Purpose Of Development Of Fundamental Rights And Freedoms Law Amending Various


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Law No. 6529

Acceptance Date: 03/02/2014
ARTICLE 1 26.04.1961 dated and 298 on Fundamental Principles and voter title of Article 58 of the Law on Registers Elections "prohibition of the propaganda broadcast and will be used in propaganda language:" and the second paragraph is amended as follows.
"Any propaganda to be made by political parties and candidates, Turkish as well as can be done in different languages ​​and dialects."
Dated 22.4.1983 and Article 2 of the 2820 Law on Political Parties Article 15 the following paragraph It was added.
"Political parties take part in the statute and apply the co-chairmanship system with no more than two people. Co-Chairmen, subject to the provisions of this Act for the president. "
2820 Article 3 paragraph of Article 20 of the Act has been amended as follows.
"District organizations of political parties; district convention, district president, district board and established the organization consists of a waist. The county party statutes constitute the disciplinary committee may also be envisaged. organizations in the district, are not required to be established. "
2820, fourth and fifth paragraphs of Article 4 of the additional Article 1 of the Act has been amended as follows.
"Help these materials to be used only in accordance with the party or party needs work.
General elections in the area more than 3% of the total valid votes is done to help the State to political parties. This assistance shall be made in proportion to votes received by the total number of valid votes they win at least based on the state aid received by political parties in accordance with the second paragraph and get help in the general election. assistance pursuant to this paragraph shall not be less than one million Turkish Lira. The Ministry of Finance is entitled to an adequate allowance for each year. "
Dated 10.6.1983 and Article 5 of Law No. 2911 on Meetings and Demonstrations Article 6 is amended as follows.
"Article 6 Meetings and demonstrations can be made in all provinces and districts boundaries anywhere provided that it complies with the following provisions.
Provinces and districts in meetings and demonstrations of the place and route, the route with public order and general security will disrupt and citizens so as not to complicate the daily life and Article 22 on the grounds of compliance with the restrictions stated in the first paragraph of Turkey with a group in the Grand National Assembly of political parties provincial and district representatives now that district and provincial mayors are determined by the three unions with the most members in the nature of public institutions and professional bodies in consultation with the provincial and district representatives of the local highest civil authority. City and county size, sophistication and multiple meetings and demonstrations taking into account the place and route determined by residential properties.
Designated meeting place and route and demonstration was declared by the governor and local websites, local newspapers announced the public.
Assembly and demonstration locations and changes to be made later on the route is done the same way. These changes become effective fifteen days after the announcement.
Multiple meetings and demonstrations places and regulations in cities and towns where the route of the designated committee, public order to disrupt and public order and citizens can choose one from the designated place so as not to complicate the daily lives and routes. "
Article 6 The 2911 Law No. 7 the second paragraph of the Article has been amended as follows.
"Walk with meetings in the open ground to disperse before the sun, while meeting the indoor time can be made up to 24.00."
Article 7 No. 2911 Law of the third sentence of the first paragraph of Article 11 shall be amended as follows and agents the following paragraph It was added.
"Report held that the fulfillment of these obligations, arrangements will be delivered to the competent law enforcement authority prepared by the board."
"Meetings and demonstrations the participants and speakers of the sound and images can be saved to be obviously made by law enforcement agencies. The obtained records and images can not be used for any other purpose other than to identify the suspects and evidence of a crime. "
Article 8 of Law No. 2911 third sentence of the first paragraph of Article 12 is amended as follows.

