Higher Education Personnel Law Amending Law


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Kanun No. 6564


          Admission Date: 5/11/2014      

ekMADDE 1- 11/10/1983 and 2914% Increase in Staff Law item is added.

" Redemplicity compensation

SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 3-The highest State Officer's gross monthly (additional indicator) subject to the State Officers Law include);

a) 100% to those found in the Professor's staff,

b) 100% to those who are in the ranks of the Associate Professor,

c) 100% to those who are present in the Assistant Professor staff,

d) %115% to those who are still in the process of the call %115e) 117% to those who are on the staff of the Life Officer and the Okumman staff,

f) Expert, Assembler, and E-Rep Planning for %115% to those found in thePlanlamacýsý In the

ratio, compensation is paid for up to every month.

The provisions of this compensation are applied to the service and are applied to the monthly provisions. The compensation payable according to this item shall not be subject to any tax except for the stamp tax, and the related legislation is under payment, compensation, payable, revolving capital additional payment, bonus, fee, and whatever name under the name of the subject. will not be considered in the account of the payments. "

MADDE 2- Additional material is added to the Kanuna of the number 2914.

" Academic pay per shareödeneði

SUPPLEMENTAL ITEM 4-For each calendar year, the previous year has contributed to science, technology, and art. The project, research, publication, design, exhibition, patent and related academic awards, which have been finalized at the international level, are based on the results of the project, research, publication, design, exhibition, patent and academic awards. Over a hundred points for the rest of my life staff. calculated the academic tellivik score.

TheAkademikAcademic team has the highest number of State Civil Servants's Law on 30 and above employee gross month (including additional indicative);

a) To 100% for those found in the Professor's staff,

b) 90% for the presence of an associate professor,

c) To 80% of the assistant professors staff,

d) to 70% for those found in the Call Agent cadre.

e) to 70% for those who are on the Staff and Okumman staff,

f) Expert, Assembler, and Efficiency Planning staff to 70% of those found in the Planning Staff;

Implementation of the rate to be found by dividing thealdýklarýalds by the face of the academic score The calculated amount is given in the amount of academic tellivikus.

The payment to be made under this Article; as long as this Law is paid separately and its staff will be The institutions of higher education, from the beginning of the beginning of the month of the beginning of the beginning of the month, will be held at ten months of each month and are subject to no taxes, except for the stamp tax. It is not considered in the account of any similar payments made under payment, compensation, appropriations, revolving capital, bonus, fee, and whatever name under consideration of the subject matter.

The characteristics of the science fields and the titles of the employee's staff are academic telemarcıncıncınk Characteristics of the activities of each academic activity, including the characteristics of the characteristics of the activities that are based on the calculation of the scores, and the calculations of the total score of each academic activity, not exceed 30% of the total number of academic telemarcics, the calculation of the academic tellik score, The establishment of the commission that will do these calculations with the principles; the proposal of the Board of Directors, the vision of the Ministry of Finance and the proposal of the Ministry of National Eğitim by the Council of Ministers on the proposal. from the

The provisions of this provision are also about the personnel of the Turkish Armed Forces. from the server. "

MADDE 3- The temporary item that is in place of the number 2914 is added.

" MADDE 10-The regulation stated in the Annex 4 clause is subject to the effective four months. For the first time, according to the first financial results of the additional 4th article, the academic tellik score calculation is done for 2016, based on the activities conducted in 2015. "

MADDE 4- This Law;

a) in the ten months of the month following the release of the 1st pearl clause,

b) on item 2, 1/1/2015,

c) on the release of Digit provisions,

enters the current process.

ARTICLE 5- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.