Law No 21/2016 Creating A Common Fund For Judges And Prosecutors And Judges Of The State Council And The Military Judges And Members Of The Supreme Constitutional Court And The State Attorney In The Department Of State Issues

Original Language Title: القانون رقم /21/ لعام 2016 القاضي بإحداث صندوق مشترك لقضاة الحكم والنيابة العامة وقضاة مجلس الدولة والقضاة العسكريين وأعضاء المحكمة الدستورية العليا ومحامي الدولة لدى إدارة قضايا الدولة

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Law No 21/President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 26-10-1437 Hijri 31-7-2016 a.d..

Issue the following.

Article (1) occurs a common fund for judges and prosecutors and judges of the State Council and the military judges and members of the Supreme Constitutional Court and the State Attorney in the Department of State issues.

Article (2) consist of Fund resources.

A-aid and grants provided by the State and its institutions.

B-200 worth 200 judicial scrutiny SP.

Article (3) benefits from the proceeds evenly judges and State attorneys outlined in article 1 of this law operators on top of their work.

Article (4) benefits from the proceeds evenly judges and State attorneys outlined in article (1) of this law or health and retirees demobilized by 50 percent, which is distributed to men based on their head.

Article (5) by decision of the Minister of Justice determines the shape and specifications of the close location and place glued to the documents and papers to other jurisdictions and to oversee the administrative and financial fund.

Article (6) devolves updated Fund under legislative decree number (3) for 2002 and updated Fund under Legislative Decree No 33 of 2008 by the date this law in favor of updated Fund under article (1).

Article (7) the income of the Fund shall be exempt from all taxes and fees.

Article 8 repeals Decree # 3 of 2002 and Decree # 12 of 2003 legislative decree number 94 for 2005 and the Legislative Decree No 33 of 2008.

Article (9) this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 27-11-1437 Hijri for 30-8-2016 a.d..

President Bashar Al-Assad