The Law On The Establishment Of The Çanakkale Presidency Of Gelibolu Tarihi Field


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Kanun No. 6546


  AcceptDate: 19/6/2014      


Purpose, Scope, Tantas, and General Esases

Purpose and scope

MADDE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is the occurrence of Canakkale sea and ground fighting. The history of the historic site of the Battle of Çanakkale, the history of the Battle of Çanakkale, to protect, promote, develop, promote and manage the cultural and spiritual deliverts and the History of the Dokakkale History. Install and authorial the installation of the field-based edit.


ARTICLE 2- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) Minister: Minister of Culture and Tourism,

b) Ministry: Ministry of Culture and Tourism,

c) President: Çanakkale Savave Gallipoli Historical Field,

ç): A History Of The Dardanelles, The History Of The Gallipoli Historical Area,

d) Coordination Board: The Coordinating Board of Çanakkale Fighting Gallipoli Historic Area,

e) Date Field: Based on the list of maps and coordinates attached, and this Law The area of the Gallipoli History of Çanakkale, which was allocated, is located in the historic area of the Gallipoli

f) Plan-based plans: The protection of the Historical Area, which is prepared according to the provisions of this Law, The development, management, conservation, protection, and use of the region, refreshing, renovating, opening the area system on foot, construction of construction and infrastructure facilities, social and social media targets for the recovery of economic structure, plans and decisions that determine the strategies and decisions that are approved by the Ministry, and are:

refers to.

General guidelines

ARTICLE 3- (1) In accordance with this Law, the protection, recovery, and development of the Historical Area The guidelines for sleep are:

a) The historical, historical and cultural values of the historical and harmonials are harmoniocompatible with the harp historical and environmental They are protected and developed. New structure and facilities cannot be made in the historic area, as predicted in the historical field plans.

Protection of Cultural and Nature Assets of 2863 dated 21/7/1983 in the Field ofTarihi The Ministry of Culture and Nature Protection of Nature will be established, except for the implementation of the plan, project, implementation, work and implementation of the necessary protection of the culture and nature, as well as the necessary protection of the necessary protection of the natural culture and nature. "with the decision of the Commission"

and the date plans that will be prepared in the course of these decisions are executed according to the guidelines. The guidelines to sleep are determined by the Ministry until the historical field plans are effective.

c) In the fields in the historic area, historical field plans and museums are in place Construction and facilities cannot be built, facilities cannot be established by municipalities, coal and fuel warehouses, shipyard, industrial and similar facilities cannot be installed, any mines, tampons, sand, chakles, marble, lime quarts and so on, can not be opened, to integrated facilities.

), dated 26/5/1973 and numbered 7/6477 as national park with the Council of Ministers Decision and the national park is the area designated by this Law as Date Field. The protection and management of this Area is subject to the provisions of this Law. The village in the historic areas of the historic lands and the provision and saving of the state's private ownership and state of the state, including the forested areas of the state and the state of the city, are all deplorated and are not in this Law. are allocated for the purpose of being used for the purposes specified in accordance with the specified purposes. Land cannot be won by zilyness, imar or ihya in the historical field. The 1st section (B) of the 2nd item of the Forest Law, dated 31/8/1956 and numbered 6831, is not applied in the historical field. Historical Areas cannot be collapsed for whatever reason.

d) The balance, protection, fire, disease, and damage to the forests in the field of the History 6831 Under the provisions of the Law, the Ministry of Forestry and Water will be carried out in the Ministry. The Ministry of Forestry and Water is supported by the Ministry of Forestry and Water under the provisions of the Law 6831 in the fight against the maintenance and protection of the historic area and the protection of the fire, the disease and the damage. A custom fire is planned and implemented for the historic Area.

e) The subject of the first-degree archeological site in the field of historic field In the fields of agriculture and animal development, the implementation of advanced techniques and special relativises are expressed. In the realigning of these objectives and in the Historical Alanda, the Ministry of Education and Livestock has a similar practice to cover the tasks of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Animals, and the other. In these areas, the construction of construction and facilities is specified in the historical area plan.

f) zoning plans for the site areas are intended to be based on the date that took the date. according to the legislation, the appropriate view is taken.

g) According to the zoning legislation, the municipal waste of Eceabat and the Mujacar areas are planned. The preparation and revision of this Law and date will be taken by the appropriate view, including not to the site of this Law and historical site.

to prepare, refresh, and detest plans on any and scale of the Date The actions are carried out as they are, and will be effective with the approval of the Ministry.



