State Intelligence Service And National Intelligence Agency Law Amending Law In


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Kanun No. 6532


Accepted Date: 17/4/2014      

MADDE 1- 1/11/1983 and 2937 State Government of Israel Services and national Israel The first line of the 4th Amendment of the Code of Business was added to the first sentence of the addition of the second number of its components.

" h) Council of Ministers on issues of dental security, counterterrorism, and security to perform the given tasks.

i) Cyber security with religious intelligence, national defense, counterterrorism and international crimes To collect, record, analyze, and produce information, documents, news and data by using all kinds of technical intelligence and human intelligence software, tools and systems, to obtain information about the information, the information, the information, and the intelligence produced.

vej) intelligence and intelligence to increase the capacity, quality, and effectiveness of the Israeli intelligence. to investigate methods, to follow technological advancements, and to procure appropriate visions. "


     "national order cannot be served on these tasks."

MADDE 2- listed in the fourth section of Article 5 of the Code 2937 The undersecretary "clause" is the undersecretary of the relevant ministers.

ARTICLE 3- The first and third feats of the Code 6, 2937, "These are the centers," which was incorporated in the sixth sentence of the second, "The center or center established by MITT", and the "center" in the final sentence was "centers", which were not included in the second phase. The last sentence of the gold seal was in effect and the tenth was in effect. They are adding up to the following after the storm.

" The National International Education Department is performing its duties in the scope of this Law. authorizations for:

a) Domestic and foreign institutions and organizations, all organisations or organizations, and with all forms of business It can be used, it can apply appropriate coordination methods.

b) Public institutions and its organizations, public institutions, dated 19/10/2005, and 5411 The institutions and organizations under the Bank's Law, which do not have other legal entities and organizations, may receive information, documents, data and records, and the following, electronic information centers and transmission subdivision. They can take advantage of the structure and make contact with them . In this context, they cannot escape the fulfillment of the claim by citing the provisions of their own legislation.

c), dated 26/9/2004 and numbered 5237 of the Turkish Penal Code, Fourth part of the Turkish Penal Code, Four, Beat, An example can be accessed by the minutes of the gold and Seventh sections (excluding items 318, 319, 324, 325, and 332), and can be accessed, exemplifying, all kinds of information and documents.

d) Licensee may use the techniques, principles, and techniques of hidden play while fulfilling its tasks.

e) You can identify, ID, and identify the identities of those who have been employed for the Israeli activities. It can take every precaution to hide it, and it can make legal entities. The required documentation, record, and documentation may prepare, delete, and use tools and widgets with the need to create or install the identity, and to ensure that the legal entity is required to be established and to be continued.

f) foreigners entering and entering the country, such as visa, residence, permit to work, and resi. can be requested from related institutions and organizations.

g) Telecommunications Channels past intelligence, national defense, terrorism and international intelligence. can collect data on cyber security with crimes.

h) The activities that threaten the security of the country and its citizens can make efforts to prevent it, it can be found in demand from related institutions and organizations.

i) to determine the reliability and suitability of those who take part or receive tasks in the MHT Test techniques and methods can be used, including polygraph.

j) The members of the MRFI perform their duties, and can be seen by pre-information with prisoners and convicts in the institutions of punishment and execution, who can make visions, threatening the national security, including the terrorist organisations. can contact all of the structures. "

"The competent and incumbent judge is a member of Ankara's criminal court."

" To obtain and analyze preventive intelligence and to be able to analyze, the above and It has been served in the MİT in accordance with the regulations in accordance with the regulations in accordance with the laws of the MİT, the approval of the MİT Undersecretary or the judge, and members of the MİT that have been realised by telephone with the information that is being made available to foreign or foreign. message of people who are about to receive or receive a task can be identified, listened to, signal information can be detractable, recorded.

With regulations and guidelines for the use of the duties and authority of the tasks in this Kanal is edited. "

ARTICLE 4- 2937 counted 16 /A to come after 16 ncis of the property. The item is added.

