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Kanun No. 6527


Accepted Date: 26/02/2014      

ARTICLE 1- The first of the 11 pearl articles of the Forest Code of 6831 dated 31/8/1956 The second, third, and fourth feats are to be reported in the country.

"Forest cadastral commissions include minutes and maps held by the decisions of the people." It will be declared with thirty days. This is a declaration of interest in the accusers. Those who have objections to the minutes and maps can sue the cadastral courts within thirty days from the date of assent, pending trial of cadastre cases where there are no cadastral courts. After the expiry of the process, the minutes and maps of the proceedings are finalised.   After ten years of the history of the forest cadastral commissions, ten years from the date of the deadline, there cannot be an appeal and a lawsuit against the Treasury, based on the legal reasons prior to the cadastrobe.

The rights of rights to be opened by real and legal entities, subject to damage to the Jungle The General Directorate is the General Directorate of Treasury and Forestry, and in case of objection cases, which will be involved in the process of deforestation, according to the 2 nci clause.

In cases to be opened by theOrmanForest General Directorate, harem is the rightful owner and legal entity.

The forest is built by the forest that is committed, and the forest is the forest that is the forest. Locations where they are left are registered with the registration of the treasury, with no tuition and price in three months at the latest, by showing the date of the registration as registration date. "

MADDE 2- The 31st and 32 of the 6831 Code of Law are in the first "or, while sitting here, at least a five-year-old non-resident" clause, "the address of the location, even though it is sitting here, is not without a population, or if it is not registered to a village under this matter," it said. is added.

ARTICLE 3- 6831 The sentence above and in the third section of the annex of the 9th Plug-in is added to the item.

"There is no price to be taken from these permits and for the land permit fee."

" In the state forests, access to access and control of access control roads are The maintenance facilities with the service facilities are allowed with the registration of staying within the road line. Government administration and public institutions and organizations do not receive any costs from these facilities, which are being pushed, pushed or done-based on the transfer model and are being pushed.

 is required by rail, highway, state and province, as required by water line lines. the areas where the excavation of the excavate phase is stored, The cost of the forest is permitted by the General Manager at the time of the cost of the forest. "

ARTICLE 4- dated 31/12/1960 and of the provisional 76% of the 193-count Income Tax Code "31/12/2014" is the first of the world's "31/12/2018".

ARTICLE 5- dated 26/5/1981 and 96 of the 2464 Municipal Revenue Laws (A) the following paragraph is added to the fikrcracy.

" However, in Article 15 of this Code, the number 1 (III) of the 21st clause is numbered. In the name of the first section of Article 56 and the first section of Article 84 (3), the tax and levy tariffs of the first section of article 84 are between the neighborhood and the neighborhood of the neighborhood, not the lowest and maximum. social and economic differences in the eye of the eye The proposal of municipal councils is determined by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the proposal of the Ministry of Finance. These identified amounts increase in the number of redeeming rates, as per the previous year, in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Procedural Law, as per the calendar year. The amount calculated in this way and the amounts are applied under consideration of the two digits after the comma. As many as this amount and amounts are not the most consistent for the corresponding tariffs. It is the Finance Minister's authority to determine the principles and principles of this practice. "

ARTICLE 6- An ad-hoc clause is added to the port number 2464.

" determined by the municipal councils to be implemented in MADDE 7-2013; this is In article 15 of the Law, the first receipt of article 21 (III) of the 21st article, in the article 56, article 60 and the first receipt of Article 84 (3) of the article was numbered tax and levy tariffs, 96 ncu of the Law. Ministers in the second paragraph of the (A) section of the article It will continue to be applied until the decision is made to be determined when it is installed. "

maddesiMADDE 7- dated 9/8/1983 and number 2873 is the property of the National Parks Act 17. It has been reorganized in the same way as it did in the first place.