Business Contact

Balance and tasks

ARTICLE 4- (1) Haiz is the public legal entity to carry out the duties provided with this Law, The Ministry of Dardanelles, which is based on the Ministry and is headquartered in Çanakkale, is the Board of History of Gallipoli.

(2) of the business is the Coordinating Board and service units.

(3) The current is at least four years of higher education, institutions, or subjects. Graduated from the institutions of higher education abroad, accepted by the Board of Higher education, with sufficient knowledge and experience in the profession, in relation to the profession, in the public or private sector, at least five years of the year they were working in the field. Is assigned with a decree.

(4) Balance, this Law, and other legislation to maintain authority and duties granted to him will use it responsibly.

(5) To the extent required by the financial resources duties and entitlements allocated to it, are used in accordance with the principles set out in the legislation.

(6) Play service units that are used by the Ministry of Business and Fundamentals is determined by the regulation.

(7) Geological, geophysics, geotechnics, marine sciences, and other scientific studies to be made in the History of Alanda The government is authorized to investigate and approve reports and reports of them.

(8) The following tasks and entitlements are available:

a) Date of Çanakkale to be held on March 18, Memorial Day and Çanakkale to be held To organize victory activities and to do business with organizations and organizations

b) To perform restoration, conservation, recreation, recirculation, and renovation of the Historical Alanda,

c) The natural, historical and cultural deans of the Historical Area, in accordance with harp historical essences and to the environment compatible, developing, and managing space

) To prepare, prepare, and implement plans for all types and scales of the Date Field.

d) To ensure historical and spatial arrangements are made in the Date ofAlanda

) To make, make, and make any visual and personal works for the Tanitana Tanitana. to service

f) to achieve infrastructure, building and other structures needed in the scope of this Law, or

g) The subject of the first-degree archeological site in the field of private property in areas, agriculture, and animal subjects, apply the development of advanced techniques and private relativises.

to remove the people from the veterans ' villages in the historic area How to analyze activities

h) To process and process the date in the Date in the Alanda

Business contact

MADDE 5- (1) the chief executive of the company, the president, and the general administration of the is responsible for your representation. He organizes and executes the services of the President in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, the objectives and policies of the President, the strategy plan and the Coordination Council, and the recommendations. To this end, he gives the necessary orders to the units of the Başanık units, and he takes care of the implementation of these things and the right. The Minister is responsible for the Minister for the execution of these services. Permission to the president is the Judge of the President, who is ill, at home and abroad, and has been suspended from office with the condition that he has not been on duty.

(2) The service units of which are started:

a) Field Planning and Project Group Reaction

b) Restoration and Construction Business Group Reaction

c) Field Management and My Tanitum GroupBaþkanlýðý

c) Management and Support Services Group Bağcınlkluk

d) Legal Conaversion

(3) Field Planning and Project Group are the tasks of the following:

a) To conduct business and execute plans, to protect the Historical Area, and to to prepare and monitor application-based research, project, and action plans for development

b) To determine the rules of risk management and performance planning and approval and monitoring, doing the main geological and geotechnical ethos of the plan, to do it and to submit it to the President's approval

c) The subject of the first-degree archeological site in the field of the special property in areas, agriculture, and animal subjects to conduct business and special issues related to the implementation of advanced techniques and special issues.

