The Law On The Establishment Of The Çanakkale Presidency Of Gelibolu Tarihi Field


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Law No. 6546 Date: 7/6/2014, the FIRST PART of the Objective, Scope, definitions and general principles article 1-purpose and scope (1) the purpose of this Act; Canakkale Çanakkale sea and land battles occurred Gelibolu historical, cultural and spiritual values of the historic Area with natural tissue preservation, survival, development, introducing, for future generations and to ensure that the management of the Çanakkale Presidency of Gelibolu Tarihi field is to regulate their duties and powers with the establishment.
Definitions article 2-(1) in the implementation of this Act;
Minister of culture and Tourism Minister: a), b) Ministry of culture and Tourism Ministry:, c) President: Çanakkale, Gelibolu Tarihi field President): Chairman of the historic sites of Gallipoli, Canakkale Wars d) Coordination Committee: Canakkale Wars Gelibolu Tarihi field Coordination Council, e) Date field: a list of the attached map and coordinate limits specified and allocated to the Presidency by this law the historic Area of Gallipoli, Canakkale Wars f) historic plans Prepared in accordance with the provisions of this law, the Date: field's preservation, development, management, introducing the guidelines and the determination of the conditions of use, protection, renewal, open space system sağlıklaştırılması of the zone, pedestrian circulation, vehicle transport and infrastructure facilities design principles with the people of the region on issues of social and economic structure, improvement targets, strategies and decisions approved by the Ministry and all types and scale plans.
General principles article 3-(1) the preservation of the historic Area according to this law, the principles and regulations for the improvement and development are as follows: a natural, historical and cultural) history Field values, are preserved as historical principles and the environment-compatible Military Academy and developed. Date field, except for those stipulated in the historic area, when the new structure and cannot be made.
b) Date Field 21/7/1983 and law No. 2863 cultural and natural heritage protection Law required the protection specified immovable cultural and natural riches to be made for the plan, project, application, business and processes, natural site will be set up by the Ministry, except for reconsideration of "cultural and natural heritage protection Commission" in accordance with the decisions and these decisions will be prepared in line with the historical area plans are executed in accordance with the principles. Historic plans into effect is determined by the Ministry as the principles that shall govern konulana.
c) Date in the field; the historic space plan specified in the regulations and cannot be made outside of the Museum building and also cannot be contiguous municipalities field also, coal and fuel depots, shipyards, industry and others facilities cannot be, all kinds of mineral, stone, sand, gravel, marble, lime furnaces, and so cannot be opened in the integrated facility.
ç) 26/5/1973 dated 7/6477 national park with Cabinet decision No. distinguishing it as the Law of the national park of the area designated as Historic Area has been removed. Protecting and managing this field is subject to the provisions of this law. Within the bounds of the historic residential areas and a private Treasure outside municipal boundaries-owned or are not transported under the terms of the State and savings, including those of woodlands dedicated allocations in accordance with the purposes set out in this law by removing for use free of charge have been allocated to the Presidency. Possession of historic Area, through land zoning or enliven is unwinnable. Date Field and dated 31/8/1956 6831 numbered Forest definition given in article 2 of the first paragraph (B) does not apply. For whatever reason, the boundaries of the historic Field collapsed.
d maintenance of forests, conservation, Field) historical fire, disease and the struggle with the law numbered 6831 harmful provisions is executed by the Ministry of water Affairs and forestry. Care and protection of wild wooded areas in the field of historical fire, disease and tackling harmful 6831 under the provisions of the law the Ministry of water Affairs and forestry support and cooperation. For custom made fire-fighting plan and historic Area is applied.
in first degree archaeological site e) date field which is the subject of private property except in the areas of agriculture, agricultural and livestock issues, implementation of enhanced technical and private reforestation encouraged. This Historic Area on the realization of objectives and tasks of the Ministry of food, agriculture and livestock under similar applications are provided support and cooperation, the Ministry said. In these areas, building and plant construction principles are specified in the date field.
f) residential areas of the village zoning plans, zoning regulations provided import based on historic area according to the plan, after taking the opinion of the Presidency made the appropriate.
