Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food And Feed Law Amending


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Law No. 6589

Acceptance Date: 28/01/2015
Article 1 dated 06.11.2010 and numbered 5996 Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and the following items are added to come after the Article 10 of the Feed Act.
"Breeding for producers associations
Article 10 / A (1) Animal protection of genetic resources, investigation, detection, treatment, development, dissemination and marketing in order to operate in the areas by the natural or legal person growers, legal personality and for breeding purposes growers association subject to private law can be established.
(2) Breeding for growers union, jointly species of sheep and goats, and other animals of the same species or breed animals with beehives installed with a combination of at least seven producers. Only a union can be established at the provincial level of the same species for breeding purposes. Founder prepared and signed by members and types of association contain contradictory provisions issued by the Ministry awarded the main contract Ministry's provincial directorates. to allow the Union's institutions still in the articles of association, a founding member of the places where the unity of the trade registry and announced upon the application registration. The Union shall acquire legal personality by registration in the trade register and registration from his first general meeting within three months. The first meeting in unity in the actual number of members of management and monitoring that case detection under the number to form the committee, made a second general meeting within one month from the date of the meeting. In this meeting the sufficient number of the original members still not achieved unity, distributed with the approval of the Ministry's provincial directorates. Unions, with the permission of the Ministry where needed may open branches or representative offices; The number of staff needed to carry out the tasks of the association can run.
(3) shall include the following points in the Articles of Association:
a) The name of the Union, objectives and tasks
b) the termination of the Terms and membership for Membership
c) Revenues, expenses and other financial provisions || | d) Responsibilities
d) administration, management and administration
e) Representation and registered
f) dissolution and liquidation
g) Control
i) Other issues
(4) Associations the center can be organized in associations and establish a central union activities related to space. Although the central union organization, and is subject to the principles applied in the dissolution of unity, organization and dissolution is issued by the Ministry approval. Central association consists of at least seven provinces together. Central Union General Assembly, according to the actual number of members of the member associations in the rate to be determined by the regulation consists of delegates to be elected.
(5) The procedure for the implementation of article shall be determined by regulations issued by the Ministry. "The following article has been added to Article 2 after
Article 10 of Law No. 5996.
"Breeding for growers union of the bodies, authorities and responsibilities
ARTICLE 10 / B- (1) the Union; the following General Assembly, consisting of a board of directors and the supervisory board.
A) The General Assembly is the official body representing the union. Ordinary and extraordinary general assembly convenes as needed. Ordinary meeting of a four-year financial meeting must be held every two years. The General Assembly convenes regular members by an absolute majority of the total number. In case of no quorum required for the General Assembly meeting, the second meeting shall be made within thirty days without requiring a majority. The participants of the meeting is not regulated by the Articles of Association require a qualified majority decision shall be taken by simple majority. Union, directly or supervisory board by board decision, required the original members of the liquidation committee, or at least can be called extraordinary general meeting by the board of one of them in the notarized request. However, the Ministry or the General Assembly, taking into account the public interest and if the service should not be collected as described above has the authority to call the General Assembly meeting. The General Assembly can not leave and transfer powers set out below:
1) change of the Articles of Association
2) The Board of Directors and to select the liquidation committee required by supervisory board member
3) the operating accounts balance sheet and decision on the division of the necessary income and expense differences get
4) the board of directors and the supervisory board to acquit
5) to decide about the law or the articles of association with issues which have been left to the general Assembly's authority

