Reflections On Strengthening The Termination Of Terrorism And Social Law


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Law No. 6551 Date: 10/7/2014 objective and scope article 1-(1) the purpose of this Act, the termination of terrorism and the strengthening of social integration to be executed is to regulate procedures and principles to the solution process.
Implementation, monitoring and coordination article 2-(1) the Government, within the scope of the work required in the solution process executes the following considerations.
a termination of terrorism and social integration) strengthening political, legal, socio-economic, psychological, cultural, human rights, security and disarm the areas and determines the steps that could be taken on the issues connected with them.
b) in the event of necessary domestic and overseas people, institutions and organizations contact, dialogue, conversation, and so decides to work and persons, institutions or organizations to perform.
c) disposes of the Gun members of the Organization of social life back home and take the necessary measures for the supply of harmony.
ç) the scope of this law concerning measures taken with the studies of public opinion ensures accurate and timely informed.
d) follows the results of the application of measures Taken and provides coordination between the relevant institutions and organizations.
to make the work of legislation required).
The Secretariat of the authority and article 3 (1) of the Council of Ministers, is authorized to take the necessary decisions for the solution process.
(2) the coordination of the work and the scope of the Solution process secretariat services are executed by the Undersecretariat of public order and Security.
Resolutions and the fulfilment of article 4-(1) the scope of this law the tasks immediately as soon as the relevant public institutions and establishments.
(2) the first paragraph of article 2 of the Act (a), (b) and (c) dams within the scope of the tasks of the legal persons due to these tasks, administrative or criminal liability.
Entry into force article 5-(1) this Act enters into force on the date of promulgation.
Execution article 6-(1) the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.