According to the zoning regulations, g) of Eceabat, contiguous with the boundaries of the municipal zoning plan for fields and revision, it is contrary to the law and historic background to the presidency after taking the opinion of the appropriate.
ğ) Date Field, preparation of all types and scale of the renewal and replacement operations plan Başkanlıkça is executed and shall come into force with the approval of the Ministry.

The SECOND PART of the presidential Presidential Organization and tasks article 4-(1) to carry out the tasks assigned by this law, the public has the personality of a legal entity, located about the Ministry and the Central Presidency of Canakkale Çanakkale Gelibolu Tarihi field.
(2) consists of the Coordination Committee and chaired the service unit.
(3) the President, giving a minimum of four-year higher education institutions or adopted by the Board of higher education abroad, the higher education institution graduates, have sufficient knowledge and experience from professional point of view, with regard to the profession in the public sector or private sector joint among those who worked at least five years are assigned by Decree.
(4), this Act and other legislation the powers and duties given to him are as liable to the Minister and shall be done.
(5) the Presidency of financial resources allocated to it, the duties and powers imposed largely according to the principles and procedures set out in the legislation.
(6) the working methods and procedures of the presidential service unit by the Ministry are determined by the regulation.
(7) will be held in the historic area of geological, geophysical, geotechnical, marine science and other scientific research and studies and reports on them to the President's authority to approve.
(8) the duties and powers of the Presidency are: a) will be held in the historic area of the Çanakkale martyrs ' Memorial Day and Çanakkale 18 Mart with Victory to organize their activities and to make cooperation with institutions and organisations for this purpose b) Date Field restoration, conservation, reconstruction, restitution and renovation, to c) Date Field natural, historic and cultural values, as appropriate and on the basis of military history, develop, protect and manage space environment-compatible c) prepare all kinds of Historic Area and scale plans to prepare and implement, d) and spatial Historical monumental Area regulations ensure e) kinds of promotion of the historic Field audio and Visual works, to provide service and f) the scope of this law is needed to build the infrastructure, buildings, and other structures in the Historic Area to g) or degree archeological site which is the subject of private property except in the areas of agriculture, agricultural and livestock issues application of improved techniques and they promoted by private reforestation provide ð) historic sites located within the boundaries of the villages veterans to encourage plan of the people-oriented activities h) located in Historic Places operate and when it is needed for public use such as Presidential organization Article 5-(1) the President of the Presidency of the top manager, is responsible for the overall management and represent the Presidency. The President, with the provisions of the Presidential services legislation, the purposes and policies of the Presidency, strategy plan and coordination in accordance with the comments and suggestions of the Board organizes and executes. To this end, gives orders to the presidential units, oversees their implementation and provides. The President is responsible to the Minister from the execution of these services. Let the President, disease, domestic and international guest lecturers and the absence on duty dismissal forms with other hâller, Vice President of power of attorney.
