Act Of 1981 Central Body Code To Control And Inspection

Original Language Title: القانون 24 لعام 1981 قانون الهيئة المركزية للرقابة والتفتيش

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Act of 1981 central body Act of censorship and the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting on 21-8-1401 23-6-1981 issue: the first chapter in the terms of reference of the Commission and in areas of work article 1 – terminology means in this law, the following concepts: body: central body of control and inspection.

Council: the Supreme Council of the central body of control and inspection.

Group: specialist unit at the center of the body.

Section: central body of control and inspection in the province.

Section: a specialist in group or branch or Directorate.

Inspection staff: the Chairman of the Commission, his staff, and the heads of groups and branches, departments, managers, inspectors and inspectors ' aides.

Interim Commissioner: both the cost to participate in an inspection mission of competent and experienced personnel in affiliates to control body.

Article 2 – a central body of control and inspection of an independent regulatory body associated with the prime objective of achieving effective control over the work of the departments and institutions of the State's dysfunctional in order to: 1. develop administrative work.

2. protection of public money.

3. production efficiency and raise the level of efficiency and performance.

4. facilitate the provision of services to citizens.

    B-control and inspection authority and the administrative investigation specified in this law and in the manner specified therein.

Article 3 — reference body exercise: a – the Arab Baath Socialist Party, the central command of the national progressive front, regarding the management of their respective funds and invested.

     B – ministries, departments, except as follows: 1. the arming and organizing things and numbers concerning the Ministry of defence.

2. matters relating to the internal security forces of the Ministry of the Interior.

3. the administrative and ordinary courts, real estate, things that fall within the competence of the judicial Inspectorate under the laws in force.

     C – municipalities, public institutions and public companies and establishments, and public bodies with legal personality, the directorates of endowments, and local administration units.

     D remuneration committees – agricultural work, the arbitration board up for agricultural work, and to committees of issues of layoffs, including administrative judicial character profiles solely on inspection and investigation on Administrative and financial matters.

     -Joint sector institutions and companies specified by decision of the Prime Minister.

     And – the special institutions and establishments that have a relationship or impact in education and public health.

     G – grassroots organizations, associations and clubs of different types.

     H – any other State to grant loans or advances or subsidies, or guaranteeing them a minimum of profit or have a relationship or impact in the conversion process.

     Article 4.-without prejudice to the competence of the body occur in each Ministry, Department, or institution or company, or an enterprise, or public body or administrative unit, internal control devices follow the administrative side, which observers said called the Minister, upon proposal of the President of the Commission.

     B internal control aims to: 1. enable the Department to take note of how to conduct business in affiliates, within the general mandate of the body, revealing: glitches and growling, causes of underproduction, and insufficient implementation of plans 2. proposal development reasons, increase efficiency and production.

3. support the Commission in the performance of their duties.

     C – internal oversight shall include: 1. achieve administrative violations walmslket.

2. achieve what can stand on it or referred to it by the Department or body of citizens ' complaints.

3. put a hand to the economic crimes and other offences and offences against public money committed by affiliates and reservation on its facts and evidence until directly competent realization.

4. some issues relating to the offences referred to in article 3 to delegation of authority.

5. implementation of the specific control and inspection work through annual work plans or established emergency management in agreement with the Commission.

     D – internal oversight reports progress as a result of its work to the administration which communicated to the Commission after opinion without prejudice to the right Department in administrative action walmslkih in the general competence and internal oversight reports body treatment body itself reports.

     -Observers in internal controls immunity of transfer and assignment and discipline, may not be transferred or assigned or punished by their superiors specialists only with the approval of the President of the Commission and – while retaining the provisions of the preceding paragraph of this article keeps internal oversight staff their careers and gain their rights.

     G – regulate internal oversight work rules in the rules of procedure of the Commission and Ministers puts internal regulations of their internal controls, without prejudice to the provisions of this law and the rules of procedure of the Commission.

     Article 5 – taking into account the terms of reference of the Committee on observation and inspection of the Arab Baath Socialist Party and the central financial control and management of the Justice Ministry's judicial inspection body exercises the following powers:-opinion on the validity of the instructions, decisions and communications efficiency and provide appropriate recommendations for reconsideration.

B monitoring the implementation of laws and regulations and instructions and decisions and similar communications issued by the administrative authorities and track their impact and gaps and mistakes through the application.

C – monitoring the implementation of economic, social and cultural plans and educational and timely health and achieved their goals. The authority to do all it can to achieve this task.

D-work to strengthen the role of scrutiny in accordance with the provisions of this law.

-Opinion on the final accounts.

F-spot oversight on the performance of tasks by affiliates to control body for the prevention of error and continue upon request of the public authorities with the approval of the Prime Minister stop action or missions in case of possible injury to public funds or has occurred.

