Higher Education Personnel Law Amending Law


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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.tbmm.gov.tr/kanunlar/k6564.html

Law No. 6564 Date: 5/11/2014 article 1-11/10/1983 and included the following additional item No. 2914 higher education Personnel Law.
"Higher education compensation for ADDITIONAL ITEM 3-civil servants Act, of course, the highest civil servant gross per month (including additional indicator) amount;
the Professor in a) 100%, b) 100% of the staff of the Associate Professor, c) Doçent 100% contained, d) the 115% in ' Researcher I, e) lecturer and Instructor in the 115%, f) specialist, Translator and academic Planner, located on the staff at a rate of 115%, is paid to higher education benefits every month.
These indemnification provisions relating to acquiring and payment will be applied monthly. According to this article, except for the compensation to be paid to any stamp duties are not maintained in accordance with the relevant legislation and subject to tax hike being paid compensation, allowances, bonuses, fees and additional payment for working capital, no matter under what name each made similar payments on account are ignored. "
Article 2-the following additional items have been added to Act No. 2914.
"Academic incentive allowance for each ADDITIONAL ITEM 4-calendar year, the year before, the nature of the contribution of science, technology and the arts provider in the country or abroad concluded project, research, publication, design, exhibition, with references to the work of patent, Scientific Committee of the international-level meetings have taken the academic awards presentation and communicated on the basis of the Faculty promotes the annual academic score is calculated over a hundred points to.
For the ones on the thirty and academic incentive points, the highest civil servant subject to the civil servants Law gross per month (including additional indicator) amount;
a squad for those found) Professor 100%, b) Associate Professor in 90% for the squad, c) Doçent is 80%, for d) Research Assistant located in 70%, e) for lecturers and staff Lecturer for 70% contained, f) specialist, Translator and academic Planner, 70% for those on the staff, they shall be divided in the face of academic incentive points will be calculated by applying the rate amount is provided for academic incentive allowance.
Payment in accordance with this article; in accordance with this law, as long as it is paid monthly and staff of higher education institutions by February 15 for a period of twelve months starting from the fifteenth of every month is made, except for any stamp duty be treated as taxable. In accordance with the relevant legislation, compensation being paid, allowances, bonuses, fees and additional payment for working capital, no matter under what name each made similar payments on account are ignored.
Characteristics of the science area and according to the title of faculty academic incentive points based on a calculation of detailed specifications and activities these activities promote the total points score equivalents, academic will not exceed 30% of the total score is calculated for each type of academic activity to the weights, promote academic procedures and principles for the calculation of points with the formation of the Commission to do these calculations with other considerations; The proposal of the higher education Board, Ministry of finance and the Ministry of Education promulgated by the Council of Ministers is determined by the regulation imposed upon the proposal.
The provisions of this article, in the Turkish armed forces staff instructors as. "
Article 3-2914-days of the following volatile substance has been added.
"TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 10-article 4 referred to in regulations are put into effect within four months. Annex 4 of the first paragraph of article promotes first time academic score calculation is based on the activities conducted in 2015 by 2016 to be made for the year. "
Article 4-this Act;
a) 1 article published on the month following fifteen, b) 2 article 1/1/2015, c) other provisions shall come into force, the date of promulgation.
Article 5-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.