" Returner capital revenues:                                                     

MADDE 17-The revenues to be obtained from these Kanuna areas, the Ministry of Forestry and Water The revenue is saved in the capital. These revenues are used in the financing of goods, services and services that are needed by this individual Law. "

MADDE 8- 8/9/1983 and 2886 are the third of the 84th Amendment of the State-Islamic Law. It has been added to the current storm to come after the storm.

" except those found in the actual or acting terms specified in the 83rd item, Legal entities operating throughout Turkey are entitled to tender due to defects or behaviors identified in the third party of this Article arising out of the flaws of authorized representatives such as proxy, representative, and imposition of the company. Those who have been identified in the administration that must be determined to be granted a restraining order are not given a restraining order on those who pay compensation for three times the price of a tender in a period of time to be given. "

ARTICLE 9- An ad-hoc clause is added to the law of 2886.

" INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4-The verb specified in the 83rd clause before the effective date of this Article Other legal entities operating across Turkey, excluding those found in the United States, are part of the third section of Article 84, which originate from the flaws of authorized representatives such as the company, the deputy, the principal, and the third party. to participate in tenders due to the specified verbs or behaviors about those who have not yet been granted a restraining order on the decision to ban the decision to ban them, and the fourth case of the 84th article is applied. "

ekMADDE 10- additional information on 12/4/2000 and 4562 Organized Industrial Zones Law The item is added.

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 2-The financial leasing of this Law through the development, installation, and yacht banks It can be done. "

ARTICLE 11- dated 1/7/2003 and 4th article of 44915 Black Hunter Code It has been reported in the seventh storm.

" Village legal entity, located in wildlife protection and development sites, is located in the bellae. Municipalities in the province of metropolitan municipality can have an additional cooperation for the protection service with the municipalities in the provinces. The fundamental and procedural values of the protection service are determined. "

ARTICLE 12- The second phase of article 11 of the Code 4915 is the second It ' s been disinvicied.

" The village has been found in these avalanches with the intention of trying to push the hunt for private hunters. Legal entities, municipalities, avcsi installations, district municipalities in the metropolitan municipality of provinces, protection, production, maintenance and hunting of the city may be made. The amount to be given to the municipal entities, the municipality municipalities and the county municipalities in the municipality of the metropolitan municipality are determined by the Ministry, according to the property, which is sold out of the avalanghy of the first and the municipality. "

MADDE 13- dated 2/3/2005 and released 5307 of Respected Oil Gases (LPG) Following the first sentence of the 4th article of the Law and the Fourth Amendment of the Law on the Law and the Electricity Market Law, the following sentence is added.

sahipleri" On 4/12/2003 and the licensing license holders under the 5015 Petroleum Market Law are also engaged in market activity. It can import LPG with the registration of non-subject matter and use in the production of petrochemical production. "

MADDE 14- dated 10/11/2005 and 5429 of Turkey Artistic Wing of Turkey 58 The article is added as "attentis with current and non-applicable provisions", and is added to the material in which the item is attached.

" The product was made to the Wholesale Price Index (TEFE) and the Manufacturer Price Index (ÜFE). The attributions that are made to the Agency have been made to the Country Producer Price Index (YR), the agricultural sector TEFE, and the Tariff Products Manufacturer Price Index of the Tarum Products. "

Published on

ARTICLE 15- 4/5/2007 and number 5651 in Internet The First Section (j) of the 2nd Amendment of the Law on Combating Crime and Combating Crimes Through These Springs (j) is the first time in which it has been known.

" j) Traffic information: The IP address for the parties, the service of the given service, and the end of time, the type of service that is being used, the amount of data transferred, and the subscriber credentials, if any, "

ARTICLE 16- 5651 is added to the third item of the Code, as well as in the 3rd item.

" (4) Traffic information is requested by the courts under the scope of a criminal trial and/or firing. Content is provided by the United States on content, from location, and/or access to it. "

ARTICLE 17-  55651 is added to the section 8 of the Law.