G — verify the integrity of public expenditure and ensure efficiency to achieve the purposes and avoid public funds and property of the people waste and loss.

H – examine complaints by citizens of breaking rules and regulations and negligence in the performance of job duties and address suggestions seem to them with a view to improving services and regular workflow and quickly done.

I – administrative and financial irregularities detected and crimes of parts workers on the occasion of its supervision work performance and achievement of these irregularities and follow mslkia to the competent authorities within the laws and regulations in force and to propose ways to avoid and prevent repetition and screening applications submitted on such irregularities and offences of public entities or grassroots organizations.

J – achieving the graft issues listed in the law number/64/history 15-6-1958, as amended, and its implementing decisions, commissioned by the Prime Minister and in this case the investigator shall enjoy the powers and functions granted to the committees referred to in the law and the decisions referred to.

K – monitoring the proper implementation of the health protection plans and achieved the goals of the State in protecting public health, including protection of workers in the various productive activities.

Article 6 – investigators in infractions and crimes referred to in the preceding article that questioned the people who appear in connection with these offences and crimes and that they were not working in affiliates to control body.


Chapter II article 7-a body composition-Board consists of: 1. the Supreme Council.

2. the central administrations.

3. sub departments.

B – determines the rules of procedure of the body: groups, directorates, branches, departments, and offices of those specified in paragraph (a) of this article.

C the working device consists of body: 1. inspection employees defined in article 1 of this law, and constitute a technical device in the body.

2. administrators and users and workers.

D-heads of groups and branches and departments. Directorate is headed by a Director, employing a number of inspectors and staff, employees and workers, to be determined by decision of the Chairman of the Commission on the proposal of the Board.

Article 8 – a – the Board is a decision of the Prime Minister and consists of: 1. the President of the Commission.

2. eight members of whom aides Chair plus one representative from each of the heads of groups and branches and departments and functional directorates managers and inspectors chosen by seniority in the body if drawn two foot higher and were selected on this exercise must not be less than labour representative for seven years.

B is one of the Council Secretariat staff designated by the President.

Article 9 – the Council missions: a study of the following and suggest appropriate recommendations: 1. determine the number of employees in: groups, branches, departments and divisions.

2. rehabilitation plans body workout.

3. the annual work plans, projects proposed by the heads of groups and branches and monasteries.

4. supervisory work coordination plans for projects with other oversight bodies after agreeing with her superiors.

5. draft budget for the Commission.

6. draft amendment of the body and its rules.

7. matters referred by the Commission. b – approve the following: 1. the methods of work of the organs of the body.

2. working methods of the groups and sections.

3. defining the scope of the work groups.

4. the annual report containing the results of the implementation of plans of action in the body and highlight experiences formed through inspection and monitoring business, investigative and circulated.

5. action to be taken on the matters ascribed to inspection staff in light of the findings of the Council to study the ongoing investigation reports with them.

6. the inspection training grounds covered by the training and examination rules of behavior and the foundations of success.

7. remuneration of experts hired by the Commission.

8. naming heads of groups and branches and departments and managers and their assistants.

9. move the heads and managers and their staff and department heads.

10. organizing rules giving workers overtime compensation Commission. c – trial of disciplinary inspection personnel in a disciplinary board in accordance with the provisions laid down in chapter v of this law.

Article 10 – a – Board meetings led by invitation.

B – legal Council meetings are not only in the presence of a majority of members.

C-Board decisions relative majority when a tie likely next President.

D-internal system sessions the Council and how it works and adjust decisions and audited.

Article 11 – a – transaction cases are referred to the Board by the Chairman or by the Deputy in charge on his behalf.

B – the decisions of the Council and adopt its recommendations from the President's decision.

Article 12 – at the invitation of the Chairman of the Commission sees benefit in attending meetings of the Board of:-heads of groups and branches and departments and managers and inspectors from non-Council members.

B-popular organizations and trade unions.

C – experts and specialists and Commissioners temps.

And invited to participate in the discussion of topics concerning them or within the area of their expertise and competence without the right to vote.

Article 13 – a – chairs the Decree appointed head body and treated as a Minister in the authority and rights.

Manages and oversees the work of the Commission to follow up the implementation of resolutions of the Board and is responsible for the proper conduct of business.

B – the President of the Commission to the President of the Republic and the Parliament and Prime Minister periodically show working conditions in its supervision of providers and the performance level of its workers and its effectiveness and identify administrative authorities requested action and provided recommendations and proposals to address the shortcomings of texts and systems and their compatibility with rules and performance gaps and mistakes and how responsive the authorities mentioned to these requests, recommendations and proposals.

C – Prime Minister invite the Chairman of the Board to attend meetings of the Cabinet and the Supreme councils headed by and participate in the discussion without the right to vote.

