hand, is the Finance Minister's authority to register the appropriations for the relevant tertials of the Ministry of National Defense budget and to hand over the appropriations of those last years.

(4) Defense Industries for projects foreseen to be executed in order to warn about budget laws The funds that are not used from the amounts transferred to the Supporting Fund are in the central accounting unit account of the general budget administration related to the Defense Industry Promotion Fund and the accounting unit account in private budget administration and the related administration (B). The revenue is saved in the ruler. The Ministry of Finance in general budget administration and private-budget administration is authorized to save money on the related administrative budget of the amount of money recorded. The Ministry of National Defence is being charged with the registration of the Gendarmerie General Command and the board of funds for the administration at the Coast Guard Command.



Government Provisions

A debt-guaranteed commitment limit and a debt-to-debt commitment limit and a debt-to-debt commitment limit indebting business

MADDE 12- (1) 2014, dated 28/3/2002, and 4749 Public Finance and Debt The regulation of its management will be based on the law; the guaranteed opportunity and the supply limit of the current debt cannot be reached by $3 billion.

yüzde(2) 1 percent of the first receipt (a) of the 1st is the basis of the clause. The state domestic debt can be exported to the private tertik state of the two by 1.

(3) is to be sold to the Treasury under Section 8/A of the Code 4749 in 2014 The debt-to-debt commitment cannot be $3 billion.

provisions for revenue and expensesdiðer

MADDE 13- (1) dated 22/2/2005 and 5302 of the 5302 are the 1st of the Law The first fund (f), dated 3/7/2005, and the first fund (f) of 5393 of the Municipal Code of 5393, advanced technology and large amounts of financial resources required by provincial private administrations and municipalities. Ministers on the offer of the Ministry of Departure in their sleep The liabilities to be made for the approved projects are the first receipt of Article 51 of the Code 5302 (d) and the first receipt of Article 68 of the Law No. 5393 (d) of the loan, which includes the interest calculated in the scope of the interest calculated in the It's included in the calculation. However, provincial special administrations, municipalities and those with more than 50 per cent of their capital's capital, are expected to finance projects supported by the European Union in the framework of the pre-level financial business. indebted borrowing from the multi-party yacht and up-and-up banks, or in debt through the Bank of the People's Bank, and the Bank's Bank Anonim Bank, for the business to be carried out under SUKAP. will not be searched for compliance with the debt stock limit.

tahsilatýn(2) The collection of Turkish Israel Credit Bank Anonymous will be based on political risk, and All or a part of the dividend amounts and the outstanding spare flows may be compromised by the Bank's political risk and/or disburnable capital, due to the bank's operating profits. The Secretary of the Treasury Department said that they would register their business with state accounts on the Treasury's proposal, and keep the amounts involved in the budget, according to the Treasury. income, on the other hand, is the Finance Minister's authority to save on the relevant term of the Treasury's budget.

(3) General budget coverage of $5018 from management with added budget before 2006 The agency revenues that are specified in the related legislation are collected as general budget revenue.

Elektrik(4) of 4/12/1984 and the Electricity Company Install of 3096  All of the proceeds from the transfer rights of the medical resources and facilities for the deployment of Production, Production, Deposition and Trade are saved in revenue from the overall budget.


MADDE 14- (1) This Law takes effect on 1/1/2014.


MADDE 15- (1) This Law;

A) The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey,

b) Secretary-General for the Republic of Turkey,

C) Respect for the President of the United States,

) Ministers and Finance concerned about public administrations within the scope of the overall budget Minister,

d) Ministers of private budget administrations ministers are concerned or related to their provisions, and Finance Minister,

e) Organize and/or agency provisions of the Editor and controller institutions people,

f) Minister of Finance of Digits provisions,