) To do similar tasks that are provided by the president

(4) Restoration and Construction Business are the tasks of a Group Start:

a) The construction, restoration, conservation, reconstrum, and the planning of the historical field. Conducting business and actions related to the yacht projects for recirculation and renoviation

b) Doing similar tasks that are provided by the president

(5) Field Management and Tanitum Group are the tasks of the Group Press:

a) Execute dates and actions for the administration of the Date Field       

b) To make, make, and perform any visual and visual works for the Tanitana Tanitana. to service

c) Doing similar tasks that are provided by the president

(6) The Management and Support Services Group will perform the tasks of the Group:

a) Making the training and self-service of the employees of the company

b) Financial business and business with the budget

c) For, maintenance, repair, purchase, lease, delivery, safety, security, make all of the business and business expenses related to lighting, administration, document management, blackballing, and storage, storage, and overhead.

) To do similar tasks that are provided by the president

(7) The tasks of the Law Seal are:

a) on the time of protective, anti-government legal measures that protect the interests of the country to receive, to help understand and to do so in accordance with these principles, to prepare the necessary information and documents in criminal and administrative cases, to follow the representation and cases of the President in judicial and administrative cases where the party is taking place

b) Doing similar tasks that are provided by the president

Coordinating Board

MADDE 6- (1) Coordinating Board; Minister, Family, and Social The Ministry of Policies, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of National Sovereignty, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, and the Governor of Çanakkale, Çanakkale Israel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Water, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism were held in the first place. The Council of Parliament and the Municipality of Canakkale are ten. Three members. The Secretary of State for the Co-ordination of the Co-ordination of the Council of Ministers is a member of the Council of Ministers.

(2) The Co-ordination Council says it has to do with the issues to be seen on the agenda of the Board. may collect the undersecretaries and representatives of the institutions to the meeting.

(3) The Coordination Board is based on the Minister's effort, at least twice each year, and It will be collected as a result.

(4) The Co-ordination Board negotiates plans and programs for the activities of the President. The proposal and its visions will be reported to the public.

(5) The seclude services of the board are met as they are in common place.

Staff personnel

MADDE 7- (1) Business services may not exceed three, but not exceed three The competent personnel and support personnel shall be executed by the hand of the personnel who are qualified to the employment of the state to the government of the state. Upon the decision of the Coordination Council to increase the number of personnel in the country, the Council of Ministers is authorized to increase the number of the Ministry's decision.

(2) Expert staff, at least four years of education, institutions of higher education, or My higher education is employed by the candidates who graduate from the institutions of higher education in the dormitory.

(3) My employment with state officials employed in public institutions and installations. Those who are required to be employed are employed in the staff of their own and institutions of the institution. Its relations with their institutions end with the construction of the business promise. For those who have been employed in the country to be employed in this storm, their retirement benefits account for less than 15 years after the interruption of their relations with previous institutions, and the pension is not paid for by less than 15 years and is not paid for.  The actual service times for the account's account are included in the settlement of the severance package by the service times that will be in place at the time of service. In addition, these service times have been taken into consideration in the identification of these service times, with more than 15 years of service from the pension account, which will be included in the actual service period for the account's compensation. The tasks in the State of the End, excluding those employed by the social security establishment, were justified by the business of the company, except for the end of the business of termination. those who have not lost their appointment to the relevant staff in previous institutions; they are aware of their status, service year, and earned-right grades, and their previous institutions have increased service, service and earned degrees of right to service. appointed within a month of the latest to a suitable bobside staff, and any irigging They'll be reinstated within a month at the latest. Services that have returned to previous institutions in the United States will be encouraged by the rights and levels of rights that have been returned to the previous institutions. Reappointing to previous institutions is no longer due to severance pay or no compensation, and will be considered in the pension account, which will be eligible for subsequent services.

(4) Government officers employed in public institutions and installations, related institution or organization as part of their acceptance and interest, they can be deployed for a maximum period of three years, regardless of the scope and duration of the operation. Those who expire can be reappointed by the same procedure. Those who have been stationed in this way will be counted separately during the term of office. The monthly, additional indictable, compensation, additional payment and other financial and social rights and benefits are paid by their own institutions, and all rights of self-care continue and no payment is made to them.

