Purpose Of Development Of Fundamental Rights And Freedoms Law Amending Various


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Kanun No. 6529


Accepted Date: 2/3/2014      

Basic Provisions and Voter Files of theSeçimlerinMADDE 1- 26/4/1961 and 298 The article 58 of the Law is the "language to be used in the propaganda and propaganda of propaganda publications," and the second storm, "he said."

"Political parties and all kinds of propaganda from the candidates," " Turkish side is a good thing. It can also be done in different languages and dialects. "

ARTICLE 2- dated 22/4/1983 and article 15 of the 2820 Political Parties Code the current product is added to the plug in the month.

" Political parties, their bylaws, and not more than two people, are the general public. system. The general public is subject to the provisions stipulate in this Law for general baremen. "

ARTICLE 3- 2820 is the first case of a 20-point code. It is currently being started.

" Political parties ' county office; county convention, district office, county board and board. It ' s made up of the Belde teleport. The county disciplinary board is also projected to have the party's disciplinary board. It is not mandatory for building services in the beleaus. "

ARTICLE 4- The fourth and fifth of the 2820 numbered 2820 are in the above It has been reported in the same way.

" The help of this matter is only for party needs or party-playing. from the server.

Political parties that are more than 3% of the total current vote votes in theMilletvekiliMP general election And the State will do it. This benefit is done in proportion to the votes that have been received by at least the State-led political party in the second round, and the overall vote in the general election, based on the total number of votes they have received. There is no less than a million Turkish liras in aid to be made in this series of warnings. For this, there is sufficient funds to be paid to the Finance Ministry's budget. "

MADDE 5- 6/10/1983 and 2911 count of Meetings and Show Walls 6 nci It has been reported in the form of the article.

" MADDE 6-Meetings and demonstrations are in place across all provinces and counties. It can be done anywhere, in compliance with the provisions.

toplantýMeeting and demonstration march and route, public order and public order, meeting and demonstration. The country will not break down, and its citizens will not be able to force the daily investment, and the first in the first phase of the 22nd Amendment, with the representatives of the political parties in the Grand National Assembly, the provincial and county representatives of the country's office. The county and municipal districts of the county and the city are the three most members. The city's largest property is determined by the city and county representatives of the state and county representatives of the union and the public institution. More than one meeting and demonstration walk and route can be identified by considering the major, development, and location features of the Ill and the county.

The specified meeting and demonstration march and route are between local newspapers and valor and announced to the public by proclaims on the website of the website.

Meeting and demonstration were the site of the location and route, and other things to do later. It is done in the same way. These delics are valid for ten days after the announcement.

Multiple meetings and demonstrations are located in cities and counties where they are located and route. The regulation board will not disrupt public order and public order, and may prefer one of its citizens ' locations and routes, which are determined not to force the daily business. "

MADDE 6- 2911 is the second phase of the Code 7 of the Law. It is currently being started.

" The people in the opening positions with the meetings on the ground are closed before the day of sunset. Meetings in places can be done by 24.00 pm. "

MADDE 7- The third sentence of the first section of the Code 11 of the Code 2911 the plug-in is added to the product in the current state and is added to the item.

" The held minutes of this obligation are prepared by the board of regulations. It is delivered to the supervisor. "

" The audio and video of the meetings and demonstrations in the fold-up. It can be recorded in the same way that it was done by it. The resulting record and images cannot be used for a purpose in the detection of prawns and criminal evidence. "

ARTICLE 8- The third sentence of the first receipt of article 12 of the Code 2911 is It has been reported in the same way.

" The board or the board if it sees the possibility of meeting the purpose of the meeting in order to be real. If not collected, the board will decide to leave the call and report the situation to the current office supervisor. "

MADDE 9- 2911 of the 2911 count is the first of the number (j) It has been reported in the same way.

"j) should be decided to host the meeting when the 12 nci is required,"

ARTICLE 10- 2911 of the 2911 count is the first in the world. The third sentence of the second fir is the current "(a) and (b) in the entree" of the third party, "organized in the first phase".