" (15) The judge's decision in accordance with this clause is 9th and 9/A according to the decision. The judge's decision is issued by the magistrate and the Supreme Council of the Prosecutor's Office, where there is more than one magistrate's decision, "

the magistrate's court of law."

ARTICLE 18- The final sentence of the eighth chapter of the Code 9/A of the Code 5651 from the text and is added to the item in the item.

" (9) obstruction of access by the President in the eighth chapter of this Article The decision is submitted by the President to the approval of the magistrate in twenty-four hours. The judge will open the decision in eight hours. "                                                                                                   

DeðiþiklikMADDE 19- dated 27/5/2007 and 5673 in Village Law and Bazis Law The "5,000" clause of the first receipt of the provisional 1st section of the Law on the Construction Of Construction (b) has been expressed in the period between 1/10/2013-31/12/2013, at the time of 8,500, 1/1/2014, and 9.189.

MADDE 20- dated 3/6/2007 and 5686-numbered Geothermal Resources and Doðal Minerals It is the addition of the 1st section of the Code to the first phase of the law.

" 34) Board; geothermal resource and natural mineral water being generated in the area of the Ministry of Development. The Board of Directors, who determine the importance and importance of the search and execution activities, and the importance and importance of the public benefit of the public benefit, "

MADDE 21- Additional material in the region is added to the count of 5686.

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 1-(1) The Board of Directors and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in the state of the Ministry of Development It is a minimum of three people, including the minister/ministers who are concerned with the institution or the institution that the organization is concerned with, and the institution that is approved by the decision. The Board of Directors, Energy and Natural Resources, or any of the relevant board members, gathered at the invitation of any of the ministers and received their decisions with the absolute majority of the members who have contributed to the meeting. The decision by the board replaces the decision of the public benefit. The sex of the board is carried out by MIGEM.

(2) Mine licenses conflict with geothermal licenses in resource search and execution licenses According to the country's economy and public benefits, the Council has decided to make a public benefit decision.

(3) State and province with geothermal resource and natural mineral water exploration and operation activities. Roads, highways, railroads, airports, ports, dams, energy facilities, mines, oil, natural gas utilities, water lines, and other public benefits such as water hits, are blocking each other, making activity uninable. Geothermal resource and natural mineral water search and operation activities and the decision on the yacht is issued by the Board.

(4) Report required by the board, advisory fees, path, all casual and similar expenses are met by the yacht. In addition, due to yachts, the decision of the Board's decision, which is blocked and/or blocked by the Board decision within the scope of the second and third phase, is indemnified by the decision made in favor of the Council.

(5) Tourism Center or Culture and Tourism Preservation and Gelişim District of the Board If the public benefit decision to be taken from the side is a priority definition of energy production, the relevant Tourism Center or the Culture and Tourism Preservation and Gelition Zone or the approved approval zoning plans are reorganized. "

MADDE 22- dated 19/4/2012 and leaving 6292 of Forest Villagans A temporary substance is added to the law on the sale of the Treaties of the Treasury with the Devitation of Places to Support and the Treasure Islands Forest.

" Extension of compensation and payment times

MADDE 2-(1) As of the date of this article, the 6th clause of the Law is the date of the date of the date;

a) The duration of a month-to-month duration for non-batters in the periods specified in the third party,

b) For those who do not pay the given price in a three-month period, the cost of the eighth is required. six month pay time,

veriliris granted.

(2) The sale price for the remainder of the first fan (a) of the Code; 6 of the Law For the period of three months after the last day of the period specified in the third fund, the consumer of the Turkish Business Administration for the period of every month until the day of the period of time to pay for payment under 6 ncis The prices of the price index are at a total of will be increased by increasing.

(3) The sale price for the remainder of the First Section (b) of the Code; 6 of the Law For the period following the last day of the payment period specified in the eighth fund, the consumer prices index set for each month of the Turkish Artistic Establishment was allocated for the period of time until the day of the administration to pay for the purposes of payment. by increasing the number of current rates (CPI) is calculated.

