The 2004 55 Law Effecting Union Of Artists

Original Language Title: القانون 55 لعام 2004 إحداث اتحاد الفنانين التشكيليين

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The 2004 55 law effecting artists ' Union President on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 23-10-1425 e f-6-12-2004 issue: chapter I definitions article 1/words and expressions contained in this Bill along with meanings of each Ministry, the Ministry of Culture Minister altshklein artists ' Union Federation Culture Minister in Syrian Arabic Republic Conference of the Union of fine artists Office Executive Office of United Artists Grant specialist Assembly group of artists include members of the Union who exercise their activity in the area of competence of one technician.

Creative artwork include profession disciplines within arts and drawing and painting, sculpture, engraving and decorative design graphic and industrial design and interior design and advertising design/decor in different types of decorative line and the Minister by decree upon proposal of new professional competences added Conference.

Plastic artist is an artist with the practitioner of a profession whether graduates of fine arts or distinguished graduates of Polytechnic Institute or graduates who have excellent technical production in accordance with the rules prescribed by the rules of procedure.

Authentic organ is Visual artist who spent at least two years a member of interns and a decision of the Office moved to table the native population after being found competent or Bureau decides a genuine acceptance directly in appreciation of his artwork.

The artist is exerciser member by affiliation to the Union's record in table interns.

Chapter 2: aims and functions of the Union article/2/a compose the plastic artists in Syrian Arabic Republic in accordance with the provisions of this law a Union called Union of artists in the Syrian Arabic Republic.

B the Union shall enjoy legal personality and be focused and Damascus has to establish branches in the provinces in accordance with the provisions of this law article/3/working on the following objectives.

A contributing with grassroots organizations and professional associations in mobilizing people to achieve the objectives of the Arabic nation.

By sponsoring artists and to develop their artistic and professional administration and stewardship and protect and defend their rights.

C highlight the moral value of the artist and creative work as a key contributor in the national consciousness and national service and cultural and humanitarian.

D fine artwork fortification of human cultural heritage of other Nations Arabic nation.

E the role of Arts in enriching life intellectual and aesthetic values in different prioritisation and connecting this role with the needs of society in all its aspects and to make art a daily necessity.

And maintain the freedom of artistic expression and develop a spirit of constructive criticism and solidify the scientific calendar and fine public wide awareness.

G improve living conditions for artists and ensure their future health and social and material.

H climate allows promising technical talent to blossom and grow in an atmosphere of responsible freedom.

I consolidate cooperation links with artists in the Arabic States and other States and Arabic professional organizations, regional and international levels.

The closer the production artists in the Syrian Arab Republic and by definition the various means of contemporary technology.

Article 4/works in cooperation with stakeholders to achieve its objectives through the following tasks.

Opening of the exhibition halls and a creation of professionals and to provide means of producing fine artwork for members and cooperation with competent supervision of galleries.

B publications and periodicals and publications relating to its objectives and allocating special pages in local newspapers and newsletters to advertise exhibitions in addition to other broadcast media.

C to contribute with the plastic arts at all about this application and dissemination of Arts and employ them in various aspects of public life.

D to contribute with relevant actors in the preparation of curriculum for fine arts and art education.

E to contribute with the commissioning artists designed artworks belonging to the State and its organs and institutions.

And participating with the relationship in the assessment of fine artwork and tariffs and compensation design and implementation work.

G ownership of movable and immovable property and to manage and invest in business as defined by the rules of procedure and financial and related contracts.

H organize practice collaboratively and encourage the establishment of collaborative exhibitions and ceremonies and providing employment opportunities for members.

I set up conferences and seminars, lectures, exhibitions and participate within the Syrian Arabic Republic and beyond.

Provide economic, health and social services and cultural activities for members to ensure that they benefit from the old-age, disability and death compensation and assistance in cases of illness and emergency incidents to ensure them and their families a decent life through internal funds of the Union with special regulations approved by the General Conference.

K events boxes and systems that ensure the health, social and economic welfare in accordance with the General Conference and not allow him the Minister and authentication in light of applicable laws.

Article 5//the Ministry of culture the right to supervise Union and its branches in accordance with the laws in force.

Chapter 3 membership article/6/applicant must meet the following conditions a Union to be a citizen of the Syrian Arabic Republic for more than five years or are nationals of one of the Syrian Arabic Republic residents in Arabic on condition of reciprocity.