" A meeting or demonstration march in accordance with the law, and then on the 23rd for example, when a meeting or demonstration is returned to the Channel due to the fact that one or more of the cases are in violation of the specified law:

a) Editorboard or board meeting or demonstration march is over. It declares the status to the authorized arm supervisor.

b) The state is in charge of failing to perform this task for the Editorboard or the board of the board. are reported to the largest property supervisor in the neighborhood by the arm of the armour. The neighborhood's largest property is decided by the supervisor of the meeting, whether or not it will be terminated.

c) Mahallin is the largest property supervisor, written or hasty later to be confirmed with the author will send the neighborhood safety supervisors or one of them to the scene by assigning them to the oral order. "

TürkMADDE 11- dated 14/10/1983 and Turkish with 2923% Foreign Language Evititis and Education The "625" clause in the first receipt of the 2nd Amendment of the Law on the Rights of the Different Languages and Poles of the Citizen is not in effect, and the same sentence is added to the same name.

" In the daily patches of Turkish citizens, subject to the provisions of the Law on Private Law, With the traditional use of language and dialects, the private school can be opened, with the aim of making my education and education. The language and dialects to be made in these institutions are determined by the decision of the Council of Ministers. The basis and procedures for the opening and control of these institutions are regulated by the regulation that will be played by the Ministry of National Sovereignty. "

ARTICLE 12- dated 26/9/2004 and 112 nci of the Turkish Penal Code of 5237, It has been reported in the other way together.

" Enblocking the right to my education and entitlement

ARTICLE 112-(1) Use of algesia or threat, or in violation of the law;

a) any form that is installed in the state or is executed as a result of public authorities. and my education activities,

b) Do not use the right of my business and my education,

c) Enter into buildings or plug-ins of others that are collectively seated. Don't stay there.

is facing up to two years in prison on the perpetrator of the perpetrator. "

MADDE 13- 5237 is the 113th of the Code, as well as in the United States It is currently being started.

" Preventing public services from taking advantage of

MADDE 113-(1) Use of algesia or threat, or in violation of the law;

a) Execution of a public activity,

b) Public or public institutions in public institutions or public institutions. to take advantage of the services offered by authorities as a result,

is facing up to two years in prison on the perpetrator of the perpetrator. "

ARTICLE 14- The second phase of the 5237-count code is the second phase of the Code. It is added to the current and item-in-material plug.

 " (2) Individual or religious worship or rituals of religious worship or rituals of religious belief whether or not they are made in bulk, by using the algebir or threat, or in violation of the law by law, to the first receipt of the perpetrator is the sentence. "

" (3) No one is a person of faith, either using algesia or threatening, or in a legal act. Punishment for the first fikra provision that interferes with or is forced to interfere with the preference of the course of the term caused by the judgment or the judgment of the judgment is given. "

ARTICLE 15- 237 of the 5237 Code of 5237, together with the following item, It is currently being started.

" Hate and allocate

ARTICLE 122-(1) Language, rarity, nationality, color, gender, disability, political thought, philosophical belief, religion Or because of the hate caused by the sectarian difference;

a) is a public offering, or a transfer of goods, or transfer, or property. to rent,

b) Do not take advantage of a particular service that is publicly available to you,

c) When a person is ready to take a job,

d) If a person has an economic activity that is likely to be

is punished with a prison sentence of up to three years from one year. "

MADDE 16- As of the date of this Law,

a) on 10/6/1949 and 5442 count of the First Section of the 2 nci (D) of the Hel-Israeli Code "Ancay; the village names that are not Turkish and who challenge the defection are made after the death of the Vilayet Permanent Encemate, and at the very least, it will be referred to the Dahiliye Vesaletti." sentence,

b), dated 22/4/1983 and the third party of 2820 Political Parties Act. the phrase "and they cannot use the language and writing from Turkish",

in the following article:

c) 6/10/1983 and 2911 count of Meetings and Demonstration Walls 13 and 36 ncis The clause of the "government commissioner or the government commissioner, or the commissioner of the government or the government commissioner" and the first case of the 37 nci clause, "the government commissioner and the judges" clause in the fourth section of article 28 of the article,

d) 29/5/1986 and 3294 count of Social Outreach and the 8th of the Endurance Act (c) I was the first of the material.

e) 26/9/2004 and the 222 nci clause of the Turkish Penal Code, number 5237,

is currently in effect.

ARTICLE 17- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

MADDE 18- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.