Act Of 1975 Doctorate Holders Are Appointed By The Ranking Masters

Original Language Title: القانون 17 لعام 1975 المرتبة التي يعين فيها حاملو الدكتواره والماجستير

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Act of 1975 doctorate holders are appointed by rank, master of the President based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 23-11-1983 issue: article 1-a-doctorate degree campaign sets, which preceded the first university degree, recognized by the Ministry of education certificates drawn mainly from fourth place if the assignment in accordance with the provisions of the basic law and salary equivalents if set on systems not tracking system Grading and the mattresses attached to staff act unless the provisions in force in the doctorate campaign set salaries and higher degrees.

B-master's campaign sets that precede the first university degree recognized by the Commission on the equivalence of certificates in the Ministry of education in the third class of fourth place if the assignment in accordance with the provisions of the basic law and salary equivalents if set on systems that do not follow the system of grading mattresses attached to staff act unless the provisions in force set a Masters campaign with a higher salary.

C excludes appointed according to the provisions of this law from the requirement to contest.

Article 2-a-Tsui by decision of the competent Minister General workers in other modes of doctorates and master's campaign managers working date of this law or deemed by administrators who say their grades or their salary limit set forth in the preceding article by giving them a salary or class mentioned that keeps the class 2 grade 4 or equivalent for PhD and mainly of the fifth rank or equivalent for the salary earned by the masters For the next promotion.

Workers who have attained grade or salary specified in article I overtook them or they are granted additional degree or equivalent salary while gaining them the qualification for promotion provided that this does not exceed the first class of the first order or equivalent in salary.

B-retired pensioners conditions to settlement date of this law without pay earlier as cleared when returned to the job.

C-If the vacancy situation is vacancy settlement date.

D-not required in order to settle the situation may, however, post adjustment when there is a vacant post of the same rank and score or pay them well, renamed by decision of the competent Minister.

Article 3-required for settlement provided for in paragraph (a) of the preceding article only have doctorate or master's degree holder has already benefited in degree or equivalent salary or salary class specified in article first or second.

Article 4.-the decision of the premier doctorate and master's degree campaign sorted by jurisdiction for appointment in accordance with the provisions of this law on ministries, departments and public institutions, municipal institutions and other parts of the public sector.

B-mandatory staffing of any public body subject to the law of the staff regulations and amendments necessary functions to set ranking sorted after them if sufficient staffing vacancies.

 It also added a sentence when you need an Angel any other public authorities the number of vacancies is equivalent to the number of those certificates unsorted for appointment.

C expenditures arising from recruitment and regularization of persons covered by the provisions of this law provided the overall balance the recruitment or settlement in case of insufficient appropriations for salaries.

D-develop a provision added functionality in accordance with paragraph (b) of this article if the transfer function added to another Angel.

Article 5 of this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective as of the date of the first month following the date of its release.

Damascus on 26-11-1395 and 29-11-1975 President Hafez Al-Assad