2004 54 Law Creating A National Center For Earthquakes

Original Language Title: القانون 54 لعام 2004 القاضي بإحداث المركز الوطني للزلازل

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2004 54 law creating a National Center for earthquakes, the President of the Republic on the provisions of the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 23-10-2004 and 6-12-2004 issue: chapter I definitions article 1/following expressions mean in application of the provisions of this Bill explained about each of them.

Cabinet Minister. Minister of oil and mineral wealth. The national earthquake Council. The national seismological Center's Board Director. The Director General of the centre section. Major unit in the center sections. Sectoral units follow the Center and stations in regions or provinces, the rules of procedure. Rules of procedure of the Centre for the financial system. Financial system for earthquake Center.

Huge energy liberated is within the lithosphere in the form of vibrations at different speeds in the underground and on the surface leading to disasters and destruction of the environment and human and multiple degrees are a measured by the Richter.

Seismic engineering. Study of seismic installations under the influence of seismic forecasting. Array comparative studies of different geological activities to reach potential forecast earthquakes.

Structural Geology altktonik. The study of ground movements generated llfoalk folds and crevices of historical seismicity. Group of seismic events not recorded automatically and dating back to before 1900 seismic monitoring. A group of systems, procedures, measurements and tests and field work aimed at the collection and processing of data, studies and analyses concerning earthquakes and seismic mapping.

Chapter II earthquake National Center functions objectives article/2/a/Syrian Arabic Republic spoke at scientific public body called the National Center for earthquakes enjoys legal personality and financial autonomy and administrative headquarters in Damascus and linked to Minister of oil and mineral resources and may make branches within the country by decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Board of Directors.

B/the Centre shall have an independent budget, Special Branch, attached to the Ministry's budget into the State budget, revenues and expenditures of the entire supply following resources centre budget appropriations.

1/the annual allowance provided for in the Prime Minister's budget.

2/the revenue of the Centre's activities.

3/grants and donations, gifts and grants and donations and bequests which proposes the Board accepted and approved by the Prime Minister in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

4/no other income permitted by laws and regulations in force.

C/drain filter and its expenditure on the budget according to the rules contained in the financial system by decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Council and in agreement with the Minister of finance.

Article/3/scientific contact centre specialist and reference in the field of seismic studies and research entitled seismic monitoring of various kinds on a national level, disseminate and publish their data as necessary and the public interest.

It aims to build research and applied system homogeneous basic purpose the adoption and implementation of national scientific strategy to mitigate seismic risks and handling for the following tasks in coordination and cooperation with other relevant actors and interest to acquire and process seismic data.

1/the statistical studies and research of historical seismicity that occurred on the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic and in neighbouring regions and processed and documented.

2/research and studies earthquake probability forecast.

3/research and structural geological studies to investigate the altktonik ranges.

4/study the effect of earthquakes on buildings and installations and take appropriate action with the relevant authorities.

5/the hypothesis mapping showing the classification of different seismic domains Syrian Arabic Republic and its extensions in neighbouring countries.

6/management, operation and development of seismic monitoring networks and General tectonic movement monitoring networks of various kinds.

7/the management and operation of various geophysical application systems related to seismic monitoring.

8/ Create a national seismic database statistic collection and archiving seismic information and signal analog and digital documentary about earthquakes in Syria and the world and establish a mechanism for the distribution and exchange of national and global seismic various analog and digital mediation.

9/the present studies, consulting and expertise to the public sector and cooperative contacts and joint and Arabic and foreign actors.

10/the national emergency plans for seismic risk mitigation and field research sites in seismic events when they occur and contribute to direct the rescue and evacuation plans and it is obvious that it is necessary.

11/interest in scientific information and dissemination of outreach programmes and brochures and leaflets about the origins and impact of earthquakes and how to cope with the seismic catastrophe before, when after they happen.

12/collaboration with local, regional and international and Arabic in the collection and exchange of data on earthquakes that have occurred in the region and in the transfer of knowledge and Science Centre personnel and to those interested in this field in other sectors.

13/recruitment experts, seminars and trainings, seminars and conferences aimed at developing the necessary capabilities and local expertise in the field. Seismic studies and research and mitigation of risks and act when the event occurs.

14/cooperation with Syrian universities to supervise graduate students who conduct their research at the Centre or at universities that are in supervisor conditions contained in Syrian universities systems.

15/proposals regarding treaties and accords Arabic and international and regional earthquakes.

16/strengthening ties between Syrian Arabic Republic and Arabic States and bodies and organizations, regional and international matters and Affairs and conventions and research on seismic risks and representation in bodies and organizations and scientific meetings and conferences and workshops for the axes of the Center.

Part III formation and management centre article/4/manages the Center.

Board of Directors General Manager article/5/Board consists of:

The Director-General as Chairman.

Assistant Director General for Scientific Affairs a member and Vice President.

Assistant Director-General for administrative and financial affairs.

Department heads members.

Three experienced in the work of the centre hubs opting for two years subject to renewal ministries and bodies and relevant institutions in the Syrian Arabic Republic, called the decision of the Minister and Secretary of the rapporteur shall members Board. 

Art/6/a/Board exercises in addition to what is specified in this law, other powers of the boards of public bodies under the laws and regulations in force and in particular.

1/General policy plans and scientific and research and applied programmes that help to achieve the objectives of the Centre's work and follow up their implementation.

2/development of a national plan for seismic disaster management if it happened to include comprehensive awareness programs and identify practical framework for this plan.