Article 14 — issue the rules of procedure of the Commission decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal of the Board.

Article 15 – President of the Board of one of my aides on his behalf in his absence by the President of the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Commission.

Article 16 of the Commission:

-To delegate to his staff and heads of some branches.

B – entrust some challenged jurisdiction of State employees or other financial or economic studies or other reward specified in a decision.

C – joint inspection missions, formation of the inspection staff and temporary Commissioners are nominated by agreement with their superiors and to exercise control, inspection and investigation of certain cases.

And the Commissioner swears oath: "I swear by Almighty God to do my work honestly and sincerely and performing career with keeping a" d-parts workers hauling its supervision on the disciplinary authorities for prosecution for disciplinary reasons.

-Request the competent administrative authority to reconsider sanctions imposed by easing or tightening, to be more appropriate.

And – help version after the approval of the Prime Minister to suspend disbursement of cash and material values if: 1. commit a criminal incident.

2. the offence provisions of laws and regulations.

3. deviations from plans.

G – to intervene or through a letter rogatory in cases related to offences punishable under statutes and economic sanctions and act in all its phases in accordance with the provisions of legislative decree 46//of 8-8-1977 containing events of economic security courts.

H – attend Board meetings to approve final budgets and releasing the Board of directors or management committees in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 9/18/15-2-1974 and law/1/31-1-1976 worker can, speaking in the presence of Board meetings held in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 9/18/referenced.

I – application to the Ministry of Finance take custody on movable and immovable property belonging to persons attributed to them under the initial or final investigations into embezzlement of public funds or damage. Reservation of funds to address may return these people are enduring spouses unless they have acquired the money of their own.

Article 17 representing the heads of the provincial body sections and they are accountable to the Chairman of the Commission on the functioning and supervision of department heads and inspectors and inspectors and assistants working in branches, and they filter and Exchange Amuro financial appropriations for budgets of branches.


The third chapter in the appointment, transfer and assignment in article 18 — who occupies one of the inspection body functions: 1. to be pregnant with a college degree and went on graduating more than 5 years.

2. must not have been issued. During his career or professional disciplinary punishment severe 3-must not have committed any offence contrary to the duties of the job or profession and honor article 19 – a – Inspector works by: 1. direct recruitment in accordance with the laws and regulations in force concerning public appointments in the State.

2. transfer to one of the vacancies on the Board of the State under the law of the staff regulations, as amended.

3. the assignment to the body without a vacancy from State employees not subject to the law of the staff regulations, as amended.

B follow the Inspector assigned or transferred or delegate training in body control and inspections and investigations for one year and can be extended similar period by the President of the Commission on the proposal of the Council, terminate the appointment of a representative be transferred and assigned to the previous administration if it proves his ability to end or during the training period.

C – inspector appointed committed or transferred or delegate during the internship inspection staff duties and does not enjoy rights of inspection and compensation compensation move in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article 20 – exclude inspection staff prior to this law of the provisions of section/article/1/18/article/19/.

Article 21 – a – except the duration clause contained in article/article/1/18/ex: 1. posted on an Angel associate trainee Inspector function body of rank/5/class/2/University Bachelors after their success in a contest conducted by the Commission and sets the rules and foundations of success.

2. University graduates can be moved from public workers with a distant fourth or fifth equivalent or reassigned to work in the job Assistant Inspector.

B without prejudice to the provisions of article 12 of the staff regulations, as amended, aides are trained inspectors recruited or almkolin or three years including one year in public bodies and two years in the Commission and in the institutes and training centers.

C organize training Associates founded the inspectors by resolution of the Board.

D – called trainee inspectors, after his success in nursing examination determines its rules by a decision of the Council and unsuccessful moves to one of the other functions of the State or in one of the administrative body functions and are eligible for promotion service training period due.

– President of the Board may entrust trainee Inspector associate who completed his training in public bodies exercising regulatory or investigative or inspection tasks.

Article 22 – called Decree President aides either heads of groups and branches and departments and managers, called the decision of the Council.

Article 23 – the Chairman may undertake or branch or Department or Manager to perform an inspector based on approval of the plan by decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal by the President of the Commission.

Article 24 – a – body workout can be moved within the city or town for the one: a decision of the President of the Commission for the inspectors.

B – inspection personnel may be transferred out of the body by a decision of the Prime Minister upon a proposal from the Council.

C – transfer of administrative workers and users and workers within the body to the head of transport outside either body would apply general rules.



Chapter IV on the rights and duties of inspectors article 25 – divides the inspection workers performing work the following oath: "I swear by Almighty God upon my honour and my belief to do my job honestly and with complete confidentiality and that he followed the course that cultivates and serve the people and the general interests and protect its unity, freedom and socialism."

B – President and his body right in front of the Prime Minister either other employees performed in front of the Chair.

