Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food And Feed Law Amending


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Kanun No. 6589


      Admission Date: 28/1/2015      

MADDE 1- dated 11/6/2010 and 5996 Veterinary Services, Plant, Vegetation, and Yem It is added to the law to come after the 10th item.

" Correctional capabilities for the purpose of this year

ARTICLE 10/A-(1) The protection of animal gene resources, investigation, detection, rec, An ability to develop, publish, and remarket operations of real or legal entities, subject to legal and private legal provisions, can be established.

(2) Correctional ability, mutton and goat species, other animal species And in their gender, at least seven people with the same kind of animal or animal hive are installed in a meeting. Only one of the same kind of unity can be established for the purpose of the purpose of the work of the Ill. The main commitment, which is signed by the founding members and published by the Ministry, does not include any provisions for the main word. The main commitment is to the provincial governor. The main commitment of allowing the installation of the Union is to register and declare on the site of the founding members on the trade registry where the union has a primary. The Union gains legal entities with registration to the trade registry and makes its first general assembly meeting within three months of the registration. A second general assembly is held within a month from the date of the meeting, as the unit of unity is under the respect of the management and supervisory boards of the unit of directors. In this meeting, the union would not be able to get enough members to be counted, The minister's approval of the provincial directorate is confirmed. Troops may open the office or liaison office with the permission of the Ministry where needed; it can be used to steal personnel who are required to perform the tasks of the Union.

(3) The main statement is included in the following considerations:

a) Name, purpose, and tasks

b) The membership of the member and the termination of the member

c) Revenue, expense, and other financial provisions

c) Responsibilities

d) Administration, shipping, and administration

e) Temsil and registration

f) Dialtion and liquidation

g) Control

), and other topics

(4) The units can be organized in a central unit, and a center for activity. It can set up a single one. While the establishment and the deployment of the central units are subject to the principles imposed on the units, the approval of the establishment and the approval is issued by the Ministry of Defence. The central one is a minimum of seven provinces. The general assembly of the Central Union is one of the delegates to be elected at rates to be determined by regulation by the number of members of the members of the Union.

(5) Usul and fundamental regulations of this Article are enforced by the Ministry of Ordinances from the server. "

MADDE 2- 5996 counted as item 10 to come after 10. is added.

" The organs, authorities, and responsibilities of the redearable troops

MADDE 10 /B-(1) Union; the general assembly, board of directors, board of directors and the supervisory board Occurrence.

a) The general assembly is the most authoritable body representing the individual. The general assembly is likely to be collected as possible, as required. A four-year-old, fiscal meeting is mandatory for a two-year meeting. The general assembly convenes with the absolute majority of the total member full count. If the required number of meetings on the public assembly is not required, the second meeting will be held at the latest 30 days at the latest. It is decided by the absolute majority of people who have contributed to the meeting, which requires a qualified majority in the main commitment. The Union may, with the decision of the board of directors or the supervisory board, request the executive board meeting at least one-tenth of the members of the liquidation board or of the members of the board of directors. The Ministry, however, has the authority to convene a general assembly meeting if the general assembly is not mentioned above or by taking into account the need for public benefits and services. The general assembly cannot transfer and abandon its designated entitlements:

1) Depress the main commitment

2) Select the liquidation board required by the board of directors and supervisory board members

3) Decide the balance sheet with the business account and the split of revenue difference receive

4) To ibra the board of directors and the supervisory board

5) Decide on issues that are authorized to the general assembly with the law or the main word. to

6) The quality of the product that will be taken with the product to be followed in the services of purchase and rental, maximum price, to determine the minimum price of products and services to be sold or leased

b) The board of directors is the executive body that manages the activities of the unit and represents the individual. The board of directors is elected for four years, with a maximum of seven aces and a minimum number of alternate members, from the general assembly. It will make sure that they and their backups are an as-member. The legal entities that are elected to the board of directors report the names of their representatives to the union. Board members will not pay the general assembly at rest of the general assembly's gross minimum wage, and no name under any name at the time of the road. The board members are looking for the following:

1) becoming a Turkish citizen

2) Not to be a member of a board member of a different animal type

3) crimes against the security of the state, to the Constitutional order, and the work of the organization of this order, presence of qualified sexual assault, sexual abuse of children, zimmmet, liaison, dream, fraud, fraud, fraud, abuse of trust, fraudulent insolvency, dexterity of the product, arising from crime, crime They say they are guilty of laundering or smuggling. Not being a prisoner

c) The Supervisory board has been able to examine all of the business and accounts of the general assembly. The general assembly selects three aural and three spare members for four years as the supervisory body from the aural members. Members of the board of supervisory board members are searched for the conditions that are sought in the board members. Supervisory board members are not paid to exceed two floors of the general assembly gross minimum wage, and no names are paid under no name in the path of the road.