3/confirmation of estimated annual budget and approval of the annual balance sheet

4-holding expenses within the limits of the budget appropriations in accordance with the laws and regulations in force

5-determining remuneration for work carried out by the Centre for the benefit of others

6/proposal to accept grants, gifts, donations, subsidies, donations and wills 7/accept scholarships and walatalaaih training provided by Arabic and foreign States and organizations and the Council shall exercise the powers of the Executive Committee in these postings on grants and scholarships for the Center

8/ Approving annual plans for rehabilitation and training for employees at the Center.

9-adoption of the compensation and subsidies for pouch and treats employees at the Centre in accordance with the laws and regulations in force

10/identify hazardous nature acts and compensation due to them in agreement with the Ministry of finance

11-adoption of the annual report of the Center

12/to host and bring Arab and foreign experts and hiring and remunerating

13/proposal to create divisions and branches and rethinking organizational structures according to the requirements of the Centre and carried out by a decision of the Minister

14/approve the issuance of magazines and periodicals dealing with research and seismic studies

15/preparation of the rules of procedure of the Centre and is issued by the Minister

16/the Centre's financial system setup by agreement with the Ministry of finance in accordance with the nature of the work of the Centre

17/confirmation of joint cooperation agreements with universities and scientific bodies and institutions

18/subjects allocated from the Prime Minister and the Minister and the Director-General and all the goals of the Center

19/confirmation commissioned by outside Centre needed an Angel to do some research and studies on the themes of work and fixing.

20-stop compensation time or competence or the nature of the work in whole or in part those received on the proposal of the Director General in the light of the reasons provided by.

B subject to the decisions of the Council for ratification.

C the Council shall meet periodically at least once a month and whenever necessary, at the invitation of the Director General.

D take decisions by a majority vote of the members present on at least two-thirds of the membership of the Council in the event of a tie which is likely the side Chair.

E back to Council subcommittees authoring practice some business powers entrusted to them.

Council members called the decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Director General.

Article 7//designates the Director General of the Centre by decision of the Prime Minister on the proposal to be in possession of a doctoral degree in science or geological or geophysical or seismic waves in seismic engineering and administrative experience and good leadership and the requirements of the position of Director of research works in the Centre.


Powers and functions of the General Manager.

1 General Manager directly supervises the functioning of the Centre and to achieve the goals for which found on the implementation of general policy approved by the Council to achieve its functions and to implement its plans and provide amenities and in front of others.

2 decisions hiring for management positions in the Center and its branches.

3 the Director General of the Centre is is maintenance and paymaster in accordance with laws and regulations in force.

4 implementation of Council resolutions approved assets.

Article 9 the Director General shall compensate the selected representation to Prime lieutenants under the regulations in force.

Article 10-assists the Director-General in the conduct of scientific, technical and administrative matters, financial associate for scientific and technical Affairs and the other for administrative and financial affairs and be appointed by the Minister.

Article//sets the rules of scientific, technical and laboratory infrastructure and management and conditions of occupancy of its functions in accordance with provisions of the universities regulatory act.

Article 12 the Centre consists of the following bodies.

A research body consists of.

1 2 3 principal investigators research managers researchers 4 Assistant researchers.

B/technical and scientific support body consists of. 1 Business Manager 2 business supervisor 3 Chargé d'affaires 4 trainee work exists.

C/laboratory technical support body consists of. 1 first 2 technician technologist 3 Technical Assistant 4 junior technician.

D/administrative body. Made up of the rest of the staff at the Centre.

Article 13/a-scientific research staff shall receive compensation as specified in the law of parentage sabbatical a sabbatical in force for members of the teaching staff in the Ministry of higher education according to the terms and conditions contained therein.

B-technical and laboratory bodies members receive compensation of work and compensation jurisdiction according to the universities regulatory act in force.

C-the decision of the Prime Minister at the suggestion of some members of the teaching staff dump Board at universities or higher institutes in diameter partially discharged to work at the Center after serving law enforcement and education quorum are granted in addition to the salary from their universities or institutes bonuses determined by the Board and subject in their relationship and their affairs with the provisions of the bilateral cooperation agreements with its stakeholders.

Article 14//subject to the provisions of paragraph c of article 13 have employed in scientific research and applied time entirely to working status and they have to stop their efforts to complete their programs.


Compensation full compensation of the nature of the work and the compensation of competence referred to in article 13 decision of the Council on the proposal of the Director General in accordance with the rules of procedure.
Article/16/Seismic Monitoring Directorate personnel moves in the General Organization of geology and mineral resources of the Centre while qualifying them for promotion and career conditions shall be settled in accordance with the provisions of this law and rules within one year of the effective date of this Act Title IV General provisions article 17/exempt imports for scientific research centre of all fees and taxes after the approval of the Prime article/18/the results of research and studies, discoveries and innovations that reached the center of his property and is entitled to be registered and invested and Receive from others on discoveries and inventions investment rights in accordance with the conditions agreed by the Council article/19/experts may be contracted to Syrians, Arabs and foreigners from qualifying qualified to work at the Center and select wages and compensation, rights and obligations in accordance with the principles set out in the financial system and believe these contracts in accordance with the provisions of the State employment statute article/20/devolves into the updated status under this law when effect ownership of equipment and materials for the centre hubs PTC geology And mineral and Atomic Energy Authority and the scientific studies and Research Centre and the equipment and materials is determined by agreement between the Director General of the Centre and the Minister on the one hand and other directors from the other by a Joint Committee comprising the decision of Minister article/21/subject to the provisions of this law subject Centre and workers assigned to work in the provisions of the State employment statute

Article 22//this Decree shall be published in the Law Gazette on 14-11-1425 Hijri-26-12-2004.

President Bashar Al-Assad