C – leading aides inspectors left, after the training period.

Article 26: the inspection workers follows: a judge's behaviour.

B obligation to keep secrets can still access them by virtue of their employment except offer them to their bosses or delivered before the courts and disciplinary bodies in accordance with the provisions of article 55 of this Act.

C not to engage in trade or any other business or conveyance is incompatible with job duties and dignity.

D – not exercise experience even without pay.

-Not to exercise arbitration or teaching at universities and junior colleges, vocational schools or art only with the permission of the Commission.

Article 27-workers may inspect if they feel embarrassed for whatever reason when handling the topic assigned to accomplish that they asked to step down in writing.

               The head of the body that authorizes them to do so.

Article 28 – a – rurales inspection except monthly inspection inspectors compensate assistants is a compensation of work by 50% of the monthly salary applicable lump under Legislative Decree No 44/of 18-7-1974 to at least 300. O monthly.

B does not benefit from the compensation specified in the preceding paragraph, the Chairman of the Board.

C receive monthly compensation inspectors aides seen as compensation for the work of 200 l. O.

D – is an integral part of inspection compensation compensation and does not enter in the application of the law of insurance and pensions and social security nor enter into account all other compensation ceilings or in whatever picture or label.

Article 29 – charging does not preclude compensation stipulated in the preceding article without payment of compensation, competence and professional compensation prescribed in the applicable provisions.

Article 30 – a – inspection personnel are prohibited from including public Awards addressed delegates meet additional business practically throw except promotional bonuses and rewards to authoring and teaching fees.

B – the President may entrust their employees work overtime to increase productivity and regulatory work or urgency of inspection or verification and related decision determines for commissioning and within the ceilings laid down in Legislative Decree No 167/1963, as amended.

     And governing rules give the body overtime compensation and terms, the decision of the Council.

Article 31 – a – inspection workers receive compensation for moving freight on a signed list of them which codified a date come and go with the day and the time.

             The following marks on the travel authorization papers belonging to the accompanying administrative staff and users, workers, drivers and determine where the historic coming and going with the day and the time and places toured.

B – offset determines the daily inspection employees jump equivalent: 1-day describes the day premium salary lump sum when moving from province to another regardless of the task duration.

2-day premium salary lump sum when moving within one province, regardless of the task duration and are ruling Conservative rural provinces belonging to the provinces one cities.

Article 32 – members of inspection missions from non-inspection while exercising their rights and powers of inspection and workers are committed to their duties and report to the competent body and they swear by performing errands right referred to in paragraph (c) of article 16 of this law.


Chapter v on the immunity of inspectors and tried their Lord first-in immunity article 33 – a – enjoy immunity all inspection personnel except aides inspectors as outlined in this code and are excluded from inspection workers immunity delegates to public bodies regarding their actions in detail.

B immunity is to protect the worker from transportation, assignment and dismissal, transportation and the voluntary assignment: the transfer or assignment outside the body and transfer or assignment including the city or town to another or from one job to another are not matched by.

Article 34 – excluded from the immunity: a – inspection workers who haven't gone on appointed or transferred or assigned to the term specified in paragraph b of article/19/b – who require transfer or assignment in writing.

C – who are transferred in accordance with the cases specified in article/24/.

D – persons convicted by the heavier penalty of salary cut.

II. the disciplinary and legal accountabilities traces.

Article 35 – a – for the Council to impose the following penalties against employees of inspection: 1. the blame.

2. cut salary.

3. heroes promotion.

4. dismissal.

1. the penalty blame: a working inspection notice book contains the offence and request to avoid returning to commit or committing similar.

     The resolution may not record blame working log jam.

2. penalty for cutting compensation: a deduction of an amount not exceeding 10% of the gross monthly salary for a period of not less than one month and not more than one year.

3. promotion heroes penalty: deprivation inspection working die promotion for a period not exceeding two years.

4. the penalty of dismissal: a working service inspection and rivers filter his rights according to law and order.

And may not be working per diem inspection reset of service to the body or any other control.

Article 36 – a – inspection staff shall be referred to the Council by decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal by the Chairman of the Board in the following cases: 1. the breach of duties.

2. the offence provisions of article 26 of this law.

3. abuse, say or do or write to the dignity or personal dignity of the body.

4. breaking rules and regulations in force.

And this decision shall be published in the Official Gazette.

B shall not cease by shops on board only by decision of the Council itself.

C the Council should entrust the inspection mission to investigate.

D-Board shops use inspection worker to defend him.

E-If the assigned inspection mission represents Jazz Award in hearing and right to challenge it in the appointment of five days from the day following the date of notice.

If the Board decides not to attend after objection stated his objection.

And — the trial before the Council.

G – subject decisions of the Board of appeal by the defendant before the Court of Cassation authority consisting of criminal cases, within ten days from the date of communication.

