The Anti-Terror Law And The Criminal Procedure Code And The Law Amending Certain Laws


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Kanun No. 6526


Accepted Date: 21/02/2014      

MADDE 1- dated 12/4/1991 and number 3713 to the Anti-Terror Law is added.

" SUPERSEDE ARTICLE 14-Date of the effective date of this Law, dated 2/7/2012 and of the number 6352 Under the provisional Article 2 clause, the criminal courts, which are currently in effect with this Law, are subject to the criminal courts, which are tasked with this Law, and the penal courts are removed.

The president and members of the criminal courts who are in charge of the criminal courts and the Law on Terrorism The judges and prosecutors, who were assigned to the charge of the crimes under the scope of the charge, will consider the acquis within ten days of the completion of the toppings in accordance with the second edition of the fifth. they are assigned to the task.

In accordance with Article 10 of the Anti-Terrorism Code that is in effect with this Law The investigation files conducted by the Commonwealth's prosecutors are transferred to the competent Republican attorney's office at the effective date of this Act.

6352 is in the penalty courts that continue their duties in accordance with the provisional 2 nci clause And the files found in the criminal courts, which are tasked with the 10th article of the Anti-Terrorism Act, which are repealed by this Law, are to continue to be fired as of the time this Law has been found to be effective. The authority and the incumbent are transferred to the courts. These courts will continue to review the files found in the District Attorney's office or the offices of the District of Yarghitay.

devirThird and fourth series of steps to be customized, including the penalty for which this Law is removed The judges, who are appointed in their courts, will conclude within ten days of the effective date of the effective date of this Law by the Commonwealth's prosecutors. The judges and courts of these courts are authorized to decide on the protection measures of the transferred files in the case of delay in the delay until the transfer of the files results in. The provisions of the provisions that have been issued by this Law and have yet to be written by this Law are written in ten days at the latest from the date of the effective date of this Act. Documents and documents filed in the Kaldronan courts and documents that are finalised and documents and documents are transferred to the court or courts to be determined by the Supreme Council of Prosecutors and Prosecutors, and the subsequent proceedings and requests will be filed by these courts. It will be replaced or settled.

According to the first receipt of the Criminal Procedure Code property of 250 nci. Criminal courts have been appointed to the first criminal courts of the Anti-Terrorism Law and members of the courts of the Anti-Terrorism Code, which are assigned to the members of the criminal courts; the members of the Court of Criminal Court, and the Prosecutor's Office at the High Council of Ankara, the Criminal Court of the Prosecutor It's been done. Crimes under the law of the First Section of the Criminal Procedure Code of Criminal Procedure Law and the fourth section of the Anti-Terrorism Code, which is covered by the fourth section of the Anti-Terrorism Code, are included in the Turkish Penal Code;

a) crime and trade crime, which is being processed within the framework of the organizational activity, or the accused of being charged with the crime of crime,

veb) In the framework of the activity of an organization that is founded in order to leave the rights economic, algebir and to crimes that are being threatened by a threat,

c) Crimes identified in Section Four, Bed, Gold, and Seventh of the Pearl Book Fourth Section (305, 318, 319, 323, 324, 325, and 332 excluding items),

is done.

The 10th clause of the Anti-Terrorism Act that is in effect with this Law in cases with respect to the effective date of this clause in relation to the crimes, whether to place a bet or a bet on whether or not to make a decision to make a decision about the current state of the public officer. decision cannot be made. "

MADDE 2- dated 26/9/2004 and the number of 5235-numbered People's Degrees Courts. The Court's Law on the Jurisdiction Of The Courthouse, Task, and Jurisdiction Is The 12th Amendment Of The Law.

" MADDE 12-The Turkish Penal Code is located in the Turkish Penal Code to remain in charge of the law. field patch (m. 148), irtics (m. 250/1 and 2), forgery in the official document (m. 204/ 2), qualified domiculus (m. 158), rigged bankruptcy (m. 161), crimes identified in the Turkish Penal Code's Fourth Section, Four, Bed, Gold and Seventh Section, crimes of terrorism (318, 319, 324, 325 and 332), and dated 12/4/1991, and the scope of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 3713 The criminal courts are now in charge of the crimes that have been filed against the crimes and the cases and trials related to the crimes that require life sentences, life imprisonment, and more than ten years of imprisonment. The provisions of the Supreme Court and the judiciary have the provisions of the military courts and the provisions of the children's criminal prosecution, with the provisions of the military courts. "

MADDE 3- dated 26/9/2004 and the first of the 135 articles of the Turkish Penal Code of 5237 The "golden month" of the phrase "from a year" is the first to be said.