(2) the Presidency service units include: a) spatial planning and project group head b) Restoration and Construction Group Head c) space management and promotion group head d) Management and support services group head d) Counsel (3) spatial planning and project group for tasks include the following: a) business and operations related to the historic area, plan, execute, Historic Preservation and development of the field research & Development and prepare action plans and their application to determine and monitor essential b) lion member plans and Risk management and rules for ratifying and determine, based on the geological and geotechnical studies to plan, to present to the approval of the President and

in first degree archaeological site c) date field which is the subject of private property except in the areas of agriculture, agricultural and livestock issues, implementation of enhanced technical and private reforestation related business and carry out operations you can do tasks given by the President-like ç) (4) Restoration and Construction Group for tasks include the following: a) will be held according to the construction plan, the born area, restoration, conservation, reconstruction, restitution and renovasyona for investment projects for related business and carry out operations you can do tasks given by the President-like b) (5) space management and Promotional group for tasks include the following: a. date of Field work to handle and process) execute any Historic Area b) promotion of audio-visual works, to provide service and can do tasks given by the President-like c) (6) Administration and support services group for tasks include the following: a) Presidential personnel training and personnel processing b) Budget and financial business and operations, making the activities of the Presidency, do) the maintenance, repair, purchase, rental, transportation, security, lighting, heating, document management, inventory, archive, storage and medical expenses to make output all business and related operations) can do tasks given by the President-like (7) Legal Counsel tasks include the following: a legal guardian, the Presidency interests disputes preventive) measures in time to receive, in accordance with this agreement and agreements, mainly to help discourage criminal and administrative cases, prepare the necessary information and documents , Chairman of the criminal and administrative cases and cases to follow b) President can do tasks like issued by the Coordination Committee article 6-(1) Coordination Board; Chaired by the Minister, the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of family and social policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of youth and sports, Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of culture and tourism, Ministry of national education, Ministry of national defence, the Department of water Affairs and forestry with the Governor of Çanakkale, Çanakkale, the President of the Provincial Assembly and Mayor of Çanakkale consists of thirteen members, including. The Minister shall preside over the meetings of the Coordination Committee is not Prime Ministry Undersecretary.
(2) the Chairman of the Coordination Council, the Board agenda to be discussed in other ministries about the Undersecretary and representatives of institutions may call the meeting.
(3) Coordination Board at least twice each year, usually, and when necessary, the Minister shall convene upon the call as extraordinary.
(4) Coordination Board, the activities of the Presidency plans and negotiating proposals and views on programs and ran for President.
(5) the secretariat services of the Board Başkanlıkça.
Presidential personnel article 7-(1) the total number of the presidential services, three hundred, not to exceed the job according to the provisions of the legislation of the State employed civil service has qualified personnel and support staff assigned competence is executed by hand. The Presidency of the Board decision and Coordination improve the number of Ministry staff, upon the proposal of the Council of Ministers is authorized.
(2) expert staff, a minimum of four years of higher education institutions providing education or higher education Board accepted the higher education institutions abroad graduate candidates are employed.
(3) employed in public institutions and civil servants are qualified teaching staff with the consent of their request and institutions can be employed in the presidential staff. Their relations with the institution, by making employment contracts. In the presidential residence in accordance with this paragraph is introduced, hired cessation of previous institutions relations is based on the old account due to total service period is less than 15 years, a pension payment to retired pay, bonuses based on the account and their terms of service shall be combined with the service will be in the presidential residence while seniority is based on the account of the service times are included in compensation. Also, in this way, including the severance compensation account will be based on service time periods in terms of the old account with more than 15 years of service with the service times are in the determination of seniority and other rights tied to be taken into consideration. In this way, the social security institutions of the employed monthly connection or termination of the employment contract by the employer within the scope of the bargaining agreement so right now ended, It ended the tasks related to the previous institutions of staff who have been losing the terms of his appointment; learning situations, years of service and vested interests monthly rankings taking into account the status of previous institutions education, years of service and a staff empty according to vested interests-month degree within one month without the need for any assigned and processing are started on a mission within one month. Pursuant to this paragraph in the presidential residence of persons returned from previous institutions vested last services per month depending on the degrees and levels of seniority rights. Previous institutions ended the employment contract to be assigned again due to the severance pay or other compensation will be paid for Başkanlıkça and according to the gain right next to this period of service a pension account shall be taken into consideration.
(4) public institutions and civil servants employed in the relevant institution or organization shall not accept the condition of the person concerned and with the scope of work to be done, and by the President, taking into account the duration of up to three years coaching in the presidential residence. Expired, according to the order reinstated. In this way they assigned, i.e.: aylıklı off the duration of the task. This month, additional indicators, additional payments and other financial compensation, and paid their social rights and aid institutions and will continue all kinds of personal rights and also any payments are made.