H – penalty dismissal by Decree, other sanctions are implemented by Decree of the President of the Commission.

Article 37 – do not accept inspection personnel not quarreling in the cases of cheating and fraud.

Article 38 — Chairman of the Board directed to employees of the inspection, if efficiency and performance at work, the following measures: a verbal note.

B Note.

C oral stimulation.

D – alarm Dialer.

Article 39 – are claiming the right to general offences committed by employees in the course of inspection or outside job but by the Attorney General, with the permission of the Committee referred to in article 114 of the judicial authority Act promulgated by Legislative Decree No/98/history 15-11-1961, or at the request of the Council when the disciplinary trial no offence. In this case the Board defers consideration of disciplinary matters pending criminal matters an resolution bits.

Article 40 – the working inspection shall be referred to the Court of Cassation plenary consisting of criminal cases, according to assets set out in the following articles: article 41 – a – public prosecutor representing the public right.

B – the President of the court appoints one of its judges to do a job investigating judge in criminal matters with calls for investigation of ordinary materials. Upon the decision of the magistrate, working the defendant inspection shall be referred to the Court, and the magistrate does not participate in the trial.

C non-trial required resolution remedies.

D – decisions may be challenged to prevent the trial and abandoning the way, by an actor.

-For plaintiff the right to challenge the decision to prevent the trial only.

And – for the detainee the right to challenge the decision of the requested procedure.

G – separated by a Chamber of the Court of Cassation is not involved in the formation of public authority to be considered in this case basis alaton, which must be submitted, detailing according to criminal assets, and be non-decision review methods.

H-for all law enforcement officers to be investigated act according to laws, that knows it cannot judge immediately as soon as a report to the Attorney General.

I – the victim of crime in the lawsuit claiming personally to ordinary provisions during the investigation and trial.

— If the proceeding on an inspection and had his partners or non-inspection of rubberneckers, being tried together before the Supreme Court in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

K – public agency may decide to stop working hand inspection supplements, working hand desisted is ruled after the issuance of the arrest warrant against him or let him post before the note.

-Public authority is entitled to decide to terminate the effect of Palm and, during the trial to release the arrested inspections working.

P being the inspection workers arrested in a room at the Palace of Justice.

— Implement the sentenced imprisonment of inspection at places independent of places for other prisoners.

Q — judgments and decisions issued by the Supreme Court in accordance with the provisions of this chapter concluded and not only audit methods to object to provisions in absentia at a date five days starting from the day following the date of the communication III in article 42 inspection staff responded – inspection staff may be reimbursed for one of the following reasons: – if his wife or a direct or indirect interest in the issue, even after the dissolution of marriage.

B-If between him and one of them complained about or affinity to the fourth degree.

C if one orator complained.

D-If you ever had one agent complained of them in its privacy or trustee or values.

-If one of them complained was chosen by a provision in an earlier case.

And – if you find between him and one of them complained enmity.

G – if she had established with one complained them or a relative or even msahrih fourth degree, criminal or civil action during the previous five years.

H-if ever, less than two years ago, President or a subordinate one complained them.

In all these cases is not true because the investigator with reply others article 43 – a – request reply, causing the Inspector right at the beginning of the investigation and before interrogation, unless due to respond during the investigation, the investigator is obliged to write request after taking detailed identity of the Detective with him, don't preclude continued to investigate, learn body request reply within 24 hours for Damascus during 72 hours for other areas.

              He may apply to the President of the Commission before the beginning of the investigation or questioning the head of the House-request reply, the decision thereof within five days of arrival, and may request the coroner investigate or discontinue during the consideration of the request.

C – accidents that may lead to the loss of notch delayed milestones and evidence of the case, detective investigation, custody of documents, records and evidence until it was replaced by the investigator so decides.

D – may retaliate against the decision of the President of the Commission before the Council within five days from the day following the date of notice, without appeal does not preclude further investigation requested by the investigator.

-In case the decision of the reply, it costs another detective pursuing the case or investigative procedures to its beginning.

And – don't accept request response in cases of investigation.

G – regulate procedures apply reply and consideration in the rules of procedure.


Chapter vi in exercising oversight and inspection, investigation and powers of inspectors article 44 – reference body exercise coordination with other oversight bodies, in accordance with a plan of action to avoid duplication of supervisory work, preventing obstruction of administrative acts and productive article 45 – use the body when exercising their duties, the competent organs of popular organizations when missions in relevant organizations and identify their use of assets and the rules of procedure.

Article 46 – the inspection employees doing their exercise of authority: a – request documents and official papers and view them or keep them or by duly regulating it.

All parts workers meet their demands body control and information required of them.

B attend the meetings of the boards and committees of actors at the request of the body control the boards and committees in cases due appreciation of the Commission where attendance is not being reductive about responsibilities.