(2) Members of the board of directors may not be able to join the board of directors, the auditors It will be done. As a result of the audits conducted by the Minister, their membership will end when the board of directors has been selected or elected to be elected later.

(3) The board of directors authorized the decision to sign the union and to name a union. It is given by the Director of Trade Registry to be registered with the signatures of a nosterly approved process of this decision. A similar procedure can be made by acting in the same way as it is required. For matters of fiscal and contingent commitment, at least one of the board members authorized by the board of directors and one of the members of the board of directors is required to be signed in the statement of unity. With the decision of the board of directors, the representative authority of the president can be transferred to the director responsible for the provincial units and to the general secretary in the central units. The delegation cannot be a responsible manager or a member of the public secretary and a member of the supervisory board.

(4) The implementation of this Article has been used by the Ministry of Principles and guidelines. from the server. "

MADDE 3- 5996 to come after the 10th clause is is added.

" Tasks for the purpose forces of Correctional objective

MADDE 10 /C-(1) executes the following tasks in place of the Eshlah-objective units:

a) Relying On Members

b) The course, the seminar, to ensure the professional skills of the members, to increase their knowledge and skills Organize, communicate, and communicate with members in all kinds of printed and other ways, as well as to organize similar organizations, and to organize and communicate with others

c) in the Ministry's control and control, in the powers vested in the Ministry of the Ministry Conducting the activities of the front soy file, soy file, tile control, and/or ressach programs

c) To give the animals ' artificial seed services, sperm related to artificial seed and To procure, store, store, and market similar materials

d) Orphanage materials, tools and equipment, coarse bait, cut bait, feed plants to store, store, dive and market seeds and so on

e) Male and female animal, sperm, which is being sold domestically or in the required state of the country To create the necessary staff and teams for all kinds of activities that integrate with eggs, embryo, larva, main aria, or other biological material, and to provide the necessary conditions for sperm, eggs, embryos, larvae, main and so forth. The Ministry's permission to produce its materials, or licensed from the Ministry. manufacturing centers and laboratories, and doing business with research institutions

f) Technical and administrative, with all types of input related to the care and nutrition of animals to take or receive measures

to sell, organize, sell, and sell off-the-mark animals. To organize the auction for the auction, to set up exhibitions and panels, to add to the founders, to tailor the competition, to give awards and to introduce the skills that are being made available.

) Any marketing that will sell the products of the Orphans to the price of the industry to install, rent, and process organizations and product construction facilities

h) To make or do all kinds of insurance services related to animals and their execution

) To find out about the loan supply.

i) To investigate or make needed information about the purpose of the installation

to build, partner, process, and build necessary facilities for the development of animals, to set up a company and/or economic business for all of its shares in the event of a requirement

k) to procure and provide genetic material to the number of members of the Central Union allotted to the union Using or using in the process

1) Supply the required entries for the registration system and throughput records with the central unit to, use, use, and/or use

m) with respect to the needs of its members in relation to the needs of its members Giving consulting and project services

(2) The implementation of this Article has been used by the Ministry of Principles and guidelines. from the server. "

MADDE 4- 5996 is about to arrive after clause 10 in the Code is added.

" Membership for Correctional objective units

ARTICLE 10 /Q-(1) Union is the minimum number of animal, hive, in the criteria established by the Ministry as a member of a candidate who is involved in the program and/or the noble members of its own type, or who want to take advantage of the opportunities of unity without the opportunity to become a member of the united states. Candidate members are not able to contribute and vote with the general organization.

(2) Aidate and receive input from members of the group. A general assembly is determined by the entry of the entry and not to exceed the maximum specified by the Ministry of Aidat. The service fee to be determined at the general assembly is available when services to the members are provided to the public. The provisions concerning the entry of the entry for the units, the cost of the year, and the cost of service are also applicable to the central troops.