(5) I pay staff members who are employed in public institutions and organizations. It is also determined by the provisions of the fourth firecraction of the fourth fikra, and the monthly fee and other financial and social rights promises to be paid to them. They continue to consider the social security institution and the status of their own institutions.

(6) Number of people to be deployed in the fourth and second series of frakking It cannot exceed thirty percent of the number of people, and the people who are working in the spotlight take into account their promotion and retirement, and their promotions are done in the process of no need for an action. They are also entitled to the right-to-qualify degrees and levels in the country where they are played as part of the break-in.

(7) The top of the country's personnel with the charge of other financial rights and the It is determined by the Council of Ministers.

(8) Conflicts of personnel are seen in the civil courts of the conflict.

(9) is a temporary, requiring special information and expertise by the Secretary's approval. Foreign consultants and experts with an exception or an exception can play local consultants and experts with an exception or a push to work.

(10) In relation to topics and project groups that enter the task area The commissions can be made. Experts in public institutions and organizations, civil society installations, private sector representatives, and subject matter can be included in the groups of people who are involved.

hükümleri(11) The provisions of the Harvard Law on 10/2/1954 and the provisions of the Harconah Act of 6245

(12) Qualifications, work, and designees of the scope of this clause are: performance deities and disciplinary actions are determined by the Ministry's regulations to be played.

Control, destruction, permitting, and irroctionsYapýlarýn

ARTICLE 8- (1) Historical Alanda, Eceabat, and villages are all made and made The control of the use is done in the first place. Control-related regulations and guidelines are determined by the Ministry of China regulations.

(2) The date and facilities in the Date of Alanda and are not applicable to the applicable legislation More or less the following:

a) All structures and facilities made separately to the provisions of this Law

b) Non-licensing construction and facilities in the village areasdýþýndaki

c) The construction and construction of the facility has been made of licenses and structures and structures. sections

) structures and facilities, after they are permitted to use, as part of a construction and facility basis. Additional details and additional details

d) 2863, all manner and facilities made in detail to the provisions of the Law

(3) The date of the date, in accordance with the provisions of this Law, and The infrastructure and infrastructure facilities are not allowed in the infrastructure and superior facilities. It cannot be made with a member path or cooperable path within the Date Field.



Provisions for Financial and Punishment

Financial discounting and accountabilitysorumluluðu

MADDE 9- (1) The focus is on obtaining and using financial resources, and the control It's an obligation to inform the public at the time of public opinion. For this purpose, the implementation of the budget and budget preparation, implementation, and implementation of reports and reports to the public and to the public are taken by the Department of Readiness.

(2) Obtain, use, and financial control of financial resources in the country The incumbent and authorized are responsible for the necessary measures to ensure that resources are effective, economic, efficient, and in accordance with the law, from use, accounting, reporting, and abuse.

Baseboard budget

ARTICLE 10- (1) The budget that is prepared under consideration for the most common programs and activities until the end of August, is presented to the Ministry and after inspection, the Minister will walk with the approval. Budget year calendar year, budget spending cannot be done. He is authorized to spend some time in the first place.

(2) The revenue from the suspect is:

a) The amounts transferred from the public budget

b) The services to be offered in the Date of Date with the charges that will be used in the Date of the Revenue from the business and operation of places

c) The Ministry will transfer the Returned Capital Business from the Central Directorate budget to