ARTICLE 4- A year "from a year" that is in the first phase of the 136th clause of the number 237. The phrase "in two years" is the current one.

MADDE 5- listed in the first case of the 138th item of the Code 237 "523-237" up to one year in prison "is" in prison "for up to two years in prison" and added to the material in terms of the substance.

" (2) Do not eliminate or destroy the subject of the offence according to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law The amount of data that needs to be data will be increased by a fold. "

MADDE 6- dated 4/12/2004 and 5271 counts of Criminal Procedure 91 The phrase "signs of the right to believe" in the second phase is "concrete evidence that shows the right of life".

MADDE 7- 5271 is the 94th item of the Code, which is not available in the following way.

" MADDE 94-(1) The question on the arrest warrant issued by the judge or the court, or The person who is caught in the firing phase will be in charge of the competent judge or court within twenty-four hours at the latest.

(2) The person who is captured is in charge of the competent judge or court within twenty-four hours at the latest If it is not, it will be able to query or make a query of the person authorized by the authority or court by using the voice and video transmission system installed at the nearest courthouse, if it is in the same place of time. It is received. "

ARTICLE 8- The "facts" in the first phase of the 100th clause of the Code 5271. The phrase "concrete evidence" has been made.

ARTICLE 9- The "reasonable" included in the first phase of the 5271 count of Code 116. The clause is "strongly based on concrete evidence".

MADDE 10- is the first in the world's 12271 count of 128. "and could be" subject to concrete evidence "and" may be reed "to come after the" clause "." The phrase "specified as a concrete" was added to the mirror as follows; the second number (10) of the second fir (a) was removed from the current and the ninth was added.

" The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, according to its interest in the decision to put the handheld on this material scope, The Capital Markets Board, the Financial Crimes Agency, the Undersecretary of the Treasury and the Public Surveillance, the Accounting and Audit Standards Agency, receive a report of the offender obtained from the crime. This report is prepared within three months at the latest. Special causes may be extended for another two months upon request. "

" (9) This clause is decided by a non-court penalty court, which is subject to the provision of this clause. A vote on the course will be decided by the vote. "

ARTICLE 11- 5271 is the first in the 134th clause of the Law "In case of the fact that there is a strong and" all-and-a-clause "of" evidence based on concrete evidence "to come after the clause, the phrase" this "is said to be" in line with the third party ".

ARTICLE 12- 5271 of the 5271 count is the first in the world. He was said to have been added to the article after the first receipt of the material, and the number of furra numbers had been added to it; "three months" included in its current third; "once" and "followed by no more than a month's time." At times, "two months", "one month", and "court" In addition to the following times, not more than a month each, and a total of three months of total, "three months" and "once" in the current fourth section of the article are "two months" and "one month" in the process of " It has been said that the current subversion (a) is "6" to come after the lower self of the self (5). Qualified health (article 142) and patch (article 148, 149) were added to the bottom line, other subbenders were being added, current (8) numbered alt-bendi was removed and the current subdue was subconscious (a) in the lower part of me (9). The phrase ", fikra 3" is to be used from the matter text.

 " (1) In the case of a criminal offence, the person involved in the criminal act is concrete. If there is no reason to obtain evidence based on evidence and the possibility to obtain evidence in the face of evidence, the state of the republic's office or the public prosecutor's decision, found calmly in the criminal court or delay, has been found to be in the office of the public. Can be detected, listened to, by telecommunication, It can be recorded and the signal information can be verified. The state's attorney's office provides the court's approval, and the court will give the decision within twenty-four hours at the latest. The measure is left by the Republican prosecutor's office, as opposed to the expiration date or the court. It is decided by the court of criminal justice for the measure to be taken under the caution of this receipt. A vote is also called for the measure to be decided on the application. "

" (2) The line or transmission of a precautionary measure to be a precautionary measure when making a claim the owner of the tool, and if it is known, the document or report will be added. "

MADDE 13- 5271 is the first time that the 139th clause of the Code is The following sentence is added to the current and footer fans.