(5) public institutions and civil servants employed in teaching elements with aylıksız off in the presidential residence in accordance with the provisions of the fourth paragraph as coaching them and are payable monthly fee and other financial and benefits by employment contracts. Their relations with the social security administration considering their institutions maintained their status.
(6) the fourth and fifth paragraphs, the number of Presidential staff will be deployed within the scope of the number of cannot exceed 30%, and their length of time working in the presidential residence is taken into account in the retirement of promotion, no other promotions processing is done at runtime without. One of them is aylıksız off in the presidential residence of the last times that are run as vested interests are evaluated monthly and degrees and levels.
(7) other staff costs and other financial rights to the President of the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the upper limit is determined by the Minister.
(8) the presidential personnel disputes in court.
(9) specific information based on the approval of the Minister of the Presidency, and the temporary nature of jobs requiring expertise; power of Attorney, exception or employment contract with foreign consultants and experts, with the exception of a contract with a local consultant and specialists can run.
(10) in relation to topics in the Presidential Task working and project groups can create with commissions. Attitude needed by other public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sector representatives and working groups of experts on the subject can be included.
(11) the presidential staff as 10/2/1954 and the provisions of the law No. 6245 per diem.
(12) the qualifications to run under this article, recruitment and assignments, performance reviews, and is determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry of the disciplinary process.
Demolition, permits and control structures, an easement article 8-(1) Historic Area, and the village, except that the use of all kinds of constructions and building control Başkanlıkça. Procedures and principles related with the control is determined by the regulation issued by the Ministry.
(2) when the following structure and Historical Area, in accordance with the relevant legislation collapses or Başkanlıkça yıktırılır: a) made This Law as against all kinds of buildings and non-residential areas outside the village building permits b) structure and c) structure and the facility, based on construction permits and attachments and structure made contrary to sections c) structure and facilities, after permission to use When the build and based on changes and additions as contrary to sections d) provisions of law No. 2863 made in all kinds of buildings and installations (3) in accordance with the provisions of this Act shall be liable to the historic Area, will be made when the specified in the plans outside of the structures and infrastructure and superstructure facilities permit and appurtenances. Date fields in Fairfax or cooperative via structure cannot be made.

The THIRD SECTION Financial and criminal liability of the fiscal transparency and accountability Provisions

Article 9-(1) obtaining and using the financial resources of the Presidency, in order to ensure control, undertakes public opinion in a timely manner. To this end; preparation of the annual work programme and budget, implementation and application of the results of public and accessible reports for measures taken by the Presidency.
(2) the use of financial resources in the presidential residence, and in providing financial control officials and authorized; resources are effective, economical, efficient and must be obtained in accordance with the law, accounting, reporting, use and abuse is responsible for necessary measures.
President's budget article 10-(1) Başkanlıkça-year programme and activities prepared considering the budget is presented to the Ministry until the end of August every year and reviewed with the approval of the Minister. The budget year is the calendar year, cannot be made non-budget expenditure. Presidential year is authorized to make expenditures to sari.
(2) the revenues of the Presidency are: a) the amounts transferred from the general budget will be presented to the Historic Area b) fees to be paid in return for services located in the place of operation and, for processing by the revenues generated from c) Ministry will be transferred from the Central Directorate of Capital Operation budget amounts to c) and municipality of Canakkale Çanakkale Çanakkale special provincial administration, Chamber of Commerce and industry, the year before final budget revenues will be allocated at the rate of at least one percent of d) Date Field operation and operating income to) any promotion , printing & publishing revenues f) from domestic and abroad will be provided assistance, donations and sponsorship revenues g) revenues generated from the evaluation of the presidential income) other income (3) goes to the Presidency are: a) Date Field surveying, inventory, planning, studies, consultancy services, historical topographic features and general character of the field intact, of course, to fight the fire and harmful to the development of resources, arranging, restoration, reconstruction, reclamation and landscaping , according to premium plan and any project requires expenditure of activities b) in accordance with the historic Area, plans the limited rights of the expropriated immovable property plant and hiring its expenditures for c) Historic area, business, promotion, infrastructure, superstructure, administration building, social buildings, Museum, visitor center, promotion center, Memorial, martyrdom, exhibitions and all types of expenses related to such activities d) Date Field Service required of all kinds of tools, the purchase of equipment and so on is moved, rental, maintenance, repair and operation of the related expenses d) personnel, employment, representation and hospitality related expenses e) inventory and consumption materials-related expenses other expenses related to the Presidency f) task (4) Presidential preparation, implementation of the budget, expenditures, accounting and internal control procedures and principles related with the representation and hospitality expenses within the framework of the approval of the Ministry of finance, the bounds of the parent regulation issued by the Ministry.