C attending conferences and seminars held by affiliates to control body commissioned by its President and representatives in these conferences and seminars to participate in ongoing discussions and observations and recommendations without the right to vote.

D – the use of experts in things that stop know or reveal what expertise after their swearing in oath: "I swear by Almighty God to do my work honestly and faithfully to discharge my secret."

E-on-demand to be placed in their duration of control or inspection or investigation means and possibilities that will facilitate the task in particular: 1. a sufficient number of operands in those who control or inspection or investigation.

2. transportation needed to perform the task.

3. the proper functioning of Headquarters oversight or inspection or investigation.

Article 47 — to demand inspection personnel assigned by the Chairman or delegate it to take the measures required by the inspection and Investigation Bureau.

-Stop administrative leave if inspections or investigations in cases of force majeure could leave some employees with the approval of the requested changes.

B-call complained for questioning under a memorandum specifying the date of his presence and can be called directly as his writ may have required.

C – the Palm of the hands when workers call the public interest not to perseverance to work properly, the following rules: 1. the Palm of the hand to the Commission decision on the preliminary report prepared by the Inspector, the Inspector may issue a decision the Palm of the hand in cases of necessity that the President knows that.

2. Palm's decision immediately and reach with a preliminary report to the authority exercising the right to take measures in the statutes curator ship laws he credits right hand.

3. eliminates the Palm of the hand by the head of the body after the investigation and approval of the Presidency or in case the expiration configuration why call approval.

This does not apply to credits the hand behind the stacks of sight.

D – listen to the calls for the investigation to be heard as witnesses in accordance with the following assets: 1. communication memoranda calling witnesses before the appointed day to listen to them at least 24 hours and can be called directly as possible 2. Each witness is heard separately after verifying his identity and can interview witnesses or witnesses and complained to them when appropriate.

3. the witness swears oath: "I swear by Almighty God to witness the truth without a spinner."

4. write each witness testimony in the record containing the questions and his answers.

5. follow the witness statement approved by signature or fingerprint and then prevent it or referred to it in the record.

6. in the last number of record sheets which contained witness expects every newspaper working ones.

7. asset tracking described in previous items while adjusting the testimony of other investigators, including experts.

8. upon completion of the investigation the names table arranges the interrogators and listening to their dates and number of sheets, transcripts of depositions.

9. it is not permissible to get scratch and interrogation that permeate the lines he knew if omitting or increased working shall inspect and the person questioned the signing and ratification of bevel and addition in the margin of the record and null all glosses to or delete or add non-validated.

10. listen for information to persons who have not attained the age of fifteen to fellow tribesmen.

11. the Chairman of the Commission decision imposing a fine not exceeding LS 300 each or summoned to testify and trailed her performance and collected in accordance with the law of collecting public funds.

12. If a witness who attended the fine imposed at the next meeting he sorry Jazz projects exempt from fines.

13. for the inspection of the working to issue a subpoena to the witness right redneck.

14. a witness who requests the transport expense if a factor in non-State or lump where workers compensation assessed by the Commission.

15. If the witness is unable to attend due to illness, a medical report is going to his home to hear his testimony.

16. If the questioning of witnesses and others are staying outside the working area the inspection to appoint one of his colleagues in that region to adjust his testimony.

17. in surrogacy points that must be reported and the Agency to implement the surrogacy and sends the record to the penitent.

E-application to the competent administrative authority mandate additional timers including public holidays if necessary to avoid backlogs and delays restrictions or get some work done that called interest of inspection or investigation.

And-investigating workplaces in General affiliates Control Panel and accessories if they serve the purposes of the investigation, including the inspection of their premises workers after asking President in charge of the body.

     In urgent circumstances required by conditions of inspection or investigation, this procedure can be performed directly on that knows the President in charge of it at the time.

Article 48 – after completion of each inspection or verification or monitoring mission is serving one or more report inspection results of its work, including what he thinks of the demands and proposals and recommendations, including: a — recommendations for a text to improve performance and avoid gaps and shortcomings and bugs.

B reviewing the administrative structure as secure and safety performance.

C imposition of disciplinary penalties.

D – request for dismissal in accordance with the provisions of article 85 of the staff regulations Act number/135/1945 and its amendments in cases affecting the integrity or ineffective or insufficient functionality.

     Unlike all the text becomes subject to dismissal decree issued upon a proposal of the Commission in cases involving ineffective or insufficient functionality for regulation before the administrative courts are contrary to provisions in force effective disciplinary procedures deadlines suspended and sanctions laid down in the labour code with the number/91/1959 and its amendments in special use systems based on direct mechanism of internal oversight investigations.

E-request general proceedings in crimes that enumerate the penal laws regarding acts committed because of the post or on the occasion of the performance.