Not be doomed to a felony aognhah outrageous.

C to have full legal capacity can be defined as the artist set out in article 1 of this law.

E to be the biography suggest due confidence and respect for the profession in accordance with the provisions of the rules of procedure on this matter and be resident in the province where the Center section that asks register.

G membership office in the following cases:/1/for people who work in the Union will help achieve its objectives distinct/2/Arab artists who have distinct artwork or valuable services.

/3/for foreign artists who provided valuable services to the Arabic issues article 7/a gaining membership by decision of the Bureau on the proposal of the section on scoring LDCs rank a member interns or integral member of lottery decides to reject affiliation or can observe or define citizenship to apply for new one year before the date of dismissal.

B is entitled to reject the request for affiliation or conversely can observe or define citizenship within one month from the date when he is notified of the decision before the Court of Appeal rejected the objection in a room studying within 30 days.


 A lapse in membership by decision of the Bureau on the proposal of the branch Council after necessary investigations and issue resolution with the demise of the Office in the following cases. :/I/the Member commits a violation of the fundamental objectives of the Union or its rules of procedure and decision of the Disciplinary Council obtained a deterministic class/2/If for artistic production and did not participate in the plastic art activities for more than five years without justifiable cause.

/3/If late payment of financial obligations owed to the Union without justifiable cause.

/4/in case of death of a member who is entitled to decide to remove organic status under the provisions of paragraphs/1/2/3/objections in writing to the Office within 30 days from the date of the report and invite the complainant to appear before him and heard.

C If the Office refused to veto or not to decide upon him within thirty days from the date of submission, the complainant may appeal the decision of the Office within one month from the date of the refusal notice or from the date of expiry of thirty days to submit objections to the Office without deciding it, before the Court of appeal that decided to challenge the study room within fifteen days from the date of submission.

Article 9 sets out the rules of procedure the provisions for Member enrollment and acceptance procedures how to verify membership conditions including as well as the conditions of transition to the native population of table and the rights and obligations of each of the categories as well as how the members from branch to branch.

Chapter IV in practice article/10/technical competencies required one stints beneficiary contained in the reporting business provisions of this Act to be registered in the Union and the Executive Office may authorize non-members by Decree specifying the type and duration of work based on the proposal of the Council section and put the rules of procedure the foundations and rules for granting this permission.

Article/11/a commit all ministries and public bodies in cooperation with the Union in all fine art in terms of planning, design and implementation.

B you must register the licenses of decoration shops, businesses and tourist facilities and business alnsabih and murals in city centres and the ratification by the Union or its assets.

C allocate/2.5/two and a half percent of the total value of external apparel facades and the building of new public benefit to decorated fine art works.

Article 12 shall do any work covered by the provisions of article//only after the registration of the contract in the relevant branch assets and sets the internal system procedures and does not exempt donation of artwork from a recording contract, except in cases established by the Office.

Article/13/Minister/local/expertise available when you request the foreign authorities to submit studies or works of art belonging to the State. Cooperation with the European Union on hiring a Syrian chiklein artists to do technical studies and oversee the implementation, in whole or in part.

Chapter v rights and obligations article/14/EU shall defend the rights of its members in all or because of the exercise of the profession.

Article/15/limited right of nomination and election by registered members of the native population who have paid their financial obligations to the Union and its funds.

Article 16 is not permitted by the principal or exerciser do action contrary to ethics and traditions.

Article/17/Bosniac members and apprentices include their employment contracts with the private sector requirement not to come into force only after ratification by the relevant branch.

Article/18/Bosniac members undertake and Union targets exercisers stipulated in this law and any act violating these goals presents the offender to disciplinary punishment.

Article/19/forbidden by principal or exerciser contravention of instructions or decisions of the General Conference or the Office or branch Council on regulatory issues for practise.

Article 20 member decide to follow the work of his colleague only after obtaining written permission from ensure the completeness of his rights in the event of rejection, the branch is empowered to grant permission assets within fifteen days.

Article/21/business assessment Member do not mate to abuse through the media or others.

Article/22/artist do not copy the work of his colleague, imitated or included only after obtaining written permission from him.