(5) waste in the current year in the presidential budget amounts that are transferred to the next year's budget.
Exemptions and rebates article 11 (1), this Act is counted in terms of activities therefore operations on 2/7/1964 and the 492 numbered Fees Act dated 26/5/1981 and with law No. 2464 levies received under the law of Municipal Income and contribution in terms of stamp duty on paper held because, due to their donations and grants made to the inheritance and gift tax, which has not moved are thus exempt from property tax. However, the Presidency of the judicial fees right on the opposite side is decided when the relevant authorities charged.
(2) any cash and in-kind donations to the Presidency and all sponsorship spending with the help of 31/12/1960, no. 193 income tax Act and dated 13/6/2006 and within the framework of the provisions of the corporate tax law numbered 5520 income or corporate tax base amount in the determination of income or corporate tax return on the condition that he also declared income or entity makes it to market.
(3) this Act of his Presidency counted task proceeds thus obtained from the activities of establishments not occurred.
(4) the Presidency, the eighth paragraph of article 4 of this Act (a) to (f) considered in paragraphs relating to goods, services, task consultancy purchases with construction, criminal provisions to ban from participating in tenders and excluding 4/1/2002 and are not subject to Public Tender Law numbered 4734. This exception is not in the historic area of the Presidency-related activities, they need the Presidency administrative-related goods, services and construction jobs. This paragraph shall be the implementation of the procedures and principles for taking the opinion of the Ministry of Finance regulation issued by the Ministry.
(5), 10/12/2003 and law No. 5018 Public Financial Management and control Law, 8/9/1983 and procurement law No. 2886 and 4/4/1990 and is not subject to the provisions of Act No. 3621 Coastal Law.
(6) the eighth paragraph of article 4 of this law, (b) the scope of positions and trenches on the restoration of the Law numbered 6831 permissions when the work is not searched.
Prohibitions and penalties article 12-(1) within the boundaries of the historic Area;
a Designated place to spend the night somewhere else from), legislation except where permitted to consume alcoholic beverages, b) except where Specified fire or turn out the fire burned in places that are allowed to leave the scene, c) throw any cigarette or burning substance Quicklime, d) within the limits of the historic Area, and this limits five kilometers away to burn stubble or similar vegetation, is prohibited.
(2) the first paragraph (a) and (b) renders the verbs are specified in paragraphs five thousand Turkish Lira administrative penalty, (c) and (d) are specified in paragraphs verbs functioning two years shall be punished by imprisonment up to five years.
(3) historical area within the boundaries of the imprudence and carelessness with giving rise to the forest fires are face up to ten years in prison and five years from the day two thousand days will be punished with a fine of forensics. Those who destroy forests on purpose for not less than twelve years in prison and five thousand two hundred days until forensic fined.
(4) the second and third paragraphs due to the handling of crimes specified in the burning forest area will be given only if it is more than three hectares, the penalties will be increased by a half-percent.
(5) members of an organisation within the bounds of the Historic Area, whether or not they set fire to the forests with the aim of terrorism twenty-thirty years in prison than four years, from five hundred thousand to a million Turkish lira, Turkish lira fined. Burning forest if there is more than a hectare of field punishment will be increased by a half-percent.
