Law On The Regulation Of Electronic Commerce

Original Language Title: Elektronik ticaretİN düzenlenmesi hakkında kAnun

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Arranging electronic commerce


Kanun No. 6563


          AcceptDate: 23/10/2014      

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is the basis and procedures of electronic commerce edit.

(2) The liability of this Law, commercial transmission, service, and service servicers are the liability of covers the commitments made with electronic communications tools, and the obligations to inform electronic commerce, and the configurations to be applied.


ARTICLE 2- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) Electronic commerce: In an electronic environment, without first coming to terms with the physical It is actualized in all forms of online economic and commercial activities,

b) Commercial transmission: In the field of field names and electronic mail address, professional or commercial activity any transmission of electronic commerce to the extent of the acquisition,

c) Commercial electronic message: Telephone, employee centers, fax, automatic calling machines, current sound Data, audio, and video content messages that are provided for commercial purposes and sent to commercial purposes using vastatas such as recorder systems, electronic mail, and the mail message service,

c) Service vendor: Real or legal entities involved in electronic commerce activity,

d) Agent for service: electronic means of economic and commercial activities Real and legal entities that sell the trading environment,

e) Ministry: Ministry of Customs and Trade,

refers to.

Information-granting obligation

MADDE 3- (1) Before a service is done with electronic communications tools;

a) Information about how the Allocations can easily be reached and current information, as well as the information that is provided.

b) Information about the technical names to be monitored so that the Glossary can be installed,

c) After the text of the Glossary text is installed, it is saved by the service vendor. information, and how long it will be, and how long it will be for this access,


c) Open and correct errors in the data entry Information about technical tools,

d) The applicable privacy rules and, if applicable, alternative sleep-resolution mechanisms information,


 (2) The service vendor rules the business-related behavior with the professional room, if any. and how it can be delivered electronically to them.

(3) The parties in the first and second fikraines are not consumers. They can decide otherwise.

(4) The service vendor is a part of the terms of the commitment provisions and the overall business where they can be saved.

(5) First and second forks, exclusive electronic mail or similar individual transmission tools that are done with their tools.


MADDE 4- (1) In an order of electronic transmission tools, the following essentials is valid:

a) Service vendor, before the order has been approved and the payment information is entered, Including the total cost of the payment, including the total cost of the pledge.

b) The service vendor is using electronic communications tools without delay receiving the order of the For example.

c) Orders and orders were on the receiving end, and the parties involved may have access to these statements The moment it happened, it was real.

(2) The service vendor is able to identify and identify data entry errors before the order is ordered. It offers convenient, effective, and accessible technical tools to fix it.

(3) The parties in the first and second fikraines are not consumers. They can decide otherwise.

(4) The second fikra with the first phase (a) and (b), through exclusive electronic mail or similar to individual communication tools that are made with similar tools.

Business communications guidelines

MADDE 5- (1) In my trading message:

a) The real or legal action of commercial transmission and this transmission is clearly in place the information that can be specified is provided.

b) This qualification for promotional purposes or games with promotions such as gifts and gifts. They need to be able to identify, contribute to and take advantage of them, and make sure that these people are not going to be able to take part in the opening and opening of the country.

Sending a commercial electronic message

MADDE 6- (1) Commercial electronic messages are required to receive only prior approval. submitted. This approval can be received either by writing, or with any electronic communications tools. It is not approved for commercial electronic messages to the goods or services provided by the goods or services that are provided for the purpose of passing with him to the purpose of transmission.

(2) Commercial electronic messages may be sent if pre-approval is received to Esnaf and traders.

Commercial electronic message included

MADDE 7- (1) The following commercial electronic message is in accordance with the approval of the recipient.

(2) The message is about the type of information that provides information that identifies the service vendor. The telephone number, fax number, port number, and e-mail address, such as an electronic mail address, are included in the telephone number.

(3) In Israel, the subject of the message, the subject of the message, intended for the purpose and purpose of the message The information about who is named in the state is also included.

Right to deny a commercial electronic message to the child

ARTICLE 8- (1) When the Germans wish, without any justification, commercial electronic reject messages from receiving messages.