Chapter vi Union formation and validity of article bodies/23/EU consists of the following bodies. :/1//2//3/public bodies for branches/4/branches/5 boards/Professional Union associations and determines the rules of procedure of these bodies meetings assets and how to make decisions.

Chapter VII powers Conference article/24/Conference consists of:/1/new/2 officers/members of the Bureau of the previous session/3/4/branches/Councillors Members Conference article-Union congresses/25/Conference is the highest authority in the Union and has the power to decide all safe would achieve the objectives of the alathadoikhts: a election of officers by the establishment of general policy and monitor its implementation c Inspector legal accounts or more d discuss and approve the annual report and balance sheet of the past year's ratification after seeing Inspector's report on the accounts and the adoption of the proposed fiscal year budget of the Executive Office of the Union.

Identify the federal charges in accordance with the financial rules and impeach the President or the Office or one of its members by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Conference.

G resolve differences between Office and branch councils

H adoption of the rules of procedure and practice system and financial regulations and cooperation funds and other central systems proposed by the Executive Office of the welatatbr these systems a window only after the ratification of the Minister of culture and ratify these systems during a period not exceeding sixty days from the date of the deposit of Ministry certified is a provision if a decision of the Minister during this period.

I endorse suggestions the Executive Office to request necessary legislation and submit them to the competent authorities to consider all the Affairs of the profession.

Article/26/Conference meets at the invitation of President of the Union in the following cases. : In election cycle within thirty days from the date of the end boards of branches and members-Union congresses to elect a new Executive Office.

In the normal cycle, within 60 days of the end of the financial year to approve the final accounts and discretionary budget and approve the annual report and on the basis of a decision to the EU's Executive Office.

C in a special session at the Executive Office decision or upon written request of at least one third of the members of the Conference that identifies this request or resolution of this invitation.  Invited to attend the General Conference posted at Union headquarters and its branches and through different media and at least one week before the meeting.

Article/27/chairs meetings of the General Conference of the Union President or in his absence, the Deputy Secretary and more younger Executive Committee members meeting health requires the following legal requirements: a legal Conference meetings are only in the presence of the absolute majority of its members and if no imperative call Congress meeting for the second time in 15 days and the second meeting is legally no matter how many attendees and the second meeting is scheduled first call takes decisions by a majority of the votes of those present and because it is likely the side Chair.

B Special Conference meetings are held at the request of one third of the members are legal only in the presence of the two-thirds majority of the members of the Conference if the majority in this meeting invitation request considered void.

C are the General Conference regular and special electoral law but invited the representative office of the Baath party country professional associations and representative of the Ministry of culture provided that candidates for Executive Office at meetings of the General Conference invited electoral assets ahead of the meeting at least three days if attending the meeting date 8.11 notwithstanding.

Article/28/Conference shall elect members of the Executive Bureau of the candidates by secret ballot with a majority of votes.

Article 29/export Federation President General Conference resolutions and disseminate these decisions at Union Headquarters under record organized by the Secretary General in the headquarters branches.

Chapter VIII Office article/30/handles Office Union consists of eleven members elected by the Conference for five years, the Office exercises the following terms. : The President and Vice President and the Secretary General and the Financial Secretary General from among its members and has the right to redistribute these tasks by the absolute majority of its members.

B implementation of Conference decisions c drafting internal regulations of the Union regarding the profession and developed and presented at the Conference.

D put the final accounts and discretionary budgets and projects presented at the Conference's adoption expenses and disbursements and permanent and temporary committees and associations of Union members and events offices to achieve his goals.

G to report to the Conference on its work each year and an annual work plan for the following year h enrollment applications for the Union on the basis of proposals I supervise branches councils Federation and its various units and offices.

The management work of the Union and to achieve its goals and objectives to implement Conference decisions issued in accordance with the provisions of this law and the laws and regulations in force.

K management of EU funds and property investment funds and his assets due to moving accounts of branches in fulfilment of their obligations towards the Union and that the authority of General Conference invitation to convene the General Conference n supervise the work of the branches and good control of implementation of the provisions of the law and the decisions of the General Conference o awarded at the suggestion of resolution artist boards of branches with inviting public authority of any branch of the Union meeting when necessary q access to decisions of public bodies to branches And boards and giving the necessary instructions and cancel what is against the law and Union regulations and decisions of the General Conference and Union Councils.