6) Buying, selling and leasing services in will be taken with the procedures to be followed in product quality, the maximum price to be sold or to determine the minimum price of goods and services will be rented
b) The Board of Directors manages the activities of the association and the executive body representing the union. The Board of Directors consists of a minimum of five to a maximum of seven original and the same number of alternate members by the General Assembly, elected for four years. It is required to be regular members and their substitutes. legal person elected to membership on the Board of Directors shall notify the names of the representatives of the union. The remuneration determined by the General Assembly not to exceed twice the monthly minimum wage to board members and further payments will be made under any name other than a runner. Management following conditions are sought in board members:
1) be a Turkish citizen
2) different animal species not being a board member of another union
3) crimes against state security, crimes against the functioning of the constitutional order and this order, qualified no sexual assault, child sexual abuse, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, bid rigging, deed execution of the rigging, property values ​​derived from crime but not convicted of money laundering or smuggling
c ) the supervisory board shall examine all transactions and accounts of the association on behalf of the general Assembly. The General Assembly, as the supervisory body of the original members will choose three regular and three substitute members for four years. the Supervisory Board members sought Requirements for board members. Supervisory board members of the general assembly of the gross monthly minimum wage of further payments under any name other than the remuneration and allowances determined to exceed twice will not be
(2) Members of the board membership requirements of the move they move, will be investigated by auditors. Ministry carried out inspections membership of the board of directors as a result of the termination of the agreed terms of the selected transport although they later lost the qualification or selection.
(3) The Board of Directors represents the unity and unity in the name of signatories authorized person, detects decision and a copy certified by a notary of this decision is given to the Trade Registry Office for registration with signatures. If necessary, the same procedural motion was changed by persons authorized to sign. in the subject field and committed fiscal union, the union will be writing in behalf of the chairman and board members authorized union representation is required at least one signature. The decision of the board of directors the authority to represent the head of the director in charge of the provincial troops, and transferred to the central union general secretary. The transfer of authority responsible manager or secretary general management and can not be made a member of the supervisory board.
(4) The procedure for the implementation of article shall be determined by regulations issued by the Ministry. "The following article has been added to Article 3 after
Article 10 of Law No. 5996.
"Task of breeding for growers union
Article 10 / C (1) Breeding for producers associations shall perform the following duties:
a) Members of providing solidarity
b) the vocational training of the members, information and courses to improve their skills, seminars and organize similar events, training and conduct research or make, any printed publication and provide contact and communication among members of other ways
c) in accordance with the powers delegated by the Ministry central union, peel front of the Ministry of control and inspection index, pedigree, progeny testing and / or development programs carry out their activities
d) Members of the animals to provide artificial insemination services, to provide semen and other materials related to artificial insemination, store, distribute and market
d) breeding material of Breeders , tools and equipment, roughage, concentrated feed, forage crops provide seeds and other needs, store, distribute and market
e) male and female animals from abroad in domestically or necessary case, sperm, eggs, embryos, larvae, queen bee, or to create the necessary cast and crew for all kinds of activities integrated with breeding programs using other biological material, semen in appropriate case, eggs, embryos, larvae, queens and the Ministry with the permission or licensed production centers and laboratories of the Ministry to produce a similar improvement materials and to establish cooperation with research institutions

F) Animal care and technical and supply any input regarding nutrition and take administrative measures or take heed
g) the Members of bred breeding to the sale of animals, to organize the sale, to organize the auction for it, fairs, exhibitions and establish fair and to join established, competitions tertiplemek, give awards and to promote bred races
i) Breeders, which would allow the sale to price their products to establish any kind of marketing organization and processing facilities, lease and operate
h) animals and all kinds of insurance related businesses make their services or have to
i) credit supply are the studies on the
i) the Foundation aims to make research is needed related to or have to
j) establish the necessary facilities to develop animal husbandry, to be co-operate, when needed for these jobs all shares of the company to belong to associations / or economic establish business
k) number that had been assigned to the unity of the central union to provide genetic material and the use of members of the company or have them utilized
1) registration system and the central union of the necessary inputs for yield records supply by means of use and / or used to
m) Supplier to provide consulting and design services to business and operations to the needs of its members regarding
(2) the principles and procedures for the implementation of this Article shall be determined by a regulation issued by the Ministry. "the following item has been added to Article 4
after Article 10 of Law No. 5996.
"Breeding for growers union membership
Article 10 / c (1) Association, the minimum number of animals in accordance with the criteria set by the Ministry, the breeding program of its kind with assets such as hives and / or lineage with the original members are involved in the file system that without conditions or do not have the original members consist of members from candidates who want to take advantage of the limited opportunities unity. Prospective members can not participate in the General Assembly and can not vote.
(2) entrance fee and annual dues are taken from actual members. Admission fee and annual dues shall be determined by the General Assembly decided to exceed the upper limit set by the Ministry. Members may also be given to services in exchange for the cost of services will be determined by the General Assembly. The entrance fee is applied to unions, central unions also apply to provisions relating to annual fees and service charges.
(3) Join conditions and with the loss of membership entry and annual fee upper limit is determined by a regulation issued by the Ministry. "The following article has been added to after
Article 5 5996 Law No. Article 10.
"Income and exemption of Breeding for growers union
Article 10 / D (1) the Union's revenue, entrance fees they have paid members entering the union, annual fees, service fees, donations, consists of aid, and other income.
(2) The Association is responsible for all property and assets against creditors.
(3) The Union 24.04.1969 dated and 1163 will benefit from the same conditions to all kinds of taxes and duties exemptions granted to cooperatives established in accordance with the law. "Next to come after the
Article 6 The 5996 Law No. 10 Article substance is added.
"Control of breeding for growers union
Article 10 / E (1) The Ministry of animals protection of genetic resources, breeding, development, in marketing and dissemination activities, pre-pedigree pedigree in index such as the registration process and work with unions in certification issues the transfer of authority to the union and the union can do. The Ministry, with the technical service staff required in the union health and education services can provide support in kind and in cash, checks which controls the activities covered by this Act and the necessary vision appeared. The ministry will be represented at the general assembly of the union and central union.
(2) Ministry, unions and central unions of administrative, financial, legal and technical checks through the Ministry inspectors and controllers direction towards animal health. In addition, the central union, provided that the audit results can also be reported to the Ministry supervises the union members through their supervisory boards. Central unions and associations, according to the results of the audit are obliged to comply with the instructions issued by the Ministry under this Law.