" Medal

MADDE 16/A-The effort to make an effort and sacrifice domestically or domestically. As a result of the protection of the country and the nation's undivided integrity, A medal can be given to the MIT staff, who demonstrate superior interest and benefit in the government's ascendality, the national interest, and the service.

medals, formats and features, tags, and features of the medals to be given to the first fan. It is regulated by regulations and guidelines for recording, preservation, and registration of these. "

MADDE 5- 2937 is the 25th Amendment of the Law, as well as in the province's office.

" MADDE 25-MİT members and pensioners, their weapons of iron and weapons, and the Undersecretary of the MİT, They may be involved in the registration of documents, including the registration of documents, including the registration of documents given to the Undersecretary of MİT. Documents that are organized with this process will replace the license for the holiday. "

ARTICLE 6- 26 "Question permission and benefit" in respect of the Code 2937. The following are added and are added to the item-in-case.

" The Commonwealth's prosecutors have informed the members of the MIT mission and activities of any kind of notice or They report to the Undersecretary of MİT when they report or otherwise report a situation like this. No protection measures are made to indicate whether the MİT Undersecretary indicates that the topic is related to its tasks and activities, or if it is to be documented in a judicial direction. However, the first fikra provisions can be made available.

An Israeli, signature, unaddressed, or specific event or reason for which an address is made. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Republican prosecutors are not being put into action.

AskeriMilitary Courts, dated 25/10/1963, and 353, in questions about the Undersecretary of MİT The final two sentences of Article 15 /A of the Install and the Judgment Procedural Law are applied to the terms and provisions of the five, gold, and seventh fireplaces. The judge for the Undersecretary of MİT is made available by the relevant agency.

The same topic cannot be reasked without revealing new and tangible evidence.

With members of theMÝTMHT, assistance to intelligence services, and those of you who are overwhelmed, children, The parent, father and wife can benefit from the protection measures of the MİT, dated 12/4/1991 and in the Anti-Terror Law of 3713.

When performing the tasks of members of theMÝTMHT, the task is qualified or the task is not part of the task. Because of the damage they have made to other people, they are compensates for the administration. Indemniation is not subject to the loss of a harmful task, nor a dream job in the presence of relevant personnel without the presence of the helmet or the fault.

, prisoners or convictions, excluding Turkish citizens, are either national security or country It may be returned to a country with the approval of the Minister of Justice and the approval of the Minister of Justice, or may be exchanged for those who are imprisoned and convicted in a country in a country where the interests of the Minister of Justice may be required. "

MADDE 7- 2937 is the 27-point-of-297 code that is being used in the province.

" MADDE 27-information and documentation of the national Directorate of National Directorate of National Directorate of National Government, The person who illegally received, procured, stole, stole, forged, forged and destroyed them, is given a prison sentence of up to ten years of imprisonment.

Members of the MU and their families with any means of meeting the MU. Those who edit or defile or use false documents are given sentences of up to seven years in prison for the next three years.

Information and documentation for the first and second series; radio, television, internet, social media, newspapers, magazines, books and all kinds of media tools, including all kinds of software, visual, personal and electronic mass transmission tools, disseminate or dissemination; dated 9/6/2004 and the 11th of the 5187 Laws. With Article 4/5/2007 and the number 5651 in the Internet He faces up to nine years in prison for those who are responsible for the provisions of the Articles 4 and 6 of the Law and the provisions of Articles 4 and 6 of the Law on Combating Crime and Combating Crime. is provided.

to those who have prevented the use of the duties and entitlements under this Law for more than three years, Those who do not meet their obligations by omissions or abuse are given up to four years of imprisonment.

A third of the penalties will be made available to members of the MITT, up to a third of the It will be increased. "

MADDE 8- 2937 is the 28th of the Code, as well as the number of other It is currently being started.

" Claims not to be met

MADDE 28-Any requests made within the framework of the duties and powers granted to MİT in this Law Supersede, the legal and criminal responsibility of those who fulfill these demands are not responsible.

This law does not include any other provisions governing the subject in law with this Law. The provisions of this document are applied. "

MADDE 9- 2937 is the 29th of the Code, as it is currently located in the following state.