ç) Çanakkale Il Special Congress, Çanakkale Municipality and Çanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry shares to allocate at least one percent of the previous year's budget revenues

d) Date space and activity revenues

e) All kinds of profiles, editions, and release revenues

f) Sponsorship and sponsorship revenues from the dormitory and the home country

g) Revenations from the deification of the revenues of the company


(3) The expenses of the suspect are:

a) Historical Alanda etup, inventory, planning, project churn, reward services, Date The field's topographic feature and general character protection without distortion, fire and damage, of course the development, regulation, restoration, restoration, zoning, health and environmental identification, specific plans and projects to be made according to the special plans and projects. activities required by activities

b) In the date of the date, the public is entitled to the same rights as the plans that are required. expenses of the facility and lease

c) Space in a historic Alanda, promote, infrastructure, overhead, administrative building, social buildings, museum, visitor center, tangidity center, instant, experience, field exhibitions, and all kinds of expenses related to such activities

) requires historic space services, including all kinds of tools, equipment, equipment, and so on. expenses for purchase, rent, maintenance, repair, and operation

d) Personnel, employment, representation, and expenses related to the

e) Expenses related to Demirbax and consumption materials

f) expenses related to the tasks of the country being installed

hazýrlanmasý(4) How to prepare, implement, spend, accountancy, and spend and internal control and guidelines and guidelines are regulated by the Ministry of Finance regulations in accordance with the appropriate view of the Finance Ministry.

(5) amounts that are not spent in the current budget in the next year budget It is transferred.

Exemptions and discounts

ARTICLE 11- (1) The following are the actions of the activities that are counted in this Law By 2/7/1964 dated 2/7/1964 and the Law of Letters of 492 dated 26/5/1981 and 2464, the Municipal Revenue Act of 2464 and the contribution of the amount of contribution was made from the expense of the profits to the individual and the help of the individual. because of the data from the data and the indent tax. It's not a real estate tax, so it's free of property tax. However, it is decided that the benefit of the allocation of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit of the benefit is

(2) any cash and other media and assistance may be sponsored by the same media and assistance. all dated 31/12/1960 and in accordance with the provisions of the 193 numbered Income Tax Act and the provisions of the 13/6/2006 and the provisions of the Corporations Tax Act on 13/6/2006, or in the determinations of the corporate tax property, income or corporate tax return the revenue or enterprise declared by the organization It can be downloaded from your earnings.

(3) obtained from his/her activities related to his duties in this Law It does not count as a result of the revenue and the power of the business.

(4) The eighth of this Law's 4th article is in (a) to (f) It is subject to the Public Tender Act of 4734 dated 4/1/2002 excluding the provisions of goods, services, services, services, and prohibition against tenders for service, penalties, and tenders for the service. This exception does not include goods, services, and construction related to the administrative needs of the province, which are not within the activities of the Historical Field. The implementation of this fund is regulated by the Ministry of Finance, and the guidelines are regulated by the Ministry of Finance directive.

(5) Public Goods Management and Control Law dated 10/12/2003 and numbered 5018, 8/9/1983 The number of dated and dated 2886 is subject to the provisions of the Code of Israel and the provisions of the Code of Law 4/4/1990 and the number of Code 3621.

(6) This is the position of the eighth section of this Law, which will be covered under the bendi The permissions for the restoration of the trenches are not searched for the permissions on the 6831-numeric code.

Prohibit and penalties

MADDE 12- (1) Within the space of the fields;

a) Other than the specified locations, except where the legislation is permitted Drinking alcoholic beverages,

b) To burn fire on the specified sites, or to extinguish the fire Leaving the neighborhood.

C) To dispose of cigarettes, cigarettes, or all kinds of relatives,

), in the areas of historic space, and at a distance of less than a half a mile from these water to burn the veil,


(2) Those of the first fives (a) and (b) of the following are those who are involved in a thousand Turkish lira. The administrative fines, the (c) and (c) charges, which are specified in their Bentons, are grounded for up to two years in prison.

(3) Incaution and carelessness in historical areas caused forest fire. The issuers are sentenced to ten years in prison and a judicial penalty of up to two thousand days from one hundred days. Intentionally, the forest is sentenced to imprisonment for not less than twelve years, and from two hundred days to more than one thousand days.