(3) The results of the audits, the central unions, associations and their subsidiaries of board members and senior executives of the case to determine the clear violation of acts and actions of the law by the Ministry issued instructions, the Ministry drawback considering the public interest and service requirements prevent future does not lead to compensation of damages if deemed difficult or impossible to measure in order to those people who can put an end may be dismissed by a certain time or task. In this case, the Ministry shall take the necessary measures for the conduct of an extraordinary general meeting within a year.
(4) the lending institutions and the Union, it is used in accordance with the purpose of loans, in compliance with the plans and projects, and you can check the specifications in terms of quality.
(5) with officials in the Union property belonging to these organizations, the effect of money on paper and hidden albeit book related documents and request inspectors, the controller assigned to inspection staff and indicate the credit institutions supervision officials deemed to be and to help the investigation, requested information fair and give complete and accurate as the Ministry of themselves as they are obliged to declare any kind of required information, documents and records, must give full within the grace period.
(6) Board members and union employees are liable for the future of their flaws. These are the money and goods association with criminal acts and movements, balance, minutes, reports and other documents, books and punished as public officials for crimes committed on the documents.
(7) The procedure for the implementation of article shall be determined by regulations issued by the Ministry. "The following article has been added to Article 7 after
Article 10 of Law No. 5996.
"Dissolution and liquidation of the breeding association for breeders
Article 10 / F (1) the Union; In accordance with the Articles of Association, the General Assembly decided, with the opening of bankruptcy, the unity of the actual number of members of the management and control of the provincial directorate of the Ministry still falls below the number set up to create distributed with approval. The determination by the Ministry when no possibility of reaching the goal organization still distributed with the approval of the relevant Ministry headquarters.
(2) the dissolution of the Union, announced their registration with the Trade Registry.
(3) establishment of breeding for growers union, organs, operating procedures and principles with the dissolution and in relation to liquidation in case of absence of provisions in this Act Cooperatives Act shall apply. "
ARTICLE 8 5996 Law No. repealed the sixth paragraph of Article 10 It has been removed.
Article 9 of Law No. 5996 has been added to the following temporary items.
"For compliance of existing breeding animal breeders association
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 2 (1) for breeding livestock breeders associations set up on the date on which this Article comes into force with central units, it will continue to operate. However, these associations and central associations, defined by a regulation issued by the Ministry of incorporation and procedures must bring the appropriate basis for the case. Union within nine months, the central union of twelve months in the articles of association of the regulation into line with the if they fail deemed automatically dissolved. "
Article 10 of this Law shall enter into force on the date of its publication to be effective as of 11.07.2014.
Article 11 of this Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.