(4) The month fractions are not considered in calculations that will be made to the second and third firecrps.

(5) To those who want to sell their agricultural land, the same as the 12 nci clause of the law The first part of the matter is given a year period starting from the date that is due.

(6) remaining in the approved project areas according to article 8 of the law Those who have been sold are transferred to the project owner to be defered within the scope of the project. Any information and documents that are paid by the rights holders who have sold out the subject prior to the day of the overthrow are transferred to the administration of the project owner to establish an operation within the scope of Article 8 of the Law.

(7) In accordance with Article 8 of the Law, the Ministry of Finance and the project owner The cost of the transfer to the administration is collected over the property tax value of the year when the Minister of the United States is deemed appropriate. "

MADDE 23- Public Private Business Model dated 21/2/2013 and number 6428 The establishment of the Facility, Renewal and Service, and Bazım Kanun and the Code of Law, as well as the ninth chapter of the Law No. 4, are the right to be said.

" (9) A number of reasons that affect the implementation of such causes, such as, or commitment and attachments to to be told by the Ministry of Health, and with the approval of the Ministry of Health, to ensure that the situation is applicable, or if the provisions in their attachments include conflict, can be applied or understand the condition of the statement. You know, there's a lot of things that can be said by the sides. The price is based on the date that the final bid was given in the tender, for reasons that were not due to the failure of the construction or for reasons that were not due to the imperfection of the contractor, the price of which the final bid was given in the tender. is updated and made necessary adjustments to the Minister's approval as a basis for this. A preliminary feasibility report or projects that occur after the authorization decision of the High Planning Board are a condition that is forecasted at the cost of the yacht document at the cost of the auction, or the current feasibility report or projects and related other documents are resubmitted to the High Planning Board, the new authorization of the Higher Planning Board, and the necessary tadibs on the commitment draft and the attachments. The considerations of the parties ' termination or termination of the party are determined by the words. The final guarantee of termination is returned and the account of the subject matter will be made according to the general provisions. "

ARTICLE 24- The second sentence of the first phase of the provisional 1st clause of the Code 6428 It has been reported in the country, adding to the material, which has been added to after the second phase of the material, has been added to the product and has been able to get it to the other.

" However, with its provisions for the upper right of this Law, the seventh chapter and the 4th article of Article 3 The ninth issue also applies the process to the ongoing awards and the signing of the promise to the signed. "

" (3) An additional 7 nci of the Law 3359 prior to the effective date of this receipt. The decisions made by the administrative judiciary in the cases that have been made within the framework of the tenders are fulfilled by making the necessary arrangements in the current tender document and in the proceedings, and the works are carried out accordingly. "

MADDE 25- dated 25/2/1998 and the third of the provisional 3rd clause of the Mera Law of 4342 It has been reported in the form of the storm.

" In the first frame, the qualifications must be registered with the Treasury name from the specified qualifications As a result of cases being registered in the name of municipalities and allocated to real or private law legal entities that have been registered with or at the cost of housing or for municipalities, however, lawsuits filed against the Treasury related municipal court. to be written to and to a private registry. Based on the decision of the Mera special on the decision, but later determined by the provisions of this Law, the order of the Treasury to be registered under the name of the Treasury is no longer than any of the following. not required for public service, without any savings subject to any savings, and still registered in the tapuda Treasury name, the price to be determined by adding legal interest for the time period from the date of the transfer to the site of the land dec in the date of allocation They have been assigned to the Treasury for several years, or have been assigned to them. It will be transferred to their successfull. The implementation of this fund is determined by the Ministry of Finance, in order to receive the Minister's view. "

MADDE 26- This Law;

 a) on the release date of the 19th section, effective 1/10/2013,

 b) On the release of Digit items,

 enters the current process.

ARTICLE 27- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.