And the request to the designated administrative authorities – take in private prosecution according to claim a public right or a civil action when selecting oppositional incident to claim rights and compensation for material and moral damage.

     Generally request address findings of oversight work, inspections and investigations.

Article 49 — no inspection staff reports are considered final only after approval by the body as defined in the rules of procedure.


Chapter VII exercise body functions and dealing with the consequences of its article 50 – exercise jurisdiction and authority expired by affiliates control and its effectiveness are inspected and monitored.

Article 51 – the Commission reports to the Prime Minister about the actions of Ministers and Governors in violation of laws and regulations or about what is attributed to them.

Article 52 – addressed its observations result body and administrative authorities communicated observations recommendations and suggestions and requests.

B – targeted recommendations legislative and regulatory matters and Exchange opinion inspection staff with the officials and specialists and administration address these recommendations and can be locked in dialogue with the Commission in which to submit its view or develop the necessary instruments for adoption. The head of the Commission these recommendations and opinions to the Prime Directive, in case of differences of views between the body and the administration or in the event of negligent management addressed or implemented.

C addressing business process observations and body fines employees and their mansions with suggestions for performance tuning and to impose disciplinary penalties against offenders and hidden defaulting to the administrative authority to pronounce on the proposals within a maximum period of 30 days from the date to which it is communicated and what should be implemented upon agreement between the sides within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of the agreement. The Commission has the right to view the case, in the event of disagreement or delay the execution, on top.

D – the Commission requests the administrative authorities: avoid mistakes and shortcomings and recover the rights of the Treasury and public funds and cooperative sector funds and other funds in ruling on public funds. And to take action to implement the request within 30 days from the date of notice and considered as not fulfilling the request or delay its implementation without justification accepted by the Chairman of the disciplinary punishment calls for ticket requests the Chairman of the Board as well as offering a teetotaler or late to pursue as shared or causer of accountability in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force.

Article 53 – infractions is punishable by disciplinary liability: a delay in responding to the requests of the Commission without reasonable excuse or not to implement the proposals and requests should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of this law.

B not to submit to the Commission documents and documents in a timely manner without due justification c – not to inform the competent departments of the Commission decisions of disciplinary bodies.

D – failure of the administrator to inform the internal control or direct authority financial and economic offences and crimes committed in its supervision actors during a period not exceeding 72 hours/date of discovery Chapter VIII miscellaneous provisions article 54 – investigation reopened again at the request of the Prime Minister or by a decision of the President of the Commission if new evidence were not discussed in previous investigations to keep to his relationship right judicial review in all cases.

Article 55 – enjoy reports confidential and regulates the respective Ministers in coordination with the Chairman of the Commission informed rules or findings to the Executive Chairman also regulates the body with the leadership of grassroots organizations should inform the reporting rules from reports or results and report the results of investigations to the administrative authorities and to communicate the results to those secret shall not preclude other infected investigation reports without submission to the courts or disciplinary authorities of the requirements of Justice.

Article 56 – considered the facts contained in inspection reports issued by the Commission are correct until proven reversed.

Article 57 – light penalties imposed shall be abolished on the resultof workers with only on the basis of an agreement between the President and the owner of the right of appointment and revocation does not have retroactive effect.

Article 58 – a – Chairman of the Commission to appeal to the Court of Cassation in disciplinary authorities ' decisions on irregularities and offences and an appeal within 30 days from the date/communicated to the b – this is not window decisions until challenged as described in the previous paragraph or after acquisition of Cassation peremptory class.

Article 59 – at all unless stipulated in this law apply to the staff of the Commission of the provisions of the law of the staff regulations and the provisions of the labour code and users, as the case may be.

Article 60 – a – permissible unloaded doctors, dentists and pharmacists of the inspection staff including delegates in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No 78/of 3-3-1970 and its amendments.

B – full time and select each of the stipulated technical compensation article 5 of Legislative Decree No 78/referred by a decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal by the President of the Commission.

C shall not combine technical compensation granted under paragraph (b) above and the technical compensation granted under other laws and regulations particularly under Legislative Decree No 22/31-10-1962, as amended, and its implementing decrees.

D-time may not be granted any compensation for extra work.

Article 61 – taking into account the provisions of law No 17/29-11-1975.

A – additional degree worth it once the inspection employees who receive during their diploma body after University degree in habilitation and personalization in matters falling within the competence of the Commission provided that the minimum duration of study for one year whether issued by Syrian Arabic universities or Arabic and foreign universities and institutes recognized by the Commission on the equivalence of certificates.

     The system identifies the certificate procedure within the competence of the Commission.

B the provisions of the preceding paragraph (a) of the listed certificates obtained during work in the body.

C does not benefit from the provision of paragraph (a) above who ever got such additional degree.