(3) Membership and loss of membership, and the maximum number of years of entry and year of entry It is determined by the regulation that is being used. "

MADDE 5- 5996 to come after the 10th clause is in the following item is added.

" Revenue and exemptions for the Correctional Intended Troops

MADDE 10 /D-(1) The revenues of the Union were paid for entering the members of the Union, It generates annual dues, service costs, media, yardage, and other revenue.

(2) The Union is responsible for all assets and assets that are involved in its creditors.

(3) Unity, dated 24/4/1969, and cooperatives established according to the Code of Cooperatives of 1163 It will benefit from any tax and levy exemption. "

MADDE 6- 5996 is about to come after the 10th clause is added.

" Control of the rearable forces units

ARTICLE 10 /E-(1) Ministry, protection of animal gene resources, order, development, In terms of marketing and marketing activities, the front soy file can delegate units to and from troops with units of records, such as a soy file, and documentation. The Ministry can provide the same and cash support to the troops on technical services and on-the-line and education services, control the activities of them within the scope of this Law and ensure that they are required to see. The minister holds representatives of the general assembly of troops and central units.

(2) The Ministry, its troops and central units are animal to administrative, financial, legal and technical aspects. It controls the Ministry, through the controls, and the controls. In addition, the audit results are notified by the Minister and the central units can also check the member units through their control boards. Central troops and troops are obliged to comply with the instructions given to the Ministry within the framework of the provisions of this Law, according to the audit results.

(3) As a result of the audits, the positions of the units, units, and The members of the board of directors and their senior executives, in the case of detailed actions and actions taken by the Ministry, in the case of the specific actions and actions taken to the law, the Ministry said that the public benefit and service requirements are considered to be delayed by taking into consideration. In the future, it could cause damages for power or damage. May remove these people from the task with a certain period of time, or end a measure by the measure, with the intent of preventing it from being opened. In this case, the Ministry will take the necessary measures to ensure that a general assembly of the general assembly is held within a year.

(4) The institutions and organizations that credit the units, in accordance with the effort of the loans granted check the plan and project availability, technical features, and quality, if using.

(5) The goods, money, and money provision for these installations are owned by and In case of confidential, ledger and documentation are requested to show, respect and review the administrators, controllers, staff and credit setups that are assigned to the administrators, to help you count and review them. to give the information in full and complete and complete As they are obligated to present in the brain, the Ministry has to give all kinds of information, documents and records of themselves fully within the time of recognition.

(6) Members of the board of directors and the union are free of damages from their own imperfecto They're responsible. They are punished as a public servant to the crimes and actions of the individual, including the money and property of the individual, the balance sheet, the minutes, the report, and the paperwork, the ledger and the documents that they have committed.

(7) Usul and fundamental regulations of this Article are provided by the Ministry of Business from the server. "

MADDE 7- 5996 to come after the 10th clause is in the following item is added.

" Service and liquidation of the intended reactionary units

MADDE 10 /F-(1) Union; when the main commitment is required, with the general assembly's decision, the disclosure of bankruptcy, The Union's provincial directorate has approved the number of members of the union, as well as the number of directors and supervisory boards. The Ministry has confirmed that it has not been able to reach the installation, and the Ministry has approved a general manager's approval.

(2) The registration of units is to be declared with registration to the Trade Registry.

(3) The installation, organs, churning, and essences of the resuitive forces The provisions of the Code of Cooperatives are enforced in this Law as a result of the development and liquidations of this Law. "

ARTICLE 8- The bottom of the 10th clause of the count 5996 Code is in effect It will be removed.

MADDE 9- 5996 is the addition of a temporary clause in the count code.

" The compliance of existing animal-capable troops.

INVALID ARTICLE 2-(1) The intended animal that was installed on the date of the effective date of this item The forces of the center will continue to operate. However, these troops and central troops have to make their main commitments in accordance with the rules and principles set out by the Ministry of the Ministry. In nine months, the troops will consider themselves if they do not align their main commitments with regulations within twelve months. "

ARTICLE 10- This Law will be effective 7/11/2014 on the release date


ARTICLE 11- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.