(2) Easy and free of service rejection notification with electronic communications tools  will be required to provide the necessary information in the message that is sent.

(3) Electronic messages to receive the request of the request within three days of the service vendor to the server.

Obligations of the agent servicesaðlayýcýlarýn

MADDE 9- (1) The agent service users are using an electronic environment from which they serve. , and check for content that is subject to legal entities is responsible for the content and service of the product or service, and is obligated to investigate whether the situation is in question or not.

(2) The service of the obligations held in Articles 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of this Law The guidelines and guidelines are determined by the regulation.

Protection of personal data

MADDE 10- (1) A service vendor and a service vendor:

a) the data that is made within the framework of this Law because of the current data is responsible for saving and relying on it.

b) does not forward the personal data to the third party, and may not forward it to the third party

Ministry authority

ARTICLE 11- (1) Minister, this is the implementation of the Law and the development of electronic commerce is authorized to take all kinds of measures and take control.

(2) Administrative personnel deployed in the Ministry are authorized to enter the Ministry's jurisdiction under this Code They are authorized to ask, review, and receive examples of all kinds of information, documents and books, and electronic records with information, documents and notebooks that are subject to the authority to review and receive samples, and to receive verbal information. to give your examples and the fact in accordance with the fact, It is obligated to meet the demands of the written and oral information, and to show any assistance and convenience.

Sentence provisions

MADDE 12- (1) This Law;

a) to the obligations in the 3rd item, the first receipt of the 4th item (a) to the obligations of the first receipt of article 6 or the first receipt of article 7, and the service sales and vehicle service sales from the thousand Turkish lira to the Turkish lira, as well as the 5b) the second section of the 4th item (b) or the second in the same material, 5 From the number of Turkish lira to ten thousand Turkish liras in service sales and vehicle service sales, which act as the first receipt of the pearl material (a) or the obligations in the second and third fives of the 7-nci clause,

c) is the second and third of the 8th item (b) of the fifth item. From two thousand Turkish lira to ten thousand Turkish liras in service sales and service services, which act in part to the obligations in the fans,

Two thousand Turkish liras for those who have moved to the second phase of article 11 of the 1th article Until the Turkish lira,

administrative fines are issued.

(2) Message to more than one person at a time, to the first receipt of the item 6. The amount of administrative fines stipulate in the first phase (a) increase to ten times the amount of time that the first person has been issued.

(3) The authority to issue administrative fines stipulate in this item belongs to the Ministry. This authority may be transferred to the relevant general manager at the center and to the provincial directorites of the Ministry in the course of the Ministry.


MADDE 13- (1) Regulations on implementation of this Law; Ministry of Justice, Finance The Ministry of Economy, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy are prepared by the Ministry of Information Technologies and the Ministry of Economy, including the Ministry of Economy.

Regulatory legislation

50MADDE 14- (1) dated 5/11/2008 and 5809 of Electronic Communications Law 50 ncis It has been reported in the second storm of its substance, adding to the materials that have been added to the material, and the other fans have been able to get them to be very much of a consolation.

" (5) subscribing, and using, subscribers, services, and services, Automated dialing machines, faxes, electronic mail, and mail messages, such as messages, marketing or sexual content transmissions, can not communicate with the purpose of using electronic communications, such as fax and electronic mail. People do not subscribe to the services they offer, nor do they communicate with political propaganda by subscribing to them. "

" (6) A property or service of subscriber and user's communications information Marketing, tango, or service related to the same or similar goods or services in advance of the use of the subscriber and users in the acquisition of such communications, as well as the possibility of prior consent to the subscriber and use of such communications as being acquired. Communications for maintenance and maintenance services It can be done.

(7) Discontinue subscriber and use of such communications, and do not undo the permission they give It is an easy and free-to-right kind of way. "

Data bases that are being set up by approval

INVALID ARTICLE 1- (1) Commercial electronic message prior to the date on which this Law is effective. The first fib of the 6 ncu clause is not applied for the databases that have been made for approval to be sent.

MADDE 15- (1) This Law takes effect on 1/5/2015.


MADDE 16- (1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.