" MADDE 29-Those who have served in MİT are engaged in MİT ' s mission and activities. He won't be able to get tangled up in the world. However, the Turkish Undersecretary of MİT, the deputy of the MİT, has been granted permission when the state of the state has been forced out of the country's fences. "

ARTICLE 10- Plug-in to the 30th item of the Code 2937 is added to the product.

" Public institutions and organizations and organizations are performing tasks written in this Law. Any materials, equipment, equipment, and equipment that are in use during the time of the fulfillment of their use may temporarily allocate or transfer fees to MIT that the laws of the other are to be looked at to the regulations of the other laws in this regard. "

ARTICLE 11- An additional item is added to the Kanuna of the number 2937.

 " ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 1-The information, document, data, and information about the employment of the national intelligence at the national intelligence office The analyses conducted with the records cannot be requested by forensic corals, except for the crimes listed in Section 7 of the Turkish Penal Code.

6 The first of the clause (e) are identified by their identity, Those who are part of the mission and activities of the MIT, or those involved in the intelligence services, cannot be held responsible for the duties, activities and assistance of public officials.

to determine the privacy ratings and durations of the information and documents in the Telkullat uhdeb, A Commission will be decided by the Undersecretary for the allocation, use, or sharing of units and parts, and to use them in all kinds of publications and literature, "

MADDE 12- Additional material in the region is added to the code 2937.

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 2-The Grand National Assembly of Turkey to perform the tasks specified in this Article The Safety and Human Commission Commission has been established.

State intelligence services, conducted by the

MİT, and the General Directorate of Security, The General Command of the Gendarmerie and the Chief Financial Crimes Council said the duties were conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finance Minister and MİT, as part of the security activities carried out by the Council of Turkey. The annual reports to be prepared are sent to the Department of State. The first report to be based on these reports is presented to the Security and Israeli Commission in March. The Commission presents its inspections and visions within ninety days of the report itself, and the report presents the Turkish Grand National Assembly during that time.

The number of members of the commission is ten years. The party groups of members are based on the percentage ratios in the total number of party groups.

The commission's tasks are to be started:

a) see issues and advice on matters of national security

b) Monitoring international acceptance of security and intelligence issues

c) To prepare a report of its own activities

d) Trust and ensure that the personal data obtained in the security and intelligence services process To develop protective proposals for the rights and freedoms of the individual

Commission hearings are done with a closed session. The closed session cannot include members of the Commission, the relevant ministers, the representatives of the government in charge, and stenographers with the legislative experts who served on the Commission.

Privacy is essential in storing and protecting information and documents that are related to the Commission. Those who have contributed to the Commission's statements are obligated to make no comments and hide them as a matter of fact, the Commission's and the topics that are met.

A list of reports and attachments that are prepared by the Commission, including the following: All agents, including those who are involved, have to show the attention and due diligence to protect their attachments and their attachments.

-related institutions and reports to be prepared in the report, Commission reports and reports The information and documentation of the State order are not included in the Commission's minutes with the attachments.

The operation of the Commission is the basis for which they are not convicted in this matter, as well as the United States The Grand National Assembly provisions of the anti-British provisions.

Human institutions and the preparation and scope of reports to be prepared in the case of the Secretary of State and the guidelines are determined by the Council of Ministers ' decision to be effective.

MADDE 13- dated 7/11/1985 and the Undersecretary of the Defense Industry of 3238 July 1939 Date and 3670 counted on the Second Amendment of the Law on the National Lottery of the National Lottery Code on October 23, 1984, and the second amendment of the Law No. 3065 on the Value of the Value Added Tax Code. The sentences are added.

" However, it is intended to provide intelligence and security that is suitable for procurement of the national intelligence at the national Directorate of Intelligence. the funding needed for the needs, the offer of the Undersecretary of MİT, the appropriate view of the Ministry of National Defense, and the approval of the Minister to the accounts of the Defense Industry Promotion Fund to the accounts that are under the name of the National Israeli Military. These amounts are spent according to the provisions of the legislation, subject to the national Israeli company. "

ARTICLE 14- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

ARTICLE 15- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.