(4) The area of burning forest is three years old due to the execution of crimes identified in the second and third fives If more than the hectare, the penalties will be increased by half.

ormanlarý(5) The history of terrorism with the cause of terror, whether it is an organization. It faces up to thirty-four years in prison, and fines of up to one million Turkish lira from a beed one hundred thousand Turkish lira. If the burning forest area is more than a hectare, the penalty will be increased by half.

(6) Within the space of space;

a) The number of remaining verbs in this item is 6831, dated 1/7/2003, and 4915 Penalties are doubled in the handling of the Black Avcillary Law and the handling of the fiilles banned in the Water Products Act of 1380, dated 22/3/1971. In the historic Area, the sentences specified in Article 74 of the number 2863 are increased by the half of the sentences.

b) Compensation and compensation to be requested according to Article 112, 113 and 114th of the Code 6831 It will increase the expense of the power to the public.

(7) Death or injury occurred due to the execution of criminal charges in the United States. In this case, the sentence will be to be sentenced to this crime.

(8) Administrative fines to be issued according to the above are implemented by the President.

(9) Authorized officers and officers to extinguish future fires within the areas of historic areas. In the 69-year-old count of 6831 of the law, to be ordered to go to the scene of the fire or to be declared with neighborhood mutad vastais, the man who was cited for leaving the forest fire to extinguish the forest fire from the people listed in Article 69 of the law, went and went. The people who don't work and who don't do the job are the administrative supervisors of the property. Ten thousand Turkish lira administrative fines are applied by the entity.

(10) The administrative fines are paid within one month from the theme.

(11) consent to these verbals with those who act separately to the first of the third clause (a). The issuers are given sentences of up to two years of imprisonment.



Government and Recent Provitions

Conflict provisions

MADDE 13- (1) dated 17/2/2000 and the National Park of the Gallipoli Historical History of 4533. It's the law that's in effect.

(2) Forestry and Water in other legislation related to the duties of this Law Officials from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Park of the Republic of Gallipoli, have been assigned to the Directorate of National Park, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism History of the Republic of Dardanelles.

Migration provisions

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1- (1) The Dardanelles History of the Dardanelles, established by this Law, is Until it has been started, the Gallipoli Commissioner continues its activities according to the relevant legislation.

(2) Spending 2014 fiscal year on a new arrangement by the Finance Minister It is funded by the Ministry of Finance for the 2014 budget.

(3) Special to the Board of National Parks of the Republic of Gallipoli, which ended its activity with this Law The account will be liquidated within two months from the date of release of this Law. The amount of cash in the date of liquidation of the Private Account is subject to the relevant account to be recorded as of the date of the date.

(4) All types, tools, widgets, including the National Park of Gallipoli Historical National Park and material, debt and receivables, rights and obligations of all kinds of records and documents in the electronic environment are determined by the Ministry of Forestry and Water, and the protocols to be made between the Ministry of Water and the Ministry.

(5) The current commitments of the release date of this Law are available in the current According to the provisions of the Ministry of Forestry and Water, the Ministry of Forestry and Water will continue to be conducted. Promises to be made between the Ministry of Forestry and Water and the Ministry may be transferred to the President along with the rights and receivables.

(6) The Forest and Water reds from commitments that have been transferred to the second edition of the second. In the following cases, the following are the issues that have been started by the Minister, and the President will gain the side of his side. Prior to the effective entry of this clause, the Department of Forestry and Water Affairs will be directed to the cases to be opened due to the work in the Ministry of Forestry and Water.

(7) The previously allocated rentals may have been leased or under which name If you do not, any promises to be used by these statements expire in the release date of this Law, and they are released according to article 75 of the Code 2886.

(8) The regulations for the implementation of this Law will be issued under the following year. The planned historic area plans in this Law are prepared in a year. For activities such as the construction, repair, recognition, and release of the Çanakkale Savagull, the emergency action plan is set up in three months.


ARTICLE 14- (1) This is effective on the release date of the Law.


MADDE 15- (1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.