" (1) The strong suit based on concrete evidence in the case of the crime of the crime. Public officials can be asked to be undercover as a result of their reasons, and if there is no evidence of evidence in the case of the public. It is decided by a non-court of criminal justice to be assigned to this article. A vote is also called for the measure to be decided on the application. "

"Personal information that is not related to the crime is destroyed."

ARTICLE 14- 5271 is in the world of the first of 140 items of the Code. The phrase "based on concrete evidence" was added to the following after the clause; "3. Qualifier 3 (clause 142) and patch (clause 148, 149)", and subbenched lower self, to come after the lower number of me (2). Accordingly, it was a subversion of the current (5) number. removed from the current, current (6) subconscious ", fikra 3" clause was removed from the substance text; the second and third is the result of the matter.

" (2) It is decided by the criminal court to monitor it with technical instruments. A vote is also called for this measure to be decided on a course.

(3) The decision to monitor with technical tools can be issued for a maximum of three weeks. It can be extended for a week when it is needed. However, under the organisation's activity, the court may decide whether to extend the total to no more than one week in each fashion and to avoid a total of four weeks in addition to the ongoing charges. "

MADDE 15- 5271 is added to the fright in which the L61 is the number one.

" (8) Organized in Articles 302, 309, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, and 316 of the Turkish Penal Code. The Commonwealth prosecutors will be asked about the crimes, even if they have been pushed out of the post or from the post office. On 1/11/1983, the 26 ncu clause of the State Department of Israeli Services and the National Education Act of 2937, has been withheld. "

ARTICLE 16- 5271 is the time "time" in the fourth section of the Code 169. The phrase "date, time, and end time" has been added to the item and is added to the item in the article.

" (7) Fourth Chapter of the Turkish Penal Code in the Four, Beat, Gold and Seventh Section of the Turkish Penal Code Inquiries, related to crimes (except for items 318, 319, 324, 325, and 332) dated 12/4/1991, and crimes under the scope of the Fight Against Terrorism Act of 3713, are related to the tutanates organized by the law. They only have their registration number instead of the open identities of the attendants. It is written. An invitation or effort to address law enforcement statements is addressed to the office of the law officer at the location of the office. The address and hearing minutes for these people are shown as addresses of the location of the business. "

27ARTICLE 17- dated 6/1/1982 and the 27th of 2577 of Israeli Judge-Procedure Code The following is added after the second sentence of the number (2) of the number of the number (2).

" However, the assignment of public servants, the transfer of transfer, duty and title, temporary or continuous operation. The administrative action of the assignments is not counted from the administrative action that will be consumed with the effect of being implemented. "

MADDE 18- sentences in section 28 of the Code 2577 (1) of the Code It is added in the plug-in, and (4) the number of numbers that are being added.

" assignment of public servants, dismissal, disservice, transfer, or assignment from proxy, location The cancellation and cancellation of the cancellation and execution of the task and the title of the court are due to the decision of the court's decision; if the case is being done, the staff will not be able to do so in the same institution as the subject. To be assigned to a staff in accordance with the right degree of eligibility. It will be replaced. If there is a difference in the financial rights balance between the former staff and the new staff, the difference is in the framework and principles of the second phase of Article 91 of the State Officers Act, 14/7/1965 and 657. is paid. "

" 4. In the case of court decisions not being met by public officials within the period of time, the compensation case can only be opened against the relevant administration. "

MADDE 19- dated 13/11/1996 and 4208 count of Karaparann Accent, 2313 the 1st of the 11th article of the Law on the Law of State Officers in the Law of 657 and of the 178 Finance Ministers 'Law on the Law of the respected Assyrikers' Law, in the Law of the Eligible and Violent Substances. "State Security Court", which is listed in the "Supreme Court" from the text of the article, the following supersede the following:

a) dated 24/2/1983 and 2802, Section 93 /A of the Law of the Prosecutors and Prosecutors

maddesib) article 10 of the Anti-Terrorism Law dated 12/4/1991 and number 3713

c) dated 4/12/2004 and 5271 of the number 153 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, third place. And their fourth \rfx feats

d) on 2/7/2012 and Some Laws on the Purpose of Effectiveness of the 6352-numbered Service The fourth number of the provisional 2nd Amendment of the Law, in the Right to Delay and Postpone the Impeachment Proceedings with the broadcast of the Press Release.

ARTICLE 20- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

MADDE 21- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.