(6) within the limits of the historic Area;
a) enumerated in this article falls outside the verbs and the law numbered 6831, 1/7/2003, dated and numbered 4915 Black Hunting Law and 22/3/1971 and law No. 1380 Fisheries Act prohibited in penalties twice the processing of verbs is incremented. Date fields are specified in article 74 of the law numbered 2863 in penalties applied by increasing at the rate of half.
b) 6831, envisaged in article 112 113 and 114 will be asked to compensation according to article and afforestation expenses increased by a times.
(7) in the above paragraph, due to the handling of crimes, in the event of death or injury occur, also with a penalty for crimes be imposed.
(8) according to the above paragraph will be given administrative penalties applied by the President.
(9) within the limits of the historic Area to put out the fires in the future authorized officer strikes and Presidential emrolunma, or go to the scene of the fire by the scene, despite being declared a habitual means 6831 taxpayers specified in article 69 of the law No. forest fire on that refrain from going to turn out, and those that don't, and the ones given job as civil administration supervisors by ten thousand Turkish Lira administrative penalty is applied.
(10) administrative fines shall be paid within one month of notification.
(11) the first paragraph of article 3 (a) of the California penal code with violating this verb allows two years to five years imprisonment.

CHAPTER FOUR diverse and concluding provisions Miscellaneous provisions article 13-(1) 5/2/2000 and law No. 4533 Gallipoli peninsula historical National Park Act is repealed.
(2) in this law, as other legislation given the Presidency tasks to the Ministry of water Affairs and forestry to the Ministry of culture and tourism, references, references to the Gallipoli peninsula historical National Park Directorate is President of the Gelibolu Çanakkale wars, be deemed to have been made in the history Field.
Transitional provisions TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 1-(1) this law established the Çanakkale Presidency of Gelibolu Tarihi field teşkilatlanıncaya, Gallipoli peninsula historical National Park Directorate will continue its activities in accordance with the relevant legislation.

(2) the Presidency of the 2014 fiscal year expenditures, the Ministry of Finance Ministry until a new arrangement located in the budget appropriations are welcomed from 2014.
(3) this law activity terminated Gallipoli peninsula historical National Park Directorate, from the date of publication of this law, Special Account within two months will be liquidated. The amount of cash in the history of the Special Account was liquidated as of that date comes the Presidency to be recorded is deposited in the respective account.
(4) the Directorate of the Gallipoli peninsula Historical National Park is moved, all kinds of vehicles belonging to, tools, equipment and supplies, debts and receivables, rights and obligations, article and electronic transfer of records and documents of all kinds in operations with the Ministry of water Affairs and forestry held between protocols is determined by the Ministry.
(5) of this act as of the publication processes connected to the contract according to the provisions of the existing agreement continue to execute by the Ministry of water Affairs and forestry. The Ministry of water Affairs and forestry held between Ministry protocols with determined contracts with rights and credit may be transferred to the Presidency.
(6) in accordance with the Fifth paragraph of the Presidency because of the transferred contract by the Ministry of water Affairs and forestry is initialized with the cases possessed by the parties in pursuing the Presidency as the spontaneous party wins. With regard to the contract in question before the entry into force of this article made by the Ministry of water Affairs and forestry business and operations will be launched due to litigation fails over the Presidency.
(7) not already been leased before the immovable property allocated to the Presidency or under which name kullandırılmasına of this real property contracts, the date of promulgation of this law without the need for another process, ends spontaneously and are not moved according to article 75 of the law numbered 2886.
(8) of this Act shall be brought within six months of the implementation of the regulations. History of area plans envisaged in this Act is prepared within a year. Canakkale Wars centenary Memorial events will be held as part of the construction, repair, presentation and publishing within three months for activities such as Başkanlıkça emergency plan is prepared.
Entry into force article 14-(1) this Act enters into force on the date of promulgation.
Article 15 execution-(1) the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.