P President may be unloaded and two at most of the remaining officers and determines the rules this time rules and compensation time and compensation article/31/internal system determines all conditions for how all meetings of the Conference and the Office and how to make decisions with no text in this law also defines the functions of the Vice President and the Secretary General and the Financial Secretary General.

Article 32/a if the vacant position of the Chairperson or the Vice President or General Secretary or the Financial Secretary General meets to elect alternative b If vacated the Center more than three members of the Office for any reason was named Conference to elect a replacement for them during a maximum period of thirty days from the date of vacancy.

C is empty in the following cases: 1/2/confidence to resign and accept membership demise 4/3/5/death if not to attend meetings of the Bureau and in accordance with the provisions of the rules of procedure to be legal office meetings only in the presence of the absolute majority of its members decisions a majority of the votes of those present if this vote is probably the side Chair.


Chapter IX article Union offices/33/executive officers shall oversee the Union's offices determined by internal system functions determines that the Executive Office shall be responsible for the work of this group.

Chapter ten Federation President article/34/exercises following terms of Union.  . : Represents the Union and chairs the meetings of the Bureau and implemented its decisions and sign contracts approved by the Office and the right to litigate on behalf of the European Union's paymaster in the Union

B/on behalf of the President in his absence, his Deputy, in the absence of the Deputy Secretary General and the President of the powers enjoyed by his absence.

C/on the President and the Secretary General and the Financial Secretary General residence in Damascus.


Chapter XI article Union branches/35/a/branch office resolution occurs in each province at least where artists enrolled in the Union/25/Member.

B/when an insufficient number of members in the province to form a conservative member artists join the branch to the branch in a neighboring County, the decision of the Office.

C/in case of neighboring provinces each artists is not sufficient to bring about a Union branch of these branch office based sets.


Chapter XII KIA section article/36/public body consists of branch of total registered members in the table section is the Supreme authority in the section.


Article 37//KIA section has the following powers: a to elect members of the sect.

B/members-Union congresses of the Conference by one Member for each/25/twenty five of its members to no more than a total of ten members-Union congresses however general body members section below its members about fifty members, have one's complement and limited right of nomination and election by registered members of the native population.

C/discussion section Council's annual report and approval and raise suggestions and recommendations on the administrative section to the Executive Office for appropriate action.

D/ratification of final accounts for the financial year has elapsed after the accounts Inspector's report and approve the draft budget next year to be submitted to the Executive Office for approval.

/Assign legal accounts Inspector and assess fees.

F/impeach the Chairman of the Board of the branch or the branch or a member of the Council Board of the branch by a two-thirds majority of the members.


Article 38/general body meeting section at the invitation of the Chairman of the branch in the following cases: a/in the election cycle before fifteen days from the date of expiry of the mandate of the branch Council and to elect new members of the branch Council-Union congresses of the General Conference.

B/in regular session within 30 days after the end of the financial year to approve the final accounts and approval of the draft budget for next year and discuss the annual report section.

C/special session: 1/pursuant to the resolution of the Executive Office.

2/section Council resolution.

D/based on the request of at least a third of the native population of members enrolled in the native population in the table section that explains the purpose of the meeting request and invite the head section within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the request.

E/General Assembly meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary in his absence or more members of the elder branch if the invitation upon resolution of the Executive Office of the President of the Union meeting chairs in case his presence and/provisions of paragraphs/AP/article/27/of this law on meetings after replacing the words the General Conference plenary section.

Chapter XIII article section Council/39/a/section Council consists of five members elected by the general body of sect members of the native population in five years candidate Member can observe or define citizenship.

B/section Council elects from among its members a President, Secretary and Treasurer.

C/section Chairman shall be discharged or a member of the Council decision on a proposal from the Executive Office Conference determines the branch Council rules of this sabbatical time fees and compensations.

Article/40/section Council serves a term of five years.

Article 41//if the vacant Chairman Center section or the Secretary or the Financial Secretary branch Council meets to elect a replacement from among its members within 30 days from the date of vacancy.

B/If vacated the center of two or more members of the Board of the branch for whatever reason called KIA elect a replacement to complete the term of the Council within a maximum period of thirty days from the date of vacancy.