Article 62 – placental parts workers about their body control for whatever reason, does not prevent the exercise of their competencies body about their work before leaving to work for as long as the statutes in law of the staff regulations concerning disciplinary consequences.

Article 63-specialization financial reward is subject to ceilings for bonuses and compensation of employees and persons who transfer without economic sabotage or steal documents or destroyed without harming the public funds and funds that are similar or cooperative sector funds.

Article 64 – body may issue a periodical dealing with topics concerning its activities and tasks to be issued under the supervision of a Committee appoints its Chairman and members and staff of the decision of the Commission.

 President of the Board is entitled to allocate financial rewards are not subject to the limit for editing in this newsletter as a gift entitled preparing them to public bodies and other article 65 – servant determines body workout functions according to the tables appended to this law.

Article 66 – determines the balance Board in special branch to the Prime Minister's budget.


Chapter IX transitional provisions article 67 – excluding aides inspectors who have succeeded before the promulgation of this law in the examination of behavior decision by Decree/125/1974 of the provisions of paragraph (b) of article 21 of this law.

             Those who did not succeed in behavioural testing, apply the provisions of paragraphs (b) and (d) of article/22/by decision of the Council and the Commission are to transport outside the Prime Minister's decision on the proposal of the Commission.

Updated job vacancy is a provision in the event of non-availability.

Article 68 – delegates may be transferred to the authority of the inspection personnel not subject to the law of the staff regulations and amendments to an Angel body and settled their careers as following: a – called Legatus transferred to the Commission and which place it deserves after giving him the degree on every two years after receiving a university degree on the basis specified in the Basic Act and its amendments in the appointment, not to perform this settlement to grant transferred to delegate authority over salary monthly lump sum remuneration by the settlement date.

B – the body transferred to continue charging a monthly lump sum which was received has transferred from the date of transfer.

C – the difference between actual salary and the salary grade level which proved to build, increase personal allowance League. If preferred, the Fire Department is part of the salary does not encompass a full degree after degree and rank which called them gave for this part forward to additional promotions, and count this foot multiplied the surplus salary part twenty-four months and divide it by the amount of subsequent promotion according to the provisions of the basic law.

D – the provisions of legislative decree/54/1971 restoration of services, taking into account the following: 1. transfer to insurance and pension institution part of the transferred receivables are calculated in accordance with the provisions of the law on social insurance on the basis of salary and rank lump which proved to build.

2. social insurance institution Act movable, the rest of his dues, in accordance with the provisions of the Social Security Act.

3. no payments obligations for insurance and pensions in accordance with the provisions of legislative decrees/119 and 120/1961.

Article 69 – contrary to the provisions of paragraph (b) of article 2 of law No 37//1972 lead remaining amounts, date of entry into force of this law the obligations accepted services for employees transferred to the body who were not subject to the provisions of the basic law or Basic users system according to the provisions laid down in the report in the legislative decrees with numbers/119 and 120/1961.

Article 70 – expenditures resulting from the development of the provisions of this law once the State budget for fiscal year 1981.

Article 71 – contrary to the provisions of article 33//this immunity law inspection personnel transport for one month of the effective date is less than or finish the assignment of employees in the Commission decision of the Prime Minister and for once upon a proposal by the President of the Commission within the following bands: 1. transfer or delegate their maintains functional and offered them jobs before the promulgation of this law.

2. the decision to transfer those who are.

3. updated vacancies in the absence of provision in the relocated entities article 72 – the President of the Commission to implement the provisions of this law.

Article 73-eliminates the Legislative Decree 182//12-8-1969 and its amendments and repeal provisions contrary to this law.

Article 74 – this law shall be published in the official JERID.

Damascus on 7-9-1401 e 8-7-1981.


President Hafez Assad Angel body

A writer

The first


A – inspection personnel

A writer

The second


Chairman: the Minister treated all rights.

A writer

The third








Vice Chairman of the Board.






Chairman or Chief




My boss


Or the head of Department or technical department director or Inspector


The first


Chairman or Chief




The second


Or the head of Department or technical department director or Inspector


The third











Warden Tel



Inspector and Assistant Inspector



Warden Tel

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Associate Superintendent



Warden Tel

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Warden Tel

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B – administrative staff phone warden

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Associate Director






Head of service



A driver or a mechanic or elevator



Head of Division



A driver or a mechanic or elevator

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Deputy Head of Division



A driver or a mechanic or elevator

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Master Builder or master monitor



A driver or a mechanic or elevator



The Builder or the first monitor



A driver or a mechanic or elevator

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Principal clerk first or second monitor






A third observer or major writer or typist.



Authorized distributor or guard

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Authorized distributor or guard

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C users

Authorized distributor or guard



Job name



Authorized distributor or guard

The third


A writer



Authorized distributor or guard

A fourth.


A writer

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