"That go beyond the purpose of the meeting or order can not be in it deems impossible to happen if established or collected, decided to disperse the chairman of the board if the situation and immediately inform the competent law enforcement authority."
Article 9 No. 2911 Law Article 23 of the first paragraph (j) It has been amended as follows.
"J) Article 12 In case the decision meeting to disperse the accordance"
Article 10 No. 2911 first paragraph of the Law Article 24 be amended as follows, repealed the third sentence of the second paragraph and in third paragraph "(a) and (b) in paragraph "to" held in the first paragraph "in the present.
"Law in a meeting or demonstration in accordance with the starters, then Article 23 in light of the finding of one or occurrence of some of violation specified in law, the law contrary to the meeting or demonstration turns into a case:
a) organizing committee or the chairman of the meeting or demonstration of the community that proclaims the end of the situation and immediately inform the competent law enforcement authority.
B) organizing committee, or in the event of failure to fulfill this duty of the chairman, will be communicated to the administrative authority of local law enforcement by the competent authority. by the highest local civilian authority is taken erdirilip decision on whether to terminate the meeting.
C) The highest civilian authority in written or rush appeared in later writings commandments spoken with the condition to be confirmed, it sends the scene, the security chief of the local or appoint one of them. "
ARTICLE 11 dated 14/10/1983 and 2923 No. Foreign Language Education and Teaching Turkish Citizens different Languages ​​and Dialects of the Law on the Learning Article 2 of paragraph (a) as stated in paragraph "No. 625" will be repealed and added the same paragraph with the following sentences.
"In addition, subject to the provisions of the Law on Private Education Institutions, Turkish citizens in order to make the teaching and learning different languages ​​and dialects used traditionally in their daily lives, opened special schools. In these institutions, education and training in languages ​​and dialects to be made is determined by the Council of Ministers. These institutions are open and the basis for the control and procedures, a regulation of National Education will be issued by the Ministry. "
Article 12 26/9/2004 dated and 5237 with the Turkish Penal Code 112 Article title is amended as follows.
"Is denied the right to education and training
Article 112- (1) by using force or threat or other unlawful behavior;
A) State established or public authorities carried out on the basis of consent given by all kinds of educational and training activities,
b) to exercise the right person's education and training,
c) Students of the buildings they live in public or to be entered into their plugin or there the thick, when
in case of disability, shall be sentenced to five years imprisonment for two years on the perpetrators. "
with Article 13 of Law No. 5237, Article 113 is amended as follows: the title.
"Being denied the right to benefit from public services
Article 113- (1) by using force or threat or other unlawful behavior;
A) the execution of a public activity,
b) public institutions or public institutions given their professional organizations in the nature or to take advantage of the services offered on the basis of permission given by the public authorities, in the event of failure to be
obstacles up to five years from two years offender shall be sentenced to imprisonment. "
second paragraph of Article 14 of the 5237 Act added the following paragraph to Article 115 is amended as follows and materials.
"(2) the fulfillment of the requirements of religious beliefs or religious worship or of the making of individual or collective ritual, another behavioral inhibition appeared force or threat of use or contrary to law, shall be punished in accordance with the first paragraph of the actor."
"(3 ) force or threat of use or any other behavior that a person's faith unlawful interference with choice of lifestyle caused by the thoughts or convictions or forced to change their people according to the first paragraph will be fined. "
Article 15- 5237 law No. 122 th with the title has been amended as follows.
"Hate and discrimination

Article 122- (1) Language, race, nationality, color, sex, disability, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion or sect differences arising from racial hatred;
A) movable or immovable property to be sold which has been presented to the public a person, transfer or the loan,
b) a person to benefit from certain services have been offered to the public,
c) a person's employment, || | d) a person to perform an ordinary economic activity, preventing anyone
, shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years from one year. "
Article 16 by the date of publication of this Act;
A) dated 06.10.1949 and the Provincial Administration Law No. 5442 of the first paragraph of Article 2 (D) stated in paragraph "However; Non-Turkish and confusion of names which are, after obtaining the opinion of the relevant Provincial Standing Committee, will be replaced as soon as Internal Power of Attorney by. "Phrase,
b) 22/4/1983 dated 2820 Political Parties in the third paragraph of Article 43 of the Law field "and other than Turkish language and script can not use" phrase,
c) 06.10.1983 dated and No. 2911 on Meetings and Demonstrations Law Article 13 and Article 36 of those in the fourth paragraph of the Article 28 of "government commissioner to or by helping or government commissioner "is displayed and in the first paragraph of Article 37," the government commissioner and his aides ", the phrase
d) 29/5/1986 dated 3294 of the first paragraph of Article 8 of the Social Assistance and Solidarity Act (c) subparagraph
e) 26/9/2004 dated 5237 and Article 222 of the Turkish Penal Code is repealed
Article 17 of this Law shall enter into force on the date of publication.
Article 18 of this Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.