Article 42/legal section Council shall meet in the presence of the absolute majority of the membership and issue its decisions by majority vote of the members present if this vote be sound Chair likely.


Article 43/flying branch boards a copy of minutes of their meetings and decisions to the Executive Office.

Article 44//the following terms section Council.: implementation of decisions of the General Conference and the Executive Office and instructed in its area of competence.

B/the implementation of resolutions of the general body of the branch.

C/Fund Management section and the collection of funds and collect fees from members in accordance with the provisions of the rules of procedure.

D/proposing annual section budget.

/Executive Office with the necessary information on the situation of Trade Union and professional in the business section and propose to achieve the objectives of the Union.

F/KIA call section of the meeting.

G/receiving applications for affiliation and rooting and submitted to the Executive Office.

H/exercise powers delegated by the Executive Office and discuss matters referred to it by the Office.

I/implementation of disciplinary penalties against members and gained a deterministic class in accordance with the provisions of this law.

J/complaints and disciplinary cases that provide the right artists in accordance with the provisions of this law.

K/consideration of disputes arising from entertainers or appreciation and Council decisions are subject to appeal before the Executive Office within 30 days from the date of the day following transmission.

Article 45/a/branch Chairman enjoys the following powers.  .

1 represents the branch and chairs meetings of its Board and follow the implementation of the resolutions and decisions of the Executive Office and paymaster's assets.

2/the general body meetings chaired by the branch.

3/on behalf of the Chairman of the branch in his absence the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary and the Financial Secretary has the powers of the Chairman of the section of his absence.

B/internal system determines the branch Council style and allocation of work among its members.

Chapter XIV Professional Union associations article 46//for each Member of the Union the right to affiliation to one or more associations correspond to exercise his activity as a member of the Union in accordance with the following terms. : 1/drawing and painting in various areas.


3/graphic and drilling.

4/decorative design, advertising and visual communications.

5/all types of Interior design and decoration.

6/no other specialist associations approved by Congress.

B/includes rules of procedure provisions concerning the Organization of these associations and their membership and its activity.

Chapter XV Article 47/finances the Union and each of its branches an annual budget estimated a final account.

Article/48/Union resources and its tributaries is composed as follows: a/affiliation fees and registration established by the rules of procedure.

B/for revenue Conference defined branches except for grants and contributions.

C/aid that specify the State of the Union.

D/royalties EU funds and investments and its activities and resources that fall within its competence.

E/gifts, donations and bequests that are accepted by the Office after the prior approval of the Minister.

F/a percentage of total value payable fine artwork sets as follows.  .

1/5% five percent of total value paid for work carried out by the artist member.

2/7% 7% of total value paid for work carried out by non-members after giving them permission.

3/in the case of other complementary or accompanying artwork statute the Committee designated the Executive Office experience to estimate the value of the artwork exclusively as the Union dues, which satisfies.

Article 49/no refunds of fees paid to a Union or branch for whatever reason after the ratification of the final account of the General Conference.

Article 50//start the fiscal year of the Federation and its branches on the first of January and ends on the last December of each year.

Article 51/a/exposure draft budgets of public bodies branches of branches for approval and then submitted to the Executive Office.

B/Executive Office puts in each fiscal year budget, including the budgets of branches and councils submitted to the General Conference for approval.

Article/52/a/non-Union investment and property exempt funds and non-investment branches property movable and immovable property of all taxes and fees and stamp duties.

B/may not seize Union headquarters and its branches and assets.

Article 53/Office is entitled to compensation or bonuses branches boards for assignments and work belong to the Union, both were members of the Office or on the boards of branches or outside consistent with internal and financial regulations and rules of the Union as entitled to incentive rewards and prizes for creative producers of artists. 

Chapter XVI-General provisions article 54//contains the rules of procedure of the Union further to the text of the provisions of this law all provisions necessary for the functioning of the Union and its bodies and associations and how to invite her and her meeting and take decisions.

B/EU financial regulations contain all the provisions necessary for the functioning and organization of financial budgets and assets of capture and adjust income and expenses.

Chapter XVII disciplinary penalties Article/55/a/punished for disciplinary reasons following a light disciplinary.: 1/oral stimulation.


3/the recorded warning.

Every member gets out of the Union's objectives or prejudice the duty of the profession or the commitment of its obligations under the provisions of this law.

B/as one following severe penalties.  .

1/the ban from practising for at least a year.

2/delete cache for at least two years.

3/the final cancellation of the Union agenda.

Everyone loses a condition of membership or commits a serious violation of the provisions of Community law and the internal system.

Article/56/a/follows prevent a member from practising doing any work.

B/the ultimate delisting follows the exclusion table name.

C/Office may request the applicant and after taking the opinion of the relevant branch Council member as a final re cancelled three years after the date of acquisition of the delisting resolution deterministic class.

Article/57/light penalties by decision of the relevant branch Board either harsh penalties imposed by decision of the Disciplinary Council composed according to the provisions of this law after referral of the member assigned to the Council by decision of the Office.

Article 58/a/compose the Disciplinary Council by a decision of the Minister as follows.: 1/Counsellor judge designated by the Minister of Justice head 2/member of a Bachelor designated by the Minister of culture is a member of the Executive Bureau member/3 members/Member stands in the place of residence must appear before the Disciplinary Council duly report that reported before the meeting fifteen days c/Member may engage another lawyer disciplinary board may order the Member to attend in person before him.

D/Executive Office determines how to spend and the amount of compensation for the members of the disciplinary board.

Article 59/a/refers to the Member Federation complained at the decision of the Bureau to the disciplinary board.

B/no referral to the Disciplinary Council only after listening to the statements of the Member complained of by the President or head of section or assigned to it unless it had failed to appear although duly invited.

Article/60/a/section Council disciplinary offences investigated.

B/If the result of the investigation shows that the punishment already attributed to the shops is one referee branch Board light penalties.

C/If the result of the investigation shows that the punishment already attributed to the shops is one of the severe penalties suit for the Office which shall refer the case to the disciplinary board by the Union's President.

Article/61/a/separates the disciplinary board in case after inviting shops during assets/60/days from the date of referral and the Council sessions are confidential.

B/the shops to come himself or cost him and his call to a colleague or a lawyer to defend him.

C/judgement about the disciplinary board reasoned.

Article/62/refer to the head of the Union to the Disciplinary Council Member judge sentenced by Decree contract for committing a felony or misdemeanor outrageous.

Article/63/a/section Council resolutions imposing light penalties appeal accepts Office within ten days from the day following the date of notification of the decision to the applicant and separates the Executive Office to appeal against the decision to contract.

B/the Disciplinary Council resolutions imposing a severe penalties contested before the Court of appeal and the Court will decide in a room studying.

C/other disciplinary board decisions are concluded.

Chapter XVIII resolve Conference and Executive Office and branch boards article/64/permissible by reasoned decision of the Prime Minister resolve Conference and Office and branch councils in case any deviation from their tasks or objectives and be totally unreadable any decision by methods of review or appeal.


 In case the Office solution or the section Chief Cabinet Conference call or KIA branches within fifteen days of the decision of the solution for the election of a new Bureau or Board of a new branch in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Article 66/a/in absence of a conference call or branches within the period mentioned in the previous article called the decision of the Prime Minister a temporary Office of the Union or the powers of the original Office exercises section.

B/temporarily Conference functions and powers exercised total of officers and Board members.

C/Provisional Bureau meeting Conference during a maximum period of six months and puts his agenda and the Chairman of the Provisional Bureau invited and chaired the meeting.

Chapter XIX transitional provisions article/67/EU is stipulated in the continuation of the Association of fine arts updated under Legislative Decree No/162/1967 of their rights and obligations.

Article/68/internal and financial regulations issued to the Union by the Minister during a maximum period of six months from the date of this law and the internal rules and regulations continue to apply and influential financial fine arts association when this law incompatible with its provisions.


Article/69/Association of fine arts Board of Directors determines the date of entry into force of this law, new elections for Councils of branches and its indebtedness and General Conference-Union congresses and overseen by the Electoral Code establishes and proclaims voters in sections according to the provisions of this law and is the captain and members of the Board members mentioned rules at this Conference.

Article/70/retain members and apprentices enrolled in the Guild of fine arts with the effective date of this law all acquired rights concerning registration in the Bosniac member registered Union and members of the Union register candidates exercisers.

Article/71/cancel the legal provisions and regulations in violation of this law.

Article/27/this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 14-11-1425 26-12-2004 President Bashar Al-Assad